Crawfish Catch N Cook Survival -Hand Caught / Fire Grilled-

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Bob Hansler,
First collaboration with my daughter Bre as spring starts up. Apologies for the wind, Texas has been uncommonly windy this year and we are actively looking at camera equipment that has a shotgun mic with a wind screen. Looking at models and financing now, your advice would be helpful and appreciated.

The Gee’s trap extender featured at the end of this video is not commercially available. Bre and I plan on making a crawfish trapping vid in the coming weeks to show them off and see if there is any interest. If there are enough folks that want these, I’ll get in touch with the Tackle Factory to get production going. We’ll see.

Wooded Beardsman will be here in a few weeks, everything’s greening up and we’re filming every moment we can. Thank ya’ll for watching, special thanks to those who support this channel through Patreon, and…

Hand Fishing and Campfire Cooking Crawdads! A stream to fire experience with my daughter Bre and dog Huck. BUY TITAN SURVIVAL THROUGH THIS LINK: If you have the ability and desire to support this channel please visit the links below: Patreon: Paypal:

Until Next Time,
Bob Hansler

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