5 Birds (Besides Chickens) That Are Worth Raising

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Chickens are easily the most popular animal among homesteaders. Even urban homesteaders–who usually only have a small backyard–probably have some chickens running around. And why shouldn’t they? Chickens produce eggs and meat, and they’re fairly easy to take care of. But why should chickens get all the love? There are many other birds that are …

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Homestead Chicken Terms – How to Speak Chicken

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Having an egg factory in your backyard doesn’t come for free. There are responsibilities that you must take on as a chicken owner. There are issues within the flock that must be remedied, predators and illness. It can be a lot if you find yourself having a couple problems at the same time. While that …

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Turning our Lawn into Pasture

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The American lawn has to be one of the greatest  resource wastes in modern society. The second is the fact that we rake all of our leave up and let the city take them. Don’t people know that leaves and grass equal compost!? You are literally throwing the best growing medium away all the time. …

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How To Get Rid Of Garden Weeds

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Don’t you hate it when  you go to your garden and find that the weeds took over? I know hate is a strong word, but when it comes to weeds, I think it’s well deserved. Over the years I tried different methods to try and get rid of garden weeds and I came up with …

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What We Learned by Having Our Garden Soil Tested

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Soil is everything. If you learn nothing else about gardening or if you could tell gardeners of the future one thing to hold true to, its that. Soil is everything. The more you do to enhance your soil with organic compost and various amendments the better the your yield will be. There is another very …

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How to Use Oregano Essential Oil for Your Chickens

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There is an electric feeling that comes over you when you open that nesting box and you see an egg. If you are lucky enough to be harvesting eggs and keeping chickens in a urban or suburban environment the magic is even stronger. You are taking control of the way that food gets to your …

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DIY Chicken Feed – Grow a Chicken Garden

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,  You can design your garden to nourish you and your chickens. This is very possible and certainly worth exploring. This article offers up first hand experience from the point of view of someone creating that same type of garden. A word of warning on chickens in the garden, they will eat everything. Not only …

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Egg Bound Chicken~What It Is And How to Help

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For those Americans lucky enough to have a little yard and coop of chickens, they enjoy things that go way beyond just having fresh eggs. The reality of their being on the property is that you get to watch them do their chicken thing and you also get the sense that you are providing yourself …

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Raising Fiber Rabbits-Everything You Always Wanted To Know

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One of the skills and things that we rarely consider as preppers  is the creation of clothing. Every once and a while we run by someone who has the ability to make clothes and we are awestruck. Its an impressive thing but most people will not sink their time into it. Why is that? Is …

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Start a Mushroom Farming Business at Home

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If you like mushrooms and you’re interested in earning money from growing things, you might consider a mushroom farming business. Specialty mushroom growers are sprouting up all over, and can be a great home based business to start as a side hustle. If you’re already a market gardener, growing mushrooms are a great addition to …

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The Reality of Selling Eggs From Your Homestead

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I wouldn’t date guess the next mans motive in owning chickens, I am often unclear on my own motives. One thing is for sure, there are almost always too many eggs. One walk through the  farmers market and you might be doing some quick math in your head about what kind of money you could …

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Natural Chicken First Aid

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Chickens die. Its just part of the deal. They don’t die of old age. When I first started considering raising chickens I asked about what I would do when a chicken stopped laying eggs. The person I was speaking to told me, ” They will never get that old.” Its the truth. Even in the …

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The 3 Best Things about Homesteading on LESS than 1 ACRE

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The 3 Best Things about Homesteading on LESS than 1 ACRE The mass of humanity seems to think that you can only live a self reliant lifestyle on 40 acres. Its sad really. They are crushing their own potential to change their lives. There is no doubt that homesteading is a better way of life …

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Build A Frame Chicken Coop Patriotic Project

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Build A Frame Chicken Coop Patriotic Project Its a strange thing, owning chickens. Keeping chickens and having that as an added responsibility. You are on the hook for keeping these little guys alive, warm, fed, watered and safe from predators. Its a serious responsibility. Its also one of those things where you know that, eventually, …

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I Can’t Do Everything And It’s Okay

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I love what I do every day, but I can’t do everything and it’s okay. When I scroll through Facebook or Instagram I really love seeing what people enjoy doing. I love the smiles and the joy in the pictures my family and friends share. I love watching children grow up that I haven’t seen for years. I marvel at everything people make, and I have no desire to do, or should I say, I don’t want to do. I’m not lazy by any means, but as I look at some things that wonderful people make and share on social media, I can’t relate. Or, as I said before, I can’t do everything and it’s okay.

