Top 10 Prepper Fiction Books You Must Read

Top 10 Prepper Fiction Books You Must Read How do you get your daily injections of prepper conspiracy, doomsday juice or end of times inspiration? There are many ways you can come to fountain. Revelations itself is always a great way to understand that we are not necessarily a permanent thing on this planet. Or …

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Book Review: On Killing It is no secret that I am a fan of Lt. Col. Grossman’s work. I think it fills a niche that has been lacking in the field of martialism. If you deal with firearms for self defense then you owe it to yourself to understand that there is more to it than being proficient with your chosen gun. There is a cost to using violence to solve problems – sometimes that cost is worth paying – but you need to be informed so that you are able to make those split second decisions under stress. On Killing is more

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The Prepper Tool That You’re Not Using!


Imagine someone gave you a tool that would greatly help you in your preparedness.  All you need to do is learn how to work it.  If you took a few minutes of your time to understand it and work with it, it would pay off significantly!  Would you take that time?  Would you figure it out?  Well, you do have a very powerful tool!  And you are more than likely not taking advantage of this prepper tool!  Let me explain.

I’m going to start off talking about my pre-prepper days.  I’m in education.  When I transitioned from the classroom to the Instructional Specialist position, I put in a lot of hours and time trying to prove to my administrators that I had what it took to become a leader.  After long hours, I started to… the only way that I can explain it is, I felt “thin,” like I was being stretched.

I was putting a lot out, but I wasn’t putting anything in.  Because I have done a lot of leadership development, outside of the education setting, I knew this wasn’t a good place and that I needed to start putting new ideas and fresh insights into my mind.

Because I like technology, I started looking into using RSS readers and podcasts to start reading articles and listening to shows that were providing new and fresh ideas in education, technology, and leadership.

Benefits of Purposeful Growth

Something happened!  I started feeling energized.  At work, I started seeing things with fresh perspectives, trying new things out and providing good ideas to others.  I saw the benefit of purposefully planning my personal development.  You can’t stay stagnant.  You need to always grow yourself!

When I started in preparedness, I implemented the same approach.  I started reading, listening and watching prepper related articles, podcast and Youtube channels.  It wasn’t long before I realized that there was a need for one central location that could link to all the great preparedness content out there. That’s when Prepper Website was born!

I still read, listen and watch prepper related articles, podcasts and Youtube channels!  But I also read, listen and watch articles, podcasts and Youtube channels that are not prepper related.  I also listen to audiobooks.  In fact, all of this is my primary means of entertainment, as well as learning.  I could probably get rid of the TV if it weren’t for the stupid Hallmark channel.  Don’t tell my wife I said that! 😉

The point is that you need to be purposeful about your growth, preparedness, and other areas too!  You already visit Prepper Website and navigate the internet.  More than likely you are watching Youtube videos too.  But the tool that you are most likely not utilizing is podcasts!

A Prepper Tool for Everyone

If you drive to work, workout, run, walk the dog or just have the radio on in the house during the day, you can listen to podcasts.

Technology has increased so much that it is so easy to bring up a podcast on your phone and listen to it.  In fact, you can set it to where it downloads automatically, and it just appears.  You can listen to it and then delete it from your phone to save space!

If you are going to start listening to podcasts, you’ll need an APP.  There are many good APPS out there for Android phones.  I use Pocket Cast.  It cost $3.99, but it is worth it!  Before Pocket Cast, I used Beyond Pod.  Stitcher also has a good APP that you can download for free.  iPhone and Ipad users have iTunes that will download podcasts.

Most of these APPS have a search function that you can just type in the name of a podcast or just a topic.  If a podcast you’re looking for doesn’t show up, you’ll have to get the RSS feed, usually displayed on the podcast’s website, to add to your podcast APP.  But it is very simple!

If you are looking for podcasts to follow, I listed the podcasts that I have in my APP, along with some other notable podcasts here.

Get That APP!

Check out this video on the Pocket Cast APP.


Here are some other links to videos that show you other podcast APPS

Final Thoughts

If you have time where you can put in some earphones or listen in your vehicle, you have the opportunity to add some real beneficial ideas and information to your mind.  Remember, there are podcasts on every topic imaginable!  There is something for you.

