What Happens When You ARE NOT on Social Media.

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I already know what you are thinking: But I use Facebook to keep up with my relatives and close friends.  Why?  If they are really your close folks wouldn’t you be able to keep up with them otherwise, didn’t folks keep up with each other prior to the internet and social media?

Personally I do not have a Facebook account, Instagram, Snapchat or any of the other stuff and yet somehow the folks I need to keep in touch with still manage to share pictures with me and generally communicate with me.  Bonus points because I avoid all the stupid Facebook vomit / drama or Instagram fake trash.  Nobody cares about the link you posted, or the “thoughts and prayers” while hitting the like button.  Political posts are a dime a dozen, nobody is changing anyone else’s mind.

There are other better reasons to avoid social media, mostly because all of those platforms are logged and monitored in one way or another, yes I realize this blog is too but you get my point.  Additionally it’s just a time suck, energy poured into something with very little value on the back end.

I should point out that I rarely watch the news anymore either, had no idea the stock market dipped and was a few days late on this latest school shooting.  Amazing how, when you control what you can and worry about what is actually within the sphere of your own influence how much less seems to matter.

Log off of Facebook and the others, you’ll be better off for it.  Cheers.


Book – “Lucifer’s Hammer”

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There are two books that I consider to be absolute classics in terms of ‘survival fiction’. The first is ‘Alas babylon’, the other is ‘Lucifers Hammer’. (LH)

LH is a very polished story, which is a change from most survivalist fiction where you can tell the writer really didn’t have much experience in writing (and editing). It’s reminiscent of ‘The Stand’ in terms of setting up layers of backstory before finally getting to the actual end-of-the-world. The cast of characters is fairly broad at the beginning of the book but, much like real life, the list narrows down as attrition takes it’s toll…and some characters just face into the background never to be heard from again.

The premise is one that you don’t see to often in this genre: a comet passes close to the earth and fragments strike the planet. Enormous tsunamis wipe out coastal regions, redraw continental maps, kick huge amounts of debris into the atmosphere, and generally turn the entire planet into a sodden, dark, cold mess.

The story follows the paths of people from a wide disparate group of lifestyles… a cop, secretary, senator, scientist, playboy, rancher, astronaut, criminal, etc, etc. Are the usual survivalist tropes present? Absolutely…but pretty much because this is the book that started those tropes. The cannibal armies, plucky survivors banding together, huge ‘final battle’, etc, etc….all there. LH is the source that is referred to when later survivalist fiction gets described as ‘derivative of’. (For example, the end of ‘One Second After’ and the end of LH are very, very similar.

People who are used to the fast-moving pace of some of the shorter survivalist-books may lose interest in the character development that takes up the first third of this rather lengthy book. If you can stick with it, the backstories enhance the rest of the book.

Are there things in the book that would make the average survivalist sit up and say “Hmm…I hadn’t thought of that?” I believe so. I would say that its as realistic a story as you can have on a topic that many people say would be very unrealistic.

LH is a book I recommend to people who enjoy the genre, but are not new to it. It’s a bit intimidating in terms of length, and a tad slow paced at the beginning, but I think if a person sticks to it and gets through to the actual disaster part of the book it becomes a wonderful read.

You can usually find a used copy in most used book stores. It’s an enjoyable read for people who want a more in-depth and well-rounded story than many of the ‘shallower’ stories that are out there. Nothing wrong with the ‘light reading’ survivalist fiction (cough*Ahern*cough) but sometimes you want something a little more than just shoot-em-ups and gear porn.

LH came out in 1977, which was right around the era of high inflation, expensive gas, and Soviet expansionism…and it shows in the book. But even if it is a little dated it is still a good read if you’re after a book that has a bit more substance.

Available from the usual sources.

What Good Would More Gun Laws Do When the Feds Don’t Enforce the Ones We Already Have?

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While lots of folks are debating adding more gun laws or protecting their gun rights, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. There are a lot of federal entities who aren’t … Read the rest

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Sculpted Oak Desk with Hidden Compartment

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Sculpted Oak Desk with Hidden Compartment There are levels to everything in life.  When you look at a desk like this you realize that is especially true in craft and artisan work. Before I saw this build I wasn’t even aware that oak could be sculpted. I thought that was a rock thing. This desk …

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Shock, Anger After Florida Teen Charged With 17 Counts Of Murder; FBI Was Warned

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Shock, Anger After Florida Teen Charged With 17 Counts Of Murder; FBI Was Warned This is a complicated thing. Its a devastating thing and its a hearbreaking thing. I cannot help but notice that the public is looking for the quickest answer to the problem and I comepletely understand that. That said, I cannot help …

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How and Where to Hide Your Guns

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by Tara

Hiding your guns, extra ammunition, cleaning kits, and repair kits, is a great idea for many reasons. Not only is finding great hiding spot important when tucking away firearms, you also must prepare the weapon to weather life underground or for exposure to the elements so it is still functional an ready to fire after you retrieve it.

