How To Get Prepper Fit

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How To Get Prepper Fit I am so glad that we have reached a point in the prepping community where fitness is no longer debatable. There was a time when people thought they were immune to physical fitness as long as they had a loaded .38 and that was sad. Smart people, too! Instead we …

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Pole Dancing: 3 Things You Need to Know to Get Started

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Shortly after my son was born, I had the chance to take a pole dancing class.

I jumped at the opportunity.

I’d taken aerobics classes before and I’d taken dance classes before, but nothing prepared me for how I was going to feel walking into that very first pole studio.

That first class was small. There were only six students, but there were three instructors, so we had a ton of one-on-one instruction throughout the duration of the course. The first day, we focused on spins and stretching and continuity, but then we moved into climbs and holds, and I realized I’d never be able to go back to the way things were.

Pole dancing classes are an incredible way to lose weight, develop strength, tone your body, and meet new women who will be supportive and encouraging. If you’re concerned about people being catty or mean, you don’t need to be. Pole dancing studios are one of the most supportive places a woman can hang out. Being a pole dancer isn’t about competing with your classmates and trying to outperform each other. It’s about encouraging each other to grow and learn and be all that you can be.

If you’ve been thinking about taking pole dancing classes, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Take classes 

First off, you can study pole dancing online if you want to take classes at home. There are a ton of great ways you can learn how to dance without having to visit a studio. One of the coolest things about living in the ageo f the Internet is that no matter what you want to learn, there’s a video for it.

If you prefer to study pole dancing in a studio, that’s fine, too! I’ve danced both at home and in studios and while I love to dance at home, dancing with other women is really fun and relaxing. There’s something special about being able to just relax and forget about your worries while rocking out with your friends, even if its just for an hour or two.

Keep in mind that when you dance at a studio, you’ll need to make sure you follow their dress codes. If you aren’t sure what to expect, just call ahead and ask. Typically, you’ll wear shorts and a comfortable shirt to start. Most beginners dance in bare feet, but you may choose to wear heels when you get more comfortable. Typically, pole studios require that your shoes have a heel that’s at least a quarter-inch wide. Stilettos may look pretty, but they can be dangerous to dance in if you’re new to the sport. Get comfortable dancing first and then you can move on to the fun shoes later!

Get a pole

I bought my first dance pole when I completed my first pole dancing class. For me, it was a great investment because it meant I could dance as much as I wanted to at home and I had plenty of time to perfect my moves. While dancing at a studio is a ton of fun, sometimes you have to share poles with other students and you’re always on a time limit. Having a pole at home means you can do the same spin thirty times if you need to.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, it’s possible to use a pole at your house. You can purchase a removable pole that you can put up when you’re ready to work out and then take down later before your company comes over. This is also a great choice if you rent your home and want something you can easily take down when you’re ready to move out.

Take your time

Like any skill, learning to pole dance takes time. Be patient with yourself! You might not have perfect spins right away. It might take you a little while to learn each routine. You might even struggle when it comes to learning inversions. None of that matters. The most important thing is that you’re having fun, doing your best, and learning! Some pole dancers learn inversions and climbs within weeks or months of starting classes. For others, it takes a little longer. Never compare yourself to anyone but you. Are you doing better than you were your first day? Are you doing better than you were last week? That’s all that matters. When it comes to pole dancing, personal progress should be your goal. 

Have you ever tried pole dancing? Did you take a class? Leave me a message and let me know!

The Great Outdoors

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Guest Post by Lee

The Great Outdoors: Why It’s Great For the Whole Family

We all know that spending time outdoors plays an important role in living a healthy and fulfilling life. Ultimately, that’s what we want for ourselves and our children, right? As our culture has nurtured its relationship with technology, our relationship with nature has been put on the backburner. With mental and physical disease on the rise, it is time to pay more attention to the fact that our often neglected relationship with nature could be a major contributing factor. There are many ways to reconcile this relationship, and the benefits are sure to be felt by the entire family and even the community around you. Adventuring outdoors can be a learning experience that is exciting and liberating, and there are plenty of things to do! But first, let’s look at why outdoor play is important and how exactly you and your family can benefit from it.

The importance of outdoor play

Children and adults alike are spending more time indoors than outdoors on a daily basis, and it could be causing problems with their mental and physical health. According to Kenneth Wright, director of the Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the University of Colorado, staying inside all day can contribute to difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, and lower energy levels. Absorbing nutrients provided by the sun such as vitamin-D, aids in our bodies ability to more effectively regulate itself.
Since most of our indoor time is spent in front of a phone, television, or computer screen, children and adults are becoming less and less active. This can lead to weight gain, lethargy, and impaired vision. Richard Ryan, a professional psychologist suggests that even 20 minutes a day can make a large difference in vitality felt by both children and adults. Studies show that wilderness therapy, or outdoor behavioral healthcare, can help to address behavioural and mental health conditions using nature as a therapeutic tool. If you or your child are particularly restless or have a hard time focusing, spending more time outside could help in a number of ways. It also helps exercise imagination in children, facilitates social skills, and provides new learning experiences.

How to incorporate outdoor play into your family’s lifestyle

There are many different ways to incorporate outdoor activity into your family’s lifestyle. Look up the parks in your immediate area and see if there are any of interest to you or your children. If you have the means to go on a big adventure, plan a trip to a National Park! You and your family can take in some incredible scenery and learn about a completely new environment. You may even have one close to you already!
If you want to embrace your creative side, come up with a scavenger hunt and get to exploring. You can even start a garden to be used as an educational tool. An added bonus is that your kids will be able to grow and eat their own food! Even indoor activities such as painting or playing an instrument can be enjoyed out in the yard or at a park. It’s also a great idea to have quiet time outside as taking the time to tune in to your surroundings can have an instant calming effect on the body.

Whether it’s building confidence, promoting creativity, or teaching responsibility, the benefits of outdoor play are many. Now more than ever it is important that we not only engage our children more in nature but ourselves as well. Spending time outdoors can bring a family closer, and there are lessons that are sure to be learned on everyone’s part.

Winter Hill Walking – Essential Skills And Equipment

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Winter Hill Walking – Essential Skills and Equipment I hope that you have a great list of goals as you travel into 2018. I hope that list of goals has a lot to do with preparedness. Moreover, I hope there is a focus on the functional prepping portion. Skills and getting out and doing are …

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6 Things That Preppers Often Don’t Do Enough

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The year is almost over, which means millions of people are going to try to lose weight and get in better shape over the next few months. Sadly, most of them will fail. But if you’re a prepper, you can’t afford to fail at this. I believe physical fitness is one of the most important […]

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Life Benefits of Getting Fresh Air

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Guest Contributor Lee has a new post on fresh air:
Do you make it a priority to get outside every day? You might after you read this article. People do all kinds of things in the name of their health and well-being, like taking supplements, trying new diets, and going on expensive retreats. But if you want better health and a more optimistic outlook on life, the solution might be much simpler than all those things: just go outside and breathe some fresh, clean air.

Intrigued? Here are five reasons why fresh air might just be the best medicine available to you.

1. Getting outside gives your immune system a boost.

If you want to stay healthy, you’ve got to take care of your immune system. Your immune system fights off invading bacteria and viruses, protecting you from everything from the common cold to stomach flu. There are a number of ways you can keep your immune system in tip-top condition, including eating a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, getting enough sleep, and washing your hands regularly. But the simplest thing of all you can do? Just step outside and take a quick walk around the block. The combination of oxygen and exercise will boost your white blood cell levels, helping you fight off infections before they even get a foothold in your body.

2. Fresh air helps you stay alert.

Feeling sleepy after lunch? Don’t reach for that energy drink or third cup of coffee. Take a minute to step outside instead. Fresh air has a way of clearing your head and boosting your alertness. It can even make you more creative. As a result, your thinking will become clearer and sharper at school or on the job, no caffeine required.

3. Spending time in the sunlight increases your vitamin D levels.

Did you know that many people are vitamin D deficient, even though this essential nutrient is plentiful and free? That’s right – we can get vitamin D from the sun, but lots of office workers, students, and other people who spend most of their time inside still don’t get enough of it. You can boost your vitamin D levels – thereby improving your mental health, bone health, and cardiovascular health – by spending as little as fifteen minutes outside on sunny days. Wear short sleeves if it’s warm enough, so your skin can soak up as much sunlight as possible. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen after fifteen minutes!

4. Fresh air makes you happier and less stressed.

If your mood has been down in the dumps lately, it could be because you’ve been spending too time breathing stale air indoors. People tend to be happiest and healthiest when they’re getting regular doses of fresh air and sunshine. In fact, wilderness therapy has been found to be a potent antidepressant – people actually have lower rates of mental health problems like depression and anxiety when they spend regular time outside in nature. The great outdoors also has a soothing effect on stress, so if you’ve been under pressure lately, a few deep breaths of fresh, clean air could be just what you need.

5. Unpolluted air improves your overall health.

Breathing in pollution isn’t good for you – everybody knows that. People who live in areas with lots of pollution are more likely to deal with asthma, digestive problems, and cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure than people who live in less-polluted areas. Breathing clean air has the opposite effect: it supplies your body with plenty of oxygen, improves your lung capacity, and makes it easier for your heart to do its job. If you live in a big city with a pollution problem, do your best to visit green spaces like parks frequently, since trees purify the air.

The Takeaway

Fresh air does a body good. If you haven’t been getting your daily dose of fresh air, establish a new habit of going outside frequently. You’ll likely become happier and healthier as a result.

This is the Blueprint for a Dynamic Prepper Fitness Program

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This is the Blueprint for a Dynamic Prepper Fitness Program There are two major mistakes that people make when they start down the path towards fitness. The first mistake is that they build a weak base, without a plan and just waddle into it as though they are walking into their first high school party. …

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Prepper Fitness Plan!

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Prepper Fitness Plan!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below!

It is early in the evening. The long day is leaning on me. The kids are too loud and the wife is unhappy. The house is a mess but we still have one more mountain to climb. There is a pit in my stomach and the only thing that’s giving me solace is that my wife is right there with me.

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Exercising our Preparedness Muscle!

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Exercising our Preparedness Muscle
Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

Becoming prepared in life covers a wide range of aspects and topics in our everyday lives, we often focus primarily on our basic disaster preparedness. There are websites ranging from governmental to private, profit and nonprofit all clamoring for our attention about becoming prepared. But what about ourselves, our personal being? How’s your health?

Listen to this broadcast or download “Exercising our Preparedness Muscle” in this player!

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Physical Conditioning For Active Shooting Training

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I’ve met many people over the years who believe that simply having a gun strapped to their hip is enough to protect them against any situation. This is not the case – having a decent gun is certainly a good start, but unless you know how to use it, and have the physical capability to…

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Add Strength to your Survival Plan with Powerful Fitness Tools

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Add Strength to your Survival Plan with Powerful Fitness Tools Are you looking for a workout routine that will stand the test of time and even a life changing disaster? There are several pieces of workout equipment that are crucial to your success and fitness in a survival scenario. Many people think that when it …

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Add Strength to your Survival Plan!

