Free Form Friday- Travel, Get One Gun Right and Ammo

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Travel- I think travel is a good thing. It broadens the mind and gives perspective. Americans travel very little compared to other affluent countries. In part because we travel more within our country because it is awesome and huge but also because we seem to be a xenophobic bunch and just stay here. I think that is probably not a good thing for our country.

If you pay some attention to the news, apply common sense about where you go and take basic stuff with you I do not think we need to forgo travel in order to be prepared. If you don’t want to travel or travel anymore, that is fine. What I am saying is that if you want to travel assuming you don’t have really stupid ideas like backpacking in Syria/ Afghanistan then you can go on the trips you want without excessive worry.

I have a post on travel related preparations in mind.

It is important to get things at least relatively squared away for one gun before running out and getting another. The reason is that once you get the new one the focus will shift away from the other one; which will make it even less likely that you get it sorted out in a timely manner. It is important and I suck at doing it. Not saying you need to have every accessory in the world a hundred mags and 10,000 rounds of ammo but getting the gun operational with basic necessary accessories sights if applicable, sling, holster and some sort of initial amount of mags n ammo is prudent. I am trying to get better.

This was brought to light recently in a conversation with a buddy. He isn’t a full on survivalist but has some of those tendencies. In the same conversation (we were talking shooting) he mentioned needing to finish a 1/4 built AR and also that he had like 100 rds of 5.56 for the AR he has and a couple mags worth of ammo for his Glock. I tried to get him to focus on putting back at least a bit more ammo before attacking the project.

That brings us to ammo levels. The folks at American Partisan did a post on that. It was good.

Begin tangent
If you looked at preparedness and the not exactly militia but “III” crowd the circles are definitely concentric. I am solidly on the preparedness side. I am ambivalent about the “III” thing for a few reasons not worth going into. There are some decent folks there but its not my scene. In any case when the folks in the Ven diagram overlap between preparedness and “III” want to talk preparedness stuff I am more than happy to participate.
End tangent

That got me to thinking about combat loads as well as amounts of mags and ammo I consider adequate. It made me go back and rethink the numbers I have been using. I will write about this soon. You may or may not care what Ryan thinks is adequate but showing the process of my thinking may bring value.