Volcano Update — June 7 — Calm Period — Just 18 EQ>2.5 Since the Predicted 5.6 at 4PM Yesterday

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Yesterday I emphasized the now clear patterns of swarms of small quakes preceding a big Quake, rather then the small 2.5’s releasing energy, and preventing a “big one”, they are a great signal to an upcoming “big one”

I also “discovered” something that NO ONE has talked about.    After the initial massive 6.9 EQ just barely off the shore, the 2 subsequent big EQ were not in the volcano but in the deep ocean debris field from the last Slump.   See yesterdays post for that, but it is very significant.

A disturbance of the debris field, can lead to a larger Slump, which in the recent past (1975 for one)

has caused 60′ Tsunami, nothing to laugh at.    The Tohoku Earthquake that caused Fukushima was smaller, but admittedly quite a bit wider than these “small slumps”.  

A Big Slump could cause a Tsunami of 1000′, almost hard to picture, and even after hours of research, I found no way to model it’s dispersion or land entry penetration depending on location and local bathymetry.

So after i predicted a “big one”, a 5.6 hit an hour later.   Since then, 19 hours ago, there have only been 18 EQ>2.5/19H.    A calm period.    Before the next storm……..

Kilauea Crater saw significant collapse.   See Image.


Big Emotional Toll on Those Affected  — One of the Things is “Inability to Forecast”