I was hoping to catch up on bills in one month. Nope!

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When I had to have stitches at the end of last year it cost over a $1000.00 and that ate a big hole in my emergency fund.  Then,  Tucker the Peke popped out an eyeball in 2018 and that cost another $700.00 before I could build my Emergency fund back up.

I was hoping I could take one late payment fee and get back on tract for payments in a month.  Well that is not going to happen!  It is mostly timing about when I get paid and when the payments must be paid. So I’ll take the little $20.00 “late payment” hit for making the house payment on the 21st rather than the 1st for two months.  I’m not in default on the mortgage but I’m just not paying on the first of the month and will get charged a late payment fee.  By May I should have built up another “emergency fund” to handle the house payments in a more timely manner.

Trying to scrimp and save while helping Mom move was not stress free.  So I just gave up on trying to get economically on track in one month and pushed it out to a 3 month (May) time frame.  I don’t use Credit cards much and try to stay cash only. So I occasionally take a late fee hit when things get sideways.  The late fees are motivation to get my finances in order.

I got one of Mom’s window blinds installed in her bedroom and it looks pretty good for an off the shelf standard blind. I gave her a couple of curtain rods for curtains but I need to finish installing a few more blinds so she has privacy and the little place becomes her home rather than a place where she lives.  One bad thing is she has aluminum  single pane windows.  Not good insulators and the Frost King tape is not sticking to those metal frames.  I’d like to add Storm windows but that is not in the budget.  I’ll probably end up stapling some plastic to the exterior for this winter and then try and find a better solution.  I did give Mom a couple of buckets of wood to try out in her wood stove.  She went and gather some tinder for the stove.  So she will have a bit of wood heat to augment her electric furnace.  I think wood heat is better but I have to admit the Electric heater of Mom’s House is darn good.  Once we insulate the crawl space and upgrade the windows it will be a warm little house.  Huzzah I figured out how to use the plug in the bath for Mom.  She will have a much better attitude for a long soak in the tub rather than taking showers.  LOL

I got Mom’s Laptop setup for the internet and programmed,  her Digital TV via Antenna. I think she got 45-50 over the air channels on the indoor antenna.  She has news, weather and old movies via broadcast channels for TV.  Internet for her Laptop and kindle.  The last thing I need to setup is her Roku via wireless internet.  The installer was good from what Mom says, but we need to buy her own Wireless setup and not pay cable modem rental fees.

We have some pretty nasty snow storms incoming so that means hauling furniture in the Dually pick up is out.  I hauled Mom’s little dining room set in my Kia mini-van so that should be doable.  The biggest problem now is Mom wants to upgrade the paneling on the walls and she does not have money to make that happen.  We have most of the bookcases in the correct rooms so we can load them up now.  Then when she has the money we can install the new wall stuff.

I doubt Mom feels this way but we got her storage shed emptied/chicken house moved. The chicken run/kennel on site, most of her totes, boxes are under some cover in sheds.  While she see what is not done I see what has been done by two disable women in the middle of an Idaho winter.  I’m an Optimist and see the glass as half full.  Mom is a bit of pessimist/cynic and often sees the glass as half empty and probably needs to be filtered!  LOL

It has been a challenge but we are both doing okay.  Mom wants to sell the Arctic Fox camper for around $6 grand but it has a bit of water damage.  It has an expansive front berth and I think the Propane generator and appliances are worth at least a $4 grand bid.  While I’m not a fan of electronic jacks.  I know they are not cheap to buy.  Buy the 4 season camper cheap and get a free propane generator, Multi- power fridge and freezer and electronic jacks for what ever.  The camper with a good working slide out, at that point is a cheap bonus!  It needs work but for about $6 grand you will have a great camper with a slide out.  Trust me used Arctic fox 4 season campers are pricey.  Mom says the custom trailer extension is part of the price.


Can You See Me Now? A Great Deal on a The Survival Hax Tactical Flashlight

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A Tactical Flashlight You Should Checkout!


Do you wanna see the light?  The flashlight?  The good people over at Survival Hax have graciously provided a 60% off code for their 1000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight.  This effectively makes the price $9.99!  When you consider that your purchase comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, you get a deal you don’t want to pass up! 

Here are the SPECS:

All measurements are done in inches and pounds.

  • Length: 5.3″ – 6.1″
  • Diameter: 5″ at head 3.5″ at tail
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs (with battery)
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Luminance: 1000 lumens
  • Beam distance: 300 yards
  • Battery: Included 3.7v 18650 Lithium
  • Pressure resistance: 2,200 lbs
  • Water Resistant: (IP66 rating)
  • Crash Resistant: 30 feet
  • Charger: 18650 4000mah


To get this limited deal, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Go to Amazon Flashlight page: http://amzn.to/2FqLED2
  • Step 2 – Click on the yellow “add to cart” button, then proceed to checkout.
  • Step 3 – Enter promo code PREPWSHX when it asks for a payment method.

