Ham-O-Can Redux: The Operator G1 from Hardened Power Systems

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Call it a radio go box or Ham-O-Can, the Operator G1 by Hardened Power Systems IS the Ham-O-Can…only better.  The original Ham-O-Can video is here.  This comms box is one awesome piece of kit.  Check it out: Products in the video: HPS Operator G1 Midland MXT 105 Operator Magnetic Kickstands New 15 Watt Midland MXT …

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Countdown to The Move from Wyoming to Nashville…One week and counting…plus news from Rich

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What’s in this post… News on Rich, SurvivalRing, Security, my career, local events, latest SurvivalRing Radio Shows, and getting ready to move across the country. Wait an hour and the weather will change Hello again from the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, where one day we have flash floods after chinook winds melts over a foot […]

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REPOST: SurvivalRing Guide #1: Five Most Important Skills for New Preppers…Set Your Foundation First (plus bonus Bug-out section)

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“Hello…We’re the Preppers…” The “Prepper” movement has grown exponentially in the last few years, thanks to reality TV shows such as “Doomsday Preppers” (aka DDP), and all the knockoff shows and repeats on many other networks, as well as online TV show services like Hulu and NetFlix. Mainstream print and online media is following in […]

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SurvivalRing Radio Talk -Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 02/10/2017

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Here’s today’s episode of SurvivalRing Radio. Today’s Topic?  The Basics of Self Defense Techniques, What a nuclear attack on the USA might look like, FREE fallout shelter plans, putting in your own well, News & more…all things you need to consider in building YOUR situational awareness lifestyle. http://www.freedomizerradio.com/blog/2017/02/survivalring-radio-talk-survival-preparedness-self-reliance-02102017/ Survival…what it takes, what you need, and how to become […]

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Doomsday Preppers? You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

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This post was written exactly 4 years ago, on my Facebook page. I still stand by it. Rich Fleetwood – February 7, 2012 · Riverton · Watching “Doomsday Preppers” on NGC this evening, with an as objective as possible viewpoint. I’ve been doing this stuff myself for 20 years, and in my position and experience, with the […]

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The COMPLETE How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle

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We’ve been on this series for some time and here it is, the COMPLETE How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle.  Bug Out Vehicles, they can mean different things to different people.  Not all “bug outs” may be permanent, some could be.  In this video we talk about the fundamentals of building a bug …

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SurvivalRing Radio Podcast – Show 103 – Jan. 20th, 2017

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Friday night’s  show is done…news of the day, homesteading tips, frugality, home security, and brain science…understanding how your brain responds to danger…and how to make it better. SurvivalRing Radio…we’re gonna make it out alive….catch the podcast here… http://www.freedomizerradio.com/blog/2017/01/survivalring-radio-01202016/ As always, you are invited to be part of the show every week, either calling in, emailing […]

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It’s official…SurvivalRing Radio is on the air.

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SurvivalRing Radio -Survival, Preparedness, & Self Reliance News and Talk This is my homepage on the FreedomizerRadio.com network, where I’ve been broadcasting with James “Doctor Prepper” Stevens for several years now on the Critical Preparedness Resources radio show. James retired from weekly radio as of New Years Eve, and I’ve taken over the show as […]

SurvivalRing Radio – 1st Live 3 hour call-in Talk show this Friday

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My good friend and radio show cohost James “Doctor Prepper” Stevens has retired from the Critical Preparedness Resources Talk Radio show as of last Friday. He is moving on to other consulting ventures, but will occasionally drop in to the new show taking moving into his time slot, when he has the time. The last […]

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire – Will They Work Forever?

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If you are someone that is determined to always be safe even if SHTF, then I’m sure you will have at least one kevlar bulletproof vest.  Kevlar vests are great as i’m sure you know because they can literally save your life.  If you plan on getting in a firefight or you know you will have to fire your weapon, then you should have a kevlar bulletproof vest.  But, if you are already an owner, can you keep them forever or do you have to do some sort of maintenance or do they expire completely?  Many people ask do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire?

Do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?Now that I have you thinking on the longevity of your kevlar vest, you need to know the answer.  The answer is Yes, Kevlar bulletproof vests do expire and they aren’t fit for active duty after this period.  The usually service duration of a vest is around five years, and they are considered expired, and are replaced after this period.

Why Do Kevlar Vests Expire?

The reason these vests begin to expire is because of how they are designed.  Kevlar vests are designed by a series of interwoven fabrics which help to absorb the impact of a bullet and help to spread it out along the whole vest to cancel out the puncture of the bullet.  After a few years of usage and general wear and tear the fabric in these vests begins to separate and it begins to not be able to absorb the impact of any bullets it catches.  This renders the vests nearly useless to stop bullets.

What to Do With Expired Kevlar Vests?

If you are an owner of a Kevlar vest and you find that it has expired that are a few options.  You can throw it out completely if you don’t have any other uses for it.  You can use them as extra sandbags in your range,  (Though I wouldn’t completely replace the sandbags with expired vests).  Or you can use them for non-lethal training programs like with paintball or BB rounds.


