Christopher’s latest book: Foraging Idaho

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IMG_2211Some of you are aware that besides teaching classes, I have written several books. About 5 years ago, I started working for the Falcon Guides, and my latest is FORAGING IDAHO. It’s a great book, all color photos, and lots of information about Idaho and surrounding states. The book covers ferns to trees, roots to fruits, and the many introduced non-native plants. I had a lot of help with this book from some excellent botanists, and many excellent photographers.

Even actor Ed Begley Jr. wrote about the book: “Christopher Nyerges has been showing me how to forage for over 25 years, and now he brings that wisdom to a state I know and love — Idaho! This is a must-have for those interested in the bounty and wisdom of the land, wherever you live.”

I also wrote Foraging Oregon, and Foraging Washington, for the folks who live in the Pacific Northwest.

Closer to home, I wrote Foraging California, and Nuts and Berries of California.

There are other books too — you can see them on my web site: Guide to Wild foods and Useful Plants, Foraging Edible Wild Plants of North America, Extreme Simplicity, Self-Sufficient Home, How to Survive Anywhere, and others.

FORAGING IDAHO isn’t on my web site yet, but if you want to buy direct from me, you can send me a note and we’ll get one to you. Or just buy any of these books from Amazon. You won’t get an autograph if you buy from Amazon, but you’ll get it cheaper.