We Got to Change the System! Action Items — Bullet Points

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This just quick copied from ENENEWS.   Indeed we need to change the system.  It is happening at record pace, mainly for the better, but apparently with the Zionist overlords still primarily in charge. 



OK, nobody seemed to care for my ‘practical alternatives to the system’ here

a more bullet point approach;

  1. study and research historical societies and existing capitalist alternatives
    Arrasate-Mondragon, in the Basque region of Spain is a successful alternative to the capitalist organization of production. Marinaleda is in many ways a successful alternative.
  2. interest free loan cooperatives -alternative to the capitalist bank- Check out the JAK bank in Sweden
  3. Spend tax money earmarked for the military to create green spaces with food trees and plants in cities
  4. Take back at least some of the land from corporate real estate firms and moguls. Land is a commonwealth, the rich sequestered it, thus enslaving the masses
  5. Allow tax payers to at least partically decide where their tax money is going to be spent
  6. Abolish the federal reserve
  7. restore civilian rights
  8. call a global cease fire
  9. have profit free health insurance cooperatives
  10. decriminalize access to nature and its plants
  11. Decentralize energy and almost everything else
  12. build profit free manufacturing cooperatives- worker-owned cooperatives
  13. Encourage open source design and information. That means free access and use of science, computer programs, education, maker-bots
    real or online free libraries uninfluenced by market interests. There could be assisted…
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    1. Real and internet based free libraries uninfluenced by market interests. There could be assisted education or tutoring associated with these libraries
    2. start several alternatives to wikipedia
    3. a profit free communications system. Theres something wrong about the whole cell phone/internet capitalist sytem which seeks to maximize wealth extraction rather than maximize benefit to the public
    4. interest free housing loans
    5. make tax revolts legal
    6. encourage ideas that help tame capitalism, escape capitalism, erode capitalism and/or smash capitalism,
    7. reign in militarized police. Subject police recruits to psychological tests, teach them how to manage their anger and control issues and express it in non harmful ways, teach them tai chi and other ways which diffuse rather than escalate conflict and domination
    8. issue an unconditional basic income. In this world of increasing automation efficiency and information sharing, income can no longer be based on work
    9. expose the sham of the two party political system. The virtual exclusion of the green party is remarkable. In a leaking boat, do you want ‘strong leadership’ ,’change you can believe in/anti establishment’ ‘jobs creation and abortion reform’ or do you want someone who keeps the ship from sinking. The sinking ship is an analogy for the ecosystem

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    Code LOL, come on bro, don’t play the “use the same meme” that liberals do, and reverse it. sheesh.
    Come up with a practical solution, and believe me, it won’t and ca’t be a full solution…
    think practical, realistic. stock out


    stock, well I have offered seed ideas that are practical. I seem to do a lot of repeating with few taking up the dialogue, and several combating it.
    Solving the problems of society is a huge undertaking, requiring the best thoughts of experts in many different fields as well as the voice of the public. Most importantly, minds must be open to new visions for life on spaceship earth.
    Make no mistake…society does not have that condition at the moment, with everything mired in political, economic and bureaucratic self interested stagnation. Despite examples of great works in ancient civilizations, people dont seem to realize we live in a lowest common denominator in many ways. The vector is from better to worse. This is evident and crucially important in the ecosphere, our life support…NATURES life support.
    Too many words lose readers, but quite a few words are required to get the multifaceted point across.


    some basic ideas I have given are interest free loans, redesigning cities and funneling money say from the military machine into the civic sector.
    Civil engineering is poor and nobody has a shred of vision, yet towns, cities and architecture go a long way to defining civilizations.
    The heavy weight of corrupt government and monetary institutions has to be lifted. One way forward is suggested by Mark Garavan in ‘Democracy for an Ecological Age.’
    “We are not of course starting from scratch. A considerable body of work has been done on what the desired alternative green world might look like. In general, green conceptions of a sustainable economic and social model have organised themselves around a number of key points such as communitarianism, participative democracy, communal self-reliance, and ecologically-sensitive, human-scale technologies. The assumption is that these principles, if allowed to determine the political and economic order, will invariably produce a sustainable society.”

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      I think ape-man is more realistic in smaller groups. I personally dont like any group or commune, but I see the absolute necessity of it.
      If your wife or child needed to borrow money for a car or startup, would you focus on maximizing your return with high interest rates, charges and penalties, taking everything if they had to default?
      Small communities and families show the madness of civilizations business as usual which aims at maximum wealth extraction from as many people as possible. We try to climb up the pyramid on each others backs, with only a few uber rich reaching the top

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      75 countries of world have started 1300 interest free banks. But its not quite as rosy as it may sound. Many of these are Islamic; two of the three Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam, but not Judaism, are outspoken against usury. They make the money in a different way, by sharing in the profit and loss. In my mind its not that much different than an interest charging bank in the end. Those banks get around 20% of the profits of the funded enterprise.
      Heres where community comes to play. The JAK bank is a different interest free bank. The JAK Members Bank is a cooperative, member owned bank in Skövde, Sweden. JAK is a co-operative, fully owned by its 40,000 members.
      ‘Oscar Kjellberg, the development director, is opposed to charging interest because it transfers wealth from the poor to the rich and from declining areas – often rural ones – to more prosperous parts. “That sort of transfer doesn’t happen with JAK,” he says. “People save with us because they either want to borrow interest-free themselves or because they want to assign the right to an interest-free loan to a relative, a son or daughter, perhaps or to an organization they support. This means that most money is lent out in the same area that it was collected, and, if it’s not, it’s only loaned in a place and for a purpose which the original saver has approved.”