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Add Strength to your Survival Plan with Powerful Fitness Tools James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below! Fitness doesn’t have to be tied to a gym membership. Though it may seem like having a gym membership is key to getting in shape you don’t actually have to step foot into a gym to get … Continue reading Add Strength to your Survival Plan!

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What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies

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What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies Pine needle tea, cooking potatoes in aluminum foil over hot coals, using the bow drill method… all of these sound exciting for those looking to get into bushcraft. But little do they know that these types of experiences can teach them some very important lessons about surviving … Continue reading What Bushcraft Can Teach You about Surviving Emergencies

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Health, as a prep?

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Health, as a prep? Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps“ Audio player provided! As a prepper we often think we are supermen, we are above the curve, we know it all. Well don’t jump to too many conclusions there just yet. We as preppers have many aspects we have to control, one being health. I was … Continue reading Health, as a prep?

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Physical Fitness: What is fit for you?

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Physical Fitness: What is fit for you? Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio player provided! It’s said that most people in America are three minutes away from a McDonalds. That supplying electric wheelchairs are an industry standard for any moderate to large size retail chain store because many customers fatigue to quickly. That clothing manufacturers … Continue reading Physical Fitness: What is fit for you?

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Test your Might with these Survival Challenges

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Test your Might with these Survival Challenges James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! One of the things I love about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that your skill is your skill and its irrefutable on the mat. There is no veil on the mat and you cannot lie your way out of a … Continue reading Test your Might with these Survival Challenges

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How to Prepare Your Body for Handling Catastrophic Events

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The niche of prepping is always dominated by talks of self-sustenance and how being skilled at handling tasks like knowing to build a makeshift shelter or salvaging water is immensely important to surviving a catastrophic event successfully. Prepping in itself means being prepared for unforeseen events but one of the most overlooked areas, yet extremely…

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Hunting vs Buying Meat: The Traditional Hunter in the Modern World

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This article was originally published by J. Townsend  on

This whole thought process was derived from a conversation about the sustainability of hunting in modern times. Many people feel that hunting for food has outlived its use in modern America. Well, with the recent changes in our eating habits, as in searching out fast food instead of fresh food, hunting had been surpassed. There is still an emerging group which believe we should kick the fast food and revert to the traditional “Farm to Table” way of eating. I agree with much of this philosophy and wish to take it a step further. I am here to represent those who feel that a family can sustain a portion of their diet with game meat. I know many of you see this and think you would have to spend your every day hunting and fishing in order for that to work. Simply not true.

In thousands of rural areas (and some non-rural areas) there are people who either are supplementing their diets partially or fully with game meat. I have to admit that when I was younger there were many things that I though you could only shoot or catch to obtain. It wasn’t until I got to college when I realized that you could buy catfish from the store. I had believed, due to my outdoor upbringing, that if you wanted catfish, you went to the river/lake/pond to catch it.

I have also heard the argument that many people could not live a lifestyle where you sustain yourself on wild game. They say that they prefer to not see where their food originates. They cannot stand to eat food with bones in it or eyes staring at them. My only advice to these people is that they trust too much in the grocery store to get their food. Those same people have not seen the cramped dirty feed lots or the packed chutes of a slaughter-house. They could not handle the sights and many would revert to vegetarianism. Me, I prefer to get my meat from the wild.

I offer up hunting and fishing as an alternative to the dependency upon store-bought meat to those people who don’t mind processing your own animals or eating a fish that looks up at you from the grill. Simply put, hunting and fishing is a healthier and more economical way of providing the necessary proteins that you need for your diet versus going to the store and buying a package of ground what-ya-ma-call-it.  I don’t wish to deceive anyone, it is certainly a lot more challenging to track and kill and animal then it is to go to the super market. But where is the independence in that?

In the end, the total cost of hunting and fishing enough meat for a family of three will be substantially lower than the cost of buying a somewhat equal product at the store. You can sustain yourself by simply securing a selected amount of five different game animals (Deer, Elk, Turkey, Rabbit, and Wild Pig) and three different fish (Tuna, Catfish, and Trout). The animals you choose to hunt can be changed to suit your specific region. Let’s break it down.

The USDA recommends the average person (children, women, and men) consume 5 – 7 ounces of protein a day broken down into 2-3 servings. So we will use is 6 ounces of protein a day for the average person. This gives us 2184 ounces of protein consumption for the entire year. Converting this to pounds will make it easier for our calculations. The average human should consume 136.5 lbs of protein a year.

Here is an average breakdown of the yield from my selected game animals.



Live  Weight

Edible  Yield


Deer (Buck)









20lbs each




3lbs each



Wild Pig




Yellow Tail Tuna

30lbs each




2lbs each




5lbs each


Total = 435lbs of meat

435lbs of meat is enough to sustain three individuals for a period of about a year. As an alternative, if the choice to hunt an elk is not reasonable then you could exclude this from the equation. You would then have 85% of your total protein consumption for two people from game meat. The other 15% would include the consumption of other sources of protein such as eggs, nuts, and beans or the addition of another fish or game animal.  There is certainly room to play around with the figures. This model serves merely as a base line for the sake of debate.

Deer and Elk would take the place of beef in your diet. Turkey and Rabbit would replace chicken. Wild Pork will substitute store-bought pork and hand caught fish would replace that fresh/frozen purchased or canned. Average prices for the store purchased meats will be combined with the total yields of wild game and fish.




Edible  Yield

Total Game Yield


Deer (Buck)






Store Bought Beef (Average price $4.71/pound) x 255lbs = $1201.00




Edible  Yield

Total Game Yield








Store Bought Poultry (Average price $1.37/pound) x 40lbs = $54.80




Edible  Yield

Total  Game Yield


Wild Pig



Store Bought Pork (Average price $3.15/pound) x 90lbs = $283.50



Edible  Yield

Total  Game Yield


Yellow Tail Tuna









Store Bought Yellow Tail Tuna (Average price $18.00/pound) x 30lbs =  $540.00

Store Bought Trout (Average price $6.50/pound) x 5lbs =  $32.50

Store Bought Catfish (Average price $3.99/pound) x 15lbs =  $59.85

  Total: $ 632.35


Total Store Bought Meat for one year for a household of three = $2171.65

I know, you are thinking to yourself, that’s not that too bad for three people. Here is how we will figure the benefit of landing your own meat. This example works for me here in California. For others it may be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you live. There will still be a substantial difference in the totals.

The total for all the necessary licenses and tags for the state of California equals $164.53. The cost of a deep-sea fishing expedition out of San Diego is $46.00. California hosts a random drawing for the Elk tags so I chose Washington for my Elk meat because the state allows an open purchase. In Washington, a Non-Resident Elk Tag is $497.00 and a Resident Elk Tag is $50.00. So that gives us a Grand Total of $260.00 or $707.00depending on how you play your cards. That is a savings of $1688.00/year on average.

There are really only two variables present in the equation. If you do not have the necessary equipment then you would have to purchase such equipment prior to hunting or fishing. This would be an upfront cost which would diminish over time as you acquired the equipment. The second would be your success rate. This model is based upon a 100% success rate. Each year you would be hunting for your food for the following year. If you failed to meet the quota for a specific season then you could modify your plan to encompass other game animals or supplement the remainder of your diet with other sources of protein depending on the time of the year.

The health benefits are certainly present. Game meat has been proven to be leaner and more beneficial to your body than domesticated livestock. The condition from which wild game is harvested is much cleaner, environmentally safer, and healthier than its domesticated counterparts. As an added bonus, the general worry about injected hormones, toxins, steroids, and additives are eliminated. What you harvest is safe for your body. Now your food is as organic and local as it gets. Not to mention, the pursuit of game requires some level of active participation which forces you to live a more involved lifestyle as you pursue your food.

So, in the end, it is more sustainable, healthier, and more economical to hunt and fish for your meat versus purchasing them from the store. What are you waiting for? Grab you pack and get outside!

The Lost Ways is a survival book that shows you how to survive using only methods that were tested and proven by our forefathers for centuries. The best way to survive the next major crisis is to look back at how people did things 150 years ago. This book is a far-reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread—like people did when there was no food—to building a traditional backyard smokehouse. Watch the video below:


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                      RELATED ARTICLES : 

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11 Health Benefits Of Hiking For Both The Body and Mind

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Going on a hike, getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery and sights along the way is a reward in itself. However, there are so many other health benefits of hiking that you will gain as well.  Next time you put on your hiking shoes, strap your backpack on and set…

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The Single Biggest Weakness In Many Disaster Plans

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The Single Biggest Weakness In Many Disaster Plans

Image source:

People who are serious about preparedness have a lot to be concerned about. The considerations of post-disaster survival range from food to water to hygiene to self-protection to transportation to emergency medical care.

But there is one area of prepping that is often overlooked: personal health and fitness. If a sudden disaster were to strike, it is possible that your most valuable prep might be your own body. If you are unfit and unhealthy, you might be limiting your capacity for independence, both now and in whatever future.

I am not a health care provider or a fitness expert. Rather, I am an ordinary citizen with a personal testimony to share. Over the past several years, my weight has crept up and my overall health has deteriorated. When my bloodwork reported results so high that my provider wanted me to begin a regimen of medications this past spring, I resolved to turn things around by eating better and exercising more.

Five months later, I have lost 26 pounds and am closing in on my goal weight. But it is about far more than numbers on the scale. A follow-up with the laboratory and my provider revealed drastically reduced lipids and sugars, lower blood pressure, and increased lung capacity.

Are You Prepared For A Downed Grid? Get Backup Electricity Today!

For many people, the side effects of physical fitness are at least as rewarding as the actual numbers on the scale and lab report and clothing sizes. In my case, my weight loss has also resulted in more self-confidence, a higher energy level, and feeling generally more positive.

Making the time and doing the work to increase my fitness level also has made me an abler homesteader. Long hours on my feet during canning season, racing to the chicken house to investigate a sudden commotion, and weekend firewood-processing marathons are now less taxing.

The Single Biggest Weakness In Many Disaster Plans

Image source:

And if disaster strikes, I will be more capable of keeping myself and my loved ones safe. While there are a lot of other factors that are important, the ability to walk, run, climb, push and haul might be some of the most needed.

Many Americans are obese, or lead sedentary lives, or live with addiction, or suffer from conditions that are exacerbated by lifestyle. This will not serve them in the event of a disaster, and could possibly even jeopardize the welfare of those around them.

Consider the many scenarios in which physical fitness would be crucial. People may need to run to save a child or slip quietly out of sight in a forest. They might be called upon to walk long distances, climb a tree or ladder, rappel, pound a nail, heft an axe, operate a scythe, paddle a boat, swim, carry heavy loads, and work long days—all of which are possible for unfit people but will be more challenging.

Just 30 Grams Of This Survival Superfood Provides More Nutrition Than An Entire Meal!

Dependence upon cigarettes, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, or even technology could possibly result in placing oneself at risk for a fix. Nobody wants that for themselves. Nobody wants to land in a post-disaster scenario with a bad knee, poor dental health, or gout, either.

None of this is to say that everyone has complete control over their own health. Accidents happen. Diseases happen. Genetics happen. But for the rest of us, it makes sense to do all we possibly can to be fit and healthy.

