Corruption Has Juiced Failings in Capitalism, Democracy — But Does That Mean We Go Bat Shit Unworkable Liberal NWO Instead?

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stock here, in response to a thread at ENE (see link  and screen cap here) I wish to go on record with the following.    

And that is your NWO Rothschilds and buddies.   The same people who have co-opted a liberal meme, and using it to create chaos and division in order for them, they think, to extract ultimate control, exp. over the USA which used to have a strong working class with high moral principals and the financial wherewithal to choose the high road even in the face of adversity.   Said moral principals were often based in Christian religions (which some people hate due to their “evolved” but misguided sense that atheism is “better”).   Said morals also decimate the argument that the “rule of law” is bad, we need some rules, especially with the presence of insane hairless monkeys that need some reigning in occasionally.   However, that said, the strong moral values would be the steering force for those with the wherewithal, even going against the laws created by men, or even just laws being applies unjustly.

It should be quite obvious to anyone paying attention that a decades long agenda of destroying the strength and power base of those with fortitude and wherewithal has been undertaken and fairly successful.   

Seeing those battle lines drawn, which “side” do you stand on.   I am afraid that even if you don’t want to pick a side, your non-participation is in fact a vote for the evil NWO / continued rape by the bankers/<sic> elite.   That group is anything but “elite”, as opposed to being lecherous sociopaths. 

Red pill or blue pill?   Blue pill is a continued belief in what seems like a self declared virtuous path of “co-opted liberal” beliefs, even though those methods are shown in reality not to work well, and by simple thought experiments can be shown to have nearly no chance of working well.

A failure of the system, under extreme corruption and manipulation force fed by the concentration of power and wealth and then amplified by more effective propaganda enabled by the internet and social media and immediate feedback systems (Google analytics for one, Twitter, etc) the help fine tune the effectiveness of the propaganda…..a failure of the system is then grabbed by some and twisted into a belief that every element of “the system” is at fault and needs to be torn down and replaced with SOMETHING.     And that “Something” is never clearly defined, or at least can fairly easily be shown to be innefective and just not workable in the reality of a society formed by human beings.

A fucking plan that doesn’t work, and has no chance of working.    Like socialism, no matter how you twist the definition.

The fucking plan that doesn’t work, is the “virtuous” knee jerk reaction to replacing the maligned:

1) Capitalism
2) Rule of Law
3) Democratic voting system
4) Free Enterprise.

And the irony of it all in seen in the hypocrisy of the co-opted liberal ideals that play directly into the hands of the NWO Globalists.    Behind much of this hypocrisy is the rage and hatred of the tolerant people who viciously and ceaselessly attack the pussy grabbing Trump.    The continual blatant and extreme attacks, even involving physical violence and threats of death to the president, do so drown out many with opposing views, even to the point that many who see things clearly, feel that they have to pander to the snow flakes by qualifying nearly every statement with stuff like “not that I am defending Trump”.  



‘The Changing Wind in Politics by Generation’
“…When we combine both the Senate and the House and then plot the number of seats each party held as a percent of the whole combination, we see that the Democrats peaked with FDR. They have won at times ever since, but the percentage of seats held has been gradually declining.
Now an online survey of more than 16,000 registered voters ages 18 to 34 has revealed that support for Democrats over Republicans in Congress has continued to decline among the youth. It has fallen another 9% since the 2016 election to just 46%. The responses say that the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy. This should come as no surprise. The entire Marxist agenda resonated with the Great Depression generation as the Marxists blamed corporations and never mentioned the Global Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931. Th[e] younger generations are simply viewing the world differently as to what they can do themselves rather than what government can do for them.”


but why does Armstrong keep saying this about Marxism? Marx was about giving the people the control and benefit of the means of production, NOT the government, thus ‘what they can do for themselves rather than what the government (and/or corporation) can do for them’ See? He has it nearly backwards. Dictators in Russia and China werent Marxists. For sure Armstrong is not Marxist. He computes natural cycles for the greatest wealth extraction from the public, while producing nothing.
America’s Electoral Choices: Liberal Fascism versus Conservative Fascism


They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010
The Democratic and Republican Parties are virtual opposites of each other in their economic records, going back to the earliest period for which economic data were available, around 1910. More than a dozen studies have been done comparing economic growth, unemployment, average length of unemployment, stock market performance, inflation, federal debt, and other economic indicators, during Democratic and Republican presidencies and congresses, and they all show stunningly better performance when Democrats are in power, than when Republicans are. These studies are all available online, and they are all summarized and discussed in this path-breaking book, which settles, once and for all, the question of whether there’s any significant economic difference between the two Parties. Not only is there a difference, but – shockingly – it always runs in favor of Democrats in power. There might be other types of reasons for voting Republican, but all of the economic reasons favor voting for Democrats. Regarding economic performance, the two Parties aren’t even close.


CodeShutdown: One can see why you are fucked up in the head and fundamentally flawed in your foundational thinking which leads to your whole structure failing.
Marxism pits have and have nots in class warfare trying to attain common ownership. From there, many other forms of societies are envisioned. The ultimate decision maker is usually some figurehead trying to control the outcome of a suppressed society.
Example at hand. Constitution suspended, government takes control of all major businesses, while investment capital flees the country. Promises of pie in the sky during runaway inflation.
‘In Venezuela, inflation quadruples to 18,000 percent in two months, with no end in sight’
“Venezuela’s inflation rate, already by far the world’s highest, spiked from 4,966 percent to nearly 18,000 percent in just March and April — a trend that, if it continues, could push the country’s annual rate to more than 100,000 percent by year’s end, economists say…”
This was a typical capitalist society that Marx would want to level the playing field for all citizens. Not ever possible as people are not equal in their output or potential output. The resulting suppression in equalization causes productive and creative minds to flee.
Democratic policy only attracts the something for nothing crowd which is not sustainable hence the republican agenda wins out in the long run.