Combat Loads, Mags n Ammo Stashes

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For a pretty long time I used the following as my standards:
Fighting rifle- 3k
Fighting pistol- 1 k

Rifle- 20
Pistol- 10

A recent post at American Partisan got me to thinking about this topic.

In terms of magazines the numbers I gave above are kinda high by many peoples standards.

Basically they are 3x combat loads albeit rounded to even numbers. I figure one to be using, one to replace them and one for charity/ barter. So 3 combat loads of 3 magazines is 9 which I will round to 10 because its easy. 3 combat loads of 7 magazines is 21 which I round to 20. I round these type of things to get to an easy to remember number and maybe because I am a bit OCD.

Magazines are the weak link in the firearm chain in a couple ways. First that they wear out fairly often and honestly most failures in semi automatic weapons come from magazine issues followed shortly by lack of lubrication (particularly in the AR platform which needs to be lubricated heavier than most guns). Second magazines can and have been targeted successfully by anti gun types. I grew up as a gun owner during a magazine ban that made standard magazines very expensive. I remember  a buddy had ONE standard capacity factory Glock mag which he paid like $150 for (in 2002 dollars). Thankfully that ban passed. Once President Obama was elected I was concerned about gun bans and swore to myself I would do my best to avoid getting caught short. So I went long on magazines.

I figure 10 pistol mags is a good number. For rifle mags I stock, or try to stock, 20 per rifle.

If a person who is a bit less cautious about these things or shorter on resources said they were going to go with 2 combat loads instead of 3, so 6 pistol mags and 14 rifle mags, I wouldn’t really have any issue with that.

Other guns: I would probably cut these numbers in half for non core weapons. The plinker .22, your hunting rifle, the baby .380 CCW gun, etc. 5 or so mags is probably plenty for these guns. Though I have gone considerably longer for my 10/22

In terms of ammo I have done some thinking over recent years. One issue about my previous planning I failed to consider was training ammo. Ammo to keep skills up, test fire guns, zero new optics, etc all. So I got to rethinking my ammo numbers. Here is what I am thinking now.

Emergency Ammo- Lives in a box with a glass door that says “Open in case of Emergency”.

10 combat loads per gun albeit rounded to even numbers to make things easy. So that means 500 rounds of pistol ammo and 2,000 rounds of rifle ammo. PER GUN.

If a person said they were going to cut those numbers in half they would be fine in all but the darkest situations.

Other guns: I don’t necessarily have a strong opinion here. I like lot of .22 ammo on hand. A couple hundred rounds of good defensive ammo is a decent situation for a shotgun but 500 is better. Several boxes of ammo for a hunting rifle (that you don’t immediately rely on for defense IE you have an AR/AK and a hunting rifle) is decent but a 1-2 dozen boxes would be better.

Training ammo:
My goal is to have a years training ammo on hand. So if there was a shortage now I could train normally and replace it in 3/4/6/8 months when things go back to normal. Sandy Hook and that gun/ ammo crisis showed us it might take awhile for things to get back to normal.

In the last year I have probably shot 2,000 rounds of 9mm and 1,000 rounds of 5.56.

So what would this look like. Lets go through a hypothetical setup for one guy:
Pistols- 2
Emergency ammo-1,000 rounds (JHP)
Training ammo- 1,000 rounds (plinker FMJ)

Rifles- 2
Emergency ammo- 4,000 rounds
Training ammo- 1,000 rounds
Mags- 40

Various thoughts:
As I think about this my personal stockage goals have gone down a little bit per gun but I separated training ammo into a dedicated separate stash. So the total amount of ammo I would want to keep on hand really hasn’t changed much.

For a person like me who stocks magazines fairly deep we need to consider not only the cost of a gun but the cost of magazines. The price difference between a Glock 19 and say a HK VP9 or Sig 320 might be negligible but their mags could easily be 2-3x as expensive. Ditto say an oddball rifle like a Galil or Valumet vs an AR/ AK.

Mag pouches, slings/ holsters, cleaning kits, etc are also important. Spare parts are also important. All of this would be a good post for another day as I am working through this topic.

Ammo that is not loaded into mags currently should be stored in airtight ammo cans. I’m a big fan of surplus military ammo cans.

I would really recommend people get a gun fully squared away before they get another one. Also if you happen to exceed or even double the ammo counts that would be just fine. Consider using caches for excess.

So that’s what I am feeling on that topic today. You might disagree with me but I think you could use similar intentional thinking to get to numbers that suit your needs.


Sow True Seed Company

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This year’s Green Bell Peppers are doing exceptionally well. I’m growing the biggest in size and quantity, including my jalapeño peppers. They were both seedlings purchased from Walmart (Bonnie Plants) because I ran out of time and couldn’t start my own seedlings in time. Where I live I have to have seedlings in the ground by March 15th otherwise it will be 90+f around harvesting time and the suns heat brings out the bugs and the bugs eat the plants before maturity.

Every Prepper should at least know the basics of growing veggies even if just 3 or 4 plants. You need the hands-on experience should the day come (and it’s coming) when you must grow veggies to augment the limited amount of food available from your supermarket. If living in an apartment or condo that has a balcony or patio you can have 8 maybe 10, 5-gallon buckets outside and grow whatever you like and it’s healthy to eat because you grew it! You control all the pesticides, you control the type of fertilizer used, and you avoid ‘GMO’ seeds/food.

During the early days of preparedness, it seemed everyone was selling Prepper Garden Seeds for a Year in a Can. I know for a fact that some of these people were buying 55-gallon drums of seeds then repackage and sell them to the Preppers. I suspect these seeds came from China or other places of suspect quality, so I avoided them entirely.

Normally, I would buy my seeds from, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Johnny’s, and Burpee. Over the years I noticed that I would get some poor performing plants, some not even producing any veggies like one year I had 5 tomato plants growing and not one tomato was produced off the five plants! That told me I needed to find a small and dedicated seed source.

