Handing over to You

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I’ve not posted for a while now. Family life, work, busy in the woods and not got anything to add to what has gone on since I started this site. So I’m going to bite the bullet and accept that I’m not going to be posting regularly.

These sites have always been intended for new […]

Medicines and a Nanny State

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Just recently a friend has been having issues with pain. He is suffering from stomach pains and the NHS can’t find anything wrong. They have performed several tests, scans and nothings shows up. They are stumped.

He is taking new pain killers to reduce the pain although they only reduce the pain not eliminate it […]

Woods Update – Apr 2017

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Weather has improved dramatically. I’ve spent a little bit of time in the woods sorting out some more stuff.

Put down some bases in the new location for the bees. Hopefully this will be a better place than last time and that the bees will thrive. Will need to replenish my bee stock in the […]

Stalin would be green with envy

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If he was alive Stalin would be in his element. He would be green with envy at what was made public this week regarding the monitoring of the free worlds citizens. He was ahead of his time in political terms and without the technology available now. Think how much he could have done with what […]

Quality Clothes

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I’m a great believer in purchasing quality kit although I do see benefits of buying cheaper goods where it is practical. The reduced costs has it own obviously benefits and in most cases there is no real difference.

One area that I do believe there is a difference is in clothing. Cheap clothing never seems […]

Moving into Spring

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The daylight time in the days are getting longer. The weather is warmer but still a bit erratic, global warming you know and things are starting to move.

Firms are moving over to their summer ranges, sales are on for the winter stuff, garden center’s are selling the latest plans and seeds for your garden.


Grandma’s Cures

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I’ve always been interested in Grandma’s cures from a prepping perspective. They have been handed down from a time where medicines were not available and people had to create their own medicines and cures using only what was available around them.

Modern medicine took that and expanded it significantly to make the medicines we have […]

Storage Issues

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One of the biggest issues I have had with my prepping is acquiring and storing the items I have put aside. There are several reasons for this and I have spent some time and money actually working out and implementing what I think is best for me and mine.

The hardest issue to work around […]

Doris Day

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Not the TV star from yesteryear but the Day Of Storm Doris.

Went up to have a look and see the damage. Wasn’t as bad as expected with three big trees being blown over, funnily enough various size silver birches with not very solid roots. Must be a species thing. Two of them have blown […]

Back in the saddle

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Well it seems like winter is over despite hearing predictions of really cold spells for the last fortnight. It fills you with confidence that they can predict to a few degrees what it will be like in 2050 when they can’t even get anything more that a few days right.

I’ve been busy over the […]

Mid January 2017 Update

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Been a busy time since Christmas. Mainly sorting inside and moving things around as my dad is really ill. NHS screwed up again and he is much worse than he was before. They really need to be held accountable for their actions but not in this mickey mouse country.

The land is pretty static. I’ve […]

Moving the Bees

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Been a bad year for my Bees. Started off OK at home and then I moved them to the land but then was a big greedy and split them at the same time to give me five hives. That wouldn’t have helped, then I had issues with the queens and there were delays during the […]

Winter Preps

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It’s colder outside than the ex-wifes heart and I’m liking it. I don’t mind the cold as I can wrap up but tend to overheat during summer. Such is life when you spend most of your life in computer rooms and cooled environments.

There has been a minor change in my circumstances and I now […]

Annual Food Shop

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It’s later than usual for the time of year when I go for an annual shop for my emergency supplies. I usually do this early September. I go into several shops, Aldi, Asda, Lidl, etc. and buy tray of tins and jars for storage. I always buy the food we will eat and also the […]

Trump was elected the next US President

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I see the phenomenon that started with Brexit and moved to other EU countries now strike big in the US with the election of Donald Trump. God bless America.

Hopefully he will change America in such a way that the SJWs there will be driven out of power and our PC society will change. […]

Armistice Day

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Today at 1100 remember those that gave their lives in armed conflict to allow us to live in peace by joining in with two minutes silence.

And don’t forget our current bunch of troops out there putting themselves in harms way to protect us. Support our Troops.


New Online Tools

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As many of you are aware there is a backlash going on all over the West against the current political systems and people are rebelling. Brexit, the EU referendums in other countries and hopefully Trump are examples of this. Everyone knows Trump isn’t Presidential material but he is getting the backing because the others are […]

Getting the balance right.

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After several years of looking at what I should be putting aside for an event and adding to my preps at least something every month I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never be ready.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t think I will be unprepared it just means that I don’t feel I […]

Where is your line in the sand?