Do you already listen to podcasts?  Please share some of your favorite prepper and non-prepper podcasts in the comments below.



Got Homestead Land? What to Do Next

Got Homestead Land? What to Do Next If you own land whether it be a quarter acre or one hundred acres, you can create your own homestead. The essence of homesteading is to focus on increasing what you’re able to produce yourself and reducing the number of store-bought things you consume. How you do this, … Continue reading Got Homestead Land? What to Do Next

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The Best I Can Do to Help You Prepare


Click image to learn more and buy this one-time-only bundle!

This blog is over 7 years old. It contains a wealth of information — more than 1600 articles. There are over 100 podcasts you can access via iTunes and my Survival Mom book is just perfect for any individual or family wanting to be better prepared.

But, earlier this year, I realized that I can do more. The missing piece here on Survival Mom blog and, actually, in the entire prepper and survival niche is a CONNECTION. If you’re like me, you probably have read hundreds of articles, dozens of books, you’ve been prepping here and there, but you constantly feel like your way is aimless and you aren’t really prepared.

The reason for that? Lack of personal connection with other preppers and zero accountability. If you procrastinate filling those water bottles, buying canned food, taking a first aid class — well, nothing has happened thus far, so maybe your luck will hold out a while longer. In the meantime, you still feel a nagging doubt that you would be ready for anything really bad.

As I thought about this, and having been in the same boat, I realized that a live connection that offers the chance for everyday preppers to chat with experts in a live, small group class was part of the answer. I remembered my years as a teacher and how important it was to my students to have an organized course of study, regular assignments, the ability to ask questions, and some accountability when they got lazy or distracted!

You, as a prepper, aren’t very different!

Preppers University offers 2 multiw-week classes that do all of the above. During these Prepping Intensives, you get:

  • Access to world class survival and prepper experts like Ferando Aguirre (FerFAL), Selco, foraging expert Merriwether, rural living and homesteading expert Patrice Lewis, EMP expert Dr. Arthur T. Bradley, prepper author Jim Cobb, and dozens more.
  • In live classes you can chat with these experts and get all your questions answered.
  • A treasure trove of articles related to the Prepping Intensive curriculum. See the PI curriculum here and the Advanced PI curriculum here.
  • Exclusive podcasts you can listen to 24/7.
  • A Student Resource Center with hundreds of free ebook downloads, recorded webinars from previous PI sessions, a Book of the Month Club, an exclusive forum and lots more.
  • Weekly challenges and To Do lists.
  • DIY projects in our Advanced PI class.
  • A new group of prepping friends you can get to know and network with.
  • …and so much more.

You can access the PI materials no matter where you are, at any time of the day. This is really the very best I can do for you. It goes so far beyond just a book, a podcast, an article, or even a webinar — this is an entire package that will move you forward in your prepping, miles beyond wherever you are now.

Here’s my Black Friday deal

I’m jumping on the bandwagon this weekend with just about everyone else. Through Monday, November 28, I’ve decreased the price of an Intensive to $119 and adding a very nice, complimentary bundle of goodies. The $119 price tag includes:

  • Your choice of Intensive classes, either the 8 week foundational Prepping Intensive or the 6 week Advanced Prepping Intensive
  • Our 2-hour course, “How to Survive Civil Unrest” — very timely.
  • The 190+ page e-textbook that provides a wealth of information related to civil unrest in our current political climate.
  • Membership to our Student Resource Center
  • My very newest ebook, One Second After the Lights Go Out: How to Survive in a Post-EMP World
  • An ebook copy of my book, Emergency Evacuations: Get Out Fast When It Matters Most
  • A brand new ebook by author Daisy Luther, Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas
  • Also by Daisy, a recipe book, Recipes From the Pantry Primer

Click here to learn more and buy this bundle!

All this will keep you on your toes during the New Year as your continue to prep. Our political leadership in Washington may have changed, but in no way are we in the clear where economic catastrophes, in particular, are concerned, and the next few years are certain to be tumultuous.

Join me, Daisy Luther, and dozens of our guest instructors at Preppers University and enjoy this bundle of top-notch resources.

This offer ends Monday, November 28. Prepping Intensives begin on January 8, 2017.


