Able minded/bodied wymn

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Wymn come forth. Have acreage owned outright 100% off grid. Private and secluded but not isolated. Ready for the work of wild rustic but beautiful buildings. . ponds gardens and orchards as well as rocket stove hot tubs/ saunas and food smokers. One will develop and relie on solar power rain catchment,  wood heat and perhaps some propane    We are looking for wimmin who are emotionally stable and mature. Familiarity with this way of life would be a great plus as this not for the egotistical or faint of heart.


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Off-grid 5 acres well underway, looking for s.t.o. like minded partners!

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Service-to-other oriented, looking for the same, for an off-grid 5 acre project.  Like minded people only!  No statists, pedos, service to self entities, or nut-jobs (including SJWs).

I purchased 5 acres in 2011 of solid bush.  Since then I have cleared the land, built a driveway and yard site, garden areas, horse pasture, and installed a cistern.  I have also built a cabin which is not yet complete.

The property is 1km from the 7th largest lake in BC, and only 2 hours from prime guide-outfitter territory.  So far I have done almost everything myself, and I am getting burnt out. 

I have a new band-saw mill here, and have saved all the logs from clearing.  Many of them have been sitting to long and are only suitable for firewood now, but there are yet many good, solid logs to be milled.  There is room here for multiple dwellings, and no building permits are required here. 

Interested parties my contact me via email at  Send a brief bio, some pictures, why you would want to move out here, and what you expect in return. 


Monty Jones.

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Looking For Someone Prepared For The Hard Work, Reward, And Experience Off- Grid

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I am looking for someone, who can be self- sufficient, reliable, and can handle isolation.  I have space for a self- contained unit or I have many logs if you want to build a log cabin.  A small investment would be required to provide reliable water.  I am near Yosemite at 3,500 ft. elev.  Winters are a bit rough.  4-W-D is a good idea.  Some outdoor skill is required and common sense is a must.  I will be happy to answer any questions

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Join my homestead community

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About a year and a half ago my family bought and moved to a secluded piece of land in NH. There was no electric even close to the homestead community and no water except from a pond. We brought our rv to live in as we build and we put in a well. We started with generator power and added solar. Soon we will be putting up a wind turbine. We added chickens, ducks and goats. We started a 1/4 acre garden and we will soon expand it. We hope to be at least 80% self sufficient in the next year. The best part is it wasn’t nearly as difficult of a transition as I thought it would be but it has been incredibly rewarding.

Are you living the off grid sustainable homesteading life you dream about? If not do you want to start now?

I am looking for individuals and families to share my family’s 50 acre homestead with as it grows. Is anyone interested in joining an off grid homesteading community in New Hampshire? Bring your tiny house, RV or come build your own cabin.

We are looking for people with all levels of homesteading skills. A lot of what we hope to do is help people to make the transition to off grid homesteading. There is quite a learning curve and many new homesteaders struggle and sometimes quit. If people come and submerse themselves into a working homestead they can learn quicker and avoid many of the difficulties they would face on their own.

send me a message if you interested.

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Land opportunity, Peneda-Gerês park, Portugal

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Outstanding land and opportunity in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Northern Portugal




Hi, everyone! We are an Anglo-Portuguese couple who own nearly 1 hectare of arable land within the boundaries of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in Northern Portugal, a place of truly stunning natural beauty. To be more precise, and help you with your ‘googling’, one side of the property borders the EN-308-1, just by Vilar da Veiga parish council (Junta de Freguesia). The property is a few minutes from the Caniçada dam and 2.5 Km from the historical spa village of Gerês.  


Due to an untimely death in our family, the property has been lying idle for some years, which is a real shame due to its great potential. The farm (‘quinta’) was the pride and joy of my late father (born and bred in the local village), who invested his time and resources into improving the soil, planting fruit trees, and introducing new and better types of grapevines. At the moment, the land is in need of maintenance (but not overwhelmingly so, since a general clean was done in 2014 and smaller localised interventions have happened ever since).


What is special about this land? Most arable land around that area of Peneda-Gerês National Park has lower solar exposure and, therefore, crops are limited and dwellings around those areas often feel damp for a great part of the year. Our land is in an area of the valley with optimal year-round solar exposure, having been described by experts as benefiting from a ‘microclimate’ effect with plenty of sun, which makes it agriculturally highly desirable and provides really pleasant living conditions. For instance, when wine production was taking place, the wine made from grapes grown in this farm was of higher quality than anywhere in the vicinity and most of it was sold to restaurants in Porto.


The soil is also good and not ‘sandy’ like in many areas nearby. The property includes a large flat field which is one of the best in that locality (as locally most land comes fragmented in terraces), with great accessibility. Another big bonus is the fact that there is plenty of high quality spring water – actually water is virtually everywhere underground – mostly still unexplored.


The land has several constructions in it. A granite family home not fully renovated yet, but already habitable; a small chalet with living space (first floor) and storage (groundfloor, containing agricultural and wine-making implements); a 28 sqm shop by the road (licensed, but not operational yet) and a wooden barn.


There is a lot of potential, and a framework to develop viable and sustainable business ideas with future scope (including an existing registered brand and the licensed shop). From an agricultural perspective, a few obvious choices would be herb and flower-growing, wine-making (the existing decayed vineyard could be rejuvenated and grafted), beekeeping and livestock (sheep and wool production, for instance). There is a lot of room for an independent venture to flourish.


Because our personal circumstances do not allow us to be there full-time, we do need reliable long-term, hands-on help on the terrain to kick start these plans, and, most importantly, to bring the land back to life. We seek someone who would genuinely love being part of this process.


In the last few years we became totally disappointed with time-consuming EU funding application processes, the total dependence of local people on those, and their overall reluctance to embark on individual initiatives without initial funding present.


This opportunity would suit a hard-working, nature-loving, entrepreneurial individual (or individuals) who would embrace the experience of living in a region of breath-taking natural beauty and historical richness long enough to continue reaping the fruit of their labours and expand them accordingly – and this without the heavy cost of buying or renting land and associated lengthy bureaucracies. Ideally, the land would require two or more people, but it would be manageable by an energetic, capable individual. It would be highly advantageous to have some agricultural knowledge and also being able to speak Portuguese or being willing to learn.


Our plans are flexible and fair, so we would tailor this opportunity according to the skills, potential and ideas of the right person/people. Although we would not be living on site, we would provide full support and whenever relevant reasonable investment to develop agreed plans.


We welcome queries and proposals from serious, committed people. Only independent and focused individuals with initiative can help unravel this potential through a meaningful and enriching partnership. If you or someone you know fits this description, we surely can’t wait to hear from you. Please write to us to or ring us on +447766532034 or +351916283860.


We are available for personal meetings in the UK (East Sussex) and Portugal (Porto/Braga/Gerês).


Thank you for reading this ad. We hope to hear from you soon!


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Considering having others join me and my wife

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  • Not positive this is something I want to do,  but entertaining ideas.

I have 22 acres in western North Carolina that’s absolutely PERFECT for off grid living!  I had 26 but sold 4 to a neighbor last week.

I am surrounded by 3 mountains to the rear and both sides and for any kind of EMP, blast of any kind, chemical warfare, whatever, I am well protected!