Here’s the deal, I do not dwell on the things I can’t do or do not want to do or make. I’m sure there are people who have no desire to make bread or cinnamon rolls. I love, and I mean, I love everything about making bread. The feel of the dough, the bread baking and the smell of hot bread right out of the oven. I hope today that this post this helps someone who feels they must be able to do everything that your neighbor does or your favorite aunt loves to do. We don’t have to do everything. Period. It’s okay.

I Can’t do Everything

I’m going to share some of the things I do not want to learn to do, I applaud you if these are some of your talents. They don’t work for me, and it’s okay. I have zero desire to learn these skills. But I will pat myself on the back for all the skills I do have.

I can cook from scratch, stick to a budget, teach emergency preparedness classes, I can paint houses, cut and lay floor tile, finish basements, use a nail gun, hang sheetrock, use a garden tiller, plant a huge garden, prune trees, mow a lawn, design houses, make curtains, make table runners, make quilts, make my own laundry soap, hang cabinets, make coats, and just about everything a person can wear, but shoes.

Personal Hygiene

I call myself the extreme saving shopper and I do not buy cheap products. I do not have any allergies. I applaud you if you make the following items. I can’t do one more thing. I must take care of my health and save money at the same time. It’s okay if you don’t want to make all your personal hygiene products from scratch. You can’t do everything. It’s okay.

Make Bars of Soap

Make Lip Balm

Make Deodorant

Make Shampoo

Raise Animals

I’m excited if you raise animals. I rarely eat meat, I never eat eggs and I do not care for milk. I will never make a big deal if you have a big slab of meat on your plate. Mark would love that every night, it’s not going to happen. I would rather have beans and rice. It’s how I roll. I really admire my friend, Janet Garman over at Timber Creek Farm. She is an expert on farming, raising chickens and sheep, naturally dyes wool, the list goes on and on. Plus she makes the most beautiful soft wool hand-warmers. Hand-Warmers

If raising animals for food is not your thing, it’s okay, buy the meat prepackaged from a reputable farmer that feeds their animals healthy food without poisonous grains. Grass-fed meat is awesome. I’m not an expert on what animals eat, I can’t do everything. It’s okay.

Raise Meat Rabbits

Raise Goats

Raise Chickens-I highly recommend “Chickens From Scratch” by Janet Garman

Raise Ducks

Raise Cows

Produce Cow Milk

Produce Goat Milk

Raising Bees

Acreage Over An Acre

Now, I would love to buy an acre of land, yes I’m looking for the perfect lot. I want to have a huge garden, a home that is off the grid as much as possible, but not up in the hills. I want it to be built with concrete and catch the sunrays from every side of the house. I want it to be solar, but not connected to the government power grid. I want a small community of like-minded people to do everything together to live off the land. Yes, this is possible. I would love to utilize the skills and talents of others and share mine with them. We could have our own farm with food you grow yourselves and animals for those that want them and control what is fed to them.

I want a totally organic garden, and I want to be able to save my seeds without being arrested. I want to do everything our ancestors did, and more. Yes, we can do it, I know it. May God bless us for being self-reliant, it’s critical we do it now, not next year. Time is of the essence, please dream and make it a reality, but don’t feel bad if you can’t do everything!

Bread Making by Linda

Cinnamon Rolls by Linda

My book “Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli

Copyright Picture AdobeStock_77761639 by Timmary

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Insulating The Chicken Coop

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Insulating The Chicken Coop If you are an urban survivor or even a suburban survivor you need to do everything you can to get a coop and get some chickens. The feeling you get when you realize you have a protein source in eggs in your backyard is incredible. You are only one rooster away …

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Top 10 Best DIY Chicken Waterers and Feeders

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Top 10 Best DIY Chicken Waterers and Feeders When it comes to chicken rearing you will find that your ability to DIY will pay dividends in the experience.  There is something great about building your chicken coop and building your chicken run as well. I have rigged some things up for my chickens that you …

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The Resilient Gardener – Grow Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash, and Eggs

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The Resilient Gardener – Grow Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash, and Eggs Are you a resilient gardener? Where do you get your information on gardening from? There are so many sources, now, that it’s hard to know where to go for information. Sometimes I find myself yearning for one of those great gardening books that just …

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Why I Became A Goat Person

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Why I Became A Goat Person Another great homesteading article that offers info on livestock. For many of us the only thing that keeps us from keeping livestock are state regulations. It’s hard to argue with them in some cases because of how we live on top of each other now. We also know at …

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Low maintenance Chickens

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chicken eating pumpkin seeds

Finger-licking good

It’s great to rear chickens – eggs, scratchy kind of companionship, and eventually a roast bird.