Overall it is extremely important to replace expired kevlar vests after their time period is up.  Once these vests has expired, they can no longer be as effective in stopping bullets, which renders them nearly completely useless in a life or death situation.  If you or a friend owns a vest, I definitely suggest you make sure they aren’t expired before you put it to the test in the real world!

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2017 New Year’s Eve Illuminati Symbolism

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Every New Year, we find the elite occultists slip some type of illuminati symbolism into their ritual.  This year is of no exception, albeit much more subtle.  This…

Pope Francis False Prophet – “Faith is Fighting with God”

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Out of all the things the False Prophet Pope Francis has said, this goes down as one of the worst.  With all the end times symbolism going on,…

70,000 Witness Ancient Demonic Apparition in the Sky

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The Sun Miracle of Fatima, otherwise known as the Miracle of Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun, or The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima is revered by…

Off Grid and Preppers Beware. It is coming here!

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The government is set on making Australian citizens totally dependent on their services. In some places they are trying to charge land owners for the use of their own dam water, in some towns rainwater collection is banned. This in a country as dry as ours! We live off grid, & yet we have to pay rates/taxes for services that they do not supply, nor do we want or need their services. We are even charged a fee for our use of our own compost toilets!!! Meanwhile the government still has disarmament of all civilians high on its list of restrictions. We have already lost so many of our rights & freedoms in the name of safety from terrorism!!! 
There may come a time when we will have to go silent on the net. The local councils are corrupt & already know of people like us who are off grid, but we can at least do our best to lower our profile.


My thanks to Stephen M.C. for bringing this news video to my attention.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Best wishes for 2017

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Meerrrrry Chrisssssttttmmmmmmmasass!!! To all my friends, family, coworkers, and compradres…thank you for your friendship, fun, laughter, tears, and smiles. I hope the holidays bring you joy, laughter, sadness, and peace. Remember those who aren’t here anymore, those who can be here but won’t, those who may be away fighting for our right to exist, or […]

Berkey Water Filter Problems: And The Best Alternatives!

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Berkey Water Filter Problems:

When someone spends loads of money on a water filter, they hope that it will not only provide them with the cleanest and safest water, but also last for a long time.  At least that is what I, as well as many other people assumed when we purchased a Berkey Water Filter.  Unfortunately, we came across a load of problems that left us incredibly unsatisfied.  Here is an ultimate review for the Berkey Water Filter problems, and the best water filter alternatives on the market!

Berkey Water Filter Problems

I was just like so many people around the world.  I was looking for a quality water filter that would provide me and my family with the cleanest water possible.  I was afraid that my water was filled with chloride as well as other contaminants so I went out and purchased a large countertop water filter for my kitchen.

The salesmen at my local superstore suggested that I purchase a Berkey because it was the “hot new product of the year”.  I was incredibly excited, however, soon that excitement switched over to disappointment. I soon started having problems with my new water filter, and I quickly found out that the internet was full of forums and blogs of people talking about different Berkey Water Filter Problems.

I know everyone who is reading this is probably incredibly busy, so ill cut right to the chase and cover all the problems with Berkey Water Filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #1: Dirty Water:

The number one problem that I had when I purchased my Berkey Water Filter was the lack of clean water.  This is the main job of a water filter.  To clean the water.

Berkey Water Filter Problems dirty water

I was shocked when I poured water into my filter system, and then it came out with a slight brownish color to it.

This color issue didn’t happen right away so I know for sure that it wasn’t because it wasn’t set up correctly.

I purchased the water filter, and it worked fine!  Everything seemed good, and the water was clean and clear.  And then after a few weeks, the water that was getting filtered out was starting to get a brownish color to it.

So the first thing I did was throw away that filter and purchased a new filter thinking it was just a fluke.  Unfortunately, around two months later, the same exact thing happened.  This time even more brown and gross water than before!

I didn’t feel safe giving this gross water to my family, so I quickly started to do some more research for a new water filter which I will talk about in depth below.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #2: Cheap Material:

The Dirty water was the first huge strike against the Berkey Water Filters, but the second big strike against them was the quality of materials that were used to make the system itself, as well as the replacement filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problem cheap material

When I first purchased the water filter system, I never really worried about having low quality materials with my new purchase because it was a rather high end water filter!

Berkey Water Filters aren’t the cheapest water filters that the stores sell, they are actually some of the more expensive water filters at my local superstore.

I first realized that the water filters were made out of cheap materials when I had to buy my first water filter replacement online.  I purchased a two filter pack and quickly realized how cheap and fragile the filter felt in my hand.  Which is much different than the original filter that came with the system.

The replacement filter was incredibly cheap and lasted only a few weeks before giving out completely.  For spending as much money as I did on the water filter system, I really wish that the products were made out of higher quality products.

Berkey Water Filter Problem #3: Poor Customer Service:

So as you can tell, I was very disappointed with the Berkey Water Filter product as a whole, and what made the whole thing worse was the terrible customer service.

