Solar Controller Discussion

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Below is a video with a Blue Sky Representative talking about his product, the “Blue Sky SB3000i Solar Boost MPPT Solar Charge Controller”. It is a good review of the product for anyone who is thinking about adding solar to your Van, RV or Home. He covers just about everything in simple English, and all the facts are from the horse’s mouth, the manufacturer!
The video is by Jamie, of Enigmatic Nomadics:

Side Note:

Many You-Tube producers when discussing a product, direct you to their own Amazon link, stating that if you use his Amazon link to buy the product, the link will take you directly to the product and also say they make a few pennies off the sale (at no cost to the buyer) to support their video making. That sounds reasonable and it is convenient.

Well, I find few things ever cost me nothing when using a third party to purchase something. I did use Jamie’s Amazon link to take me to the product to check the price of the controller and here’s what I found. (I do not know if this is common for all You-Tube producers).

Pricing of the Blue Sky Controller using three sources:

$313 using Jamie’s Amazon link:

$282 Blue Sky factory direct:

$250 using Amazon direct:

It always pays to shop around: