Hawaii — Underwater Debris Field Destabilized — No Support For Land Structure — And Now More Weight and Lubrication

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The first 2 quakes of this “volley” started far off shore and relatively deep.   This likely disturbed the THIS IS THE KEY POINT….the prior debris field that was stabilizing things, is disturbed and weakened.  
prior debris from the last Hilina Slump “slump off”.  
Geologists prior to this were claiming that the prior slump will prevent <link> or slow down another big Slump.     

Sure, unless of course some big EQ destabilizes the debris field and “re-liquifies” the rubble.   Which is exactly what happened.

I called for an even larger EQ— I was convinced enough that I alerted the authorities by phone.

My call for a very large EQ, was spot on.       A 5.6 (the largest of this sequence, they keep getting incrementally larger!) 

The quake happened about an hour later.   Damage reports have yet to come in, but this will likely spur greater fountains and flows.

This flow is already bigger than anything in 200 years, and regular people hear that “things are slowing down”.    MSM at it’s “best”.