But should every off-grid home have a few? They need work and they can get ill. If they would just stay healthy chickens, they could be a great source of both food and income. If you decide to own some chickens, here are some tips and tricks to keep them healthy and happy.

FACT OF THE DAY: Raw pumpkin seeds are natural de-wormer for chickens!

And at this time of the year there are a lot of free pumpkins to be had.

It seems a lot of people put their faith in this tasty treatment. According to Sunny Simple Life , pumpkin seeds are coated in a naturally occurring chemical that paralyzes the worms so the chicken can expel them.

But where do you get your pumpkin seeds?

What To Not Give Your Flock.

Just like any other animal, giving treats to your chicken is a classic way to earn their trust and get them to bond with you! Most of your left-over food will be safe for your flock but try to avoid salty. You should also keep them away from moldy food for it is toxic. Citrus is another food that should not be given to chickens due to the acidity. You don’t want to make your chickens upset!

If you’re having trouble finding pumpkin seeds for your flock, here’s another article that shows you an alternative for chicken feeding – Karl Hammer, the king of compost, explains how he feeds his extremely large flock with tall mounds of fertilizer. Compost can do the job just as equally as raw pumpkin seeds. Yes that’s right, compost.

Never buy grain for your chickens again!

Happy Feeding!

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Worm Farming with John Moody

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Worm Farming with John Moody It is rare that I post a podcast but this is such a great look at a powerful practice. There are so many benefits for the homesteader and gardener when it comes to farming worms. You will find that having access to these wigglers has a number of benefits. This …

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Raising Dogs for Hunting and Farm life!

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Raising  Dogs for Hunting and Farm life Austin Martin “Homesteady Live“ Audio in player below! DO you want a dog for your farm that will not chase and kill chickens, and that will still retrieve birds and track wild game for you? Find out how to get that in this episode of Homesteady Live. Since … Continue reading Raising Dogs for Hunting and Farm life!

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How to do an On-Farm Workshop

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How to do a On-Farm Workshop Austin Martin “Homesteady Live“ Audio in player below! On the farm this week we successfully planted an entire orchard in just a few hours! How did we get so much work done in so little time? With an on-farm workshop! On-farm workshops are a great way to help a … Continue reading How to do an On-Farm Workshop

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10 Ways To Save Money Raising Chickens

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10 Ways To Save Money Raising Chicken Of the many benefits that come along with raising chickens, there are a number that can actually effect your wallet. Chickens cost you feed, bedding and the occasional meds for keeping your flock as well as other rare costs. For the most part they are such a giving …

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Heritage vs. Hybrid Chicken Breeds: Which Is Sustainable?

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Heritage vs. Hybrid Chicken Breeds: Which Is Sustainable? Before you even decide to get a chicken coop and buy chicken supplies, it is important to have a reason to raise chickens. Do you want them as pets? Are you capable of providing their basic needs? Which breeds suit your requirements best? Do you think egg …

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Backyard Chicken Eggonomics: How Much Does it Really Cost to Raise Chickens?

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Backyard Chicken Eggonomics: How Much Does it Really Cost to Raise Chickens? I think generally we all would like to raise chickens, either for the eggs or just as pets. Lets be honest tho, do you really know what keeping chickens costs to raise? I know I didn’t until I read the amazing article from …

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Suburban Micro-Farm (Book Review)

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What is the first thing that a suburban homesteader does?  I’m sure you guessed correctly – they start a garden.  It’s probably the easiest thing to do to start a self-reliant lifestyle because of many reasons. There’s a low barrier to entry – you just need some dirt and a few seeds – and it’s

DIY 5-Gallon Chicken Waterer

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DIY 5-Gallon Chicken Waterer For anyone who is homesteading or is just interested in having a chicken coop of their own, a convenient water supply can eliminate a lot of work. There is plenty to be done on a homestead, and one less thing to worry about can make a big difference. For a convenient, …

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The Hunger Games. Could it happen?

