Car Maint. and trading with MOM

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Today was car Maintenance day. Nothing to big just topping off fluids, getting the Kia’s face washed and interior a basic cleaning.  I’m glad I did the checks as the anti-freeze was a bit low.  Now the radiator is all topped off for summer driving. I replaced a cheapo tire gauge that was reading tire pressure from 20-40 PSI which is not at all helpful when you are trying to get all tires filled to 35 PSI.  I picked up a new dial type gauge with a flexible hose and got all the tires to 35 PSI.  I knew one of the tires was low as the car was pulling the steering over but it was tough to localize with the gauge readings being so erratic. Turns out my rear driver’s side tire was low but now it has enough air.   Funny thing is the Kia seemed to enjoy the extra attention. She sounded better and her occasional hesitation was gone today. I could not afford a new air filter but I gave the old air filter a good blow out with the air compressor so that may give the Kia a bit more air for the combustion process. Next pay check the Kia will get a new air filter.

Mom needs to have a few yard power tools and I want to upgrade my tools so we are working a sort of trade. Mom will give me $40.00 for my older 18 volt B&D Weed eater (new spool), leaf blower, chainsaw (new chain) a cultivator plus at least 4 chargers and as many batteries. I will upgrade my B&D weed eater and leaf blower to the 20 volt batteries I’m getting on sale. I already have the B&D 20 volt chainsaw and an electric tiller for the garden.  That will give Mom most of the hand power tools she needs to take care of her yard for a couple of years. She can start adding more tools when she finds what she wants and pick the tools up on sale.  One thing we did not consider buying was water hoses for her new place. Luckily Home depot is having a sale starting the 3rd of May for a 100 ft. “contractors grade” hose on sale for $20.00 this week.  Trust me good water hoses are critical to have when you live in a desert.

Mom is doing clean up around her place besides just junk wood!  Gosh we have picked up so much broken glass and just general bits of trash. I got a magnetic pickup tool from Harbor freight for any nails or screws that be hiding in the pasture entrance.  We can’t afford to invest in a larger magnetic scoop, hopefully we will be able to pick up most metal bits that might cut tires or damage mower blades.

Brodie the peke did have a little seizure yesterday.  I was hoping that the “homemade dog food” would eliminate those seizures from happening to him.  While it did not eliminate the seizures, this was a very short one and his muscles did not contract as severely, nor did he lose complete control and just flop over.  It was more of a slow loss of muscle control and trembling.  Brodie also recovered much more quickly, up and bouncing around like nothing happened in about 5-10 minutes rather than being lethargic for a couple of hours or more.  As far as what the pups like for veggies, green beans are now getting ate up as quickly as the peas & carrots or broccoli.  Both brown rice and white rice is more popular than barley as a carbohydrate.  So far I have only used beef or chicken as the protein but pork is so lean now a days I made add that into the mix of meats.  I will be adding in some raw beef bones in a couple of weeks.  So the dogs get some natural calcium/minerals and have the bones clean to the teeth of the dogs.  Something I just realized is my pups don’t have such stinky “doggy breath” since I started giving them homemade dog food. Oh, it is not “minty fresh” but the doggy breathe is much more neutral in odor!  I have not been looking for it but I have not noticed the dogs eating grass or chewing on plants in the back yards as much.  I’ll need to watch the pups for them chewing on plant material.

Buying wood like a maniac this spring set back the getting the Kia mini-van set up for a trailer a couple of months.  I think by August I will have the trailer hitch installed and at least a small 4 ft. x 6 ft. trailer on the property.  I’d really prefer to wait and get a larger   4 ft. x 8 ft. trailer but while bigger is usually better, it is more expensive.

Conflicted: – Worth the Risk? – What Would You Do?

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Conflicted Survival Game:



Conflicted is a Survival Game.  Each card in the deck has a scenario that will stretch how you would respond in an SHTF situation.  What would you do?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


SCENARIO – Your scouts inform you about a small-time kidnaper who is holding people hostage and engaging in human trafficking.  The initial intel is that he has a force of 4 other men with him who are well armed and dozens of victims, most of them women and children.

It sounds like they would be an even match to your current survival group and your capabilities. As your group’s leader, would you waste supplies and risk the lives of your group members to rid the world of such characters or would you let them continue to prey upon the weak?


READ: Without this, All Your Preps and Training are for Naught During SHTF



Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Conflicted Survival Game Cards  – CLICK HERE.




