Let’s Have a Real Discussion About Mass Shootings — Drugs / Marginalized Population

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stock here — I want to deep dive into this subject at a later date.   The only explanation that I can conjure up is that Big Pharma / Big Med has their hooks so deeply into the Government and it’s regulators, that psychoactive drugs are not even allowed to enter the conversation.

It is beyond disgusting that those sworn to “first do no harm” have become such whores to their own paychecks, that they foist these dangerous drugs on the population, especially kids. 

There are several “classes” of drugs that can be very harmful, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotics, and I will throw this down too, from personal knowledge, some sleep aiding drugs in the “hypnotic” category like Lunesta can cause disturbing thought patterns (that go away when the drug is stopped) so the connection is obvious.

And besides the claims that many of these are false flags, or drills that they decided to “take live”, in particular Sandy Hook, the lack of accountability for government workers who have totally failed the people they are supposed to serve in the social services and mental health area, is obvious, and should be “fixed”.  

And the other topic that I threw in “marginalized society”, the intentional gutting of America via a few decade of NWO plotting and strategizing, is “working”.    The overall goal and hope of the Globalists is to pull power, control, and wealth out of the chaos that they create.

Also on the “take the guns early” meme, it should be made clear that Trump was only talking about those who are deranged and are an obvious risk.    And then “due process” after the threat is first eliminated.    I am kind of OK with this.   

But the risk of abuse to punish or marginalize people simply by “trumped up charges” of mental illness, created by authorities is there.    And that possibility of abuse by government, should be addressed very strongly by severe jail terms for anyone abusing the process, and that a 30 day “due process” and independently supervised review of all the facts is conducted, again with that deadline.   

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We’ve written previously about this very topic. We researched dozens of high-profile cases of violent crime over the last few decades, and found that in at least half of the cases, we know that the perpetrator was taking, or had recently stopped taking, some form of antidepressant or antipsychotic medication. It could well be 100% if all the information is made publicly available.

The most recent examples support this thesis. In the  Las Vegas shooting, where Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds of others, the autopsy showed he was using an anti-anxiety drug. Adam Lanza, the killer involved in the 2013 Sandy Hook school shooting, was suspected to have been on, or recently stopped taking, antipsychotic drugs; but as Emord details, the coroner would not release the deceased Lanza’s medical records. The killer in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz, is also suspected to have been on some kind of medication for “emotional difficulties,” according to a family member, but the specific drug has not yet been specified.