Worm Composting 101: Why Every Gardener Should Do It

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Every seasoned gardener knows that worms are essential to healthy soil, and an increasing number of gardeners are using that scientific fact to their benefit.

By setting up a worm composting system, gardeners can produce super-rich fertilizer, get rid of food waste, and have extra worms, too!

Today’s guest on Off The Grid Radio is Joanne Olszewski, a vermicomposting enthusiast and the co-author of the book Worms Eat My Garbage (Storey), which was originally written by the late Mary Appelhof.

Joanne tells us:

  • How to set up a worm composting system.
  • What types of worms to use.
  • Which foods are a no-no for vermicomposting.
  • How to separate the worms from the compost.
  • Why it’s the perfect indoor winter gardening activity.

We learned a lot from Joanne, and we think you will, too!