‘Gun laws slipping’: WA massacre puts spotlight on Aust gun control

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We NEED to stop talking about more firearms restrictions and start talking about WHY people are getting killed!!! I don’t give a rat’s arse what they are killed with, car, knife, hammer, gun, they are dead! Why aren’t concerned groups & people asking “why are people killing?” AND “What can be done to stop the killing?” Are they all brain dead???!!!

The family at the Margaret River property that got shot needed help, but they did not get that help, & IF what the police are saying is true, that the shooter was the Grandfather, then it is pretty obvious that they did need help!

 Three guns found at the Margaret River property shootings, I have more than three guns & I haven’t killed anyone! Hell, I am not legally allowed to use my guns to defend the lives of my family or to save my own life! What is a matter with people, & it is people, not just the government. People who call for disarmament! Don’t they understand that criminals do NOT obey the laws???!!! They can confiscate the guns totally from all the law abiding licenced gun owners in Australia, & the criminals will still have guns, people will still be killed. When they realise this will they give our guns back to us? Hell no! What is done is done!
I am finding it really hard to understand why the majority of Australians are so bloody stupid & ignorant. This is a societal problem, not a gun problem, & so long as allow this corrupt to the core government to RULE Australia, then our society’s problems with crime, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, high taxes, high rates, low wages, inappropriate council fees, environmental pollution, Big government & corporatism & the loss of our human rights will continue! This government in total is the cause of all our problems, & yet the majority of Australians either can’t see that or just refuse to do anything about that!
So every day we will continue to read about crime, read about killings, rapes, muggings, kidnappings, violent attacks, robberies with violence knowing that all this could be significantly reduced by implementing a new government system & yet knowing it will never happen. No wonder there is so much depression & suicides. I am now lost for words.

Outdoor Home Security without Advertising that You are a Prepper

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You could set up your home to look like a Fort Knox- but that might not fly with the neighbors and could raise a few red flags for would-be-intruders. “What’s so valuable that they could be protecting in there?” is definitely a question that would run through my head if I was scavenging for supplies …

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Best Dandelion Killer: Destroying Weeds Quickly And Painlessly

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The post Best Dandelion Killer: Destroying Weeds Quickly And Painlessly is by Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

Dandelions may be delightful when they’re no more than pretty yellow flowers, but once the flowers mature, the seeds fly everywhere. We all get them on occasion, but eventually you need to find the best dandelion killer to take care of the job. Determining what that is, though, is a bit more complex. Those of … Read more

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Did You Hear About the Violent Teen Flash Mob That Took Over Chicago’s Fanciest Shopping Area Saturday?

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All around this nation there are pockets of people who are falling off the wagon. There are more and more people who are subscribing to the idea of anarchy. Whether they are calling that chaos Socialism or something else is unimportant. Their actions are very important. The struggle to make it in this world and …

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Everything You Need to Know about a Multimeter

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When I start thinking about what device is the most useful to have for electrical needs around the house, a multimeter definitely is one of the most versatile. You can use it both in your home and on your vehicle to determine different electronic components. If you’re trying to determine if a fuse is blown, a multimeter can do that. If you want to determine if a battery (car battery, 9V, AA, etc) has any charge left in it, a multimeter can do that too. In your home wiring you can determine if an outlet or wire has an electrical

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Tangible Rewards: Mental Health Gains and Wild

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You have to get out in it. Armchair survivalists are just as bad as armchair quarterbacks. While getting in the woods is a great way to practice your survival skills its also a great way to balance this radically charged world we live in. Can you deny the fact that we are hindered most by …

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Old Home Renovations: 5 Reasons to Leave Your Electrical Upgrades to a Pro

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Having an older home probably means that it requires some electrical work. You can do it yourself if you know what you’re doing. This can save you some money at the expense of your free time. Here are some reasons that it might be a good idea to leave your electrical upgrades to a professional. Entire Home Needs Rewiring Many older homes have outdated wiring throughout. This can mean that you’ll have to rewire your entire home. It can be challenging to know where to start on a task of this size. Using a company like Supreme Electric lets you

