Can you regrow a finger? (GRAPHIC)

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CAUTION: This article, and the photos in it, include graphic details related to losing and regrowing a finger. If you are disturbed by information and images of this nature, please use your own discretion when determining whether to read further.

In my own journey, I am working to heal my vision.  Many people don’t know that one of my earliest memories is of being in an eye hospital at about the age of three. There, I was declared legally blind.

Oh, I can see OK with a magnifying glass and can get around fine for the most part, but my vision is below 20/200 and I cannot drive a car.

I was told it was genetic, there was no medical procedure to repair it, and it cannot be corrected by lenses. So, for most of my life, I defined myself as a blind person.

But I decided a while ago that I would try to see if I could heal this condition. I have been making some amazing progress, which I’ll talk about later. And I’ve found the best way to do the impossible is to find other people who have done the impossible.

One of these is my friend Reneé Ainlay, who, at the age of 47, caught one of her index fingers in a grinder … and regrew it.

Here’s her story, as told in the Early Fall 2008 edition of “The Primal Diet Newsletter,” by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. He is the nutritionist who guided her in this regenerative journey.

“The following is a miraculously natural event from Mother Earth’s kitchen of therapies that I discovered through trial and error. Reneé, 47 years young at the time, caught one of her index fingers in a grinder. It was ground including bone. Not even one cell could be saved and reattached. I advised her to apply lime juice first to the open wound and surrounding area. Lime juice surrounds particles and dead cells of flesh, blood, lymph, and nerves so that white blood cells would not amass in the area that could complicate healing and regrowth. I suggested that she apply coconut cream over the lime juice, and apply unheated honey over the coconut cream, then lay a very thin slice of fresh beef or buffalo steak over her finger’s open wound. I asked her to cover the meat with a piece of coconut cream–moistened gauze to prevent the meat from drying and contracting her wound. I instructed her to place a piece of plastic the size of the gauze to cover the gauze and prevent the gauze from drying, then tape it all loosely with adhesive gauze. The following photos recorded her finger’s healing progress while Reneé adhered to my Primal Diet and followed my advice for her finger. The first 2 photos were taken within 3 days of injury on September 12, 2007. The third and fourth photos were taken November 6, 2007. The last 2 were taken September 22, 2008, one year after the incident.”

Here are the pictures he’s referring to (remember, they’re very graphic):

Renee's Finger 1

Renee's Finger 2

Renee's Finger 3

Renee's Finger 4

Renee's Finger 5

Renee's Finger 6

Isn’t that incredible? I know Reneé personally, and this event did actually happen the way it was written above. Stories like this give me continued hope for regenerating my eyesight….

By the way, if you want to learn a little more about Reneé, check out the interview I did with her on “Dissolving Kidney Stones Without a Doctor,” here:

You’ll notice that coconut cream is a common theme in both of these stories—in fact, Reneé believes in it so much that she cofounded Original Living Coconut, a Missouri-based company that processes and sells raw, organic coconut cream (as well as coconut oil, coconut cream-based desserts, and coconut kefir). You can check out the company’s website here:

Then, let me know your thoughts on Reneé’s story!


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