Thanks to Leigh at had her seed source linked in an article she wrote a couple days ago about her sweet potatoes. Thank you, Leigh! The company she used is, “Sow True Seed”:

Here’s a video tour of the company:

This company is simply impressive! Very clean, neat, organized and they even have a giant, I mean giant walk-in refrigerator/cooler to hold the seeds at 50f while waiting to be packaged and sold. I intend to use them for my fall and spring planting.

Company Comments:

“We are a small dedicated staff committed to providing high quality, open-pollinated seeds in support of sustainable food production and regenerative agriculture.”

“Sow True Seed was created to preserve our shared botanical heritage and grow a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. We support independent, regional agricultural initiatives that foster a vibrant, sustainable economy, and true food sovereignty.

Based in the glorious mountains of Western North Carolina – home to a temperate rain forest and one of the most biologically diverse areas of North America – We are proud to work with farmers in our Katuah Bioregion who ensure the survival of heirloom varieties that would otherwise become extinct.

Thank you for growing with us!”

Make a Small Draw Knife

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If you are headed to the woods to secure your survival you better be prepared to manipulate the natural world and its resources. you have to be able to make things into new things. You better bring some sharpened metal. These are very important things to consider when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. …

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Best Food Dehydrator: Picking The Right One For Your Needs

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The post Best Food Dehydrator: Picking The Right One For Your Needs is by Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

I remember my delight when I found a roadside fruit stand that was just overloaded with fresh, rich peaches. All of them were perfectly ripe and ready to eat right now. But peaches spoil quickly, and that’s why you need the best food dehydrator you can get. We all love fruit and vegetables in season!  … Read more

The post Best Food Dehydrator: Picking The Right One For Your Needs is by Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

Mail forwarding

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Received a letter in snail mail from someone asking me to pass it on to someone else. Since I’ve no way to let them know I received their letter and carried out their wishes (and to thank them for their generosity), I’m making this post.

Message received, secondary message forwarded. Thanks!

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106 EQ over 4.0 in 100 years.  
8 of them just in the last few months.

Hmmmmm  are GCR’s nucleating gases in the Magma?

Back to Hawaii — We are in uncharted territory.    Rumors of FEMA ships to rescue after a huge

disaster.   The Hilina Slump has in the last century, created 60′ Tsunamis locally that threw 9 foot Tsunamis at parts of California.     What would a 1000′ Tsunami do to California, say being 150′ hitting California.  

Biggest Swarm so far this “event” 178 EQ and then a 5.2, followed by some pretty rapid aftershocks.


And some conspiracy stuff here — Satanism

Getting Caught Off-Grid

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Getting Caught Off-Grid
Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below!

In the following player we are discussing the reality of the electric grid going down and a personal story about me being somewhat caught off-guard. I have been on vacation with my family this past week in the North Georgia area with Tropical Storm Alberto coming through. So, like a good little prepper, I packed a small propane stove, my EDC, my camping cook set, and a family size battery powered lantern.

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TSA searches 96-year-old woman in wheelchair in viral video, sparking outrage

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Many are livid over a now-viral video of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials patting down a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair at Washington Dulles International Airport in a six-minute screening being described as “totally disgusting” and “uncalled for” on Facebook.

On May 15, Jeanne LaBrier Clarkson shared the six-minute clip to the social network of her nonagenarian mother, Evelyn LaBrier, being screened in her wheelchair by two female TSA security agents at the Virginia airport. Clarkson, LaBrier and Clarkson’s fiancé were traveling home to Anderson, Indiana after visiting Clarkson’s son in Maryland, CBS News reports.

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Crime Wave In London As 90% of Knifepoint Robberies Go Unsolved

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The new statistics, from London’s Metropolitan Police force, shows there was a fall in all cases of knife crime successfully investigated in the capital last year, as the number of recorded attacks shot up.

The so-called “sanction-detection rate” for knife robbery crimes, those that end in some form of sanction or conviction, has been falling since 2015, with Mr. Khan taking over in early 2016.

In 2015, 32 percent of cases of violence against the person involved a knife was acted on, dropping to 27 percent in 2016, and 23 percent in 2017, a Freedom of Information request by Conservative London Assembly Members (AM) revealed.

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Patriots’ Prayers for 6-10-2018

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What is wrong with America goes well beyond politics & economics. It is a spiritual sickness which infects the USA. No politician, no election, no piece of legislation, will cure spiritual sickness. We must appeal to a Higher Authority for that kind of healing. Please join me each Sunday this summer in praying for America*.

Patriots’ Prayers for 6-10-2018

We are to pray for our government and our leaders. In 1 Timothy 2:1-4, Paul writes “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and [c]reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” 

Therefore, I ask you to join me this week in praying for our government leaders – that God direct them in all things according to His ways and His will.

Prayer for This Week: Heavenly Father,  save and have mercy upon all leaders, politicians and civil authorities of this world and our nation. I especially hold up to You President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and all members of their Administration; Chief Justice Roberts and all members of the Supreme Court, as well as all federal, state, and local judges; Speaker Ryan and all members of the House of Representatives; Majority Leader McConnell and all members of the Senate; as well as all Governors, state legislators and local authorities. Grant them all wisdom and courage in their duties and decisions. Block any and all plots, schemes and ambitions that run counter to Your good and perfect will or that threaten the unalienable rights you have given to us. In all things, may we and our leaders always follow Your ways above worldly ways. In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Additional Prayers: 

  • Grant, O Lord, blessings and mercies to all current members of our armed forces. Protect them and keep them safe. Likewise, bless and have mercy on our veterans. Watch over them and provide for their needs.
  • Bless, O Lord, and have mercy on those who serve as police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other first responders. Watch over them, protect them and give them wisdom, courage, and strength in their duties.
  • Remember, O Lord, and have mercy upon the whole clergy of Your Church in America and abroad. Grant them the wisdom and courage needed to boldly preach Your Word and to do Your will during these perilous times. 

 In the Name of our Lord, Our Savior, and our God, Jesus the Messiah, we pray these and all prayers. Amen.

