It’s The Annoying-But-Edible Weed That Could Extend Your Life

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It’s The Annoying-But-Edible Weed That Could Extend Your Life

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It’s the annoying little “weed” that may invade your lawn or garden bed this year, but you likely have no idea that it is a medicinal powerhouse. It’s called “purslane,” and it can benefit your skin, urinary and digestive systems. It is also a source of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium and other important nutrients.

Most people think of purslane solely as a weed that overtakes your turf grass. You typically find it in bare spots of your lawn. Purslane is easy to identify because of its reddish-brown stem that can grow up to 12 inches long. The leaves are thick and oval-shaped, with a smooth feel. There is more to know about purslane than its looks. Here are some of its noted medicinal purposes.

Healthy Heart

Purslane is a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids. Believe it or not, some plants have levels higher than fish oils. Consider adding purslane to your soups and salads. Doing so helps to reduce cardiovascular disease.

Skin Conditions

You can create purslane infused oil to create ointments and salves, perfect for skin conditions. Purslane is a source of vitamin A, ideal for improving the condition of your skin. Purslane lotion can be used to create a healthy appearance, reduce wrinkles and help to remove scars and blemishes.

On top of skin conditions, you can use purslane to reduce the inflammation from bee stings and snake bites. Remember to seek a medical professional if you experience a snake bite! After seeking help, purslane can reduce the swelling around the bite.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Traditional Chinese medicine used purslane to treat gastrointestinal diseases. Herbalists use it to treat diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids and dysentery. It might seem like a strange choice, especially if you mention it to your conventional doctor. However, many people swear by its uses.

How could you use it for gastrointestinal issues? You might create an herbal tea from its leaves, fresh or dried. You could try adding fresh leaves to chicken broth. If you have hemorrhoids, creating a salve from purslane can reduce the swelling and discomfort.

Blood Clotting

Purslane is rich in vitamin K, essential for blood clotting. By consuming purslane or taking tinctures, you increase the amount of vitamin K in your body. Increasing the amount of this vitamin in your system may also reduce the risk of colon, prostate, stomach and oral cancers!

Improve Circulation throughout Body

The iron and copper in purslane stimulate the production of red blood cells. The more red blood cells in your body, the better the blood circulates in your body. Improved circulation helps to ensure all parts of your body receives adequate oxygen levels.

You might notice that your hair grows faster with improved circulation. It also improves your overall metabolism.

Side Note to Remember

It is important to note that purslane contains oxalic acid, which is associated with the formation of kidney stones. If you have a history of kidney stones, it might be a good idea to avoid consuming purslane on a regular basis.

If these warnings don’t apply to you, purslane is more than just a weed in your yard. It is an edible that increases your heart health and blood circulation. Don’t just pull it out or use weed killer on purslane. Add it to your soups, salads and create herbal remedies with it to tap into its many benefits.

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Is This Man’s Weird Breathing Technique The Key To Extreme Survival?

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Is This Man’s Breathing Technique The Key To Extreme Survival?

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Breath in deep. Now let the breath fall out. Again.

Complete this exercise 30 times and a growing number of people will tell you to expect everything from changing the chemistry of your body to being able to survive insanely dangerous temperatures. This trend was kicked off by an eccentric Dutchman named Wim Hof who has dazzled the world with an array of stunts. Hof has successfully survived extreme cold while setting world records for swimming under polar ice, staying submerged up to his neck in a tub of ice, and running a marathon above the Arctic circle wearing only gym shorts and sandals. Not only that, but Hof has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in the same scant attire, and even attempted to summit Mt. Everest as well. What’s more, he claims that by practicing his special breathing technique, you and I can achieve the same results.

The startling thing about Wim Hof is that he not only completes his cold weather challenges with ease, but he has been scientifically monitored in order to see just what is going on in his body. After being monitored in 2008 at the University of Minnesota Duluth by scientists who specialize in the effects of cold, they explained the results like this: “What you’re seeing basically is a situation in which the usual response to a shock or a cold was completely obliterated.”

Story continues below video

Other scientists who have measured Wim have recorded the same basic results. In fact, several recent studies have concluded the possibility he may be able to control his autonomic nervous system and the innate immune response. To the common person, this basically means he can regulate systems in the body generally believed to be out of our control. Not only that, but his method was tested on a group of people trained by him with similar results. He also claims to be able to consciously ward off illness by changing the chemistry of his body. All in all, Wim Hof may be easily scoffed at, but his track record while being observed by scientists cannot.