Seven Acres and Independence

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By: Tom Chatham Any size homestead that fulfills your needs is a good size but here are some things to look at when designing one. Different people desire different things and that will determine how much land you need. I have determined that 7 acres is a good size small homestead that can provide all […]

Free PDF: EAA Firearm Manuals

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European American Armory Inc. is a Rockledge, Florida based firearms company which imports a number of different handguns, shotguns and rifles to the United States. EAA firearms is best known for importation of the Tanfoglio T95 as the “Witness” line of pistols. The Witness is a modified clone of the Czech CZ-75/CZ-85 pistol. I have 40 EAA Firearms Manuals to share with you today. EAA Bhbb EAA Bhsb EAA Biathlon EAA Brno98 EAA Bunda EAA Cm2Youth EAA Ea380 EAA Easa EAA Fab92 EAA Hw660 EAA Izh3Kh EAA Izh18 EAA Izh27 EAA Izh35M EAA Izh43 EAA Izh43K EAA Izh43Kh “EAA Izh46

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Book Review: Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

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The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is a great little guide to keep with your canning equipment. It makes a great gift for those new to food preservation and has lots of great (and easy) recipes for those getting started in canning. There really isn’t a lot to say about Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving, it is rather small, but packed with information, has good illustrations, and covers what you need to know to can foods in a safe manner. This book is what I used to get started canning, While I made some mistakes when I started

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Here’s a new blog you might be interested in checking out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Posted by Jesse James | Apr 30, 2018 | Jesse James      Partisan. The word conjures up images of blind politics, cheering for the red or blue team and a decidedly shallow level of critical thinking. The historical meaning relates more to a group of light troops, particularly those […]

Top 8 Most Overlooked Survival Items To Stockpile

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Whenever survival comes to mind, there are always specific items that we think of first. Food such as beans and rice, clean drinking water, firearms and ammunition, medical kits, and gasoline probably come to mind.

That being said, there are also many more essential items to store as well but that don’t receive nearly as much attention in survival items as they should, or at least not as much attention as the items listed above.

Here are the top eight most overlooked survival items to stockpile:


Without a shadow of a doubt, baking soda is easily the most versatile cleaning and personal hygiene agent on the planet. It’s also incredibly cheap and easy to store, and as a result, you would think that it would receive just as much attention as items such as food, water, and ammunition in survival circles. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t.

With baking soda, you can make toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, dish washing soap, and floor cleaner to name a few. It will prove itself as one of the most useful products you can own not only in a survival situation but your everyday life as well, so be sure not to overlook it as part of your disaster preparedness plans.


Have you ever thought about what your clothes are going to go through in a survival situation? You’re going to be gardening, foraging, fishing, hunting, making repairs on vehicles, tending to your home or homestead, chopping firewood, completing chores around the house, building fires, sleeping outside, being out in the rain, and so on. And to top things off, your dryer and washing machine may not be working either.

The point is that your clothes are going to be sustaining much more abuse than they usually do, and you’re not going to be able to clean or tend to them like you usually would. Even if you have decent sewing skills, it doesn’t mean that you should be buying and storing more clothes (of varying types) for disaster preparedness.


Dental floss is one of those everyday items that can be used for virtually anything. Well, not anything, but you get the point. It can be used for a lot of applications, but despite this, it is rarely recommended as an essential survival item to store.

You can use dental floss for the following purposes: cord (wrap multiple strands together to make it stronger), shelter building, clothesline, fishing line, snares, makeshift shoelaces, clothing repairs, and tripwire to name a few. Never underestimate what dental floss can do for you.


Another everyday item that can be used for a great multitude of purposes in a survival situation is duct tape. We use duct tape a lot in our day-to-day lives anyway, so why wouldn’t you use it equally as much if not more so during a survival or disaster scenario?

The beauty of duct tape is that it can repair virtually anything, ranging from shelters to clothes to vehicles and even to our homes (or parts of our homes). It’s an excellent survival item to have and one that deserves more attention.


Power generators and vehicles of all types (cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, etc.) need engine oil to run, right? Since you never know how long a disaster, you’ll be much better off having more than just one or two bottles sitting in your garage.

While many preppers are incredibly conscientious about how much gasoline they store, they seem to pay far less attention to engine oil. But the truth is that you need to have engine oil set aside for each vehicle you use, and you need to give it just as much priority as you would gas or diesel.


Let’s put it this way: you’ll never truly realize how useful garbage bags are in a survival situation until you use them. Beyond their intended purposes of storing and throwing away trash, you can also use garbage bags for a makeshift toilet, for a shower, for a bandage, a blanket, a poncho, for catching rain, for a signaling device, for a temporary shelter, for bedding, for patching leaks in a building…the list goes on.


Why do you need a map when you have a perfectly good GPS or two in your possession?  A traditional map seems outdated when we have navigational devices such as a GPS or our phone.

Nonetheless, disregarding maps is a huge error. Both a GPS and a phone are dependent on batteries to run (which you could run out of), and in the event of an EMP attack, they won’t even work, to begin with. For this reason alone, you need to have high quality and detailed maps of both the United States and of your general area in your possession.


