13 Scary Things that Happen When an Economy Collapses

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In modern days, economic collapse is one of the most likely disasters that people all over the world must contend with. Even in an economic stronghold such as the United States, the possibility of economic collapse looms large. In fact, many experts predict that the U.S. is due for an economic downturn, the severity of […]

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America’s Vulnerability When it Comes to Internal Crises: US Now vs. US Then

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As preppers, we assume that in a major crisis most people aren’t going to be able to look after themselves. That’s why we worry about securing our property, our supplies

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‘The Antidote to Waking Up’

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In my recent interview with Dylan Charles of Waking Times, I explain that you really only need 2 acres to produce all the food you need for a large family … and you can produce half of the calories your family needs in an average backyard.

You can listen to the interview, titled “How Growing Food Can Diminish Stress and Evoke a True Sense of Security,” here: http://www.wakingtimes.com/interview-how-growing-food-can-diminish-stress-evoke-true-sense-security/

So, since my Texas homestead is quite a bit bigger than 2 acres, I cultivate the equivalent of a half-dozen backyards where I just try things out.

I test various growing methods, compare the usefulness of different products in the same category (self-watering planters or game cameras, anyone?), and strive for high-efficiency, low-work methods for food production. (I mean, I travel a LOT—my food supply has to be at least partially self-sustaining!)

In the interview, I also joke that growing your own food is the “antidote to waking up” in a country that’s bankrupt and still teetering on the verge of economic collapse.

I’m sure you agree—gardening provides such a sense of security and relief!

In fact, growing your own really nutritious food with as little work as possible is the focus of my new video, “Grow Half Your Own Food (in your own backyard in just an hour a day).” We actually just did a free 72-hour screening of the film this week, but if you missed it, or want to be able to refer back to the information in it, you can still buy the video here: http://thegrownetwork.pages.ontraport.net/growhalf

Then, let me know in the comments below: What benefits have you gained from growing your own food?


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Quick and Easy Cheat Sheet to Learn How to Operate a Ham Radio

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Hams and HAM Radio Traditionally, HAM is the informal name for amateur radio operators. The origin of the acronym HAM goes all the way back to 1908, when HAM was

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Nuclear Protection Supplies

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If you value preparedness you probably have most of the supplies you’ll need to survive pretty much anything that befalls you. The fact is, while there’s a huge variety of

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10 Things That Could Cause the S to HTF

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SHTF is by far the most popular acronym in the prepper community, but what exactly would cause SHTF? What sort of crises should we be on the alert for? In this video by Reality Survival, JJ Johnson talks about 10 realistic disasters that could happen at any time. If nothing else, this list will remind […]

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Prepping With Kids

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Diesel Jester. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

If you’d asked me 16 years ago if I’d be ready for when the SHTF, I would’ve answered yes without any kind of hesitation. After all, I was single, I was a Ground Team Leader in the Air Force Auxiliary unit Civil Air Patrol, I had worked as an Armed Security Agent, was working in the airlines, and had taken a multitude of camping, firearms, first aid, and survival courses. In the chaos of 9/11 I’d been told that I’d handled myself admirably and with a cool and level head by my co-workers and supervisors. I felt prepared.

Then I met my wife-to-be, moved across the country, and settled into suburban life.

As the years passed my emergency gear went by the wayside, my skills waned a bit, and I had to sell my sidearm at one point in order to afford to move to where jobs were available at due to recession. I didn’t think too much about getting back into emergency preparedness because I had work to do, education to finish, and the everyday chores of life to deal with. It wasn’t until the last couple of years ago when my wife and I became parents of two lovely children that we adopted. Once the process was over, my wife said words that I’d never thought that I’d hear from her:

“I want to prepare for the worst.”

At first you could’ve knocked me over with a feather as I never thought she’d want to become a pepper. Then I wanted to shout my elation at the green light to do something that I’ve been wanting to do again for so long. Heck, I got the go-ahead to buy guns again (Hello AR-7 and Ruger 22/45!). As I started delving back into the world of prepping by looking at articles, making lists, buying supplies, I had to stop for a moment because there was something that I hadn’t counted on having back in my Civil Air Patrol days. There was now a new factor to the equation: Prepping with Kids.

My Children are 9 and 2. I’ve found that I had to modify my lists to suit their needs and capabilities along with my own (especially after seeing a tear-jerking video on Facebook last year about a family bugging out over the course of a year between the daughter’s birthdays). This is what I came up with and your own mileage may vary on how your own situation might be similar or different from my own.

Having kids is certainly an adjustment – both to your every day life and your prepping plans.

What is your disaster plan?

This was the big question for us. What was our plan for when the SHTF happens? Were we going to bug out or bug in? As we live in Alaska now, I realize that we have an abundance of resources around us, a decent community that we live in, and we’re pretty isolated. So bugging out will probably only happen in the event that our town is evacuated for whatever reason. So getting BOBs was high on the list and I started getting the 5-Day Packs available at our local stores. Ultimately it’s going to be a bug-in scenario as all of our resources are where we live along with people that we know and can trust.

But what about your children?

While I love my kids, they are going to be a liability that I’ll need to consider in an emergency situation. Thankfully my 9-year-old has a level head and knows how to decently handle themselves when things get bad. They love the outdoors, can carry a basic BOB on their shoulders, and likes helping mom and dad around the house. I have started taking them to the local gun range to teach safety and shooting with my new .22 rifle and handgun that I mentioned above. I’d chosen those as they’d be easy for my kids to learn on, they’re lightweight and easily concealable if we need to go on a long walk, the ammo is interchangeable between the two of them, and they’ll be effective for hunting small game in the area. My 2-year-old, however, is a big concern as they’re still in diapers. My toddler can walk for maybe a mile and has lots of energy but right now a bug out bag weighs as much as they do! Their needs will need to be met in a time-frame that could last from a week to a year or more. Some of the major things of concern are:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Milk/Formula

One would think “Costco!” at once for the diaper solution but you also have to realize that your kids will be growing. If the SHTF tomorrow, and you just recently bought in bulk, then great! But if it happens a month from now, a year from now, or two years from now, those diapers that you squirreled away might not fit, especially if you have a growing newborn to consider. So while we’re doing potty training with my toddler, I am being mindful of reusable diaper and wipe solutions and taking into consideration shelf stable milk that I’ll be able to store in the meantime. With reusable diapers and wipes also comes the problem of clean clothes so another thing that I’m in the process of looking at is how we’re going to be doing our laundry if the power goes out and stays out (I’m looking real fondly at my kids’ bike chains now and how I can attach it to a washer cylinder).

Bugging Out with a Toddler

They will never make the walk by themselves so make sure you have a way to transport your younger children and take that extra time/weight into consideration.

There’s only two ways out of our town: Boat and Airplane. Three if you count trekking it across wilderness to the next nearest town but I live in a State where everything wants to kill you the moment you walk out your front door in the middle of civilization (yes, I have had black bears on my front doorstep before with nothing but a pane of glass between us). So walking out of here is not really an option unless we get to super desperation stage, and we’re talking SyFy channel level of desperation in which a glacier is advancing at Mach 5 with a Sharknado on top of it while a San Andres Movie level earthquake is hitting the area. I’d throw in zombies but we’re already so jaded up here with them coming off the cruise ships in droves every summer. Realistically, and in all seriousness, if it comes down to a government enforced evacuation it’s going to be by ferry or by airplane. While I highly doubt that we’ll be able to take our vehicle with us even on the ferry, that means we’re going to have to rely what we can carry ourselves.


I’m getting there. As I mentioned before, one of our BOBs is the same weight as my toddler. So that means that either my wife or I will have to carry them while the other doubles or even triples up on the bags. In this kind of situation I’m looking at getting a frame backpack for kids that my toddler can ride and at the same time I’ll be able to carry a BOB (if anyone knows of a survival BOB/kid carrier, I’d be grateful for a link). In addition to the above items listed for my 2 year old’s BOB to last for five days, I also have to consider entertainment/distractions while we’re in the process of evacuation. For this I recommend buying multiple versions of your child’s favorite toy and/or stuffed animal and putting it in their BOB. That way if you’re leaving in a hurry, you don’t have to waste valuable time wondering where Mister Bear is at when you have one already tucked away and ready to go. One of your child’s favorite blankets might be something to consider for their comfort and peace of mind if you’re in the process of evacuating with them. If your child is anything like my toddler; then they’re going to want something comforting and familiar that reminds them of home while you’re on the move to safety.

I guess that in the end it comes down to the ages of your kids, what they’re capable of, and how much extra you’re going to have to put away in order to see to their basic needs. As time goes on, we go longer (Lord and Lady willing) without an event occurring, and as your children get older, their needs will naturally change until they’re at such an age that they can reasonably handle themselves in the event of a crisis. They’ll also learn from the example that you set for them and from what you teach them as you prep. These are skills that they’ll have with them forever. Teach them skills to survive, teach them how to keep a cool head, and don’t panic yourself. That, and a little common sense and hopefully you’ll come out of any situation reasonably intact.

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Doomsday! Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight

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Doomsday! Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Audio in player below! Due to current events, nuclear war has recently become a hot topic among both preppers and non-preppers alike. The Doomsday Clock published on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists website has been moved forward to 2.5 minutes to midnight. … Continue reading Doomsday! Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight

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15 Reasons to Prep Even If Doomsday Never Arrives

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After the stock market crash in 2008, many preppers warned that doomsday was imminent and that people should prepare while they still can. But doomsday never arrived. In fact, over the last few years things have gradually improved. The stock market is higher than ever, and unemployment is ways down. Because of this, some people […]

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Doomsday Preppers? You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

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This post was written exactly 4 years ago, on my Facebook page. I still stand by it. Rich Fleetwood – February 7, 2012 · Riverton · Watching “Doomsday Preppers” on NGC this evening, with an as objective as possible viewpoint. I’ve been doing this stuff myself for 20 years, and in my position and experience, with the […]

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Not Since 1953 Has The Doomsday Clock Been This Close To Midnight

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Not Since 1953 Has The Doomsday Clock Been This Close To Midnight

WASHINGTON — The world is 30 seconds closer to doomsday, according to a new report by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Scientists moved the hands of the famous Doomsday Clock ahead by half a minute Thursday, asserting the world is “more dangerous today than it was last year.” I

That means the world is just two and half minutes away from Armageddon and as close to midnight as it has been since 1953 at the height of the Cold War, when it was two minutes until midnight. Since ’53, the clock has varied between three minutes and 17 minutes until midnight.