When hiding weapons, you must take into consideration how deep you are burying the cache, what type of material the housing unit is comprised of, and not just possible exposure to water, but moisture, a well.

Reasons to Hide Your Guns

The decision to hide guns at all, has sparked some very heated debate on the survival boards. Some posters called it a ridiculous act at best, and an exercise in futility, at worst. Perhaps the reason some folks calling themselves preppers mocked the idea of hiding weapons is because they assumed the motivation behind such an act was only to protect them from confiscation. The posters said if the government was confiscating guns, they would find the hidden ones, you would get caught when you shoot it, and severe punishment, maybe even death, would be levied on those Americans caught hiding guns.

One poster aptly said if the government started confiscating guns, most gun owners probably would already have been shot down while holding their favorite firearm in their hands. I am definitely a subscriber of the “cold dead hands” mindset, but that does not mean I believe neglecting to hide guns, for a vast array of reasons, is ever a bad idea.

While living for eight long years under an increasingly socialistic liberal and anti-Second Amendment regime, concrn about gun confiscation were constantly surfaced by gun owners for largely logical regions, based upon the way the political winds were blowing at the time. Today, we have a gun-loving patriot in the Oval Office, but since the occupant of the People’s House can change every four years, I doubt the worries about gun confiscation ever truly dissipate.

After all, ammo sales just spiked enormously (315 percent, in fact)in California in preparation for a new strigent anti-Second Amendment law went into place. The first day of 2018 brought with it restrictions on ammunition purchase in the Golden State. Now, gun owners can no longer purchase ammo online and have it sent to their homes. Instead, the ammunition is send to a licensed gun dealer and the buyer can only have it handed over after going through a background check.

Besides government gun confiscation, there are a plenty of good reasons to hide some of your guns and ammunition.


During both good times and bad, like a SHTF scenario, a single attacker or entire marauing horde could get inside your home and clean you out…quickly.


If you do not have enough space in your safe for all of your guns, ammo, cleaning kits, and firearms repair parts, as well as your bows and arrows, they would be either ruined or burnt to a crisp during a fire. The odds of fires starting and spreaing rapidly will vastly increase during a doomsday disaster.


If you have to flee your homesteading survival retreat, prepper compound, or bug in location, either temporarily or permanently, you will want to be able to get your hands on guns and ammo as soon as possible.

Get Me Home and Bugging Out

If you work or go to school away from your bug in location or bugout retreat, hiding caches of guns, ammo, cleaning supplies, reloading supplies, and a repair kit along the routes you may travel to get there only makes good sense.

Where to Bury or Hide Your Guns

• In a secret room that is fireproof
• Handguns can be hidden in voids and false bottoms cut into kitchen cabinets, the floor, dresser drawers, and closet.
• In decoy outdoor furniture
• Fake straw and hay bales
• Inside junk cars and appliances to help avoid being discovered by metal detecting devices.
• Buried in the ground anywhere that is not likely to flood.
• In a hollow log or tree.
• Inside a wood case secured firmly inside a couch frame so it will not be detected or rattle when the couch is moved or flipped over by thieves. The best way to prevent detection of the case hidden inside the couch frame is to completely remove the fabric frame covering on the bottom of the couch and replace it with a new liner after securing the case inside.
• In a case inside bags of livestock feed
• Commercially manufactured furniture designed specifically to hide weapons or other valuables.
• In a waterproof container sunk inside your well, rainwater catchment system, or pond.
• Soda pop, deodorant, hairbrush and similar types of small decoy safes are great for hiding ammo and even derengers.
• Fake light sockets are too small to hide guns, but they can hide ammo and keys to locked caches.
• Using the inside of your staircase as a hiding spot would give you a lot of storage. Making sure the opening to the stairs that lift up to reveal the hidden nook make this spot for a weapons cache vulnerable. If you go this route, hide some type of valuabe in the opening to the thieves or marauding horde members think they have struck pay dirt and then hide handguns and ammo in false bottoms on the underside of stairs further back and up and away from the obvious storage spot.

