Father’s Day Camping Trip Essentials

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Father’s Day (17 June), is just around the corner, so why not take your old man on a
weekend camping adventure and enjoy spending some quality time together.

June is the perfect time to go camping, with temperature milder than earlier in the year so
you can have a wonderful time in the great outdoors.

Plan the perfect Father’s Day camping trip with these top tips.

Choosing the right location

Location is everything when it comes to planning the perfect camping trip, so you’d be wise
to do your research first. Some tips for choosing a campsite include looking for flat, dry land,
somewhere that offers shelter and avoiding being too near the water. It’s better to choose a
location you’re familiar with or ask friends and family for recommendations to ensure you
choose somewhere suitable.

Bring the essentials

Camping requires a lot of gear, so if you’re going to do things right, make sure you take all of
the essentials with you. At the very least, you’re going to need a weatherproof tent, sleeping
bags, and pitching supplies, as well as something to eat/cook with. If you’re going
somewhere particularly off the beaten track and a bit wild, then make sure you’ve got some
survival gear packed. Take sturdy walking shoes and plenty of weatherproof clothing to help
you battle any weather or dips in temperature that come your way.

Plan some activities

What will you do on your camping trip? While it’s nice to spend time together, you could both
find yourselves a bit bored after a few hours. Does your father have an interest in hunting or
fishing? That can be a great way to spend the weekend. Activities like hunting will require
some extra equipment, so why not surprise him with binoculars or other gifts as a precursor
to your trip? A good hike is another way to enjoy being outdoors together, and make sure
you take your camera to capture those great views.

Eating and drinking

You’re going to need to eat and drink during your trip, so it’s worth thinking in advance about
what you’re going to need to take with you. If you’re willing to carry a cool box, you can enjoy
a barbecue on your first day as well as some chilled beers, while cans are also good for
taking with you. You’ll be surprised at the different things you can cook on a camping trip, so
take a look and pack some easy-to-cook items. It’s better to take too much food than not
enough, as being hungry will only make you irritable!

Enjoy quality time together

If you live away from home or you don’t get the chance to spend much quality time with your
father, this can be a great way for you to both reconnect. Now will be the perfect opportunity
to get advice on everything from work to relationships as well as to find out more about
what’s going on in your father’s life. It’s easy to forget that our parents don’t always have the
answers, and might need some advice from time to time too. Use the time you have together
to bond and develop some great memories, you’ll be glad you did when camping becomes
more difficult.

Room for a four-legged friend?

Dogs make great companions for camping trips, so why not bring yours along for the ride?
They’ll keep you company and can be good to have around for hunting or fishing, while also
giving them some beneficial outdoor exercise. This is an idea that’s best kept for trained
dogs, so if yours is a bit on the wild side, they might have to sit this one out.

Let people know where you are

Heading out into the wilderness for the weekend is a fun way to spend time together, but you
have to remember to put safety first. Make sure you let people back home know where you
are and check in regularly with them. Cell service can be patchy in the mountains, to say the
least, so take a GPS system with you in case you get lost or there’s an emergency.

Father’s Day is a fantastic day for celebrating your dad and thanking him for everything he’s
done. Now that you’re older, and even maybe a parent yourself, you can appreciate him a lot
more and enjoy doing more together. Plan a great camping trip to trip for your father and
enjoy spending quality time together this Father’s Day.

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