This is the 70th anniversary of the Doomsday Clock.

Learn The Secrets and Tricks Of The Word’s Top Survivalists!

“The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon,” a statement from the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board reads. “In 2017, we find the danger to be even greater, the need for action more urgent. It is two and a half minutes to midnight, the Clock is ticking, global danger looms.

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 as an indicator of how close the planet was to nuclear war. Today it gauges a variety of threats, including climate change, biological weapons and cyber weapons.

“Over the course of 2016, the global security landscape darkened as the international community failed to come effectively to grips with humanity’s most pressing existential threats, nuclear weapons and climate change,” the scientists said in the report.

The board was critical of President Trump, asserting in its report that even though he just took office, “the president’s intemperate statements, lack of openness to expert advice, and questionable cabinet nominations have already made a bad international security situation worse.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss said much of the world’s security depends on Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin getting along.

“President Trump and President Putin, who claim great respect for each other, can choose to act together as statesmen, or act as petulant children, risking our future,” Krauss said.

Do you believe the world is closer to doomsday than it has been since 1953?

Learn How To ‘Live Off The Land’ With Just Your Gun. Read More Here.

5 Strategies To Survive In The City When SHTF

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When we think of survival and disaster preparedness the images most people conjure up are basically rural. Preparedness is all about being ready to harvest the essentials from the land,

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The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday

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The 5 Worst Cities for Preppers after Doomsday

In this guide we are going to review the worst cities for preppers to live in when the shit hits the fan.  I know what most of you are thinking, ‘That’s easy, the cities with the highest crime rate are the worse’, or at least that would be the response of someone less imaginative.  Luckily, I’m not a two dimensional kind of guy, and I prefer to see through parallel monotonies to the abstractions of life.  That doesn’t mean I am going to exclude those statistics, they will just play a small role in a greater sum.  To provide a genuine list of the worst cities for preppers we have to factor in four critical elements; crime statistics, natural resource availability, government dependency, and cultural values.

Determining Factors

Crime statistics that take murder per capita, strong arm robbery, and assault into account provides a reasonable expectation of what these cities will look like after doomsday.  The availability of natural resources will play a much larger role than crime because a lack of those natural resources will force the people who aren’t criminal to become criminals.  Natural resources that factor into our ratings include; farms, freshwater sources, and raw materials.  Government dependency plays a smaller, but equally important, role in how a city fares after doomsday seen in our latest post ‘Life after Doomsday’.  A city with a high percentage of its inhabitants on welfare, food stamps, and other forms of government assistance means a high number of people who are less likely to be prepared, and self-sufficient.  Cultural values can somewhat be succinct with crime, but for the purposes of this article, it is its own being.  Cultural values like community togetherness and team spirit is a plays a huge role in how a city will fare after the apocalypse.  Wolverines!

A minor clarification — one thing not taken into account is nuclear fallout patterns, which would be relevant if the disaster we face is in some way related to nuclear war, or a series of earthquakes near nuclear facilities causing a meltdown.  However, this information Is more relevant to another article I am writing, and for the sake of redundancy this factor will not be accounted for in this article.  That being said, this list is relevant as long as Doomsday wasn’t caused by a nuclear event.

The Worst Cities after Doomsday!

Sacramento, California


I hate to break it to all of you Sac Town hoodrats, but one of the last places I would want to be after the apocalypse is Sacramento.  I don’t mean to offend anyone, but Sac is a shit hole.  Sacramento, CA is ranked the 11th most dangerous city to live in America, where children aren’t even able to go to a football game without the possibility of getting murdered by one of the city’s 100+ gangs.  In addition to being one of the most dangerous places to live, even without the threat of doomsday, California’s unconstitutional gun laws will leave law abiding citizens defenseless since the only ones that will have guns is the gang bangers.  Is that not enough to convince you?  Let’s add icing to the cake, Sacramento is running out of water forcing it’s 1.7 million citizens into a very desperate situation when the pumps get shut off.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Two of the writers for usCrow.org live here, so trust me this article is not biased at all, and honestly if you live in areas like Summerlin or Anthem it’s easy to live in denial with all the trees, good schools, and ridiculously unnecessary albeit beautiful architecture, but denial will only sustain you so long.  The reality is we live in a fucking desert with absolutely no natural resources whatsoever.  Our water comes from the Colorado River, and Lake Mead, but once the Hoover Dam goes out of commission we are royally screwed.  In addition to our unavoidable drought in the near future, our murder rates are starting to sky rocket!  Even though Summerlin and Anthem are great neighborhoods, they are surrounded by areas with extreme crime rates like the East Side, North Town, and Boulder.  Unlike other cities, after doomsday we will have nowhere to go for food, or water, and once the power gets knocked out we are all going to die with no air conditioning and an average temperatures of 120°+ in a very long summer.

New York City, New York


WILL SMITH as Neville in the 2007 film "I Am Legend" directed by Francis Lawrence. PHOTO CREDIT:  Warner Brothers Pictures Published 11-04-2007: Will Smith plays a survivor of a ravaged Manhattan of the future, in "I Am Legend," the third screen adaptation of Richard Matheson's novella.Photo by Warner Brothers Pictures
WILL SMITH as Neville in the 2007 film “I Am Legend” directed by Francis Lawrence.
PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Brothers Pictures
Published 11-04-2007: Will Smith plays a survivor of a ravaged Manhattan of the future, in “I Am Legend,” the third screen adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novella.Photo by Warner Brothers Pictures


Believe it or not, New York City has a low crime rate when compared to other cities.  So why is New York on this list?  Like I said our conclusions aren’t based solely on crime statistics.  The problem with New York is the size of the city, proximity between people, gun laws, exits, and complete lack of natural resources.  Due to the size of this city, when the shit hits the fan these people will cannibalize each other.  The proximity to one another makes it increasingly difficult to contain a viral pandemic.  Again, the gun laws play a role making the criminals the only ones with guns, while everyone is running around with baseball bats and cannolis.  Worst of all there are very few options if you want to get out of the city, which is a double-edged sword, making it that much easier to quarantine, contain, and subject the city to marshal law.

Detroit, Michigan


What do you do when Motor City turns into Amityville?  You get the hell out of there in a hurry.  It’s no secret ‘liberalism’ destroyed this city, like it is slowly destroying Austin, Texas.  While Detroit does have natural resources surrounding the city, there are very few people who live in the city that would actually know how to acquire them!  I shit you not, I’ve been to Detroit, met the people, and I’m telling you right now; once the water pumps turn off these people would be too inept to go down to Detroit River or Lake Huron and get their water and filter it, nor would they be able to hunt from the surrounding woods.  Over a quarter of the city’s population is on welfare, or food stamps.  Want to hear the kicker?  Detroit is the second most dangerous city in the country.

Modesto, California


Much like Sac town, but not as bad, Modesto has high crime rates, with over ten thousand violent crimes every single year.  Another issue with Modesto is they are ranked as one of the top ten cities in The United States that is running out of water with the San Joaquin’s river turning up dry.  Just like the other cities listed in this article, Modesto has little exploitable natural resources, and horrible gun laws that will create several issues after doomsday.  ‘Water Wealth‘ lol…

Closing thoughts…

When writing this article I resided myself to the fact I was writing a preference point and not an iron clad academic syllabus.  The things I listed are what I would be the most concerned about, and if you find yourself agreeing with me I suggest you find a home in a city with little crime, a bounty of natural resources, fewer gun laws, and a strong community.  If you guys have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.  We value our readers’ opinions!


Source : uscrow.org



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7 Things To Expect After The SHTF

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In the survival community, the term “SHTF” (shit hit the fan) get’s thrown around a lot, but what exactly does it mean? The truth is, there is no single meaning. It just depends on how you want to use the term. If world war 3 has started, the shit has hit the fan. But if […]

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Scott Hunt: off-grid Doomsday retailer

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The off-gridder built his own sustainable farm in preparation for doomsday

The off-gridder built his own sustainable farm in preparation for doomsday


Meet Scott Hunt, also known as Engineer775 on his Youtube channel where he gives expert reviews for National Geographic’s reality TV show, Doomsday Preppers.

His religious stance has made him plan accordingly to doomsday, plans which include his and his families 55-acre farm near Pickens being totally sustainable if, oh let’s say out our nation’s electrical grid, shut down its water supply or render its computers useless.
But don’t think of him as gloomy, the creative genius is actually very energetic and he has made a “booming business” out of helping others get prepared for whatever may come.

On the farm, they grow their own food, generate their own electricity, maintain their own water supply and powers their machinery with fuel made from their own wood.

It has elevation change, which can be used to provide a gravity-powered water system. He pumps water from a well low in his topography to a high point on his property and sends it flowing downhill from there to his house with the twist of a faucet.
The tract has ample trees, which he looks on as “solar batteries.” He uses them to fire a 500,000 BTU boiler that provides hot water to his house, and a wood stove for heat and cooking, and for gasification, using a process developed by the Germans during World War II.

With the success of their own off-grid living arrangements, Scott is a consultant and installer of solar-powered water systems and other devices for others who like the idea of being unplugged.
“I feel like that’s what my calling is right now – to help many people as possible,” said Hunt, a former pastor, former Michelin engineer, and upstate New York native.
Tinkering is in Hunt’s genes. He comes from a family of tradesmen. His father was an auto body man. His grandfather was a carpenter and operated a lumber yard. He also went to university to study engineering which is where he found God.

“Some people just want to go off the grid. Some people want something sustainable. Some people are into preparedness big time,” he said. “I just provide solutions that make sense.”
His homestead was ideally suited to become his laboratory for developing self-sufficiency solutions.
If you’re interested in learning some of his tricks, most of his business comes from the Internet. He has a store on his website, www.practicalpreppers.com, from which he sells and drop ships items such as solar water pumps, and his book, “The Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness.”

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13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Lead To An Apocalypse

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I don’t normally post doom-and-gloom articles. In my opinion, constantly obsessing over disasters that could happen is a waste of energy. You’re better off focusing on your preps and enjoying your life. However, I think it’s a good idea to poke one’s head up every now and then and see what’s going on. And over […]

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What Role Will Technology Play In Doomsday?