One other factor that plays a role in Wim Hof’s ability to withstand extreme cold may be increased levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT), otherwise known as brown fat. Brown fat is a fat found mostly in babies, and its purpose is to burn white fat in order to stay warm. Essentially, it generates heat in the body by burning white fat. Scientists once believed that once you grew past a certain age, you would lose your brown fat. However, now scientists realize that brown fat is found in adults, and adults with a lower body mass index (BMI) have more of it. What’s more is that Wim Hof has higher levels of brown fat than people half his age. Again, he credits this to breathing, meditation and the ability to control his mind.

What does all this mean? First off, you might be a little skeptical about Wim and his achievements. After all, there have been more than a few people in history who earned a reputation doing similar feats. However, this situation seems different because Hof is teaching people his method and they are completing similar feats. Also, it is being scientifically proven that his body is changing in order to better protect against the cold. Finally, this is unique in that it doesn’t cost any money to try.

Contrary to popular opinion, your biggest threats when out in the wilderness are not grizzly bears and mountain lions. In reality, you are most likely to perish from falling, drowning and hypothermia. If the Wim Hof method has validity, you may be able to better safeguard yourself against the latter while out in the woods. Adding an extra insurance policy against cold temperatures might be something worth looking into. Like anything, Wim Hof’s method may not work for you. Anyone interested in experimenting with this method would be wise to proceed in baby steps and test their body a little at a time. In the long run, it may be something that helps you stay better prepared for the outdoors.

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7 Common Household Items That Make For GREAT Garden Fertilizer

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7 Common Household Items That Make For GREAT Garden Fertilizer

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Self-sufficient gardeners avoid the use of pre-packaged fertilizers and soil from the store. While fertilizers are easy to use, off the grid living means a store isn’t always nearby, and you might not have the means to purchase the items. Chances are you have plenty of items in your house that can be used to fertilize your garden, saving you money and time. Let’s take a look!

1. Coffee grounds. Do you start the day with an overflowing cup of coffee? Those dried coffee grounds add nitrogen, potassium and magnesium to your garden, all vital nutrients for the growth of your plants. However, it is important to remember that coffee grounds can change the pH of your soil, possibly affecting plants that need a delicate balance.

2. Tea bags. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, tea bags have a very similar effect to the soil as coffee grounds. You have to remove the tea grounds from the bags and allow them to dry before application. Many gardeners notice tea grounds are particularly beneficial around tomatoes.

3. Egg shells. Your chickens can contribute to more than just breakfast. Egg shells are a fantastic calcium source. Remember, you can grind them up and mix into their feed if you notice the shells becoming soft.

After breakfast, wash out the shells and let them dry. Break the shells into smaller pieces and put them in the ground when planting tomatoes. You can also add them around the base of already planted tomatoes. Tomatoes require more calcium than other plants.

4. Fish scraps. Early Pilgrims had trouble growing crops when they arrived in North America, mostly because of nutrient-lacking soil. The Indians who came to their aid, including the famous Squanto, taught the Pilgrims a trick – burying fish with the seeds. You don’t need to plant multiple fish inside of your garden, but using the scraps can help.

If you have an aquarium, don’t dump the water down the drain. Use this water to hydrate your garden beds and potted plants. The fish waste provides vitamins to the plants without any extra steps for you! If you filet a fish, save the bones and scraps. Some gardeners like to puree them with water and milk, creating a strong fertilizing mixture. You could bury scraps as well,

5. Wood ash. Those who have a wood stove or fireplace have a free source of fertilizer, adding potassium and calcium carbonate to the soil. Remember never to use the ash if you added anything else! Ash is an easy way to increase your soil pH, so don’t use it if your soil is alkaline. Ash is also known for keeping slugs away from your plants.

6. Bananas. Do you have kids who eat bananas like candy? Your garden loves banana peels, as well! Putting them in your compost pile is a good first step. You can also put them right into your garden to give the soil a quick potassium boost. Peels degrade fairly quickly, and they don’t produce a nasty odor. A benefit of using banana peels is that they repel pests!