No one is perfect, and thank goodness we do not need to be. We all struggle with at least one issue — my family history of heart disease and diabetes and my fondness for Dr. Pepper and Little Debbie’s will always be present in my life. But facing our health challenges head-on and dealing with them now instead of later is a win-win. We win now, we win in the event of a disaster, the people around us win because we will have fewer special needs and instead will be able to help others, and we also win in terms of comfort and longevity if disaster doesn’t come. The only people who really lose out if Americans become fit and healthy are the big pharmaceutical companies.

We do not need to look like bodybuilders or run like track stars. But we do need to reach for our personal best and make health and fitness a central component of our survival and prepping goals.

Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the section below:

If You Like All-Natural Home Remedies, You Need To Read Everything That Hydrogen Peroxide Can Do. Find Out More Here.

Are you Fit Enough to Survive a Crisis

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Are you Fit Enough to Survive a Crisis Unfortunately, fitness tends to take a back seat in the preparedness world. This always boggled my mind because so many in the community are ex military. I am a huge proponent of being in top shape. Strength and, more importantly, endurance are the tools you will need …

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Spring Diet Cleanup And Fitness Challenge |episode 144

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Spring Diet Cleanup And Fitness Challenge |episode 144
Spring Diet Cleanup And Fitness Challenge |episode 144

Spring Diet Cleanup And Fitness Challenge |episode 144


This Week we talk all about a spring diet cleanup and the 6-week survivalpunk Fitness challenge. 

Over winter man of us put on a few pounds. Either from all the baked goods for the holidays or from being inside all winter. 

I’m no exception and with spring here I am evaluating my diet and fitness. 

I’m being my biggest critic and evaluating what has been working and what hasnt. 

Also, I have just finished reading Robb Wolf’s new book, Wired To Eat, and have got some great new ideas. 

It is definitely worth a read if you want to geek out about the neuroregulation of appetite. Or just loose weight. 

Also, don’t forget to stop by the facebook group and join in the 6-week fitness challenge. 





  • Why bother with dieting? 
  • Seasonally evaluate your diet and GPP.
  • What has and hasn’t been working on your diet 
  • Go back to the basics. Plain paleo. Check that things haven’t slipped in
  •  Hold yourself accounted And check yourself.  
  • Use tools like my fitness pal to track your calories and macros
  • Get friends on board. 
  • Go play outside. Get some Vitamin D and be active


Survivalpunk 6 week fitness challenge

2-mile time (Can Be Running, or Walking)
For time over 10 minutes or AMRP 20 minute cap
10 burpees
20 push ups
30 Sit Ups
40 Air Squats
Record every week and compete against yourself.


Wired To Eat


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Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness

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Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness There is something about a strong hickory handle and a hand forged head that has been slammed by a craftsman over and over again. When I first picked up an axe with the right intentions I realized there was something electric about it. This article offers a look …

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Survival… rest: 7 tips to buy a new mattress.

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Now this I know is a topic that rarely gets covered but man is it important.
How well are you resting?
A number of factors come into play. You need a quiet, dark room. The suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.
But above all, you need a good mattress. This is by far the most important piece of furniture in your house, the one that directly impacts your quality of life the most, how well you rest during the night and how well you perform during the day. It’s the one you spend 7 to 8 hours sleeping on. Make that nine if you’re lucky.
What’s this got to do with survival you ask? Everything. Proper rest is almost as important as a proper diet. It will directly impact both your mood and physical condition. Many people just get a cheap piece of foam and consider the matter done, only to wonder why they feel tired all day, or why their back, neck or head hurts. To heal, to be productive during the day, to be rested and therefore alert you simply need to sleep well.
Personally, I guess I was spoiled from the start. Knowing how important a good mattress is, it was the thing I spent the most money on when I first got married. We bought a Simmons Beautyrest with pocketed coils. Man was that nice. Maybe the best mattress I ever owned. Because of that Beautyrest I learned to appreciate pocketed coil springs and always stuck to those until last year. I somehow ended up with one of those spring mattress that aren’t pocketed, just a bed of connected springs. It was cheap garbage and by far the worst mattress I even slept on. For almost an entire year I dreaded going to bed, woke up with a stiff neck, felt tired all day. You know how that is, you know something needs to be done but you keep postponing it. One day I woke up and promised myself I would not continue to suffer this nonsense, especially given how easily my “problem” could be solved by just buying another mattress. Well, that was the beginning of period of days dedicated to research and finding the right mattress.
This is what I learned:
1) You get what you pay for but sometimes you over pay. If you want quality then it wont be cheap. The Simmons Beautyrest I mentioned before is a classic, still in production and a top of the line mattress, but some of their best models cost over $2,500. You can buy a lot of foam mattresses with that money.
2) Then again sometimes you are also getting ripped of. A +$1.000 foam mattress is still a piece of foam, even when fancy trademark names and new foam “technology” is used in the marketing of said product.
3) Get pocketed coils. This is what the best, most expensive mattresses have always been made of. This means springs in individual wrappings, so that each one works independently. When this method is done properly there is no movement transmitted from one side of the bed to the other. Even if you jump on one side and try to sleep in the other.
4) Get one that offers at least 6 months of trial and +10 year warranty.
5) Get one that uses quality, if possible natural fibers.
6) Get one that has a good thick bed topper(pillow top) as pictured below.

Beautyrest Recharge Simmons Plush Pillow Top Mattress, Full, pocketed coil springs $752.16


7) Go with “firm” for your mattress. When combined with a pillow top it makes for the best of both worlds.
After researching for several days I went to IKEA and got myself their top of the line mattress, Hesseng. The Hesseng is made of thick gauge pocketed coils, uses horsehair as filling, along with cotton and wool, all natural fibers. The topper, Tromsdalen is also natural silicon. This makes for a super fresh, well ventilated mattress.

If you need a new mattress look for this one in IKA (although I don’t believe its available in America yet, better check). IKEA gives you 12 months to try the mattress and a 25 year warranty. That’s pretty good.
IF not go for the Simmons Beautyrest. You cant go wrong with either one. They aren’t as cheap as a piece of foam but the quality is on another level as well.
If still on the fence and looking to save a few bucks at the expense of the quality of your rest, remind yourself that you deserve the best you can afford. Especially for a bed in which you’ll spend 1/3 of your life in.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

You Can’t Be Serious About Prepping If You’re Not Serious About Your Health

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Image: You can’t be serious about prepping if you’re not serious about your health

By  – Natural News

(Natural News) While no one knows what life is going to throw at us, it is safe to say that it won’t hurt to be prepared for an emergency, disaster, or SHTF (S**t Hits The Fan) scenario. According to Back Door Survival, some three million Americans, or 1 percent of the total population, are making detailed plans and taking measures to prepare themselves for a major catastrophic event.

Many people still believe governments will step in when disaster strikes. However, when we look back at the horrible scenarios during Katrina and Super-storm Sandy, we know that that isn’t going to happen. Those affected had to wait days for aid or face hour-long lines to get some water. It has become apparent that the government isn’t prepared to handle massive rescue operations, nor can they provide for everybody during a disaster. (RELATED: Read more survival news at

Whether it’s another economic collapse, natural disaster, or the end of the world, preparing yourself for opportunities so that you can take advantage of them when things turn for the worst are paramount during these uncertain times. As the world continues to spin out of control and people start to lose their confidence in governments it is very likely the number of preppers will grow in the coming years.

Survival of the fittest

Being prepared for an emergency is as simple as planning ahead. However, what many people often forget is that prepping is more than just stocking up on survival essentials. If you are going to take prepping serious, it is also time to start working on your health and fitness level.

Should the worst happen, chances are your life and environment aren’t going to look the same. In a world that has erupted into chaos, life will become more physically demanding. You might have to run, jump, climb, and fight your way through out-of-control situations. However, if you are out of shape or in bad health, chances of surviving out there can be pretty slim.

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Doomsday Preppers? You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

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This post was written exactly 4 years ago, on my Facebook page. I still stand by it. Rich Fleetwood – February 7, 2012 · Riverton · Watching “Doomsday Preppers” on NGC this evening, with an as objective as possible viewpoint. I’ve been doing this stuff myself for 20 years, and in my position and experience, with the […]

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Fitness Training For The Smart Prepper

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When the grid fails, only the strong survive, so you’ll need to be in the best physical condition of your life. Just start early, because by the time you need this strength and endurance it may already be too late. Here’s a look at how you can develop your own boot camp using the workouts military experts use to increase flexibility and improve strength.

The Basics

While fancy weight machines and free weights might look impressive, they won’t build the flexibility and strength that come in handy in a gridless world. Some of the best fitness standards are ones you can achieve without expensive equipment. Minimum requirements for the Army PFTs are simple, from ages 17-21, men must be 42 push-ups-strong and women 19. Both should reach the 53 sit-ups requirement, and a 2-mile run should take a man no less than 15 minutes and 54 seconds, and a woman 18 minutes and 54 seconds. Keep in mind that, as age increases, minimum requirements decrease. The best part is you can keep up this regimen anywhere in the world and don’t have to worry about being bogged down by equipment.

Track Fitness

Sometimes tracking your progress isn’t easy. State-of-the-art mobile devices, like the Apple Watch and the Apple iPhone 7 can monitor your step count, heart rate and even calories burned each workout session. There’s even an app that allows you to pick a charity of your choice and, as you run, walk or cycle, a corporate sponsor donates a few cents for every mile you manage. Of course, you can do more than this with your new iPhone and Apple Watch, which are both compatible with medical-grade hardware and software. For instance, the Kardia Mobile smartphone case and the Kardia Band can capture EKG measurements, electrical measurements in your heart, and send the data directly to your doctor.

HIIT Training

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a technique that builds endurance, strength and recovery time. HIIT focuses on all-out, one hundred percent bursts of activities for a short time. These bursts are followed by short, and sometimes, active recovery sessions. Many people use HIIT techniques to increase their metabolism. The metabolic boost you get from a HIIT workout can raise your metabolism for 48 hours. Another reason HIIT routines are so popular is they’re quick. Giving one hundred percent of your physical effort, even for a short time, wears you out quickly — which is why most HIIT workouts are 30 minutes or less. Lastly, no equipment is needed for a HIIT workout. HIIT promotes workouts that use body weight, which promotes optimal muscle gain and fat loss.

So how do you get started with your first HIIT workout? It’s easy. Start off slow — or at least follow a routine that won’t cause you to pull a muscle or strain a tendon. For instance, your first workout might consist of a 10-minute routine, 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of recovery. Start with 20 seconds of cross-punch jabs. Make sure you stay on the balls of your feet and pivot with each jab, which will turn your body and work your abs. After 20 seconds, take 10, then transition into jumping jacks for 20 seconds. Your last set will be 20 seconds of sumo squats. Once you’ve done each exercise, begin again from the start. Repeat until ten minutes is up. While this is just a sample workout, there are far more you can explore that will work other parts of your body to get you in peak physical condition when you need it most.