The rear of my property is National Forest Land and basically there’s just hundreds and hundreds of usable acres!!!

I have a very nice home and there is a year-round creek that splits the property long ways and runs 20 foot off the front porch of the house so starting with  this creek runs all the way down splits my 22 acres and keeps going.  

So as far back as you can imagine we have running water because we are located at the very very bottom and all the water that runs off the mountains feed this creek!

Even though I am in a subdivision (not like you are thinking)  I am still extremely secluded and very remote.

I am retired and financially stable but having financial assistance of some sort would never hurt as let’s just say I have more than enough money to cover all the bills but for any additional projects I lack resources.  Well I don’t so much slack as I would be apprehensive to use any of it because I have to live off of it for the rest of my life.

I have a pioneer 1000 UTV which can get you just about anywhere on the property as well as a dual sport motorcycle.

And I am 90% positive I will be buying a new Kabota mini excavator as there are just more uses that I can imagine but would come in real handy for digging and making hidden areas, protection embankments, just about anything you can think of as well as branching off the creek to put it in a pond.

Because the creek runs long ways there are just numerous sites somebody could pitch a tent or build a cabin right off the creek or one of the many waterfalls (small ones the tallest is about 5 foot) and in fact could use the trees that are here as the area has never been cleared and there are tons of mature hardwoods!

But I am 57 and I’m getting old and I’m losing energy and so I’m just talking out loud here.

I have been a prepper all my life but I’m not a crazy over the line prepped.  What’s the difference?  I don’t WANT it to happen I’m just prepared if it does  🙂

I have EVERYTHING that’s needed, every resource you can think of to say the land, water, year round game (Bear, turkey, wild hogs, you name it)  seclusion, natural protection, a respectable amount of stockpiled food, water purification, weapons and ammunition, gas, diesel and propane stockpile, multiple generators to feed the house and anything else,  chainsaw, will gas leaf blower, basically if you name it I probably have it!

What I need is some additional mind power and man power. The mind power to say which way to head now, what to do next, some creative thinking.  The manpower to pull it all off. And again, some financial assistance would not hurt!

I am NOT looking for free loaders, lazy pot smokers, people who just want a place to hang out for free..

Would prefer a family type, married with kids, as I would think there’s more stability there but I am not limited to that. I am wide open to anyone and everyone as long as you are stable, and by stable you know what I mean, of the mind not of your current circumstance!

 I’m extremely honest and I expect the same. You don’t need to hide your current condition from me. If you’re good people who are down and out and need some assistance this could be for you, who knows. I understand life has hurdles 🙂

But to reiterate, i’m not looking for people who think they can take it advantage of me. I’m very streetwise and it’s just not going to happen.

Don’t come thinking you’re going to figure out a way to gain my confidence and then start using me to live off of and giving you money that’s just not going to happen!

I’m looking for the following type people, whether they are single, married, boyfriend girlfriend, I don’t really care, as long as you fit this criteria.

You must have honesty and integrity I’m not interested in anything else.

You’re hard-working… but I’m not looking for slaves either!  I don’t want you sitting around all day, all week staring at the creek, watching the sun rise and set. At the same time, I don’t expect you to get up at sunrise and work yourself to death till nightfall!

Have a slight tendency to prefer more females than males as my wife could seriously use some girlfriends she’s feeling pent up.

Looking for someone who could earn some income and contribute, though I would not be looking for that immediately  if your circumstances didn’t allow you to. In other words if you’re down and out and just need a place until you can get on your feet and get a job that’s fine with me as long as there is an effort being made.

Now look, I haven’t really figured all this out so nothing is engraved in stone and I’m just talking out loud as I say. I’m really confused about the situation myself and I don’t really know how it’s going to play out.  

All I know is I’m open to all situations and to either one or multiple parties but the one thing that any one or many have to have is they ALL have to be basically “good people”.

I am all about utilizing the resources here and preparing for the end of the world however I’m NOT looking for any fanatics, people who want to do nothing but target shoot all day and talk about kicking someone’s ass! ( yes you can target shoot 🙂

I’m also open to just living off the land as a theory, in other words not worrying about whether or not the world is going to end and just having a commune type area where we could have some friends that turn into more like family 🙂

Just use your heads here. I’m not out looking for addicts or drunks or lazy homeless people. I’m looking for good people who either are kind of down and out and need a safe secure place that they can live and make this place their home or   people who are not down and out, have jobs and work but have been looking for this type dream and just don’t have the resources to pull it off and so this way we could combine our lives together.

You could continue to work and contribute financially and on your time off use the trees here and clear out a little site and build yourself a cabin by the creek!

You could have access to all my resources that you have dreamed of while not having to pay for it and be able to keep your jobs.

Not trying to be repetitive but again I don’t really know what I want and so I’m just open for almost anything as long as we are all dealing with good people.

Open to single moms with children, married couples, boyfriend girlfriend, I’m open to just about any situation.

Initially I will be VERY leery and reluctant about letting someone stay in my home.

I have no children and it’s just me and my wife so the entire upstairs is not being used.  I have two bedrooms and one full bath upstairs. One bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and has a king size bed, a big screen TV, a built-in fireplace, and is really something equal to a hotel honeymoon suite that is breathtaking.

The other bedroom has a queen size bed, a loft bed, and TV as well but it’s a regular size room and not what I would consider big.

MAYBE eventually if trust is earned I would MAYBE feel comfortable letting someone stay in it as they built the little mini home site off the creek but until that time and initially you would have to stay on the property and not in my home.

You would need a tent and sleeping bags but if you were so down and out you didn’t even have that I could lend you all of my outside gear which is very plentiful and will be all you need.

Because my wife has taken sick she is unable to do the normal duties of a housewife and I have been her full-time caretaker for over three years.

It’s very rough on me to be honest not having a housewife and so I’m even open up the possibility of having a full-time live-in person to replace her. That would be to say do grocery shopping, make dinner, clean dishes, do laundry, everything a normal housewife would do.

I end in saying again, I have many directions we could all head in right now this is the first up of seeing what we can all come up with!

Eventually it would be really nice if we had a half dozen or so families living here in our own little mini commune in Western North Carolina, where everybody loved and respected each other and there was total trust, no theft, and we could all live as one big family!

This is not “easy land”  to work with because as I say I’m surrounded by mountains.

Other than 50 foot or so of flat area around the creek you’re going up a mountain very fast!  I rent an excavator and put in 4 roads to the areas that were extremely incline and that helped a lot having access with a Honda UTV.

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Want to gain some experience? Lessons for labor

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Yearning for some fresh air and off-grid sunshine? Tired of the traffic and congestion? Not afraid to get dirt under your fingernails and venture out into the wild? Wnt to leanr off-grid techniques?  Then continue reading 🙂

We (myself, husband, young child and one on the way) live completely off-grid in N. CA (Trinity County). Our property is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of acres of national forest and for several months out of the year we get snowed in (ie: if we need to make contact with the outside world we have to snow shoe out 12+ miles to the nearest plowed road). We are currently looking for interns for late spring through early fall (minimum two week commitment). Meals/snacks are provided. We are self-sufficient, raising/growing our own food, building our own shelter(s), setting up our hydroelectric system, etc. We are listed on the website (stands for world wide opportunity on organic farms) where you can read a detailed description on who were are, our homestead and what we can offer you (and what we expect in return). On that site our location is listed as Broken Snowshoe Ranch. This year one of our main focus is to build a new structure for our interns/guest. Our canvas tents w/ wooden frames collapsed under the extreme amount of snow we received this past winter; unfortunately that means that, until the structure is built, we do not have living quarters for visitors/interns, but we can provide a tent. Building this structure will involve falling trees (ie: using chain saws), milling up the wood, constructing it using various tools/heavy duty machinery and various construction methods (alternative and conventional) etc. This is in addition to our on-going homestead husbandry: gardening (planting, weeding), livestock care, hyrdroelectric maintenance, firewood gathering for next winter, etc.