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      In keeping with the idea of independent groups, Caravan suggests “first we need to create new networks de-linked from the present system, what Rudolf Bahro used to call ‘liberated zones’. These would be economic, social, political and cultural spaces outside the logic and control of the present economic and political system. They might involve local trading systems, new currencies, acts of self-governance, reclamations of civic space, communal self-reliance.”
      Several times I have given the example of Marinaleda in Spain. People get a house for $20 a month on the condition you cant profit on real estate and sell it. There is work for everyone and there is no crime

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      Marinaleda is only an example. I would try a different philosophy. Variety of systems and ideas in different communities (I still dont like the word) is like biodiversity.
      The monotone of U.S. and in many ways global culture is for me ugly and stifling. The concrete apartment high rises in China look a lot like the ones in Portugal. Its depressing. Can anybody really say the public is living a vibrant life in this global feudalist like prison?

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      I think Marx and others had a great idea; the means of production and the rewards of production should be in the hands of the public.
      Its easy to envision this in a rural agrarian type of community. Largely getting rid of big corporate everything would be a huge advance in public liberty. Big Agribiz, big pharma, big energy, big government

      To this end, I would see distributed, or local energy and manufacturing rather than consolidated. How hard can it be? I know a guy with a passive solar house, his own septic/composting waste system, his farm and business. His family doesnt drive to work.
      Hamlets could share in the building of larger projects like wind turbines, energy storage, farming equipment, medical facilities. Who needs a usury loan for that? If I loan to you and you loan to me, charging interest does absolutely nothing for our combined wealth. Its just plain stupid.
      With the efficiency inherent in todays mechanization systems, ape man and woman need only work 3 hour days. The rest of your labor was going to support the leaches on your good works.
      This is not hyperbole, its not debated, its easy to see. Just look at the wealth inequality. 80% of the people sharing 10% of the wealth is direct proof…oddly missed by the sheered and fleeced compliant visionless frightened public. Look at your home loan, your insurance payments, how your taxes subsidize so many different corporate skimming operations.

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      eliminating the corporate/government big groups..I call it fascist because in truth it is, with the military and police strong-arms being the same as Mussolini’s brown shirts or magistrate body guards in ancient rome…
      reducing, eliminating them is not a death knell to any development. Society would still have universities, now freed from government/corporate impositions. There is no inherent limit to the scope of projects undertaken…people only need to want it and pool resources and talent for the task.
      Medical practice would be freed from the ugly profit motive which prefers you sick and unable to avail yourself of inexpensive cures…capitalist ideology at work!
      It seems a small thing perhaps but 3d printing and other local maker-bot systems can revolutionize access to goods at a fraction of prices and reduced waste. This international shipment thing, and the U.S. having the largest employment in truckers is really crazy…a waste of transportation energy! Middle men at every step…

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      What globalist can gain a foothold on your life if you dont use their system of economics? You could argue…a military invasion or something from the European union?
      I dont think so…the attitude of the whole world will shift as people are unshackled from capitalist mentality on all levels, whether that be the fevered real estate guy or the multinational corporation or the Rothschild bank. Remember, they need you, you dont need them.
      I dont say the answers are all here or that there are easy answers to any of it. But changing the tone from prison planet to space ship earth is going to happen. Why? The present course is unsustainable…its crazy, insane. The ecosphere is collapsing, the money men and politicians are raving lunatics, lost in their own feverish corrupt delusion…so heavy they are truly schizophrenic as well as the usual psychopathic syndrome.
      Its so pervasive the whole world suffers a wild aberration of normalcy bias. Trump supporters and Hillary supporters are a case in point. Are they any different than Pol Pot or Stalin supporters…they make a hero of a corrupt narcissist imperialist mad man or woman. They are blind…blind to the obvious in front of them. Trump and Hillary are not normal looking people, theyre whack jobs
      The main thing is that people need to open their minds. Most people believe the status quo is the only way. Stock and razzz stated this many times concerning capitalism, global currency, usury, militarism.

    • CodeShutdownCodeShutdown

      The defense of that belief in the status quo is almost shocking. Why is this the only way? “because it is”

      The journey of a thousand miles is very difficult if the horse wont even take a step outside the barn

      try to see it in a historical context; We are only lately coming out of Monarchies, Church-states, Feudalism. Knights, castles and burnings at the stake. The magna carta was drafted in 1200 and something and we’re still clinging to it. The oft mentioned Dutch East India Co, birth of modern capitalism was in 1600. 400 years ago…its a small slice of time historically. Surely we cant say “ah, finally, humanity has arrived at the ultimate stage of civilization, social and economic development!” No, we are lost in the dark ages. Torture, enslavement, imprisonment, disease, war, strife, depression.
      Who would be so stupid to think the misery of civilization isnt tied to its systems of government and economics? Yet thats the sorry state of delusion and normalcy bias