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Technology seems to be something that splits most preppers down the middle. For some, stocking up on all the latest survival gadgets is an essential step to take to ensure preparation for potential apocalypse.

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5 Assumptions People Make in a Doomsday Scenario

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5 Worst Assumptions People Make in a Doomsday Scenario

Is it going to be some kind of nuclear holocaust? Are zombies going to start rising from the dead? Will there be a mass infection that wipes out the bulk of our species, or a spiritual rapture that leaves only a handful of us on the Earth?

These scenarios don’t seem especially likely, and they seem even less likely when you consider the sheer number of times people have predicted the end of the world that turned out to be false. Still, the curious and most prepared among us always keep the prospect of a “doomsday” in the backs of our minds, considering how we’d survive in a post-apocalyptic society. Some of us even have shelters or supplies stashed away, just in case—but there’s a problem with these doomsday preparations. They’re almost always based on a number of false assumptions.

The Dangers of False Assumptions

All forms of preparation rely on some assumptions; this is unavoidable. However, when most people picture a “doomsday,” they approach it with a set of preconceived notions that they’ve gathered from books, movies, or ideal projections of what the apocalypse might be like. If these assumptions are incorrect, you could end up preparing wrong, reducing your chances of survival and making all your efforts worthless.

The Worst Assumptions You Can Make

These are some of the worst—yet most common—mistakes you can make about the ambiguous coming “doomsday:”

  1. Some forms of technology will still work. We’ve come a long way in terms of being able to protect our data and protect our devices against natural elements and disasters. But on a big enough scale, it’s unlikely that any of our technologies will survive a massively destructive event. That means all forms of Internet and electricity will become unusable, and even portable, analog devices like radios might be useless. Does that mean you shouldn’t include a radio in your emergency stash? No—it might still come in handy. But you shouldn’t plan for it to work, just like you shouldn’t plan for cars, phones, or any other form of technology to work. Count on absolutely nothing surviving, and you’ll be prepared no matter what.
  2. You’re more likely to survive than someone else. This is an assumption most of us live with, and we can’t really help it. Imagine you’ve just learned that a new illness is going to wipe out 95 percent of the U.S. population—you’ll imagine yourself as part of the 5 percent who survive, even though this makes little logical sense. You can’t really plan on dying, though you do owe it to yourself to be more realistic about the scenario. Even if you survive the initial effects, the aftereffects (think: secondary infections, nuclear fallout, etc.) could catch up to you.
  3. Your supplies will be safe. When most of us prepare for a doomsday scenario, we focus on physical goods, sometimes going overboard with the amount of supplies we store. All of this is usually based on an assumption that we’ll be able to keep these supplies safe and available for our own use. In reality, having this many supplies is probably going to make you a target rather than providing a cushion for your lifestyle. In reality, it may be wiser to only store what you absolutely need for survival.
  4. Supplies matter more than skills. This assumption also involves our tendency to horde supplies; people generally assume that as long as they have the right materials, they’ll be able to survive. And it’s true that additional food and water can keep you alive for longer, but it’s more important in a post-apocalyptic scenario to have the skills and abilities necessary to support your own continued survival. It’s the “teach a man to fish” moral, but applied to post-doomsday survivalism. Instead of spending more money on supplies, spend money on survival training and experiences that will keep you alive.
  5. Short-term survival is what really matters. Most people end up planning for a few weeks of survival after a doomsday event. Some go nuts and plan for a few months. But the truth is, your body will probably be able to survive for a few weeks on its own, without much need for additional resources. If you really want to survive after a doomsday event, you need to think in longer terms. How are you going to survive in a year? In five years? In ten?

Predicting the Unpredictable

Even though this article has been centered on false assumption, it’s probably making some false assumption of its own. Why? Because by its very nature, a doomsday scenario is unpredictable. It may never come. It may come tomorrow. And if it does come, it could take any one of an infinite number of forms. It’s impossible to prepare for everything, so the best you can do is prepare for the greatest number of possible events, and prepare yourself—mentally and physically—for the most demanding situations you can.

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28 Inconvenient Truths About TEOTWAWKI

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I know I’ve complained about this before, but I can’t stand preppers who are actually looking forward to TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Sure, disaster movies are exciting, but talk to anyone who has actually lived through a major disaster and they’ll tell you how awful it is. That’s why […]

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3 Ways to Fund Your Doomsday Bunker

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3 Ways to Fund Your Doomsday Bunker

bunker 2We all dream of having our very own doomsday bunker in case things ever get so bad that living above ground becomes impossible for a period of time. The problem is that very few of us have enough extra cash lying around to invest in the construction and upkeep of such a bunker.

The Cost of a Doomsday Bunker

Doomsday bunkers, while necessary, certainly aren’t cheap. This is largely due to difficulties with manufacturing and installation, but is also a byproduct of the small nature of this market. When looking at sales numbers, the market is still pretty tiny and until the market grows enough to increase production, prices will remain high.

The cost of a doomsday bunker depends heavily on what you need. “A minimal bunker can cost upward of $38,000, depending on how hooked-up the safe house is,” says appraiser Joseph Castaneda. “A reinforced concrete bunker averages around 2,500-square-feet. One that includes kitchen gear and other amenities can cost about $60,000.”

But that’s only the starting point. Shipping costs can be $10,000 or more, while excavation and installation may add $20,000 – $25,000 to the price tag. And if you want a larger bunker with more space, amenities, and features, then you can easily spend upwards of $2 million.

3 Options for Funding Your Bunker

Unless you have a lot of spare money in a bank account somewhere, you probably won’t be able to build a bunker on your own. You’re going to need a way to fund your bunker purchase and installation.

Thankfully, there are a number of options.

Bunker Financing

Much like you can take a loan out to purchase a home, you can also finance a bunker with the help of specialized lenders. Certain lenders will extend financing in the form of an FHA Title 1 Home Improvement Loan or unsecured loan. While you’ll be hard pressed to find a lender willing to finance a bunker that costs $100,000 or more, you should be able to secure enough funds for a basic bunker in the $30,000-$50,000 range.


Another option is crowdfunding. If you can’t secure traditional financing – or if the financing isn’t enough to satisfy the full purchase and installation cost – crowdfunding can provide an excellent complimentary source of funding.

There’s something about building a doomsday bunker that’s appealing to crowdfunders. It strikes an emotional chord with many and can be viewed as an opportunity to help others establish a safe and secure future. There are many different types of crowdfunding platforms, but targeting one that focuses more on personal funding (as opposed to business and startup funding) is ideal, as this will help you reach your target market.

Setting Aside Money Each Month

Another option is to gradually set aside money each month in order to build a fund for your doomsday preparations. This is exactly what American Preppers Network co-founder Phil Burns has done and continues to do.

Burns suggests setting aside as much as 20 percent of your income for preparations. This money can be used towards the purchase of a doomsday bunker, guns, food, and other supplies. It’ll take time, but there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve done it all on your own.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

“A lot of people say preppers are paranoid, scared, pessimistic, always believing that there’s going to be a disaster,” Burns says. “But if you look at it with open eyes, we’re actually optimists – we’re saying, ‘I don’t care what you throw at me, I can survive it.’”

As you consider purchasing your very own doomsday bunker, keep these three funding options in the back of your mind.


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5 Security Measures That Will Keep You Alive During Doomsday

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

You want to make sure that you are secure enough to live to see tomorrow. Let’s take a look at five security measures that you can implement to help you stay alive during doomsday.

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Doomsday Medicine

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Doomsday Book of Medicine!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Doomsday MedicineImagine a world without doctors, a brutal world that could exist in our near future or in the distant. For a second however envision a person you love with a life threatening injury. Are you prepared to deal with that? Are you prepared to save someone you love? No medicine and no doctors what are your options? There are a lot of great books out there about survival medicine or apocalyptic first aid. I have read some. Have you ever read one that featured so much preventative medicine? I have a gem for you on this episode of I AM Liberty. We are lucky enough to have a phenomenal guest.

3-11-16 51BaQVfC9+LOn this show we are talking to author Ralph La Guardia M.D on the show to discuss his new release The DoomsdayBook of Medicine. His book is addresses the scenario of dealing with illness and injury in the event that there are no doctors. What are you capable of? This book goes into great depth about how to become a one man healing machine. The book doesn’t only cover first aid but it expounds on great topics like vitamins and your nutrition. There is another great chapter on fermentation and fermented foods.

I was thrilled when I got my hands on this book and found it not to be that run of the mill Army training manual about how to put on a tourniquet. It’s chock full preventative medicine, which is crucial in today’s world. We are going to have a great guest that will be open to questioning. I am sure if you call in with a question he will have no problem sending a copy of this great book. Don’t miss this episode of I AM liberty where we have a solid guest like Ralph La Guardia and his book The Doomsday Book of Medicine.
Visit I Am Liberty website Go Here!
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Listen to this broadcast or download “Doomsday Medicine” in player below!

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15 Reasons to Prep Even if Doomsday Never Arrives

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15 Reasons to Prep Even if Doomsday Never Arrives One reason many people hesitate to start prepping is the fear that it will all be for nothing. What if they spend hundreds of hours practicing survival skills and thousands of dollars on survival supplies, and nothing happens? Would that mean it was all a huge …

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“Home” Considerations for getting there!

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“Home” Considerations for getting there!

HomeWith so much focus on bugging in and out scenarios, I feel that not a lot is being said about those crucial moments when disaster strikes and you’re away from home. When you’re away from your preps, your bug out bag and your stockpile, things will be that much tougher. In what follows I want to give you a few common sense tips that go beyond assembling a get-home bag list.

It’s hard to anticipate what you’ll be doing when it hits, the distance from home and where your spouse and kids will be and many more details (see below). The more you think about these possible scenarios, the better the solution your mind will come up with… so let’s see if I can challenge you on an intellectual level.

Don’t Leave Your EDC Kit at Home

Ever walked away from home and decided you don’t really want to carry your EDC items “just this once”? You’ve had them with you so many times and nothing happened that you get this feeling of “well, it’s not like anything’s gonna happen today”.

Well, what if something does happen? If you’re out there and you get a phone call from your wife asking you to come home ASAP, having a knife, a flashlight or an extra cell-phone battery could make a world of difference.

Explore Your City

What does this have to do with getting home in an emergency? Depending on the type of disaster that will affect you, you probably won’t be able to get home using the route. As we do our daily chores or go to work, we always take the shortest route possible, right?

