Quote of the Day: Rifle Lubrication

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Shot my first 3 gun match recently. Our group was mostly Army guys (a mix of active and retired guys) with a couple other dudes. One of the other guys said something about the lubrication of my rifle. It was pretty well lubed. Not dripping but there was a good heavy coat of oil on it.

Co Worker “Well you don’t have to do some heavy desert style lube job.”

Me “I always lube my rifle this way, and it works….” (The kid who had criticized my lube job was having issues with his AR)

Co Worker- Laughter

Seriously the DI AR platform runs like crazy when it is lubricated. It can be pretty darn dirty and if there is still a good coat of lube it will run just fine. Not all malfunctions with the AR platform come from a lack of lubrication but a lack of lubrication is usually present during said malfunctions. To quote John Mosby “Its like a woman, the wetter the better.”