* Supporting Verse for Patriots’ Prayers:If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.–2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)

Video Version:


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Hands On: Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander 45ACP

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How much thought have you given to your survival weapons of choice. The firearms that you have on hand are likely to be the ones that take care of you in the worst times. They should be well taken care of and effective. Now, before you go off the handle and start buying guns and …

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As Russia-Gate Evaporates Liberals To Say Trump A Chinese Agent?

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trump a chinese agent

Is Trump a Chinese agent? What are his connections to Treadstone?

A prominent liberal author and New York Times columnist had attempted to brand President Donald J. Trump as a Chinese agent. Interestingly, Thomas L. Friedman was serious when he wrote a column entitled “Trump is a Chinese Agent” on March 29, 2017.

Since it was written last year, Friedman’s column was apparently not part of a vast liberal conspiracy. Nor was it an attempt at satire. Instead, Friedman honestly seems to believe that Trump is working for Beijing.

Is Trump a Chinese Agent?

Friedman’s theory is that Trump helped China by taking America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a trade agreement that many liberals opposed. Friedman believes that the 12 nation TPP benefited America because it excluded China.
Trump also helped China by taking the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Friedman claimed. He believes that Trump’s refusal to believe in global warming is part of a greater Chinese conspiracy.
Friedman also believes that Trump’s pro-fossil fuels agenda will make America dependent on China for green energy. And last but certainly not least… Friedman claims that Trump policies of proposing cuts to State Department budgets for the purposes of limiting immigration will help China, but he does not say how.

Liberals Will Attempt To Brand Trump A Chinese Agent

Million Dollar Question: What liberals will do when the “Trump-Putin Partnership” conspiracy fades to black? If you’re curious, take a good look at Friedman’s column. The claims about Trump might not be accurate, but the column itself is probably a prophetic picture of the next wave of liberal anti-Trump propaganda.

Expect to see new and improved efforts by desperate liberals to brand Trump a Chinese agent as the 2018 Congressional election and 2020 Presidential elections approach. Many of these liberals are likely to follow Friedman’s lead as the Mueller investigation begins to look and feel more like a roadside freak show.

What is most interesting is that Friedman admitted the Russia investigation was a “smoke-screen” last year. He believed there was nothing to Russia Gate back then.
Trump supporters had better get ready to be branded traitors and Chinese stooges as well.  Liberals will not stop demonizing just because Russia Gate evaporates. They’ll just change the narrative to link the President to another foreign power.
One has to wonder if the media and the American people will believe liberal efforts to brand Trump a Chinese agent. I’m pretty sure he has a “Jason Bourne” passport. Perhaps Trump was really behind Treadstone and Black-Briar. Who knows … only time.



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11 Gross Animals You Can Eat in a Survival Situation

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One of those strange but deep realities about survival is that you might find yourself in a dense wood fertile soil and be surrounded by food. However, it could be food that is less desirable to you than a warm roasted squirrel. To some that might even sound like a bad idea. Still, we have …

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Growing Loofah For Food And Sponges

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Did you know that loofah gourds taste just like zucchini when they’re picked young? And when they mature, they make wonderful natural sponges you can use to clean around the house. Many of us used one of these sponges at one time or another without knowing you can grow your own in the backyard garden. …

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Prime Locations for Post-Disaster Salvage

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We live in a metal world. There is no reason why you shouldn’t at least have some interest in all that metal that cakes our planet. We have salvage and scarp yards piled to the sky and we have buildings made of metals and other resources that are built into the heavens. Survival is a …

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FBI RUSSIA WARNING: Russian-Linked Malware Threatens Home Routers

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We are already headlong into a cyber war with Russia. We may not see the president get infront of a podium and call it such but we are at war with Chinese and Russian hackers. That is a tremendous thing to wrap your head around. While we have so many things to concern ourselves with …

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Make Your Home Impenetrable Even During Power Outages

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Make Your Home Impenetrable

It’s possible to make your home impenetrable with a few simple tactics.

Would you like to make your home impenetrable without using any electricity at all?

If so this may be one of the most important articles you may ever read.

Fortification and security are constantly on the mind of people who prep, who carry a weapon and care for the safety and security of their families.

The world is not a nice place, and that’s been proven over and over. Home invasions are violent and rapid crimes, and expecting the police to save you is wishful thinking at best and downright irresponsible at worst.

In New Jersey a while back, a woman was savagely beaten in front of her 3-year-old daughter in an incident that was caught on a nanny cam. And in Detroit this year, a woman defended her family with a Hi-Point carbine from three home invaders.

And these examples were during the rule of law. Imagine the level of violence during a crisis or disaster scenario, after the rule of law collapses and there’s no electricity. The mere fact one is prepared means a lot. As preppers, we are in many ways painting a target on our back. Even if our OPSEC (operational security) isn’t violated people may begin to wonder why we seem to be doing so well.

Make Your Own Home Impenetrable By Securing Your Doors

The vast majority of houses are easy to get into because locks only keep honest people out. Ripping or kicking down a door isn’t extremely hard. During my time in the Marines, our 0351 Assault men were capable of breaching nearly anything, with shotguns, sledgehammers and hooligan tools. The size of the doors didn’t matter; guys who were 5-foot-4 and 120 pounds soaking wet could peel doors down with a hooligan tool. A slow breach took less than a minute.

While anything can be breached, sieged, burned down or starved out, what we can do is take precautions to make our homes less desirable targets.

Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Home And Family Safe.

The first and probably most expensive thing one should do is take a firm look at their door. Does it have awesome windows that let in a full spectrum of light? It won’t look nice smashed on your floor with an arm sticking through it, unlocking your door. Big windows on doors are a no-go. The second problem is that anyone can see you coming, and gauge you.

Windows on doors should be left to the very top, something that can be ducked under and avoided, and something that no one can reach through. A nice solid wood door is expensive, but it much harder to break down than a light aluminum door.


Make Your Home Impenetrable By Keeping The Bad Guys Far Away

Deterrence at the farthest distance possible is your best bet. Lights are one of the best deterrents available and are very affordable. Lights equipped with motion sensors are even better. It’s a simple fact that people doing bad things prefer to do them in the dark. At the least, a good and bright light in front of your home’s door will raise the eyebrows of most thieves.