Berkey Water Filter Problem Poor Customer Service

I was hoping that there would be a way I could talk to someone and get the whole situation figured out.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone.  I just wanted to ask a few questions and see if there was anything they could do to help me because their product was so terrible.

So I called their customer service hotline more than 10 times, and was either put on hold for up to an hour at a time, or was never transferred to a human being.  I also sent multiple emails to their customer service team, and never received a response!

I was astounded by the lack of customer service, which made the whole situation even worse!

The Best Alternative Water Filter:

I highly advise everyone to do extensive research before purchasing a water filter, because if you don’t you will end up wasting money!

I hope you learns a lot about Berkey Water Filters, and all of the Berkey Water Filter Problems.

So instead of getting that water filter, here is my number one suggestion that I believe is a great water filter, as well as thousands of people world wide!

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter:

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter is the best water filter that I have ever owned!  I didn’t have to worry about any of the Berkey Water Filter problems with the ISpring RCC7 Water Filter!

ISpring RCC7 Water Filter

This water filter is one of the leaders in the industry as it filters out more than 1000+ pollutants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, and other materials that are incredibly common in tap water.

I have used this system for more than 6 months, and I have never experienced any problems!  The material is sturdy and well built.  The Water Filter was even awarded a gold seal from the Water Quality Association for its amazing quality, safety, and durability!

The product is incredibly reliable and I love it!  I finally feel safe giving my family the cleanest water possible!

This filter even comes with a 1 year money back guarantee as well as a 1 year long full warranty!  ISpring are incredibly proud of their product and they know everyone will love it!

I recommend this product to all of my close friends and family because it is awesome!

You Can View This Product and Reviews on Amazon!

If you would like to check out more articles, please check out our Home Page!

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The Ultimate Atkins Frozen Meals Review! -Everything You Need To Know!

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Atkins Frozen Meals:

I have recently just stumbled upon these Atkins Frozen Meals, and I immediately thought to myself, this could really come in handy!!  So I knew I needed to write an Atkins Frozen Meals Review!

I know I am not alone when I say that many times I am so busy that I don’t really have time to make a full meal, so I end up not eating enough, or eating something unhealthy just because it is a faster option.

Atkins Frozen Meals Review

That are a couple problems with eating healthy.  The first problem that comes to mind is that it is usually incredibly time consuming to prepare a healthy meal, which makes it nearly impossible to do for many people like me!  The second problem that comes to mind is that usually healthy meals are much more expensive than less healthier options.

But then I stumbled upon these Atkins Frozen Meals, and I knew straight away that this things would be a life changer!  I have been dabbling with them for quite sometime now and I knew I would have to make an Atkins Frozen Meals Review for you guys right away!

Benefits of Atkins Frozen Meals:

There is only one reason that people buy these frozen meals, and that is because of the benefits!  Why would anyone ever buy a product that doesn’t improve their lives at all?

And let me assure you, these Atkins ready meals have so many different benefits that they are definitely worth it!

It wouldn’t be an Atkins Frozen Meals Review without an in depth list of the benefits!  So lets get straight into it!

Benefits of atkins frozen meals

Atkins Diet Pyramid

The first major benefit is the health factor!

Many people including myself have heard about the Atkins diet before, but I personally never completely understood what that meant.  I knew that it was a healthy option so I had to do some research!

The Atkins diet, as well as the Atkins Frozen Meals, is a diet that focuses on low-carbohydrates and higher amounts of protein and healthy fats.

The Atkins diet has been proven time and time again in recent years that a low-carbohydrate diet is often times recommended for weight loss!

This kind of diet has become a more common thread in the health and fitness world, because it works!

So when I found out that I could purchase these frozen meals and they were actually incredibly healthy and provided me with a way to loose weight than I was incredibly excited!

The second benefit of the Atkins Frozen Meals is how quick and easy it is!

This was the initial reason that I purchased these frozen meals, I wasn’t even aware of the health benefits of these meals.

I was in a drastic need of a quick alternative to cooking my own meals.  I have an very busy schedule, especially in the mornings so often times I would skip breakfast all together.  But since I know I have these frozen meals, I am able to make a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in no time!

I highly recommend these frozen meals to everyone!  After the benefits lets go on to the next part of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review!


The selections is a very important part of these frozen meals.  Often times, people are worried about buying ready meals such as these because they are expecting the food too taste terrible and to be really bland.  And to be completely honest that is what I was thinking too.  But I am really glad to say that I was completely wrong!

atkins frozen meals selections

Atkins Frozen Meals have tons of different selections!

Atkins has provided their customers with numerous options and selections so that they can pick a food that they know they will enjoy!

I haven’t tasted every single meal that Atkins sells, but I have never been disappointed with any of them yet!

Nearly all of these meals are protein based meals, which I absolutely love!  That means that you will see lots of chicken, beef, shrimp, and turkey based meals!

The thing I love so much about these meals is the wide variety of options that there are.  I have tried other types of ready meals, and there are only a few different options, and they all tasted really bland and flavorless.