My husband taught Wilderness Survival at Humboldt State and I spent several years living in Yosemite National Forest and was a wilderness first responder. He’s been living out here for 12 years, me for 7.


This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to get a taste of off-grid lifestyle. Please note that we will primarily be taking folks that are set up with the website (which requires a minimum 5$ fee for a year-long membership). Feel free to Comment me with any questions!

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Hickabillies – Off Grid 3 Years. Looking for kindred spirits

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We are off grid, self sufficient, lands paid and really don’t “need” neighbors however…

As the old saying goes there is safety in numbers.

We are in Northern Desert. We are not far from Moriarty (approx 7 miles).

We are 50 miles from Albuquerque.

We do hunt, there is a shooting range behind us where gun trainers teach concealed classes and have some off grid neighbors nearby.

We simply seek company, a helping hand now and then with larger jobs and knowing there is someone here when we rarely go into town.

We have 4 dogs that keep the coyotes away, the ground is scraped to keep rattlers at a distance and have abundant Antelope and Rabbit.

We enjoy a beer now and then but will send you packing if your a doper or drunk.

I have no issue with 420 people but if you live for it find a commune somewhere.

I managed 3 intentional communities over the years and started one before we went on our own.

I have met the crazies, ousted the loafers and heard all the stories you can imagine.

I don’t tolerate bull, lying, games or full time users and loafers.

You need a self contained travel trailer, some kind of income to feed yourself and preferably solar or a small generator until you implement solar or wind.

There are jobs nearby if you want to work, there are local resources if you need temporary assistance but YOU need transportation and the ability to fend for yourself.

We are not opposed to helping but will not carry you, transport you or provide for you.

Ideally you would be a couple but will consider single after corresponding and making sure we are on the same page.

We are what we describe as hickabillies. We are not prejudice to “anyone” including lgbt couples, plural marriage or race.

We are spiritual to Yeshua Pahana but not bible thumpers.

Our philosophy is live and let live. Live, Laugh and Love.

We are hardened by past attempted abusers so if you fit that description find another place to go.

I have 30+ years experience and will teach noobies but you must be willing, have common sense, a functioning brain, be considerate and have some basic tools.

Email me at for more information.

Don’t just ask questions… Send me something about who you are and what you expect if you want a reply.


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Seeking nature loving, self sufficient, peaceful, positive people

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Hello my name is Kenton, my wife and I are 30 years old. We have an infant son and 3 cats, we are hoping to get a dog. We are moving onto our property in mid June. The property is 160 acres of forest located in Central Ontario, Canada. The west part of the property is about a half mile from the Frederick House River. It is about a 30min drive to Iroquois Falls and 45mins to Timmins. The property is surrounded by Crown land. We are looking for positive, family and pet friendly, nature loving, self sufficient, peaceful people. Please e-mail me with interest and/or questions. Thank you.

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Need to learn about off-grid living? Lessons for labor!

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We (myself, husband, young child) live completely off-grid in N. CA. Our property is surrounded by national forest and for several months out of the year we get snowed in (ie: if we need to make contact with the outside world we have to snow shoe out 12+ miles to the nearest plowed road). We are currently looking for interns for spring/summer/fall to take off-grid lessons. We are self-sufficient, raising/growing our ow food, building our own shelter(s), setting up our hydroelectric system, etc etc etc. We are listed on the website (stands for world wide opportunity on organic farms) where you can read a detailed description on who were are, our homestead and what we can offer you (and what we expect in return). On that site our location is listed as Broken Snowshoe Ranch. This year one of our main focus (besides the ongoing gardening, land maintenance, animal husbandry, etc) is to build a new structure for our interns/guest. This will involve falling trees (ie: using chain saws), milling up the wood, constructing it, etc.

This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to get a taste of off-grid lifestyle.

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Portugal Community Seeking Participation

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Hello, we are a couple with 20 ha of land in the heart of Portugal. Our project of a permaculture farm and community has started right now. We are looking for participiants of any age to divide our live and working on the countryside. We are starting from scratch and there are lots of possibilities for new members to realize ideas, projects and dreams.


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Permaculture with perks – builder, solar-installer, garden-lover

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Hi I’m Stuart.

I’m 31 and I’m fed up, like a lot of people, of the mundane day to day spend, work etc bull. So for years I dream and done to an extent self sufficantcy . I m looking at land in Cataliona Spain for full organic permaculture set up. Plus I have a few buisness / new ideas to keep a bit of cash flowing as in this world how it is you need s little . But saying that I want a group of loving friendly people to help and join this adventure . And pretty much live life to the max 👍If you wanna know more about my ideas and what I m looking for you can email me and we can Skype etc to see if we’re on the same wave length I’m based in London uk at the moment but have looked at many spainish property’s this year alone , just looking for the right people . Email cheers hope to speak soon

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Organic Farm help in Lou of rent

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We are a middle aged couple who have a farm in Northwest Alabama, and are looking for a young couple to help out on our 60 acres   We grow organic produce for ourselves and to sell, and have many more plans of  expansion.  Eg..mushroom farm, aquaponics, petting zoo, pumpkin farm, nature trails, farm to table events, ect… If you are like minded , and are willing to invest some time and energy, in Lou of rent we can help you get settled  and have your own piece of the sky.

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Dancing Goat Farm – Labor for Lessons

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Dancing Goat Farm Labor for Lessons

Rockingham County, NC. Looking for people who live close to me who would like to learn about sustainable living, organic gardening, building a cob oven and rocket stove, canning, making cheese, goats, chickens, ducks and how to transform a 1/2 acre into a permaculture paradise, while they are waiting to make their move off grid. There is a learning curve to all of these skills. It’s always better to have some of them before you make your jump.


I’m not fully off grid yet. I heat with wood and the new 30′ x 32′ greenhouse will be heated with a rocket stove come winter. I’m still lusting after my solar set up. Reclaiming the old farmhouse well is still a work in progress at Dancing Goat Farm. One of the former owners thought filling it in with dirt and booze bottles was a good idea.


Oak pallets are much heavier at 62 than they were at 55. Some things I can’t pick up by myself like the chicken house. (It’s tipping over because the bunnies thought underneath it was a good place to dig tunnels.) I need help! If you want to learn, get your hands dirty, plant a row of your own vegetables this year give me a shout. I planted 8 fruit trees this month. 4 more are on their way. The concord grapes are in but not the white and champagne. The avocados, pomegranates, figs and olive trees have to be planted in the greenhouse. In May the lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, coffee, cinnamon and banana trees have to be moved to the greenhouse. The two clawfoot tubs have to be moved to the greenhouse because after a long day on the farm nothing is sweeter than enjoying a glass of wine while soaking under the stars.