7. Powdered milk. Do you have powdered milk in your cabinet that is past expiration? Don’t throw it away! You can mix one part milk into four parts water. You can also use expired milk in your fridge. Milk is a fantastic source of calcium for more than just humans! It also contains proteins, vitamin B, and sugars that improve the overall health of the plant. Plants that are failing to grow to their full potential can benefit from a boost in calcium. Milk also helps with blossom end root, commonly ailing squash, tomatoes and pepper plants.

There are so many different household items that fertilize your garden. Instead of spending money at the store, raid your cabinets! Remember to put your vegetable and fruit scraps into the compost to save money and add nutrients to your garden.

What would you add to our list? Share your additions in the section below:

Picking The Perfect Shotgun: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know (But Didn’t Want To Ask)

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Picking The Perfect Shotgun: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know (But Didn’t Want To Ask)

Image source: DoD photo by Marvin D. Lynchard

The shotgun is one of the most capable firearms in the world. For hunting small game, to game birds, and even big game, a shotgun will do the job. For home defense, the shotgun is more than capable and intimidating. Want a survival gun? The shotgun can cover it all in the most trying conditions.

The choices of action types, gauges, barrel lengths and stock configurations are an added incentive for owning a shotgun. Choose pump action, semi-auto, single or double barrel, or even lever action. The 12 gauge is the most common today, with the 20 gauge being a close second. There are others; the ole 16 gauge seems to have lost its popularity. Another, the 28 gauge, is primarily used by upland game bird hunters. The 10 gauge is a rarity in today’s times. Then there is the 410 which is correctly designated as .410 bore (slug diameter of the .410) rather than gauge.

Of the above gauges mentioned, 10ga is the largest, then 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 in descending order based on the amount of shot or the weight of an individual slug (projectile) the hull/shell contains. On average, shell lengths are 2 ½ to 3 inches in length.

Your choice of action type will be driven by the intended use of the shotgun, whether it’s hunting, trap or skeet competition, as a home defense tool, or your young child’s first gun. Let’s first take a look at shotgun action types found on the market today.

Single Shot

Generally this action is a hinged, break-open type that employs a lever to open the action. It is designed to load one round and then unload the spent hull before reloading another live round. Companies such as Harrington and Richardson, Iver Johnson, and Chiappa are but a few that produce a single shot break open shotgun.

Lever Action

Lever-action shotguns are mostly out of the picture today, but do have their following. They operate similar to a lever-action rifle such as the classic Winchester 30-30. Every pull of the lever down and up unloads and reloads the chamber. Henry and Chiappa are the mainstays of producing these guns.

Bolt Action

For the most part, bolt-action shotguns have become obsolete and are no longer produced. You may find one around from days gone by that was marketed by Sears, Westernfield, Stevens or Mossberg. While they may hold some nostalgic interest, there are too many other shotgun action types that are more practical.

Double Barrel (side by side or over and under)

Double barreled shotguns are loaded in a similar fashion as the single shot break opens via a hinged connection between the barrels/forend and the action itself. The double comes in both a side by side, where the barrels are left and right of each other, and the over and under, wherein the name denotes one barrel being directly above the other.

Many classic names are associated with this category, such as Parker, Winchester, Browning, Ruger and others. While these guns are most often considered for competitive or sporting purposes, there are applications and models that lend themselves to home defense as well. Some of the short-barreled side by sides are a good example, like the Cimarron model 1878 coach gun.

Pump Action

Probably the most widely used and popular action type today, the pump action has been around for decades. The pump action is just that: by pumping the forend back toward the receiver, you cycle the action. This motion extracts a fired round and reloads another in the blink of an eye. This style of shotgun is very popular with hunters and has been used extensively in police and military applications. Remington model 870 and the Mossberg model 500 are two of the most widely recognized and used pump actions today.

Semi Auto

Gaining much interest and use in the last several years is the semi-auto. Not unlike a pistol or carbine, the semi-auto shotgun fires, extracts and reloads a new round with every press of the trigger. Semi-auto shotguns are heavily used in many venues including hunting, sport competition, and law enforcement. Remington, Benelli, Saiga and Browning are just a few companies that offer semi-auto shotguns.

What Gauge Fits Your Needs?