However, Atkins provides the customers with many different options such as Chicken & Broccolli Alfredo, Beef Merlot, Shrimp Scampi, Meat Lasagna, Teriyaki Stir-Fry, and much more!

I have tried many different kinds of meals, and I am geniunely exicted to try new meals ever week!

I recommend nearly every meal but my two favorite meals are the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo and the Beef Merlot!  I highly recommend either one of these meals to all my friends and family!

There is a huge selection for these frozen meals, and with that we will move on to the next part of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review!

Cons of Atkins Frozen Meals:

I felt obligated to include a list of cons to my Atkins Frozen Meals Review, to fully inform everyone before they think about purchasing these meals.

But the problems were that it was really hard to come up with a list of cons because I really do love the frozen meals so much!

If I had to think of a some cons I guess I would have to say that my local Walmart doesn’t have the widest variety of meals.  The always have meals available, but they usually only have 3 or 4 different meals, which can get a little redundant over time.

Which is why I have recently switched to ordering in bulk online!  Which I believe is a really price effective and efficient option!

Atkins Frozen Meals Nutrition:

We have already covered how the Atkins Frozen Meals provide a healthy option for many people, however in this section of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review, we jump a little deeper into the nutrition of these frozen meals!  Here is a guide of the Atkins Frozen Meals Nutrition!

atkins frozen meals nutrition

Every single meal has one thing in common, and that is that they have a low amount of carbohydrates and a higher amount of protein.  This leads to a healthier diet, as well as providing the consumer with more protein which keeps them fuller longer.

The average Atkins Frozen Meal contains roughly 300-500 calories for the entire meal, which compared to many other meals is incredibly good!

Within these frozen meals is usually around 25-35 grams of protein, and 15-20 grams of healthy fat.  This definitely  provides the consumer with a healthy high protein diet!

One of the best parts about the atkins frozen meals nutrition fact is that they are really low in sugar.  Most meals only have 1 gram of sugar!

These frozen meals are incredibly healthy!  On to the last section of the Atkins Frozen Meals Review, and one of  the most important parts!

Where To Buy Atkins Frozen Meals:

So know that you have learned so much about these ready meals, I hope that you are willing to give them a shot!  I know you won’t regret your decision!

where to buy atkins frozen meals!

Atkins Frozen Meals at your local grocery store!

So you may be asking yourself if you have to sign some huge diet commitment to get these meals or something sketchy like that.  But the best part is that you can get them at your local super store!

I guarantee that if you go to your local grocery store, Walmart, or Costco that you will find a nice supply of these frozen meals!  They are incredibly easy to find in your local stores!

I have recently started to order my frozen meals in bulk online, which allows me to have a wider variety of meals, as well as safe a few dollars!  I would recommend this for people who have tried out a few meals and are ready to eat more!


Final Thoughts on The Atkins Frozen Meals Review:

I hope you have enjoyed our complete Atkins Frozen Meals Review!  I hope it has helped educate you on these quick and easy meals!  These meals have changed my lives, and have definitely changed millions of other peoples lives too!

I highly recommend this to anyone!!

For more in depth product guides, check out our Homepage!


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How Another REPUBLICAN Can Steal Donald Trump’s Presidency

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Right now, there is a change.org petition asking for the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th.  In addition to that petition, two electors from…

Is Donald Trump a Christian?

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All across the internet, there are multiple articles with Donald Trump on full display with Christian believers praying over him.  He claims to be a protestant Christian, but…

Let’s Go Ice Fishing – Picking the Best Hand Ice Auger to Find the Fish!

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If you have never experienced the relaxing, peaceful, COLD activity that is ice fishing, then you definitely should!  Ice fishing is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years and is commonly attributed to American Eskimos.  Essentially what ice fishing is, is when you drill under the ice to access the cold water fish that are living in the water under the ice.  As I’m sure you are aware, that leaves you with the simple problem of cutting through the ice to get to the fish!  Thankfully there are a some tools that will help us out with this task.  I personally grew up doing everything by hand, and I love the portability of these tools, so for that reason I am reviewing the best hand ice auger to break ice!

What Are My Choices For The Best Hand Ice Auger?

Because ice fishing has grown more and more popular the past ten or so years, there have been more and more manufacturers stepping into the market place.  Because of this, there is a huge amount of different ice augers out there.  With all this variety out there, you will definitely have some choices to make!

Top 5 Best Hand Ice Auger Comparison Table:

Ice Auger Blade Size Material Auger Height Price Rating

Strike Master Hand Auger Lazer


4-8 Inch Stainless Steel 48-57 Inch $$$$ 4.9
Eskimo Hand Auger

Eskimo Ice Hand Auger

6-8 Inch Stainless Steel 49-58 Inch $$$ 4.5
Strike Master Hand Auger Mora

Strike Master Ice Auger Hand Mora

6-8 Inch Carbon Steel 48-57 Inch $$$ 4.5
Eskimo 16500 Silvertip

Eskimo 16500 Hand Ice Fishing Auger

8 Inch Carbon Steel 49-58 Inch $$$$ 4.8
Blazer Hand Ice Auger

Blazer Auger Ice Fishing

6-8 Inch Carbon Steel 48-57 Inch $$$ 4.6

Strike Master Ice Augers Laser Hand Auger

Best Hand Ice AugerIf you are are looking for the best hand auger on the market, then this Strike Master Ice Auger – Laser Hand Auger is the way to go!  Strikemasters have been in the ice fishing market place for about the past thirty years and they make great products!  This Laser Hand Auger comes in quite a few different blade lengths which is great for fishing in different ice lengths.  This ice hand auger has the following specifications:

  • Chrome-Alloy Stainless Steel Blades to Combat Rust and to Stay Sharp.
  • Powder Coated Paint to Reduce Ice Buildup While Drilling.
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grips to Help Your Hands.
  • Adjustable Handle Height That Adjusts From 48 Inches All The Way To 57 Inches.

This is the the best out in out hand auger for ice fishing.  It’s very compact so it doesn’t take up much space, and it only weighs about seven pounds.  With their comfortable and sharp design you save your breathe and your back by converting less rotations into more inches drilled!

You Can View Prices and Reviews at Amazon!

Eskimo Hand Ice Auger

Eskimo Hand Ice AugerAs a company that provides tools just as their name would suggest, Eskimo has been in the ice fishing market for the past few years, and they are starting to provide a great set of augers.  The generic Eskimo hand ice auger is an entry level hand auger which is still a great product, but if you are plan on going ice fishing more than a few times a year, I would suggest the Strike Master above.

The Eskimo Hand Ice Fishing Auger has the Following Specifications:

  • Available in 6 Inch, 7 Inch, and 8 Inch Blade Diameters.
  • Features an Adjustable 49 Inch – 58 Inch Handle Length.
  • Features a Unique Cross-Bolt System That Helps to Prevent Over-Tightening When Drilling.
  • Ergonomical Handles.
  • Blade Protector Included.

Overall this is a pretty good auger, and it’s a great entry level ice hand auger.  I would say this one of the best hand ice augers for anyone that is just getting into ice fishing.

You Can Check Out Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Strike Master Hand Auger Mora

Strike Master Mora Hand Ice AugerThe Strike Master Mora is a relative of the Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger.  It shares the same work effort but it lacks some of the key features which makes the Lazer a great tool.  That being said the Mora is an excellent entry level hand ice auger, and it can really cut through the ice!

The Mora is really designed for ice fishers that are focusing on lightweight fishing.  The entire auger has a total weight of Six Lbs which is great for an auger.  Along with this the Mora is featured with great ergonomic hand grips and an adjustable shaft length of 48 inches up to 57 inches.

Along with that, this auger features great blades which stay sharp for a long time which limits you wasting your time sharpening between cutting holes.  Along with this, the Mora has an optional attachment you can purchase which can attach to a hand power drill which essentially turns this hand auger into a portable powered iced auger!  I have attached a link below to the attachment so you can take a look!

You Can Find The Strike Master Mora Reviews and Prices on Amazon!

Nimrod Strike Master Mora Attachement For Cordless Drill

As I was mentioning before there is a third party attachment that you can screw on to the top of either the Strike Master Mora, Strike Master Lazer, or the Eskimo Hand Ice Auger and it can be used with a cordless drill.  This essentially turns your hand ice auger into a portable power auger that doesn’t weigh

What Makes The Best Hand Ice Auger For Ice Fishing?

Before you go out and buy an ice auger, there are a few different things you need to know.  Because we are using our hands to power the auger instead of lugging around a heavy gas or electric auger, we need to make sure we get the best one possible to reduce the work for us.

Size of Blade –

With hand powered ice augers, there are a few different blade sizes.  Generally these sizes range from three inches diameter to around six inches in diameter.  This is the size of the blades, and the size of the hole that the blade creates.  Now, the size you want for your auger depends on what type of fish you are trying to catch, the type of pole you have, and how thick the ice is.  The thicker the ice is, the bigger hole you can use.

Blade Material –

Along with different sizes of blades, there are also different materials available for these blades.  The majority of these augers use stainless steel blades because they are rustproof and they are extremely durable.  Along with this stainless steel option, there are also options that include airplane aluminum and hard pressed iron, but overall I think the stainless steel is the best option for your auger.

Auger Grip Handle –

Because these are “Hand” augers, you are definitely going to be putting a little brute force into it.  That being said, it would be wise if you made it so that any effort put into digging this hole, is as efficient and as comfortable as possible.  The main concern should be with the grip handle, as having an uncomfortable handle can really make the whole process a hassle.

I definitely recommend you find a hand auger that has a comfortable rubber grip that is ergonomic.  There are quite a few options on the market that features handles that have carved finger holds and soft rubber grips that reduce fatigue and increase productivity!

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Occult Message Spoken from Empire State Building on Election Night

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Below is an image of the Empire State Building lit up for election night by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.  When I saw the ESB lit up, I knew that…

BOMBSHELL! Pope Francis Protestant Ceremony Unveils CERN and Child Sacrifice Symbolism

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I’ve been saying this for awhile now, that Pope Francis is indeed the False Prophet ushering in the One World Religion prior to the tribulation period.  He has…

Opinion: Taking sides…

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From Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986: And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the […]

Opinion: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a healthy future…plus, PODCAST!