Reinforcing windows is also important and doesn’t require bars or steel shutters. Both these have the potential to lock someone in, as much as they have of locking someone out. A company called 3M produces a security film for your windows, making them shatterproof and difficult to break. Imagine covering your window with duct tape, from the bottom to the top, and trying to break it. The tape would hold the glass together, and these security films do the same. They won’t make your windows tough as steel, but they’ll stop someone long enough to receive a load of buckshot.

Story continues below video

Now after a disaster or crisis your options for security and necessity for home security increase tenfold. If you live in the burbs your neighbor may give you an odd look when you set up barbwire obstacles. Oh yes, barb wire — God’s gift to pain and security.

I Sure Love Barb Wire!

A roll of barb wire is compact and only costs about a hundred bucks. Building a barricade with barb wire is easy. All you need is some wire, some boards, staple nails and a hammer. Nail the boards into an X shape and connect the X with a longboard, about five foot or so. Next run barb wire from the four edges of the X-shaped board. You can add more wire if you choose and either tie off or staple nail it from leg to leg. This forms a barrier that can be high enough that jumping it is difficult and low enough where crawling is impossible. The barriers can be combined with one another to make a fence capable of being adjusted and adapted to different needs.

Make Your Home Impenetrable By Building A Simple Alarm System

It’s possible the power is going to be long gone in a disaster situation, so your lights aren’t going to be effective. (Unless, of course, you have a backup generator.) Stoking a fire all night for the little light it provides will be both time-consuming and wasteful. A better bet is to rig an alarm system. Now how hard is an alarm system to build? It’s easy and can be made with a bit of junk and some paracord.

The junk can be tin cans, coins, marbles, soda cans, or ball bearings. Using coins or even BBs in the can creates the potential for quite the racket. Now rigged to some paracord (550 cord) and strategically placed, these can create a racket. Outside of the noise giving a heads up you can also locate your intruder, and prepare to engage the threat. Most will probably panic when the sound of the cans go off.

The best bet is to place these in a mixture of low and high and attach them to thin trees and plants. If these plants are hit they will make the cans go off.

An alternative trap is one sold that is used with twelve gauge blanks. This is a tripwire trap, that when it fires the twelve gauge blank and creates a heck of an alarm. Using live rounds will not be effective, and will destroy the trap, as well as being illegal.

Make Your Home Impenetrable By Playing Offence

Of course, the best defense is a good offense. In order to make your home impenetrable you need to be able to engage your target before or during their attempt to penetrate your home will stop you from being placed in danger. This, of course, means firearms. Being trained, ready and armed will do a lot to keep you alive.

In all reality, a combination of both defensive and offensive will keep you ready for anything. Your defensive preparations should be thought of as a delay for a determined attacker. For most, though, they will make you a hard, and therefore an undesirable target.

These are just a few suggestions. One can always board everything up and be fine. Everyone will have their own needs and abilities to fortify their house. Take careful examination and take stock of your situation. My situation is different than yours, and you’re different from your friends, so one guide is not enough for every situation. Stay safe.

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Saving space

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So youre a somewhat serious survivalist and you’ve come to the conclusion that a few medical supplies might not be a bad idea to stash back for the day the hospitals are overwhelmed and supplies are short. Off to eBay you go. And you realize that for the price of, say, two boxes of band aids at the local supermarket you can buy an entire case of 2,500 band aids from eBay vendors. Good band aids, too…not made in China crap. Same for gauze, pads, tape, etc, etc.

And then you realize that while 2,000 packages of 4×4 gauze might be useful after the apocalypse, until that time apocalypse happens it sure takes up a lot of room.

Thats pretty much what happened to me. As I was rearranging things the other week it occurred to me that the bulkier first aid supplies took up a lot of room. Not because they were bulky on their own, necessarily…but rather because there was so much of it.

Since I had the vacuum sealer out, I figured that perhaps vacuum sealing some of these items might cut down the space they took up, in addition to providing a lovely level of protection.

How much space? Well, lets grab a couple boxes of 3×8 non-adherent dressings and check…

So there’s a full box of dressings. Fifty per. Let’s see how they stack up…
One stack of fifty compresses down to a rather significantly smaller package.

So after a few hours I compared ‘before and after’. For example, the original box that held 18 ABD pads now held 35. That’s about a 50% savings in space and a thousand percent increase in protection from environmental factors.

The end of this long story is that I managed to clear off almost an entire shelf’s worth of supplies and compact them down to fit into one large plastic tub…and in the process add a layer of survivability to the packaging. (Everything was packaged in paper envelopes, like you get a band aid in, so there wasn’t exactly a tremendous amount of resistance to humidity, moisture, dust, dirt, etc, going on there.)

Do I ever think there’s going to be a time in my existence I need 50 rolls of rolled gauze? Man, I hope not. But once you divvy everything up between your primary location, the Beta Site, first aid kits, vehicles, etc, you can wind up going through quite a bit of stuff.

My first go-to for eBay medial stuff is these guys. After that, it’s just a matter of knowing the SKU or product number of what youre looking for and searching eBay. Oh…and having one of these.


Registered Gun Owners Can Now Be Spotted And Single Out By New “Recognition Software”

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registered gun owners

Registered gun owners should know this new software is for them.

New surveillance systems that can recognize a person’s face and report that person to police will soon be everywhere. Registered gun owners should also know that this new “recognition software” could have special implications for them. The new software would enable police to identify wanted fugitives or persons on watch lists, ZDNet reported. Such software might also identify persons on a no-fly list and alert the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) if they walked into an airport or train station.

The software called NeoFace is being tested via TV cameras in the nation of Georgia. Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is testing NeoFace through 400 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in major cities. The Ministry plans to deploy tens of thousands of CCTV cameras equipped with NeoFace through its “Safe City, Safe Region, Safe Country Program.”

Police in Australia have also started testing NeoFace. Since 2016, at least two Australian states, South Australia and the Northern Territory, have adopted the technology. The hope is to identify fugitives, identify crime suspects and locate missing children. Similar technology is being deployed at airports down under through the Vision Box Australia program.

