Who you know

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There’s an old saying that every man needs to have five kinds of people in his life – a forgiving priest, an understanding mistress, a loving wife, a friendly banker, and a good doctor.

I was doing a little business the other day and it occurred to me that my circle of acquaintances encapsulates the survivalist version of that…cops, gun dealers, gold/silver dealers, a couple medical professionals, and a few other ‘useful’ people. It was brought home to me when I was given this:

See, one of the people I know runs a business where he resupplies and maintains emergency equipment for businesses. One of his tasks is to pull expired components from the first aid kits in the vehicles of a large regional company. What happens to those expired items? Well, they get thrown in a big box and whoever wants ’em can have ’em. Since bandaids and gauze pads dont really ‘go bad’ I took ’em for supplying some tertiary-level first aid kits.

But….it’s useful to know people who are in such businesses. I still need to establish relationships with a good realtor, and a doctor. But…I’ve got a pretty good grasp on a rather eclectic mix of other useful folks.

Networking, baby…………..