The cost & importance of learning. Clubs, Groups & Schools. Plus the advantages & disadvantages.

The cost & importance of learning, clubs, groups & schools. Plus the advantages & disadvantages.

When it comes to long term survival, the skills start with choosing the right clothing & equipment. After that you have to learn how to use that equipment & you need to learn how to manage if you should lose that equipment. Survival schools are generally expensive, this is because they have to put in a lot of time teaching people the skills, & time cost money if you are running a business. Some schools will teach you primitive skills, others will not. Some schools will teach you how to survive if you get lost in the bush, others may teach you how to survive long term. But it will all cost you money.

Bushcraft groups are good & they will teach you some survival skills. Again, some may promote the use of modern tools & equipment, where as others may teach you more primitive skills. In general, you will pay a yearly fee which is used to pay for your insurance cover. Survival groups fall roughly into the same category as the bushcraft groups, a mixed lot which may or may not teach you what you need to know. Basically it depends on the individual members, some will be more knowledgeable than others, but in the long run they can’t teach you what they don’t know themselves.

It is well known that in order to survive long term in a wilderness situation, you will need to learn primitive skills, & your equipment & tools will need to be low tech. Modern equipment is not made to last, batteries will go flat, items will break & wear out. You need sustainable methods & primitive gear. If you start off with pre 19th century equipment you will never drop below that level of comfort. But if you start off with all modern gear, then sooner or later you will be thrown back into the stone age.

Now let’s look at another kind of club or group, an 18thcentury living history group. Most again will charge a yearly membership fee, & it must be said that not all living history groups are equal in the benefits that they offer the survivalist. But, the potential for learning is still there, you simply may have to put in more effort to gather some members together who have the skills that you need to learn.

Our group, the New England Colonial Living History Group does not charge any membership fees or training fees, it is all free. However, we do not carry any insurance either, our members are covered by the Civil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Bill 2002. For many years I payed for our group insurance out of my own pocket so that lower income families could afford to join our group. Eventually, I had to stop paying out of my own pocket (there never were any accidents or insurance claims). When you think about it we go with groups of friends out bush for various recreational activities, & no one ever questions if there is insurance cover. We all take personal responsibility for ourselves, & we watch out for the safety of others.

The advantages of joining a group like ours is that our activities cover a wide range of interests. We can advise on equipment & clothing, & we teach people all the skills they may need for free. Individuals do not have to participate in any activity if they do not wish to, but remember, in a shtf situation, there will be NO insurance, NO doctors & NO hospitals. If you want to cover yourself, use your money to purchase a good modern medical kit & take it to group meetings. Also carry a personal first aid kit in your pack. That way if you cut yourself or smack yourself in the head whilst learning archery, you can patch yourself up & keep going.

Kids in general love participating in living history. It is an opportunity to do something which is fun & educational & they get to share this experience with there parents or carers. In shooting clubs, archery clubs & fishing clubs you will learn only so much, very little of what you do learn will prepare you for survival. In a group like ours though you get to learn everything; you learn what is the best equipment & how to use it. You learn how to repair your equipment & in the case of archery & fishing, you learn how to make your own from scratch with no modern tools.

Some living history groups have splinter groups such as a militia group where you can learn battle tactics. Some groups are purely Ranger groups & again, battle training is a normal part of their activities on top of all the other skills you can learn. All Living History groups are family oriented, so all the family gets to join in one way or another. On top of all this learning & training, living history groups are a lot of fun. If you are serious about long term wilderness survival, I recommend you inquire in your area for a living history group, be it medieval period or 18thcentury or somewhere in between.

Our Group’s Official Forum:  

You will also find links to other groups in other areas & countries on our forum.

Misinformation, Pride, & Jealousy. The bane of forums.

Misinformation, Pride, & Jealousy. The bane of forums.

Forums are good for sharing & learning, but unfortunately it is my experience that on nearly every forum there are people that for one reason or another make participating on the forum an unpleasant experience. In my experience there are three types of person which should not be allowed on a forum, 1) those that spread misinformation. These people have very little real experience in the field that the forum represents, yet they want people to think that they are very knowledgeable, so they make lots of posts which are mostly bullshit & misinformation. This not only poses a danger for newbies who are trying to learn the ropes, but it can also cause beginners to spend money on items that are not of any real use.

