Trump Assassination Will Likely Ignite Civil War II

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I recently received an email from the American Redoubt outlining the possible and perhaps likely scenario that would take place following a Trump assassination. I have thought about such consequences myself, particularly given some of the vocal left who are actually publicly calling for his assassination (why are they not being prosecuted?!). While I do […]

Doomsday Preppers? You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

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This post was written exactly 4 years ago, on my Facebook page. I still stand by it. Rich Fleetwood – February 7, 2012 · Riverton · Watching “Doomsday Preppers” on NGC this evening, with an as objective as possible viewpoint. I’ve been doing this stuff myself for 20 years, and in my position and experience, with the […]

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The Soft Coup Against Trump May Accelerate Hard

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It is a politically charged week for certain as we are truly living in historical times right at this very moment. Following yesterday’s heated discussion surrounding the question “Will Planned Chaos At Inauguration & US Streets Spiral Out Of Control?”, we will ask a new question “Will the furious actions to delegitimize Trump (an ongoing […]

Will Planned Chaos At Inauguration & US Streets Spiral Out Of Control?

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image: OathKeepers There is a highly organized plan that has been set in motion – a last ditch effort to disrupt and even stop the public inauguration of the next president of the United States. There is a clear and stated intention to trigger massive chaos and disruption in Washington DC and all around the […]

Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School

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Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School

There was a lively discussion the other night and it ended with the knowledge of Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School. One of my treasured friends is a Civil War buff and very intelligent about the subject. Another dear friend there is from the south. Imagine the surprise when he admitted he was not aware of the efforts by Thomas Jackson.

For those others that may not know. The background on Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is a pretty good tale. The man came from very humble beginnings and his leadership traits should be emulated more often as we have talked about before. One of his core beliefs was in predestination.

Stonewall_Jackson_Stain_GlassOne wonders how someone could be a man of God and believe in slavery. Stonewall Jackson believes were that a slave was destined to be a slave. Only God could change that. There is little doubt that Mr. Jackson treated his slaves in a Christian way. He went further than others of his time.

Stonewall Jackson Black Sunday School was started at the Lexington Presbyterian Church sometime around the fall of 1855 and May 1866. Not only did he teach slaves and freed black men about the scriptures he also taught them how to read and write, which was a forbidden thing at that time, so they could understand their destiny.

Leave no doubt as a Godly man he also would have taught them about their role as slaves or freed men. He took this class upon his shoulders and engaged his wife. He was a large financial contributor to the Sunday School class. The joy in this effort was reflected in letters home while away at battle.

Many of his letters mention to his wife Anna mentioned the Sunday schools class and often included money to ensure that it kept going. This was standard procedure for something that Mr. Jackson cared for.



China warns Australia: stay out of the South China Sea.

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China warns Australia: stay out of the South China Sea.


If governments do not begin to listen to our people this will end in uprisings and even civil war. The Australian people are very, very angry for a number of reasons – and it is not going to blow away in the breeze.

155 years ago North Carolina seceded from the Union

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155 years ago North Carolina Seceded

Picture of flag from 155 years ago North Carolina SecededThe flag above was adopted in 1861 after the state of North Carolina seceded from the Union. This was a special day as 155 years ago North Carolina seceded. It shows two dates that are very important in North Carolina History. You can tell that May 20th is a big day in the history books of the Old North State.

The date reflected on the top is from the Mecklenburg Resolves. That is where the Committee of Safety declared all laws from the King or Parliament were null and void. This was a pretty big step and not one that was taken lightly.

The decision to secede from the Union and join the Confederate States of America was another big step. Once again North Carolina was rebelling against authority from outside the Old North State. This one was telling the Federal government was middling in matters that should be settled by the State.

This day marks 155 years ago North Carolina seceded. It is a big day and one that should be remembered. It seems like 155 years later we are still facing the same issue. It remains to be seen how the current crisis will be resolved.

North Carolina has shown in the past that it will make hard decisions. 155 years ago North Carolina seceded and joined in what was a losing cause. Even during that war you could tell the North Carolina troops as our boys were generally supported very well.

On this Friday we should remember the bravery and sacrifices that we have made in the past. Stay strong for our beliefs and values that we hold dear. Make sure we embrace our history and the flag pictured above depicts that.

The Civil War History You Don’t Know

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America is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War this year, but the commemoration has been anything but civil. With debates over heroes, statues and flags, the Civil War seemingly has divided America once again.

Meanwhile, many Americans still don’t know their Civil War history, having bought into myths and legends that apparently never die.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we discuss Civil War “off-grid” history that you won’t get out of public school textbooks or from the mainstream media. Our guest is historian Bill Potter, an author, teacher and lecturer who also gives tours of American and European sites, telling the story of God’s providential hand in history.

Potter tells us:

  • Why it’s wrong to view the Civil War simply as the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys.”
  • How the issue of racism in the South was far more complex than what we’ve learned.
  • What really tore the states apart, and how churches played a key role.
  • Why Lincoln’s views on slavery are more complicated than the conventional narrative.
  • Whether the Civil War truly was a necessary war.

A century and a half after it ended, the “War Between The States” continues to captivate our imagination. Listen as one of the nation’s leading experts on the Civil War explains its history in ways you’ve never heard!

Invasion USA: Divide and Conquer Tactics

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By: Tom Chatham It has become an almost daily event that Russian troops are seen around America in many different situations. Some are seen in Russian uniforms, some in American uniforms and others in civilian clothing. Some have been seen with military vehicles and aircraft and some with DHS vehicles. They are blending into areas […]