Only thing is, that may not be the safest one in a disaster. A bridge might have collapsed, there might be checkpoints on the main arteries, riots or a protests could block parts of the city. The more you know your city, the quicker it’ll be for you find alternate routes without the need for a GPS or someone guiding you over the phone.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have printed maps of your city. On the contrary, you should improve those maps by marking shortcuts and keeping copies inside your car and your get home bag.

Prepare For Mini Get-Home Scenarios

Scenarios aren’t just related to Doomsday. You may very well be forced to rush home to handle personal emergencies. Here’s a few things most preppers never consider:

  • the transportation system could be halted for whatever reason, forcing you to go back home on foot
  • your car could be broken into
  • your cell phone battery could die
  • there could be a heavy and prolonged rain or even a hail storm
  • you could get a flat tire
  • you could get sick as you’re driving home
  • your get home bag could be stolen or you might be separated from it for whatever reason
  • …and many more.

How would you prep for each of them? It’s not that hard. You can add an extra cell-phone battery or cell-phone charger inside your GHB, you could learn how to fix your flat tire, you could add a few basic OTC meds inside your EDC and get-home bag etc.

Ask Yourself: Is It Safe To Get Home?

People talking about get home scenarios see themselves coming home in record time when it finally happens. The only problem is, their home could be compromised, which means they won’t be able to bug in, they won’t have access to their bug out bags or any of their preps.

You have to prep for every possible scenario, including bugging out without a BOB and losing our stockpile and guns. This is why having a fully-packed vehicle and one or several bug out locations is important.

Keep this in mind: the more time you spend away from home, the more likely it is you won’t be there when disaster strikes.

Is It Safe To Go Inside Your Home?

If your wife called you because there’s a burglar in the house, you probably don’t want to barge in there like Chuck Norris. You don’t know the current status and, even though things look quiet on the outside, on the inside, things could be bad. Real bad.

Think about how you would approach a home invasion that happens when you’re not at home. Would you call the police? Would you call your prepper friends? In case you have to do this alone, do you know alternative ways to get inside?

What ELSE Could Affect You In a Get Home Scenario?

A devastating earthquake just hit. You expect people to be crying in the street, maybe some of them trying to get their relatives from under the rubble. There’s panic everywhere and you need to get home right away because your wife’s not answering the phone.

Do you think it’s that easy? Any number of things could go wrong and they have nothing to do with collapsed buildings or blocked roads. For example:

  • you find out your kid’s also trapped under the rubble at school so now you have two family members that need your help
  • you pass a downed building and there are people trapped inside asking you to help them
  • you come home to find that 3 thugs are looting your home
  • the earthquake also caused a gas leakage which lead to a house fire
  • when you reach your wife, you realize she’s injured, you may need to get her to a hospital
  • …and on and on.

Final Word

When disaster strikes, if anything can go wrong, it probably will. Tragedies come in threes and it’s easy to lose your mind when chaos unleashes. There’s only way to prepare now for the myriad of outcomes and that is to ask yourself questions today. The more questions you ask, the more problems and holes you will uncover in your survival plans.

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How Much Does a Nuclear Bunker Cost?

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How Much Does a Nuclear Bunker Cost? I know that having a nuclear bunker might sound like too much even for the most dedicated preppers. But this is only because

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Turning the Tables on an Active Shooter

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I don’t need to list the most recent attacks on unarmed civilians that have taken place in the past year or even past month to get my point across. Violent attacks are clearly on the rise with attackers ranging from pissed off former employees to religious fanatics and everything in-between.

You need to come to terms with the fact that you can never be prepared enough to prevent an attack from happening. You will not be able to grab your battle rifle, plate carrier, and call the police prior to getting attacked unless you are in your home, awake, and near your gear.


It is more likely you will be vulnerable and wearing what you are wearing now in a crowded public place or alone in unfamiliar territory. Hopefully you have a pistol and or knife on you to give you an edge on your would be attacker/attackers. If it all possible dialing 911 should always be your first action when you get the feeling your life is in danger.

If you are in a situation where your life is in danger and you can dial 911 without sacrificing safety:

·         Dial 911

·         Put your phone to speaker

·         Put the phone in your pocket so you have use of both hands

·         Describe your surroundings to the dispatcher in great detail

·         Seek cover or a safe zone

·         Prepare to defend yourself until help arrives

Leave the square ranges for BZO
A great way to prepare yourself is to break away from relying on square ranges and bulls-eye targets as a sufficient means to becoming an effective defensive shooter. Square ranges are meant for zeroing firearms and marksmanship training, not drawing from your holster and moving to cover in order to land some well-placed shots on target. If you don’t have access to a range or facility that allows dynamic training or scenario training try some of these simple drills in the comfort of your own home. Make a room clear of all ammo and never bring ammo or loaded guns in there, practice drawing and reloading your cleared gun or blue gun for a few minutes a day so you become comfortable drawing and acquiring a target after seeking cover.


Dry firing is great practice but it’s just that, so once you feel you have mastered drawing your pistol, clearing malfunctions, reloading, etc. Seek out courses and training that is geared towards active shooters and concealed carry scenarios. Do your research and make sure the course is run by a professional that has a verifiable background in firearms training and is insured. This day and age there are folks who grow a beard, buy some gear and call themselves a firearms instructor. Please make sure these people have actual credentials that mean something. The NRA is a great source for finding quality instructors as well.

Airsoft is a highly underrated and affordable way to do force on force training that allows you to actually shoot people and to get shot without actually dying.

Let’s run with that idea:

·       Get the airsoft equivalent of your carry pistol and a training knife

·       Make a friend do the same

·       Get proper protective equipment

·       Find a safe private place (so people don’t think it’s real)

·       Create 5 scenarios where you are vulnerable (Entering/leaving vehicle, asleep in bed, taking a poop, walking your dog)

·       Get attacked and take note of what works and doesn’t for you

·       Start timing closing speeds of an attacker in unknown distances to evaluate what reaction fits the situation

Yup, you will look like a total freak doing these exercises but looking like an idiot when training may just be enough to give you the edge if you were to be attacked or became involved in an active shooter situation.

Physical fitness can never be stressed enough for this subject. Close quarters confrontation,  gun free, and knife free zones leave you with only your physical skillset to keep you safe and alive.

If you are legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm you should never leave your home without your pistol and a spare magazine.

My EDC, within arms reach 24/7

For some added firepower and magazine capacity consider storing a rifle in your vehicle, but be cognizant of local laws prior to doing so. Rifle manipulation in a vehicle is frustrating at best so look into acquiring an AR or AK pistol.

My work in progress AR pistol

These rifle caliber pistols are relatively new to the market and have tremendous benefits. Especially if you value maneuverability in tight places such as a vehicle or in your home.

It’s a shame the cameraman didn’t have a gun

 You can be that person who spends their last moments with their hands up begging for mercy or you can be prepared and give yourself that chance to fight back and stop a tragedy. What do you do to keep as prepared as possible?

Stay Fit and Keep that Warrior Mindset!

Prepping For Dog Owners

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How would I outfit my dog for the end of the world?

Molly and Maynard

 Would I buy a doggy flak jacket or some stupid useless crap? Or would I be able to focus on the actual fantastic resource my dog will be to me. If I was to take my dog and set her free in the middle of the woods alone with no food or water and did the same to an average citizen with no survival skills to speak of (besides an episode here and there of naked and afraid or whatever fake survival show is popular now) and left that person in the same conditions as a dog, who would fare better after 3 days? My money is on the dog; basically what I’m saying is we would need the dog more than the dog would need us.

 Get a doggy saddlebag setup and portion the minimum amount of food per day your furry friend requires to be a useful team member. Now keep this in the back of your head, for example I have a pug and he is basically a hairy ball of attitude and Twinkies, he may not be able to carry his own food and water. But what’s a little more weight when a companion is in the mix. My second dog is a pit/pointer mix, she will carry a car if asked to do so, I have no concerns regarding her carrying her own supplies and maybe even some extra when it’s called for. Why put this much thought into have a fluffy friend along? Ask any armed service member if they had a pet overseas, when they say yes ask them how important it is to have the pet during times of extreme stress and long days. Anyway, use your dog to your advantage because that smiling wagging buddy of yours will be a priceless asset if you choose to employ your friend in the proper manner. Dogs can be trained to do anything from sit to sniff for illegal drugs with the smallest bit of discipline and training. Seeing both extremes of the amazing capability of your dog you can easily take a few simple steps to start to see what an asset your domestic pet could be, plus it gets you and your dogs some exercise and time to bond. An example of what you could do is just fill up the saddle bag and go for a walk once a week at least and have treats in the bag so eventually the dog will not only willingly put the doggy back pack on but the dog will be excited to cooperate. Get the dog acclimated to riding in the car; trust me this is key, you don’t want dog puke all over your backseat like mine did and the stains won’t come out. So keep that little guy/girl/fat pug in mind when you are buying your next prepping guidebook or wasting money on a GPS when you are prepping for a solar flare. Spend 20 bucks on a stupid doggy saddle bag and get your dogs ready for the zombie Nazi’s from the Amazon or whatever it is you are getting ready for. On a serious note, your dog will serve as a dependable sentry, companion, hunting partner, etc. and all you will have to do in return is feed, water, pet and repeat in that order.

Granted there can be risks involved with having a dog as your copilot in a survival scenario, I think if you analyze it and weigh the pros and cons of having a dog as your battle buddy you will see that having a dog is a great advantage, while there is some negatives overall it will be a wise choice. With all of that being said, when you are making your apocalypse first aid kit makes some room for your animal too, dogs can get sick just like us and it won’t take much effort to be able to provide a decent level of care for your dog. Just do a simple search of common dog ailments and see if there is a particular cure or method to heal the ailing dog, if you wanted to go a step further; next time you speak with your dog’s vet ask questions about your dog’s health, now don’t run in there talking about zombies or the collapse of the American dream because most likely you will be tossed out and probably visited by the police. But seriously just be a genuine concerned dog owner and just mention things like camping and hiking not prepping or end of days, you want to be taken seriously. So based on the answers you receive from this vet will decide if you are able to provide the care needed to have your furry friend be happy and healthy.

