A lovely day!

Almost 50 degrees F. no wind or rain, Love it!  Moving out the chicken house and run has left a bit of a mess of things we use to keep the chickens protected but did not move to Mom’s new place.  I busted up the old plastic roof sheeting and got it in the garbage can.  It was so brittle breaking it up by hand was an easy job.  Don’t get me wrong that the sheets are a bad product as I re-purposed it after it covered a neighbors patio for over 10 years ( that I know of) before I got the use of the panels.

I’m building a trash pile for the future of stuff from the back yard.   Sad to say the old chicken wire will not be re-used as it is over a decade old and was not installed very well when it was new.  I have an idea to install the wire so it both effective and somewhat protected in the high wind environment that Mom is living in.  We will build a basic frame work for the chicken wire to attach too, and the protective weather tarp will have a center pole (like a tent) to rest on.  My hope is the by having the Chicken wire frame below the tarp the wind will not shred the tarp in high winds still still protecting the chickens from predators.  I’ve been going through my shop and I stocked up better than I had expected when lumber prices were so low last summer.

OMG! I made a few wood fire starter out of saw dust, cardboard egg cartons and some paraffin wax and the fire starter worked amazingly awesome.  Gosh the fire-starter was like a freaking blow torch of flame lighting up the wood.  Now I’m still experimenting so my process is still in the learning phase.  The recipe so far is:

Egg cartons made from thick cardboard:  Getting cardboard egg cartons is standard at most mega marts.  Don’t use the Styrofoam egg cartons for fire starters.  Paraffin wax, often found in the canning section of you local grocery store next to canning jars.  Saw dust/ wood chips, I cut wood and have been given the saw dust from my local firewood supplier.  You can also buy would chips at local farm and most pet stores.

You need to use low heat to melt the paraffin and no open flame because paraffin is very flammable.  So a double boiler or something that melts wax like for making candles. By using cardboard egg cartons the cardboard it self becomes the wick.  I have also seen people use cupcake papers to hold the sawdust and wax.  Saw dust is added to the egg carton and I use a cheap 1/4 cup to pour the paraffin of the sawdust in the egg crate.  That is it so far that I have done on this project.

You want a fire lay some smaller bits (4-5 inch logs)  of wood in the stove and tear/cut the egg crate for the fire starter then light the cardboard up.  I started a 3-4 inch (20-40 cm) with a match a wedge of pine  on fire also the paraffin burns hot so it gets that chimney drawing air quickly.  I don’t think you would need to chop wood for kindling if you start making this sort of fire starter.  Also this fire starter might make a great “barter” good when proven to start a fire the first time every time.

This is my Emotional response to making the fire starters.  I’m disabled and cutting up kindling to start a fire was tough for me.  Oh,  I could do it and be down, not doing anything for at least a day.  I feared letting the fire going out when I started getting low on kindling.  I stoked the the wood stove in order to have coals in the morning.  I don’t feel that need any longer.  If the house is warm I’m good, because I can start a fire quickly.  I have to say I have a darn good wood stove so if I start a fire and fill it with wood I’m probably going to have coals in the morning.

Sat. March the 3rd is supposed to be a bit of a Blustery day with snow and rain.  I’m ready for the cold so I just might putter around the shop  and move Mom’s stuff around for moving it out the her place. Gosh my shop has been storage for most in my family and once Mom gets her stuff out eventually I’ll have my shop to use for me.  It only took 15 years.  LOL


100 Uses for Baking Soda On The Homestead

Sodium Bicarbonate. This is one of those miracle powders that can do a million and one things. The problem is that most Americans just use it to bake cookies and absorb smells in the fridge. They are sitting on something that can keep them healthy and keep their home clean but are under utilizing it. …

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DIY Filtered Duck Pond and Shower

Harvesting eggs is such an incredible opportunity for protein production in the backyard. There is a next level of proficiency that you achieve when you have something in your backyard that is providing you with a food as nutrient dense as the egg. What we often forget is that chickens are not the only winged …

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1.5 years off the grid. Loving it despite the hard work. There are so many unexpected events beautiful and not so much!

Hi fellow off gridders! I’m sort of new to this lifestyle and it feels so right but frustration has risen a few times. I joined to find support, share ideas, and help others if I can. My husband and 3 children 12 and under live on a 3 acre water front boat access only off grid property that we spent a year cultivating, building and renovating. Our boat commute to North Vancouver, BC is only 15-20 min so you could say we have the best of both worlds but we are still very remote. I look forward to connecting with you as we grow in this somewhat unique lifestyle.

