Puttering around the house SNOW DAYS!

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Actually the little bit of snow we got both days melted by the afternoon, but it was great for recovery and getting some of the house cleaned up. I’m still getting used to the fact of how many jobs Mom did around the house from bringing in wood to cleaning the big bathroom and washing down the kitchen every week or two.  I miss having a couple of extra hands available when I needed them on getting jobs done.

Mom usually carried in the wood by hand when filling the wood rack. Basically Mom did smaller loads daily and I do larger loads every 2-3 days. I got in a couple loads of wood on the porch wood rack before the snow hit.  Hauling a wagon load of wood through even a couple of inches of snow sucks.  I have a small toboggan but I did not test how it hauled wood in light snow.  One thing I like about using the wagon as I can get a better mix of wood because I can fill the wagon with one section from the wood rack and get to the lower layer of older hardwoods from last year.  Stacking next year’s wood pile I will fill the racks by type of wood so I’ll have a rack of all hard wood or all soft wood.

Other than that I just got the house cleaned up and started baking bread again.  Money got a little tight so I had to stop buying the day old bagels on sale.  The first batch of bread did not get mixed completely and I ended up with a couple of salty areas in the loaves and just a little bit doughy from not being baked all the way through but I always figure it takes a a couple of tries when baking bread after not doing it for awhile.  The second batch turned out almost perfect so I’m get the feel for how to bake bread again.

The great thing about having a fully stocked pantry is when money get a little tight you always have the pantry to fall back on. I still hope I can recover in one month from Tucker’s $700.00 vet bill in a month but if it takes a couple of months I’m good with that happening.  I want to get my Kia a trailer hitch and buy a small cargo trailer as a cheap alternative to buying a pickup. I want to build at least one raised bed using the plans from the garden class I am taking.  Last but not least I want to start building some raised beds for Mom at her place. I’m not sure we can get the beds done this year but I know for sure we can start and the beds will be ready for next year’s garden.

Like most people we have many plans of what we want to do and a limited amount of physical energy and money to try and get those jobs done.  One thing Mom and I agree on is physically killing ourselves trying to get all her stuff move to her house via a deadline is a bad idea.  We are slowing down moving stuff and since we have no storage fees to worry about, we can take our time.  The priorities are getting the chickens secured from predators and getting curtains and blinds up in the house so Mom does not feel like she is living in a fish bowl.