New 20 volt weed eater and blower arrived today!

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I have been lurking all day for the UPS guy to show up with the new 20 volt tools. I forgot how fast the weeds can grow when you can’t get out and cut them down.  I got all of the weeds in the alley way cut down with the new weed eater. I have to say it did a good job cutting down the weeds including some 12- 18 inch tall thistle. So over all I am pleased with this tool.

The leaf blower is a big step up in power compared to the old 18 volt system. I cleaned my sidewalks out back and the new blower had enough power to start on cleaning off  some of the chicken residue on part of the sidewalk that was under the chicken run.  I need to move some of the big chunks of chicken residue to the compost pile, then pressure wash the sidewalk to finish the cleanup job but I am very pleased with the new blower/sweeper.

I used the 20 volt chainsaw to cut up Mom’s HUGE pallet into 2 manageable pieces. The 20 volt saw does not have the same weight as the 18 volt so I found myself having to push down on the saw compared to the 18 volt saw.  I also prefer pushing the chain oil button rather than having to manually add oil to the chain.

The B&D 20 volt weed eater, blower and chain saw are much lighter than the the old 18 volt tools. I’m still getting use to the weed eater but both the chain saw and leaf blower seem more powerful than the 18 volt system.

Speaking of getting stuff cleaned up I got the shop floor mostly cleaned up and added the plywood to the “saw horses” for a a new work space and it is wonderful. I now have a big open area to build stuff without having to always work on the ground or the shop floor.  The huge thing is I now have enough space to start making work space areas like storage for lumber to getting my tools organised.  Mom still has a few bulky items stored in the shop but most of her stuff is in one corner waiting for her to get her own shops and home organised.  I’m okay with Mom’s stuff staying in the shop until she has a place for it at her new home.

Mom will be coming into town so we will be able to get the cut to size pallet and her dining table loaded up into the truck.  While she is here she will help me build another raised garden bed.  Hopefully this bed build will go much better as I have more space to work in the shop and got all my ‘screw ups’ done on the first 2 raised beds. I completed. The anti-Tucker garden fence that closes off all of the raised bed garden area. The step in electric fence post are the way to go for putting up a temporary fence. I’m not using an electric fence but the some of the light weigh barrier fencing but with a couple of zip-ties to attach the fencing to the post, you are done in a few minutes compared to driving in wooden stakes.  The light weight hoses are installed but I need to lay out the drip irrigation system for all the raised beds.

Last but not least; Mom gave some of the homemade dog food I make, to her terrier Jackson as he was not eating well.  Mom said he loved the beef, brown rice with peas and carrots mix and refused to eat any canned dog food after that, so Mom made a hamburger, white rice withe peas and carrot mix and Jackson just loved it.  I am still learning and I don’t think the hardcore BARF diet is great for some of the smaller breeds. I do think making a dietary complete homemade dog food is better than almost any canned dog food you can buy in the local mega mart.  I have research and dog safe food products you can use eggs as a protein, cheeses as a source of calcium as well as plain yogurt for a healthy gut plus calcium and good fats for your dog. The research also points that potatoes should be a good carb/veggie to add to your dogs diet but I have not tested this out yet.

Mom and I spent a bit more than we wanted last week but we also got a lot done from hauling away a lot of trash, moving some more of Mom’s stuff to her house.  Got most of the yard tools we need, garden beds are almost ready to go and Mom scrubbed her carpet.  A darn productive week for us.