Finally, many preppers disregard toilet paper as part of their survival stockpile, figuring that they can get creative and use other items instead. But the truth is toilet paper will always be the more convenient and suitable option for its marketed purpose, and you don’t want to overlook it.

Ask anyone who’s been through a survival situation and toilet paper ranks high on the list!  You won’t regret having plenty of toilet paper!

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Ferro Rod – The Best Ones To Own For Wilderness Survival

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The Complete Ferro Rod Survival Guide

Ferro Rod Throwing Sparks

A spark is an insanely powerful thing to carry in your pocket.

For most of human history, starting a fire’s been an epic and ongoing survival challenge.

Fire was such a crucial resource in ancient times; travelers carried embers with them. It was far easier to start a new fire from a smoldering ember.

After all, using stones to knock out a spark to catch a bit of tinder is not easy. Nor is using sticks to pop an ember out of a plank of wood.

And besides, they never knew if there would be enough dry fuel or the right stones to make a spark at their next stop.

It was much safer to carry an ember along wherever they went.

So what do you think ancient people would have thought about a spark generating device? One that fits in a pocket and throws off sparks hot enough to melt steel?

A device that throws sparks with just the flick of a wrist, and even soaking wet?

I bet they would have killed others for such a powerful device!

That would have been life-changing tech, back then. And anyone with access to it would have felt like a survival wizard.

Today we have a variety of fire-starting tools:

But there is only one type of fire starter that works under almost any conditions. A device that can get a damp bundle of sticks burning like a grease soaked towel in seconds flat.

Ferro rods.

But what are they exactly? How do they generate fire? How does one use a Ferro rod? And what are the best Ferro rods to buy?

Those are precisely the questions this article aims to address. The ins, outs, ups, down and all the nitty-gritty details of Ferro rods:

  • What Is A Ferro Rod
  • Why Ferro Rods Are So Awesome
  • How To Use A Ferro Rod
  • Best Ferro Rods
  • How To Make A Ferro Rod
As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival, We’re Giving Away Our Ultimate List Of Survival Gear. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It.

uberleben ferro rod fire starter

What Is A Ferro Rod

To understand what a Ferro rod is, you need to understand what it is made of. So, allow me to introduce you to Ferrocerium.

Ferrocerium is sort of like flint – but it’s not like flint at all.

Chemically, ferrocerium, the metal used in Ferro rods, is entirely dissimilar to natural flint rock. But they do, the same thing: generate sparks.

The main feature of ferrocerium vs. flint is it produces sparks that burn at around 5500-degrees F!

And can even result in molten globs of metal from the steel striker.

You can strike it using all sorts of dense materials, such as:

  • glass shards
  • knife spines
  • or even flint

Whereas flint is stingy with giving up sparks without steel.

Ferro Rod

Ferro Rod / Striker / String

A typical survival Ferro rod consists of three components:

  1. The Ferro rod itself
  2. A striker
  3. A small length of string to bind them together

The Ferro rod was invented by the German scientist Carl Auer, around 1903. Since then Ferro rods have been widely adopted and used throughout the world.

They’ve been used in every modern war, and they’ve become embedded in survival culture.

Why? Because they are ideal for the outdoors as a staple survival tool in any scenario.

Ferro rods are a specific tool, with a specific purpose. However, they’re not like survival multi-tools that can function to serve a variety of purposes.

They do one thing, and do it damn well; they conjure fire.

Black Ferro Rod

Why Ferro Rods Are So Awesome

Let’s cover all the reasons why you should own and carry a Ferro rod.

Extremely Hot Sparks

As mentioned, when you strike a Ferro rod, you create a spark that burns upwards of 5000-degrees F.

At those temps, anything in its way is libel to melt or ignite without difficulty. They can even produce these hot sparks when they are soaking wet.

Making them a lot easier to use than the conventional steel-and-flint striker.

Size and Weight

Their size and weight play a lot into their usefulness.

Some Ferro rods are not much bigger than the size of a zipper. They are lightweight and fit comfortably into a pocket or compartment.

You can even attach one to a keychain, so you’ve always got a method for starting fires.

The bottom line is they are a useful tool for fire starting and a perfect addition to your:

Easy To Use

We touched on this earlier, but Ferro rods are dead simple to use.

Even without much practice, you can quickly figure out how to use a Ferro rod without a whole lot of guidance.

It’s a surefire way to bear flames even in the darkest, coldest circumstances.

It’s easy to take fire for granted in a world full of gas-powered stovetops, Bic lighters and blow torches.

Other Ferro Rod Uses

Ferro rods are useful for more than just starting fires.

Ferro rods also make decent signaling tools in the dark. The sparks they produce are so hot and so bright they are like a firecracker or a small flare.

So if you find yourself lost in the dark, and people are looking for you, use your Ferro rod as a backup signaling device. They can help people locate you in the dark.