All done. This code will knock 66% off their purchase and will get the flashlight for only $9.99

The flashlight is rated at 4.5 STARS and have over 270 reviews.


Government at Every Level Failed to Stop Florida School Shooting, But they want you to Give Up Your Guns and Trust Them

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We have learned that governments from the local and state level all the way up to the federal government had multiple chances to stop the shooting but instead choose to do nothing. Now they want to take away your right to legally defend yourself in the face of this type of attack. […]

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The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

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Tim’s Note: The following article is by Shane Copper for Physicians for Civil Defense. I am reprinting it here with permission in accordance with the terms of the copyright notice found at the end of this article. All links have been left intact..

The Good News About Nuclear Destruction 

By Shane Connor for Physicians for Civil Defense


Toshiharu Kano, third generation Japanese-American, author of Passport to Hiroshima reminded us recently;

“I am the last, closest to ground zero (800 meters from hypocenter), living survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb of August 1945. Many of the tens of thousands of victims there tragically perished from an unfamiliarity of how to protect themselves from the unique effects of a nuclear bomb’s flash, blast and radiation. As a US citizen living in middle America today I see a hauntingly similar vulnerability growing among the general public here ever since Civil Defense was discontinued after the Reagan Cold War era. The ‘Good News About Nuclear Destruction’ is that if all Americans were trained again in the Civil Defense basics of what to do and not do if nuclear weapons were ever unleashed again, we could instantly make all nukes 90% less lethal. Ideally, while I’d like to see a world free of nuclear weapons someday, in the meantime we should all embrace rejuvenating public Civil Defense to greatly minimize their lethality.”

