How To Use The Kelly Kettle Outside For Emergencies Or Camping

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This is for all my new readers, this is an awesome emergency stove or a great stove for camping! You probably know by now I have to know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with emergency preparedness. The Kelly Kettle can be used for camping, hiking and for an unforeseen emergency when we lose power.

Bingo…that works for me! It’s great when a product can be used in so many different situations.

Stainless Steel or Aluminum Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle comes in aluminum or stainless steel. I decided on the stainless steel. I prefer to buy something right the first time and not have to replace it down the road. I also wanted one that would be larger and serve a few more people. I decided on the Ultimate Stainless Scout Camp Kit. I am going to share with you how each part works. This is really the most reliable ultra fast camping kettle for the outdoors. It’s very light and extremely durable and works even in extreme weather conditions. No batteries…love it!

Kelly Kettle

No Propane, Gas or Liquid Fuel

Oh my gosh, I love that this does not need any propane, gas or liquid fuel. Place a few wads of newspaper in the bottom of the base unit. Next, I can scrounge for twigs, pine cones, etc. and start a small fire in the base with a match or fire starter. I went over to the golf course near my home and gathered up some pine cones from the ground. Yep, FREE fuel for this unit! Now I will be gathering pine cones on a regular basis to store in my garage. We added some dry branches and small leaves and the fire started so quickly!

Kelly Kettle Base

Double Walled Kelly Kettle Stove

Next you place the main double walled stove on the base as shown above. Here’s the deal, I could not figure out how this unit worked because I did not realize it had a double walled pitcher built in, so to speak. Yep, I get it now. The flue/chimney top  is at the top where you can add more twigs and pine cones. You can see the opening on the right side where you can add water.

Boil Water In Kelly Kettle

Boil 37.2 ounces of liquid in minutes

This Scout Kelly Kettle boils 1.1 liters (37.2 oz) in minutes. You can see how to lift the Kelly Kettle off the base with the handle at a 90-degree angle. You then set the unit on a flat surface and use the attached orange stopper (which should always be removed before lighting the kettle) to pour water in a pan or cup.

Kelly Kettle Orange Stopper

Ready To Cook With The Kelly Kettle

Now we are ready to cook. Kelly Kettle has a pan bracket that has two pieces and you hook them together and insert them into the chimney flue to set your pans on the top to start cooking your food.

Cooking In A Kelly Kettle

Finish Cooking On Grill

Snack Ramen at its best…I had a package and added it to the boiling water in the pan. Easy, peasy. The large Kelly Kettle cook set comes with a grill, pan, lid and a handle to lift the pan when cooking. You will remove the top double walled unit and place your mugs or pan to finish cooking or reheat your drinks.

Kelly Kettle Grill

Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove Accessory

Hobo Stove Accessory

Hobo Stove On Base

Kelly Hobo Stove Accessory

The Best Stainless Steel Cups with Silicone Lip Saver

Okay, I have never seen a silicone lip saver…just saying, this is the best thing I have ever seen for a hot cup to save your lips!

Kelly Kettle Cups Silicone Lips

Everything Stores In This Bag

Kelly Kettle Bag

I highly recommend one of these stoves for several reasons. It is compact and can be used year round. The fact that I can gather pine cones, twigs and leaves and my newspapers for fuel is a HUGE plus for me. Here’s to being prepared for the unexpected.

Dinner rolls by Linda

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