Prep Your Body – Be Ready For a SHTF Situation

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You could have a perfect bugout plan, a well-prepped homestead, and a library of survivalist knowledge in your brain but none of that will do you much good if you aren’t physically fit when the SHTF. If you want to survive a cataclysmic disaster, you can’t be “caught with your pants down” when it comes to your health. Physical health and fitness is are vitally important when it comes to survival. Don’t forget to prep your body. Healthy sleep habits and daily training pay off. So does keeping up with all aspects of your health including dental, vision, strength, and cardio.


My wife truly dreads going to the dentist. She can’t stand all the poking and prodding with metal tools, and any dental work that she has done takes forever to heal. For her, the dentist is a special level of Hell. And she isn’t alone. I don’t know anyone who enjoys going to the dentist. If you truly hate going to get your teeth worked on, the answer may be as simple as finding a dentist that you feel more comfortable with. Shop around. Do a Google search for “dentist near me” and look at dentist reviews to find an office that people recommend. Make an appointment to interview potential dentists before they even try to put their hands in your mouth. Find a dental office that fits you. My wife and I finally found one that works for us. They are great at dealing with reluctant patients (like my wife) and they’re happy to offer medications that help relieve the anxiety that afflicts so many people when reclined in a dentist’s chair. And I like that they are pretty high tech. They have dental cameras that they use to show me exactly what’s going on with my teeth. And a machine in the office that actually mills a crown in an hour, so there’s no need for getting a temporary crown and having to come back for a second visit.

Even after you find a dentist that you can tolerate, it’s still in your best interest to do everything you can in your daily life to minimize the amount of time you’ll spend in their chair. Make sure your teeth are as healthy as they can be. Bite the bullet and go in for a checkup. If they find problems with your teeth, go ahead and get all of the work you need to get you to the point where the only thing that the dentist needs to do from now on is clean your teeth every six months. Minimize your dental appointment needs by brushing and flossing often, and thoroughly. Think of it as part of your prepping routine. Get caught up now, because there’s no doubt that any dental work done after a SHTF situation will be much more medieval.


I was in my early teens when I realized that my vision could be improved with glasses. It started as a joke. I tried on my father’s glasses at the dinner table, pretending to be my father in an adolescent attempt to make my siblings laugh. But I stopped laughing when I noticed that the details of the objects across the room were clearer. I got my first pair of glasses soon after and I’ve hated them ever since. During college, when I thought that looks were important, I wore contact lenses. But I still made sure I always had backup glasses to fall back on because I really couldn’t see much without corrective lenses of some sort. Fast forward twenty years. After many years of thinking and wishing I recently decided to get lasik surgery. It was so much easier than I thought it would be, and not nearly as scary. I walked out of the surgery with BETTER than perfect vision. They managed to correct my vision to 20/15. I’ve never been able to see so perfectly in my whole life.

The surgery was expensive, and of course my insurance didn’t help with the cost. But I am convinced that it was a good investment, especially if TEOTWAWKI happens. No worries about damaged or lost glasses and near blindness as a result. If you’re one of the many who don’t have perfect vision, invest in your eyes. Go for regular exams, and keep multiple pairs of backup glasses. Consider lasik as an option. Be prepared for a SHTF situation by prepping your eyes. Because there won’t be any no new glasses after that.


Lifting weights is hard work. But having a little extra muscle will help everything in your life. Your body operates more efficiently when you have a higher muscle mass. You’re able to lift more, and strong looks better. Start slow and small. Work up to heavier weights as you get stronger. And take your workouts outside the gym. Climb ropes and walls. Scale fences. Think of obstacles you might encounter while bugging out, and practice climbing over them.

Prep your body

Climbing is a lot more difficult if you’re overweight. Strength training can help with that. No matter how much cardio exercise you do, adding weight lifting to you routine will help you lose weight faster. In fact, if you are overweight cardio is much more difficult. Take a few months off from cardio and concentrate on lifting weights instead. You burn just as many calories with less joint stress. Getting a little gym time is a good way to prep your body, and your mind.


If your attitude is that the only time you run is when a big dog is chasing you, you’re probably not doing enough cardio exercise. Cardio is my Achilles heel. I hate running or doing time on an elliptical. But a prepper needs to be in decent shape. If you have to throw on your bug out bag and get out of dodge but are only able to make it to the end of the block, you’re not prepped. Do something about it.

Climbing fences

Only you can know what you are physically able to handle. Test yourself. In Army boot camp, one of the first activities that they make you do is called a “confidence course” where you are exposed to progressively harder obstacles to demonstrate that your body can do more than you think it can. It builds your confidence, so later when you see an obstacle in front of you, you know you can handle it. Start with something easy. Get on a bike and ride around the block. Increase your range until you don’t feel winded anymore, then switch to walking the same routes. See how far and how fast you can hike with a pack. Push yourself. Train. Once you’re happy with your performance, start running. Add more weight to your pack. Learn that you’re more capable than you think you are. Chip away at all aspects of your health until you are happy with your fitness level.


Your body needs sleep to heal and rejuvenate. People tend to sleep well in cooler and darker rooms. Turn off extra lights. Crack the window a little during winter and pile the blankets on top of you. Eight hours is what we have been told from childhood is required. But other than weekends, I don’t think I have had eight hours a night since I was a teenager. Listen to your body. Pay attention to when you get sleepy, and take advantage of that “sleep window” by finding a way to go to bed around that time each night. Play with your total sleep time. Some people benefit from seven hours a night, waking refreshed and alert. Others need more sleep. Figure out what your optimum sleep time is, and do everything you can to get those hours. Protect your sleep. Make sleep a priority.

Prep Your Body Daily

Invest a little money in a Fitbit or Jawbone fitness tracker. These little devices are worn on your wrist all the time. They track your steps, your sleep, and give you a clearer picture of your daily habits and your progression toward your fitness goals.

Make body prep a part of your regular prepping routine. Put the same amount of thought into it as you do your other preps. Prepare your body daily and you will handle anything physical challenge that is thrown at you.

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Electrifying developments in bicycling!

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Electrifying developments in bicycling! Bob Howkins “APN Report” Audio in player below! Throughout the bicycle industry two trends have created a bright future in bicycle development, an aging customer base, and the rise in popularity of electric powered vehicles. In some ways, both are joined at the hip. With more people re-discovering their health by … Continue reading Electrifying developments in bicycling!

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Toughen Up and Take the Pain!

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participation_trophy_sad_cultureThe United States has become a nation where  the pursuit of happiness and the absence of discipline has turned us into a land of politically correct, overweight, sissies intent on pointing the finger at someone else as the source of the problem rather than looking in the mirror like we should.  All the kids get trophies now.  Used to be that a kid got the idea of what it took to be a winner either by winning something and knowing what it took to get there. If they lost, they’d appreciate what it took to get a trophy. Collectively, we used to know that if we put in the long hours and the hard work, it would pay off and we would be successful.  Not enough people know this now. It would seem as though we’ve lost something in our culture that we used to rely on to win. At some point in time, we became soft.

By Jarhead Survivor, a Contributing Author of SurvivalCache and SHTFBlog

We go through our lives now from one carefully controlled environment to the next.  Not many people want to work outside in the cold winters or hot summers anymore.  We wonder why immigrants are taking our jobs – it’s because not many people are willing to show up and work in the fields or do the menial jobs any more.

If you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance you don’t have this attitude.  Why?  If you’re here, you’re probably interested in surviving a catastrophic event.  Anything from a national power outage to a nuclear war; we prepare for it all.  You also know that survival will mean hard work and suffering – something many, if not most Americans don’t want to experience.  I’ve talked with people in the past who have actually said, “If the power went out forever I wouldn’t want to survive.”  So much for the pioneering spirit our ancestors brought with them.  They would roll over in their graves if they saw what has become of our spirit.

If a little pain and suffering makes you quit, good luck when times get tough.  To those with weak mental fortitude: all I can guarantee is pain, suffering, and uncertainty.  If society collapses, nobody can say how others will react.  Some people riot and others band together to help each other.  Hopefully you live in an area where people help each other out.  If society takes a nosedive, most visitors of this site will at least be somewhat prepared. Those who fail to see civilization is premised on a fragile infrastructure will be in a world of pain when conditions deteriorate.

Take the Pain!

Obese or overweight?  Out of shape?  Terrible diet?  On a ton of medication?  I’ll bet that if you lost some weight a lot of those ailments would disappear.  If the idea of giving up McDonald’s food and exercising daily makes you cringe, good luck when the balloon goes up.  Ask yourself this question and be honest:  if you had to bug-out twenty miles right now – right this second, could you pick up your bug-out bag and walk the distance?  Could you walk it without your bug-out bag?  If the answer is no, then you must consider getting yourself back in shape.  It could save your life several different ways.  One, by making you healthy again allowing you to get rid of the medications and living a healthy life. Two, by giving you the ability to do physical, potentially life saving activities.  Go to your local shopping center or mall and stop in the middle of a bunch of people and look around.  In your opinion, how many could walk or run five miles in an emergency?  I’ve done this exercise many times and I’m always surprised at how few would be able to do this.

People are more interested in a magic pill will allow us to eat and drink whatever we want. Most people avoid entertaining the idea of exercise and diet.  We want all the stuff, whether that’s food, drink, drugs, or electronic toys, that will give us that little dopamine hit instead of working our asses off and being healthy.  We now have a national epidemic of people taking opioids. It’s been around for a long time and it seems to just keep getting worse.

A lot of times improving yourself involves some kind of pain, whether it’s the pain of going without alcohol or drugs, or of denying yourself that extra piece of cake.  Maybe it’s the pain associated with learning something new instead of watching three hours of T.V. every night. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the greater good.  Take the pain!

No Easy Road

flipping_burgers_self_sufficiencyThere’s no easy road to success.  If you want more money find a better job or get better at the one you’re doing.  A lot of young folks out there today don’t even have jobs and a good number of millennials are happy to live at home with mom and dad.  If you’re one of these kids, I say get off your ass and get a job that will allow you to help pay the rent.  I don’t care if you’re slinging burgers at McDonald’s or working on Wall Street, you need to be grown up and self sufficient because mom and dad aren’t always going to be there wiping your nose for you.  Check out this crazy story about a 28 year old man who killed his parents because he didn’t want to move out and fend for himself.  Sick eh?  Granted, it’s the millennial mindset taken to the extreme, but it’s telling that this happened at all.  As if all that was bad enough we’ve got rich companies skimming whatever they can off the top and people who don’t want to work skimming off the bottom.  Pretty soon there won’t be enough left over for the guy in the middle.

What Can We Do?

First, our kids have to know that hard work and pain is ok.  It’s part of the human condition.  If you make sure that your kids never feel any pain, they’ll never have a chance to grow.  You’re doing them a disservice.  Now don’t go around saying, “Jarhead says to starve my kids!”  Let’s not be stupid here.  What I’m saying is that if your kid comes up to you fifteen minutes before a meal and says they’re hungry, it’s perfectly fine to tell them to wait instead of giving them a candy bar.  If you give in, they’ll never know what it’s like to wait a few minutes.  Teach them discipline.

youth_football_goals_painA friend of mine came over with his son and we were all working out.  My son (seven years old) gave up after ten minutes and started upstairs.  He asked his friend to come with him and the friend said no, he wanted to try out for the football team.  I said, “That’s because he wants it”. My boy came back downstairs and started working out again.  I didn’t berate him.  I didn’t yell at him, but I opened the door to hard work by pointing out that his friend was working to achieve a goal.