What possible ‘good news’ could there ever be about nuclear destruction coming to America, whether it is Dirty Bombs, Terrorist Nukes, or ICBM’s from afar? 
In a word, they are all survivable for the vast majority of American families, IF they know what to do beforehand and have made even the most modest of preparations. 
Tragically, though, most Americans today won’t give much credence to this good news, much less seek out such vital life-saving instruction, as they have been jaded by our culture’s pervasive myths of nuclear un-survivability
Most people think that if nukes go off then everybody is going to die, or it’ll be so bad they’ll wish they had. That’s why you hear such absurd comments as; “If it happens, I hope I’m at ground zero and go quickly.”
This defeatist attitude was born as the disarmament movement ridiculed any competing alternatives to their ban-the-bomb agenda, like Civil Defense. The activists wanted all to think there was no surviving any nukes, disarmament was your only hope. The sound Civil Defense strategies of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have been derided as being largely ineffective, or at worst a cruel joke. Since the supposed end of the Cold War in the 80’s, most Americans saw neither a need to prepare, nor believed that preparation would do any good. Today, with growing prospects of nuclear terrorism, and nuclear saber rattling from rogue nations, we see emerging among the public either paralyzing fear or irrational denial. People can’t even begin to envision effective preparations for ever surviving a nuclear attack. They think it totally futile, bordering on lunacy, to even try.
Ironically, the disarmament activists legacy, regardless their noble intent, has rendered millions of Americans even more vulnerable to perishing from nukes in the future.
The biggest surprise for most Americans, from the first flash of a nuke being unleashed, is that they will still be here, though ill-equipped to survive for long, if they don’t know what to do, and not do, beforehand from that very first second of the initial flash onward.
For instance, many could readily survive the delayed blast wave via the old ‘Duck & Cover’ tactic, and that is very good news, IF they knew to do it quick as the flash appeared. Unfortunately, most don’t, and even fewer know how to later survive the coming radioactive fallout which could eventually kill many times more than the blast. However, there is still more good news possible, as well over 90% of those potential casualties from fallout are avoidable, too, IF the public was pre-trained through an aggressive national Civil Defense educational program. Simple measures taken immediately after a nuclear detonation, by a pre-trained public, can prevent agonizing death and injury from radiation exposure.
The National Planning Scenario #1, an originally confidential internal 2004 study by the Department of Homeland Security, examined the effects of a terrorist nuke detonated in Washington, D.C.. They discovered that a 10 kiloton nuke, about 2/3rds the size of the Hiroshima bomb, detonated at ground level, would result in about 15,000 immediate deaths, and another 15,000 casualties from the blast, thermal flash and initial radiation release.1 As horrific as that is, and even without ‘Duck & Cover’, the surprising revelation here is that over 99% of the residents in the DC area will have just witnessed and survived their first nuclear explosion. Clearly, the good news is most people would survive that initial blast.
However, that study also soberly determined that as many as another 250,000 people could soon be at risk from lethal doses of radiation from the fallout drifting downwind towards them after the blast. (Another study, released in August 2006 by the Rand Corporation, looked at a terrorist 10 kiloton nuke arriving in a cargo container and being exploded in the Port of Long Beach, California. Over 150,000 people were estimated to be at risk downwind from fallout, again many more than from the initial blast itself.2
The good news here, that these much larger casualty numbers from radioactive fallout are largely avoidable, too, only applies to those pre-trained beforehand by a Civil Defense program in what they need to do before it arrives.
Today, lacking any meaningful Civil Defense program, millions of American families continue to be at risk and could perish needlessly for lack of essential knowledge that used to be taught at the grade school level.
The public at large, businesses and all our children’s schools, urgently need to be instructed in Civil Defense basics again. Like how most can save themselves by immediately employing the ‘Duck & Cover’ tactic, rather than just allowing an impulsive rush to the nearest windows to see what that ‘bright flash’ was across town, just-in-time to be shredded by the glass imploding inward from that delayed shock wave blast.
Most also don’t know, even when caught in the open, just lying flat, reduces by eight-fold the chances of being hit by debris from that brief, three second, tornado strength shock wave blast that, like lightning & thunder, could be delayed arriving anywhere from a couple seconds to 2 minutes after that initial flash.
Remember the February, 2013 Chelyabinsk Russia meteor air burst? 1,500 people were injured, most from the delayed shock wave exploding inward the window glass they were anxiously scanning the winter sky through trying to see what/where the bright flash was earlier. “A fourth-grade teacher in Chelyabinsk, Yulia Karbysheva, was hailed as a hero after saving 44 children from imploding window glass cuts. Despite not knowing the origin of the intense flash of light, Karbysheva thought it prudent to take precautionary measures by ordering her students to stay away from the room’s windows and to perform a duck and cover maneuver. Karbysheva, who remained standing, was seriously lacerated when the blast arrived and window glass severed a tendon in one of her arms; however, none of her students, whom she ordered to hide under their desks, suffered cuts.” 3
‘Duck & Cover’, while under appreciated by most Americans, has long been known as a simple and effective shock wave blast life-saver, even as early as Hiroshima (15 KT) and Nagasaki (22 KT).
“According to the 1946 book Hiroshima, in the days between the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings in Japan, one Hiroshima policeman went to Nagasaki to teach police about ducking after the atomic flash. As a result of this timely warning, not a single Nagasaki policeman died in the initial blast. Unfortunately, the general population was not warned of the heat/blast danger following an atomic flash because of the bomb’s unknown nature. Many people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki died while searching the skies for the source of the brilliant flash.” 4
Robert Trumbull – the New York Times Pacific and Asia war correspondent, 1941-79 who had been in Iwo Jima – documented more double-bombing survivors in his 1957 book Nine Who Survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Personal Experiences of Nine Men who Lived Through Both Atomic Bombings5. Two of their experiences and their ages on 9 August 1945: 
Tsutomu Yamaguchi, 29, Mitsubishi ship designer who died in 2010, aged 93 (Trumbull pp. 28 and 109): “‘Suddenly there was a flash like the lighting of a huge magnesium flare,’ Yamaguchi recalls. The young ship designer was so well drilled in air-raid precaution techniques that he reacted automatically. He flung his hands to his head, covering his eyes with his fingers and stopping his ears with his two thumbs. Simultaneously he dropped to the ground, face down. … ‘As I prostrated myself, there came a terrific explosion’ … [The left side of his face and arm facing the fireball were burned, and he returned to Nagasaki, experiencing the second nuclear explosion on the sixth-floor of the headquarters office of Mitsubishi.] Spelling out the danger of flying glass, he urged them to keep windows open during an air-raid alert, and at the instant of the flash to seize at once upon any shelter available … the second A-bomb confirmed young Yamaguchi’s words, exploding in a huge ball of fire about a mile away. Yamaguchi’s lecture [just an hour earlier!] … was not lost upon his colleagues. With the young designer’s words still fresh in their minds, they leaped for the cover of desks and tables. ‘As a result,’ said Yamaguchi, ‘my section staff suffered the least in that building. In other sections there was a heavy toll of serious injuries from flying glass’.”