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Maintain that lifestyle, don’t rock the boat. Things are not perfect, but hey, they could be worse.

The Hunger Games. Could It Happen?!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Australia right now we are seeing a lot of stuff going down that does not look good. In the cities people seem to be isolated from what is going down in the country areas; the banks taking farm land, mining companies taking farm land, now the government its self is seizing farm land because of a deal it has made with a foreign country to train its military troops. There are millions of dollars involved in this deal, but I doubt that the average Australian citizen will gain any benefit from this & over 70 farming families are about to lose their homes & livelyhood.

We have lost so much freedom & so many of our rights in the name of terrorism. The government uses the perceived threat of terrorism to pass more & more legislation that controls our lives. Rates rises on land means that some people can no longer afford to pay rates, so they are evicted & their land & house is sold. These people are now forced to live in the towns or cities & once again are now dependent on the government & the services they supply. People are being taxed for using their own water supplies & there has been talk of taxing people who live off grid & supply their own electricity!

Country people receive no backing from people living in the cities, this I realise is a broad statement, & I have no doubt that there are some city dwellers that do care, but on the whole the city is not where you will find rebels, it is a place where you will find people that do not want to rock the boat; they like conformity, they like order. They are content to bury their heads in the sand in order to maintain their present lifestyle. They are insulated from the troubles of the world & are content so long as they are making money & live a comfortable lifestyle.

Can you see where I am going here? Have you seen the Hunger Games? Think about the number of times country people have gone to the city to protest at the treatment they are receiving from the government, do you ever recall seeing city people coming out to back these protests? I don’t. Right now the Australian government is giving money to the Indonesian government; the Indonesian government are committing genocide in West Papua. Women are raped & murdered, children are murdered & of course the men are also being killed. These West Papuans were Australia’s allies in WW2, helping our diggers survive, carrying our wounded to safety. Now our government is sanctioning their genocide! Does this sound like a caring & benevolent government? They are doing this for greed, money & power. They do not care who has to suffer for them to get what they want. What makes you think that they care any more for you? My Father was a great believer in keeping your head down & looking after number one. Don’t draw attention to yourself; don’t get involved in other people’s problems. There is a great deal in favour of this attitude when it comes to survival, but what happens when you are those other people? What happens when after keeping your head down you suddenly realise that you have been manipulated. Whilst you were keeping your head down & thinking this will keep me safe, the government has usurped your freedoms & your rights as a citizen.

We in the country, & those like us in the cities, do not have the backing of the majority. We alone can’t stop this corrupt government machine from rolling right over us. Our farms are disappearing, & with them our home grown food supplies! Our countryside is being polluted by mining & big corrupt corporations are polluting our environment. Recently a Japanese fishing vessel was caught poaching in one of our reserves, will they go to prison? Unlikely, will their ship be confiscated? Unlikely. Yet our government is continuing to make more & more restrictive legislation on our freedoms & these laws if we rebel against them will make us criminals. The city people will not help us; the government are right now our biggest enemy. Whilst our politicians grow wealthy we find that we can no longer retire at age 60, we are slaves to the system & alone there is nothing we can do about it. We are expected to work in the future until we are 70, that is if we live that long. They don’t have to pay a pension to dead people. Now I hear that even our pensions are under threat, I thought that money was being extracted from our earnings all these years to pay for our pension entitlements, now I hear that the government has decided to keep some of that money for themselves!

I wish I had answers for you, but I don’t. My greatest fear is that this government & this whole corrupt system will eventually take more from us than we can bear. I guess that is exactly what has already happened with the farmers that have committed suicide. Will the police & military continue to do the government’s bidding even when they know it is wrong? Yes I think they will. That is what they are trained to do. All this has happened over time with such stealth that no one seems to have realised what was happening, & I don’t think it will stop there. I don’t like the way things are going in this country & none of it bodes well for our future. I think we will lose more of our rights, our freedom has already gone. We will be forced to pay more & earn less, our government is NOT leading, it is RULING, we have a dictator government. Gone are the referendums in the main, gone are our rights to protest. Gone are our rights to protect ourselves & our families by any means we think necessary. Gone are our rights to privacy as the police are now legally allowed to invade our homes at any time without a warrant & arrest the occupants. We are all seen as being guilty until proven innocent.