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Still looking to learn more from the discussions about Venezuela and the socialist caused issues there and I was reading an article about how looters were breaking in and stealing from neighbours just to get some food and how some of these incidents led to fatalities.

I’ve thought about this type of scenario for a […]

Learning from others mistakes.

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As yet another socialist experiment fails with the collapse of Venezuela where a dozen eggs are selling for $150 and inflation is expected to hit 1200% we must watch and learn from what is going on there so we can adapt here.

Watching others as they deal with issues that may come our way even […]

NW Meet Aug 2016 Report

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Well a bit behind the curve here but here finally is the NW Meet Report.

We met up at our usual location, Fred’s pad, and there was plenty of tea, biscuits and cake as Fred spoilt us. Probably because he actually had a few visitors at his place and proved to the neighbours that Ole. […]

Survival UK Sites – Update

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As per my previous post where I was looking to do something about the forum and was looking for input. I’ve been receiving input and thinking about this during my time off and have had several discussions, including during the NW meet this weekend (Report to follow later this week) and the input is fairly […]

Survival UK Sites next steps

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Well after my previous post I received several comments on this site, several comments on the forum, a couple of emails and a couple of phone calls. Thank you all for your input.

A bit of history before we look at what was said.

I started the sites with several ideas in mind.

To provide […]

FarmBot Genesis

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Here is a computer controlled growing tool called the FarmBot Genesis. It is a computer controlled farming robot which can be used to get the most out of each plot by controlling exactly where each seed is put, how much water it gets and it even can seek and destroy weeds. All using magnetic heads […]

Prepping for medical issues.

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Been refreshing my medical kits over the last few weeks. I have an interest in staying alive and having some medical kit is a good way of doing that once the basics are sorted.

I’m a great believer in having a good kit with several items as well as some instructional books. I also believe […]

Charley Tango Comms Bash July 2016

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For all those with an interest in Comms with your prepping this was sent to me by one of our colleagues with a comms interest.


A serious Preppers Comms site


Seen a few comments from preppers about going to this could be very interesting for the Ham fans and preppers who like […]

North West Meet Q3 2016

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I’m arranging a NW Meet for the 20 or the 21 Aug. The agenda is currently being discussed and I will let everyone know that and the exact date when it is arranged. Location will be around the Chester area.

Any hot subjects you think we should be discussing at the meet then let me […]

Bee Update

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Been up to the Bees today again to add some brood boxes, boxes where they create more workers, and feed those that are expanding. You don’t need to feed them at this time of year but when you do they grow faster and the hives are stronger ready for when you want to split them […]

The EU referendum

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We won. It’s been a hard slog but worth it. Thanks to all that supported Brexit.

It’s now over to our useless politicians to sort out the exit strategy. First of all though we need to get rid of Cameron and Osbourne. We want to move on lead by people who believe in the UK […]

Emergency Preparedness Radio Station

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Over on the Survival UK Forum Lightspeed is making an interesting proposal for anyone interested in trying out a complete easy to use radio station. Here is the article he posted. If you are interested get over there to register your interest.

FREE: Emergency Preparedness radio station For a while I’ve been harping on about […]

Progress on the Chickens

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Made some progress on the chickens this week and went to have a look at some of the options available at a few farms. The Rhode Island Reds were pretty much a given as they seem to come recommended by everyone and crossed with Marans give the famous Warrens. Not that I have any Marans […]

Lucky we have started Prepping

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With the cries of doom and gloom from our useless politicians we can be glad that we are ahead of the curve and have been prepping for both WWIII, The UK drifting off into the North Sea and falling off the continental shelf as well as the economic issues such as the collapse of the […]

EU Referendum

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As we get closer to the EU referendum in June we are seeing all sorts of claims by the traitors on remain as to what is likely to happen when we leave ranging from WWIII by that useless git Cameron to costs of £1500 a year increases in the cost of living from the bean […]

Best laid plans for a Bank Holiday

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It’s bank holiday weekend. I’m all ready to go up to the woods and plant some more fruit trees and bushes as well as finishing off a few other things and it has been pouring down for the last few days and is even raining as I speak.

My plans did include down time where […]

Land Update

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Been busy on the land since the last post. Basically moving stuff up and storing it to make way for things at home as well as setting up areas for the future.

The Bees were front of the queue again with a lot of work required in a hot bee suit.

First up was […]

Moving on to the Land

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Been a busy week. Mainly moving a lot of stuff on to the land to clear up space at home. Bees and Chickens are high on the list.