Masao Komatsu, 40, was hit by falling beam in a Hiroshima warehouse and was on board a train in Nagasaki when the bomb fell (Trumbull, p101): “…the interior of the coach was bathed in a stark, white light. Komatsu immediately dived for the floor. ‘Get down!’ he screamed at the other passengers. Some recovered sufficiently from the daze of the blinding light to react promptly to his warning. Seconds later came the deafening crack of the blast, and a shock wave that splintered all the windows on both sides of the train. The passengers who had not dived under the seats were slashed mercilessly from waist to head by glass flying at bullet speed.”
While terrorist nukes would likely be smaller than the Hiroshima (15 KT) bomb, in a modern super power conflict today, the nukes would be larger, most in the 100 KT to 500 KT range. The unsurvivable ‘ground zero’ lethal zone of a 500 KT nuke airburst, would extend out to about 2.2 miles. The blast wave would arrive at that 2.2 mile marker about eight seconds after the flash and then continue on causing death or injury from there out to about 9 miles. Putting at grave risk then an additional over 15 times more souls than were already lost within that unsurvivable 2.2 mile ground zero radius. That’s IF they don’t know to ‘Duck & Cover’ in those 8 to 20+ seconds after the flash and before the blast wave arrived. In other words, with ‘Duck & Cover’ taught to and employed by all, there could be over 15 times fewer casualties from that blast wave!6
Clearly, prompt ‘Duck & Cover’, upon any bright flash suddenly appearing, is lifesaving good news everyone should be taught!
They need to also be taught, after the blast, attempting to outrun that downwind drift of the fallout is strongly discouraged. It only works if wind direction, speed, and distance from ground zero is known and assures plenty enough time to escape exposure in the open well before the fallout would arrive along their, likely clogged, route. They must also be taught, sheltering-in-place is usually the better option, as the radioactive fallout loses 90% of its lethal intensity in the first seven hours and 99% of it in two days. For those requiring sheltering from fallout, the majority would only need two or three days of full-time hunkering down, not weeks on end, before safely joining an evacuation, if even still necessary then.
That’s more good news as an effective expedient fallout shelter can easily be improvised at home, school or work quickly, but, again, only IF the public had been trained beforehand in how to do so, as was begun in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s with our national Civil Defense program.
Unfortunately, our government today is doing little to promote nuclear preparedness and Civil Defense instruction among the general public. Regrettably, most of our politicians, like the public, are still captive to the same illusions that training and preparation of the public are ineffective and futile against a nuclear threat.
Bush administration Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, demonstrated this attitude in 2005 when he responded to the following question in USA Today;7
Q: In the last four years, the most horrific scenario – a nuclear attack – may be the least discussed. If there were to be a nuclear attack tomorrow by terrorists on an American city, how would it be handled?
A: In the area of a nuclear bomb, it’s prevention, prevention, prevention. If a nuclear bomb goes off, you are not going to be able to protect against it. There’s no city strong enough infrastructure-wise to withstand such a hit. No matter how you approach it, there’d be a huge loss of life. 
Mr. Chertoff failed to grasp that most of that “huge loss of life” could be avoided if those in the blast zone and downwind knew what to do beforehand. He only acknowledges that the infrastructure will be severely compromised — too few first-responders responding. Civil Defense pre-training of the public is clearly the only hope for those in the blast zone and later in the fallout path. Of course, the government should try and prevent it happening first, but the answer he should have given to that question is; “preparation, preparation, preparation” of the public via training beforehand, for when prevention by the government might fail.
The Obama administration also failed to grasp that the single greatest force multiplier to reducing potential casualties, and greatly enhancing the effectiveness of first-responders, is a pre-trained public so that there will be far fewer casualties to later deal with. Spending millions to train and equip first-responders is good and necessary, but having millions fewer victims, by having also educated and trained the public beforehand, too, would be many magnitudes more effective in saving lives. Maybe the Trump administration will do better, but time is short.
The federal government needs to launch a national mass media, business supported, and school based effort, superseding our most ambitious public awareness campaigns like for AIDs, drug abuse, drunk driving, anti-smoking, etc. The effort should percolate down to every level of our society. Let’s be clear – we are talking about the potential to save, or lose needlessly, many times more lives than those saved by all these other noble efforts combined!
Instead, Homeland Security continues with a focus primarily on…
#1 – Interdiction – Catching nuclear materials and terrorists beforehand and…
#2 – Continuity of Government (COG) and casualty response afterwards for when #1 fails
While the vital key component continues to be largely ignored…
#3 – Continuity of the Public while it’s happening – via proven mass media Civil Defense training beforehand that would make the survival difference then for the vast majority of Americans affected by a nuclear event and on their own from that first initial flash & blast and through those critical first couple days of the highest radiation threat, before government response has arrived in force. 
This deadly oversight will persist until those crippling myths of nuclear un-survivability are banished by the good news that a trained and prepared public can, and ultimately has to, save themselves. More training of the public beforehand means less body bags required afterwards, it’s that simple.
The tragic After Action Reports (AAR’s), of an American city nuked today, would glaringly reveal then that the overwhelming majority of victims had perished needlessly for lack of this basic, easy to learn & employ, life-saving knowledge.
Re-launching Civil Defense training is an issue we hope & pray will come to the forefront on the political stage, with both parties vying to outdo each other proposing national Civil Defense public educational programs. We are not asking billions for provisioned public fallout shelters for all, like what already awaits many of our politicians. We are just asking for a comprehensive mass media, business, and school based re-release of the proven practical strategies of Civil Defense instruction, a modernized version of what we used to have here, and that had been embraced by the Chinese, Russians, Swiss and Israeli’s.
There is no greater, nor more legitimate, primary responsibility of any government than to protect its citizens. And, no greater condemnation awaits that government that fails to, risking millions then perishing needlessly. We all need to demand renewed public Civil Defense training and the media needs to spotlight it by questioning officials and politicians, until the government corrects this easily avoidable, but fatal vulnerability.
In the meantime, though, don’t wait around for the government to instruct and prepare your own family and community. Educate yourself today and begin establishing your own family nuclear survival preparations by reading the free nuke prep primer…
Then, post links to, or pass copies of, this ‘Good News’ article to friends, neighbors, relatives, fellow workers, churches and community organizations with a brief note attached saying simply: “We hope/pray we never need this, but just-in-case, keep it handy!” Few nowadays will find that approach alarmist and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many are truly grateful.
Everyone should also forward copies to their local, state and federal elected representatives, as well as your own communities first-responders and local media, all to help spread this good news that’s liberating American families from their paralyzing and potentially fatal myths of nuclear un-survivability!
Bottom Line: We could easily reduce by 90% the lethality of all Chinese, Russian, N Korean and Iranian missiles, and any terrorist nukes, too, quick as the public is trained up in blast & fallout Civil Defense basics again. And, that is very good news!