My hope is that one day the majority will wake up & sack our government & institute a new fairer government system where the people have a voice. Right now we are between a rock & a hard place, no matter who we vote for, we can’t win. Be very aware of further firearms legislation that will further control the ownership of firearms. Confiscation of all firearms from law abiding citizens will be a sign that the end is near. Already present gun control measures have made it difficult if not impossible to own certain firearms, that has made us vulnerable against criminals & government forces!

Take care everyone.

Australian army set to seize farming family’s land.

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What happened to this?

And this?

How long before we become totally dependent on overseas supplies of food?!!! What are we going to do if there is another war?!!!

What Will It Take To Make The Majority Pull Their Heads Out Of The Sand & Say ENOUGH!

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These people were our allies in WW2, now our government is sanctioning genocide of these West Papuans. 
Are you proud to call yourself Australian?

Violence & Mayhem Australia Today. Random Thoughts.

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Violence & Mayhem Australia Today. Random Thoughts.

Why are we seeing so much mayhem in Australia, it seems that every day now there is another report of murder, stabbings, king hits, rape, home invasions & more. Obviously this is not right, not excusable, but can it be understood?

Let’s take a look at what our own government is doing. It has prioritised mining over farming; some farmers have given up fighting & have committed suicide. Protesting has been banned, made illegal so if the people try to back the farmers & “Lock the Gate”, they can now be arrested & charged. The police are now a law unto themselves, & unless someone records their crimes on video, then they get away with it. The people did not vote for mining to be prioritised over farming, why would they? They did not vote to have protests banned, made illegal, why would we? There was no referendum, no one was asked, does this sound like democracy or dictatorship?

I am not saying that all this mayhem & violence is happening because we have a corrupt government who is in itself committing crimes, & that the people who have a tendency toward violence & crime see this as a green flag to do what ever they want, but it is something to think about.

Why are Australian citizens allowing this government to “rule” us in this way? Why are they allowing the degradation of our environment & the loss of many of our rights? Our own constitution is being ignored by this government, a government by the way that is in fact a registered company in the USA! We have two main political parties, neither are better than the other, so when it comes to voting, we are stuck between a rock & a hard place. This year, 2016 the people showed their displeasure by voting independent, & what happened? The Liberal party got in yet again!!!

So, voting for your/our preference does not work, it changes nothing. The same corrupt government is still in power & the Australian people are doing NOTHING about this. Why? In other countries the people simply do not allow this corruption to continue, they rally their numbers & sack the government. We NEED change, we need to sack this government & the whole corrupt system & put something in place that allows the people to have a voice, to have a choice. What is it going to take to make the Australian people say “NO MORE, ENOUGH”?

There are crook police officers committing crimes & there are good police officers that are not prepared to blow the whistle on these bad cops, why? Because if a good cop blows the whistle on a bad cop, he loses his job. He will not be sacked, but he/she will be shunned by all other police officers Australia wide. He/she will be forced to quit the police service. This needs to change, but how do we change this? I do not have an answer for this, but this is the big problem with the whole government system. People are for ever saying “Don’t allow this” “Do your own thing”, but it is not that easy. We are a minority who care, but a minority has no power. We have to pay the ever increasing local council rates/taxes despite the fact that many of us receive no or few services for those rates, because if we refuse to pay, the council will actually evict us from our own homes & sell our property.

I realise that services & road maintenance have to be funded, but should there not be some check & balance? If a retired couple can not afford to pay the rates on their own home, why should they be forced to sell the home that they worked so hard for? After all the years of working & scrimping & saving they are now forced to live in a city or town & pay rent? Does this make any sense?

So we ask ourselves why is there so much crime, so much violence. Why is there so much sadness & depression? I think our society is starting to break down. We are losing human rights every day. New police powers take away citizens rights. They may have been introduced in order to maintain order, but in fact there is no check & balance here, the innocent are affected as well as the criminal element. Did banning certain firearms stop crime or even reduce crime? NO! Yet again the law abiding citizen pays the price. Who has these banned firearms now? The criminals have these firearms because they did not hand them in, they are NOT licensed, they are NOT listed in the gun registry!