Later this season my buddy called me up and told me his son was killing it on the football field.  When he mentioned to his son what a great job he was doing, his boy said, “That’s because I want it, dad!”  My buddy had to call me up and tell me what an impact my words had on his son.  He was willing to take the pain to get what he wanted.

You don’t need to be friends with your kids.  You should love them, but your children need someone who’s going to show them right and wrong and enforce it.  Not a mom or dad who wants to be friends and will give in because they don’t want the kids mad at them.  Guess what?  If your kid has never been mad at you, you either have one hell of an exceptional kid or you aren’t doing your job right.

Set a Goal

finish_line_goalsFind something you want and set a goal.  If you want to change the world you’ve first got to change yourself.  I don’t care what it is, but when you set the goal follow up on it.  Maybe you want to lose twenty pounds, write a book, walk five miles with your bug-out bag, race in a 5K, or give up drinking beer and eating hotdogs.  Whatever it is, this is how you do it:  set a realistic goal and a completion date.  Remember, a goal without a due date is just a dream and will never happen. Next, take instant action on whatever that goal is.  If you want to quit drinking, pour all your booze down the drain.  If you want to write a book, make a goal to write a thousand words a day or whatever you can produce.  Whatever it is you want to do make a small advance towards that goal every day.  Your kids are looking to you as an example. If you set a goal and abandon it a week later, guess what?  They’ll do the same thing.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

When I went to Marine Corps bootcamp, one of the first things the D.I.’s pounded into us was to take responsibility for our actions.  If we did something stupid or screwed up, we were expected to own it.  They didn’t want to hear excuses or lies, they just wanted to hear you say, “The Private screwed up, sir!”. We were then expected to do whatever we could to make it right.

I think if more people – adults and kids – were held accountable for their actions, we’d live in a different world.  Then again, maybe not.  If you lack integrity, all the rules in the world won’t make you a better person.  What do you think? Am I way outta line here? Questions?  Comments?  Sound off below!

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Daniel Lee
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Dr. Lori Shemek On Fighting Inflammation | episode 124

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Dr. Lori Shemek On Fighting Inflammation
Dr. Lori Shemek On Fighting Inflammation


Dr. Lori Shemek On Fighting Inflammation 

This week We welcome on Dr. Lori Shemek to speak about inflammation. She is a well-known  pioneer in creating global awareness of low-level inflammation and how it is responsible for and the core cause of most illness, disease, faster aging and weight gain.

The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts, alongside such names as Dr. Oz and David Zinczenko, author of Eat This, Not That.


Dr. Shemek is the author of How To Fight FATflammation! and the best-selling author of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! 

Listen in to loose weight and improve your health to survive. 



  • Who is Dr. Lori
  • The  inspiration behind  your work.
  • What exactly is inflammation
  • The worst offenders of causing inflammation
  • How  to reduce inflammation
  • Some lifestyle choices leading to obesity
  • Ways to break weight loss plateaus.
  • Top supplements to be taking

Rapid Fire Questions





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Preppers Don’t Have Abs

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Cannin’ Joshua W. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

Hello Prepper family,

I love the internet and social media. It lets me be exposed to a slew of information and knowledge that I would have otherwise never been able to view. In just a couple of clicks I can watch how to build a primitive spear thrower,  or purify dirty water into something ….less dirty. After enough clicks, however, I inevitably stumble upon something displaying the need for a horribly impractical “prepper tool” that I just must have. Holding this awesome, life-saving, badass and totally affordable (insert sarcasm) thing is some ex-military looking, bearded fitness model that TOTALLY MIGHT HAVE BEEN SF, Or an overly sexualized woman with chiseled abs.

Now hear me.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with looking like a Viking with an AR or a jacked and tan super woman–in fact, that’s actually super impressive. But is it indicative of someone living the prepper lifestyle?

Pros of Tacticool

Let’s not underestimate the power of looking like a tactical boss, because there are some practical advantages to be found.

1) Predators naturally seek soft targets– It’s primal, like natural selection. Whether the predator is a lion or street thug, the predatory instinct is driven to achieve its goal via the easiest, most non-confrontational path available. When looking to rob a house, break into a car, or mug an innocent bystander, the criminal has a vast amount of potential options and they will inherently choose the path of least resistance. This is one obvious advantage to looking like a former linebacker with Don’t Tread on Me tattooed across your throat.

2) You might feel more confident– Hormones are a hell-of-a drug. Seriously. And your mindset and mentality play a role in how your body produces and expresses levels of certain hormones. Confident people have higher levels of testosterone than their more sheepish counter parts. They also have lower levels of cortisol. Here is a quick talk on body language hormones, it’s worth the watch. What will that do for you?! How about greater muscle mass, clearer skin, stronger bones, lower stress levels, and decreased levels of anxiety. So if a Mo-hawk and 80-piece pocket tool are what you need to feel awesome, then I would say, go for it.

3) It’s just fun– Unless you’re too uptight to enjoy the simple pleasure of holding blacked-out combat katana or you wouldn’t enjoy setting up plans with your buddies on how you would take back and survive a potential “Outbreak” like scenario.  But for most of us, this serves as a temporary form of escapism. We take it seriously, but definitely enjoy the process along the way.

Cons of Tacticool

How could looking awesome be a bad thing?

1) The issue with abs– On average men are 18-24% and women are 25-31% body fat. This is relatively natural. For men, they typically start to show visible abdominal muscles around 10% body fat, but will have more defined musculature closer to 6%. Women tend to fluctuate around these numbers because they naturally store fat in locations other than their midsection (where the sexy abs are). So what happens to these fitness icons if there is an actual SHTF scenario and food acquisition has becomes a real problem. At 6% body fat your body is already running low on fat, which is actually very important for cellular function. Now your body is forced to burn your lean tissue and muscle for calories. This is not an excuse to be un-athletic or out-of-shape. But if you do truly identify yourself with the prepper lifestyle, then how prepared your body is must be a primary goal. You should absolutely be strong and physically capable. I believe you should consider pursuing a body that thrives in every situation and scenario, rather than one that simply looks good on Instagram.

At 6% body fat your body is already running low on fat, which is actually very important for cellular function.

2) The lines between tactical and tacticool become blurred– The more time you spend in and around any group or community the more that community becomes your status quo. I am sure you have experienced this in your life countless times. Everyone at your work drinks beers on Wednesday nights at a bar close to your office. Now you also drink booze on Wednesdays. Your significant other watches a specific TV show, now so do you, etc. If you spend enough time pouring yourself into the cool, but unrealistic, prepper activities and products then eventually you will lose sight of what makes sense and perhaps lose sight of what’s out there just to make someone else money. This is a trap that most of us have fallen prey to at some point. If this is you, then don’t be too hard on yourself. You are in great company. But take note of the things and time you have invested in, that offer little to no return on actual preparedness.

3) Cool is not going to help, when all hell breaks loose– This seems like the most obvious and important reason why we shouldn’t be pursuing phony replacements for the real thing, but it needs to be said. The reason we prep is because we have this thing in the back of our minds telling us, “event X could happen”. Whatever your X is, you’re probably right to pursue it. But somewhere along the way we tend to get caught up in gadgets and thing-a-ma-bobs that offer little to no value in prepping for our X. Do not get caught in this trap. If you wake up one morning and event X is taking place all the money and time you spent on superfluous things and skills will leave a tangible bitterness your mouth.

Pros of Tactical – You are the real deal

Physical Fitness for Women

1) You’re an actual hard target – There is a difference between looking the part and being the part. If you are stuck in the “cool mindset” currently then this will be hard for you to distinguish. But if you ever have the opportunity to spend time with someone who is actually prepared for event X then you will quickly realize they have no flashy bumper stickers, no unnecessary tools and they do not feel the need to show anyone how prepped they are.

2) You ARE more confident – There is something to be said about the benefits of the “fake it till you make it” mindset and the power of feeling confident. But nothing will substitute the confidence that comes from being tried, tested and proven worthy. This type of mental shift permeates every fiber of your being and you see the world differently. When you understand what you’re capable of and know the limits of your training, you can take that with you wherever you go.

3) It’s deeply satisfying – Don’t get me wrong, it also fun. But there is a certain sense of satisfaction you get with a job well done. There is a specific feeling of accomplishment and deep well-being that acts like a filter through which you see the world, knowing that you are ready. Ready for whatever life throws at you, ready for the good, the bad and the many potential X events that exist.

Cons of Tactical (kind of)

1) Work, work, work, work…work – This type of lifestyle and level of preparedness takes work and a lot of it. You cannot purchase it. You cannot watch a few YouTube videos and consider yourself amongst the elite. You must be diligent, consistent and continually striving to master yourself and your situation. This is something that few people are willing to do, because work is hard and uncomfortable. But that’s why few people are really prepared for the hardships of life. But you are going to win in this is game, while others are satisfied with following the status quo of mediocrity.


2) It takes humility – Humility is something that we are culturally void of and so, being humble is typically counter intuitive for most. But if you are over-confident or the least bit arrogant then you will have a false assessment of your abilities and mistake your level of preparedness for something it isn’t. Being tactical requires self-reflection and an accurate assessment of who you are and what you’re capable of. This will typically be accompanied by a degree of emotional or mental strain as your reality will not match up with your ideal. Being a great Prepper takes the ability to assess your situation and degree of readiness with accuracy.

3) It takes patience – Like humility, patience is another very important skill that one must cultivate if they are going to be prepped for life’s contingencies. It would be great if in an afternoon or weekend we could take a class, get a certification and be off-the-grid ready. But this type of work takes time. The more time you spend in this world the more you will come to realize that you have additional skills to master and continual knowledge to obtain. So, enjoy the journey and take pride in every step along the way. Patience is not only a virtue, it’s one of your closest allies.

As you can see, the above “Cons” are not negatives, they are just challenging. As you continue down the tactical road of physical and mental preparedness, remember that the journey is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t get sidetracked or fooled by anything that claims to be the end-all of products. Put in the time and work, seek to better yourself and know that the best investment you can make in your preparations for the future will always involve personal growth and investing in yourself.

Stay Frosty


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JJ Flizanes Great Tips You Can Use To Improve Your Fitness 117

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JJ Flizanes


JJ Flizanes

                             JJ Flizanes


JJ Flizanes Great Tips You Can Use To Improve Your Fitness 

I have said over and over how the best prep you can have is to get fit. And not just physically. You need to have a holistic approach to your fitness to cover mentality and spirituality.  JJ Flizanes teaches from that position.

     JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and Host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, an Amazon best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, and author of Knack Absolute Abs: Routines for a Fit and Firm Core, and was named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for 2007 by Elite Traveler Magazine.