How to Bury Your Stuff

There are pros and cons of every suggestions on this list. What matter far more than where you choose to hide your gun, I am sure you have tons of great covert spot picked out already, is HOW you choose to hide your firearms.

Buring caches made out of PVC pipe because it is waterproof has become a very popular way to hide firearms and other valuables. Yes, when sealed properly, a PVC pipe is definitely waterproof, but that does not mean the inside of the pipe will not fill with moisture, be impacted by moisture if buried above the frost line, or worse yet, be found by someone (be it a government confication agent, metal detecting hobbyists, or a member of a marauding horde) with a metal detector.

When burying a weapons cache inside any type of case in the ground, you should always bury some type of metal above and/or around it.

Bury something of far lesser value also made of metal above your hidden weapons so the person swinging the shovel or metal detector will think they already found the treasure and stop digging. You can also half-submerge or bury in the dirt common junk items, like old car parts, scrap metal, etc. for the same purpose.

Protecting Hidden Guns From Moisture

Preventing moisture from damaging your the ammunition and guns hidden in your survival cache should be a top priority. If you do not do this right, you could dig for an hour with your bare hands to get to the life-saving weapon only to find a ruined piece of junk.

• Bury or hide the weapon in a spot where the air temperature will be as stable as possible.
• Make sure no two pieces of metal are touching each other.
• Always bury the gun cache below the frost line to decrease both dramatic temperature changes.
• Shrink wrapping or vacuum sealing the gun and the ammo is highly recommened.
• Wrap the cache in some type of insulation. Depending upon your climate, wrapping the guns and ammo in some type of insulation might be wise as well. You may have to dig up or collect your weapons cache during warm winter month to remove the insulation to avoid “sweating.”
• Store silicia gel or desiccant – a hygroscopic substance that is often used as a drying agent, with your ammunition, especially if the ammo is several years old already or is going to be stored for the long term.
• Wrap the boxes of ammo and accompanying desiccant inside a towel together before dropping them into your cache or hiding spot – even if you are using a metal ammo can as a weapon cache.
• Tupperware containers, large plastic totes, and plastic coolers all make sturdy and weatherproof caches. You will be able to store wider items in a cooler than you can a piece of PVC pipe – at least PVC pike portable enough to pack into the woods with you to hide.
• Always seal the lids on your PVC pipe or plastic storage containers serving as a weapons cache with silicone or a similar sealing agent. Duct tape is the prepper’s best friend, but will not get the job done as well as silicone when it comes to protecting the contents of the cache from moisture.
• Oil or grease your firearms up well before putting them in a weapons cache. Over oiling or greasing them is actually best. Gently but firmly wrap the oiled guns or rifles in a towel before putting them in a cache to hide.
• Grease up you empty ammo mags and wrap them in a towel as well, before storing them in a weapons cache – never store ammo in the mags or you will have metal touching metal and that is not a good thing during long term storage.
• Invest in Pelican case if burying a shotgun or rifle, they provide a great protective covering for the essential self-defense and hunting weapons.
• Store not just ammo and mags but handguns in your metal ammo cases as well. They are large enough to hold ample mags and ammo and still accommodate space for your pistol. Keeping all of the item in one compact case will make for a whole lot less digging when you rush to find them. Army and Navy depot still sell metal ammo cases for a reasonable price, as do most gun and agricultural stores, like Rural King and Tractor Supply.
• The deeper you have to dig to get well below the frost line, the more durable your cache must be. Building a wood or metal box around a plastic cache might be necessary, to protect the content inside.
• When you determine what the frost line is for your area, dig one foot beyond it just to make sure you are not only correct, but give a little extra protection to the weapons and related materials, in your cache.
• Consider breaking the gun down, greasing all part, and wrapping them separately before storing them in a cache. It will take you a minute or two to put them back together, but you will likey be dealing with far fewer oxidation issues this way. If at all possible, remove wood stocks from your firearms before storing them to better preserve them.
• Pack sensitive weapon accessories, like scopes, flashlights, and night vision attachments with a lot of desiccant and insulation in a cache you have sealed abundantly well with silicone.
• Some gun owners have had great success with taking rounds of ammo out of their cardboarad boxes and storing them in vacuum sealed bag with desiccant or silicia gel. You run the obvious risk of having metal touch metal with this type of storage, but according to the folks who had tried it for the short term (about 12 months) the gel or desiccant did its job well and there were no moisture or corrusion problems.
• If you are going to bury the weapons cache and plan not to touch it for at least five to 10 years, bury it at least five feet below ground to allow for erosion, animal digging, flooding, etc. Thing will work their way out of the ground over time. We call all the cool junk we are still finding around our 56-acre survival homesteading retreat “Terry’s Treasures” in honor of the former owner. Some of the cool junk, things as large as livestock gates, were simply allowed to lay where they fell and were reclaimed by the earth over time. It took several weekend spend working on our farm road with the tractor and our backhoe after heavy rain to find treasures inching their way back out of the ground.
• Stashing gun repair tool and a hefty cleaning kit in your weapons cache is highly recommended. You need to be prepared for a gun that is not in full working order, at least not immediately and to deal with ample surface oxidation.
• Due to movement of the soil, it is not recommended to leave a cache in the same underground spot for more than a couple of years.
• If you are planning on leaving a weapon cache underground without digging it up to check on it every few years, grease the heck out of every single crevice of the rifle, shotgun, or handgun before wrapping it up and putting it in the cache – even if you are using a Pelican case.
• Nitrogen-purging, ample grease, or cosmoline might be necessary, for the preservation and functionality of the firearm, if it has been stored for a decade or more.