So where are we heading? Less farms, less farmers, less food, less rights. Slowly but surely we are being herded into a position where eventually we will not be able to resist even if the majority of Australians grew a spine & decided to do something! Some people say “well if you are not happy with the way things are, why don’t you move somewhere else?” My answer to that is, that there is no better place to move to, no place that has the potential that Australia has for being a great place to live in. We have the room, we have the space. We have less people than anywhere else in the world given the size of Australia, but we need to regain our rights, our freedoms. Yes there must be law & order, but it must be tempered with common sense & research. Knee jerk reactions by the government to certain incidents have to stop. We need to have some professionalism introduced into the making of legislation. We have The Greens who appear to be promoting drugs & at the same time recommending that law abiding Australian citizens should be disarmed! How crazy is that?! Do they think that much of the crime is not linked to drugs & illegal gun use? Right now ignorant people are making these decisions for us, & it is not sensible, it is not right or fair & above all it is bloody stupid!

Rally against plan to charge farmers for water from their own dams!!! AUSTRALIA.

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We all know that our government is totally corrupt, but what can they possibly hope to achieve by bankrupting & ruining our farmers? They have already prioritised mining over farming, & made protests illegal, now they want to charge farmers for the use of their own water!!!

Agriculture, keeping up pt 2!

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Agriculture, keeping up pt 2!
Brett Bauma “Makers on Acres

Agriculture keeping up pt 2On the next episode of Makers on Acres Tech. Build and Grow show, we venture into part 2 of our modern agriculture topic. On the last episode we talked a small bit about gmo, soil erosion and corn. On this next episode we will dive deeper into the economics of the modern agricultural platform as well as more in depth talk on the practices used in today’s farming methods.

Although a change is going to be tough, we will discuss what can be done and what should be done. The population boom that is expected between now and 2050 is huge, and we can not sustain the population, or the earth for that matter, with current agricultural practices.
Listen to part 1 of this show HERE!
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Listen to this broadcast or download “Agriculture, keeping up pt 2” in player below!

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How To Turn Your Homestead Into A ‘Mini-Game Preserve’

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How To Turn Your Homestead Into A ‘Mini-Game Preserve’

Image source: Wikimedia

Many hunters often wonder how they can increase game and resources on their own land. In short: How can you make your own land, farm or homestead a “mini-game preserve”?

It won’t happen overnight, but there are some practical steps to increase game numbers on your land.

Here are some tips:

Abandon Clean Farming Techniques

Put aside the modern way of farming. Replant native grasses and shrubs on field edges to provide cover for turkey, quail, deer and other wildlife. Over the past decades large companies have urged farmers to clear grasslands on farms to reduce the chance of crop contamination — the belief being that rodents and critters living in shrubs and grass will contaminate fields with bacteria. In truth, there are just as many rodents in a field after you clear your grass and shrubs away. Grasslands prevent erosion, stop fertilizer and pesticides from reaching waterways, and provide cover and forage for wildlife.

When you harvest corn, soybeans and other similar crops, leave three to five rows standing along the edges of fields, and 10 rows in the corners. To prevent soil erosion, leave one to two rows standing down the center of the field. These are old practices that have only recently been abandoned.

Mowing grass and hay should be done after nesting season for game birds is complete, and after deer fawns have dropped. Where I live in Tennessee, deer fawn and birds nest in April and May. By mid-June, it is safe to start mowing hay and grass for maintenance of grassland. For haying, consider not mowing the 30 feet along the edges of the field. This tends to be the least productive part of a hay field anyway, and can be used for wildlife cover.

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In some places, prescribed burning of native grasses allows for healthy regrowth, and elimination of invasive species and weeds.

Improve Water Access

How To Turn Your Homestead Into A ‘Mini-Game Preserve’

Image source: Pixabay.com

Water is a must for wildlife. Improving water sources is imperative to any conservation effort. Cleaning up streams from garbage and trash left by years of neglect is a first step. Planting trees along streams that have been stripped of cover is the next. A stream should have at least 20 feet of hardwoods on either side; this improves stream cover, water and fish quality, and protection for wildlife. Keeping cattle away from streams goes a long way toward cleaning them up.