Harnessing your dog’s natural prey drive

Molly! Stop rolling in turkey shit for the love of god! That phrase unfortunately is yelled by me far too much in my life, what I tend to overlook is the purpose behind her foul smelling habit, I sometimes chalk it up to her being a sicko and find myself cursing her for some time after. The real purpose behind this something she can’t help, it’s her natural prey drive. Smelling like turkey shit is a horrible thing but the reason that my dog does this is by instinct, she does this to better adapt to become less noticeable to her soon to be prey , the turkey. Covering herself in that pile of turds is her version of a ghillie suit. She will no longer be considered a threat enough for the turkeys to run and attempt to fly away. Granted this is completely useless information in a non-survival scenario but play along there is a point to this. Say you are in a survival situation for an extended period of time and food is running low and it is the end of autumn, That bird could mean you having a nice warm meal and some feathers to use as stuffing for added heat form the cold ground. Your dog in this scenario could be of great use to you while you are searching for your next meal in time of need. If you see your dog out in the woods rolling in crap chances are you are near the trail of an animal so depending on the level of training you have given your dog you could be eating some turkey in no time. Your dog is a natural hunter and will lead you to dinner most times, just do simple things to evaluate your dog’s level of prey drive in everyday life to see the habits and traits your dog possesses, if your dog eats its own poop and just is a sick bastard, chances are you probably don’t want to hire him as your tracker. I know I don’t want to resort to becoming a 5’ 7” walking pile of turkey poo so I’ll leave that part to the dog. This may sound dumb to some of you but also keep in mind of your dog’s dietary needs and what foods are not good for them to eat. No one likes a dog with Armageddon farts in a tent. Onions, grapes, chocolate are just a few of the things to avoid giving your dog.

I would love to have some additional tips submitted in the comment section below and thanks for reading!

Saiga 12 Afterthoughts

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I purchased a Saiga 12 about a year ago and decided I would test it out in a variety of ways that I found suitable for my primary home defense shotgun. The Saiga 12 is one of the sexiest shotguns I have ever seen, unfortunately that is all I have to say about the Saiga in a positive manner. There is not much out there in the market for magazine fed shotguns and you have to wonder if it’s for good reason. Why would I need a 20 round drum weighing 10lbs in any scenario that is realistic? If you need that much shotgun ammo you should have grabbed your rifle. This shotgun on average weighs in at 8.5lbs. Throw a 10 round magazine that is about a foot long and weighing about 3lbs and you have one heavy ass gun.

By now everyone reading this should know the basics of a Saiga 12, if not do some research and then read this, it will save you some time. In this nontraditional style review I will be comparing the

Saiga 12 to a Mossberg 500/590 as a common reference point. I decided to compare the Saiga 12 to the Mossberg 500/590 because they are what I feel is the standard to which every shotgun should be compared to. The Saiga has a few fatal flaws for me and yes most of these can be overcome with modifications to the gun. Keep in mind this review is on a factory Saiga 12, not a super modified aberration of this firearm. The only modifications that I did to this firearm are the addition of the

Carolina Shooters Supply reliability kit, a Polychoke muzzle brake, and some de-burring of the internal rails. If you decide to purchase a Saiga after reading this please follow these steps prior to purchase. Take off the gas plug, visually inspect the gas ports for sign of a “Vodka Special” meaning there is only 2 of the 4 gas ports that are required, if you have a 3 gas port gun and you can live with a possible issue then buy it, but by no means can I suggest that you buy a 2 gas port gun. Yes, you can have the 2 other holes drilled. But why? Buying a brand new gun should never require you to fix a known factory issue. Second item to look for is proper fit of the top cover (some can be a bitch to get on and off). When you are inspecting this gun prior to purchase be sure to disassemble it and inspect all moving parts including the internal rails, feel for burrs or deformities. If you have 4 gas ports, an easy to remove top cover and smooth rails you have a good Saiga. If any of these parts are not up to snuff I suggest waiting or buying a different shotgun. Where you live and the availability of this gun will influence the asking price for this gun drastically. Let’s just agree they are an expensive shotgun. Keep a running count of potential money you will be sinking into this firearm prior to purchase to achieve the end result you require. Let me know if it is a monetarily responsible purchase for your needs after reading. For the purpose of this review I am using the MSRP of $799.99. If you stop reading here and buy a Saiga 12, you have a shotgun that will run 3” magnum shells with relatively no issues and you might be happy with this, I was not. I had major feeding and ejecting issues that got me running to online gun forums to figure out what I can do to relieve myself of an issue that could be a disastrous if I was defending myself or home. Carolina Shooters Supply has an overwhelming amount of parts to maintain, replace, and modify your shotgun and they do a great job of explaining what may suit your needs best. I just went simple and got a reliability kit and went to a 5 position adjustable gas plug, a better functioning gas puck, and a low recoil spring. This kit took me about 3 minutes to install, it takes no skill to do so. This kit gave me the opportunity to now shoot high brass and low brass of most kinds 2 ¾” and 3” both ran decent and after some fine tuning I was satisfied. I went to the range for some fun with a state trooper I know and he brought along his Mossberg 590A1. First thing I noticed in comparison is the simplicity of design and function of the Mossberg. Economy of effort is big with me and the Saiga takes too many movements to get into action compared to the Mossberg.

 The reason for me getting rid of the Saiga is that you cannot have this gun in Condition 3. You cannot have this gun with a magazine inserted, bolt forward, safety on and no round in the chamber. When the bolt is forward it sits too low and does not allow for the magazine to be inserted and locked into place on this firearm in the factory configuration. The purpose of this shotgun for me was to be a home defense firearm and not having the option of a magazine inserted was not acceptable. Yes I could have the bolt locked to the rear and hope that it stays locked and nothing horrible will happen, but that is just not safe to do. I also could have left the gun in condition 1 with a round in the chamber but the downward pressure that the low sitting bolt puts on the rounds in the magazine starts to deform them over time and can lead to a malfunction. Again this is not acceptable to me.  A misfire or jammed round is not something we need to deal with in a serious scenario. Putting aside the life or death scenarios, this shotgun is some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on. You can modify the magwell to accept an AR15 style magazine operation, making the gun accommodating to Condition 3. You can move the trigger group and convert the gun to take anything from a side folding stock to a 6 position Ar15 collapsible stock. The aftermarket support for this gun is massive; you can go full retard quite quickly by adding a 30 round drum, full length quad rail, a door breaching barrel shroud, ambidextrous charging handles, rock n’ lock magazines etc. Try to keep in mind what your original reasoning for buying this was for in the first place. If you bought it just for 3 gun competitions or just some range fun then knock yourself out and modify it till the cows come home. But when you are done you could have bought yourself 5 Mossberg 500/590 pump shotguns or a high end Benelli M-4 semi auto. Sometimes we lose our way when trying to make our firearms reach their maximum potential. A shotgun will never be anything more than a heavy, low capacity, and short range firearm. Try not to become the person who tries to make their shotgun into an AR15; it’s not a good look.

I sold my Saiga and went back to basics; I replaced the Saiga for a Mossberg 500 Flex with XS Ghost-Ring Sights. I was issued a Mossberg 500 during my time in the military so I had a bit of familiarity with this firearm already. I took the Mossberg to the range and put it through the same tests as I did for the Saiga 12 at distances of 25-50 yds. I used 2 ¾ and 3” slugs to establish zero on both guns. The Mossberg was easier to acquire proper sight alignment and sight picture in 

comparison to the Saiga12.  I am no shotgun guru but I was able to shoot 6” groups at 25 yds. and I shot 8” groups at 50yds. In comparison on the Saiga I was able to get a 10” group at 25 yds. It was ugly at 50 yds. The rear sight on the Saiga is terrible; there is no method of elevation or windage adjustment on the Saiga. If your shotgun is like mine and is extremely off target you are stuck with that, just make a Kentucky windage adjustment and try to remember that when your life is on the line. You can again drop some more cash into an improved set of adjustable sights. This is again your call to keep throwing money at this gun or to cut your losses and go in a different direction like I did.

Bottom line is this; are you looking for something that is fun to shoot but could cost more money than the gun is worth on modifications to make it run reliable?  If you answered yes, the Saiga may be the perfect shotgun for you. On the other hand if your shotgun is for defending your life/property or tactical shooting, and you don’t want to spend all of your money on making it run as good as a gun that costs 1/3 of the price you initially paid, then maybe a shotgun such as a Mossberg 500/590 or a Remington 870 maybe is in your best interests.

Short summary on Saiga 12

                    Magazine fed.


                    Threaded barrel for chokes, muzzle devices.

                    Fantastic aftermarket support.

                    Most mechanical problems can be fixed.

                    Fun factor is 10 out of 10 when working properly.

                    Factory sights are pure junk.

                    Will not make condition 3 in factory configuration.

                    Condition 1 configuration will warp shells in mag over time causing failure to fire.

                    Weighing in on average of 8.5lbs unloaded is heavier than most shotguns.

                    With magazine inserted this gun is awkward and not easy to maneuver with.

                    Factory configuration will not feed or eject 2 ¾ inch shells in a consistent manner.

                    Size of 8-10 round magazines are massive and are difficult to reload.

                    Storing extra magazines in your pockets or plate carrier is near impossible.

Are Preppers actually Prepared?

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Jungle Run at the Big Run Ranch 
When thinking of a prepper, most often we picture a person who has some sort of room in which they store massive quantities of supplies such as food, water, methods of self-defense and tools for hunting. They may have some limited training on survival or bush-craft and hopefully can properly utilize the firearms they spent all that hard earned money on. Ask a prepper what they are preparing for and they will mostly likely draw up some specific event or collapse of some kind. They may even go into their plans on how to survive it.

That sounds like a great plan right?

It sounds like they could live forever in their cozy secret squirrel location. If an intruder came they could defend their location with their armory. For me it sounds like borderline hoarding and they are not prepared for anything other than becoming a supply house for an intruder because they are a soft target. If you prepare yourself with purpose and maintain a flexible but firm preparedness philosophy you will be better off with very limited “Prepping” supplies and a shitload of training.

Don’t be this guy
Having more firearms than your team can carry by hand is stupid, plain and simple.  We are preparing for complete self-reliance not starting a firearm collection. Having too much of anything just means you wasted your time and money. You will potentially leave food and guns behind, to a possible threat to you, when you decide that you can’t take them when you bug out. I am sure by now you know how I approach preparedness.