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14046128_10153637470286268_6038572892736391891_nUpdate: In case you don’t know, I’m going under the knife next week. T minus 2 workdays until *New Knee Day*… As before, the pain level escalates. Had to use the cane today at work, and had to explain to most coworkers why the cane…because my meds are not helping with pain management, since I’m […]

Pope Francis “Ties the Knot” on a One World Religion

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If you don’t already know, there is an enormous amount of evidence to suggest that we are living in the terminal generation spoken about in the prophetic end…

In Plain Site – Satanic / Illuminati Symbolism in Disney Films

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Many do not know that Disney films are filled with more than just princesses and rainbows.  In fact, Disney films have a history of containing very strange and…

Update, Content, News, and months of podcasts.

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Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here on the blog of SurvivalRing, and I do apologize. Life has been rather full outside the front door, and the moments in front of my computer (normally plural…the laptop is still down with a *Windows 10* infection) have been focused on research, online radio work, and […]

How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- Tires: A Critical Component

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I’ll bet that a lot of you are trying to decide between attending your dentist appointment or watching this video. Watch the video. Tires are a critical choice when building a bug out vehicle. Overlook or buy the wrong tires and it your day at some point in the future might head very south. Choosing …

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How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- Foundations- What Vehicles Are Good Foundations?

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If you missed PART 1, click here. So, you’ve decided that you want to build yourself a bug out vehicle to get yourself out of Dodge if the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator. What vehicle do you start with? Well, certain vehicles are definitely better than others, but why? In the second part of …

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Hillary Adds Miracle Max to Campaign Team

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(September 18th, 2016 New York)- After several explosions throughout New Jersey and New York and stabbings in Minnesota, a very tired looking Hillary Clinton chided opponent Donald Trump to the press about prematurely deducing the explosions were the results of a bomb. Mrs. Clinton prematurely ended the press conference when questions turned to her health. Buried in …

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How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- What Is A Bug Out Vehicle?

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What is a bug out vehicle? Let’s face it, search for information on bug out vehicles. What you will find is crap.   Lots of folks out there want to know the how/what/when/where’s of creating their own bug out vehicle. You found the right place. Welcome to the Tin Hat Ranch’s series on how to …

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Late summer 2016 SkyCastle update

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Things are happening at the SkyCastle, as you may or may not know, late last winter I spilled a very large, very sweet cup of coffee (complete with melted marshmallows) into my laptop, I was able to get it rinsed out and dried pretty well, but things did not operate correctly after that, my keyboard pretty much died, I limped by using an external keyboard. Other things quit working or didn’t work right, I really hated to give that computer up, I had it set up just the way I liked it. Fortunately I had a Square Trade drops and spills accident warranty on it (I HIGHLY recommend them), I contacted them and they shot a prepaid return box to me, they had my computer the following day, then a few days later then let me know they couldn’t get parts quick enough so they cut me a check for what I paid for my laptop.

I hung on to the check for a while, not ready to buy another laptop yet and not wanting to take the chance of touching that money, I realized it was getting dangerously close to the time when the check wouldn’t be any good, I deposited it and began the process of picking out another laptop. Fast forward to now, and I’m writing this on my spiffy new laptop, an Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6 Full HD, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA 940MX, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Home, E5-575G-76YK. Not having my laptop meant I had to do everything on my tablet, that’s why my articles here have been so thin on words, it’s not easy to type on a small screen, especially the amount I like to write. 🙂 I’m still getting this setup like I like it, installing my old software and getting used to Windows 10.

So now to the rest of the update, this will be a video update of the west side of the SkyCastle, PB has been busy working on the roof area over the laundry room, it’s also the deck area (3rd floor) where the round tower is situated. We have wanted to make that a small nook like place where we could sit down and survey the neighborhood, maybe even have some friends over and some meals. The original roof leaked, and leaked badly, whenever it rained we would have to go in there and move things (my clothes mainly), put out buckets and plastic to protect what couldn’t be moved. That is all fixed now, PB used a product called Redguard on the new plywood he laid down, that is a paint on coating that is used in shower pans to waterproof the wood below it, the idea is to keep the wood from rotting should moisture get to it. Then he used wide flashing as the next layer, now we have to decide what to put on top of that, until then, we are careful when we walk up there as to not do any damage to the metal.

PB also put in a bump out on the front in the form of a semi-circular walk way that goes in front of the round tower, it gives a more castle like appearance. He also added a semi-circular wall below on the south facing side of the laundry room to match the profile of the round tower above, giving the appearance that it is one big round tower, he will continue that profile down to the ground, but that is for a future date to complete.