Clean ponds are another source of water. If you are planning to add a pond, try to place it as deep in your property as possible, smack dab in the middle. This attracts wildlife and keeps it on your land. Be sure the edges of the pond are well-planted with grasses and shrubs to prevent erosion.

Add Food Plots

Adding one food plot on a small piece of land, or several food plots on larger land tracts, provides forage for your game animals. Different areas of the country require different grasses and clover, and you will need to research your particular location for recommended forage.

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Typically, a food plot should be between half an acre to 10 acres in size. It should be a cleared area in the middle of a wood lot, situated near good cover for wildlife. A good water source should not be far off.

Manage Forests

Younger hard mast-producing trees such as oak and chestnut produce more forage than older trees. It is a well-known fact that younger forests are healthier for wildlife than old forests. No, I am not advocating chopping down old growth trees. However, woods management is important. Thinning out thick hardwoods and occasionally clear cutting a few acres is very healthy for forests. As new trees populate the woods, the amount of hard mast that hits the ground every fall will increase for wildlife.

Grow An Orchard

In addition to hard mast, soft mast is a favorite of wildlife, especially deer. Planting apple, pear, cherry and peach trees will actually improve game forage. Don’t harvest every apple, and leave around one-fourth or more of the produce from these trees for wildlife if possible.

What tips would you add to this story for attracting wildlife? Share your ideas in the section below:

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How your local farmer NOT growing GMO corn got hurt

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Another great one by Chaya Foedus:

80 million. That is the number of corn acres in the United States. 85% That’s how much of it is GMO. If you are a farmer, please leave a comment with any corrections or opinions you may have to shed light on this subject. I write any of this at all in an attempt to…

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Farming In Texas: The Natural Way (Video & Transcript)

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Video By Craig Country Work
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Transcription provided by American Preppers Network

Number of speakers: 1 Craig Turczynski
Duration: 4 min 34 sec

Farming In Texas: The Natural Way

“Hi, this is Craig with Country Work Force and this is “Farming in Texas: The natural way.” Today I want to talk to you a little bit about our finishing pasture. This is where we finish our beef off. this is an example of an animal that is finishing right now. We happen to only have one in here at the time. This pasture is made up primarily of blue stem. the first thing I want to show you is being here in Texas, and the North part of Texas is, look at these cracks in the soil. We haven’t had a good rain here for a good month and half to two months and this is pretty normal for this time of year. It is actually early September so the fact that this pasture is even still alive is quite remarkable. We use all natural methods here. We don’t use any synthetic fertilizers and we don’t use any herbicide.”

“This pasture, the weeds are controlled primarily through mowing at the right time. that is typically in the spring when the weeds are growing fast. It may need another mowing later in the year but we kind of play that by ear through observation. The we use a natural fertilizer to fuller feed the grass in the hottest month so that we are fertilizing the good grass and not the weeds. You can see here that this area has only been mowed once this year. You can see it’s a little taller than other areas. We had a little bit more weed growth in these short mowed areas so we mowed them again, but you can see how thick this grass is despite the fact that we have a couple of animals in this pasture right now.”

“We basically keep this horse in here as a companion animal for the beef that we are finishing out. So despite how dry it is and the fact that it’s been grazed, the grass here is actually pretty thick. By having a thick mat of grass, the valuable grass, that controls the wheat growth.”

“Show you a good patch. So this is the blue stem and you can see these areas too, which we encourage is, we allow it to grow tall enough so that it can reseed. Then it continuously comes back thicker. It’s not as palpable when it’s that tall, but this is a very palpable grass in general and the animals really like it. It’s quite a bit more dormant now so it’s not as green as it is normally. If we would of gotten adequate rain, but it’s pretty drought hardy as you can see and you can see the cracks in our soil.

“So that’s how we farm the natural way here in Texas, in our finishing pasture.”


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You may have heard me talk about the amount of food that is wasted in the United States before and the impact that it has on real Americans every day.  The numbers are sickening and nearly unbelievable:

  • 40% of the food produced in the US does not get eaten
  • $165 billion in food thrown away every year or 20 pounds per person every month
  • 49.1 million Americans lived in food-insecure households in 2013
  • Average American households are wasting 15-25% of the food bought

As if that information isn’t awful enough, I’m writing about this in this space because of the underlying and bitter reality that makes it possible. Just stop to think of all of the (depleting and non-renewable) natural resources like water and fossil fuels (oil) that are being used to grow, produce, harvest, ship and store all of this food that eventually ends up some landfill somewhere and morphs into a climate destroying methane bomb. Every choice we make has a consequence in the zero sum game of natural resources. And ‘sell by’ dates? Grade A, peanut butter and jelly flavored Bull****. These things look official but are actually about as real as the idea that the Federal Reserve is somehow part of the United States Government!

