31 Surprising Uses For Borax

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31 Surprising Uses For Borax You’ve probably heard of using borax as a laundry booster. Although it’s a great way to remove stains and make your laundry whiter and fresher, that’s just one of over 30 ways you can use borax. If you know how, you can use borax to clean the kitchen and bathroom, …

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Simple Ant Control for Your Home

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Ants in Your Home?

I can sympathize with Suzette M., who wrote in about trying to free her raised beds of fire ants.  I had normal black ants a in a bed of mine a few years ago, and I ended up just ignoring the bed for the rest of the season.

If that happened to me today, I would try the same Ant Juice that works so well inside my house.

My brother is very health conscious, and he wanted a way to get rid of ants inside the house without risk to his pets.  He found a recipe for simple ant control, and he shared it with me.

My Recipe for Simple Ant Control

Borax Ant Juice Recipe
1 cup warm water
1/2 cup sugar (yes, there is a good use for regular yucky white sugar)
2 Tbsp borax
2 drops food coloring (optional)

Borax is a traditional detergent that your grandmother used.  You can buy it at big box stores in the laundry section.

Now comes the fun part.  I dip a bit of cotton in the ant juice and put it in a bottle cap near where I see ants.  When I come back 30 minutes later, the ants have found the juice and are literally lining up to get a swig of poison.

Where before there were ants wandering aimlessly across your bathroom counter, now there are many more ants, all excited and efficient about getting their fair share of the delicious poison.

Find more options: Natural Fire Ant Control

Set It Up and Say Goodbye

After more time passes, the area is completely free of ants.  Where do they go?  Where do they take the bodies?  These are mysteries.

The reason for the food coloring is that it makes it easy for you to see if they have sucked up all of the juice out of the cotton, in which case you need to give them a refill.

I don’t know if fire ants will like this, or if it will have the same clearing effect as it has for my house ants, but I have my bottle of borax ant juice all ready, and that will be the first thing I try next time I see ants in my garden.  If it looks like rain, I may put the cotton ball inside a glass jar on it’s side to make sure the rain doesn’t wash it away.

Make up a batch of ant juice.  Even if it only works in the house, it is very entertaining.


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