  • Who is JJ Fliznes 
  • Tell me about fit to love 
  • Tell me about getting into personal training? How would one go about it 
  • Tell be such a successful personal trainer your techniques must work. What are something that has helped the most clients 
  • What do you have the most pushback on?
  • Sometimes clients can be difficult. tell me about a time you had to fire a client 
  • You take a balanced and holistic approach to fitness. Can you tell me about that? 
  • Cardio vs Weight Lifting Debate


Rapid Fire Questions


  • What is your #1 supplement you use 
  • What is the song your jamming out to right now? 
  • Most recommended book? 
  • Your stuck on a desert island and can take 1 item besides your basic survival gear. What is it? 



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Physical Challenges!

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Physical Challenges! James Walton “I Am Liberty” I will tell you that thanks to so many preppers and self reliance gurus the internet is so full of info its uncanny. There is a library of info on how to prepare for most any situation that could come our way. Some of this is hypothetical and … Continue reading Physical Challenges!

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Prepper Conditioning: Total Body Fitness for When the SHTF

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

5/5 (4)

 Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Sam Thift. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

A violent mob a tad over 1,000 strong is blocking all outbound traffic on a major freeway leading out of downtown, your car is stuck in the snarled traffic and night is approaching. What are you going to do?

You were just about to pull into work on a Monday morning when an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) leaves your car sitting in the middle of the street on a downtown city block. How are you going to move?

Record breaking 100-year flooding is quickly rushing towards your neighborhood, and you have heard the bridge to safety is already under 3 feet of water. Where are you going to go?

Civil unrest, the breakdown of society, perhaps Martial Law, or the absence of the Rule of Law, are all possible consequences of any number of doomsday scenarios, or even breaking points themselves. Solar flares or tactically deployed strategic nuclear weapons can emit an EMP capable of destroying on-board computers and sensitive electronics in vehicles manufactured after 1980, while damaging the power grid and basically returning modern technology to the peak era of horse and buggies, the butter churn, and the quill pen. Major natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires can be severe, quick, and unannounced, potentially forcing you into an immediate need to evacuate, sometimes without the luxury of vehicles, boats, or other modern modes of transportation.

What is your current level of prepper conditioning?

Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, swarmed by an angry mob can reduce a city to foot traffic, and potentially put you in direct physical danger. Think about Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Milwaukee, or Reginald Denny, the truck driver during the 1992 L.A. Riots, whose beating was caught by a news helicopter:

Fight-or-Flight instincts right? We are all familiar with that clever little quip. Are you capable of fighting back? Against multiple aggressors? For a sustained period of time? If not, are you capable of the flight option? Can you escape those aggressors? Could you outrun them in a sprint, through an urban environment, and continue to lose them over a sustained longer distance? What if you do initially outrun the aggressors, but are eventually caught and then forced to defend yourself? Fighting fresh sucks enough, try fighting when you are already fatigued. It is important to consider your level of prepper conditioning before you are facing a disaster.

Many of us have our everyday carry (EDC) gear, whether on our person or in a small easily accessible bag of some sorts, at all times. Others have a get home bag (GHB) or bug out bag (BOB) loaded with tools, gear, emergency food supplies, and even defensive items, either in our vehicle, at work, or otherwise ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice. Have you ever shouldered that pack and walked any distance? Even if you know a route to get home without consulting your Google maps or in-dash navigation, have you ever actually walked it? How far is it? What type of footwear do you have on? Dress shoes, high heels, flats, sandals, all not good choices for long walks. Have you done so in inclement weather? What if your planned route is impassable (consider the angry mob presence, or flooded roads/trails)? How heavy is that pack again?

Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack Military Style MOLLE Compatible Tactical Backpack Bug Out Bag

Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack Military Style MOLLE Compatible Tactical Backpack Bug Out Bag

Sheriffs offices, fire departments, and other emergency management professionals do their best to warn residents of impending danger from natural disasters, and will assist in pre-planned evacuations often designed to allow ample time for you and your family to be removed from your residence safely. However the timing of natural disasters is not always so convenient and officials may not be available to help you, individually. You may have to load up your valuables and find a road out, but without the knowledge to move forward, a safe route may not be possible in your family car. Can you hike out of your neighborhood on foot? Are you a strong enough swimmer to tread water for extended periods of time, or even swim across a pond or lake to escape the danger? If you have small children with you, are you capable of carrying them to safety as well? Can you push a heavy object out of your way, lift an item off yourself or a loved one, pull yourself over an obstacle, or negotiate a series of uneven, loose, or otherwise treacherous terrain to find safety on solid ground?

What do all of these have in common?

How long do you expect to survive a SHTF event?

All of these scenarios are examples of easy ways your ability to survival the initial blow of shit hitting that proverbial fan will depend upon your physical ability and conditioning. If you have ever been in a fight, even in training, sparring, bag drills, or other controlled environments, you know how quickly you can fatigue. If you have not, just find a large pillow or something else soft to punch, and hit it as furiously as possible – as if your life depended on beating that pillow – for about 30 seconds, then assess your heart rate, breathing, and perspiration. They are probably all up quite a bit. Rest for 10 seconds then do it again for a minute. Then sprint out your door to the end of the block, and do it again for another 45 seconds. Rest for 5 seconds and go ALL OUT for a final 10 second surge. Then run a lap around your neighborhood and reassess yourself when you get back home. Go inside for a glass of water, you earned it – then defend yourself against that last attacking pillow for another 30 seconds. Get the point?

Fatigue from fighting is very real, and very quick. If you are not big on hand-to-hand combat, but have read a couple of books, or seen a movie or two, or practiced kata or other sequenced movements such as are commonly trained in karate and taekwondo, then you may not know how your body will actually stand up to the massive expenditure of energy required in a fight. Need somewhere to start? Look for a local gym and sign up for a free test class in Krav Maga. Condition yourself.

If you have ever been in a fight, even in training, sparring, bag drills, or other controlled environments, you know how quickly you can fatigue.

If your prepping relies heavily on the use of EDC, GHB, or BOB gear, you should not only be intimately familiar with every piece of gear you carry or plan on carrying, but you should be even more familiar with what it feels like to actually carry that gear. As the crow flies, I work 10 miles from home. My regular commute covers 15 miles. Pending any alterations in safe passage following an incident, I expect my trip home could range upwards of 20-30 miles. At 6’4” and about 225 lbs with a GHB weighing in around 24 lbs dry, I have a little room for 3 liters of water while keeping my ruck right around 30 lbs. With a little intimate road time, proper footwear, a series of blister/heal cycles and rubbing my shoulders raw from straps, I know what pace I can move at and how long I can move like that. Toss in variables of being loaded with an unplanned item, or extra gear I happen upon, and I also know that I can double upon that coupon and keep going. How do I know that? Walking around the neighborhood, simple day hikes on the weekend, or a good backpacking trip are all good places to start. Or jump straight up for a good sense of what added stresses could feel like on your psyche and your body, and look at completing a GoRuck event (Google it, it is worth every dime). Condition yourself.

Not sure what will be required of you before, during, after a natural disaster? Ask anyone who has lived through an earthquake, wildfire, tornado, or flooding. Look at the Cajun Navy in Baton Rouge, LA. Think they have it easy in their boats? I guarantee they end their day plum tired from the physicality required to help their neighbors. Strangers even. If you cannot push yourself off the floor, could you push a standard home office bookshelf off yourself? If you cannot perform a single pullup, could you pull yourself up and over a large item like a refrigerator blocking the doorway out to safety? Say your kid, spouse, or loved one is unconscious or otherwise unable to walk to safety themselves, can you carry them – even if for just a short distance to get out of the house? Could you drag them even? Can you hike out from danger, run away from danger, swim to safety, or simply walk down the road, for miles, until you find refuge? No, you do not need to go to the gym, eat protein bars and post-workout shakes. Try some simple body-weight exercises. Pushups, pullups, squats, planks. YouTube any one of those, find progression exercises for them if you cannot do them strictly now, and work your way towards them.

Take care of your conditioning now before life takes care of it for you

Get up and move, if even a little. Go for a walk, swim at the rec center, ride a bike, anything. You have a busy schedule. Work. Family. Life. A daily set of push ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks can be done in as little as 5 minutes. You have spent far more time than that just reading this little 1600 word article. You probably spent more time than that navigating the internet to find this article. You may even spend ten times that amount scrolling through Facebook feeds, or news articles, or simply sitting on the couch watching glimpses of your favorite programming between chunks of commercials and advertising. That’s fine. Just slip off the couch and do 10 push ups during a commercial break. Even once a day. How long does it take to walk around the block? Twenty minutes? Take the dog. Can you run a couple of miles? That doesn’t really take too long either? Be like Nike…Just Do It. Swim at the pool? It takes longer to drive there, rinse off afterwards, and drive home than it does to actually swim even just 500 meters. Condition yourself.


No, you do not need to go to the gym, eat protein bars and post-workout shakes. Try some simple body-weight exercises. Pushups, pull-ups, squats, planks.

Surviving is just the first step to survival. If you struggle with the basic physical abilities to easily get through some of the things I have discussed above, what good will the 2 years of food, hundreds of gallons of water, or thousands of rounds of ammunition do for you when the shit hits the fan? That stockpile will just be a jackpot for someone more conditioned for a survival situation than you. Someone like me who comes along later to find the money you spent, thinking you were prepared, when a few simple daily efforts could have made a far bigger difference in your life.

Get through step one first. Survive the events of the day. Then start to consider.

Are you free of addictive substances, habits, or vices? Quitting smoking is hard enough today, without other stresses, and with the assistance of any gum, patches, or other tricks to take the edge off. I know. I have done it. I cannot even imagine how weak-minded I would be a few weeks after SHTF to come across someone trading a pack of cigarettes…I probably would have sold the farm for it if I hadn’t already quit. Many prepper philosophies out there advocate for even non-users to stock up on alcohol, tobacco, and coffee to be used as trade items later on. The thought being that these little trinkets will have substantial value in bartering systems when regular supplies have long disappeared or been consumed by former smokers, drinkers, and coffee addicts. If you make it that far after the SHTF but cannot turn down a smoke, a drink, or a cup of Joe, you are just begging to be taken advantage of.

Is your body accustomed to the diet you plan on sustaining yourself with post-SHTF? Yeah, bust out the beef stew or chicken with salsa MRE, throw it in the nifty heater and lean it against a rock or something, and you’ll be a member of the “these are actually pretty good” crowd. Now eat them every day for two weeks. How has your stomach felt? How are your bowel movements? Are you paying attention to calorie intake versus expenditure? During the crucible for the Marine Corps, you are given just 2 MREs over a 54 hour period when you cover 48 miles with 45 lbs of gear, navigate 36 “warrior stations” and 29 “team building exercises” all on 6 hours of sleep. I had food left over afterwards and don’t remember going number two at all, but made it just fine. If you eat three MREs per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll “survive” alright, but your guts will hate you.

Can you perform the daily physical duties and manual labor required in your long-term survival plan? If you currently work on a farm or ranch, in most construction trades, oil field operations, logging, or other physically intense professions, you probably do not need much of this information at all. If you do not work in one of the above, or a closely related field, go spend a day with a family member, friend, or neighbor who does work in one of those fields and tell me how you feel the next morning. Manual labor is real. If you think the post-apocalyptic world is ripe with clerical positions, business analytics, or private consulting firms, think again. Your air-conditioned office, break rooms, water coolers, hour-long lunches, and paid vacation and sick leave are all gone. If you want to get by now, it will all be on your shoulders. Day in and day out. If you cannot weed a garden all day, you will starve. If you cannot walk the countryside gathering wild edibles all day, you will starve. If you cannot climb to the top of a ridge, check a trap line, or take down some big game and carry it home, you will starve. If you cannot gather firewood, build or reinforce a shelter, haul water, move gear – over and over – or potentially even engage in defensive postures, struggles, or all out battles, where does that land you in your new world?