7 Different Types of Bushcraft Knives And Their Properties

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Do you know about bushcraft knives? Do you know where the name originated from? Do you desire to own a bushcraft knife? Bushcraft knives got its name because Australia was also known as the bush country in the past. It is simply the means of survival in the Australian outback. The art and skill is […]

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Best Work Gloves: Getting The Right Gloves For Your Job

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Taking Notes and Drawing Maps: Trayvax, Rite in the Rain, Fisher Space Pen

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Taking Notes and Drawing Maps: Trayvax, Rite in the Rain, Fisher Space Pen This article is an interesting one that takes a look at some interesting tech that is out there.  Its not the type of tech that you might be thinking of. For many an EDC requires a pen and a pad to jot …

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Will Big Data Make Your World Unrecognizable?

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What is the biggest threat to your current reality? Some might say a disaster, war, or economic crisis. While these things would change the world for those who are effected, they aren’t certain. Some might say the most dangerous threat is one that is certain. One thing that is certain to change the world is […]

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How Big Data will make your world unrecognizable

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It is tough to comprehend how something you can’t see or touch is going to existentially change the human race.  From the way you interact with the world, to economics and politics, big data is going to change your understanding of reality.  Technologies like cloud computing, the internet of things, big data, and fast data …

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2018-02-17)

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  This weekly post is an open-forum, though preferably focusing on what we all did this week for our prepping & preparedness. Comment and voice your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments, concerns, or questions for others on any general topic of preparedness. Lurkers? Let’s hear from you too!   For off topic conversation: Articles posted during the week – we appreciate that you stay on-topic. For off-topic comments, post them here, the most recent Saturday open-forum: What did you do for your preparedness this week? Recent comments list from ALL articles: Recent Comments   Sponsors of MSB Important: Please take just a

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How to Cope With Temper for a Happy Life

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: A guest submission from Anthony Schultz to The Prepper Journal. Since I have been working on an article for later in the month titled “Things That Drive Preppers Crazy”, and two of the things I looked at yesterday were the American Education System and The “Media”, I felt like this would make an appropriate post. I will need to reread it often as I finish the aforementioned post. There are a lot of points here that would serve us well everyday as well as in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly receive a $25 cash award as well as being entered into the Prepper Writing Contest AND have a chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards  with the top prize being a $300 card to purchase your own prepping supplies, then enter today!

It would be wise to say that there comes a time when it’s tough to hold that fiery rage which burns inside of us when someone bullies us or hampers our self-esteem. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to control that rage, as, in an array of situations, before we could really control our tongue, we generally end up regretting the blunt snide remarks. We all regret it afterwards, don’t we? Well mostly. Anger is that emotion which has the potential to bring out the real us.

What comes as an uncanny fact is that anger is socially frowned upon. When we talk about anger management, it’s different from that of stress or even anxiety. In most of the cases when you fight with somebody, anger is the reason behind all the embarrassment. Always remember that your temper can bring out the worst side of you. It can be said that you make the worst speech when you’re angry and you might regret the same forever. It is one of the most common regrets sited at funerals.

