Things that annoy me #29,201

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People who don’t understand the difference between: “Take me shooting” vs “Go shooting with you”

It’s the difference between “Cook me dinner” and “Have dinner with me”.

Case in point – my buddy texts me and says “Go shooting with me”. Ok, great. We go to the range, he sets up his targets and shoots, I set up my targets and shoot. He works on his gun, I work on my gun. We have some informal target practice. But we each have a good time and get to spend time doing our own thing.

Contrast that with “Take me shooting” which, when someone says that, means “Take me to the range, and make me the center of attention where everything is done for me and you get to accomplish nothing you want to accomplish. Hand me guns and ammo, you set up targets, watch me shoot, and make sure I have a good time.”

Now, I don’t mind taking people shooting if Im aware ahead of time that thats what Im doing. But saying “Let’s go shooting this weekend” and then have me be your personal instructor, target puller, brass catcher, gun fixer, and program director is not what that phrase means. When you say ‘lets go shooting”, to me, that means Im going to get to spend some time behind a gun and work on my own stuff as you work on yours and we’ll do some stuff together.

This is why I keep my circle of shooting buddies small. And why I usually go to the range alone.