2) Prideful people who think they know more than they really do & are not prepared to admit they are wrong. These people will never learn anything new, because they hate being wrong to the extent that they will defend themselves by totally discounting any new information that contradicts their own beliefs. What is worse is that they will try to prove you wrong & make out that you don’t know what you are talking about. Whilst these types of people are pretty harmless, they can be annoying & stressful & are best avoided.

 3) Jealous people; these people think they know it all & will never listen to reason. If they come across a post that indicates that their own beliefs are wrong, then they will discount the information & post comments that are rude & often spiteful. They hate to think that anyone should know more than they do. Like the prideful person these people will never admit to learning anything new, especially if it contradicts their own beliefs.

What To Do.

There is no point trying to help these people, to try & educate them is a futile & stressful experience. The best thing you can do is go to your control panel on the forum & list these people on your “Ignore” list. In this way you will no longer see their posts or their replies to your posts.

Others that will not learn.

These are people who are totally harmless to others but do pose a threat to themselves. They are not really into the finer points of what the forum is all about, but they do find participation fun. They purchase gear that is not suitable & not sustainable & having purchased this equipment they are not about to admit that they have made a mistake. Again, they will defend their choices & beliefs by discounting any other advice or recommendations. You can simply ignore these people or you can add them to your “Ignore” list. These people rarely cause any problem on a forum, & are not usually the sort of people to pursue an argument or try & put anyone down, but occasionally some of them will!

Best of luck on your forums.
Incidentally, the ONLY forum I have come across to date that does not suffer this problem is one that I started & run myself. I have to date NEVER had to reprimand someone or cancel their membership. They are the best people I have ever come across & I am proud to have them all on my forum. This forum is an 18th century Living History forum & you can find it here:

Meet Mallory, Learn From A Teen!

Meet Mallory, Learn From A Teen!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Meet Mallory, Learn From A TeenIf you are looking to stay young mentally science is suggesting you must challenge your brain to learn new things. Like anything else if we put it on a shelf and don’t challenge our mind it gets weak. If you are on this webpage chances are you are looking to learn some new things yourself. I can respect that. This is why I have an exceptional guest on with us to talk about learning and challenges that come along with it.

4-1-16 school1No better person to learn about learning than from someone who is in the hurricane of education. On this broadcast we have Mallory Wanner on the show. Mallory plays the piano, trumpet and is involved in drumline. She is a superstar middle school student who is achieving at the highest level. YES! I said we are going to have a middle school student on the show. Why you ask? Simple. When is the last time you were tasked with learning so many difference things from so many different personalities all the while dealing with the towering outside forces of being a teenager? If you think you can only learn from someone with a PHD than you are very wrong.

There is some spirited conversation with Mallory about what it is to be a teen in America today, what it takes to make it through school this day and age as well as what it takes to be a successful learner. These are not topics like radical Islam and it may not be TRUMP vs Cruz vs Hillary talk but fortunately for us all there is more to the world than murderers and criminals and tonight we have an angel on the show to tell us about what life is like in this great nation today. Don’t miss this episode of I AM Liberty.
Visit I Am Liberty website HERE!
Join us for I Am Liberty “LIVE SHOW” every Friday 9:00/Et 8:00Ct 6:00/Pt Go To Listen and Chat

Listen to this broadcast or download “Meet Mallory, Learn From A Teen” in player below!

Get the 24/7 app for your smart phone HERE!
Put the 24/7 player on your web site HERE! 
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5 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life In The Wild

Surviving in the woods is something that you may, at some point, need to know about. Even if we never experience a local or global natural disaster that would force you into the woods in order to survive, there are always other times when you may need it.

For instance, if you’re camping and lose your way or if your car breaks down in the woods and you are miles away from civilization, you’ll need to know how to survive for a day or two.

Survivopedia has teamed up with the guys from Survival Know How to bring you a series of videos about 5 crucial hacks for your wilderness survival. We will teach you how to build a snare to catch small game, how to make a simple water filter, how to create fire using a mirror, how to make a tarp shelter and how to make a 2-liter bottle fish trap.

