The Great Divide In America: There’s No Discussion: “You’re An Idiot”

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Have you noticed? There’s a Great Divide in America, perhaps as extreme as it has been since Civil War I. There’s little or no civil discourse about it. There’s no discussion about it, except, “You’re and idiot!”   You all know what I’m talking about, because it has seemingly affected everyone… The great political divide. But it goes beyond political. It’s more of an outlook on life. Core belief stuff… It touches on many things. I don’t like to label it as left vs. right, but that’s easiest I suppose. Short one syllable words. However it’s more complicated than that.

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Core Goals Standing the Test of Time!

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Core Goals Standing the Test of Time!

Core Goals Standing the Test of Time.
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below!

What has I AM Liberty become? Over these 6 years the show has gone from a strange learning experiment to a tactical and targeted effort to affect the nation the best way the host sees fit. As I write this I wonder if this show is just a vehicle for my own expression and will it change as much as I do over the years?

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Knowledge & Exchange

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Knowledge & Exchange Ray Becker “This show” Audio player provided! I feel the need to change gears from what I’ve been covering to something that I believe is critical. Most of us were poorly educated and in fact, we were indoctrinated. This still goes on to this very day. When did this all go wrong? … Continue reading Knowledge & Exchange

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Were America’s Origins Truly Christian?

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America-signingAmericans talk a lot about liberty. It’s debated in the halls of Congress, on television and radio talk shows, and even over the water cooler or coffee pot at work.

Rarely, though, do we discuss the definition and source of liberty.

This week on a special Independence Day edition of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to Off The Grid Radio founder Bill Heid, who has produced a new video – called “The Lost Secrets of Liberty” — that addresses the definition of liberty. It also examines a controversial question: Were America’s origins truly Christian?

Bill tells us:

  • Why the popular dictionary definition of “liberty” is just plain wrong.
  • Why Ethan Allen demanded the surrender of the British at Fort Ticonderoga “in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress.”
  • Why John Adams said American independence had as much to do with religion as with “taxation without representation.”
  • Why Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin wanted a scene out of the book of Exodus as the national seal.

Bill also tells us why atheism can flourish best in a nation that has a Christian foundation. (Bill’s thoughts on this one surprised even us!)

If you enjoy learning about America’s past, then this is one show you don’t want to miss!

Countdown to The Move from Wyoming to Nashville…One week and counting…plus news from Rich

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What’s in this post… News on Rich, SurvivalRing, Security, my career, local events, latest SurvivalRing Radio Shows, and getting ready to move across the country. Wait an hour and the weather will change Hello again from the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, where one day we have flash floods after chinook winds melts over a foot […]

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Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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Communist Attack on Self Reliance Host: James Walton “Visit I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! Can we get a little historic? Can we look at some of the early communist teachings? Not in the black board and chalk method ‘a la Glen Beck’ but from the prepper stand point. As an American its pretty … Continue reading Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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SurvivalRing Radio Podcast – Show 103 – Jan. 20th, 2017

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Friday night’s  show is done…news of the day, homesteading tips, frugality, home security, and brain science…understanding how your brain responds to danger…and how to make it better. SurvivalRing Radio…we’re gonna make it out alive….catch the podcast here… As always, you are invited to be part of the show every week, either calling in, emailing […]

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After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

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After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! On this special edition of the I AM Liberty Show we are going to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. In straight forward terms we are celebrating the end of the Obama age. Let’s be … Continue reading After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

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SurvivalRing Radio – 1st Live 3 hour call-in Talk show this Friday

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My good friend and radio show cohost James “Doctor Prepper” Stevens has retired from the Critical Preparedness Resources Talk Radio show as of last Friday. He is moving on to other consulting ventures, but will occasionally drop in to the new show taking moving into his time slot, when he has the time. The last […]

Prepping for Tomorrow endorses Donald J. Trump

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Prepping for Tomorrow endorses Donald J. Trump for President Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” Audio in player below! On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, we’ll discuss politics and the 2016 Presidential election, from a libertarian prepper’s perspective. I’ll discuss why I endorse Donald J. Trump for President. … Continue reading Prepping for Tomorrow endorses Donald J. Trump

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Opinion: Taking sides…

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From Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986: And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the […]

A Toxic Brand & Trump’s Most Heinous Sin

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Hillary Clinton is well on her way to 300 electoral votes in November and delivering a near Reagan-esque clinton_article_picturelevel ass-kicking for Democrats. As unlikely as it seemed only a year ago, a career politician as corrupt as the day is long will win the election, even with net favorable ratings in the negative double-digits.  She’ll dissolve our borders, stock the Supreme Court with vegan, transgender tree-huggers and use the power of the federal government to build a nanny state to manage every aspect of our lives.

