Bugging OUT is for REAL

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I’ve written some articles in the past and shot some video related to bugging out, there are always the naysayers who scoff at the idea.  I think what needs to be understood is that the concept of bugging out needs to be kept in context, I’m not talking about some fantasy out of a prepper book where one narrowly avoids government opporession and with $200 of REI gear heads to the woodline to foster a community and live off the land.  Um….right.  What I AM talking about is the fire that’s burning approximately 2 miles from my location and the level 1 evacuation emergency that has just been put out by local officials.  Mostly likely this 2+ acre fire (which I believe was started by lightning) will be contained, I count 2 helicopters, 2 airplanes and who knows how many are on the ground currently.  Yet, there could be a real need to pick up and leave in a short amount of time, hence….a bugout.

Currently around the country there are many who have faced bugout situations, some on much shorter notice than others.  Hurricanes coming up through the center of the country, massive flooding on the east coast and oh by the way a volcanic eruption still ongoing in Hawaii.  Get your stuff, get out and you may or may not be able to come back to your home.  Decisions must be made, what’s important and what’s not, how much space and time do you really have.  Will roads be closed and are there alternate routes, where is the final destination and much more.  Having stated all that here are a few considerations I’ve come up with, this is not an all inclusive list.

Bugout Considerations

  • Tiered bugout strategy, by that I mean have a 1 day, 1 hour, 5 min strategy to get out.  This is all time driven.
  • Have essentials pre-staged or at least identified, know what you need to take…what you want to take…and what gets left behind.
  • Yet another reason why you never park your vehicle with less than 1/2 a tank of gas in it just in case
  • Talk through with your family what to do if everyone is home, everyone is not or you are split up
  • Rally point primary and alternate (where are you bugging out to)
  • Consider a safe deposit box at a local bank for critical documents just in case you are not home and can’t get out what you need
  • Rehearse and validate load plans, do all of those containers actually fit in the back of your SUV along with the dog(s) and other items?
  • Sign up via your smart phone for text alerts from local agencies, this is helpful in many instances

There are more considerations but those are just a few, please feel free to add your own in the comment section.  I think more than anything we just need to acknowledge that, driven mostly by natural events / distasters, the need to bugout could certainly arise and we mut be prepared.  I’m happy to report that in my instance the smoke seems to have died down but the planes and helo’s are stilly flying, hopefully it will be all contained in a few hours.