The mission of Physicians for Civil Defense is to save lives of first responders and the general public
in the event of disasters, especially terrorist attacks using dirty bombs or nuclear weapons.
If you’d like to help with tax-deductible contributions to expand our “Good News About Nuclear Destruction…”
billboard outreach across America, or find out how to do it in your own community as a public service,
contact Physicians for Civil Defense. 7/17/2014 Press Release here.
Together, we could save millions of American families from needlessly perishing in a future nuclear disaster!

Everyone is invited to copy, post, print, and distribute ‘THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION!’ article anywhere, as long as they do so without charging anything for it. It must be reproduced in entirety, including this notice, and not be altered or edited. Easy print PDF version www.ki4u.com/goodnews.pdf To contact the author with comments, e-mail: Shane Connor

Free PDF: Copyright Law-US Publications

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Since I am posting so many old documents, I thought I would share my understanding of US Copyright Law with this PDF from US Publications.  This was on one of the many informational DVD’s I purchased as I built my prepper PDF library. Unfortunately that DVD contained mostly copywritten materials that I do not have the right to share in the manner I am with these open source documents. As an author, copyrights are important to me, I know how angry I get when I come up with a new book and immediately after someone publishes something that is obviously

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Book Review: Stressfire, Volume 1

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Lets face it, practicing basic fundamentals is not sexy, it is necessary, but not every shooter will spend money on a school that teaches repetition of basic shooting skills. Because of this, many firearm instructors will create new techniques so they can fill up classes. In my other site I have repeatedly said that I don’t believe in adding things to your gun without being able to articulate a need. I feel the same way about training. Progress for the sake of progress complicates the situation, gives you too much to master without enough benefit. Stressfire is not one of those

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Solar Radiation Management — An Air Force Insider Spills The Beans

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But the creativity of the trolls to twist even their own positions and facts is an expression of their growing desperation. They would even claim they’re with us.

The battle against chemical and biological warfare in all their forms, e.g. chemtrail, vaccines, and GMO, is humanity’s battle. This is our battle against pure evil that is now occupying critical positions of power.

We are hoping that more insiders would come out in the open and tell the world the whole truth about all these sinister operations.

Zero Mass Water

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Fonder of water vapor firm

Cody may not walk on water, but he comes close

A regular supply of drinking water is the holy grail for off-grid living.

If you can get a bare minimum of water and heating of some sort, you can live anywhere. but you would be surprised how many spots that are otherwise ideal do not have an easy water supply – either due to the topography, or local laws.

Now a US startup has come up with a solution that actually works! And its for sale now. At a reasonable price

Zero Mass Water, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, produces $2,000 “hydropanels” that the company claims can capture water vapor from air. One panel can make up to five liters a day, and two of them together could produce enough for a household’s daily drinking and cooking says the company. In theory, someone could drive out to the desert, and live off the grid with water to spare.