Let’s stick with easily available shotgun gauges and ammunition for them. Yes, you can still get 10 and 16 gauge via online ammunition warehouses … but you generally cannot walk into a Walmart or other local retailer and easily find these gauges. And I won’t even get into European shotguns like the 24 and 32 gauge.

12 Gauge

It’s the most common and everyday available gauge, although the 20 is a close second. Having been around since at least the 1870s, it is still the everyday staple around the farm, ranch and for law enforcement and military use. I have personally taken plains game in Africa with 12-gauge slug and buckshot. The most common configuration includes 2 ¾ to 3 inch shells holding anywhere from 1 to 1¾ oz of shot. Buckshot and slugs are also readily available in the 12 gauge.

20 Gauge

A mainstay in the shotgun world for decades, the 20 gauge is still going strong today and may have even outpaced the larger 12 gauge for certain applications. It is a popular hunting choice and offers a wide variety of shot options to include buckshot and slug offerings. The most common loads for 20 gauge are 7/8 oz to 1 ½ oz of shot.

28 Gauge

Most often associated with upland game bird hunting, the 28 gauge has also been around for decades but in my experience is probably one of the least used gauges today as compared to the 12 and 20. Shot shells in this gauge are most common in ¾ oz of shot. When I hear 28 gauge, I visualize walking behind a fine bird dog and taking shots at bobwhite quail or grouse.

.410 Bore

The .410 is in fact a shot shell, but as described earlier is designated by bore diameter rather than gauge. The diminutive .410 has been a farm, ranch and household favorite for years when it comes to dealing with pests. It’s often the first gun (aside from the 22 rimfire) many kids are introduced to. In .410 ½ oz to  11/16 oz of shot are common. Today, there are revolver offerings such as the Taurus Judge and Smith & Wesson Governor that utilize the 410 as a defensive round. There are several derringer offerings in .410, as well; Bond Arms Derringers is a popular example.

All of the above shotgun ammunition can also be found in various types of buckshot, slug and defensive round offerings.

No gauge discussion is complete without the 10 and 16. Both are a decades-old staple in many parts of the country and are in fact still used today. My intent is not to minimize these two, but rather point out that these gauges aren’t commonly found at your local sporting goods dealer on a daily basis, much less the ammo … but they are available.

Defensive Use

Everyone has their own idea as to what works best for them in a self-defense shotgun. Because I carried and used one extensively during my career in law enforcement and for more years than I care to remember in the field hunting, the pump action in 12 gauge has to be my top pick. A primary reason for me is the pump action is fairly simple and rugged, making it generally reliable and easy to use. As I mentioned earlier, 12 gauge ammunition is the most readily available of all the gauges listed.

As to the shotgun make and model, I like and have used extensively over the years, the Remington Model 870, Mossberg 500, Winchester Defender and Ithaca Model 37. There have been others and several variations of these, but this list comprises most. Overall, I have utilized the Remington 870 more than any other to include extensive application in the law enforcement world.

If you are considering a shotgun for exclusive home defense, the simplicity of a side-by-side double-barrel may also be worth a look. Cimarron, CZ, and Stoeger all make a version of the short barreled “coach gun,” that can be ideal for quick home defense. And, there’s the added charm of owning a model whose very type is named after its historical use as a security tool for overland horse-and-wagon travel.

Also readily on the market today are pistol grip style shotguns. Here I’m speaking of a hand grip only, with no shoulder stock. The new Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington Tac-14 both come in a 14-inch barrel and are considered shotgun pistols therefore sidestepping NFA (National Firearms Act) requirements. The Mossberg 500 series also has a true pistol grip shotgun, offered in both 12 and 20 gauges.

As you might imagine, there are a myriad of other add-ons for a shotgun, like ammo carriers, a variety of sights, lasers, slings, and probably even a can opener if you look hard enough! My philosophy is to keep it simple and usable based on your needs. I like a ghost ring sight or just a plain old front sight bead, even for a defensive shotgun. However, there is a following for the use of red dot style sights for defensive shotguns. Red dots have gained much popularity in both the carbine and handgun world, why not shotgun — if it fits your needs. I also like a simple sling and ammo carrier on the buttstock or the receiver. Essentially, that is as far as I would go for add-ons.