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Book Review: Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap: Series Set

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e93h1ZrDWEQk Mr. Gingery is a legend. He made a living solving $500 problems with $50 solutions. You can only do that with skill and thought. He created this set of books that allow someone to build your own metalworking shop using only hand tools. Each book covers a specific machine tool – it has detailed construction diagrams, and step by step instructions. Each tool is used to create the next tool in line. First you build a small aluminum foundry and learn to cast metal, you use that to build a metal lathe. Which metal castings and a lathe, you

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Free PDF: An Introduction to Modern Scientific Chemistry (1901)

An Introduction to Modern Scientific Chemistry was digitized and reprinted from the collections of the University of California Libraries. It was produced from digital images created through the libraries’ mass digitization efforts. The digital images were cleaned and prepared for printing through automated processes. Despite the cleaning process, occasional flaws may still be present that were part of the original work itself, or introduced during digitization. From the Author: In this Introduction to Modern Scientific Chemistry an attempt is made to give a succinct and accurate presentation of chemistry on strictly scientific lines, and at the same time in as popular

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Reposting “‘Trust me’ Is Not Enough”

So after the Trump election we all saw the gun/ammo markets come up with new equilibrium pricing on AR’s and the like. Why? Because people believed that they had dodged a gun-control bullet with Trump. And now? Well, past history has shown us that you take Trump seriously, not literally. (Whereas the Democrats took him literally, not seriously.)

I posted this about Trump’s unproven record on gun control and I believe that it is rather timely now. The fact remains, you don’t know that he won’t enact some sort of Feinstein-esque agenda. With Hillary it was a certainty, with Trump it’s an unknown. And that unknown is why you’re not out of the woods, gun control-wise, in regards to a Trump presidency.

Slow Starts & Peaceful Mornings

I am sitting here in my robe by the fire, with my coffee and felt compelled to share my thoughts this morning. There is something so precious and peaceful about a slowly started and peaceful morning. Can you relate to this? I hope so, but my fear is that the majority of the population today […]

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Door Security Bar Review & What I Like Most About It

I’ve had two of this type door security bar for a number of years. Although we’ve never had an attempted break in, I’m sure that this simple security device would become a major impediment to a would-be burglar or home invasion attempt. Having become so accustomed to regularly using it, I wanted to offer a quick review.   What I Like About This Door Security Bar – Simplicity The #1 feature that I like about it is this: It’s so quick & easy to use! Because it’s so easy, it will more likely be used! It’s habit. Every single night

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SITREP: USAF Jamming GPS // Super Blue Blood Moon // Fitness Trackers Destroying OPSEC

SITREP: USAF Jamming GPS // Super Blue Blood Moon // Fitness Trackers Destroying OPSEC This is one of the omnibus articles that goes into a lot of detail on a lot of topics. The SITREP is a great read and I always enjoy them. This is why I have brought one to you today. I …

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Attacking The Flu And An Epidemic!

This flu will not go away and it is taking people with it. People are losing their lives to the flu and I think it is just the beginning. Hospitals are maxed out and local doctors are struggling to get flu tests. Even more unnerving is the fact that pharmacies are struggling to keep Tami …

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The Reality of Selling Eggs From Your Homestead

I wouldn’t date guess the next mans motive in owning chickens, I am often unclear on my own motives. One thing is for sure, there are almost always too many eggs. One walk through the  farmers market and you might be doing some quick math in your head about what kind of money you could …

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Improvised Gin Poles For Lifting

The collapse is fun to write and talk about but its the rebuild that makes the difference. How does civilization bounce back from a collapse. There is a lot to build. You have to be able to bring infrastructure back to life and then you have to bring the peoples confidence up to speed as …

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How to Prune Fruit Trees

The fun only just begins when you plant your first fruit tree. Or maybe you make a bigger investment and plant several fruit trees in a micro-orchard. What I have found is that there are a number of different ways to go about it. Still, no matter what your layout you need to take care …

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Where to Buy Heirloom Seeds

A few years ago I made the decision to stop buying plants from the local hardware store. I knew that the purchasing of these plants was taking away from the self sufficiency of my own garden. I wanted a better option and that option came with heirlooms seeds and sprouting seeds. Now I start my …

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How to Grow Your Own Organic Broccoli Sprouts

Aside from growing them into larger broccoli plants, why would anyone want to grow broccoli sprouts. Well, sprouts are delicious on their own. The trouble with them is how delicate they are and the fact that they do not lend themselves well to large scale farming.  For many its not even the price that presents …

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Understanding Vigilante Justice In Modern-Day America: He Had It Coming!

This is a very interesting topic in today’s world. We know that the police can do only so much to help us. Each day we go through the world safe we should not forget to applaud the police. If teachers do an important job for little pay than I think we can agree that the …

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Let His Revelation Shine!