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Goin off-grid in Alberta

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Hi, I’m a young, practical, knowledgeable man, currently building my off-grid accommodations.

I’m looking for others to join me so we can share the workload and our knowledge, and learn together!

I’m planning a log house, a trapline, and some light farming.

I’d like to share m idea with some folks, and learn about theirs. With a bit of luck we might be able to star our own little community!

You can reach me at

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Seeking grassroots homesteading people

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There’s a little island at the North end of Georgia Strait, not far from Campbell River. Here there is a fellow that seeks to have people be able to own their land at a low cost. He has land he is willing to lease to create a small off the grid grassroots community. The land is raw and would take lots of work to build on it. But aside from your personal lot there is a larger community lot for use. 

The island has a doctor on it and a few stores. There are about 500 people living there year around. There is a ferry daily and many marinas for boats.

The climate is warm in the summer and wet in the winter. Temperatures between -10c & +30c. There is not a lot of work on island but if you have a skill or trade that you can use on the island that would help others, this would be great. I can send some pictures of the land if you are interested. 

The owner would have to approve you for a lease.  And he has a No Drug policy. Hard grassroots homesteading people only.

Just leave your details on the comments below

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OFF GRID – Space Available For RV, Tiny House on wheels or….?

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(Picture is taken from my front porch steps)


Looking for an older single m/f or couple to live cheaply on my secluded high (5300′) desert land. Being on a fixed income (SS, Disability etc.) is preferred as there is not much in the way of jobs except for Sierra Vista, AZ (20 miles W).

Being that I’m no youngster (66), I’m NOT into building an off grid community & trying to live off the land or things of that nature. Although I do have a 8′ x 12′ greenhouse w/ running water & electricity.

I would like to find like minded people (1-2) to join me for company, to have someone there for emergencies (Yours or Mine) and to help with the maintenance of property, buildings & off-grid systems. (Solar, electric, water, solar batteries, garbage, etc).

Imagine your Tiny house on wheels here

I would like to find someone before my 5 siblings start telling me that I’m too old/disabled to be alone for this “Off Grid” living stuff. They haven’t started yet, thank god. I figure I’m good for at least 5+ years more before that happens.

I am a Full/Time Off-Grid RV-er with 15+ acres just 2.5 miles West SW from the center of Tombstone, AZ.

The property is at 5300 ft. altitude (900 ft. +/- higher than Tombstone) at the end of 2.5 mile dirt/rock road and surrounded by Federal BLM Land. The road is a bit rough but I’ve been driving it with my Nissan Quest for the last 10 years. And I’ve only used a 7” fan for air conditioning for the last 8 years as the altitude, wind usually keeps temps well below 100f. I actually have a 20” 12V swamp cooler but have never bothered to hook it up. It (land) is a actual ‘Patented mining claim’ from 1882 silver days in Tombstone.

I’ve owned the property since 2001 and I have been living there full time off grid for the last 8-9 yrs. I’m now 66 and have been retired on disabilities (COPD,+,+) for the last 4 years. I just prefer my privacy, living on the cheap off grid, on my secluded land with 50-60 mile views to the N & S. I’m a bit of a recluse or agoraphobic actually. The nearest neighbor living on their property is 2 miles away. I pretty much spend my days reading (2-4 books a week), on the Internet or watching movies. I have my own DVD store (6TB of movies, documentaries and TV shows.) I get phone/internet via Verizon and satellite TV is available but too costly for my budget.

(Preference to Veterans, Retirees and Snowbirds)

Also open to visits by people wanting to learn how-to live off grid.


NO DRUGIES (Prescription, OTC or Illegal)

420 FRIENDLY (To a point)

Limited guns OK if not obsessed with them


Systems in place


  • 1300 watts of panels

  • 3500kw Trace inverter

  • 45amp Morning Star MPPT charge controller

Auto BACK-UP :

  • 10,000 KW Koller gas, low revolution generator
    on a trailer for portability.


  • 30 AMP HOOK-UP


  • (4) L16 Deep cycle batteries


  • MUST be trucked in. Have a 520 gal. water trailer (5000 lb loaded)

  • Have 2800+ gallons of covered storage tanks

  • 1” pressurized water pumping system


  • Burn & bury what is possible

  • Recycle – all cans & plastic

  • 4′ x 8′ trash trailer for what needs to go to dump

You would be sharing space with

. Lots of insects incl. Scorpions, centipedes, killer bees, wasps etc.



Wildlife – coyotes, wild pigs, gilla monsters, snakes and a occasional mt. Lion or bear

. Cows occasionally


I do keep a 22 pistol loaded with snake shot to scare off cows & pigs. The lion & bear, I’ve only seen tracks and scat in 15 yrs a couple of times. But I did have a Bobcat on my roof early one morning. 🙂



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Baja, Mexico-Off Grid Beach Life