The Ferro rod may be simple technology. But the purpose it serves is essential to civilization.

I can’t think of a single instance when it wouldn’t be useful to have a Ferro rod on hand.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival, We’re Giving Away Our Ultimate List Of Survival Gear. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It.

How to Use a Ferro Rod

The first order of business (as with any fire) is to get your tinder in order. Make sure you’ve got a small pile of little, dry twigs, bark, grass, or cotton.

Now situate your tinder, so there’s plenty of air underneath and throughout. That way when the sparks touch the tinder, there’s enough oxygen to produce a flame.

Once your tinder bundle is ready, hold the Ferro rod in one hand and the striker in the other.

Next, place the end of the Ferro rod right underneath (or against) your tinder pile. Angle the striker at 45-degrees and drag it forcefully, and quickly along the Ferro rod’s length.

Great, bright sparks will erupt from the friction between the two pieces of metal.

Direct the hot sparks straight into your tinder pile. The more sparks land within the tinder the hotter it will get, and the faster a flame will manifest.

When you notice smoke coming out of your tinder pile, STOP, bend over and blow gently into your tinder bundle.

The air from your lungs should nurture the spark burning within the tinder into a growing flame. Be careful not to blow too hard because you can accidentally blow out your hard earned flame!

Once the fire has a life of its own, start piling larger sticks and logs on top until you have a roaring bonfire.

Best Ferro Rods

These days, no matter the survival gadget you’re researching, the choices are overwhelming. There are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of producers. All claiming to be the “best” option for you.

It can be almost impossible to cut through the noise.

Which ones are good? And which ones are trash? Which ones are too much and which are just right?

That’s why I’ve included a list of highest rated, most widely acclaimed list of Ferro rods. That way you don’t have to sift through the ocean of cheap, crappy Ferro rods that exist.

Survival Frog FireLaces

Let’s start off with the easiest, most convenient way to carry around a Ferro Rod (4 Ferro rods to be exact!).

Why not upgrade your current hiking boot laces with ones that have Ferro rods built into the tips? It’s a smart way to make a significant survival upgrade.

Our managing editor “Just In Case” Jack – made the switch by adding a set of FireLaces to his wife’s hiking boots. Then he uses them to get a fire going in his office!

You can check it out in the video below.

Bonus Offer: At the time we published this article, you could pick up a set of Survival Frog FireLaces for FREE (only $3.95 s/h). Click here to see if this amazing deal is still available!

Schrade SCHFS1 4in Ferro Rod Fire Striker for Outdoor Survival Camping

The Schrade SCHFS1 Ferro Rod comes in at only 4 inches long and only 1.1 ounces.

It’s the perfect example of practical simplicity.

It includes the Ferro rod and a striker connected by a simple black lanyard.

Schrade uses only the highest quality materials, so this Ferro rod will perform when it needs to.

Check Out Today’s Price

überleben Zünden Thick Bushcraft Fire Steel with Wood Handle

Consider the überleben Zünder the luxury edition Ferro rod.

It includes a wooden handle and a high-quality Ferro rod. This survival rod is advertised as having between 12,000-20,000 strikes.

That’s 12,000-20,000 times this small piece of survival equipment can save your life.

The striker on this Ferro rod even comes with a built-in can/bottle opener. It’s also embossed with a 50mm measuring stick.

Check Out Today’s Price

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle

Simple, and versatile, the Light My Fire Ferro rod is several tools built into one. Sor of like a firestarter multitool.

The grips on this Ferro rod are made of high durability plastic, and the rod is good for around 12,000 strikes.

Plus the striker can doubles as an emergency whistle as well. So, if you are stuck in a tight spot, you can always use your fire starter to call out for help.

Check Out Today’s Price

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter Survival Pack

This Swiss Safe survival package includes a whole host of useful items; including two Ferro rods.

Each Ferro rod acting as a multi-tool with a whistle and a compass on top of being a fire starting tool.

One of the best parts about this item is its money back guarantee.

So if you’re not satisfied with your Fire Starter Survival Pack; return it for a full refund.

Check Out Today’s Price

Bayite Survival Ferrocerium Drilled Flint Fire Starter Ferro Rod Kit

This option is a very basic, but its a proven highly durable, highly rated Ferro rod.

The rod itself is connected to the striker by a braided length of paracord.

This comes out to 9 ft worth of cordage.

Paracord you can unravel and use for hundreds of survival purposes. Making this a great option for your survival kits.

Check Out Today’s Price

HOODDEAL 10PCS  Pure Magnesium Ferrocerium Fire Starter

If you end up using your Ferro rod thousands of times, eventually you’ll wear it down to a nub of its former self. That’s when it’s time to invest in a new rod.

Luckily, you do not have to buy a new Ferro rod setup every time you wear through one.