In today’s world of short-barreled rifles and high capacity magazines, the shotgun is often overlooked. Its diversity of uses make it a top contender for a must-have and it would certainly be in my personal “if I could only have three guns” list. Even many police agencies have eliminated it from their armory — a mistake, in my estimation.  Don’t have a shotgun? You should!

What is your favorite shotgun? Share your thoughts in the section below:



New World Disorder

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Bob Griswold from joins me today. We talk about the continued war between President Trump and the deep state as well as the satanic agenda of communism which has infiltrated our media, education system and even our churches.


Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt is now available as a complete box set for Kindle and Audio!

Danny and Alisa’s lives are turned upside down when Danny begins having prophetic dreams about the judgment coming upon America. Through one of Danny’s dreams, they learn about the imminent threat of an EMP attack which will wipe out America’s electric grid, sending the country into a technological dark age. If they want to live through the most catastrophic period in American history, Danny and Alisa will have to race against time to get prepared, before the lights go out.


Trading Post in the Woods is ran by veteran crisis responders who know how important it is to be prepared. They specialize in comprehensive natural survival remedy kits, preparedness and homesteading supplies as well as skills training. Visit them online today at

Ready Made Resources is a trusted name in the prepper community, because they’ve been around for 18 years. They offer great prices on Night Vision, water filtration, long term storage food, solar energy components and provide free technical service. Get ready for an uncertain future at!

Fish_300x250_A has all of your preparedness needs including; bug out bags, long term food storage, water filters, gas masks, and first aid kits. Use coupon code PREPPERRECON to get 5% off your entire order at Camping Survival.

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When Does Agenda Driven News Become Treason, and Not Expressing An Opinion / Free Speech

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stock here: I see to be the first one to state what should be obvious.

Now many recognize that most of America’s “news agencies” are owned by an unbroken tribe which has an agenda that is primarily anti-American. 

But few have called this out as an issue that needs to be dealt with at the same time as discussing the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech).  And the risk of this, is that the Second Amendment could also be called into question.

But we need to recognize the tribe owned Media which is blatantly promoting their agenda.   The video below should be obvious that an “agenda” is being pushed.

As BI notes, these are all owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which over the last few days has seemingly required dozens of new anchors on its roughly 200 local TV stations in the US to read the dark message about “members of the media [who] use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’,” concluding that “This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.”

At the other end of the spctrum is Q Anon

Gun Safes: An Essential Part of Owning a Firearm

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What came first the Gun or the Safe? Might seem like a silly question but let me rephrase it. What SHOULD come first the Gun or the Safe? How many people in American own firearms and do not have proper safe to store them in? I don’t know the answer to that question but I …

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Survival Tips for Before SHTF!

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When do you plan on learning your survival skills. When are you going to take the time to truly sit down and prepare. Is there a chance to prepare yourself? Will there be a chance to prepare yourself after the collapse? We all know the answer to that question. The trouble here is that we …

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Lowering the Voting Age to 16, Goodbye USA

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If this becomes law, the Republican Party is Dead Forever! The Democrats will control the House and Senate along with the Presidency and State Governments! Allowing the voting age to change to 16 will give that right to over 12,000,000 new potential Democrat voters. This will assure the Left that the USA will become a Socialist Country (their goal) and in a few years after, a Dictatorship. Sixteen year olds using their propaganda saturated brains, will in short order become their own victims and the biggest losers. Who are some of the powerful groups driving this?

The Barack Obama’s organization: Called, “Organizing for Action” (OFA) is 30,000+ strong and working to disrupt everything that our current president’s administration is trying to do.

The George Soros organization: His “Open Society Foundations” is among the left-wing philanthropies backing “FairVote”, which has pushed to allow 17-year-olds who will turn 18 before the general election to vote in presidential primaries and caucuses, a policy now on the books in 21 states and the District of Columbia.