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I am sure everyone says this about their off-grid mansion…”You have to see to appreciate it!”.  I am going to have to insist on using the cliche.  This is a lava rock cottage )approx. 1000 sq. ft., located in a small fishing village called Puertecitos.  This is in Baja, Mexico.  I am not going to go into all the details of having a passport to get across the border because that is a longer conversation if you don’t travel across the border frequently.  So let me give some details about my home.  It has been a labor of love for the past 10 years and the one picture I am posting does not do it justice.  Everything is off-grid so there is no cell phone service (perhaps Mexican…I’ll need to double check).  There is no internet.  The is the option to have satellite.  I mention these things first because the ability to communicate with the outside world is usually peoples’ first concern. The cottage has a small kitchen complete with a working propane stove/oven and refrigerator.  It current has a double sink also.  It sleeps 8 but also has a loft bed that lets out and allows you to sleep under the stars.  It has a gravity-fed water system that needs to be completed. I have a 275 gallon water tote that needs to be plumbed to the inside but could be used as is for now.  Water has to be bought and is sold by a local family.  It usually takes about $15 to fill the 275 gal tote.  A quick note about the design:  half the cottage is glass french doors to the entire cottage looks out to ocean and the sunrise every morning.  Now, on to power.  I currently have propane lamps (I also have kerosene lamps) that I use along with sunlight and occasionally moonlight, if she’s full;-).  I usually use my headlamp if I’m up really late.  I also have candles.  So yes, in short a small solar system for electricity would be nice.  However, I have been living there without it just fine.  This is because the cottage is on a desert beach, which means it is only cold at night for the month of Dec, Jan, Feb.  The temperature will drop around 50 degrees on average at night.  And a few nights during that period it gets down to the 40’s.  Because it is a desert beach then during the day the temperature jumps back up to 70’s and 80’s.  It also only rains a few days (approx. 7-11) a year.  So in this way I don’t typically need heat.  I have a solar-heating shower rigged up with a 5 gallon bucket.  However, I usually bath in ocean since the beach cove by the cottage is fairly isolated and private.  I also wash my dishes in the ocean.  Afterward I rinse the dishes and myself with fresh water.  This is almost/essentially like living on a private beach.  I could go into extensive detail about the little fishing village but I would be writing for hours.  It is better I describe the village another time.  I will tell you the nearest town is 45 min north called San Felipe.  It has all the amenities and luxuries one could ever hope for… including a nice grocery store, pharmacy, dentist, doctor, restuarants, and all the tourist-trappings your heart could ever desire.  Since, my heart doesn’t desire tourist-trappings I live in a small remote village.  I prefer privacy, especially since I’m bathing in the ocean.  Not something you want to do with an audience. Of course, you can tell by my name I am a female and I like to think fairly modest.  So, when I say my cottage is essentially on a private beach, please note it is private enough I feel very, very, very comfortable bathing nude in the ocean.  Puertecitos also has natural volcanic springs within walking distance.  There is fishing of course, kayaking, snorkeling, plently of places to quad if you’re in to that sort of thing.  I’m too chicken and always afraid to go fast for fear of crashing.  There is one consistent neighbor named Prem, from California.  She is 87 years old and has been living there alone for 30 years.  She moved there and lived in a tent first, bathing in the ocean like myself and in time built a beautiful small cottage around her.  I’ll stop because no one can tell Prem’s story better than she can;-).  I could talk about Puertecitos and my cottage for hours so let me stop right there.  I will say there is nice portable potty for the toilet but I typically use two buckets, one for peeing (with a little sand for splash back) and one for deucing (I just made that word up-so now its officially a word)…Works fine for me, but I’m sure you can tell by now.  I like things simple.  I would like to continue to add to the cottage and there are many things that could be improved.  As it stands now the house is totally livable and absolutely one-of-a-kind-paradise.  On a side note a little bit about me.  I’m 39 and found my way to Puertecitos by way of Army Brat.  Meaning, I was born in Texas, moved all over because my dad was in the Army.  Bouncing around to Arkansas, Georgia, Germany, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina.  I did a small stint in the Air Force when I was younger and that took me Monterey, CA.  My last residence in the US was Tucson, AZ.  And that is where I sit and type this now because I am visiting for the holidays and will be returning to Puertecitos after the new year.  I chose to live off grid because I truly believe it is more balanced way of life.  At least for me it has proven to be. I don’t want to overwhelm the reader so any other questions my be better answered after they are asked;-)…One final note, Americans cannot own land in Mexico and can only purchase it in a trust for 50 plus years.  I have not taken steps to purchase the land for a number of reasons the main one being I have invested most of my resources in the cottage.  Having said that I lease the land for $85 a month.  So my current living expense plus food are $100 per month sans food.  This does include the lease, propane and water.  And this ladies and gentlemen is why I live in Mexico.  It is very, very cheap!

Okay so I just spent over an hour trying to load photo and none of them would load.  It kept telling me the file was too big.  GOOD NEWS:  I have really nice photos….BAD NEWS:  I’m tired of watcing a computer screen and the spiraling circle of death just to be told it won’t accept the photo because of the size.  So, if you are interested please email me at or call at (520) 869-5766.  I can text or email photos.

Take Care and Good Luck on your own Off-Grid Adventure!

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Seeking Off Gridders to Join Me

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I am semi-retired and divide my time between travelling, my Irving home, and my 36 acres in Payne Springs,Tx. The country acres are beautiful with a combination of pasture and trees. The land is less than 2 miles from  Cedar Creek Reservoir which is 35,000 acres and 80 miles southeast of Dallas. The land is surrounded by farm land and across the road from an organic pecan orchard. I conducted lots of research and know what is most likely going to occur in the future. I am developing the land and presently it is completely fenced with a well in place. I am looking for a few individuals with building and farming skills. My previous work history includes teaching, nursing, counseling and consulting. OffgridAnnie is looking forward to meeting interested individuals.

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Seeking Off-Gridders to Join Me

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I am semi-retired and divide my time between travelling, my Irving home, and my 36 acres in Payne Springs,Tx. OK – its not 40 Acres ad a Mule – but its close.

The country acres are beautiful with a combination of pasture and trees. The land is less than 2 miles from  Cedar Creek Reservoir which is 35,000 acres and 80 miles southeast of Dallas.

The land is surrounded by farm land and across the road from an organic pecan orchard. I conducted lots of research and know what is most likely going to occur in the future. I am developing the land and presently it is completely fenced with a well in place. I am looking for a few individuals with building and farming skills. My previous work history includes teaching, nursing, counseling and consulting. OffgridAnnie is looking forward to meeting interested individuals.

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Organic Wilderness in BC

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Likeminded people wanted for self sufficient life on organic wilderness farm in BC, Canada

My wife and I live with our kids (9 and 13) and animals (sheep, chicken, geese, horses, dogs, llamas etc.) almost self sufficient and home schooling on a big ranch and organic farm on a huge lake with pure drinking water in Central BC, Canada.

Our fertile land is almost 3,000 feet (900 meters) high and located circa 150 miles (240 km inland) from the Pacific Ocean in the west. We are protected from west winds coming from the Pacific and Japan by the Coast Mountains (up to 13,186 ft or 4,019 metres high). Our Geiger Counter that we use daily since Fukushima, shows still 14-15 counts per minute of normal natural radioactivity. The Coast Mountains seem to direct pollution from acid rain to radioactivity, coming from the west, over our heads inland towards the Rockies in the east. Big cities, industries, active volcanos, fault lines and earthquake zones are far away. Our big gardens, increasingly based on permaculture, as well as the abundance of fish in the lake, wildlife, berries, mushrooms and plants in the surrounding wilderness (Crown Land), provide a reliable, organic food source.

 We are well accessible on two different roads, by boat and small aircraft (our airstrip is 2,000 feet or 600 metres long).

 Self sustainable life in harmony with nature is our daily practice for many years and our safe haven is finally in place after 15 years of work. One of the new projects on the ranch that attracts us with our backgrounds in science and business is a Seminar- and Research Centre for holistic health. 

We are looking for some like minded people, ideally with children and important skills, who want to live and prepare with us on the ranch during these tough times and maybe want to live here longer no matter what really happens. People, who can also tolerate, that we do not go to any church but found “our church” in nature.

 If you are interested, please respond by email to and tell us a bit about your situation, skills and plans.

 Thank you!






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Off the grid help needed in Okie

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Hello all. My name is Lee. My family and I are going off the grid. We have a parcel in Oklahoma that is perfect for what we hope to do. We are looking for people who can contribute work wisdom and possibly some income. You should be willing to live quite primitive at first as we work to make live more comfortable as we make progress toward building up our place. If this interests you contact me here

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Working Couple Seeks Same for help with off grid farm

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We would like to find some people with skills in baking and carpentry. A couple would be great.  we already have much in place 30 acres with 100 ft of commercial frontage. Endless Enigma farm is off the grid and on the  adjoining property we have an inspected commercial kitchen that we sell our products that we make. Our small town really need a baker. A great opportunity for someone that want to work.

My wife and I both work full time jobs and Im striving to build a BIG greenhouse to do aquaponics in and sell veggies and fish from the stand. the wife is in her late 40s and I in my late 50s. We both have a lot to teach, the wife is into wild herbs and gardening and Im into everything from brewing & blacksmithing and bushcrafting to the latest, winter camping. Currently building a bandsaw mill to saw lumber for the greenhouse and plan to start in spring 2017.