You can buy these replacement rods and use them to refresh your trusty Ferro rod set up time and again.

Check Out Today’s Price

Making Your Own Ferro Rod Multi-Tool

For those creative souls out there, who want to take Ferro rods into their own hands, I have good news.

Homemade Ferro rods can often function better than those commercially available.

Because you can add whatever you want to it:

  • Add a compass to your Ferro rod setup? Sure.
  • Stick on a little ruler on it? You bet.
  • Add a bundle of fishing supplies? Why not!
  • Attach it to a knife or a walking staff? Cool.
  • Tie on a container full of cotton tinder? Smart.
  • Attach a flashlight, a signal mirror, a small folding knife or whatever else you might think of? Hell yes!

Making your own Ferro rod set up offers a chance to customize and personalize your survival gear.

First, buy yourself a plain, Ferro rod (like those in the HOODDEAL Ferrocerium Rod pack). Then make your own Ferro rod handle.

Then braid a length of paracord to use to attach the striker to the rod.

Finally, attach the striker and other tools you want, seal it off and pack it away with the rest of your survival gear.

Homemade Ferro rods also make great gifts for friends and family.

Few things say “I love you” like a tool that can help someone survive a shit storm!

The Final Word

A fire has not always been such an accessible resource to come by.

Ferro rods offer survivalists a confident way to start a fire. They generate sparks hot enough to melt steel.

They are good for tens of thousands of strikes. And they’re lightweight, packable, and some of them act as multi-tools.

So keep a Ferro rod in your bug out bag, with your camping gear and survival gear to boost your survival chances.

Granting you the ability to start a fire wherever, whenever, no matter if it is soaking wet and miserable out.

Plus it has near-mystical power. The ability to conjure flames with a rod is one that our ancestors would have been utterly blown away by.

Ferro rods are just freaking useful. And once you start using one, you won’t understand how you ever felt confident without one.

Will Brendza

P.s. Do you know where the closest nuclear bunker is from your home?

There are a lot of natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free. And one of them is near your home.

Click on the image above to find out where you need to take shelter.

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Best Roach Killer: The Complete Guide To Eliminating Cockroaches

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The post Best Roach Killer: The Complete Guide To Eliminating Cockroaches is by Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

What is the best roach killer on the market? We’re going to take on that question today, and I know it’s a difficult one! Nobody wants to discover cockroaches have infested their home. They’re everywhere in the urban sprawl. Garages, pantries, cupboards, behind kitchen equipment… nowhere is safe. And they’re disgusting. Whether you use the … Read more

The post Best Roach Killer: The Complete Guide To Eliminating Cockroaches is by Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

Shelter, Fire, Water and the Survival Gear that Makes the Difference

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If you find yourself in a survival scenario there are three things that you need to concern yourself with immediately. This scenario could be the realization that you are lost in the woods, it could be an urban survival situation or even recovery from a serious natural disaster. The beauty of survival is that these […]

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Compass skills: How to work with degrees true

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Sometimes a task or survival skill, when viewed in its entirety, seems to be overwhelming (Such as where do you start to learn land navigation?) The best way tackle learning such a skill is to break things down into smaller “baby steps.” This week, land navigation expert Blake Miller explains how to make sense out of true north on your topographical map.

Free Home Medicine Summit Online Presentations

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Registration is open and FREE tickets are now availablefor Marjory Wildcraft’s:
Home Medicine Summit 2018
Marjory has gathered 42+ experts who promise to set you free of drugstores by showing you how to be NATURALLY healthy… for pennies on the dollar.
The speaker lineup includes big names like:
Mike Adams, Ronnie Cummins, Sally Fallon, Sayer Ji, Nick Polizzi, Melinda Meyer, Joel Salatin, Eric Zielinski, Howard Garrett, Justin Rhodes, Paul Wheaton…
… Just to name a few!
If this will be your first time attending an online summit, you should know:
It’s a 100% online event, FREE for you to attend.
It kicks off Monday, May 14th.
And it will run 24 hours a day,
for 7 full days with 2 encore days.
There will be over 55 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy, covering topics that include:
  • The Big Organic Rip Off: why it’s not as healthy as you think!
  • Making your own probiotics–CHEAP + EASY!
  • 100% NATURAL remedies for stress, anxiety, and depression. (Safe alternatives to prescription medications.)
  • How to save $1000s in funeral costs.
  • How to make your own miraculous CBD “hemp oil” … and use it as medicine, without getting high!
  • Foods that are BETTER than anti-inflammatory drugs!
  • Is Turmeric actually DANGEROUS to consume? What nobody is telling you…
  • Why perimeter shopping at the grocery store isn’t a good strategy any more.
  • The power of saying “no” … and how to do it!
… And that’s just the beginning!
But I must warn you:
Even though this event takes place 100% online, so you can watch it all from home…
And it’s completely free for you to attend…
You MUST register + reserve your seat here:
Because only registered attendees will get the complete schedule, with instructions for watching!
So don’t wait and miss out…
Claim your free ticket now, while it’s fresh in your mind.  Mark your calendar from May 14th to May 22nd.
And I’ll see YOU on the inside!

