Self Defense: If You Don’t Train to Fight, You Cannot Fight.

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You played high school sports, you consider yourself athletic, you still hit the gym for some cardio and lift some weights.  Maybe you hit the punching bag hanging out in the garage too and oh by the way, that 6 month stint in Karate back in the day.  Guess what, it’s not enough.  Most trained folks would make quick work of those who are not, this of course unless you come across someone else with the same background, in which case its a bunch of wild haymaker punches and / or football tackles and headlocks.

So often in the world of preparedness we like to think of self defense in terms of using weapons, but guns (concealed carry or other) should be an absolute last resort unless in a life or death situation.  There exists a wide spectrum of possibilities where one might have to simply use some self defense techniques to tone down a situation, protect one’s self or a loved one.  Remember, lethal force is always last…solve it at another level.

This past weekend I had an unfortunate altercation with a drunk tough guy, someone who provoked and provoked while I mostly remained calm.  When I knew that the inevitable was going to happen I accepted it (I think I remarked, I’m standing right here man to the threat of “I’m going to beat your ass!) and sure enough, he bull rushed me with everything he had.  10 seconds (probably less) later, he was being choked almost unconcious, my hat never fell off, I never hit the ground and I passed him off to some folks and gathered my friend and left.  Nobody really hurt, no police called, situation resolved.

I’m not some great fighter, I’m rather subpar actually.   Combatives and such in the military and 5 years of Brazilian Jiujitsu, nothing amazing but still much more than chest thumping tough guy had.  It allowed me to assess the situation, remain completely calm and simply react to his actions via countless drills on the mat over years of training.

The reality of the situation is that most folks who actually know how to fight are NOT looking for one.  They will avoid, concede and walk away but when pressed…finish it.  You have to ask yourself, when considering your self defense arsenal are you prepared to defend yourself outside of using a firearm?  Adrenaline won’t help you, neither will being able to rep 315 on the bench 20 times when going against a practicioner of a solid martial art.  Think about it and seek out the appropriate training.  Good luck.