Battlefield America Part 2

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Battlefield America Part 2
Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines ” Audio player below!

For the seventh broadcast of Behind the Lines, we continue the examination of the ‘combatants’ vying for control of America’s culture and morals. After a short review of the previous episodes, we will shift the focus from the ‘pro-individual’ philosophy to the ‘pro-state’ viewpoint. Using documents written by the founders of both disciplines, we will compare and contrast these ideologies –observing how they vie for complete control – while preserving their current influence in the lives of John/Jane Q.

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Propaganda: motivate, control, and influence!

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Propaganda: motivate, control, and influence
Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines ” Audio player below!

For the third broadcast of Behind the Lines, we will examine the inter-connecting web of news, history, and propaganda. After a short review of the subject matter of the previous two episodes, we will examine how the news (that becomes history) intersects the discipline known as propaganda (or the modern-day term ‘Public Relations’).
We will begin by examining what it is, who uses it, and how its use sways the mind today.

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Religion, influence on America!

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Religion, Influence on America
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Religion influence on AmericaIn a country where religion is moving towards the outskirts and people feel better about simply closing the book on divinity we cannot deny its influence on America. Both today and during the revolution as well as the very colonization of the continent. Whether you agree with the tactics of your American ancestors or not its the reason we are here today.

12-18-2015 islam_will_dominate_world_768330Religion plays a major part in the war we are currently in with ISIS. Its very important to understand that fact. I understand the powers that be attempting to take religion out of the ISLAMIC STATE argument. Its because a small portion of our population cant wrap their head around nuance and will be lynching Muslims.Still, looking at a religion based on what it does for the community and the practitioner. That to me is the best metric for religion in 2015.There is definitely an argument for morality and population management as well.

I am not a very religious guy but I understand its importance. I understand its power as well. I know that it can drive people to do better. We know now better than ever in this century that it still has the power to drive people to do powerful things. I pull motivation from the bible. There are times when I turn to that book above all else.

12-19-14I wear a cross. Do I believe there was a man name Jesus who walked the Earth, did miracles, died for us and came back from the dead? I have my days when faith is strong and days when I am just way too cynical for any of it. Still I wear a cross. I want to talk about why.

Its a night for religion in the midst of some of the worlds most holy days. Join us and bring your knowledge and opinions. Its important that we look at this thing and put it into perspective because we are also on the door step of 2016.
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