Each of these survival hacks requires very little in the way of materials and most of them, you’ll have in your bug-out bag or your vehicle bag anyway. If not, they’d be good to add.

1. Catch Live Game with a Wood Cage Trap

This is a pretty cool way to create a basic snare to catch small game. In the video below, Malcolm uses bamboo and a few feet of string but you could use any kind of sticks that you can find. It’s important that the sticks be relatively small in diameter. This is because the snare is going to be built by stacking the sticks atop each other in a manner that will leave gaps as large as the stick. If you use sticks that are too big around, your prey will be able to escape through these gaps.

You’ll be using the strings as the frame for the snare and will build the walls in such a way that when the snare is complete, it will be held together by the tension on the string. It’s extremely simple to put together.

Next you’ll learn how to make the stick that holds the trap up, which is actually quite clever. Finally, he’ll show you how to set the bushcraft trap so that it will snare a small animal. It’s easy and it seems as it would be effective. Check out the video!

Watch this video on Survival Know How.

2. How to Make a Simple Water Filter

There’s nothing more critical to survival than water. Our bodies are made mostly of it and your brain and organs are quickly affected if you don’t have enough. As a matter of fact, you can only go about 24 hours without water before your body and your brain stops functioning optimally. It won’t be long after that you die.

The how-to video below shows you how to make a simple water filter using a scrap of cloth and two empty containers. It works on the wicking method and the water will still need to be boiled or sanitized, but it will be free of debris and dirt.

Watch this video on Survival Know How.

3. How to Create Fire from a Mirror

Next to lack of water or food, exposure to the elements is the next biggest danger to you if you’re stuck in the woods. You need to know how to build a fire for a couple of reasons. First, many places get incredibly cold once the sun sets, and may even be dangerously cold during the day. You’ll need to build a fire to keep warm and to cook your food.

Another reason that you may want to build a fire is so that rescuers can find you. One of the first things that search parties look for is smoke, especially if they’re searching from the sky. Of course, if you’re trying to hide, you’ll want to build a smaller fire in the cover of trees of in a cave in order to hide the smoke.

Regardless, you’ll still need to stay warm and cook the meat that you caught in the snare, so watch this video to see how to start a fire using a vanity mirror. We’ve always said to include a mirror in your kits, so you won’t have anything more to add; you’ll already have what you need. Well, that and sunshine. Check it out – you may be surprised by how well this works!

Watch this video on Survival Know How.

4. How to Make a Tarp Shelter

You’ve got food, you’ve got water, you’ve got fire, and now you need shelter. Those are the basics that will keep you alive if you’re stuck in the woods trying to survive. Since we always recommend carrying a tarp or plastic garbage bags and 550 cord with you in your bug-out and vehicle bags, you won’t need much more other than a little bit of elbow grease.

The video below goes into detail about where you should build your shelter and offers some advice about where NOT to build it. He also talks about the prepping steps that you should take prior to putting your shelter up then tells you how to make it warmer and more comfortable. Check it out – you’ll love the simplicity of it.

Watch this video on Survival Know How.

5. How to Make a 2 Liter Bottle Fish Trap

Just in case your snare doesn’t work, you may want to have a back-up plan. Fish is pretty tasty and it’s also extremely good for you. It has a ton of protein and healthy fat that will help you to survive no matter what your circumstances are.

For this project, you’re going to need a 2-liter bottle, some string and a knife. Though the video shows a 2-liter bottle, you could use a smaller water bottle or even a larger jug. You’ll be catching minnows, which you can eat or use as bait to catch other fish. This is actually a pretty cool trick that you may want to use if you’re a fisherman in order to catch fresh bait throughout the day as you float along.

The concept is the same as commercial crab traps and is a pretty slick hack.

Watch this video on Survival Know How.

All five of these hacks are easy to do and don’t require any other materials than you should have in your bug-out kit or vehicle bag. Not only are they great for survival, they’re even good if you’re just out camping and having fun.

We’d love to hear what you think if the videos so let’s hear your opinion in the comments section below. Also, if you have any other cool hacks, feel free to share those, too!


This article has been written by Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia. The videos have been created by Survival Know How.