Do you even prep, Bro?
I am a minimalist and I see that people are starting to get good at hoarding not preppingbecause it is easier to go to a store and buy gear and buy guns and ammo and to buy preassembled “Survival kits”. Someone please explain how buying an endless mountain of gear and supplies makes you prepared. That awful Doomsday Preppers atrocity is filled with commercials of washed up celebrities hawking crappy pre-packed meals. For a small fortune you have managed to prep without even leaving your couch. Spend a quarter of that money on some damn training and classes on how to grow food, how to dehydrate meals and how to pack them in a manner that will save your food for decades. We have gotten so lazy as a nation that we can’t even prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse ourselves!

We go to Ebay or Amazonand buy some Zombie survival kit or Prepping essentials kit because it’s easier than getting off of our fat pimply asses to do it ourselves. Do you actually think these stupid ass kits are assembled by someone who knows their shit? Does the username of the seller give you the sense of trust your very survival depends on? Zombiedude543 has a blue star rating so he must be legit, right?

A chicken for no reason

The difference between an individual who is prepared and one who is a prepper comes down to mindset and physical fitness. Take this post as a challenge to you to take a long look in your signal mirror and make the decision to up your preparedness game.

Are you prepared enough to even enjoy those freeze dried lasagna meals or the dreaded Country Captain Chicken MRE while the world turns into a shit sandwich all around you? Test yourself and document what your physical limits are now. Give yourself 4 months to make substantial gains in your strength and endurance. What is the point of spending your time and money on all this food, gear and training if you die of a heart attack trying to get to your bug out location? I am no model of physical perfection by any means trust me, but I work at making myself better every day. If your survival skills are up to par with your level of fitness there is little left to chance regarding your survival. It is solely upon you to change the terms that define you. Prepping is an action, not a way of life. The act of prepping is merely a small facet of what being prepared is. I hope you are getting sick of me saying this and you start to put these words into action. Having a whole mess load of instruments doesn’t make a musician; it’s what we do with the tools we amass that define us.

Stay fit and keep that Warrior Mindset!!

Drunk Ramblings Of An Idiot

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It seems there is some sort of hysteria these days about these “Doomsday Scenarios” and the End of the World or Economic Collapse. People don’t want to die so they decide they want to know what sort of items to keep around them to be prepared for anything other than a sunny day, and it got me thinking that maybe I should try to put some on a different sort of spin onto which scenario most everybody assumes will happen, like thinking it’s going to be complete chaos and people running around rampant in the streets like something out of a movie like Mad Max, or some weird zombie apocalypse, I feel none of those scenarios are accurate.
 If there were to be some sort of mass hysteria or zombie apocalypse or any sort of just boring old civil unrest it is not going to be crowds of people running through the streets screaming and lighting people on fire or suddenly feeling the need to just be mowing people down in their Prius while marveling how great the gas mileage is.
 If the event that took place was to a level that deprived us of services such as gas, electric, trash removal even police and fire protection services, it would be a slow burning fuse not an immediate rush of panic. Imagine your small town without something as simple as trash removal or when you lose power for 5 days in the winter, now picture losing power but there is no chance for a reconnection for months. How could you realistically expect to be prepared for something like that? You can’t, if you work a job and have the same bills I have it is not realistic to expect you can be properly prepared for more than a week of complete self-sustainment. With that being said just do an assessment of your surroundings, take a look at your neighbors, do they have a garden or have some sort of flag that hints they have military or police training. People such as this could be of great usefulness to your survival, just make sure you have something to offer to a group before you try to assemble one or you could find yourself on the outside looking in. Obviously this doesn’t mean have American Idol style try outs for your Zombie Apocalypse Squad, but just be a neighbor and have a casual conversation about their hobbies and make a mental list of people that you know or could get too quickly so you could start the process of preparing for when your supplies run out. This is where you get to see if you are able to sit back and wait it out or if you need to start the process of playing catch up and scrambling to find things to keep you and your group surviving.

If we are left with no one but ourselves to keep us alive for extended period of time we will need to be able to provide the basic necessities such as proper nutrition, clean water, medical care, security and some form of a chain of command. After enough time cut off from what we used to know as society things would change slowly and there will be a decline in basic humanity and compassion. Canned food will run out, fresh food will rot, that is when sheer panic will set in, unless of course you have prepared for a crisis. The hard reality of “Holy Shit, this is real”, and for the holy shit phase of survival to set in we don’t need Zombies or Godzilla. All we need is a car wreck into a ravine in the winter coming back from a ski trip or a home invasion. What will you do as your first act after saying Holy Shit? Your first move after the holy shit phase begins is what will determine the outcome. If you take one thing from this ramble you are now balls deep in to reading, remember this one instruction. Get off the X, this phrase is the key to surviving anything from Jason Voorhees swinging an axe at your head to knowing what side of your vehicle to get out of if you break down on the highway. Get up and move, do something don’t be that person who dies because you failed to act or you froze in fear. Fight or flight, there is no stand there and die option.

I guarantee if you are reading this you have either had a dream about or déjà vu or unfortunately lived through a home invasion or carjacking, these two examples are terrifying to think that could happen to you and for me I try to think of what two items I would say are the absolute must haves in these situations   to help me best get out of or to deal with the after math of these scenarios. If I could snap my fingers and pause a home invasion or carjacking to get two items for my use in either of these situations I would grab my cell phone and my Glock 19. These two items can get you out of almost any undesirable situation that I can think of. Modern cell phones have taken the place of about 15 to 20 items depending on what apps you have installed. If you were asleep in your house and you hear the stereotypical glass break and your front or back door creak open the first thing that you should be doing is dialing 911, press send and grab your gun (if you have one). If alone put your phone on speaker and give the dispatcher your name and address and a brief description of what you are calling about and if you are armed make sure that the dispatcher knows this, you do not want to be mistaken for the assailant. Now having a gun doesn’t mean the next step is to go room to room gun blazing, use your brain and think and listen. Is this actually a break in? How many sets of footsteps do you hear? What language are they speaking and are they taking items or heading to a bedroom. If the person/people that have broken in to your home are taking your television you need to make the decision of do you let them take it and avoid confrontation and just file an insurance claim or do you try to stop the robbery by force of the threat of force? Is your $800.00 television worth your life or a wrongful death suit? If so then proceed as you will, but for me I’ll take the hit in my pride and insurance rates to avoid unnecessary possible jail time or worse endangering my family when it could have been avoided. But if it is clear they are not in my house for items I can go to the store and replace, that is something completely different. If the intent of entering your home is to cause you or your loved ones bodily harm you should again dial 911, press send, grab your trusty firearm (hopefully you have another person to arm as well), if there is children in the house clear to the rooms of the children and get them to your hopefully most desirable room to defend. Post up security at the door, this is where something like as simple as you chambering a round and stating out loud that the police have been called and that you are armed and you don’t want to die. I know if I broke into a house and I heard someone chamber a firearm of any king and spoke with authority regarding their will to live, I would get the hell out and move on to an easy target. There are few things in this world that will put fear into a person more than the sound of a shotgun chambering a round. But if that also fails to deter this person you need to be prepared to escalate things 1 step more. If on a second floor, do not leave the high ground. The funneling effect of a stairwell could mean life or death for you, ever stepped on a set of stairs in a house that doesn’t squeak? Neither have I, you will be heard and prime for bad things to happen. This also works in your favor, make this person funnel themselves you will hear them coming and they can move anywhere but up or down. I would in this situation sound out the second I hear someone on the stairs that they will be eating buckshot if they take one more step in my house, and advise them that if they value life they should leave immediately. If you are wondering why I am conservative on dealing with these situations, well sure if I had my old fire team from when I was clearing houses I would without a doubt go down in force and deal with the situation quickly and decisively but this isn’t that. Chances are this is you, in your undies; no shoes, half awake and you need to realize you may be at a disadvantage and the odds of you getting the drop on a burglar or someone trying to harm you is really out of the question. They will know you are awake and they will also need to make a decision, will they take what they can and leave or will they stay and try to harm you. Please proceed methodically and carefully if this situation unfortunately ever arises. And always call 911 first.

If you are in your car and someone taps on the window for you to get out and give them the car, immediately look, does this person have a weapon? If so get out happily give them your car and try to get your phone. Call the police and just have a beer and thank god that you didn’t get shot. There is no way in hell you are going to be able to do anything if a gun is pointed at you if you try to speed off they will see the panic in your eyes widen and they will most likely not shoot, but is it worth the chance? But if this person taps on your window with a knife or something they have to hold and swing to harm you and if you have the room to drive away just flip them the bird, call the cops and be on your way. But of course there could be the situation where your window is down and this person tried to grab you, if this happens I hope you have a knife, gun pepper spay or something to establish the upper hand for you. If your life is in danger and you have no doubt that your life will end by the actions of this person, you need to act in a manner to buy you another day on earth. But again if you know that you would not be able to gain the upper hand on the situation, decide if possible think if you can get out of the situation reasonably unscathed if so give up the car, time for a new model anyway. Feel free to practice real world but realistic ways to come out on top in the above stated situations but know your limits don’t make a small inconvenience into a tragedy, objects can be replaced.

People who believe in “Absolutes” have not been in enough danger.

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Lance (right) and I

Greetings, I consider myself to be a lifelong student because I firmly believe that once you stop learning you have stopped growing and have ultimately started your decline towards death. I do a fair amount of networking through electronic means and the old fashioned hands on approach as well and what I have come to learn is that there is no such thing as an “Absolute”.

 Nothing is ever certain. It is quite a challenge to become an expert in a field such as preparedness and defensive firearm tactics when they have an infinite amount of variables. The best methodology to achieve maximum amount of tangible comprehension is maintaining an open philosophy in your student brain. Don’t be shut off to what some people may consider unconventional or even sometimes against the rules. You are preparing for a disaster not preparing for an isolated incident. Do not become the stereotypical curmudgeon, shaking your fist at the neighborhood kid for some newfangled contraption because it’s unfamiliar to you. Living by absolutes has never been proven to work in any society; there will always be situations to where the rules are changed or broken. If you stay stuck to your absolutes while others around you adapt you will find yourself at a serious disadvantage.
Recently I was talking to my good friend Lance at ORS and we had a fantastic discussion regarding an article on trigger finger placement in a possible engagement scenario. We both served multiple tours in combat and have real world experience in these scenarios. Keeping your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire is a non-budging commandment of many of the various ranges we have all been to. Some of us may have even gotten a punch rod smacked off our hands a few time to have those rules reinforced. I follow these range safety rules like gospel when at the range.