A journalist from Wired checked out the gadget – basically a solar panel bolted on to a special membrane that extracts the water vapour, filters it and pumps out 12 liters per day – it works out about $50 per month if you spread it over 10 years, which is pricey but you can take it anywhere and what you get is pure water, untainted by any Utility company, when and where you need it to be.

You have to accept that Zero Mass is just the name of the product. The company’s founder, Cody Friesen, a professor of materials science at Arizona State University says the units weigh 275 pounds (a long way from zero then) and are intended for yards and rooftops, rather than mobile living.
Hydrophilic membranes trap water vapor from air that’s blown across them by a solar-powered fan. The vapor-turned-water then drops and pools and flows through a series of mineral cartridges to make it more drinkable. Because both the landscape and the water vapor in the air are changing all the time, the panels connect to HQ back in Scottsdale via a mesh network, and Zero Mass Water staffers upload predictive algorithms that adjust fan speeds and maximize energy efficiency.

How the Hydropanel Works

The panel contains absorbent material that pulls moisture from the air.

Solar heat causes the moisture to form drops.

The drops collect in a reservoir at the panel’s base.

A pump draws water out of the reservoir and into a tap.

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Anti-Gun Activists Conscripting Child Soldiers into Service

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Here we go again.  Another absolute tragedy plays out in a school and it is immediately politicized by Leftist vultures willing to use their indoctrinated child soldiers for propaganda.  This

Organize Your Bedroom (& Make Room to Be Prepared)!

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Organize Your Bedroom (& Make Room to Be Prepared) The bedroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in the home to organize for a number of reasons. As the room where we spend time sleeping, changing, and sometimes even eating, it’s common for this room to become filled with items from other parts …

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Off Grid Power Supply

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Off Grid Power Supply Batteries are changing the way that we think about survival. However, its not as much about the little AA batteries or AAA batteries that we would assume. Instead we are seeing USB battery power and other styles of rechargeable batteries that have much more power than our average retail batteries. What I …

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How to tell which plastics are safe to use for food and drinks

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How to tell which plastics are safe to use for food and drinks We live in a plastic world. We have mastered the art of cheap plastics and they are all around us now. Our kids have toy boxes full of them. Desks are more than likely littered with them. Its an ugly thing when …

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Hardening Your Home Against Attack

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Hardening Your Home Against Attack The story of theft is ancient. One man stealing from another is older than the bible. We have yet to cure ourselves of this desire. The commandments don’t seem to do it, the law doesn’t take care of it but you can assure that your home will be prepared for …

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Vehicular Prep Part 2: Movement & Dismount

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Vehicular Prep Part 2: Movement & Dismount
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

On this episode of The Gunmetal Armory… we dive into the second Part of Vehicular Prep: Movement & Dismount. Vehicular Prep is not just about the Gear we carry within and the emergencies we are prepared for, it is also about the way we move when we’re mounted, where we travel, how we dismount and move when we dismount.

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Make a Jacket Warmer Using an Old Sweater

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Make a Jacket Warmer Using an Old Sweater The idea of clothing improvement and manipulation is something that is so far out of the average American’s mind. I wonder how many Americans can actually sew. How many could mend a piece of clothing that was ruined or torn. This is a lost skill that many …

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Favorite Bread Recipes – Homemade

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Okay all you homemade bread lovers out there… Let’s see your favorite bread recipes! I’m sure that most everyone will agree that there’s nothing quite like the smell of breadmaking, from the rise, to the baking, to the table! And there’s nothing like the taste of fresh, warm, homemade bread. I’m getting hungry just typing this! I think it will be fun to share our favorite bread recipes. And it will be equally fun to try one that we haven’t made before… Baking homemade bread is good practice Whether you’re using store bought flour or milling your own flour, baking

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Andy Hoffman: “I Sold Off ALL MY GOLD And When The Old People Die Off MY VIEW WILL DOMINATE”

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Andy Hoffman: “I Sold Off ALL MY GOLD And When The Old People Die Off MY VIEW WILL DOMINATE” The American economy is something of a haze when you look into the future. We are firing at many different targets with a hope that something hits the bulls eye. Of course, with the light speed …

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…but then I’d have to live with myself……..

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Scene: Local gun/coinshop

Him: Hey, we’re getting a buncha used guns in later
Me: Awesome. Lemme know when they arrive.

:::Hour  later:::

I show up an start sifting through the stack. He says theres a Ruger 556 in there. I find an AR-pattern rifle, but its the Ruger 762. Ok, he mixed up the Ruger 556 for the 762, I can see that.