So what about us? We have very minimal waste in our household. We grow as much of our own food as possible, preserve what we do not eat immediately by canning, freezing and proper dry storage, we compost all of the kitchen cuttings that the chickens do not enjoy to build soil for our gardens and we target shop when we need to go to the store so that we do not buy/spend carelessly which helps us lower our total household food waste.

I wanted to share this video just to bring more awareness to how the process goes here in the US and how we currently use our dwindling and evermore precious natural resources when it comes to food production. Some waste is inherently unavoidable, but I think we all should strive to be closer to our food or at least have a better understanding of the costs associated with how it gets to our table. If this can happen, then maybe we will start to ask more of the process and care a bit more for our fellow citizens on a societal level and just how much our ‘throw away’ society is really costing us.

I encourage you to watch this report from John Oliver on Last Week Tonight and please consider what you can do to help our children, those among us that can do the least for themselves, escape food-insecurity by visiting these organizations:

No Kid Hungry

Feeding America


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste (HBO)

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To Make A Farm

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Indie films are an interesting breed unto themselves, but I find them most fascinating when they examine a topic very few others have looked at. In this age of mass-produced entertainment, films that make us think are gems indeed. I’m excited to share this with you, an indie film that follows five farmers on three Canadian farms as they try to make a profit. Farming is difficult enough these days with all kinds of challenges, but up here in Canada it is even more so. Not many people in these modern times are connected to their food, although that number is growing, and even fewer understand the person that lives a way of life that was largely abandoned for decades. So I invite you to follow the link to a fascinating article. Make the effort to find the film and watch with an open mind.
It’s worth it.
Best of all, you might just come away with a better understanding of those that are doing what they can to reconnect with their food and the land.
You can find the interview at Scratch magazine.

Short product review Poulan Pro Brush cutter

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I picked up a Poulan Pro brush cutter/ trimmer on closeout at wally world last week. It was a 2 stroke model with interchangeable heads. I also picked up the cultivator/mini-tiller head to go with it.

I need a brush cutter in my woods. Since the ash borer killed all the ash trees the light has reached the forest floor and the brush is close to impenetrable. I need to clear away the brambles and other brush for cutting firewood.

Since the Poulan Pro was on sale I figured I would check it out and see how well it did.

I got it home and found the instructions were as easy to follow as any others I have used to assemble equipment. The cutter went together quickly and the premix is the same as I use in my chainsaw so I fired it up to see how it worked.

It fired right up when I followed the instructions for starting, but I noticed I had to feather the throttle quite a bit to get it up to speed. I also noticed it seem to not be running quite right, I figured it may take a bit to warm up and get broken in.

So I walked over to a patch of weeds to see how the cutter blade would work…the mixed weeds and grass were difficult for the blade to get through, not because of lack of power but they were easily pushed out of the way and it didn’t cut them well.

So then I walked down to the woods to see how it would work for the reason I bought it. I should at this point mention the kill switch wouldn’t work. I had to pull the plug wire to kill it for my trek to the woods.

I got down there and started in on a mixture of brambles and 1/2″ saplings. I easily  cut a swath about 15′ wide and 30′ deep into the woods. At this point I had been running it for 15 minutes total and it still wouldn’t smooth out or let me give it full throttle without feathering it open a bit at a time.

So I decided I was going to return it since it was a new machine and while it cut pretty good for what I wanted to use it for it, something was messed up with it.

I got back to the house and dumped the remaining gas back into the can and decided to start it to run the carb empty. When I pulled the starter rope it stayed out and I couldn’t get it to go back in…so apart it came and back into the box and back to wally world it went. There were no hassles with the return.

The Poulan Pro brush cutter in my opinion worked well on actually cutting the brush I needed cut, even though it wasn’t running right and I had to return it. I would give it 1 1/2 stars out of 5

I will be picking up a Stihl in the next week or so and I will give a review of that brush cutter.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,