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5 Tips to Improve Your Finances: A Mini Guide

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Personal finance management is something that we don’t learn since our childhood, nor is it taught in schools. But it is something that we must learn as soon as we start growing up, as it is something we have to deal with all our lives! Here are a few simple tips that will hopefully guide you to improve your finances. Spend Less than You Earn: It may sound very cliché, but this is the most straightforward hack ever. You should always spend less than you earn. Most people don’t stick to this rule, but it’s very simple. For instance, you

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Outdoor Storage Sheds – 6 Reasons Why You Need One in Your Backyard

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This guest post is a bit of a “no kidding” post, I debated publishing it for a while, but in the end, I figured I would just on the off chance someone doesn’t know they can store things in a shed.  I would have figured that in today’s day and age they would have added living in one as a seventh reason, but the guest author must not be that much of an out of the box (pun intended) thinker. Outdoor Storage Sheds – 6 Reasons Why You Need One in Your Backyard With the busy work schedules and hectic

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100% Solar Off Grid House Expert

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It’s interesting to hear about how this guy put together a 100% solar setup that runs everything electric in his house–I assume it’s a rather small house–including all appliances such as an electric stove, water heater and even split air conditioning. Apparently, he did it all for around $14K which, according to him, works out … Continue reading “100% Solar Off Grid House Expert”

Edging Closer to Certain Disaster-Part 1

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I had the opportunity to be on the Unresolved Life Podcast with Teresa Blaes recently. We talked about everything from EMPs to Economic Collapse.



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The deck is stacked against twenty-nine-year-old Ava. She’s a fighter, but she’s got trust issues, doesn’t always make the best decisions, and despite her natural beauty, doesn’t score well in the self-esteem department. Her personal complications aren’t without merit, but America is on the verge of a second civil war, and Ava must pull it together if she wants to survive.

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Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sharpener on Sheath

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A survival knife along with a fire starter is a highly recommended combination for bushcraft, wilderness activities, hiking, camping, and general survival preparedness. Some may prefer a survival knife combination where the sheath includes a holder for a fire starter such as a firesteel / ferro (ferrocerium) rod. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Knife with Fire Starter (The spine of the knife serves as a striker for the fire starter rod.) The survival knife shown above is manufactured by world renown Swedish manufacturer, Morakniv (often called a ‘Mora’ knife). Here are the attributes of this particular Mora knife design: (UPDATED 2018

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6 Natural Ways To Stop Slugs – How To Keep Plants Safe From Slugs

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Want to stop slugs from ruining your vegetable and flower gardens without having to resort to using pesticides? Then we have you covered! Slugs can cause serious damage to all kinds of plants in the landscape. From tender young vegetable

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Righteous Mothers Mean Righteous Cities And Righteous Nations

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Righteous mothers are central to the picture of blessing and prosperity.

—Nancy Wilson, The Fruit of Her Hands 

Great cities are commonly called mothers….

—John Wesley on 2 Samuel 20:19

A Mother in Israel

righteous mothers and Deborah

Deborah acted as a righteous mother to the covenant people, not a father.

Deborah called herself “a mother in Israel” (Judges 5:7). As a judge and prophetess, she acted as a mother to the covenant people, not a father. Her goal was to nurture and raise up a new generation of young men who would fight the battles of the LORD. For the most part, she succeeded, and her “sons” honored her.

The phrase “a mother in Israel” appears one other time in Scripture. The time is David’s reign. His general, Joab, has pursued the rebel Sheba to Abel-beth-maachah in the north of Israel. He lays siege to the city, apparently without offering it terms of surrender (Deut. 20:10ff. A wise woman cries out over the city wall and asks to speak with Joab. He obliges. The woman appeals to the overzealous general with wisdom and meekness:

I am one of them that are peaceable and faithful in Israel: thou seekest to destroy a city and a mother in Israel: why wilt thou swallow up the inheritance of the LORD? (2 Sam. 20:19).