Priority though was the bees. I wanted to get them settled first so I can expand my colonies this year with having more space. So I purchased […]

Somewhere to call a home.

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Although not really a home as such but I’ve finally got my land sorted out. I’m now the proud owner of five acres of woodlands in the middle of Cheshire. It’ll be my little home from home.

It may not look like much but I’ve got plans for it. It’s a bit out of […]

Progress on the Land Purchase

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Surveys have come back and everything was OK although there was a question about access to fresh water which was news to me.

Seems that there is a water source on the piece of land next to mine that a third party has access to. It seems that the solicitors mixed up the documentation […]

Building the future from scratch.

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Although it isn’t my land yet I went up there over the weekend to have a look around and consider where I wanted to put things.

I took the kids with me as the intent is to let them get involved and I wanted to see what they thought. They loved it with plans to […]


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Like many things there are continual arguments about whether a leader is born or made. I’ll put a stake in the ground right here and say that in my opinion a good leader is born.

Now it is true that you can take that raw talent and train them up to a level that will […]


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I despair with our species. I really do. It isn’t just the fact that what is basic common sense seems to be missing from most of us it is the fact that we are legally obligated to protect these total dickheads from themselves. So that when I am giving advice to someone about anything I […]

Steady State Prepping

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For many of us prepping is a way of life. It is something we do day to day and almost everything we do and plan we have considered the prepping impact of. For some it is a big unknown and daunting, especially when you are starting out.

When we start prepping we have an initial […]

Looking after the Bees

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It’s the end of January and not a time I’d be bothering with the bees all snuggled up and keeping warm over winter normally. This year though is different. The mild winter and the spells of warm temperatures have tricked the bees into thinking that there is no winter. They have still been out and […]

Blood Groups

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MaryN just asked an question on the forums about Blood Groups which made me realise that I had forgotten mine and also couldn’t remember what Blood Groups were compatible with others. It is an area of great interest containing areas of concern and is more than knowing your blood group and looking at a chart […]

HF E Mail System

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The first of the articles pulled from the forum site.

These articles are posted on the forum where they can be discussed but as the forum is not ideal for data retrieval and the articles quickly get lost I am going through the forum and posting any that need to be available on here.

So, […]

Some Statistics from 2015

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Regular visitors will probably know about the fiasco that occurred over a year ago with the site that caused me to change ISP. It cost me a lot of credibility and quite a few regulars to the site. Readership plummeted to just a few hard core regulars who mainly frequented the forum. If it wasn’t […]

Happy New Year

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Hope you all have had a good 2015 and looking forward to 2016.

A step closer to actually knowing one way or another if this is the year. Here is hoping it isn’t this year either and we all carry on as normal.

How Things Change

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When I was a kid I was into outside stuff. I used to go fishing, shooting and just general exploring in the area around where I lived. It was great. Plod caught you fishing in someones pond or shooting rabbits on their land you got a clip around the ear and your parents got told […]

Hiding in the crowd

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With the current government policies removing many of our actual rights and replacing them with false rights we need to adjust the way we life to compensate. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – […]


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I can’t emphasis enough the benefits of standardisation.

I’ve just bought some new UV5R radios. Slightly different models but they only have a few differences so what difference will that make? Mistake! They may only have a few differences but I can’t program them using the same SW as the old ones. Of course the […]

Latest Test Results

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A few weeks ago I had an issue with my bathroom leaking. Meant my shower was out so I had a chance to try living without one and to have a updated test run on my preps. It took longer than I anticipated to get the shower fixed, mainly down to the cost and availability […]

The Giant is restless

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After the events in France there have been a number of people that have spoken to me about what is going on. I’ve even had a couple of preppers I’ve not spoken to for a while contact me just for a chat and an update because I’m not on the site much.

The events in […]

Planning for the future

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Using it I can see all the mistakes I have made over the years and have now worked out what I should have done in each and every case. Only thing is that most of them are for circumstances that I will never be in again.

I’ve had a few […]


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One of the biggest areas of concern in my prepping is my relationships with others. By relationships I mean that people I am friendly with or are related to that are not aware or interested in my prepping. People that do not know what I have or what I intend to do after an event.


The Shape of Things to Come

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This is just my view of the future. I’ve thought it for a while and have mentioned it on many forums and in person. Everyone agrees with the core principles but just says It won’t happen anytime soon nor will it be averted.

I don’t believe that. I believe that technology can avert most of […]