One Socket to Rule Them All! Tools for the Apocalypse!

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I’m of the belief that when the poop hits the fan, tangibles are going to be very important. The money in the bank will be worthless.  But if you have something in your hands that is of value, well, you will be in a much better spot!

As a prepper, I believe you should have food, water, medical supplies, a means to defend yourself, etc…  You should have an emergency fund.  And, if you are able, having some precious metals is good too!

But one other thing that I think is important is having good tools, specifically non-power tools. Think about it.  If you have tools, not only can you fix your things, but you could find work fixing other people’s things.  Good tools might be worth their weight in gold in a poop hit the fan scenario.

Lately, I’ve been trying to make wise purchases when it comes to tools.  I definitely don’t want to have a bunch of dollar store or inferior tools if I ever really need them.

So with that, I would like to share with you a tool that I recently purchased that seems to be a good choice.  It is a socket that can fit any nut and more.

I recently used it to change out the headlamp bulb in my wife’s vehicle.  I have to say that it worked just like it was supposed to.  And, it looks and feels like a very solid socket.

The socket is made by Blendx.  The tool is  the BLENDX 7mm to 19mm (1/4″ – 3/4″) Ratchet Universal Socket.  On Amazon, it has 25 reviews with 4.5 stars.

This socket will replace many other sockets since it can fit anything between a 1/4″ to a 3/4″ nut.  It will also grab other types of fasteners that need to be turned (see video below).

The socket is created with 54 small spring loaded rods inside.  When you push the socket down around a fastener, it grips around it and allows you to turn the socket.  It comes with a 3/8″ adapter.

Shown above with the Stanley Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver.

The socket only costs $9.99.  It is made in China.  I know many frown on the fact that it is made in  China.  But like I said above, it has good reviews.  From the Blendx Storefront page on Amazon, “BLENDX is a Professional Online E-commerce Brand offering trendy Outdoor Products and Home Gadgets.We have Overseas R&D center in Shenzhen, where’s the core of the Chinese manufacturing industry. By taking this advantages, BLENDX provides you various kinds of great products at the lowest possible prices.”

If you would like to purchase the same type of tool from another country, the Gator Grip runs under $39 and is made in the Czech Republic.

The video below is of the Gator Grip version.  But the Blendx version will work exactly the same.


Do you have one of these sockets?  How has it worked for you?  And, which tools do you believe would be important for a SHTF situation?


Tools Talk!

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Tools Talk!
Brett Bauma “Makers on acres

Tools TalkOk here it is, my absolute favorite topic, The TOOL!  I love them for many reasons. They provide me with what I need to make a living as an electrician, and they also provide me the ability to fix things around the homestead.

3-12-16 images (1)On the show we are going to be discussing why we need a good assortment for our everyday lives. They play a pivotal role in keeping things maintained, repaired and help you to build new. There are so many different kinds available today and so many different brands, which ones do we need? What ones truly perform as they should?

I will be taking you on a journey through the world of tools, starting with hand tools and working up to power tools, the tools that we all need around the home.

3-12-16 images (1)1My past and present experience as a professional tradesman have given me years of trying out different tools and different brands as well. Being a person who depends on these gems to put food on the table, I understand the importance of a quality well designed and well-built tool. They are an investment, making sure you spend the money wisely to get years of use out of each one is an important move. Using the correct tool for a job will save you stress and frustration as well as being a safer way to work. Nothing is more frustrating than having a project go south due to a bad tool or having a tool break in the middle of a project. I will give you my tips for which ones to stock and which brands to seek out.
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Episode 69 Tools

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This week I am joined by Jeff Radtke from the lost skills podcast to talk about tools. We talk about good ones, cheap ones and how to find the best deals. Like usual we get off topic and chase rabbits. It should be an informative and fun show.



  • Most used tools
  • Power over hand tools
  • When cheap is good enough
  • Finding good tools
  • Tool maintenance
  • Homesteading tools


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