New Software Can Spot Registered Gun Owners

The dangers of such technology are obvious. Hitler would have been impressed I’m sure. Nazi Germany could have used the software to spot Jews, Gypsies, people with dark skin and whoever else.  Cameras and the new software can also be used to detect men with beards. This could mean persons that appear Arabic.  But it also would include millions of others including former U.S. Presidents like Grant and Lincoln since 13 of them have beards and or mustaches. But there’s more than just facial technology at play. Persons wearing certain kinds of clothing, or individuals with certain haircuts could be singled out for special attention by police.

There is a huge Second Amendment danger here as well.  That’s because software like NeoFace will be programmed to spot registered gun owners.  It can then single them out for searches by police. Sort of a high-tech version of New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” policy in which cops allegedly searched all young men for illegal weapons.

A frightening use of NeoFace would be to prevent registered gun owners from flying on airliners, riding public transportation, or taking trains. Another disturbing use of the technology would be to exclude gun owners from public places like malls, government offices, schools, supermarkets, banks, and churches. Individuals might be forced to give up their guns in order to keep their job.  Even buying food might require individuals to “pass” a facial recognition test to make sure you don’t own a gun or homeschool your kids.

Surveillance at the Bank

A diabolical new use of NeoFace is already being tested at the Holland Village branch of the OCBC Bank in Singapore.
CCTV cameras identify customers as soon as they enter the bank and gather information about the customer’s behavior, ZDNet reported. OCBC claims that the cameras will only be used to identify high-income customers to signal them out for extra service.
Such technology can also be used to signal out lower-income customers. Example: If an individual owed the bank or a utility company money and tried to cash a paycheck, NeoFace can “recognize” him and automatically seize the funds owed from the check. Bank employees will direct security to remove persons with low Credit Scores once NeoFace spots them.

Protecting yourself from surveillance solutions like NeoFace is going to be difficult. Disguises like wigs, false beards, scarves, headdresses, makeup, etc., might beat the system.  But NeoFace technology can be programmed to adjust. Perhaps in the future, we’ll all have to wear new masks each day.

Technologies like NeoFace should be a wake-up call for sleepy Americans.  It should demonstrate to all of us why it is so important to know the Constitution. It should also provide the motivation to continue to fight for the rights specified in it.

Bottom Line: Big government and big business can now single us out in public.  This includes registered gun owners. This is one of the most dangerous applications of  “recognition software” imaginable.

Biblical Takeaway: As a nation forgets God, the concept or doctrine of omniscience doesn’t go away. It simply shifts from God to the state. Unlike the state, the God of the Bible never changes. With Him, omniscience is a blessing. When the state attempts to assume His attributes, life on earth becomes an Orwellian living hell.

You might also want to read: Priorities And Providence 

If you have any comments on our Orwellian future, I’d love to hear them.

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Power Plants And Power Grid Still Unreliable Despite New Trump Plan

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power plants

Summer electrical demands may still overwhelm the power grid according to industry experts.

America’s power plants and the power grid is still vulnerable despite President Trump’s new efforts to shore it up. Households without sources of backup electricity might find themselves in the dark this summer in some regions of the U.S.

“Impending retirements of fuel-secure power facilities are leading a rapid depletion of a critical part of our nation’s energy mix, and impacting the resilience of our power grid,” a Trump administration announcement stated. “Fuel secure” is how the administration describes coal and nuclear power plants that are being retired.

One coal-fired power plant has closed every 15 days since Trump was elected, Forbes contributor Silvio Marcacci estimated. Most of those plants closed because they were more expensive than natural gas burning plants.

Texas alone has lost 4.5 Gigawatts (4.5 billion watts) of electric generation in the past few years. That according to electric industry expert Terry Jarrett. Jarrett, a previous member of the Missouri Public Service Commission, is worried America is not producing enough electricity.

California might face a natural gas shortage that will lead to blackouts this summer. The American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is predicting a hot weather-induced power shortage.  Aliso Canyon, the critical natural gas storage facility outside Los Angeles has been down because of an accident in 2016. Summer power shortages and blackouts are also predicted for Texas.


Power Plants Using Coal Can Help

“Without the resilience of coal plants… the eastern United States would have suffered severe electricity shortages, likely leading to widespread blackouts,” a U.S. Department of Energy study found. Coal-burning power plants still account for around 55% of America’s electric generation.

The Klein Center for Energy Policy reported that 531 coal-burning power plants were retired between 2007 and 2016.  These plants generated 55.6 gigawatts of electricity. Many of these facilities have closed because it’s now cheaper for utilities to burn natural gas than coal.

A coal-burning power plant requires a railroad connection, and a large staff of workers with heavy equipment to move coal around. Natural gas burning facilities need only a connection to a pipeline. Further, inflation-adjusted prices for natural gas have been the lowest in history because fracking is producing gas that is easily recovered and relatively abundant.

Nor is it just coal-burning power plants that are closing.  Many of America’s nuclear power plants are also shutting down. (Nuclear power plants produce around 20% of the nation’s electricity)   Most of the nuclear plants are more than 40 years old and cost much more to operate than natural gas burning facilities.

Even though burning natural gas is currently less expensive, low-cost supplies of natural gas have not been historically available. The Midwest and New England regions suffered natural shortages because of low pipeline capacity last year, Jarrett pointed out. Renewable energy sources are available, but building a large industrial country’s infrastructure on wind and sun still lack economic viability.

Trump’s Plan to Prevent Blackouts

The Energy Department has a new plan to help coal and nuclear power plants. A short-term “lifeline” is being proposed by directing other utilities to buy electricity from them, Bloomberg reported.

The President, according to Federal Law, has the power to order utilities to buy electricity from individual plants. The current plan, which is only a stop-gap matter, has yet to be signed by President Trump.

The Strategic Electric Generation Reserve plan is supposed to prevent stress on the power grid and blackouts caused by weather, cyber attacks and other unforeseen circumstances. There is no guarantee Trump will sign the plan.