You will see in the video, I am walking up the stairs in the square tower (on the north or back side of the SkyCastle), the stairs are narrow, you can see as I walk up. I walk out onto the 3rd floor deck and around the round tower, then back down, I pause the camera as I walk down the steps and go out to the front of the SkyCastle. Next I show the updated face of where PB has been working.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy watching it, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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Together 2016 Christian Event Hijacked with 9/23 Satanic Agenda

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Right now, Christians see the apparent persecution of them in the United States.  Whether it is threats from our own government, ISIS, other religions, etc., Christians feel like…

The Future of this Blog -Preparedness Advice

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Today is my birthday; I have turned 73 and am still in good health.  But I have had to make some decisions about what I will do next.  Unfortunately, because of other demands on my time, I will be shutting this blog down in the near future.  I need to spend time helping family and friends.

During the next little while, I will put up some posts on things that I consider a priority.  I have enjoyed writing this blog and in some ways am sad to let it go.  It has greatly expanded my own knowledge and hopefully helped others.

I am trying to find someone that would be interested in keeping it going.  If any of you are interested, email me at Preparednessadvice@gmail.com.  If I can work it out, I will have a searchable CD made of the contents of the blog and available for sale.  I am still in the process of researching this idea.

I am not sure how long I will continue to post for, but my guess is about a month.  This will allow me to take care of some remaining obligations that I have.

Thank you for all the support you have given me


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Keeping on keeping on…programming updates, podcasts, and donations. SurvivalRing is STILL growing after nearly 20 years…

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I’ve spent some time today correcting some old code on SurvivalRing, including many of the news feeds. Some have died, some have changed, and several have been corrected or reformatted for easier reading. See all the feeds here… http://www.survivalring.org/feeds/ I’ll be resorting them and creating a better link tree, or in other words, putting all […]

Pope Francis Responds to Critics Calling Him The Anti-Christ

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I’m back temporarily from a short blogging leave as I’m overwhelmed with home improvement projects!  I should be back full steam within the next 2 weeks or so,…

Education and what it can do for you…my story

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On this day 10 years ago, I received this recruiting letter from Columbia University. It was just one of several such letters I received from Ivy League colleges, after becoming the recipient of the 2006 All-USA Academic Team community college award. Even more came when I became the New Century Scholar for Wyoming for having […]

Easy Ways To Make Money Off-Grid (By Doing What You’re Already Doing)

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Easy Ways To Make Money Off-Grid (By Doing What You’re Already Doing)

Image source: Pixabay.com


One of the best things about living off-grid is that you can make some money while living your dream lifestyle. I’m not talking about millions of dollars, but instead hundreds or thousands of dollars — enough to supplement other sources of income, which allows you to continue living off-grid.

For these, you likely already have experience in them or already are involved:

1. Selling surplus protein

Many off-the-grid homesteads have a collection of small animals raised for protein. Chicken and rabbits are common, but other fowl or fish are also possible. One easy way to make some extra money is to sell surplus protein. For example, you can only eat so many eggs at a time. So if your hens are rocking, sell the extra eggs.

Discover 1,147 Secrets Of Successful Off-Grid Living!

The key is diversity. Many off-the-grid homesteaders focus on one or two animals, so eating chicken or rabbit every day can be monotonous. Your neighbors, who may raise cattle or pigs, may be eager customers for a few meals of chicken or rabbit rather than beef or pork. Word can spread quickly, and you even could sell the items at the local farmers’ market.

2. Selling surplus produce

Easy Ways To Make Money Off-Grid (By Doing What You’re Already Doing)

Image source: Pixabay.com

The same goes for the output of your garden. Make a special effort to grow something different and uncommon that other nearby neighbors will happily buy from you. For example, while everyone grows potatoes and carrots, consider some other root vegetables like salsify, parsnip, or sunchokes. Again, variety is the spice of life, and neighbors and others in town may happily pay you for something different from the ordinary.

3. Growing grains

If you have the available land and labor (like a horse or a tractor), growing grains is a moneymaker. People are naturally drawn to buying locally, and if you can offer something relatively unique like quinoa, sorghum or amaranth, this will be a welcome change to corn or flour. You could bake and sell bread, cakes and other delights made from your own flour.

You also can expand this to growing fodder for your neighbors’ pigs or cows.

4. Making household supplies

Another way to make some extra money is to focus on making household supplies that every homestead needs. Canning food, growing and producing herbal remedies, tanning, making soap, and making candles are all options. The best part about these options is that you can use supplies readily available on the homestead.

For example, candles use rendered animal fat. Soap can be made from lye. Herbal remedies come from the flowers and herbs in the garden. Finally, consider woodworking. While today’s shops are noisy places filled with buzzing saws and loud drills, people have built simple furniture and other items for centuries without modern tools or electricity.

5. Using your technical expertise

Easy Ways To Make Money Off-Grid (By Doing What You’re Already Doing)

Image source: Pixabay.com

Most off-the-gridders rely on some type of modern device for power – solar power, diesel generators or hydropower are common options. While all of these technologies are great alternatives to buying from the electric company, some degree of technical know-how is necessary to troubleshoot and repair an off-grid power source that’s not working.

