Breakfast Hash Brown Sandwich

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For fulltime Van-Dwellers or full-time RV’ers their pantry space is limited, or those of us who are on a tight budget, finding tasty, convenient, easy to prepare, low-cost food is always a plus.
I’ve always enjoyed McDonalds Hash Brown Patties, at one time tried to duplicate the recipe and its’ form/shape at home but without success. Last week I was shopping at WalMart and on the shopping list was Tater-Tots. When at that freezer I noticed on the very bottom freezer shelf, the Great Value Hash Brown Patties! Wow, could it be true, are they like the McDonalds Hash Browns? So, I picked up a package and it does look just like McDonalds Patties. They’re sold frozen, fully cooked and ten to a package. Price? $1.70 ($0.17 cents each!) What a deal! I had to try them and was not disappointed.

Cost Breakdown:

Bun $0.16

Cheese $0.17

Egg $0.16

Hash Brown $0.17

Total = $0.66

Add meat such as a SPAM Slice $0.29

Grand Total with SPAM = $0.95


Here’s how I prepared the first few I made. I no longer fry them, I microwave them now that I figured out how to defrost and cook at the same time. Micro-waving them to fast (too high a wattage) will toughen the perimeter edge.

If you feel you need some meat in it, you can add some canned sausage, bacon, ham, SPAM, chicken or whatever you prefer. This is a cheap, fast, great tasting and filling meal.

As packaged.

One patty out for you to see.

In the skillet at med/hi heat with a couple tablespoons of oil. Cook four minutes on one side and the three minutes on the other side.

Patty on a slice of toasted homemade Beer Bread. Normally, I use a toasted Walmart Jumbo Hamburger Bun. (4-inch dia.)

Added a microwaved scrambled egg.

Added a slice of cheese and topped with another slice of Beer Bread.

Yummy! Makes a great and cheap breakfast, or any meal you like. About seven minutes total prep time.