English Muffin Recipe

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I like baking a lot, do it almost every weekend and have tried to make English Muffins for a long time. I’ve tried at least a dozen recipes from the web including big-name chefs but they never turned out right like Thomas’. Its been very frustrating for me to continuously fail at such a simple thing!
In my sidebar I have a link to the “The Mobile Home Gourmet”. Dennis Viau, (and yes he does live in a trailer) is the home cook/baker, videographer and writer. He does very nice video work and perfect recipe writing. Last week he posted the recipe and a video of how to make the English Muffins. So yesterday, I made another attempt following his recipe and steps on the video. They turned out great, as close to commercially made muffins as you can get at home. Thank you Dennis for getting this monkey off my back!

One of the tricks to making these muffins is very, very long kneading and rising times, about 6 hours total! They are simply time-consuming to make. Never heard of his procedure before and probably is the reason mine always failed.

Link to the instructional video and recipe:

The photos below are from my first attempt of yesterdays baking the muffins. They turned out great, I’m now happy and will continue using his recipe.

A fork split muffin.