Once Joab has explained the real situation at hand, the woman goes “unto all the people in her wisdom,” and in short order, they throw Sheba’s head over the city wall. Joab and his army retire from the city and leave it in peace.

We aren’t told anything else about this woman. We don’t know her name. We don’t know whether, like Deborah, she held some sort of office that guaranteed her a hearing, or whether a lifetime of godliness and wisdom had earned her the respect of the city and its elders. Whatever the case, her wisdom and meekness were worth a thousand soldiers in the field that day.

But when this wise woman speaks of “a mother in Israel,” she isn’t speaking of herself. She’s talking about her city, Abel-beth-maachah. The idea of a city as mother runs throughout Scripture, but it finds the clearest and most concise expression in Paul’s description of the heavenly or spiritual Jerusalem: “the mother of us all.”

The Jerusalem Which Is Above

In Galatians 4, Paul is contrasting the Old Covenant and the New in images drawn from the life of Abraham (Gen. 16; 21). Hagar, the concubine, corresponds to the Old Covenant when taken as an end in itself. Sarah, the freewoman, corresponds to the New Covenant revealed in the gospel. Hagar’s child Ishmael was born by purely natural and man-centered means without regard to the real intention of God’s promise. Ishmael was most literally a child of the flesh in this sense. Isaac, however, was conceived and born through faith (Heb. 11:11). He was the child of promise, and on him hung the hope of the world.

Hagar was like the Jerusalem of Paul’s day. Both were mothers to Abraham’s natural seed, but neither was the true and proper bride. First century Jerusalem was “in bondage with her children” because she embraced the religion of the flesh (Gal. 4:25). But there was and is another “Jerusalem.” So Paul writes:

But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all (Gal. 4:26).

This Jerusalem is New Covenant City of God. She is the Lamb’s wife, the Church as the God centered way of life (Rev. 21). As the bride of Jesus Christ, she is the spiritual mother of all believers. Calvin’s comments on Galatians 4:26 are worth quoting in full:

The Jerusalem which he calls above, or heavenly, is not contained in heaven; nor are we to seek for it out of this world because the Church is spread over the whole world, and is a “stranger and pilgrim on the earth” (Heb. 11:13). Why then is it said to be from heaven? Because it originates in heavenly grace. The sons of God are “born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man” (John 1:13), but by the power of the Holy Spirit. The heavenly Jerusalem, which derives its origin from heaven, and dwells by faith, is the mother of believers because it’s very center is grace.

The Godly Mother

It’s important to recall what duties and requirements, as well as honors, Scripture puts on mothers. Here are a few: A godly mother ought to be a source of comfort to her children (Isa 66:13). She should be a teacher (Prov 31:1) and the guide and guardian of the home (1 Tim 5:14; Titus 2:5). The godly mother should teach God’s law to her children and enforce it, honoring God and His kingdom above her own children (Deut. 21:18-21; Zech 13:3).

Her children, on the other hand, owe their mother obedience (Gen 28:7), blessings (Prov. 30:11), honor (Ex. 20:12), and fear (Lev. 19:3). They may not strike her (Ex. 21:15), steal from her (Prov. 28:24), bring her to shame (Prov. 29:15), or ridicule her (Deut. 27:16). They are to remember and observe her law (Prov. 1:8; 6:20). “This shows clearly the high standing of motherhood in a redeemed society” (Theological Wordbook of the OT).

“Come, the New Jerusalem…”

As a spiritual and trans-temporal reality, the New Jerusalem is the archetypical City, the pattern and goal for all earthly cities. Brandi Remington writes:

“An ideal city would act as a mother to its residents providing them with safety, support, guidance, esteem and examples of how to navigate through life, allowing them to eventually operate on their own as strong leaders.”