Condition yourself early and often. Move. Eat right. Live right. Easiest, cheapest, most sustainable preps out there. I appreciate any and all feedback and dialogue! Know a little about anything in any of these areas, share it, talk about it, and get the thought trains rolling. Disagree with me, let me know why. Look for more to come on my conditioned prepping, from SHTFit. I am totally open to your ideas, I may even flat-out admit it and incorporate your thoughts into my own conditioning approaches. In the end, we should all make sure we are Fit for when the Shit Hits.

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Surviving … your doctor

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I talked before about avoiding “Unnecessary Surgery and Treatments”.

Well, recently I followed my own advice so I hope telling you about this inspires you too to take control of your own health and not accept everything your doctor says without question.

Last week I went to the dentist. This one would be new to me since I moved to Spain. In spite of the free (I know, nothing is really free but you know what I mean) medical care I have private. The plan that I have is pretty good from a well-known company in Spain. So I go to their hospital in the nicest part of town and after a bit of looking around and a fancy 3D scan of some kind I get told that I need two teeth pulled plus implants and work done on 6 other teeth. I already knew I had one in pretty bad shape that probably needed removed and have an implant but I was sure the other one could be saved and the other stuff, most of it honestly sounded like BS.

An important part of developing modern survival skills is learning to “read” people. Not just listen to what they are saying, but learn to tell read their voice tone, body language, gestures and of course using your own common sense. This is how you avoid scams and con artists, how you get good business deals and how you learn to get an upper hand on all kinds of social interactions. This dentist guy, he just didn’t seem honest. His hurry to quickly get started with the pulling of teeth was pretty disturbing as well. After politely but firmly telling him that no, I was not getting my teeth pulled then and there I made an appointment for next week. This gave me time to get a second opinion. Thank God I got that second opinion.

Turns out I only need one implant as I suspected. There’s no need to pull the other one. This second dentist didn’t mention any of those six other teeth that needed to be fixed, just one that has a small, visible dark spot, a cavity on top. It’s not just that I was going to get charged almost two thousand Euros worth of BS dentist work, I was also going to have this guy pull a teeth unnecessarily and probably mess up five others.

The U.S. Health-Care system wastes $750 Billion annually on unnecessary health-care costs. You should expect your doctor to act accordingly and, pretty likely, either suggest or assure you that you need surgery, treatment or medication you don’t actually need. Accept this is very likely to occur.

People: You know yourself better than your doctor or dentist. Always get a second opinion if you have the slightest of doubts. If you feel worried/confused/not sure of what to do, just do what I did. Say you can’t do it right now and get an appointment for some other time. This gives you time to think things over, get another opinion and cancel if needed.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

Why Get in Shape if You are Not Planning to Bug Out?

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This post is by Bernie Carr, One of the most heated discussions in the prepping community is whether to shelter in place or bug out.  A large number of preppers’ first choice would be to shelter in place, and … Continue reading

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Building a Home Gym Episode 99

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Building A Home Gym

Building A Home Gym


Building a Home Gym

This week Mike and I talk about the building of out out doors home gym. The episode mostly revolves around fitness and nutrition. We talk about pricing options and places to find used equipment. We also talk about some DIY options. Like filling 5 gallon buckets with concrete.

I talk about how I bought my Olympic Bar off Ebay for a decent price. Later I found Play it again sports had an Olympic Bar and 300#s of weight for $157. I would have prefered to get that.

Craigslist is another great resource. I’ve been watching craigslist for a few weeks and see several great deals pop up. You have to have the cash and act pretty fast though. The good deals don’t last long.

I think we mention me going to a scrap yard. Weights are sold for scrap metal sometimes so you can find them for really cheap. The only ones I found recently were 1 inch standard weights of all low weights. Checking regularly might get you some decent weights.


With episode 100 coming up get your voice mails in to me soon. If you want to be heard on the show call (615) 657-9104 and tell me what you’ve been doing with Survival, prepping and fitness. All calls will get on the show. Don’t put off we only have a few more weeks. Thanks for all the support and sticking with us through the first 100 episodes.



Boulder group calls for excise tax on sugary Soda

Sugar in restaurant food

Earth day hope


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Survive SHTF: How to Lose Weight Before It’s Too Late

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It’s that time of year when many people regret not keeping their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Swimsuit season is just around the corner, and time is running out. Of course, how you look at the beach isn’t the best reason to lose weight. The best reason […]

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Special Needs Prepping!

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Special Needs Prepping
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Special Needs Prepping childrenWhat do I mean by special needs? I mean anything that can be a need for a member of your family or group that may not be considered under the “normal” needs we prepare for. This past weekend when I kept trying to write this show information I had someone with her own special needs that needed attention which makes me think. What I mean by a special need could be any number of things.

Special Needs Prepping elderlySome of the special things we need to consider beyond those that might be what we would immediately think of like Diabetes, and other illness. Many of which I do wish to talk on because there are important factors to consider, but also consider some of these things.

Children… They have needs that are not always the same as an adult. Keeping them busy or even quiet can be a challenge sometimes.

Elderly… Many overlook the incredible value of these people and fail to prepare for their care and needs. The knowledge locked away inside our older friends and family is priceless and their wisdom and information could be priceless.

Conditions like pregnancy… While temporary, it comes with a whole plethora of possible needs and complications. Do you know how to deliver a baby? What the mother or child might need?

Many will remember to prepare for their pets but overlook some of the most basic of these special circumstances. Let’s chat this week about some of these, I encourage everyone to join me in chat and help remind myself and others of some of these needs so we can share your thoughts and ideas as well. If you would like to chat live on air about it I would love for you to call in.
Visit Surviving Dystopia website HERE! 
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Thoughts on Self Improvement Part 2: Making it Stick then Upping the Tempo

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Awhile back I talked about self improvement in a boringly titled post called Thoughts on Self Improvement. As I progress through some of my own self improvement I have been thinking more about the issue. Today I want to share those thoughts.

So we began action on the issue we want to improve. Generally speaking there are two ways we could do this.

We can totally modify the behavior all at once cold turkey. Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop eating crap, stop finding potential mates drunk at closing time, whatever. In some cases when the behavior is dangerous this is a good option. On the other hand in some cases stopping using substances cold turkey can actually be dangerous. Those are the extreme pro’s and con’s. In general I am against this approach because it is harder to stick with but sometimes you wake up and don’t want to do something anymore and it sticks.

The other option is a more gradual approach. Instead of a heart attack in a bag every day get a turkey sandwich or salad 2x this week, next week do that 3, etc.

How do we make this progress meaningful? I believe we need to make our plan measurable.

Drink less beer is not a measurable plan. Drink 2 or fewer beers Sunday to Thursday and not more than 6 on Friday/ Sat is measurable. Work out isn’t measurable. Exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week is measurable. A measurable goal matters because that way you can know if you are succeeding or not.

Now we know if we are making the initial plan stick.

I should note that these are measures of performance not measures of effectiveness. These are not a long term answer because they are not performance rated. The weakness of measures of performance is you might not be measuring the right thing. You could exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week (meeting the measure of performance) but not improve at all and thus fail your measures of effectiveness.

I like to start with measures of performance for three reasons.

Image courtesy of Kenny AKA Knuckle Dragging

First the primary goal early on is habit building.

Personal case in point. Leave was chaotic and I a only really getting back to dry fire practice this week. My goal was simple. Do 5 sessions of dry fire this week. No agenda, no time goals, no measures of effectiveness. Just do some dry fire most days of the week.

Why did I do it this way. My goal is just to get back into the habit of doing dry fire.

Second is that in the beginning of many self improvement areas or fitness/ skill building you will make progress right away so that isn’t an issue.

Third in some cases you may not have a baseline from which to develop meaningful Measures of Effectiveness.

So how do we up the tempo?

It looks different for different things.

Lets take my dry fire. Next week I will probably do 10 minute sessions and use a shot timer. No real agenda and no par times. Just dry fire for 10 minutes 5 times using a timer. The week after that I will go to 15 and have a rough agenda. A week or two after that and I will probably have a program similar to something John Mosby would use. About that same time I will start keeping track of measures of effectiveness and setting short to mid term goals for them.

So those are my thoughts on how you can work towards self improvement. Get out and do it.

Prepping: 7 Reasonable Things You Should Do

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Riots, EMP threats, NASA’s megadrought, clashes between religious fanatics, the U.S. debt increasing and the coming elections – all of these situations point to the same thing: the world may go down south at any time. I’m not saying they will – I hope they won’t – but are we really crazy for prepping for them?

Our minds are running in overdrive about prepping while the Government’s telling us everything is fine and we don’t need to worry. Sometimes they call us crazy… even though preppers are some of the nicest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

I wrote this piece to give you tips on how to prepare without appearing crazy or freaked out about what’s to come. You’ll find my prepping suggestions reasonable. Acting on them will make you feel safer and I can almost guarantee you’ll sleep sounder knowing you’re ready for what might come.

Seven Reasonable Prepping Tips

#1. Get Into Shape

Bad situations bring out the worst in people.  When push comes to shove, people will start thinking they have more of a right to something than you and you may need to fight one or more thugs one on one. You may need to jump, crawl, climb and run to save your life. You may need to pull or carry an injured loved one to safety. All of these require strength, flexibility, speed and stamina.

Fortunately, it’s easy to improve all of them. The easiest thing you can do is just walk more! I, for one, love walking and I always find excuses to leave my car in the garage and run errands on foot. Jogging, hiking and going to the gym will all improve your fitness levels and work your muscles. I suggest you focus on tactical fitness exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks and so on.  Remember, prepping is just as much about gaining skills as it is gathering gear.

#2. Get Out Of Debt

I don’t know if an economic collapse will come before the next major natural disaster or if it’s going to be the other way around. What I do know is that, in case of either one, you don’t want to be owing money to banks or to anyone else.

We’ve always said that you should start of prepping by paying off your debts right now even if that means more effort or not eating out every day. You know what they say, the more you sweat, the less you bleed…

#3. Move Out Of The City

What usually happens during riots is that the downtown area of a city turns into a battlefield. That’s the last place you want to live because you can’t get in, you can’t get out meaning you might get stuck inside for days, even weeks. Even worse, you might get yourself injured trying to get home.

Try to find cheaper housing in the suburbs. You’ll have to be careful about the location, though, to avoid high-crime neighborhoods. You want to be safe before and after a riot, not just during, when those low-income rioters who also live in the suburbs decide to take justice into their own hands. You’ll also want a quick way out of the city if need be.

Fortunately, you needn’t go further than this website to learn about life in the suburbs.