Source count:

Barack Obama’s organization called, “Organizing for Action” (OFA)

Billionaire George Soros fuels Democrats’ push to lower voting age to 17

Source: The Washington Times

Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization

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You may not even be aware of this but your kids could be participating in a nationwide protest. All over the nation on March the 14th kids will be marched out of their schools at various times to protest gun violence. Most parents have not been alerted and worst of all, many schools are giving …

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Important Survival Preparedness Books To Have On Your Bookshelf

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I want your opinion too, but I felt compelled to list what I believe to be some of the most important preparedness books to have on your bookshelf. Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing quite like a real tangible book. I’ve tried the Kindle thing a few times but I still like holding and reading a physical book. Sure, a Kindle will hold a zillion electronic books and is convenient that way. There are times though when it may be simpler, quicker, or more helpful to find what you’re looking for in a real hard copy reference book. Some

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Important Survival Preparedness Books To Have On Your Bookshelf

I want your opinion too, but I felt compelled to list what I believe to be some of the most important preparedness books to have on your bookshelf. Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing quite like a real tangible book. I’ve tried the Kindle thing a few times but I still like holding and reading a physical book. Sure, a Kindle will hold a zillion electronic books and is convenient that way. There are times though when it may be simpler, quicker, or more helpful to find what you’re looking for in a real hard copy reference book. Some

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So two people figured that they mad maxed out their preparedness level, according to the last poll I posted. Interesting. The majority of respondents put themselves at a very middle-of-the-road five. A couple people threw in a zero. As I said, I figure I’m about a seven.

It’s a little misleading though…we don’t have a standardized benchmark for what constitutes readiness. You may think a years worth of food is your goal, and someone elses goal would be six months.’s not a competition..the only person whose opinion really matters on this sort of thing is your own. I suspect the perfect level of preparedness is like achieving the speed of light – you can get to 99.999999999999% there but you’ll never get to that 100%.

Biggest bottlenecks? Again, it differs from person to person. My experience in talking with other survivalists is that there are really usually only three things that hold them back:

  • Money
  • Family
  • Job

Money is the one that holds me back. If I could shake loose an extra couple thousand bucks a month I’d get a lot of stuff crossed of my list. But…it’s hard to make that kinda money out here in the flyover states. I already exists on a pretty tight budget, and while my income is definitely going up it’s still well below the national average.

Many, many people I talk to say that their big bottleneck is family. Why are you still living in San Francisco, I ask? “Oh, I want to move to Wyoming but my wife doesn’t want to leave because the grandkids are here”….I’ve heard that one a bunch. Or they feel they have to be near an elderly relative. Or the kids are in school for another X amount of years. So, they do the best they can where they are.

Finally, the job angle. This is the same as the family angle except the focus is the career rather than the family. It’s hard to walk away from being a gas/oil lease attorney in Houston making a zillion bucks a year and become a small-town lawyer in Thermopolis or Pahrump.

On the other hand, I have met survivalists who conquered this sort of thing in the simplest and most arduous way possible – they took a deep breath and jumped into a 3-5 year plan of working their asses of in big city like Chicago, LA, or New York, saved every dime they could, put together a nest egg that would let them live elsewhere, and then took the money and ran.

He’s dead now, so I can talk about him….I used to know a machinist down the valley here. He came out in the 70’s fell in love with Montana and knew this was his future. He went back to his aerospace job in California and worked like a dog for four years until he had enough money to bail. He came out here, bought about 60 or so acres, built his house and machine shop, and moved out here for good. He brought enough money from his California indenture to pay for the land up front, build his place, set it up, and have some money in the bank to cover him while he got his new machining gig set up. Being a gunnie at heart, he wound up selling a chunk of the property to the local shooting range. guys who go shooting in Hamilton at the Whittecar range, your local friendly neighborhood survivalist sold ’em that property.

Much more rarely I’ll meet people who simply had some sort of moment where they just packed it up and moved with a lot less planning than that. Someone has a really bad day at the cube farm, gets stuck in traffic on the way home, comes home to find neighborhoodlums on the lawn, gets woken up by sirens and urban noise, and says “Screw this, lets sell this place and move to Idaho”. Which, actually, often works better than you think since the house you sell in LA or Sacramento will fetch enough to buy you the same size house out here for about 1/2 the money….leaving you the other half to stake yourself.

As I said, my bottleneck is cash. But, Im lucky in that money is not finite. You can always get or make more. It’s time that becomes scarce. My math says I’ve only got maybe ten or fifteen productive years in front of me, so it’s balls to the wall in terms of trying to get money put away and stuff acquired.

What bout you, man? What’s keeping you from pegging the needle on the HowPreppedAmI-o-meter?