Please reply to post. Thanks


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WULFHAVEN Permaculture Farm in West Wimmera looking to share with other GLBT folks into Permaculture Movement in Australia

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Beginning just over a year ago with the purchase of my 3 acre Farm land in the West Wimmera ,on the edge of a Native Vegetation Forest Reserve .My farm has a Wildlife Protection Overlay to protect the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos which nest in the Big Red Gums onsite .Have  a Caravan and a Shed which can accomodate folks ,eventually will be hosting a Farmhouse build in either Strawbale /Earthbag or Rammed Earth sometime in the next few years …plenty of camping opportunity onsite too .Personal Interests of owner ,GLBT movement ,Healing Modalities (Shiatsu ,Reiki,Chinese Medicine ) ,Buddhism and Shamanic Practices such as Inipi and Chanupa …welcome new connections

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Looking for anarchist families for off-grid Homstead

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Any families out there who want to build a life on 20 acres as a multi-family homestead?

We can build 3 homes legally without subdividing. There are plots of land for smaller cabins, tree houses and RV’s and we will be mostly off grid.  The future workshop (metal, wood and so on) will be on the grid along with our laudry room. The land is a 15 minute bike ride to the town of Saugerties and a 10 minute drive to the main suburban commercial money pit in Kingston all while being secluded with our one river.

Anyway for more info please go to for more description.  (we already are in contract but donations are still welcome)

So we are looking for people who do have kids and want something along the lines of unschooling, but we are not against school either…  keep in mind this community has anarchist tendencies and we do often go to Burning Man.

Thanks for readin


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Off the grid life in Mexico

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I am looking into moving to Baja California, Mexico. I can get land at a low price and be off the grid. Reasons on why I am considering relocating to Baja. The cost, remoteness, not a lot of codes and guidelines to build a residence. Healthcare is available and affordable. I speak Spanish, and have enough money to maintain myself off the grid. I am wanting to live a peaceful and natural life. Anybody interested  in joining email me at

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Seeking likeminded friends

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I am trying to establish contact with any likeminded people, couples or groups in a 500km radius who have either established themselves and are looking for others to network with. Or simply looking to get off grid and join or start a tribe in europe. I am able and willing to accommodate and support some of those who wish to start and take action perhaps starting on a trial basis where one could stay for 1-3 months before making the decision to stay. Currently have a small farmhouse with a few buildings (some working and some ruin) have own water well, currently has elec and internet but looking to cut the wire at some point in the future as the tribe may wish, have adequate land for food and animals (2.6ha). I am not looking to form a commune or anything, but would prefer more of a network of tribes within a certain reach, localized supporting tribes.

Hope to hear from you!

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Aquaponics farming in the Redwoods

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ello thanks for looking at this add. We are a family building a life in the woods and who are open to the ideas of others who have lived this way or have PRODUCTS that they used to make there life easier in this situation!! What type of ideas did you come up with and what items did you find useful to you more than when you where living a city life? please this is just a open conversation for those who like being free & who enjoy a life with others who enjoy hands on living. If this is you and you are looking for a life style like this well you might have an opportunity with us on our peace of land!!
We are looking for more of a co-op life style with those who like to grow organic’s & maybe learn how to use my aquaponics system’s that we have built and keep building and want more eyes and thoughts towards it.. knowledge of developing more of a funner life style and a peaceful, positive outlook in life is what we are searching for!! This could be a good thing for you to let us know about your ideas and longevity of your plans here in SONOMA COUNTY living at its quitest lmao.
.So with that being said there are some things we would like to say first OFF!!! This isn’t a half way house where we pay for your dinners. Or that we pay for you to build your way of living. this is for you to learn how to be off the grid on your own or with your loved ones!! we will not put up with kreeps, freaks, or the ones who think that there sly and going to get in where you think u can fit in!! lol there’s no way to much experience between the both of us to listen to crap anymore!! if your giving up on life or your self don’t cause we haven’t given up on you!!

Great people looking for solid person or persons to help & work with us on our land with us…we work in the yard and garden & feed the chickens & grab eggs normal day responsibilities so everyday is a day with all kinds of other things to do besides city living..lmao.. We are looking for a non party persons who doesn’t need to show their friends their OFF GRID HOME to be cool!!! Please Adults, elders, and cool harmonized peoples please.(cant stress that one enough).!.!.medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor is welcomed! if you don’t have a card then you will have to get one before we can even talk with you as we have learned our lessons!! A co-op for sure communal sharing & growing together is welcomed with ideas for sure are are a must have & need to be kept up…. So u need to bring everything with you to live INN. U can Drive It or Bring it out here to live in your OWN OFF GRID HOUSING SITUATION!!

Our blissfulness and harmony with others who enjoy the same life style with Honesty family Dinners outings and group effort is what where about…with that said PLEASE tell us about your self in detail with Honesty please BACK GROUND CHECKS will be gone threw for the safety of everyone by our lawyer’s!! PLEASE don’t ask us HOW MUCH THE RENT is this is about trying to work together and grow food,fish,plants,herbs, & hmm what else lol. which this is really hard to do!!(4 allot of people)..well enjoy your days…we hope to talk u soon..& lets figure out what works for everyone as a group.NAMASTE.


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Invitation to Nature-Lovers

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Hello Nature-Lovers ! 

 I’m like a kind of “modern-hermit”, a free independent and smiling “spiritual”, free from viciousness/materialism and well-seasoned in vanishing alone into nature/jungles/mountain-tops …

 Apart from my nature/jungle stays, I have also created a small “nature-place” of my own in a corner of a village where I often go to relax/work/research/smile with plants, birds and creatures… (a basic cottage with no electricity, cooking with firewood, lighting with Kerosene oil, natural well-water, a tree-hut, paddy fields …)

 Also, I’m searching for a more suitable location (land) in or close to a jungle, away from human-voice, man-made hassles etc, so that I can settle permanently with tranquilizing nature, animals and so on. What I can and cannot do as an individual is clear to me, and I’m happily moving along that path with confidence …

 In the meantime, I am also exploring the possibilities of organizing a small group of like-minded individuals who are longing to live happily in nature/jungle (or you may call it off-the-grid, into the wild, freeing yourself from the rat race, or whatever…lol) for the rest of their lives so that TOGETHER we can contribute “something” better for all of us, other like-minded people, nature and humanity as well…

 I’m a vegetarian, happy and funny, do not belong to popular religions, very open-minded, free from superstitions, politics etc, financially independent, practice simplicity/minimalism, healing arts, relaxation/meditation … I’m not afraid of living or dying, but enjoy non-violence and do not harm other living creatures too…

So, if you are really longing for this “freedom & beautiful, deeper connection with nature/universe” and have the strength, ability and knowledge with some sustainable income, you can do it practically like I do …(if you like to join with me  here in this island Sri Lanka, expenses are less …)

 (I must make it clear again that I am not inviting someone to just run a farm in the wild and kill, eat and sell animals etc…)

 Good Luck to All !!!