By Professor Liberty Mize, a contributing author of SHTFBlog

All while the red ink flows and individual Liberty wanes.  And yet, while her election is one man’s fault, it still isn’t the worst thing he’s done.

Sending The Party Off A Cliff 

While Donald J Trump may have handed the keys of this republic to a profiteering, untrustworthy mental midget, his most heinous crime against Liberty has gone largely un-noticed.  Donald not only engineered Hillary’s win and put the Republican party on life support, his true sin against humanity is the damage he’s done to the conservative brand.  Despite never earning conservative support, he’s now intent on driving conservatism off of a cliff.  The result will foment decades of distrust and be much more damaging than a single Hillary Clinton term.

Also Read: Election Thoughts From a Survivalist

Sound dramatic?   I assure you it is not.   Your average voter, particularly the young, now associates conservatism with Trump.  They think that all conservatives agree with him, act this way behind closed doors and endorse his behavior.  Donald Trump is playing a cartoon character of every conservative stereotype and making it simple to paint us all with a broad brush and a palette filled with – racism, misogyny, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.  This will undoubtedly have repercussions for years to come as voters come of age and buy into the false narrative.trump_article_vote_election

How can conservatism attract young people when the version they’ve seen as synonymous with the movement is so unscrupulous and vile? Whether you believe the mainstream media is honest, whether you think we need new policies and plan to hold your nose to get them, one thing is without question.  Donald Trump is a truly wretched human being.  While I can’t speak to his faith, his actions in no way indicate a belief in any God other than himself. Consider the following. Donald Trump has…

  • A documented history of infidelity and dishonesty
  • Been a crass, belligerent, self-aggrandizing ass
  • Lied about self-funding the campaign while using donations to line his company’s pocket
  • Repeatedly sexualized his own daughter
  • Disrespected women
  • Shown he has incredibly thin skin and a hair trigger
  • Been proven to be disloyal and wholly unlikeable

None of these are qualities that reflect conservative ideals.   None could be used to characterize conservative leaders in the past.   They don’t describe Reagan or Goldwater… heck they don’t even describe Rubio or Cruz.  

A Moral Imperative

True conservatives accept that that our rights come from God and a politician’s job is to protect those rights and individual liberty.  They believe in morality, fiscal restraint and Reagan’s three-legged stool.   They believe the US is a shining light on a hill responsible for spreading democracy and that living our ideals matter. Trump believes none of this.  He only believes in Trump.  He is a New York City liberal who funded Hillary Clinton with multiple donations, and has the same progressive worldview.

Related: Dire Straits

So as we line up at the polls in November and take public stands on social media for and against candidates, I urge you to choose carefully.   Many are watching and noting what conservatives will do.   Trump won’t and can’t win the election no matter what you do, but preserving your personal political capital and being true to conservative principles matters.   Don’t fall for this charlatan’s bait and switch, he’s not one of us and he never was.  

Disclaimer: These opinions are not necessarily representative of SHTFBlog or its affiliates.  

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CHOOSE FREEDOM: What does this mean to me?

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CHOOSE FREEDOM: What does this mean to me? Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” On the episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart in player below, Bobby dives into a topic which has been the overriding theme of his critically acclaimed Boston Brahmin series —CHOOSE FREEDOM! In addition to being the title of … Continue reading CHOOSE FREEDOM: What does this mean to me?

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240 Years Of Independence Coming To A Close, Or A New Beginning?

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As Great Britain ironically declares its independence from the European Union, America’s independence has eroded to shreds of what it once was when independence was declared 240 years ago from Great Britain’s own tyrannical rule. While most people don’t know their history, most Americans do not even realize the extent to which their own government […]