P.S.  Before you email me about this …
… Yes, Marjory is promising to make recordings of the entire event available for purchase.
(The videos, MP3s, and transcripts.)
So if you have schedule conflicts, and you can’t watch it during the week of May 14th, you can grab the recordings and watch it on your own schedule.
You’re not obligated to make this purchase.
Because again, this 100% online event is FREE to attend.
But not everyone has 55+ hours to watch during the week.
So the recordings ensure you won’t miss it.

How to Build a 25-Year Emergency Food Supply

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How to build a 25-year emergency food supply. Photo of canned goods in mason jars.

You never know when an emergency can strike or how long you’ll need to live off your food supply. In this article, we’ll show you how to build the perfect 25-year emergency food supply. This way you can rest easy knowing you’ve prepared for the worst. There are a wide variety of instances that cause […]

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Watergun update

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Needs sear, sear pin, firing pin retaining plate, grips screw, rear sight spring, rear sight elevation screw.

That looks like about it. However, that does not mean some of the extant parts shouldn’t be replaced. The ejector should probably get replaced, and I should play it safe and replace all springs. Let’s see if we can just get the bloody thing assembled first. Interestingly, I can buy entire complete top ends for this thing for about $200 and just use the frame. But…I rather like the Been There Done That look.

So far I’ve got the plate, sear, and sear pin on the way for about $67 total so far.

In the meantime, the recoil assembly works, the magazine release works, the slide stop works, and the mainspring/hammer assembly work. Still looks like The Last Browning Out Of Pompeii though.

What to do with $1000 right now

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A little while back I read a post over at concerning a recommendation on where to spend $900 on survival & preparedness preps.

I love thinking about stuff like this. It is sorta like “What would I do if I won the lottery?”

Back to reality.

There are many people across this great country that are just now seeing the light and beginning there preps. For many of these newcomers the question of where to begin is ever present. Some people are taking things serious and are willing to sink some serious change into their preparations – so I figured I would throw my 2 cents in.

For someone relatively new to the prepping scene and having no purposely stocked supplies – a $1000 can go a long way.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Food ($350) – this has to be the priority.
    • Purchase in quantity what you normally eat. A good idea would be to sit down with a notepad and pen and meal plan for 2 weeks.
    • Remember that there may be no electricity so all food items in the meal plan have to come from the pantry.
    • Next – take that 2 week meal plan and make a list of all items and use that as your shopping list. If you are able to buy 2 of everything listed – that would be a one month supply.
    • Take into consideration any supplies such as cooking oil that you may need to complete the meal. Don’t forget about spices and other condiments.
    • Lastly – do consider shelf life (often on the package) as well as buying store brands and buying on sale to maximize your available funds.
  • Water ($50) – You have to have it.
    • Buy the basics – gallons of spring/drinking water. These can often be had for less han $1.00 per gallon.
    • Save soft drink containers, rinse them out and fill with tap water (mark with date).
    • Buy a few cases of bottled water.


  • Light ($50) – In the dark – you will wish you had it if you don’t.
    • Pick up a few quality LED flashlights. [LED will give you long bulb life & super long batttery life]
    • Buy a bunch of candles at the dollar store or local discount store, as well as some matches
    • Pick up a lantern-type flashlight of the larger variety.
    • Get extra alkaline batteries for all.
  • Medical/First Aid ($40) – ‘Stuff happens – be ready.
    • Make sure you are up to date on all prescriptions.
    • Get a decent first aid kit – usually around $10.00 .
    • Pick up extra supplies like common band-aides, burn ointment, diarrhea medicine, pain killers, triple antibiotic, cold medicine, etc.

Alright – up to  $490.00………….$510.00 to go.