Just feel free to contact me …


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Get Away Community

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I am looking for people 50 to 65 semi retied, retired veterans and senior citizens. I have some nice property and live semi off grid. Their is property at a reasonable price with no restrictions to live on. Its a good place to get away from the rat race. This is a nice place to fish, hunt, 4-wheeling, etc. We can bring our resources together and enjoy a nice peaceful life while we can. Things are getting crazy in this world, so lets enjoy it while we can. I am looking for people who would like to build small tiny homes. Their is a sawmill close by. The place is semi secluded. A nice town close by. And a very nice lake. I am looking for people to come together and grow their own food. Work together and live around one another. We will have solar power, wind power, generators, for power sources. Their is water available. Looking for people who can handle this type living. The winters are mild here. So if your interested, then feel free to message me back. I am a semi retired veteran myself.    

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800 Hectare Land in Greece

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This is a family inheritance from several generations ago, the land is for agriculture and used to be used to graze sheep in the 19th Century.

Now it remains largely unused. It is a massive bit of land just outside from the main town of Astakos.

We are open to ideas and proposals for the land though neither of us has plans to live in that area, on the west coast of Greece, though it is nice.

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Wanderers End Sanctuary

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Clubb, Missouri, Athens, TN Broadalbin,NY United States)

This Community is Re-forming

Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado locations are sold out Kentucky land ended up flooding. Starting over in Missouri, Tennessee and WE just got 120 acres donated to us in New york! WE needs pioneers  in New York Now! Ground floor opportunity since we do not have any members in this area yet
Mission Statement:
If you are tired of the rat race,

• with all the never-ending bills

• crime-infested neighborhoods

• GMO-poisoned foods

• lack of community support

Our mission is to guide you through to research and obtain the most logical, sustainable lifestyle that can be accomplished by an average community that works together. Our power as a community empowers us to accomplish more! The 1st step on the Wanderer’s path is to get to our online network that will help you get grouped together with others in your chosen location to purchase your shares. The earlier you get in the more seniority.


• wants to help save the world

• get a free off-grid super home to your family

• own your own business in an Eco Village

• Develop Self-Sufficiency Skills

• Divide and Conquer various Projects

• Privacy, but with trusted friends nearby

• Like-Minded Neighbors

• Thrive in Good Times & Bad

• Secure Prepper Retreat Nearby

• Far Easier to Take Vacations

• People are Social Creatures

•Permaculture•Aquaponics•Self Reliant

• MUCH Cheaper than doing it alone!

• Secluded/Hidden

• Accessible yet VERY Secure

• Great soil for growing food

• Decent year-round climate

• Usable Acreage

• Purpose-built, but still nice

Our Homestead Planned Features 85 percent free super community-built homes that are almost completely…..

hurricane proof, bulletproof, tornado proof, and will last forever with no utility bills!

Other Features

• Indoor greenhouse the cleans your air and grey waste-water while providing year round GMO-free food!

• Securable Perimeter

• 24x7x365 Security with Quiet peaceful gated community living

• Strategic Entrance Path / Choke Points

• Listening Posts / Observation Posts (LP/OPs)

• First Come First Serve on Acreage Selection

•Get in on the ground floor to learn from each other and train yourself to be better prepared!


•Existing Members Vote in New Members

•1/4 acre per share- 4 share limit 1 acre per house•All Documents/Easements/etc done 100% Legit

In today’s world, to have neighbors that are Like-Minded – Priceless! Don’t be lone wolf homesteaders that are Easy Prey for Serious Threats! WE Preppers are people too. Relax. Live. Enjoy! VERY Family-friendly! We are all determined to work together to make our dreams happen.

If you possess the skills and manners that our community desires, then you will be given an invitation to apply for a membership in our group of families that are traveling convoy style cross-country to our acreage of Appalachian mountain land.

So here are a list of some of our desired traits for our members:
Website technicians
Web content writers
Fundraising Experts
Rock Musicians (a whole band would be nice)
Earthship Pirates
MLM marketers
MacGyver’s & Bill Nye’s
Camera crew and producer
Scientists and researchers

We are tired of the crime, the sliding family, community, educational and nutritional values, the rat race, endless bills for disposable homes that are only hurting planet and are ready to do something about it! Our dream is to pioneer a true Eco-village from scratch utilizing our simple, very effective plan. Just help others with their dreams.

It costs $200 to apply. If approved, up to 4 shares of membership will made available to you and your family. Each share comes with 1/4 acre of land and 1400 sq foot of shop and off-grid home for your family to enjoy in our private village. Your family will also get its own business, and free shopping for all of our village’s goods plus numerous other benefits.

If interested please apply here and put CONVOY in spot for sponsor!


Go Off-Grid And Then Some!

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We are a small family (husband, wife and 2yr old son) living in an extremely remote part of N. CA. Our homestead consist of 250 acres that is grandfathered into a National forest. For anywhere between 4-6 months out of the year we get completely snowed in and cut off from the rest of the world (unless we snow shoe out: a 12 mile off-trail hike starting at 2,500 feet and ending at 5000 ft). We’ve been living this way for many years and have a lot of experience/know-how to share with folks wanting to get first hand experience of living not only off-grid, but remotely. In addition to the impressive book collection of all things off-grid, we can teach about setting up a hydroelectric system, solar system, alternative building (cob, straw bale), falling trees, milling trees and then building with that lumber, livestock husbandry (goats, livestock gaurdian dogs, geese, ducks, chickens, etc etc), canning/preserving food, gardening, the list goes on and on.

We generally host folks for a month or so (and usually only one person/couple at a time), but we are open to longer term as well. We are very much interested in folk who are looking to build simple (but sturdy!) structures from scratch this particular summer. Please email me the time duration you’re interested in visiting and what your main objectives are and I will get back to you with more details about who we are and our specific set up.


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Looking for someone to join me in creating an animal sanctuary/project in the UK

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Hi everyone

My name is Mel and I live in London (hopefully not for too much longer). My ambition in the next few years is to buy land in the UK and start an animal sanctuary that can also be a place for school children to visit and learn more about animals, where our food comes from, etc. This has always been my dream and I’m finally in the position to make this happen but I don’t want to do this alone because where’s the fun in that?

So who would probably like to join me?

– Someone who, like me, shares a life-long dream of living in nature surrounded by animals and caring for them.

– Ideally you are also vegan but it’s not a dealbreaker (I much prefer ‘plant based’ than that word anyway!).

– You have sufficient funds to contribute 50/50 to this project.

– You would like to be off-grid as much as possible.

About me:

I’m 31, single, no children and work in Finance (luckily I’ve kept my sanity after ten years in London in this profession). I am originally from South Africa where I grew up on a farm and had a pet ostrich (random fact of the day). I have extensive knowledge of growing food and rearing sheep and cows in spite of not putting a lot of this into practice for over a decade! I strongly believe in learning on the job so even if you have no background in going off grid I believe if you have the passion everything else will come naturally (ok maybe with a  lot of graft too!).

Anyway before I waffle on for any longer I’d be interested in sparking contact with anyone interested in this project.

To be frank, I am disgusted by the unnecessary suffering in this world and I don’t want to participate AT ALL in such cruel economics. As humans, we have on a whole lost our humanity for other creatures through a disconnect from birth. Hence why I want to return back to nature and make a tiny protest against what I see as psychosis of our species with respect to how we treat animals. Rant over (for now, don’t get me started seriously haha).