Our Independence, Our Freedom, Our blessing…

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Most of you are probably beginning your holiday celebration for the Fourth of July. I have been very concerned about our precious Republic and her future.  So many of elements of our society, the loud and progressive, have brought about significant changes in our Republic’s landscape.  Certainly there really is the landscape, the environment and all that it encompasses.  But I am also speaking to the social, political, and the sacred familial freedoms that we have historically enjoyed.
I do not wish to be political here. However, let’s just say that I am looking at Candidates that I may have never sought out before in regard to the Presidential campaign.  I still believe the honor, integrity, wisdom, respect, ethics, and  righteous principals are necessary tools in the toolbox of any President.  I have tried to vote with these ideals in mind my entire adult life.  I see no reason to break away from them now.
I have to admit, I have been a bit discouraged about the course of our beloved Republic.  I have determined that I have been gathering my information from TV and Radio sources that tend to discourage and exploit for ratings despite their political leaning. 
Thus, I was so grateful to find this breath of fresh air….Elder D Todd Christofferson who was a keynote speaker at the Freedom Festival (held annually in Provo Utah).  I am again hopeful and thankful for the many gifts the almighty have given.  I vow again to look forward with hope and faith in this blessed land, and will participate and work to do what I can to ensure Her safety.  
I encourage you to put up your feet, and listen to the amazing speech. (Start at minute 2:09). I hope it will warm you heart during this Holiday weekend as we remember those who sacrificed so much to keep us free.

Nationalism Returns To Britain As It Exits The European Union

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(image: Drudge headline)   BREXIT… The globalists have suffered a huge defeat last night as even their ‘vote rigging’ evidently failed to overcome the momentum of nationalism which has just swept the majority within Britain to an exit of the European Union. The entire future of the European Union is now in question as the […]

Prepping and Politics: Part Two

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Prepping and Politics: Part Two Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, we continue the subject of politics, from a prepper’s perspective. Last week, we had an excellent conversation with Tom Martin, founder and owner of the American Preppers Network. We only scratched … Continue reading Prepping and Politics: Part Two

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Education and what it can do for you…my story

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On this day 10 years ago, I received this recruiting letter from Columbia University. It was just one of several such letters I received from Ivy League colleges, after becoming the recipient of the 2006 All-USA Academic Team community college award. Even more came when I became the New Century Scholar for Wyoming for having […]

Terror, Americans & Unification

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Terror, Americans & Unification
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Terror, Americans & Unification KhanDelivery driver Junead Khan, 25, is said to have planned a terror attack on US soldiers outside military bases in Britain.

The prosecution said that, after his arrest last July, detectives discovered he had shared a number of images associated with Islamic State on WhatsApp.

One was of an article with the headline “Exclusive: West can’t defeat IS”, which featured an interview with Abu Rahin Aziz, also known as Abu Abdullah al-Britani.

Cross-examining at Kingston Crown Court, prosecutor Max Hill told Khan that Aziz was “a hero” to him.


Islamic terror is not going away anytime soon. One would argue it’s a cultural institution almost like gang culture in America. I wonder about whether that is a decision all Middle Eastern Muslim boys make in their formative years. Whether to follow in the footsteps of jihadists or continue down the path of incredible poverty.

3-3-16 41S9jYawgMLEither way as Americans we get touchy when these types of attacks happen at home or to our people. In my new book Tom Locke: Surviving America the lead character also uncovers a brutal terror plot but really by terrible luck. What ensues is his best effort to thwart that plan. It’s a ride filled with suspense and a mountaintop chase and attack against a 24 hour time window to prevent the most heinous terrorist attack ever attempted.

I am liberty 400x300The book is about action and suspense but the underlying theme is the importance for good people to live together on American soil. Tom’s only ally in this whole adventure is a Muslim man named Najair. Their arguments about religion and faith open up thoughts about us getting along as Americans.

This episode we are going to talk terror, Americans and Unification on the I AM Liberty show.
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Troy Grice Oathkeeper Author 92

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Troy Grice

Troy Grice



Troy Grice

This week Mike and I are joined by author Troy Grice. I have previously reviewed Indivisible and have a review copy of Oathkeeper. I am a slow reader with a backlog so I invited troy on. We had a great time chatting with Troy on his new book Oathkeeper.

This book like Indivisible plays on government corruptions a lot. Also on those on government that do the right thing. Troy brings a balance to his characters I like. He doesnt paint unrealistic pictures.

We also dig into politics a bit. Troy being an Anarcho Capitalist and I being a Anarchist. Mike does not have a label. Troy talks about his transition from conservative to his current leanings.

We talk about whether people are waking up to freedom or steadily sleeping. We all agree that that majority is still asleep and remaining so. That nothing seems to be jarring folks awake to their prison cells.

Lastly we laugh about the presidential race. How we are in the Idiocracy race. The people are now demanding a WWE style performance  from candidates. That the front runners are so over the top ridiculous that it is insane for Trump and Sanders to be poling so high.