Even if the president signs it, the plan is only a stopgap measure because the older power plants will have to be retired at some point. A future president can easily override Trump’s action with a simple executive order, and Congress can always repeal the legislation giving the president the power to intervene in the energy markets.

The bottom line is that America might not be capable of generating enough electricity to keep the grid online at all times. That means many households and businesses will need to be able to produce their own electricity or at least have a backup system available. Often Powerful Living has a few “scratch and dent” solar generators that are new but can’t be sold as new. Interested readers could email Jared at: to see what is available at this time.

If your income depends on a steady supply of electricity you need to put in a backup system now – because the grid is vulnerable. Updating and hardening the power grid is a massive undertaking because the problem is a systemic one. Despite President Trump’s recent intentions, it is doubtful that these issues will be solved in the immediate future. Having an off-grid source of electricity might be the only sure way to operate your business and preserve your lifestyle.

You may also want to read: Gov’t Report Warns: Power Grid In ‘Imminent Danger’ Of Cyberattack Impacting ‘Millions’

Or download our free report: How To Cut Your Electrical Bill In Half

Do you think President Trump can shore up the power grid? Please let us know in the comments below.

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What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2018-06-09)

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  This weekly post is an open-forum, though preferably focusing on what we all did this week for our prepping & preparedness. Comment and voice your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments, concerns, or questions for others on any general topic of preparedness. This weekly open-forum is for any off-topic conversation during the week. Keep up to date with Recent Comments from ALL articles (here).     SUPPORT MODERN SURVIVAL BLOG Important: To help assure that we stay on-the-air: 1. If you’re running an ad blocker, add to your whitelist. Revenue from our non-intrusive ads help bring you this free premium content.

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Accidents are Increasing on the Information Superhighway

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Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal.

Preppers are planners and the basis for our planning is information. We collect it through the methods we have learned through the normal processes of education, life experience, observation, analysis, and my favorite, trial and error. And as soon as man discovered how to record information, in crude cave drawings, etched into stone, or clay there, I believe mis-information was invented as well. There is an old joke about two cavemen talking, the first says “Ugh!” and the second says “Ugh! and then the first responds “Ugh, Ugh!” and the second replies “Don’t change the subject!” I know somewhere during the stone age Gork was rejected by Petunia and he etched some insults in a cave wall about her. Funny thing is someone college professor probably used those etchings to do his or her PHD thesis.

Fast forward a few eons and now information, and its counterpart misinformation, travel at speeds approaching the speed of light. For example in the financial world if you are reading about some investment opportunity in the Wall Street Journal you have already missed the boat because it reports what already happened. Others closer to the origins of the data have already seized the opportunity, set the base price and you will be paying their dividends should you bite.

The information super highway has so changed the world that while we attempt to catch up and think we are keeping up we are like the racing greyhounds forever hoping to catch that mechanical rabbit.

And, as preppers, seeking information upon which to base real economic decisions on (do I build out that greenhouse to increase my sustainable food production? More ammo or more MRE’s?) is challenging as we now live in a world where we are bombarded with information and misinformation – “thousands WILL DIE as a result of (fill-in-the-blank)!!!!!” has lead to a new equation of skewed TRUTH:

Where E = Establishment source, a = Agenda, F = Fake, and T = Truth, and the only solution is null; one must be prepared for increasing accidents across the information superhighway as a result of skewed information. I have used this example before: a horse race between an American horse and a Russian horse. The American horse wins. Headline in America: “American Horse Wins!” Headline in Russia: “Russian Horse Finishes Second, American Horse Finishes Next to Last!” – both true statement.

So, in  a recent post on finding information when the grid is down I thought it appropriate to followup with a post  on the challenges of finding information before the grid goes down, something that has become a labyrinth. And since the Internet is becoming more the source for information I want to focus on that medium. For instance I question the following map presented by Oxford University claiming to show internet usage worldwide:

Really, the world’s second most populated country and the home of call centers and outsourcing IT services, India, is less “connected” than some Central African Republics??!! Really? (And I would feel slighted if I were Canadian though it does depict where most Canadians live.)

Okay, so where does the internet stack up against print media and television in the delivery of news.

The internet surpassed print media several years ago and it is now challenging television, and that passes my smell test. Everywhere we go we see people heads-down focused on their electronic devices. Even if only 15% of that time is watching the news it makes sense AND so many people get their news feeds through social media outlets, Facebook in particular.

This has become so prevalent that there are college degrees now in optimizing web content (SEO.) I have taken a couple of on-line courses through the University of California in the past year to learn how to increase market penetration, to place keywords and phrases strategically to get better results from searches, to mimic the searching patterns that most people use. I use it everyday, all day in adding pictures as well as key phrases that are relevant to the posts you see on TPJ.

Really, What Are They Selling?

“Every time I Google a current news story it give me the related articles from CNN, The New York Times, Vox, NBC,, Salon, and the BBC”…..TPJ – all impeachable sources. All sources that even Wikipedia lists as “leftist, or left-leaning, or skewed to liberal politics.”  Why? Because Google is also left-leaning. Few secrets in this world are as guarded as the specifics of Googles search algorithms. 

The news media is a business, and like every business it sells a product or service in exchange for monies (advertising). The product is content and their business used to be information as content. But dry factual information does not sell itself or well in our faster and faster paced society. Information needs to be “embellished”, that is spun, dressed up, and packaged for the target audience. This has lead to specialization which, in some things is very good (medicine, for example) but alas in the media it brings with it agenda, spin and secondary goals.

There is an upside to this – we don’t have to sit and watch all the fluff news stories to get financial information we might be interested in, we can go to those sources directly and thus attempt to keep up with the ever increasing flow of information. We can also go directly to sources for weather information as opposed to again, sitting through the story on the truck load of live chickens that were loosed on the interstate as the result of an accident. Specialization I believe is the result of so much information being available. If one were to attempt to get a degree from a university in Physics these days, 4 years is not enough cover all the specialties. The same with medicine, the law (legislators just have no discipline) and many other technical degree programs.