We can think of “esteem” as a sense of identity, of purpose and belonging. An ideal city would have a unique history, culture, and calling within God’s kingdom. It would be a true community, founded on grace and faith. It would be fruitful, full of children loved and nurtured in the Lord. It would honor its elderly and listen to their wisdom. It would be a light to the world. Of course, we have no such ideal cities on our planet. “For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come” (Heb. 13:14). But in the meantime, our goal should be to have good, righteous cities, just as we can have good, righteous and loyal mothers. Both are the fruit of the gospel. Both are the gift of God

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History Reader Beware: The Past Is Full Of “Fake News”

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The past is full of "fake news"

It pays to be a little skeptical. The past is full of “fake news.”

The past is full of “fake news.” But the good news is …

“Forty million schoolbooks can’t be wrong.” The hospitalized Inspector Grant looks to his young researcher, Brent Carradine. “Can’t they?” Carradine replies.

The scene lies somewhere in the middle of Josephine Tey’s brilliant historical mystery novel, The Daughter of Time (1951). In the story, Grant and Carradine are investigating several murders in the Tower, murders that history texts universally blame on their uncle, Richard III.

What these two investigators find is that some historians lie while some are merely incompetent. Grant and Carradine agree to dig past the traditional accounts to the earliest source documents available, particularly those that deal in practical matters like finance, real estate, and deaths and births. “Truth isn’t in accounts but in account books,” Carradine says. You’ll have to read the book to find out their conclusions.

The point here, of course, is simple. Not all history books are reliable. All authors have an agenda. The worst offenders are the ones that claim perfect objectivity. Sometimes that agenda is relatively innocent: the author needs to supplement his income, or he wants to put his notes in published form for his own students. Even so, all history books represent their author’s political leanings, moral assumptions, and intellectual diligence. Let’s consider this last weakness first, and return to the other issues next week.

Sorting Through the Stacks In a really good library or any self-respecting used book store, a student of history will find all sorts of books, some interesting, many dull, lots that are outdated, and a very few that … for good or ill … are revolutionary in their perspective. What follows is a simplified guide for the honest inquirer, the reader who really wants to know what in the world is going on.

At one extreme we have the little paperbacks that play fast and lose with sources. These turn legend into fact, speculation into esoteric truth. These books often weigh men and their actions by their broad reputation. Many of these books come from New Age publishers. Some come from cults or fringe religious groups. Sadly, some come from small and fringe Christian publishers. For the most part, these books are a waste of time and usually self-evidently so.

A step or so higher we have books that get their information from Wikipedia or high school history books. Many cheap autobiographies, religious histories, children’s histories, and fictionalized histories fall into this category. The writers aren’t historians or researchers; they’re merely out to tell a story, probably illustrated with watercolor pictures or line drawings.

Next, there are textbooks themselves. The low-quality ones contain “grey sludge” and no one but their authors have read them more than once. But there is a better sort. The authors of these texts have a touch of imagination and ingenuity. They have read the works of specialists and are probably familiar with some of the original sources, though they will only reproduce snippets of them in their textbooks. These textbooks will usually have a recommended reading list that will point to better source material, though few of them will be primary.

Now we come to books on particular topics that nevertheless paint with a broad brush. These books are written for the layman and try to interpret a strand of history or a specific event in the light of a specific thesis or a particular point of view. These books have footnotes and include a lengthy biography. The authors know how to do research, but only a careful look at their arguments and footnotes will tell the reader what their agenda is. For these authors’ judgment is in matters historical. And for these of these authors, the past is full of fake news because they placed the fake news there themselves.

Next to last, there are secondary sources or scholarly works that interact with the original source documents and with one another. These books will tell the reader how we know what we know and how much of our knowledge is really certain. They will argue for particular interpretations while acknowledging rival theories. These books will contain lengthy quotations from the original sources, copious footnotes that allow the reader to trace the roots of the author’s argument, and an extensive biography of primary and secondary sources. These are real history books and this is where the fun begins for serious researchers.