Me: Hmmm…..What’ll you take for the PTR-91 and the Ruger 556?
Him: :::mentions price::::
Me: Hmmm…I’ll give you $1500 for the pair.
Him: Sold!

And I trundle off with my loot. An hour or two later, I’m thinking “Man, those SR-762’s are kinda pricey. Lemme look up the price on those.” So I did. And, apparently, a new one goes for around $1500 :::sigh::: I know what happened. I drive back.

Me: Hey, that list of guns that came in. It had prices with it right?
Him: Yup.
Me: Read me the serial number off the list for that Ruger you sold me.
Him: :::reads wrong serial number:::
Me: And the model number?
Him: ::: reads off wrong model number :::
Me: And the caliber?
Him: :::reads of wrong caliber:::
Me: I think you sold me the wrong gun. Let me see your bound book.

Sure enough. There was a Hawkeye in .223 on the list and and somehow the SR-762 got mixed up as that gun.*

Me: Dude, I really hate saying this, but you sold me this gun way too cheap.

And we figured it out. It was a bit of a headache to clean up, paperwork-wise… The Hawkeye, that never left the building, had been entered as sold to me. So, rather than  correct it we just logged it back in as received from me. Easy enough. But…man, a $1500 rifle for half the price woulda been nice.

But….I like the people there and I’d never be able to show my face in there again if they called me and said “We made a mistake” and I said “Too bad.” So…yeah. Mensch.

* = Here’s what happened. I asked if he had any Rugers. He said “I have a 556” which I took to mean he had a Ruger 556. So I grabbed the first AR-15’ish gun I saw with a Ruger logo and it was the SR-762. I figured “He’s not really a gun guy. He thought it was the 556 model because it looks like an AR, he doesnt know the difference between the 556 and the 762 models”. But what actually happened was that he MEANT “I have a 5.56 caliber rifle in the Hawkeye.” A very interesting miscommunication.

Selco on Martial Law: Forget your “movie illusions about being a freedom fighter”

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Selco interviewed by Daisy Luther

Let’s talk about martial law. This is when the normal law of the land is suspended and the authority comes from the military or federal … Read the rest

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Living in Student’s Dormitory: What to Know

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: A guest post from Julie to The Prepper Journal. Some takeaways here for not only college bound students but for any of us being thrown into a communal situation.

Being a college student is challenging. It has multiple advantages, yet some of its disadvantages might drive you crazy. For instance, dorm living is something some students enjoy, yet many pretty much hate. In the end, it all depends on your background experience. Sharing a room with a person you’ve never seen in your entire life can be tough, but it could also be an enjoyable experience.

In order to make the best out of your college years, we’ve provided some tips on how to survive living in a dorm. What are the things that you should know? Is there anything that you could change? How can you manage conflicts? Let’s discuss all these and see if it helps you.

Buy Earplugs

College is going to drive you crazy if you are not used to a lot of noise. Loud music, loud people, loud cars, loud debates – you are going to experiment all that. Dorms are really noisy and can make your life miserable if you don’t prepare correspondingly. You might need a good pair of earplugs in order to sleep well.

If your neighbors get on your nerves, make sure you manage the situation properly. Don’t come out of the room and yell at them, nicely knock on their door and ask them to turn it down. If they don’t cut it down, talk to the RA. He or she is going to know how to handle these types of situations.

You Have No Privacy

Sorry to disappoint you, but college means a complete lack of your privacy. Your dorm is the only place where you can find your peace, but if you don’t get along with your roommate, that might be difficult too. Anyways, don’t freak out. Any campus has places where you can be alone, like spiritual rooms or the counseling center. You just need to find them!

To be honest with you, there is a high probability that you are going to spend 90% of your time with different people. You are going to share a room with someone, eat with someone else, and study in large groups. Of course, you can always choose to avoid crowded places, but where’s the fun in that? You’re going to have enough alone time after graduating, so enjoy these years!

Buy Essentials

College is not the place for bubble baths and scented candles! You are going to wait in a long line before taking a shower, so get used to it. If you thought living in dorms would be comfortable, surprise! It isn’t! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. You just have to be prepared for it. Therefore:

  • Buy cleaning products! You should clean up the shower cabin before getting in it. You should destroy any bacteria and keep yourself healthy
  • Buy flip-flops! Please don’t shower bare foot, that can be really unhealthy for your body. Bacteria can be found everywhere, especially in common shower cabins
  • Keep your hair and body products with you at all times, don’t leave them in the shower. It’s college – people are going to use them
  • Buy a bathrobe to wear when you get out of the shower. It is cozy and fluffy, and a great asset to help carry your showering supplies.