That said, let’s dig deeper and know more about the ways to cope with temper for the purpose of attaining a happy life:

Controlling the Reaction:

Consider a heated moment and you’re burning with rage, an array of people would end up immediately responding to the situation, right? Well, let’s flip the coin, showing any reaction acts as a catalyst, rather than stopping the argument, it only ignites the rage further. We can say, the best possible approach to deal with the situation is to stay quiet. Always remember that rage is only temporary and you shouldn’t feed the same. Just try to control yourself for a minute or two, and you’ll not only save the embarrassment but staying quiet can be your best face forward to maintain your self-esteem.

Scribble The Unwanted:

According to various scientific publications, writing down the thoughts or simply scribbling them on a piece of paper can help your temper in significant ways, can act as the release needed. When it comes to expressing our emotions in a constructive way, writing them down can be your state of the art pick. In simple terms, when you tend to write what you feel on paper, you grasp your anger in the best possible way. Not only will you cope coup with the depression, but you will attain some measured control over the pain/pressure caused by this linguistic trauma. When you start writing, think about the prime reasons that made you angry, select the quietest place in the vicinity and take your time to get normal, to again gain control of your emotions.


Do you know, exercises like Jogging can help your temper management endeavors in a great way?  Well, we all know that exercise can create an ever-lasting array of positive benefits for both the mind and the body. Jogging can help you control those racing emotions, giving you time to fully process your emotions and analyze your possible next steps. Exercise is like a low-dose aspirin for a heart patient. When you exercise, you not only burn the excess energy, but you really get a chance to think about the reasons as to why the event annoyed you.  When we take the time and think about the aspects that hamper our happiness we can usually work out temper management by ourselves.


Meditation is an excellent way to get back to center, to let other thoughts push this singular-issue to where it should be as opposed to it being omnipresent. And you don’t need to assume the lotus position or hum to do this. When one meditates, they just need a peaceful image, real or remembered. Have you ever walked on a beach anywhere and NOT seen someone sitting their staring at the ocean, watching and listening to the waves or other people there. Realized or not they are meditating and processing images and thoughts and experiences. It is a much needed-break or time to themselves. Benefit are pretty obvious.  Replenishing and refocusing the human brain, calming that rage, meditation is available at your tips. Some people, mostly happy people, look forward to pulling themselves from reality for some time. Doing yoga is a personal choice and may work for you. The bottom line is this helps to acknowledge what you really feel and let it go. Swap the rage with constructive thoughts and see the magic. This would only make your present pleasant and tomorrow easier. Drifting away and escaping the temper void is our best possible pick.

Rage and Efficiency?

Ever heard about reshaping your rage into motivation to achieve something? What comes as a lucid fact is that, you can turn your rage into motivation and, through this, you can improve your efficiency. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your professional life or personal. You can use your temper as a fuel to accomplish the array of the task in a splendid way. Having a tough time with your family? Well, go out and help the community. Rage and Efficiency are highly related, the endeavors capitalize when you have physical tasks in hand to be done. Always remember that you can volunteer for hard work and get rid of the temper by literally burning the rage. When we’re angry, our mind can compile a mountain of a workload in no time.

Just Breathe:

Breathing and our emotions are closely related. Breathing controls emotions like sadness, happiness, fear and most importantly, anger in various ways. When you’re angry, you tend to breathe quickly. The science behind this is simple; you’re raising the blood pressure with abrupt breathing patterns and hence further fueling the rage (like Ferdinand the Bull when it finally dawns on him that he is NOT a sheep). When you’re angry, it’s always advised to breathe in a calming manner and maintain a constant rhythm. After effects? Well, in most of the cases, you end up with negligible to no anger inside of you. Do you know, when you breathe from the right nostril, it oxygenates the left part of the brain and vice-versa? Forcing an alternating breathing habit for few minutes can induce a balancing as well as a calming effect on your brain.


Life is a grand journey when you hold on to anger; you’re simply grasping a piece of burning coal with the intention of throwing it on somebody. If you don’t throw it, you’re the one who gets burned. Letting it go is a symbol of superiority, always remember that you can’t just afford to lose precious moments of your life just because you were angry.

I am Anthony Schultz, an independent author and as of now working for a thesis writing service. My aptitudes and ability and attitude have helped me a great deal.

