Van-dwelling and Self-reliance video

If you’re a Van-dweller or wanna-be dweller, the link below is worth watching. The link is to her Fy-Nyth blog, a blog I also have on my sidebar. It’s about a single, extremely self-reliant young woman, who owns and lives on her homestead in a Tiny-Home near the Wyoming border. She lives totally off-grid with solar power, wood heat which she cuts and splits herself, hauls her fresh water and a composting toilet.

The link below will take you to her latest post about how she has modified a Chevy Astro AWD van she uses as an everyday vehicle and a camper with all the things she needs for her photography and in case gets stranded by winter storms. It has everything needed to survive a stranding until whether passes or until she gets home safely.

Her blog videos about her life in a Tiny-House are very good, but her wildlife photography is simply stunning, every bit on par with National Geographic! Look through some of her older posts about her photographic images.