#4. Start Stockpiling

No, you don’t have to fill an entire room with toilet paper.  You should, however, have a pantry full of foods with a long shelf life such as canned veggies, jams, peanut butter and honey. All you need to do is buy a little more food than usual with each time you go to the supermarket.  Make sure you’re paying attention to nutritional content of your stored food as well.  A healthy you is a stronger you.

Buy the things you like to eat so you can easily incorporate them in your diet. Food rotation is important because you don’t want to end up with a spoiled pantry. Of course, you can get other things in bulk such as the aforementioned toilet paper, floss, soap and other hygiene products. You should never run out of any of them – catastrophe or not.

#5. Find New Hobbies and Passions

Hiking, camping, fishing, woodworking, gardening, crafts – these can all make you better prepared without anyone suspecting the real reason why you’re doing them. If you thought about finding a new hobby, maybe now’s the time.

Who says you have to start a hobby on your own? You can do many of these things with your kids (and bond with them) or with your spouse (and possibly bring back the romance into your marriage). Hobbies are great bonding opportunities. Who knows, maybe one of them will turn into a passion.

#6. Prepping Your Car

Engine oil, transmission fluid, a toolbox, a spare tire, a shovel, these are things every driver should have in an emergency. To go the extra mile, why not add water and even a few snacks in your trunk? Not just for SHTF events but also in case you get stuck in traffic for longer periods of time. Add an AM/FM radio and a few blankets, too. If you’re stuck in heavy snow for hours, you don’t want to use fuel and your car’s battery to stay warm and hear the latest news.

Last but not least, make sure you have a good first aid kit. Not the basic one that came with the car, of course. You can make your own from scratch to make sure you have everything you need.  Keep an eye open for sales on first aid equipment and you should be able to do this step on the cheap.  For example, I bought some Ibuprofen last night and they had a “buy one get one free” promotion. Now, I can keep the extra pack with the other in my bug out bag or I can add it to my car’s survival kit.

#7. Start a Medicine Cabinet

Keeping in mind that I’m not a doctor and that you should only use my advice for information purposes only, I want you to build on the previous idea of assembling a custom first aid kit. You can take it even further by buying things such as:

Note: You shouldn’t store your medicine in your bathroom. Keep them in a dark, cool place because the heat and moisture from your shower will decrease their shelf life.

Final Word

Truth be told, I could write another five articles with all the basic prepping actions you could take and not look crazy. This one should give you a great head start in tackling all sorts of scenarios, including a natural disaster, riots or an economic collapse.


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Guest Poster: Dan Sullivan
His dad was military. His grandfather was a cop. They served their country well. But Dan doesn’t take orders from anyone. He’s taking matters into his own hands. He’s not just preparing, he’s going to friggin’ war!

Fitness As If Survival Mattered Part 3

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Making Health a Habit
Fitness As If Survival Mattered Part 3
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

FitnessLast week’s episode ran over. So, this week, we’re going to pick up where we left off with different approaches to low-glycemic diets, food storage strategies, and how to avoid letting those good habits slide before they get established.

1-16-15 goldenrodEvery year people make a commitment on New Year’s Eve to eat better, move more, and lose weight. And every year, people fail. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been talking about diet and exercise as a part of preparedness. This puts the focus on getting stronger, and not on getting thinner or worrying about a number on a scale. This change in focus will be key in staying committed.

The conversation will also build on the science behind fat loss discussed in the previous episode. When switching from being a sugar-burner to being a fat-burner, do you know how long it actually takes to before your body starts using your fat stores for fuel? The answer may surprise you, as well as keep you from giving up out of frustration.

Also, in this episode:
• A Top Ten list of tips to stay on track with getting fit.
• List of books and websites on a variety of diet, fitness, and training topics.
• How to make a salve for sore muscles with anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic herbs.

1-16-15 black-cohosh-plant-cimicifuga-racemosa-372x544 PDYou don’t have to be an athlete to start getting stronger. You can have significant mobility issues and still do a little more today than you did yesterday. You can have a chronic illness, like diabetes or hypertension, and do something today to improve it. There are those who would bring harm to your and your family. Choose to be stronger, faster, and smarter than they are.
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Fitness for Preppers

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Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal.

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from TekNik.   Whenever I meet preppers, I’m usually fascinated by their level of preparedness. The majority have ample supplies of food and water, weapons and the latest technological gizmos. However most seem to be failing to prepare their most indispensable asset, their […]

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Successful Fitness in 2016!

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Successful Fitness in 2016!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Successful Fitness in 2016If you don’t think this is a relevant topic for my show or for this network than I think we need to talk one on one. Fitness is not about abs and pecs. Fitness is not about playing sports and fake tans. Fitness is about quality of life and longevity. You have to be prepared physically before you can do anything else, in my opinion. You don’t have to look like Adonis but you better make sure your body and mind are working properly. Otherwise why are you so hell bent on surviving anyway?

Fitness IMG_20150309_182039Now that that’s out of the way we can talk about 2016. Every year tons of people make resolutions to get fit in the new year. Its very admirable but unfortunately many fall out of the race early on. Its not uncommon. In fact its more common for New Years resolutions to fail. When we talk about fitness there is some serious infrastructure that you can put in place to assure a higher success rate. That will be the bulk of what we talk about tonight.

There are four crucial practices that I would recommend integrating into your fitness plans. These four will give you options on days when things don’t fall into place. It is very important to have several options and several motivations in this thing. Remember that fitness, health and diet are not short term goals they are total life changes. It doesn’t come easy but if you make it part of your life and build around it you will be a beast for the rest of your life. Trust me.
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Weight Loss: My Recent Successes and Thoughts PT 1

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In the last 3 months from roughly September to right before Thanksgiving I lost over 20 pounds (barely at 21 but anyway). I went from the fattest I have ever been to not too bad of a spot. My intention here is to share some things I have learned with you in hopes you can get to where you want to be.

Of course I am not a doctor, dietician or anything like that. For goodness sake do not take the word of some guy on the internet as absolute truth and do silly things based upon it.

I did this entirely through diet. My exercise program actually slacked off a bit in there for work reasons. The adage that you lose weight at the table and get fit at the gym/ track is so true. If you do not believe me do two things. First look up the caloric content of your favorite heart attack in a bag or splurge desert. Next look up how many calories you will burn running for 20 minutes or doing your normal gym routine. Without gilding the lilly (ultra marathoners and UFC fighters aren’t eating shit all the time) it is going to be obvious diet has to be the answer.

With any problem we have to look at where we are and where we want to go. This means defining by some metrics where you are now and setting a goal for where you want to get to. These should be your goals, not another or a magazine’s definition of beauty but your goals.

Of course goals should be realistic both in terms of end result and the time it will take to get there. Goals and timelines have to balance out. Case in point, a fat woman decided she wanted to lose some weight and complete a marathon. About a year and 40 pounds later she did.

I think it is also worth considering if you have a short term problem which necessitates a short term solution or a longer term one.

Ryan’s informal definitions.

Diet- A temporary change in the way you eat to meet a goal. It could be a weight based competition, looking smoking hot in that dress for whatever or lose a moderate amount of recently gained weight.

How You Eat- This is a much longer term solution to a more systemic problem. If you are fairly over weight (say 10-15% of your desired weight for more than 6 months) you need a systemic solution that is going to be maintained (more or less) for the long term.

In general I am pretty off on short term diets unless you have an event based goal. If the goal is to weight X so you can get into a division for the event or look smokin in that dress then go for it. Otherwise I would say to look longer term.

How we approach a diet vs how you eat is significant. We can do most things for a week or two, there are plenty of diets out there. However if the goal is longer term we need a plan that we WILL maintain over time. This means the plan is going to look a lot more like eating reasonably with some portion control than the hot sauce and banana diet or whatever the rage is today.

In PT 2 I will talk about some specific things I did that helped me lose weight.

Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The Obvious

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Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The Obvious

Image source: triphobo

Just buying and stockpiling food and gear is not enough to ensure that you’ll survive during a natural or man-made disaster.

In fact, the greatest threat for the regular Joe Survivalist is not represented by economic collapse of predator drones, but his own hutzpah, i.e. an overblown ego.

Too much confidence can kill you faster than a smart bomb, and this article is aimed at showing you there’s more to learn and there’s room for improvement, so you won’t be defeated before your journey has begun.

Let’s look at a short list of what we’ll call forgotten survival secrets.

Things You May Have Forgotten

I’ve heard a lot of so-called survivalists acting and talking tough, claiming they’d rather drop dead than leave their property. That’s plain stupid and there’s no harm in having a Plan B if you’re a true survivalist. I admit, sometimes you must stand your ground and defend your property and your family if necessary, but an exacerbated sense of pride and lack of tactical thinking will definitely put an end to your life prematurely. Therefore, always have a bug-out/secondary retreat location.

New Solar Backup Generators Deliver 4 Times More Power Than Other Models!

In such a scenario, your health and physical fitness will make all the difference between life and death. I mean, if you can’t run 200 yards without having a heart attack, you may be in trouble. Even if you’re an old homesteader/survivalist, there’s no excuse for not taking care of your body. The solution is very simple and obvious: Eat healthy, eat less and exercise, even moderately, on a daily basis.

Another open-secret which is actually an acute and obvious inadequacy in the survivalist movement is community building and organization.  There’s no point in playing lone-wolf ad nauseam. After all, there’s a lesson to be learned from history: United we stand, divided we fall. Basically, it’s almost impossible for any single person, prepper or not, to cover the wide spectrum of supplies and skill sets required to endure a long-term economic collapse or a natural disaster.

The most common logical fallacy is the argument that bigger communities are bigger targets. But, in a disaster scenario, everyone is a potential target; when it comes to societal chaos, having friends and neighbors you can count on in case of an emergency will definitely increase your chances of survival.

Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The ObviousSome of the biggest “guns” in any respectable survivalist’s paraphernalia are barter markets and trade skills. In a society collapse scenario, the private trade networks (the barter markets) will become the new normal; just look at what happened in Greece in times of huge financial instabilities. You must learn how to trade for acquiring essential supplies in dire times; if you fail to learn these things, you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt.

Get The Essential Survival Secrets Of The Most Savvy Survivalists In The World!

Let’s close by looking at a few items, in addition to food and water, that you should consider purchasing:

1. High-quality and durable survival clothing. Even if this may put a dent in your wallet, just bite the bullet and try to buy the best survival clothes you can find, and in multiples. These clothes will have to last (and protect you from the elements) for long periods of time in a crisis scenario, so choose wisely.

2. Solar panels/solar generator. It’s shocking how many survivalists overlook this aspect, i.e., owning a readily available and free source of energy. Being capable of powering your vital appliances during a disaster scenario will dramatically increase your chances of survival.

3. Geiger counters and chemical warfare strips. These are to prepare yourself and your community for potential radiological/biological disasters.

4. A greenhouse. You can use it almost anywhere and in any climate, and it will help you grow food year-round.

5. Raw materials for the home. For example, nails, lumber, steel, iron, sealants and bags of concrete; you never know when you’ll have to maintain your homestead.

The ultimate secret for becoming an accomplished survivalist is to act as an independent thinker, a free man on the land, making your own decisions and not expecting a helping hand from the government.

What would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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