Escaping the Judgment of the Babylonian System-Pt 2

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Author John Theo joins me today to talk about how God led him to leave academia for a more biblical lifestyle in a more conservative part of the country. Check out John’s fantastic short story Clarke for only $0.99!


The Days of Elijah, Book Four: The Seventh Vial  is now available!

The ultimate battle which will decide the fate of Heaven and Earth has finally come. The Bible has prophesied of the Seven Vials of God’s Wrath, the final judgments which will utterly destroy what’s left of a decimated planet. Everett and Courtney must leave their sanctuary of relative safety, but there is nowhere left to turn. And getting anywhere in these last days means traversing wastelands patrolled by Global Republic drones or crossing hostile deserts infested by the violent jihadi armies of Caliph Marwan Bakr. It won’t be the first time they’ve been trapped between a rock and a hard place, but it might be the last!


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