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Help Transform this 27-Acre farm Complex into a Unique Retreat

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I live alone on an 18th century French farm comprising a main house on 3-levels and 5 two-storey barns, set in over 27-acres of undulating valley woodland and gardens. The house is set 600m above sea level, with stunning views of the midi-Pyrenees that stretch for 130km!

The property sits at the heart of an ambitious renovations project open to volunteers, and offers a rewarding off-grid experience with a difference, centred around its transformation into a working house, creative retreat and public park.

There are no less than 3 natural water sources on-site and planning consent to renovate and extend the property. At the moment there is a main electricity supply.

I have a pet sheep, rooster, cat and god that live in and around the house. They are all human-friendly/domesticated. I would like to acquire more animals in the near future as pets, a food supply and as a means of educating young volunteers.

There is also an orchard with 8 varieties of apple, walnuts, pears, dates, plums and peaches. In 2015 I created a food brand (“27Acres”) to support the production, promotion and sales of organic food produce made by volunteers. 

In the long-term, I would like to transform one of the larger barns into a multi-purpose venue so that we can host all kinds of corporate and private events, which will help raise money to fund future restoration work and arts projects.

Also on the property is a cave (wine cellar), workshop, and antiques showroom – another initiative that offers volunteers the chance to make or restore furniture to help raise money to fund on-site works.


I’m single, 38, very creative, a free-spirit in all senses of the word, fun-loving, generous and very open minded. I gave up life in London for obvious reasons; preferring instead the open space, tranquility, natural wildlife and privacy of life in the country.


People who share my passion and ambition to make this project a success and give others the chance to experience off-grid living in the south of France. You don’t have to be a professional crafts-person, but a creative flair and a lot of energy is important. Volunteers are welcome to build their own cabins; either by using the materials on-site or by purchasing professionally made eco-kits. All volunteers will be expected to help with the ongoing maintenance of the grounds and will be invited to host workshops or other initiatives – benefitting from free use of the outbuildings (subject to availability).


You will have the opportunity to create your own space within the grounds, which you can use whenever you visit. If you decide you’d like to make this a home-from-home, a standard CRB check (or equivalent) will be required as well as an informal meeting to allow all parties to meet, mingle and asses whether it is right for them. A lease will then be drawn up for a maximum of 5 years, which may be renewed after each term. The value of each lease will be calculated on case-by-case basis.


Please visit

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Good people to start a community

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Hi there. my name is Misty. i have lined up some raw land for use as an off the grid community there is room for 3 or 4 more families/persons to create this community.

about me: i am 38yr old, married and have 5 children. I am a believer in “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” we say grace before we eat and we are nice to our neighbors.  i was raised off the grid in northern Manitoba and coastal bc. we were as close to Christian as you can but my father never went to church. i have kept my faith but do not push on others.

we are hard working and believe that if there are even 1 or 2 of you out there that have a similar belief system that together we can take our off the grid dreams and make a great home for ourselves. message me for more info.    

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Land with trees and water access available for lease

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~30 acres in northwestern NH suitable for off-grid living. You can rent a section of land to setup your ‘mobile’ off-grid homestead.

I am a 48 yo business professional, and have been here in a modified camper for just over a year. I have solar electric, propane appliances, running water from a spring, and composting. Costs are low and small farming is possible.


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Coastal BC

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I have been lucky enough to have the use of 2acr. of land to build a house and make a home.there are 3 other lots the same size that could be available for the right person/s/family.    the land is wet but has dry spots to build. the owner wants only hardworking grassroots people on the land. aside from the lot you have to build on there is 50acr of land to use for gardens and wood. if you would like to know more let me know.


the lot that i have is nice and dry but full of rocks. there is no power/sewer. there is one well on the larger lot. its raw land so nothing pretty.  


I will be starting my work in April with my oldest son while my hubby stays with my other 4 children.  i am 38 and my hubby is 33. we have 1 dog and 4 cats. plan on chickens and goats maybe pigs. there is a garden spot started by some former people that with a lot of work would be good. there is lots of room for gardens you just need to work the land.

owner does NOT want anyone who uses or sell drugs and no drunks. if you wish more let me know

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Like minded people wanted for community

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We are a Christian couple, with 6 kids and another family of 4 in the process of building our perfect community. We recently purchased 70 acres in the mountains outside of Daisy, OK. We have talked to others about our idea only to be laughed at or catch the ever lovely eye roll. We believe in home schooling, raising our own food, and living in harmony with the world around us. If this sounds like you, drop us a line and give us some more info about yourself/selves. Kids are welcome, as it takes a village, and we have triplets so we know help is a great asset! Bring your skills or whatever you think you have that would be of help, but please keep in mind this is a GROUP EFFORT! Lazy people need not apply, we are not looking to help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. There are some finances involved and any prospective persons would be fully knowledged about the going ons. Please feel free to contact us

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Calling motivated diy ers !

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I own 20 acres of wooded/ open land srrounded by much more of the same on an undeveloped road that will remain undeveloped for a very long time at the very least. We are completely off grid yet only 15 minutes from town. I build a house for myself and another i rent out. I have lived here for 20 years and now having a good idea of what works, what doesn’t, I am looking for others who might fit in to grow with this land from here. Wild wood building, trailer beds to strip and bulid on, outdoor kitchen, gardens, pocket orchards, more ponds, batch box rocket mass heaters, just to name a few.  🙂  I am not financially flush by any means, so for lack of cash and pro earth, re/freecycling and DYI is the way of life here. Not for the faint of heart or romanticizer. There is one 20 trailer available for work trade. Other possibilities to be discussed. You must be able to take good care of yourself and contribute in a healthy and substantial manner. We do not have guns, cats, smoke tobacco or grow weed. We are queer friendly and believe in multi cultural equality. I am looking for those who are truly physically motivated, generous of spirit and emotionally mature. Your neighbor matters. Primary basic principle. … if your ok I’m ok. Women encouraged to apply.

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seeking soul mate, best friend and off grid female partner

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im dan im a white, fun, tall, smart,funny, adventure minded free soul who is ready to go off the grid, into freedom, our god given rights, 420 friendly, kinda of a modern day Hippy-wanna-be!! im in kingman az, have lotsa skills, know a million beautiful spots to share with you!! interested? adventurous? ready for a change? let me know… dan wood

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Finally off grid

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it’s been about five years but I’m finally off grid and settled in for my first winter. Winter is the big challenge when your as far north as I am. Heating and snow removal are my biggest concerns.  My only neighbour is closing his cabin for the winter he is 4 km away. His place is for sale now if anyone is interested. We’re located in the boreal forest . It’s a great place for growing vegetables and hunting . Area is very safe no concerns here. I work in town two or three days a week which covers all expenses. I still have things to do like building a chicken coup and increasing my garden beds and garden for that matter. Have built a 20 x 30 greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers to sell along the highway. I also have a small shop / guest cabin started. I am doing all this alone but have a couple dogs one king Alaskan malamute and a Norwegian elkhound very good winter dogs. 

The wildlife in the area include Sandhills cranes which nest every year in the area. Moose, Carabou, Wolves, Marten, Lynx, also have Nighthawks that nest here. Lots of beaver, fox coyote and black bear.

There is some work in the area also lots of firewood can be cut and sold for 250 per cord. It’s a good area if you like the outdoors and find it tempting contact me



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