The APN forum is down until further notice

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I apologize to the members of our community that the APN forum is currently down until further notice. Due to both the outdated forum database and server we still have been unable to implement much needed updates to keep the forum secure and stable. Please be patient while we work to resolve the issues. We […]

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Preparing for 2020: Man VS Machines

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What are the people going to do when machines start taking over large chunks of our lives? What happens when people start losing jobs to machines? Kiosks at McDonalds and other restaurants are just a piece of the future rearing its head. At this juncture we need people to teach us how to use the …

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Wilderness Guide

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The National Outdoor Leadership School’s “Wilderness Guide” is a wonderful book to add to your backcountry library.

“The classic backpackers handbook – revised and updated with information anon new equipment and techniques-providing expert guidelines for backpackers, hikers, campers- anyone who loves the outdoors.”

Author Mark Harvey is a NOLS instructor and  freelance writer.

This book is an excellent first step in the planning process for backcountry  travel.

Available at Amazon.

Spring Planted Bulbs – 2 Great Choices For Gorgeous Summer Color

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When it comes to providing a huge splash of summertime color to flowerbeds and landscapes, spring planted bulbs are the answer! Not only are they big on color, they are easy on long-term care. Spring planted bulbs require very little

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Life Is In The Blood!

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     Blood is a very important topic in the Bible. From the moment sin entered into the Garden, blood was shed to cover the effects of separation from God. YHWH took the skins of animals that He sacrificed in order to cover the nakedness that Adam and Eve experienced because of the shame and guilt caused by their sin of disobedience. In this sovereign act, God established the principle of blood sacrifice to atone [pay] for sin. One life had to be sacrificed to save another.
     And the Bible makes it clear that in regard to the life of all flesh, its blood is [the same] as its life” (Leviticus 17:14). Furthermore, as part of the Law God established through His covenant with Moses, He stated, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement, by reason of the life [which it represents]” (Leviticus 17:11). This principle is further upheld in Hebrews 9:22, which states “under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”. 
     By now, it should be clear that God required a blood sacrifice in return for the forgiveness of sin. Blood as the means of atonement for sin is then firmly established in the Mosaic Law. Once a year, the priest was to make an offering of the blood of animals on the altar of the temple for the sins of the people. But this was a blood offering that was limited in its effectiveness, which is why it had to be offered again and again. Plus, it was temporary until God could carry out His ultimate plan for the redemption of mankind. These animal sacrifices were a foreshadowing of the “once for all” sacrifice which Jesus offered on the cross. Once that sacrifice was made, there was no longer a need for the blood of bulls and goats. 

     When Jesus shed His blood on the Cross, He did away with the Old Covenant requirement for the continual sacrifices of animals. Their blood was simply not adequate to cover the sins of the people, except on a temporary basis, because sin against a Holy and Everlasting God requires a Holy and Everlasting sacrifice. The yearly sacrifices by the Priests of Israel served as a “reminder” of the nation’s sins and their need for forgiveness, but they did not remove the sin, nor the consequences of the sin. The precious Blood of Christ removes our sin from before God forever, and once and for all, so that there is no more payment due from us. 
     Christ’s willing sacrifice of Himself for us paid the price required by a Holy God, and gave us eternal redemption. We are not only forgiven of our sins, but we are free from the captivity [and bondage] that sin held us in.  We say that we are “washed by His Blood”, meaning that we have been cleansed of our sinful nature, having received a new nature that is as pure as His. We can say we are “covered by His Blood” because we know that the shedding of Jesus’s blood on the Cross protects us from the death penalty that our sins deserve. In point of fact, Jesus has us “covered”. These are the results [or fruits] of accepting Jesus’s substitutionary sacrifice on our behalf.
     But there is more! Not only does the Bible tell us that the Blood of Christ redeems us [we are free from blame]; it also atones for us [our debts were paid]; justifies us [declares us righteous in the sight of God]; and sanctifies us [sets us apart unto Him]. But Jesus’s Blood also purifies our conscience from dead works to serve the living God! Remember the shame and guilt that Adam and Eve experienced after they willingly disobeyed God in the Garden? The Blood of Christ takes away the spirits of shame and guilt that plague our consciences from past sin, and cleanses our minds so that those memories can no longer condemn us. We are able to experience renewed minds that think thoughts that are in alignment with God’s will on earth, and which serve His purposes.
     Furthermore, we are conquerors against the Accuser because we can trust in Jesus’s righteousness that His Blood has afforded us. We know that we don’t have to rest on the merits of our own deeds, and that it is the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony that will clear us of any charges the Enemy brings against us. Ponder upon these words by Charles Spurgeon, and the glorious benefits of our Savior’s Blood: I know what the devil will say to you.  He will say to you, ‘You are a sinner!’ Tell him you know you are, but that for all that, you are justified.  He will tell you of the greatness of your sin.  Tell him of the greatness of Christ’s righteousness [which covers your sin].  He will tell you of all your mishaps and your backslidings, of your offenses and your wanderings.  Tell him, and tell your own conscience, that you know all that, but that Jesus Christ came to save sinners, and that, although your sin be great, Christ is quite able to put it all away. And it was all accomplished by His selfless act of shedding His blood!
    So, I hope in this season of Passover and Easter, you are able to contemplate upon the momentous power and significance of the Cross and the Blood. We should never take them for granted, or lose sight of what they cost our Lord. In this day of Bible apps and “pre-packaged” Sermons, why not spend some time and take note of all that God has to say about these important issues. After all, Christ suffered greatly for us and we received immeasurable benefits from His agony. I, for one, want to honor all that He has done for me and all mankind. Happy Passover and a Blessed Easter!