But really, What Exactly Are They Selling?

The news media is selling Google Analytics, period. Bold statement, let me make my case.

Google Analytics are used to sell advertising. The higher their rating the more they can charge for ads. Google provides the web best audience analytics on the planet and is the go-to source for all media outlets when it comes to the details on their audience. And the more the “news” is skewed to their demographic, the higher their score, the more they can demand for advertising, the more they can narrow in on a demographic (female voters between the ages of…., professionals….., etc.) This circle is indeed vicious as it is self-perpetuating, it feeds upon itself and spirals inward faster and faster – in that sense it is an amazing thing to watch. By this I mean that the analytics received are the result of the SEO and the manipulation of the data presented to generate better scores in the analytics. There are rules in place to stop the obvious ways to skew the results (excessive use of key phrases, use of unrelated keywords to increase traffic, etc.) but where there is a way, there is always a way around.

TV vs The Internet

I know I don’t have to convince anyone that when Frank Loyd Right said “Television is just chewing gum for the eyes” (or did he?) some 60 years ago he was speaking to what has become a universal truth. Bruce Springsteen released a song titled “57 Channels and Nothing On” in 1992 and now cable TV services have 300+ channel of nothing on. I counted my Direct TV channels once and it was 336 at the time, with 157 being 24/7 infomercials. Dish and all the cable companies have the same business model. They sell content masked (poorly) as infomercial channels that are pure advertising.

The internet has clearly disproved the age-old theory that if you put enough monkeys at enough typewriters (keyboards) for long enough they will eventually produce – the works of Shakespeare, the Bible, or some other established literary accomplishment. Mythbusters would declare this “Busted!”

While the world of information it has opened is impressive and pervasive the information superhighway is now blurred it its reporting of news, in a fog generated by Google, FaceBook and the other social media platforms. I have seen videos on YouTube related to chemicals and weapons that are downright dangerous in the misinformation they provide, more a case of lack of knowledge as opposed to some sinister agenda in my opinion. I do not cut the news media the same slack, which is my whole point.

On social media every political statement by a celebrity, one currently working, or one from a sit-com cancelled in the 1970’s “gets the pulpit” as long as they have said something negative and political. Fox News and Breitbart promote these just as much as all the sources I mentioned above. Why? Because they draw endless comments and the more comments they get the better the Google Analytics they receive, the more that can make the case for larger audience penetration and ask for increased fees for advertising. But that is only the first layer for social media. The next layer is the fake-comments. In almost every post on any subject, be it politics, or a cat video, or a swift water rescue, there will be a comment about politics. They will state an outrages position. These are usually done by the news producer who posted the article in the first place in order to generate comments which generate higher Google Analytics which…you see the agenda. They are usually in the first three comments posted and if you look at the poster of the comments most are fake, made up, just a few pictures, no real data on the individual. Tools of the new advertising trade. THIS is how the internet news business is now run on the information superhighway. It was not taught in the courses I took but anyone looking for “a way” to increase traffic will think of it when they see the Google Analytics Case Studies.

As preppers making financial and lifestyle decisions on an almost daily basis by processing the information at hand and our understanding of it I think most of us knew already that the “news business” is first and foremost a for-profit business, and that the news presented is merely content to produce their product, increased Google Analytics . All the old cliche’s apply: follow the money, Caveat-emptor, believe 50% of what you hear and 90% of what you see.

We prepare as a result of the information we get and the information we get is highly suspect from the news media. Proceed accordingly.

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Frass! A Hornworm Is Eating My Tomatoes and Peppers!

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If you have never met a hornworm munching on your tomatoes or peppers, then count yourself lucky.

I remember my first time finding a hornworm. I reached into a tomato plant with lush foliage and this green caterpillar, as big as my finger with a horn on its end, stared back at me. I screamed like a little girl rather than the grown woman that I was. The hornworm was killed by my soon-to-be husband. I was very reluctant to pick any more tomatoes for fear that my bare skin might accidentally touch one of these monstrous creatures.

Two Types of Hornworms

There are two kinds of hornworms—tomato hornworms and tobacco hornworms—but both kinds eat the fruit and leaves from tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

Read More: “3 Expert Tomato Growers Share Their Best Tips”

I usually have the tobacco hornworm variety in my Ohio garden, with its seven V-shaped white marks along its body. The tomato hornworm, on the other hand, has six white stripes. A single hornworm will quickly decimate your crop if it goes unnoticed, so I don’t waste much time analyzing white marks once I find a hornworm.

Signs You’ve Got a Hornworm Problem

Hornworm Eating Tomato Leaf

Most of the time I spot the signs of a hornworm before I see the actual caterpillar.

There are two things to look for when you visit your tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants:

  • First, are there any missing leaves or fruits that have huge sections eaten out of them? Hornworms love to eat leaves.
  • Second, are there bits of frass (insect droppings) either on the lower leaves or on the ground? Really fresh frass might be green, but will turn dark brown or black as it gets older. (By the way, I love the word “frass.” I think gardeners could start saying “frass” instead of the other synonymous curse words.)

If there is defoliation and frass, then the hornworm isn’t too far away. I look directly above the frass, but if the hornworm has eaten all the leaves on that branch, then it may have moved to the next branch with lots of food to eat. One summer I found defoliation on one of my hot pepper plants, but couldn’t find the hornworm for a couple of days. It had eaten all the leaves off the first plant and crawled over to a second pepper plant before I located it. But more on that story in a bit. It has a happy ending!

Getting Rid of Hornworms

Unfortunately for bug-phobic people like me, handpicking is the best way to get rid of hornworms when you find them in your garden.

I put on my magic shield (a.k.a. my gardening gloves), put shoes on my feet, and grab a hand trowel or small pruning shears. Hornworms have a surprisingly strong grip on that plant and will not let go of it willingly. If the hornworm is near the end of a branch and I won’t lose any fruit by cutting the branch, then I make the sacrifice. Otherwise I bat at it with my trowel and knock it to the ground. From there I either smash it with my foot or the trowel. (Be careful. Hornworm guts are green and gooey and can shoot out of the animal when smashed. Gross.)