Don’t forget to rate and review us in Itunes.



  • Who is Troy Grice
  • Tell me About Oathkeeper
  • War on drugs
  • Tell me about your personal Political Philosophy?
  • In Indivisible you hit on the police corruption. Did you ruffle a lot of feathers with that
  • Do you see the US waking up and wanting freedom?
  • Are you watching the presidential race at all?


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SurvivalRing News … Updates and Trends. New Year, New Everything

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Good evening my friends… I’m going to try to keep this short, because it’s been a very long day of training in Meat World (my day job for the state of Wyoming)…12 hours worth (1st aid, CPR, AED use, policy, procedure, etc…you know, basic in-service prison annual re-certification training)  Even had  a working lunch…which was […]

Current Gun Control Discussion

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Regarding the current gun control discussion going on right now in the wake of another push by the Executive Branch to impose regulation:

I’m actually OK with expanded background checks. The problems I have with gun control involve stupid, arbitrary things like classifying a rifle as an assault rifle based on the fact that it looks like a military weapon, even though it isn’t one by any stretch of reality. People talk about “armor piercing” bullets and “machine guns,” but the AR-15 that is typically their target actually fires a comparatively weak round and isn’t anything like a…

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Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? “If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled”

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By Mac Slavo –

After they have come for the terrorists, and the once-legal gun owners, what happens when they come for you?

Secret lists are becoming the law of the land. Overseas, Obama uses a secret list to authorize the killing of suspects (and bystanders) via drone strike. Execution, as determined by “secretive processes, without indictment or trial.” Some of those killed have been American citizens.

Secret lists have been used to determine who can fly on a plane, who is worth watching as a potential terrorist, and who can travel. None of this necessarily requires that a crime has been committed, or that the individual in question has done anything wrong.

But it won’t stop there.

Somewhere down the line, there is a deeper list, a simpler list. Somewhere inside the shadow government, and the ominous and secretive infrastructure it has built and seized, there is a list that doesn’t have to mind the complexities of law, or the subtleties of public scrutiny, but can just mark you down – red or blue.

Those on the red list are marked as dissenters, resisters and enemies of the state. At the appropriate time, perhaps in a nationwide martial law emergency or major terrorist attack, there will be many who are rapturously rounded up and taken away, never to be seen again. The most unaccountable parts of the government have already done it at black sites overseas to aid in the overthrow of various locales.

Someday it will happen here… when it does, what will you do?


There danger is inherent. The list exists already inside the system, whether someone has actually crafted it or not. It is retroactive. Databases have been following us throughout our lives for generations now, and today’s technology is quickly becoming sophisticated enough to track and log data on every last individual during nearly every transaction throughout their lives.

The NSA gets that information, and groups like them. What they don’t have, they call their friends in Silicon Valley for. They monitor it in real time. Not shaded-out “doing nothing wrong” crowds that have no meaning, but a school of fish, the entire movements and trends on every level. And where ever a nail sticks up, and an eccentric action occurs, a note is made, an exception is logged, and there is another ping. Somewhere, someone is going against the trend.

What is quantified through data and technology will be applied against the age-old rubric of power – those who thirst for it will do anything to destroy their enemies, competitors and anyone who speaks out against what they are doing. Secret lists, secret trials, 4 am raids, indefinite detention, harsh treatment have already been used by many dictators and empires in the 20th Century for suppression.

The List 2.0 will be aided by computer technology, and will be precise and subtle in its selection and enforcement.

How many pings does it take to make the “red” list? No one knows for sure, but patriots instinctively understand the danger of the slippery slope of databasing our population and allowing the rule of law and our rights to be chipped away.


The Bush-era was a nightmare for rights, as the War on Terror cast a shadow of suspicion over the whole population that anyone could be a potential terrorist. Color-coded threat charts, all communications monitored, citizen snitch networks, security checks, pat-downs at the airport and roaming agents everywhere acting under Homeland Security authority. Torture is fine for any apprehended terror suspects. Under the NDAA, all authority is granted.

Under the Obama regime, the focus has been different, but the problem is the same. The NDAA is still in effect, along with all the rest of the emergency powers. Dangerously, President Obama is now linking the terror lists with guns, the thing which he is most terrified.

Mass shooters aren’t so different from terrorists, anyway. The presumption of guilt beforehand system-wide remains in place. The 2nd Amendment is too much freedom for the population to handle, given the threat.