Prepare to Accept

You are going to meet new people and make new friends in a second! That is the best thing about college. It is always nice to make new connections and deal with new personalities. Well, almost… even though you are going to meet amazing people, you should also prepare for personalities which don’t correspond to your values.

Unfortunately, that’s when conflicts start to appear. Or should I say fortunately? Learning how to deal with difficult personalities can be a plus in the long-term. Think about your future job – you are going to meet people you don’t like for sure. So, why not practice solving conflicts beforehand? College is a great place to start. Some advice:

  • Avoid fights or verbal accusations of any kind, that might really get you in trouble
  • Try to figure things out and find a solution for any problem
  • Explain what bothers you and act maturely
  • Be patient and don’t overreact.

How About Food?

You might like the food or not. Anyhow, freshmen have only one option usually – the cafeteria. If eating there does not satisfy you enough, don’t do it. Eating food you don’t like is going to get you sick (been there, done that). Make sure you talk to your parents about options to avoid nasty food. Don’t consume too much fast-food, you are going to put on a lot of useless weight. Remember to stay active, and try to eat as healthy as possible!

Make Friends with the RA

Ken Robertson, former RA coordinator, and freelancer for one of the best resume services online, shares his opinion. “The RA is probably the most important entity in your dorm hall. Get to know him or her! Having them by your side is going to bring you important advantages. For once, you are going to make a new friend, and meet a new type of personality. You are also going to have someone to go to in case of a conflict. If the RA likes you, he or she is more likely to help in difficult situations.”


Even though there are difficult situations you’ll have to deal with in college, don’t forget to enjoy it. College time is fun time, as challenging as it might be. Make new friends and discover yourself! Get involved in different clubs or intramural sports! Join volunteering activities and help the people around you. Attend parties (but drink responsibly!) Embrace the experience and let it change you!

Wrapping Up

No matter the circumstances, don’t forget to have a good time. Watch out for fake friends and conflicts, study a lot, buy your cleaning supplies, and avoid nasty foods. These are the rules of surviving dorm rooms. Good luck!

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Podcast #170: Keeping A Schedule When The Unexpected Happens

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February 23rd, 2018: In today’s show I talk about Keeping Your Schedule When The Unexpected Happens.   We all experience hiccups, setbacks and even worse illness that can totally throw a monkey wrench in even the best of planning.  Join me today and learn some great tips to help you adjust when the Unexpected Happens and also learn how to […]

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Slow Food USA Launches Plant a Seed Campaign: Are You In?

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Slow Food USA launched the Plant a Seed campaign today, inviting individuals and schools to plant the “Three Sisters” in biodiverse gardens across the country. It ties into the Slow Food theme for 2018—Food for Change—that encourages individuals and communities to make changes in everyday eating habits that will impact the food system as a whole and address climate change.

The Three Sisters are beans, corns, and squash that, when planted together, help one another thrive and survive. Corn provides a tall stalk for the beans to climb. Beans provide nitrogen to the soil for the other plants to use. Squash create a microclimate to keep the soil moist and free of weeds. This indigenous technique of companion planting has been embraced the world over.

Read More: “Three Sisters Gardens: Grow More Food With Less Work”

The specific varieties selected for the campaign are on the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s library of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction: Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet Corn, the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, and Christmas Lima Bean. These plants each have fresh flavors and a story of near extinction, and Slow Food USA hopes to see at least 1,000 gardens growing a Three Sisters garden with them this season.

“We are especially excited for gardeners of all ages to rally around traditional methods of companion planting,” says Slow Food USA executive director Richard McCarthy. “In each garden, we see an emblem of hope and pragmatic action that adds up to the kind of systemic change we need to make food a significant part of the climate-change conversation.”

In support of its vision for a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for the planet, Slow Food USA is offering kits containing all three types of seeds. For every kit purchased ($45), Slow Food will send a kit to a school garden in order to help teach kids about climate change and the wonderful new flavors of biodiversity.

If you’re ready for your garden to become one of the thousand, you can order a kit at slowfoodusa.org/plant-a-seed.


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50 Places to Search for Supplies After SHTF

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A while back, I wrote about places to scavenge for supplies in a post-apocalyptic scenario. I thought I came up with quite a few ideas, but Reality Survival & Prepping made a list that’s over twice as long. When thinking about scavenging, everyone’s first instinct is to head for grocery stores and restaurants. But if […]

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The Emergency Blanket And Why It Is A Must For Preppers

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Have you ever wondered how you would survive if you get stuck in a snowstorm and cannot move your vehicle? It would be a hazardous situation for anybody and the freezing temperature will make survival a lot more difficult. You can still hope to find a good shelter if you are in the city, but … Read more…

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