Some people say that chickens like to eat hornworms, but I didn’t have any luck when I tried feeding them to my neighbor’s chickens. They loved Japanese beetle grubs, but that’s another topic for another day. The hens looked at me like I was crazy both times I tried to feed them a hornworm. They always knew I had food when I went to visit and gobbled everything down except for the hornworms.

A Happy Ending

Remember the hornworm that I found on my pepper plant? I didn’t handpick that one off the jalapeno.


Well, it had these little white things that looked like grains of rice along its body. Those are actually cocoons of a very special parasitoid wasp.

Tomato Hornworm Parasitic Wasp

This type of wasp lays her eggs inside the body of the hornworm. The wasp larvae feed on the hornworm and kill it, so I didn’t have to! The wasps are the good guys in this situation. If you see them, leave them alone. Both of my pepper plants bounced back and are producing fruit.

Companion Planting to Discourage Hornworms

As much as I think parasitoid wasps are awesome, I’d rather prevent hornworms from entering my garden in the first place. That’s where companion planting is used.

This year I planted borage near my tomato plants.


My daughter is a budding gardener (and watching over my shoulder as I type), so I let her plant marigolds near my tomatoes. Both of these flowers help keep the hornworms away.

So why did I have any hornworms in my garden this year if I was using good companion plants? I got overly ambitious and put in a new garden bed after I was “done” planting. The first tomato section was the one with the borage and marigolds. The new area had peppers and tomatoes, but no borage or marigolds. I only had one hornworm in the area with companion plants, but many hornworms in the area without.

Next spring, try companion planting for yourself to see how well it works to keep those hornworms away. If a few hornworms still make it into your garden, maybe you’ll be lucky and find parasitoid wasp cocoons growing right out of their big green bodies.

Good luck and happy gardening!

Do you have any tips for discouraging, preventing, or getting rid of tomato hornworms? We’d love to hear them! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

(This article was written by Amy S. as a submission in The Grow Network’s Fall 2015 Writing Contest. It was originally published October 1, 2015.)


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A Primer on Cholesterol, Lipids, and Fats

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Ready Nutrition Guys and Gals, we are going to give you a segment on cholesterol, lipids, and fats to help you understand their functions as well as identify which ones are good for you as opposed to those that can harm you. Knowing about these substances will help you to make your dietary and exercise plans and goals more viable. Understanding them is the key, as they are a natural thing that must be dealt with in the normal course of our existence.

Cholesterol is different for men than it is for women. Testosterone, the androgenic (male hormone) identifier for men needs cholesterol to be produced. Cholesterol is also a “progenitor” of essential hormones that either has a positive or negative effect on muscles and muscular development, namely progesterone, estrogen, and cortisol. Lipoproteins are molecules that transport the cholesterol through the bloodstream. These lipoproteins are broken down into 2 categories: Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL).

HDLs are your “good” lipoproteins. In addition to carrying cholesterol to body tissues, HDLs also carry cholesterol to the liver to be removed from the body. HDLs are good for your heart: they pull excess/unneeded cholesterol out of places and return it to the liver; their high density (where they draw their name) enable them to transport it without “sticking” to the walls of the arteries. HDL levels above 60 mg (milligrams) per deciliter are protective versus heart disease.

LDLs are your “bad” lipoproteins, and they are found in the blood. They transport cholesterol to organs, but their low density some of that cholesterol to stick to blood vessel walls and eventually lead to blockages. Saturated fats are those found in animal products, such as beef, poultry, and dairy foods, and are usually solid at room temperature. Some of these fats can be beneficial.

The two lipoproteins have an inverse relationship. High levels of HDLs are good, and low levels of LDLs are good, and vice-versa.

Monounsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature. These are found in such oils as canola and olive oil.  They raise HDLs and lower triglyceride levels in the body.

Triglycerides are a storage “form” of fat; when triglyceride levels in the blood are high, there is an increased risk of heart disease and blocked/clogged arteries.

Next comes polyunsaturated fats, and these are found in fish, oils (such as sunflower), nuts, and seeds.  They are mostly liquid at room temperature. Examples of “good” polyunsaturated fats are as follows:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids: fats found in fish and fish oil…very good for the heart.
  2. Omega-6 fatty acids: these are found in plants and plant oils.

Both of these two examples are essential fatty acids that are used in the membranes of your cells, and to regulate things such as blood pressure and clotting. They are not synthesized by the body and must be obtained from food.

There is one group of polyunsaturated fats that are bad: Trans-fats, also known as partially hydrogenated fats. These are found in your processed foods, such as margarine. The “trans” part of it? The hydrogenation transforms these from liquid into solid fats. Trans fats lower your HDL (the good lipoproteins) and increase both total cholesterol level and LDL’s (the bad lipoproteins).

That is pretty much the basics.  There are food charts and nutritional supplement pamphlets and labels that do not explain all of this to enable a person to know what is going on. Remember: it’s all part of obfuscation, as corporations want to give you the minimum amount of information possible, and that only to satisfy the requirements of the law regarding disclosure. You the consumer are obliged to take it upon yourself to do the research to provide you with the information needed to make intelligent decisions on what you put into your body. Your research will close the door on those “gray areas” where the necessary information is not provided. So, good eating and good health to you, and use this information to help you plan your meals and follow a good dietary and exercise regimen.  JJ out!

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Fact-Checking the “Fact-Checkers”: Snopes & Politifact Said I’m a Big Fat Liar, But Let’s Look at THEIR “Facts”

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by Daisy Luther

Last weekend when I wrote about the new bills that were turned into law in California by a mercifully-departing Governor Jerry Brown, I never expected a hub-bub. … Read the rest

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Simple Survival Bread With Just 4 Ingredients

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If you ever end up in a situation where you have to cook food without electricity, you’ll need some easy, simple recipes that work well over a fire. One thing you’ll definitely want to make is bread. Everyone loves bread. It’s great comfort food, but it’s not something you can store long term. In this […]

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