Gun owners have cried foul that efforts to “step up” background checks are in reality an effort towards a federal registry of all gun owners. A master list. Such a registry is tantamount to total confiscation, they argue. It has already happened in states like Connecticut and New York. Someday they will come door to door for everyone.

It has happened many times in the past. The White House has vehemently denied this, but what are their denials worth?

Now, one of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will get another item on their wish list.

Two years before Obama took office, the man who would become his Chief of Staff gave a fiery speech to the Brady Center demanding a No Fly, No Buy list that would ban firearms purchases for anyone on the terrorist watch list. That man also happens to be the same man who is famous for saying “never let a good crisis go to waste.”:

“If you’re on that no fly list, your access to the right to bear arms is cancelled, because you’re not part of the American family. You don’t deserve that right. There is no right for you, if you’re on that terrorist list.”

Then-Congressman Rahm Emanuel at the Brady Center in 2007:

It is this kind of thinking that is un-American.


What is happening represents so much more than just a an infringement on gun rights, it is a dismantling of the rights of due process, and all the great protections on individual rights that have been respected under the republic of the United States. The 5th Amendment demands that no one be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law” – and firearms certainly qualify here both under property and under liberty.

But beyond that, how can the 1st Amendment stand either, or the rest of the Bill of Rights with these developments?

That system has been replaced; it is considered outmoded. And a new one has been put in its place.

Though it is little understood now, it might best be recognized as “precrime” – an offense portrayed in Minority Report, where various factors and bits of data construct suspects to be apprehended before they strike. That is, after all, the mentality of the terror watch list, regardless of how selectively it has been enforced. It boils down to the power to point to anyone and justify their termination.

Just as with the rise of fascism in the last century, most Americans have always assumed that “It Can’t Happen Here.” People will argue about whether or not it might happen, and what qualifies as it happening, meanwhile it is happening.

So which list are you on? Red or blue? If you are reading this, you already know…

This article first appeared at Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? “If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled”

Read more:

Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
Are You On the Jade Helm Red List and Will You Know When It’s Time to Run?
Do You Qualify as a Domestic Terrorist? This Gold Dealer Did…
Confiscation Is Coming: Obama To Issue Executive Order Targeting 4.2 Million Retirees With Massive Gun Ban
It IS Happening Here: “Permanent Gun Confiscation” Ordered After Veteran Sought ‘Voluntary’ Treatment for Insomnia
The Push For Full Disarmament of America Has Begun: “Outright Gun Ban and Mass Confiscation Once and For All”
New Obama Policy Would Make “Merely Posting Firearm Information on the Internet” a Crime
DHS Insider Report: Coming This Spring: “Life for the Average American is Going to Change Significantly”

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Power to make change!

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Power to make change!
Host: James “I Am Liberty

PowerHow weak and powerless are we? There is a phrase that is floating all around the internet on blogs, emails and social media. It’s one that goes usually something like this “Well (insert government program) sucks but I can’t do anything about it.” This is very interesting to me. Its clearly a statement following frustration but just how much time do we put towards ‘doing something about it.’

It takes time and work to change a nation. Work, that in my opinion has been tapering off for a long time. Partly because of the access to cheap and easy entertainment and partly because for the most part our nation has lost sight of the nobility in hard work.

PowerI would like you to take the time over the weekend and budget your time. Take a detailed look at a week long time frame. Separate out your work life, love life, family life. Pull from the week your hobbies and those things that you enjoy doing with your down time. For all the bitching, myself included, you will be surprised at how much effort you put into fortifying this nation. I am just as guilty. I do a twice weekly radio show “I Am Liberty” and I would have to admit less >5 of my energy in a week is put towards bettering what I have spent a week crying about.

Could you imagine how people would look at you if you were exclaiming about your house being on fire, running around red face and screaming but you only dumped water on 5% of the fire. This is how the scenario looks to me.

So the question is what can we do? If we have the time what do we do with it? It will be a show about what we must do and how we can do it. I have a great article to consider as well as other methods to talk about. It’s very important that we understand how much power we do have and the things we can do to change the course of our struggling nation.
I Am Liberty website Go Here!

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Democracy, committing suicide!

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Democracy, committing suicide!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Democracy, committing suicide!

“Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either [aristocracy or monarchy]. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” John Adams quotes

So if John Adams was correct we will either have to fight a bloody civil war to keep man free or we have to get comfortably settled under a rash of dictators who come in and rule over us with impunity one after the other. Its very frightening when you come to the realization that democrat or republican, when it comes to representation this nation is left to the will of the highest bidder. Even if you didn’t vote for President Obama he is a great example of good intentions beaten to death by the system.