Primary Source Documents

Finally, we come to primary source documents. Even here the reader must exercise caution. The only infallible historical document is Holy Scripture. It describes, with varying degrees of detail, the first four thousand years of human history, though its focus from the beginning is on God’s covenant people and, in particular, the genealogical line that leads to Christ. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Rome come into biblical history only as these empires interact with God’s people. Still, Scripture contains a consistent timeline that stretches from Creation to Christ and a wealth of information about the kingdoms and empires that surrounded and interacted with Israel. Some portions of Scripture, however, are easier to interpret than others, and the careful reader will compare his own reading with that of the best commentators. For example, the reader who finds a UFO in Ezekiel 1 is hard at work, imposing his expectations on Scripture, not reading the Bible to see what it actually says. Reliable commentaries would make this immediately apparent.

Records of legislation, edicts, decrees, court decisions, and treaties can usually tell us what kings, parliaments, and courts actually said publicly. The explanations of motive and intent contained in these legal documents may, of course, be mere propaganda. Even so, the documents reveal what lawmakers and judges thought would pass for good reasons.

More difficult to access but probably more reliable in the long run are account books, ledgers, business reports, and official statistics. These are the work of serious paper pushers who might fudge their expense accounts but will probably tell the truth about who bought what when or who married whom on what date at what chapel. Making sense of these sorts of records, however, requires a lot of diligence and patience or a degree in research or accounting.

Journals, diaries, and personal letters all suffer from the same limitation. People lie, even to themselves. While they may provide subtle insights or bring to light hidden facts, relationships, and agendas, they also cast the writer’s point of view on everything he or she writes about. These documents call for discretion and wisdom in the reader.

Contemporary newspaper articles add very little to our knowledge of history. They generally report what the major papers or news services are saying at the given time. The major media outlets, whether radio, TV, or print, have usually followed the lead of the Eastern Establishment—banking, Ivy league schools, liberal think-tanks, and tax-free foundations. But even without such influences, newspapers have always been plagued by what we now call “fake news.” For example, in 1835 the New York Sun ran a series of articles describing intelligent life on the moon. Newspaper sales went though the roof.

Photos, video and audio recordings have the same limitations as diaries and letters plus a few more. People lie on tape or in front of a camera as naturally as they do in writing. The TV/YouTube generations have an additional problem and it’s a whopper. They equate visual images with the truth. “I saw it with my own eyes!” the excited millennial exclaims. Of course, he didn’t really. He saw an edited product originally filmed over a matter of minutes or seconds and shot from a particular angle at a particular distance all designed to shape his perspective. The viewer has no way of knowing what happened before or after the taping or what might have stood just outside the camera’s frame or behind the subjects in the foreground. And, obviously, the viewer has no way of knowing how much the video has been edited or altered.

Finally, we can talk about biographies and autobiographies. Lying, of course, is a big part of the game. Some biographies are sheer political or religious propaganda. But now and then, an aging senator, diplomat, or spy will feel the need to come clean or blow the whistle on some of his old cronies. Once again, the reader should exercise caution and discretion.


Facts don’t interpret themselves. The historian collects and chooses his facts in terms of his own presuppositions. But he too is limited by his intelligence, naiveté, previous reading and education. This is as true of Christian writers as it is of secular scholars. An excellent first step toward understanding history, then, is a profoundly critical and suspicious nature. Men lie and men make mistakes. Many scholars are sloppy. They believe their own professors’ lectures and books without checking their facts. Christians blindly believe their pastors and pastors trust their seminary professors. On the other hand, a good historian won’t be so naive to trust every fact he comes upon blindly. A good historian should research, check, and double check before going to print.

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mothers Day

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10 things you probably didn't know about mothers day

Mothers day is one of the single biggest holidays in the world

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day? If you are like many Americans, you will gift your mom with a card and a present and maybe enjoy a meal out with her in a restaurant. According to a recent National Retail Federation (NRF) study, nearly 90 percent of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day this year, and they will spend about $180 per person doing it. Those numbers add up to a staggering $23.1 billion holiday. That said, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about mothers day.