     It is always a privilege to study the Gospels and visit with Jesus. I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading His words and exploring what He shows me about a life lived in righteousness. And it seems as if each time I read Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, I get a new revelation of what He wants to share with me. And I can think of no greater portion of the Bible to introduce to a new Believer; nor re-acquaint a seasoned Christian. I have come to believe that the Word never stops transforming us — if we will let it.
     And I say that because it is the desire of my heart to continue to grow in my relationship with my Savior. But that means that I must be open to new disclosures of Jesus, beyond the traditional doctrine of any church or denomination. That happens through a renewed mind, made possible by the Holy Spirit. Actually, I like how the Bible presents this concept better: Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total transformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in His eyes (Romans 12:2).
     I want to make it clear that I do not believe one human can know all there is about God, or know all His thoughts. And that concept, by itself, can cause friction within the Body of Christ. There are those who subscribe to Sola Scriptura — that Scripture alone is authoritative for the practice of the Christian faith and the self-disclosure of the God we serve; and that the Bible is complete, authoritative, and true. I agree with that principle. But I do not feel limited by it. Let me explain….

     Now, I know this idea of God continuing to reveal Himself has recently caused an uproar in the cultural news. And if you dare say that you hear Jesus [just like He heard the Father], then you run the risk of being called mentally ill. That’s to be expected from someone who doesn’t know Jesus. But it saddens me when the Church imitates the opinions of the culture and also criticizes the Believer who receives a different revelation than they have.
     As Christians, the Bible is the only “manual”, so to speak, of how we are to relate to our Creator and our Savior. The Divine Character, Nature, and Will of our Father in Heaven are revealed throughout the entire Old and New Testaments. And I recognize that there are many Christians who support the concept that God’s full [and complete] revelation can only be found in the Jesus of the Bible. I understand the fears of believing false prophets and teachers who claim to have received revelations beyond Jesus. Hear me when I say that in no way can I endorse any revelation of God apart from His Son.
     But, to say that God no longer needs to [or desires to] reveal Himself beyond what was written about Him during the previous centuries, somehow shortchanges our relationship with Him.  Yes, the Bible is sufficient to represent God — it is His Truth. But, if I may be so bold, I think my God is SO big, that my well-worn Bible cannot contain all of Him. For one thing, we are left with lots of questions [and time-lapses] when we study just the life of Jesus! Did we get the major points we need to know to live a righteous life? Did we get the commandments we are to follow, and our marching orders from our Savior? Yes, we did! 
     But the big concept we cannot forget is that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a conduit between Him and us; as a channel of communication, so to speak. And since God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow — and He never changes — when we look at the Bible, we see that from Genesis through Revelation, He revealed Himself to new generations of those who would believe in Him — and oftentimes new aspects . So, if you truly believe in His Immutability (unchanging nature), then you will see His Truth in Psalm 33:11, which reads, The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation to generation.  It can’t get much plainer than that. He never stops counseling us, revealing His plans to each new generation and born-again person.
     Taking that one step further, there is Psalm 36:9, which says, For with You is the fountain of life [the fountain of life-giving water]; In Your Light we see light (ESV). This speaks of the Holy Spirit, which should be flowing out of our hearts in rivers of Living Water, bringing new life to our situations and helping us to renew our minds and hearts.         
     But I would like to offer you the Passion Translation of this verse:  To know You is to experience a flowing fountain, drinking in Your life, springing up to satisfy. In the light of Your holiness we receive the light of revelation. Although Jesus is no longer physically present on this Earth to disciple mankind, He made it clear that He was sending the Holy Spirit [the Spirit of God, Himself] to fill in for His absence. The Holy Spirit’s job, as described in John 16:13 is “to unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak His own message, but only what He hears from the Father, and He will reveal prophetically to you what is to come”.  And it’s important that we understand that “truth” is not another word for “doctrine”. 
     The revelation of God in the Bible is completely true, but I am discerning that it is not His Complete Truth. His Truth cannot be contained, and He has more to be revealed of what is to come in each Believer’s life — if we will be open to receive it as part of a Spirit-led life. As the Psalm said, to know the Father and Jesus is to experience a flowing fountain, meaning we can receive His revelation as part of an active and vibrant and fresh unveiling of His heart. I do not believe He wants our  relationship to be stagnant or limited. The Bible is the gateway to His heart and to knowing Him and experiencing Him. And I treasure each new glimpse I get of Him, verified by His Word and His Spirit in me. I will never stop my quest for more of Him, and I invite you to the same thrilling journey! 

Psalm 119:130        Break open Your Word within me until revelation-light shines out! Those with open hearts are given insight into Your plans.

Podcast #171: Working With Your Schedule After The Unexpected

March 2nd, 2018: In today’s show I share some tips on how to gradually put a schedule back together after the unexpected has occurred in your life.  Some of those tips include guarding our schedules, taking good care of ourselves, being kind to ourselves and learning to graciously say “NO”. Resources: Your Best Year Ever 00:12:32 […]

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How to Efficiently Apply Fertilizer or Grass Seed in Your Lawn

Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Growing and maintaining your lawn can take a lot of time and effort, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to improve your lawn with ease. Whether you have to apply fertilizer or plant new grass seeds, this guide will help you tend to your lawn in the most practical manner.