  • Misc Household Supplies ($60)– This category covers a lot.
    • Here is a chance to stock up on cleaning supplies as well as some sanitation.
    • Include a large variety of solutions for washing clothes, disinfection, as well as personal items such as deodorant, shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer, shaving creme, and razors.
  • Self-Defense ($200) – If you do not have the ability to defend your family and supplies – you may up with neither.
    • $200 can work to get yourself a firearm to defend yourself – as well as possibly put some meat in the pot.
    • Check out the used gun selection at your local pawn and gun shops. You may be able to pick up a decent shotgun as well as some shells for it for the budgeted $200.
    •  Another consideration may be getting a decent rimfire like the Ruger 10/22 along with a brick of ammunition. I know, I know… is not the best gun for defense – but we are on a budget here.
Maverick Model 88 shotgun – $177 at Wal-Mart
  • Alternative Power ($50)– With an initial investment in supplies of $1000 – you can only do so much.
    • Stock up on batteries for all battery powered items you have and will need.
    • Try to standardize your electronics so you only need a couple of battery sizes.
    • Look for the best deal on batteries – and stock up.
    • Alkalines are much better than standard heavy-duty.
    • Rechargable can be good – if you have a method of recharging them.
  • Fuel ($50) – Stow away some extra gas for your vehicle and propane for your grill.
    • 10 gallons of gas right now is running around $35.00 .
    • Getting a 20-lb propane tank filled is costing around $15.00.
    • Do what you can.
  • Knowledge ($) – Get on the ‘net and start printing.
    • Sure – you can buy books – but if you are on a budget just start printing stuff off the Internet.
    • Place printed subject matter in categorized binders and folders.
    • Store some of the material that is most important in large Zip-loc bags.
    • Practice some of the skills that you think you might need – like firestarting.
  • Methods for Heating ($150) – Getting cold out? You’ll be glad you spent some money on this catagory.
    • Depending upon your region – being able to get warmth in the winter may be critical.
    • One possibility is to get Kerosene heaters and then stock up on fuel.
    • Blankets, blankets…….and more blankets.
    • Stock up on gloves and thermal underwear.
    • Already have a propane heater? Get more fuel.

Well – that’s $1000.00 dollars.

This list isn’t best for anyone – just to promote some thought. If someone already has a defensive firearm – that money can be spent somewhere else.  Same goes for every other category.

This kind of thinking can be fun – and get you thinking about your own preps and where YOU might spend $1000 if you you came into it.

Any thoughts?


Cooked Food in the Compost Is Bad?

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D wasn’t happy with the free composting guide I give away to newsletter subscribers:

“You say in your compost guide to use cooked food!!! Isn’t that just asking for rats and maggots to come and invade, giving them a invitation?”

You can’t win them all.

Yet why would you not use cooked food in your compost? Do you think rats are particularly attracted to cooked vs. non-cooked food? No, rats love just about anything you throw their way, as do maggots.

Soldier fly larvae are maggots, and they are great composters!

And rats? Come on. Bury things deeply, as I do in my “melon pits:”

Other gardeners are picking up the melon pit idea as well:

Melon pits are an easy way to add cooked food to your compost if you’re really afraid of rats and other vermin.

Or you can just compost in a closed bin.

I mean, really … why throw potential soil fertility away? Compost everything!

Nature was designed to break down organic material, and she’s really good at it. Cooked food isn’t a problem; meat isn’t a problem; paper isn’t a problem! You can keep problems at bay by burying the really nasty stuff or by building bins that are animal-proof (provided you don’t have bears or Bigfoot in your neighborhood).

Quit worrying and compost on.


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Chronic Pain – In Every Preppers Future?

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Meighan to The Prepper Journal. Relish your youth and strength as some of these will catch up with us all.  As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and be entered into the Prepper Writing Contest with a chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards  with the top prize being a $300 card to purchase your own prepping supplies, then enter today!

These 8 conditions are the Most Common Causes of Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain, caused by any medical condition whatsoever, is an experience that nobody wants to go through. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that are experiencing chronic pain and wishing they knew how to once and for all get some relief.

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are one of those people, or at least you are looking to find a way to help somebody that you know is suffering from chronic pain.

Well, you are in luck because what I am going to do today is introduce you to the eight most common causes of chronic pain and most importantly – the most efficient ways to relieve them. But first, what exactly is a chronic pain?

What do you need to know about chronic pain?

We are all familiar with the concept of pain, we all have felt it at some point in our lives whether it was because we have cut our finger or broken our leg, our body has used the concept of pain to inform us that something is not quite right. However, in those examples, as soon as the reason is treated, we get lasting relief from pain. And that is the main difference between acute and chronic pain.

You see, chronic pain does not go away even though the injury has healed. You feel that annoying and challenging chronic pain for months, even years. It can occur as back pain or ankle pain or even a headache.

Chronic pain can be either mild or severe. You can feel it as shooting, burning, squeezing, stinging sensations or as a dull ache. It can lead to decreased appetite, insomnia, depression, and fatigue. And that is why it is essential to be treated appropriately. But what is causing chronic pain to occur?

There are quite a significant number of medical conditions that can lead to chronic pain. However, there are few of those that are occurring more commonly than others. And that is what I am going to talk about.

Let’s discuss these eight medical conditions that are most commonly described as the causes of chronic pain, shall we?

The 8 most common medical conditions that lead to chronic pain and the ways to relieve it

Peripheral Nephropathy – Caused by damage to your peripheral nerves, peripheral nephropathy causes weakness, numbness, and chronic pain usually in the hands and feet to occur. The cause of peripheral nerve damage could be traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, infections, diabetics, etc.