Ephesians 1:7    Since we are now joined to Christ, we have been given the treasures of redemption by His blood—the total cancellation of our sins—all because of the cascading riches of His grace”.

Homemade Hair and Body Care

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There is a massive industry that is attacking the confidence of men and women everywhere. They may be about the sneakiest industry there is. You probably know them as beauty care. Of course, you have things all over your home that come from this industry. They exist only because you don’t have the self confidence …

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30 yr old able bodied, former military, in good financial shape, wanting community near Raleigh or Northwestern SC

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I’ve been wanting to live off grid, do permaculture, and live very simply for a long time. I do not want to do it alone however. I live and work in Raleigh NC, although I am able to work remotely too. I’d like to live off grid with another person or folks not too far from Raleigh NC, or in South Carolina near the Greer/Greenville/Spartanburg area. I’m also open to Asheville, NC and the surrounding area too potentially. Other locations outside of these areas would require a lot of thought on my part for a variety of reasons.

I’m very accepting of all people no matter your sexuality, gender or gender identity, race, religious or political beliefs. I’m all about community as well, as long as people give back in return and are responsible and live within the boundaries of the law. I’m a Catholic Christian and fairly liberal in my political outlook, but I’m no extremist and I’m also a former soldier too. In general, I’m a pretty complex person yet easy to get along with.

I’d love to meet others who are interested in living in a similar way, or to help people who are currently living this way, and learn skills from you as well in return!

I’d also be fine with potentially moving in or around Asheville, NC but that would take some preparation on my part that could take a few months for me to move.

The only major reasons why I haven’t done this on my own so far is because of the following:

– I want to make sure I can support myself financially (either through my savings or through doing work I enjoy that I could do for a long time to come while living off the grid) for the rest of my life. I have enough to where I think I would probably be fine, but I would probably still want to augment what I have through work I enjoy that I do throughout the year. What that would be I have no idea, but maybe something connected to permaculture or something like that. 

– I do not want to do this alone. I strongly believe in the importance of community and having other like minded people involved together. I’m pretty extroverted and I enjoy the company of others. I couldn’t imagine doing this alone, and if I ever got to be very old, I’d be concerned for my safety too. Having a community that we can all turn to and depend on and give back to is pretty important to me.

– I would prefer that I wasn’t too far from my parents (who live in Greenville, SC). So that I can visit them from time to time and spend time with them as necessary, especially as they get older. I know I won’t have them with me forever, so this is pretty important to me. I’m not saying I won’t consider moving to the other end of the country, but I would have to really think about that hard before I said yes.

Anyways if you’ve made it this far you should probably at least e-mail me and say hello. My e-mail is I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂  My photo is pretty current (I have a mustache as of this writing though)


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Creating an Emergency Plan

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Creating an Emergency Plan
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

Dave comes back from his traveling shows to have a very special guest Guy Snodgrass on this show. Guy is an author, a publisher and a retired US Army Warrant Office with plenty of time in combat zones and Special Forces. One of Guy’s Prepper endeavors is help people with their emergency plans and evaluating what they have in place.

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