3 Gun

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Shot my first 3 gun match. It was really fun. Its not particularly ‘tactical’ but its fun. Also the general theme of putting lead on targets faster/ more accurately is of obvious utility. It is good for pure gun handling. Also I found the rifle stuff to be a solid balance of close and intermediate ranges (we shot from roughly 10-200 meters) that is probably super realistic for actual practical defensive rifle stuff.

I was happy with pistol (actually really happy since I’ve been slacking on dry fire and range work) and rifle. Shotgun was better than I thought it would be but still by far the weakest link. Pump guns really aren’t the way to go for 3 gun. I could also stand to buy some dummy shells and practice reloading.

I am looking at getting a gamer shotgun. Probably a Stoeger M3K. It seems to be a really good option and at $600 ish I can afford one as a gamer gun with a secondary benefit of being a useful defensive weapon. Incidentally I would mention seeing real problems with a Mossberg semi auto (which a cursory google search says is fairly common) and a couple of Stoegers running like champs.

I really wish the AK style mag fed shotguns worked reliably in general and specifically with the kind of target loads I plan to shoot mostly. A Kalashnikov K 12 would be great but I have this phobia of unreliable guns.

My gear set up was pretty good as a concept. I want to solidify things. Related to that I plan to offer some stuff for sale to fund a Ronan Tactical belt and a couple of taco pouches. That should give me a good combo of practicality and usefulness for my new hobby.

Get out there and shoot.