Although Mother’s Day has become a huge money maker for retailers and restaurants, the day has humbler beginnings. Here are 10 things most people don’t know about the second Sunday in May.

1. Mother’s Day has its roots in Mothering Sunday, a centuries-old Christian tradition that is still celebrated in the United Kingdom and as well as other parts of Europe. Always held on the fourth Sunday in Lent, Mothering Sunday is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. Traditionally, parishioners return to visit their “mother” church that day, and children give their mothers flowers.

2. In 1870, poet Julia Ward Howe, best known for writing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” was the first person to propose an American Mother’s Day. Her heartfelt proclamation encouraged mothers to stand for world peace after the long, embittered Civil War. Although Howe organized events to honor mothers in and around Boston, her idea did not gain any real momentum.

3. Anna Reeves Jarvis, a mother of 13, is the person credited with getting an official Mother’s Day off the ground. First, she organized “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs” to teach women how to care for their children, and later she planned “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” a time for mothers to meet with Union and Confederate veterans. After Jarvis’s death in 1908, her daughter, Anna M. Jarvis, hosted a celebration to honor all mothers in the Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Later, she obtained financial support from Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker to host another, larger Mother’s Day event.

4. After years of lobbying to make Mother’s Day a national celebration, Jarvis and her supporters were able to convince President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 officially to proclaim the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Ironically, although her efforts brought recognition to many women, Jarvis never married or had children herself.

5. Here’s another irony. Jarvis campaigned in earnest to have the holiday rescinded after she saw the way it became commercialized. She failed in that effort.

6. Phone call volume increases about 11 percent on Mother’s Day with about 68 percent of survey respondents reporting that they call or text their Moms to wish them well on the holiday.

7. Mother’s Day tops all other holidays as the busiest day of the year for U.S. restaurants. Nearly 80 million adults enjoy a meal out with Mom on Mother’s Day, a whopping number that beats out the number of people who eat out on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

8. The floral industry also gears up big for Mother’s Day. Carnations became the symbol for Mother’s Day back in 1914, and florists began promoting the idea of wearing a red carnation in honor of a living mother or a white carnation in honor of one who is deceased. Although the carnation wearing tradition has waned, the idea of giving flowers on Mother’s Day has not. It beats out Valentine’s day in terms of flower sales with the NRF survey finding that 69 percent of Americans planned to buy flowers this year for the Moms in their lives.

9. In 2017, American spent $23.6 billion on Mother’s Day gifts. Here’s the breakdown: • jewelry — $5 billion • restaurant meals –$4.2 billion • flowers — $2.6 billion • greeting cards — $2.5 billion • clothes and accessories — $2.1 billion • electronics — $2 billion • luxury services (such as a manicure or a massage) — $1.9 billion.

10. Although traditions may vary from culture to culture, 94 countries currently celebrate the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. In Thailand, jasmine is the standard Mother’s Day gift, and, in Serbia, moms give treats and gifts to their children instead of the other way around. No matter how you choose to honor that special lady in your life, be sure to tell “mom” … in no uncertain terms … how much you appreciate all she does for you and your family. According to the 2017 Mother’s Day Index by Insure.com, the many household tasks most mothers routinely perform would be worth nearly $70,000 a year in a professional salary. And we all know that there is no way to put a monetary value on all her love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Corporate Social Media Behemoths are Systematically Censoring Independent Media

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How did you get started on your preparedness journey. Was it because of social media or the nightly news? Most people found their way on the path of preparedness through alternative media. This great bastion of hidden information has brought so many to the light. Without the shackles of large corporate sponsors these smaller outlets …

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Amazing Things A Mother Does Every Day

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Have you thought about all the amazing things a mother does every day? The title mother starts the minute you hold that baby, toddler, or child that you gave birth to or adopted. You may be an aunt who is just like a mother to a family member. You may not have wanted to have children of your own. We are different and that’s what makes life so interesting. Today is, in fact, Mother’s Day. I am a mother of four daughters. I remember being a young girl and I was a babysitter for the neighborhood. I was one of those girls that loved the kids and the money. I bought my own clothes or sewed them, that’s how it was when I grew up.

