A lovely day!

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Almost 50 degrees F. no wind or rain, Love it!  Moving out the chicken house and run has left a bit of a mess of things we use to keep the chickens protected but did not move to Mom’s new place.  I busted up the old plastic roof sheeting and got it in the garbage can.  It was so brittle breaking it up by hand was an easy job.  Don’t get me wrong that the sheets are a bad product as I re-purposed it after it covered a neighbors patio for over 10 years ( that I know of) before I got the use of the panels.

I’m building a trash pile for the future of stuff from the back yard.   Sad to say the old chicken wire will not be re-used as it is over a decade old and was not installed very well when it was new.  I have an idea to install the wire so it both effective and somewhat protected in the high wind environment that Mom is living in.  We will build a basic frame work for the chicken wire to attach too, and the protective weather tarp will have a center pole (like a tent) to rest on.  My hope is the by having the Chicken wire frame below the tarp the wind will not shred the tarp in high winds still still protecting the chickens from predators.  I’ve been going through my shop and I stocked up better than I had expected when lumber prices were so low last summer.

OMG! I made a few wood fire starter out of saw dust, cardboard egg cartons and some paraffin wax and the fire starter worked amazingly awesome.  Gosh the fire-starter was like a freaking blow torch of flame lighting up the wood.  Now I’m still experimenting so my process is still in the learning phase.  The recipe so far is:

Egg cartons made from thick cardboard:  Getting cardboard egg cartons is standard at most mega marts.  Don’t use the Styrofoam egg cartons for fire starters.  Paraffin wax, often found in the canning section of you local grocery store next to canning jars.  Saw dust/ wood chips, I cut wood and have been given the saw dust from my local firewood supplier.  You can also buy would chips at local farm and most pet stores.

You need to use low heat to melt the paraffin and no open flame because paraffin is very flammable.  So a double boiler or something that melts wax like for making candles. By using cardboard egg cartons the cardboard it self becomes the wick.  I have also seen people use cupcake papers to hold the sawdust and wax.  Saw dust is added to the egg carton and I use a cheap 1/4 cup to pour the paraffin of the sawdust in the egg crate.  That is it so far that I have done on this project.

You want a fire lay some smaller bits (4-5 inch logs)  of wood in the stove and tear/cut the egg crate for the fire starter then light the cardboard up.  I started a 3-4 inch (20-40 cm) with a match a wedge of pine  on fire also the paraffin burns hot so it gets that chimney drawing air quickly.  I don’t think you would need to chop wood for kindling if you start making this sort of fire starter.  Also this fire starter might make a great “barter” good when proven to start a fire the first time every time.

This is my Emotional response to making the fire starters.  I’m disabled and cutting up kindling to start a fire was tough for me.  Oh,  I could do it and be down, not doing anything for at least a day.  I feared letting the fire going out when I started getting low on kindling.  I stoked the the wood stove in order to have coals in the morning.  I don’t feel that need any longer.  If the house is warm I’m good, because I can start a fire quickly.  I have to say I have a darn good wood stove so if I start a fire and fill it with wood I’m probably going to have coals in the morning.

Sat. March the 3rd is supposed to be a bit of a Blustery day with snow and rain.  I’m ready for the cold so I just might putter around the shop  and move Mom’s stuff around for moving it out the her place. Gosh my shop has been storage for most in my family and once Mom gets her stuff out eventually I’ll have my shop to use for me.  It only took 15 years.  LOL