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Prepper’s Gear – Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet Review

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As promised a while ago, I will continue to review some of the prepping gear I own. Today, the Gerber Bear Grylls survival hatchet is in the spotlight. It is one of the best compact survival hatchets available on the market and it is considered a lifesaving aid in building a shelter and a campfire. … Read more…

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Antibiotics in Dirt ‘Annihilate’ Superbugs

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According to a study published this week in the journal Nature Microbiology, researchers at New York’s Rockefeller University have discovered a new class of antibiotics—called malacidins—that “annihilate” several antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

As you know, the lack of still-effective antibiotics is quickly becoming a global crisis. In fact, the study says, “In the absence of new therapies, mortality rates due to untreatable infections are predicted to rise more than tenfold by 2050.”

So where did researchers discover these new “drugs”?

In good old-fashioned dirt!

Those of us who strive for healthy soil and appreciate its incredibly active microbiology won’t be surprised to hear that. (And, actually, soil is where most of our widely used antibiotics started, including penicillin and vancomycin.)

You can learn more about the study’s finding here, or click here to read the study itself.



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Seven Problems Older Preppers Face

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Seven Problems that Older Preppers Face via Preparedness Advice

The older I get the more I see problems that older preppers face. Since prepping hit the mainstream back in 2008-09, we all have a good 8-9 years under our belts. My own kids were just 8 and 6 when my wife and I started prepping, and now our oldest is making college plans. Time flies.

I know you all plan to be that rare exception that is still able to walk long distances in your 90’s and not taking any medication. If that happens, then good for you! You were blessed with some amazing genes. Unfortunately, that will likely not be the case for most people, even the most devout prepper. Most of us end up facing some type of serious limiting medical problems. Many are dependent on medications, have mobility problems or cognitive problems, even after living a healthy lifestyle for decades. You may be the rare exception but you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

So what are some of the problems older preppers face?

  1. Medications — this is a big one. Extra prescription medications are hard to get already. I know people who are on medication that keeps them alive. Without those drugs, they would be dead within a few days. Here are some ideas that may help you stock up on important medications.  15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock , So You Need Prescription Medications,  More on, So You Need Prescription Medications

    problems that older preppers face

    These will no longer be available

  1. Mobility — While I have not had any mobility problems yet, it seems like many of the people around me are. Last year we discovered that my fairly young wife had degenerative arthritis in her hip joint and required a total hip replacement. Suddenly, she was having to use a walker to get around the house, and I realized the importance of having access to things like walkers, crutches, canes, and wheelchairs. They are often in garage sales, very cheap, and can be stored in the attic or an outbuilding as they don’t necessarily need to be protected from the elements.
  1. Cognitive Challenges — Aging results in normal changes in cognition. Three specific changes occur: reduced processing speed, greater tendency to be distracted and reduced capacity to process and remember new information (working memory). Many of us have seen this happen with grandparents and older parents. You may have to write notes to remind them of things and just, in general, be more patient.
  1. Visual Challenges — Many older adults have problems with vision. About 2/3 of adults with vision problems are older than 65. Make sure you keep your eyeglasses up to date and have extra pairs. You have cataracts, get them fixed at your first opportunity as the surgery will be covered by insurance and Medicare. My wife depends on reading glasses and she has stocked up on at least a dozen extra pairs.
  1. Hearing Challenges – Hearing loss is common in older adults, affecting 1 in 3 people older than 60 and half of those older than 85. This is a hard one to prepare for, long-term, as hearing aids will be useless without batteries. By all means, stock up on as many batteries as you can and store them in their original packaging at room temperature. When you communicate with hard of hearing people, face them directly when talking to them. Speak loudly and clearly. I have hearing problems, and if someone is not facing me, it is much harder to understand them.
  1. Bed supplies – You may need oversize diapers, rubber sheets, bedpans, and porta potties to assist someone who is unable to make bathroom trips on their own. This would be a good time to stock up on hospital quality cleaning supplies, like these handy wipes and nitrile gloves.
  1. Over the counter medications – Here is a list of 15 Over the Counter Medications Preppers need to Stock. This is a list that everyone should have regardless of your age.

Our partner site, The Survival Mom, has an excellent article with more suggestions for preparing for old age as preppers or for caring for aging loved ones. You can read that article at this link.

The problems that older preppers face can be quite serious. For instance, what do you do with your parents who are in a nursing home and require 24-hour care? Homecare nursing is something to learn and prepare for. These are decisions that are best made ahead of time. You may even consider asking them what they would want you to do.

Remember you can’t stock everything for every contingency, just do the best you can, but plan ahead, if not for yourself then for aging parents and other loved ones.

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