The chronic neuropathic pain can be treated with the use of medications, physical therapy, and massage therapy. You can also try exercising, which has been proven as an efficient way to relieve the pain in this case. Acupuncture has also produced results.

Fibromyalgia – Is a medical condition that causes chronic muscle pain, fatigue, depression and sleep troubles. Although none of these symptoms can be seen, they do produce a considerable impairment in the patient’s life.

Although we are talking about a chronic pain here, there are a few powerful medications that you can try. And of course, there are the necessary lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and regular exercise.

Perhaps exercising is the last thing on your mind when you feel your muscles aching. However, activities like swimming, walking, stretching have been proven to help relieve the pain.

Arthritis – With its 100 different types is among the most worrying medical conditions out there. If you gather your information about arthritis,you will soon find out that there is no cure for Arthritis.

All that you can do is perform a few tricks to help relieve the symptoms such as pain, stiffness, inflammation and decreased the range of motion. Once again, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and moderate alcohol intake can help you combat all of these symptoms.

Headache – We ALL know this one. However, when your headache lasts for more than a few hours, then you can consider your problem as a chronic one. And with a persistent headache, depression, vomiting, nausea, and insomnia come as well.

So, what can you do to relieve it? Getting a massage, trying acupuncture and some of the famous herbal remedies for chronic headaches in combination with an active pharmaceutical might be the thing that you are looking for. Hydrate. This, like low-dose aspirin, thins the blood slightly allowing it to more efficiently the areas where the pain is being generated.

Past injuries/surgeries – Can also be the cause of your joint pain. If you surgery is relatively recent, 6 months or less, keep your doctor informed as there are many things that can affect healing. If the surgery was severe – an amputation, then these take much longer to retrain the nervous system to deal with. Again – your doctor. And who among us does not have at least one relative or friend who claims their “fill in the blank” surgery can predict the weather better than their local news source?

Again, the best thing that you can do is consult your doctor, get some over-the-counter painkillers and some of the best vitamins for joint pain if it is your joints that are giving you the trouble. Getting enough sleep and eating right can also help your body to grow stronger and healthier to fight the pain better.

Low back pain – This has taken part in everyone’s life at some point. However, for many people it becomes harder and harder to deal with the more chronic it becomes.

Previous injuries, surgery, arthritis can all be the cause of your chronic back pain. And once again, massage, acupuncture, yoga, physical therapy and, in extreme cases, traction can help you combat your low back pain.

Multiple sclerosis – This has been listed as one of the standard causes of chronic pain. Chronic pain due to multiple sclerosis can be either neuropathic pain, pain due to fatigue and immobility or illness related to a spastic condition. Of course, pharmaceuticals are the best answer to your prayers here, but you can also try the unexpected effects of physical therapy, yoga, and massage therapy as well as some dietary changes.

The curvature of the spine – Such as scoliosis and kyphosis can also be the ones that are causing your chronic pain to occur over and over again. Since you know what is causing your chronic pain, in this case, the trick is working to remove the cause and with that your chronic pain.

But how can you do that, you ask? The best thing that you can do for scoliosis and kyphosis is physical therapy and lots of functional exercises. In the meantime, you can also look to non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and over-the-counter painkillers as well, under the advice of your doctor.


What you need to remember is the fact that you may not have to live with chronic pain even if you are not able to remove its cause once and for all. As you can see, we have listed 8 of the most common causes of chronic pain and explained what you can do to recover from the illness, or at least find some relief. The recurring theme of exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep should not be lost on you.

Additionally you can try a message or physical therapy or perhaps even yoga or acupuncture, whatever you choose we hope that it will help you to combat your chronic pain, lessen its severity and bring you some sense of control over your condition.

Author Bio: Meighan Sembrano is a health enthusiast and a passionate writer. Her primary expertise is in Beauty and Skin Care, but she has also published articles on Health and Fitness. Her sincerity and thoughtfulness resonate with readers, and her enthusiasm is contagious. You can follow Meighan on Twitter and Facebook.

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5 Things You Must Learn to DIY Before a Collapse

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As we all know, after a major collapse, many important supplies will be hard to come by. This is why preppers stock up on essentials ahead of time. But while a lot of attention is given to stockpiling supplies, not much is given to making your own supplies. If you find yourself living through a […]

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Do lemons have legs?

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Do lemons have legs?
Lynna “A Preppers Path ” Audio player below!

The punch line to the old joke is do lemons have legs! Don’t get squimish on me, of course they don’t have legs but canaries do. I know bad! Bad! However, lemons have many other attributes that have gone unrecognized for far too long. That sunny bright yellow orb in the grocery produce aisle or if you are lucky hanging from the tree in your yard is a powerhouse!

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