When we were doing combat patrols and helo raids into CQB environments do you think our fingers were straight and off the trigger until ready to fire? Hell no! We cleared rooms and patrolled with weapons on fire and finger in the trigger-well. Does this mean that keeping your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire is wrong? No, the situation will dictate. Anyone who says any different is either lying or has not been in a close quarters firefight or ambush before. You cannot live a life of absolutes, whether it’s believing that nothing bad will ever happen here because it’s Murica’ or firmly believing that an economic collapse will happen and you will need to live off your preps for years to come.

The point of being prepared, not a prepper, is that you are prepared for a multitude of scenarios. Will you be able to prepare for everything? No, that is just stupid. But what you can do is be flexible and be willing to adapt to your surroundings and the situations that may arise.

Semper Gumby was an expression we used a lot in the Marines and it seems to be a perfect example of how to proceed with your preparedness. Be flexible and don’t let your pride or the lack of understanding to different methods impede your skill advancement to becoming a more complete individual.

Range time is key for consistency

Stay fit and keep a Warrior Mindset.

“Absolutism cost Spain the Dutch Netherlands and gave rise to Al Capone during prohibition—power is at the heart of absolutist thinking.  Either the subject of absolutist thought is too lazy, inexperienced or scared to try new ideas or tactics or the person pushing for their absolutist view is too weak and concerned about his authority and power being questioned that he pushes forcefully his ideas and rejects any kind of honest debate where facts rule.  Absolutists would rather hide behind make-believe fantasies rather than standing beside science.” – Lance Olmsted ORS

Christmas Dinner-Apocalypse Style

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How would Macgruber make his Christmas dinner? Get me a cardboard box, some tin foil, four empty cans and some wire! A situation may arise where you have no access to conventional methods of cooking your food and you have to be inventive and tactically sound. Eating raw or undercooked meat is a death sentence and during times of harsh realities you do not want to be letting nefarious characters or even wild animals know where you are and what you are having for dinner. Open fires and the smell of food being cooked is
like getting on a loudspeaker and inviting everyone in the area over to check out what is going on. This follows the same logic as the military in regards to smoking at night. The smell of smoke and the glow of fire or cigarettes may seem trivial to consider as a possible danger to you, but put yourself in the shoes of a desperate person who has no food or warmth. They will seek you out like a shark to blood in the water. The way to avoid this entire situation is to just go raw vegan. I am a carnivore and love eating meat so vegan is not an option for me. Coming up with methods to cook food in a manner that is safe and concealable is easier than you think.

 When I was a younger lad my father and his buddy took my friends and I backpacking on the Appalachian Trail for 8 days living only out of our packs. One night my dad and his buddy broke out this folded cardboard box lined with tin foil and started to assemble this contraption that looked like something out of a 50’s era sci-fi movie. After taking some ribbing from us kids about their contraption, they put a turkey in this thing and went about their business. A few hours later they unveiled a perfectly cooked turkey feast. At that point I looked at my burrito that was burned on the outside and still frozen on the inside and realized that being without conventional methods of cooking doesn’t prevent you from eating well, lack of imagination does.

The cardboard box oven can not only cook everything your home oven can, it will conceal almost all visual heat signature created from cooking and will minimize the smell of food being cooked.

The items you will need to cook with no electricity or utensils are simple and abundant, all you need is to build an oven is:

If I got a Facebook notification saying the world was having a catastrophic event what would I do?

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1.      Like the status

2.      Change my undies

3.      Get to working on a plan to thrive

 I would actually assemble my so called “A-Team” established from people I know, who would be useful to me in dealing with an impending catastrophe. Would I need some liberal hipster who hates confrontation and has no actual skill? Hell no, let him and his skinny jeans fend for themselves.

The key to success is going to be having a diverse group of people who can work together, and are willing to teach their skills to others in the group. You almost always see in apocalypse movies two types of people; you have the “gun nut” and they survive solely by that gun. Let’s face reality here, how does the gun get you medical care or food? How does the gun do anything besides provide security and meat? You then have the “complainer”, everyone hates this person. The only thing this person brings to your group is certain death to everyone but themselves, they manage to put everyone in constant danger and do nothing to help. If you need an example watch Saving Private Ryan and take note on how many people die directly due to Cpl. Upham and his poor decisions or pure inaction when his comrades needed him most.

 What am I looking for in my survival super group, and what can I offer them in return? Think of basic things needed to sustain life and and ask; can I facilitate any of these basic needs? Clean water for hydration and cleaning our food and bodies, can I successfully grow vegetables and medicinal herbs? Am I able to hunt or provide a stable and reliable security perimeter, if someone is injured or falls ill will I have the knowledge to be able to help that person in need? The list can go on and on, but I’m trying to keep from boring you. The point is help to you see what if any group of survival skills you fall into and to help you find the remaining puzzle pieces to create a cohesive team that will no doubt thrive in any adverse long term survival situation.

If you find that after reading this you are sweating due to realizing that you may not currently posses the skills that would consider you a member of my “A-Team”, don’t worry some of the most critical survival skills are the most simple and quite frankly there is too many different valuable skill sets to even list.

If you find yourself on the couch after work thinking about the Food Network, get your ass up and exercise or read a book on gardening or basic survival, take a course a couple times a year on things such as CPR/AED or self-defense. Head to a local gun range and sign up for a class on marksmanship and responsible gun ownership.  I am not someone who believes in wasting your savings on some “Doomsday Bunker” or some other ridiculous thing, but I do firmly believe you should be physically able to keep yourself alive in a short or long term survival scenario. Nothing drives me more crazy than people who are prepping for the end of the world but don’t even have a simple flashlight in their car. Who says your survival scenario has to be the end of days or total collapse of American society as we know it? Most likely your life or death scenario will be far less spectacular, such as blowing a tire and spinning into a ditch late at night or even losing power in the winter for two weeks. These are things that happen way more than we even give a second thought to, if you are able to have some crazy ass bunker with food storage for 35 years then by all means do so, I am one that cannot do that. My plan is far simpler; prepare for what you are able and know your limits.

I try not to make these too long winded and your comments fuel the future posts, please leave your thoughts in the comment section, thanks for reading my ramblings!

Confessions of a Cross-eyed Dominant Shooter

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I can recall the first time I noticed something was off about my eyes, I was issued my first ACOG while serving in the Marines. I was beyond excited to have something other than iron sights to go into battle with, we were instructed to keep both eyes open while acquiring a target and everyone but a couple people including myself had some difficulty. It was like my eyes were working in an opposite manner and that my left eye was the stronger eye and I was not even seeing the reticle from the ACOG.

 I raised my hand and mentioned my issue but since it was the Marines somehow it was my fault and was just told I was a moron and was using it wrong by my platoon sergeant. The instructor who actually knew what he was talking about walked up to me and explained that I may be cross eye dominant, I had no idea what that meant. The instructor had me make a triangle with my two hands thumb touching thumb and my two index fingers touching, I was then instructed to hold it out in front of me and to bring it straight back, well I did just that and I notice that my hand triangle is over my left eye. Being a simple Lance Corporal at the time  I just stood there with a dumb look on my face I’m sure,  he then explained that the ACOG will still work for me but to keep my left eye closed.  I got into a few good firefights using the ACOG, and this piece of equipment worked to a level that using a word like awesome does it no justice. 

I got out of the military and a few years after I found myself missing the trigger time, I got back into guns and started to research more about marksmanship as a cross eye dominant shooter. I was not really impressed with what I found for informative tools for me to utilize to become a great shooter. I know from my experience on the battlefield that putting tape over my eye or wearing something that inhibits my vision on my dominant eye is probably the most idiotic thing I have ever even had the displeasure of reading. Why would I sacrifice my situational awareness because of a dominant eye on the wrong side? I start to think about realistic options for me to either overcome or to adapt in a way that I could be a two eye open shooter who actually hits the target without sacrificing my fields of view. I decide that it’s worth a try to just apply the same fundamentals used to create muscle memory for other muscles in the body, why not my eyes have muscles that control them and if I can train myself to do a break fall every time I am about to hit the deck why can’t I train my eyes to do the same. I started off slowly using a pistol since you can use either eye to aim without changing your stance or grip.  I first start out by using my left eye only to aim and it felt unnatural but I shot pretty good, I then used my right eye only and shot decent as well, I did this for a month or so just shooting with each eye separately and then when I felt comfortable with both enough I start to slowly use my right eye more and more to aim. I was making some good progress so I attempted to give both eyes open a try and I immediately noticed I lost the front sight on the pistol for a brief moment. I tried to refocus and stick to the fundamentals of marksmanship, I decide that it would be a waste of ammo figure this part out at the range; I then make it a point for months to basically start snapping in or dry firing with a safe and cleared pistol for about 20 minutes a few time a week and gradually I notice that I can make the conscious effort to have both eyes open and acquire a target correctly. The front sight is clear and the target is hazy, no double vision. I look through a long eye relief 4x CQB scope and slowly attempt both eyes open and I can see the reticle the way the optic was meant to work. Being cross eye dominant is not a death sentence on marksmanship; it just takes a little dedication and some hard work to be able to shoot with both eyes open.

How to choose your Doomsday arsenal and Range cards

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Things to come to terms with when making a list of items for a long term survival; you WILL eventually run out of ammo, if you plan on hedging your survival solely on firearms make sure you stockpile extremely common guns in extremely common calibers. I suggest keeping the same calibers as the military and police such as 9mm, .45, and .223/5.56. If something were to go completely haywire, plenty of ammo and gun parts will be reasonably available. That being said, if you are a long term survival planner then you probably already have some form of back up weapon like a bow or edge weapon that you can use over and over again for years if need be. Remember, as long as trees have branches you have arrows.
The source of many chat room/bar room arguments on prepping and doomsday scenarios starts something like; what gun would you have for the end of the world? Or would you stay in the city or go to the woods if we got invaded?

Obviously there is no one right answer no matter how many points and counter points you can provide to prove or disprove someone’s process for a SHTF scenario. I can only speak for myself and my experience and training on this so feel free to disagree or provide further insight, that’s what the comment section is for.