So if you have solar power, become an expert on inverters and batteries. If you have a diesel generator, learn how to diagnose and fix any common generator problem. Likely, you and your neighbors live in remote areas, so those near you will appreciate having someone close by to troubleshoot and repair their off-grid power systems.

6. Blogging 

While many of us cherish books, a lot of us learn by searching the Internet. You can make some money by setting up a website and writing blogs about your own off-grid living experiences.


Often, people living off-the-grid can use some supplemental income. By putting your labor and homestead bounty to work, you can provide goods and services that others in the nearby community will readily pay for.

What would you add to our list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

If You Like All-Natural Home Remedies, You Need To Read Everything That Hydrogen Peroxide Can Do. Find Out More Here.

Donald Trump’s False “Christianity” Influenced by a 33° Freemason

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For anyone who is holding out hope for either Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as president, you should really take a look at this video.  Both of these…

PROOF You Are Living in The End Times

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The prophecy of Saint John in Revelation is becoming startling true!  One can simply not deny how current events are aligning perfectly with what he had envisioned!  Watch…

The $12, 18 billion lumen, impervious to water at crush depths, Cree* LED Headlamp

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So scams promise to make you rich overnight, in the case of off shore goods that could be useful to our everyday lives, they make you poor slowly.  In this video I take a look at the $12 headlamp that claims some amazing things.  Spoiler alert..It doesn’t do anything it says it does.  Does that …

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End Times – Will “Christians” Turn on The Remnant Church?

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Don’t think that it won’t happen in the future.  History teaches us it has happened at least two major times in the past…

Spring time for SurvivalRing … News, Updates, life itself. Death in the family.

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Good evening my friends, We all have a lot to deal with in our lives, some good, some bad, some never wanted. Myself, working for the state of Wyoming takes most of my days. Home time is usually unwinding, getting a few chores done, and catching up on emails, with a few social posts here […]

Berenstain Bears 666 Satanism – Circa 1984 :(

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History just bit me in the arse…. Funny how the Berenstein or “Berestain” books all the way from my childhood had such prominent acts of Satanism weaved through…

EMP- The RZ Mask, what is filtering your air?

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Lots of folks have solutions for shelter, water, and food in their preps, but what about air?  The rule of threes tells us the body cannot survive without air for more than three minutes.  Some disaster’s primary motivators might be something that happens to the air, volcanic eruptions, war, epidemics, massive forest fires.  What solution …

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McDonald’s Happy Goggles – Plugging Children into the All Seeing Eye

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Hold your children close. This world of lies and distraction is eagerly looking to consume our children.  McDonald’s is now beta testing cardboard virtual reality headsets and integrating…

The Pope Cartoon – Indoctrinating our Children

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The NWO religion is now down to indoctrinating the pre-school and elementary children in this series of Catholic cartoons that is already in school curriculum across several nations….

The Ultimate Guide To Software Defined Radio

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Detecting drones and other aircraft, predicting weather, monitoring police, fire, EMS, air traffic, ham, business radio, radio astronomy, finding ships at sea are some of the things that you can do if you have a key to the radio spectrum.  Until now, if you wanted access to any one of the aforementioned types of communications …

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How To Download Weather Images Directly From Satellites with SDR

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Downloading weather directly from NOAA (and Meteor) weather satellites is one of the most interesting things you can do with Software Defined Radio or SDR for short. This SDR Tutorial will show you how to setup your dongle and computer to download satellites as they pass overhead. This is a little more involved than some …

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Experience the Art of Fire – Flint & Steel Primitive Fire Review

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Physical preparedness is so much more than acquiring hard assets, cramming knowledge, and getting the latest survival gadgets.  While these things can be important, physical preparedness provides an…

How To Build A QFH (Quadrifilar Helix Antenna) to Download Images From Weather Satellites

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  Every few hours a NOAA weather satellite passes over your head, continuously transmitting pictures in visible light, infrared, and shortwave infrared.  Meteorologists utilize this information to predict weather.  The good news is, so can you.  With something like the NooElec SDR dongle, a computer, and a QHF antenna you can predict your own weather, …

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Justice Scalia’s Death Relates to Justice Roberts and Obamacare

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  What we are witnessing is a true enemy of the state moment with Justice Scalia being downright assassinated.  Right now, tons of high profile people are questioning…

How To Harden Doors, Part 3

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If you are just joining the series, please start with the first video in the series, or our Security 101 Video.  In this third part of how to harden doors we tie everything together, answer questions the series has generated, and talk about what type of door I used and some of the extra things …

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What Makes A Lock High Security? The Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt

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In the second part of the “How To Harden Doors” series (missed the first part?), we take a look at the Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt. There are many different locks, from many different manufacturer’s, at many different price ranges. The Mul-T-Lock employs just about every security measure possible and we contrast these to what you might …

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Does A Laser Belong In Your Bug Out Bag?

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As technology progresses many new options will appear for your bug out bag. With the advent of “cheap” high powered lasers, the question begs, can they serve any purpose in your bug out bag? What purposes can they serve? In this video we put a 1,000mW laser from skytechlasers.com through a few scenarios. Check out …

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