Know the Best Conditions

While there are various ways to plant grass seeds, they are all affected by the same conditions. Even if you plant them properly, they won’t grow well if the soil has a poor quality. Grass seed will thrive if you prepare a seedbed, which is free from pesky weeds and is adequately tilled and firmed.

The seeds need to be surrounded by good soil for seed germination to occur without any problems. Any debris such as twigs and stones should be immediately removed from the area. Likewise, ensure that there are no sizable clumps of soil. However, a soil that is too fine won’t be good if you are growing a new lawn. So if you see any small clumps of soil, those are fine.

Likewise, applying fertilizer cannot be done at a random moment. For example, using a fertilizer while it’s raining or even just after rainfall is not recommended since the product will just be carried away instead of being absorbed into the soil. Thus, efficiency begins by know when to use fertilizer or plant new seeds in your lawn.

Acquire the Right Grass Seed

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/grass-seed-up-close-ground-level-2643455/

Aside from getting the conditions right, you also have to use the right grass seeds. When you go to a store, look for grass seeds that have a certification from the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP).

A rating like that indicates that the grass seed has been meticulously evaluated without any sort of bias. These NTEP-certified grass seeds are bred to provide you with lush and green grasses that are tolerant to drought and are highly resistant to diseases and pests.

Here’s a video discussing the importance of choosing the best grass seed:


Use a Decent Spreader

This is the time to do it right. Whether you want to fertilize or plant grass seeds, you should use a spreader to do it as quickly as possible. Still, you have to find the right model that suits your preference. For one, the spread rate setting should be easily adjustable. This is important since you want the product to be evenly distributed in your lawn. If one section doesn’t have enough of the product, it will ruin the overall appearance of your lawn once the grass grows.

Now, there are two types of spreaders: broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. Both of these types will help you to spread fertilizer or grass seed in your lawn. Consequently, they are both push-powered and have a hopper containing holes at the bottom section.

Using a gauge, you can change the size of the holes to change the spread volume of the product. Furthermore, both spreader types have a level that you can use to allow or stop the fertilizer or seeds from being distributed in the lawn.

If your property is pretty huge with a minimum size of at least 4,000 square feet, you should definitely use a broadcast spreader. They can cover your lawn with fertilizer without causing any striping issues. This works by using a drive wheel that also rotates an impeller plate as you push the spreader. Once the shutoff plate has been opened, the spreader drops the fertilizer or seeds in an arc measuring 180 degrees and with a width ranging from seven feet to 11 feet.

In contrast, a drop spreader is meant to be used by people who have small or average-sized lawns. The coverage of this type of spreader is dependent on the hopper width, which is typically around 20 inches.

Instead of covering a big area as fast as possible, a drop spreader focuses on a more controlled or precise application. If your lawn has sidewalks and any other areas that should not be covered with the product, you can use this to adjust the spread pattern to avoid any lawn striping. You can read more about the spreaders here: http://sumogardener.com/best-lawn-spreader/

Overall, efficient fertilizer application and seed planting are largely dependent on the soil condition, the products themselves, and the tools you use. We hope that this guide helped you in improving your lawn. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a comment.


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Gardening Humor: Need a Laugh? Watch This Now!

Got spring gardening fever? So do we. That’s why this video by TGN blogger Scott Sexton strikes such a chord. Plus, it’s hilarious … and who couldn’t use another chuckle in their day?

Trust us … do yourself a favor and press “Play” now. This is too funny to pass up:

Then, leave us a note in the comments section and let us know: What seeds have you already planted (whether indoors or out) for your spring garden?


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Waterproofing Gear for a Cold Spring (Or Any Season)

With springtime waiting just around the corner, preparation for wet weather is in check. It is also highly important to have the skillset of weatherproofing if SHTF anytime soon (and yet again, who are we kidding…). Learning a thing or two about waterproofing gear will surely come in handy. There is not much worse than … Read more…

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How To Reinforce a Shipping Container To Bury It (EMP proof)

EMPs are potentially one of the most destructive weapons that could be used against today’s society. Just a single nuclear bomb detonated at high altitude over a major city could

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12 Survival Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline (the most popular brand name for petroleum jelly) is surprisingly useful when it comes to disaster preparedness and survival. As Sensible Prepper demonstrates in this video, there’s at least a dozen survival uses for Vaseline. Here’s his list: Moisturize dry, chapped, and sunburned skin. Protect small wounds, scrapes, and cuts. Lubricate metal parts on […]

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