Deciding which weapons to have for a catastrophic event should come second to first making a conscious decision; when will you know without a doubt that services such as police, military etc. will no longer be an effective or even an existing force? This is where a zombie apocalypse simplifies things, all you would have to do is just look around and if the dead are walking and eating people grab the Saiga12 and get to work. Unfortunately this is the real world and everyone at this point should know that “zombie apocalypse” is just a humorous metaphor for civil unrest and economic collapse.

How do you correctly identify when it is time to bear arms? A group of people larger than you might think just kind of assumes it will be obvious as if we will have zombie Paul Revere riding the streets of Concord, Massachusetts, yelling for us to come to arms because the Russians are coming. I tend to disagree, if there ever was an event that eroded the very fabric of society it’s going to be swift and far more devastating than anyone can imagine or worse, it would be slow societal erosion, slow enough that people who live with their heads in the sand may not even notice.

 God forbid we get nuked and invaded, if we survive the blast and radiation by all means assemble the QRF and get to the front line. I am not even sure exactly how to make the correct decision that society has eroded to the point of no longer following the directives and laws of our elected officials.

Let’s go doomsday arsenal shopping! what are the prerequisites for your arsenal? If you say none I suggest you hit the books a bit more. Things to consider when purchasing, consider the area in which you live. The firearms I would use in the more suburban area in which I currently reside versus someone who lives in a rural area are going to differ quite drastically. I believe you should pick firearms in a category similar to meals. You have three meals a day, pick three firearms; for me, I pick first an AR15 second I pick my Siaga12 and last I argue with myself between my 9mm Glock and my 1911, I probably pick the Glock based on the availability of 9mm ammo if production was to cease or became limited. We can argue 1911 vs. Glock on another post, I think in the long term the odds of breakage on a Glock are fewer than with a 1911. The beauty of a Glock is not so much on the outside but it hides its beauty in the simplicity of its design. Of course you can make an argument for specific brands of caliber firearms but this isn’t the post for that. This post is for a basic and generic checklist of things to keep in mind before you spend your hard earned money on a firearm that could save your life.

Being able to properly employ the firearms you purchase is actually more important than owning the actual firearms. If you cannot hit the target which you are aiming for all you are doing is letting the threat know that you have guns and that most likely you will be overrun and raided quite quickly. The first thing you should be doing after your purchase is taking each firearm and about 300 rounds for each gun and spend a day at the range. Establish a BZO for your main battle rifle and keep a notebook of the various elevation adjustments at the ranges you decide are most likely your engagement distances for the area in which you live. I would next suggest creating a range card, for those military guys out there this should create an image right away. Print out an image of your location from Google maps and start your card. Establish your avenues of approach and find some natural distance markers, leave no detail out on these cards, mark where north is and if applicable where the dead space is. These cards should be accurate and clear enough so a stranger could pick it up and immediately know every detail of your area and what your sectors of fire will be. If something were to happen you could set your sights to the correct range and direction in a matter of seconds.

What are your thoughts on having a range card for your secure location?

Let’s talk guns

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This is strictly from my point of view and obviously you do not have to have a gun or guns in a survival scenario but it would make a few key things quite simpler for you. I think long and hard about what I will have for protection and survival if something happens? I try to peer through a realistic lens when talking about these kinds of things, I know I will never have enough ammo or have every gun for every occasion, so I apply a simple approach to this, how can I be best suited for self-preservation with the smallest amount of crap to carry?

 It’s a pretty simple answer, either have a way to carry all of your junk or have multipurpose items. Look at a Gerber or Leatherman multi tool, these things can take the place of up to 15 different tools. Put this same principle into what you choose the take with you if you had to leave your home to survive.

For me it comes down to three firearms, I’ll take a Semi auto pistol, a shotgun, and my AR-15. Try to stay with popular calibers such as 9mm, .45cal, 12ga, .223, or .22lr. Try to stay away from ammo that is hard to find now, imagine how difficult it would be if you resorted to scrounging for ammo. If you are like me I go with the same calibers the police, military carry if SHTF that badly there will be plenty of gun parts and ammo laying around in my caliber. If you are not a fan of guns or if you do not possess the skill to properly employ one, there is plenty of alternatives to be able to thrive just fine but life could get difficult when it comes to protection or hunting for food. This doesn’t mean you need to go stock up and spend your life savings on guns and ammo, take a class or two and just be informed on how guns work and how to use them properly and safely, but like I said if something were to get that bad to where its “Apocalyptic” there will be plenty of guns and ammo laying around. Do yourself a favor while on the subject, social media is great but try to understand that having a public profile where you showcase how much ammo and how many guns you have with your current city of residence is a real good way to get broken into and robbed. Keep an eye on your privacy settings and on what you post and who you are friends with.

To be fair let’s say guns are not your thing or you are not able to purchase one, plenty of options are out there for you to thrive quite well on your own. Some people may even argue that you are eliminating a crutch by not having a gun, take a look at what would be a “sustainable weapon”. What probably comes to mind is a bow or an edged weapon, these items don’t require cleaning or manufactured ammunition, if your bow breaks you can fashion a new relatively easy and if you break your edged weapon chances are the thing you broke it on is not a threat to you any longer. A tree could supply you with unlimited arrows and replaceable bows and string, reloading ammunition requires equipment, skill, black powder, lead and useable casings. After writing this I feel the need to get a bow and some archery classes.

Your feedback on these provides insight to something I may have missed or gotten wrong. Feel free to comment or subscribe!

Diversity in your skills

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When it comes to survival, being a jack of all trades but master of none could prove to be helpful to you. Would you rather know how to hunt but have no clue on how to sanitize water or not know which plants are safe to eat? Or would you end up like Christopher McCandless from the book “Into the wild”? If he trained for his surroundings prior to such a difficult journey he would probably still be living in an abandoned bus in Alaska.
 Training or researching in one particular field makes you well suited to write a fantastic article on that one item or will make you great on the gun line, but we are talking survival from zombies rising or the Russians or whatever catastrophe you desire. Having a multitude of resources in your brain on how to not only survive but to thrive on your own will be the key to your success. I mention repeatedly on your own for a reason. You can’t count on having a group to help you in these situations. Who says that your crisis will be an invasion like Red Dawn? Your struggle to survive will most likely be a personal one, whether it’s you against an attacker or you against nature.  Having a car accident and ending up in a ravine or being snowed in for 8 days with no utilities happens to people all over the world on a pretty regular basis. Don’t be the person who has spent thousands of dollars prepping for global chaos only to lose a battle against Mother Nature when all you needed was some knowledge on how to make a field expedient shelter and smoke signals until help arrived. Be well rounded, take a second before you leave your house and make a conscious thought. Does my phone have a charge, do I have a lighter, do I have my pocket knife, should I bring my gun, does anyone know where I am going and how long I will be gone for? Something as simple as you informing someone of your plans could save your life.

Reasonable prepping items for the real world

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Let’s be real here. Are you able to dig up your yard to pour a concrete bomb shelter or are you willing to give up your man cave for your heirloom seed repository and armory? Me neither. I try to evaluate what is reasonable for me in my living situation to be prepared for possible situations. I have set aside some space in my basement, pantry and a few other rooms, keeping certain things around in each area. I have about 500 heirloom seeds, keeping in mind the region I live to give me the capability to grow vegetables year round.
 The mini seed bank cost me about 65 dollars and takes up less space than my empty shoe box in the corner of my closet. Next on the list is basic camping gear; tent, battery and gas lanterns, multi fuel stove, coffee pot, water filtration device, 3 internal frame packs, and lots of fishing gear. If for whatever reason I was forced to bug out, I would have enough gear to make a manageable camp for my group to get situated. This stuff takes up very little room. I would love to have at least 8 firearms. This affords me the luxury to issue each person a primary and a secondary firearm. I try to keep a set amount of ammo aside which I call my “Zombie Invasion Reserve”. It’s basically my SHTF cache. I put this designated amount of ammo aside and I date it. Doing this is not mandatory but rotating ammo is the same principle as food. Why not shoot the older ammo first for range time? You don’t want to chance that the round you need to defend your life got moisture in it and it hang fires or dust doesn’t fire at all. There is no use of carrying a heavy ass gun if you don’t have any ammo for it. Remember, guns get dirty and guns need maintenance. Unfortunately this is the bulkiest part of prepping for me. There is no easy way to carry 1 handgun and 1 rifle/shotgun per person plus the ammo for it. This is where having multiple levels of back up plans come into the fold. Bugging in would be optimal for obvious reasons, but let’s say you have to relocate for whatever reason and you need to go mobile. Are you going to just toss your supplies in your trunk, put the guns up front but accidently toss the ammo in the trunk during your nervous frenzy? I hope not, don’t lose your mind and just start throwing your junk. Think about stuff like; what is my destination, what will I need easy access to, and am I permitted to have these items visible in the current state of emergency? Is there a chance I will have to go out on foot so maybe flip flops are a bad idea? Take a few minutes and pack accordingly, you would not want rush and completely screw yourself in the end such as having unloaded guns with the ammo unreachable in your trunk.

Many of us have animals; do you take your animal or leave it behind? I am taking mine. Aside from the companionship and comfort they naturally provide. They can carry their own supplies and have almost unlimited uses to you. You will need that dog more than it needs you in a survival scenario. If you have a cat, you are screwed sorry. Maybe it can carry your gummy bears or a nip of whiskey. I have 2 dogs one of which is a fat ass. He will be a detriment if we are on foot or worse if we need to double time. Hard decisions, lucky for him he’s cute. I would carry him in my pack if I had to, but hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. My other dog is built like a brick shithouse. She could easily carry her own supplies and then some. Spend a few bucks and buy one of those saddle bags for dogs and just take them on walks with some treats in it for your dog to get used to the feel and weight. Keep in mind you will be splitting your food and water rations with your animals, calculate what your dog’s food and water intake is and plan accordingly.

I hope that at least one sentence made sense and if something you read here makes you giggle or makes you adjust your routine, then buy me a beer, a cigar and call it even.

Keys to success in any situation

·        Keep calm

·        Get off the X

·        Violence of action

·        Communicate

·        Have a plan

·        Be diverse

·        Be prepared

·        Know your limits

What do you do prep for and how do you do it?

Do you incorporate your pets as a tool in your survival or just a companion?