I worked hard and learned a lot as a young girl, thankfully from my own mother. Here’s the deal, I want to break a mother’s life into sections. I realize we all have different stories, but this is my story. You may or may not have done some of the things I have listed today. Life is good and I’m thankful I’m a mother.


Things A Mother Does

They hand you that beautiful baby, you count the toes and the fingers and check for dimples or whatever. You cuddle that baby, you may or may not have breastfed the baby. Nowadays, so many mothers are delivering their babies at home. Oh, how we are just like the pioneers once again. I had all four daughters in a hospital. Change is good, we are all different.

A typical day is to feed the baby, burp the baby, bathe the baby, change the diapers, rock the baby and hope the baby takes some good naps.

Now, in between all of the baby cuddling, you are learning to become a mother. The baby doesn’t come with instructions and believe me, I could have used some. You still have to do the following while holding a baby in your arms or on your hip as they get older. These are just a few of the things we as a mother may have done, or our mother did with us as children, and it continued until they moved out on their own.

  1. Laundry never ends.
  2. Cooking or baking never ends.
  3. Shopping for groceries is a must.
  4. A mother plans the menus and meals.
  5. We teach the children how to “set the table” correctly.
  6. We teach the children to clean up after themselves before they start another game or project.
  7. I will make bread in between all of this. You know, to save money. We will teach the kids to make bread.
  8. We will learn to budget our income and still be able to pay the bills and eat.
  9. Make doctor appointments for the new baby or children, as well as ourselves.
  10. Make dentist appointments to stay healthy.
  11. We may have church obligations of time and money.
  12. We will set an example by serving with a civic club.
  13. We will prepare the children for school or a trade school so they have a good life.
  14. Your husband is in school and you are typing reports for him while he works two jobs so you won’t have student loans.
  15. Make sure the kids are clean.
  16. Teach the children to have manners and respect others.
  17. They will learn not to slurp their soup or chew with their mouths open.
  18. Help with the PTA at school or homeschool your children.
  19. I love a clean house, and I mean I really do. It keeps me sane. I own it.
  20. Oh, you have a button missing, I will mend it. I am a mother.
  21. A mother will hug a child and sympathize if they have pain or need a band-aid.
  22. We get the children bathed and ready for bed.
  23. We tuck them in and read a bedtime story to them.
  24. We will sing songs with them.
  25. We teach them to pray.
  26. The children will learn from our example not to bully others.
  27. We teach them to vacuum, dust and clean out the refrigerator, to name a few things.
  28. We will teach them to be self-reliant and not depend on the government for assistance.
  29. We teach our children how to read before they start school.
  30. We will drive them to piano lessons, music lessons, dance lessons or sporting events.
  31. Vacations, oh, that’s the best part. We will wash, pack and organize the clothing for mom, dad, and the kids. We will pack the car with snacks, water and ask dad to get the car keys.
  32. We will help with last-minute requests for “projects” due tomorrow and it’s 10:30 P.M.
  33. A mother will teach her children to sew clothes or quilt.
  34. Gardens, we can’t forget the joy of growing your own food. Then we teach them to harvest and preserve it.
  35. Let’s not forget how to play, we will teach them that play is good.
  36. We get the children ready for picture day and family portraits.
  37. We teach them to love themselves. And others unconditionally.

Life as a mother is a treasure to me. I always wanted to be a mother. When the grandchildren came along, life became even better. Life is good for a family that loves one another. Life comes with trials, but we learn to deal with them. May God bless all the mothers to love themselves.

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