Democracy, committing suicide!That being said what if you had the power? Imagine, just for a moment, if you woke up on a throne and had just one day to enact some very serious plans to right the ship. Now I implore you to be a little radical in thought. I want to have fun with this topic tonight. I have some ideas myself. Let me put it nice and simple. What if you were Americas new dictator? What would you do and how would you do it?

I have some very strong ideas and plans if I were given such power. Ideas that would make most people flinch. Its a night to think about the what ifs and wonder about the future of our nation. Though we wont be talking too much on the prepper side of things we will be talking about America.
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In Arguing For Marijuana Legalization As A Personal Liberty Issue

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Rand Paul basically eviscerated Chris Christie’s stance on marijuana laws in the second Republican debate a few nights ago, which isn’t getting nearly enough press coverage. I only wish that he had been sufficiently briefed as to be able to point out that New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws (which Christie tried his best to claim as his own) were passed before he was elected and he has since blocked every effort to improve upon them as Governor there, not to mention sidestepping the fact that he has already sworn he would use federal law-enforcement to crack the whip on Colorado in…

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“Show Me Your Papers!” in the Future Fascist States of America…

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Beginning next year, you won’t be able to fly – even domestically – with a simple driver’s license. Rather, factors included in the passage of the Real ID Act (2005) will be going into effect, requiring each individual to have either a passport or one of the newer Enhanced Driver’s Licenses that contain more advanced security features.

To be honest, the title of this article was meant to be mostly in jest as I don’t necessarily subscribe very readily to conspiracy theories, etc. I do, however, take great issue with the subtle but definite moves toward a more totalitarian state in whatever…

{This is a content summary only. To read the full article, please click the article title, and feel free to share your comments!}

Unfortunately, We Americans Get The Government We Deserve

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Unfortunately, we’re too busy being anesthetized by Reality TV and new potato chip flavors to get overly excited over such pesky things as personal liberty, “Big Brother” spying, and encroaching police state totalitarianism.

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Considering The Expat Life

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I was having a conversation with a friend recently, who has plans on moving to Belize upon his retirement from a federal law enforcement posting. The conversation drifted toward what he understood were the laws down there, because individual rights and liberty are typically very important to me. I was curious, because honestly I’ve considered making a similar move in the years to come, and these are the kinds of things I need to know before I do something like that.
With respect to gun rights, his impression was basically that owning them legally in Belize requires you pay a $500 per weapon…

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…and we’re back…News from Rich and SurvivalRing…

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Hi folks, It’s been a while since my last post, although I’ve been in the backroom of SurvivalRing every day for months, keeping things tuned, tight, backed up, and secure. I’ve thought about posting a lot of things, and often I was poised and ready to add my thoughts to the blog, and at the […]

The Gift of Encouragement

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By Denis Korn

We live in stressful and transformative times!

My Be Encouraged post first appeared at the end of 2011 and I have received many encouraging comments about its value in these troubling times.  I especially wanted to re-post this updated version.  It is not meant to be an article about preparedness or outdoor adventure – it is here to be a brief rest from the apprehension of daily life and the anguish of the times.

I felt a personal calling to write and share this prayer of encouragement as a gift to those needing some uplifting words during distressing events and the constant perpetration by media and government of crisis, fear and hysteria.

It is difficult to stay positive, feel secure and be joyful when the world around us appears to be dissolving and transforming, and so many people – especially “leadership” – are egocentric and delusional. 

We all need encouragement to help us cope.


  • Be encouraged: to find tranquility, serenity, courage and contentment amid the uncertainty, anxiety and confusion of the times.
  • Be encouraged: to trust GOD to replace fear and worry with peace and hope.
  • Be encouraged: to avoid those who rob you of your passion.
  • Be encouraged: to seek the company and counsel of those who encourage, understand and support you.
  • Be encouraged: to seek the wisdom to be able to discern the truth from the lie.
  • Be encouraged: to discover someone you can truly trust.
  • Be encouraged: to focus your mind and heart on that which edifies, inspires and transforms.
  • Be encouraged: to let go of the notion that you can do “it” all yourself.
  • Be encouraged: to cast off the chains that bind you to discontentment.
  • Be encouraged: to love one another in thought, heart and deed.
  • Be encouraged: to be selfless not selfish.
  • Be encouraged: to be honest with yourself – and others.
  • Be encouraged: to set aside a few moments each day to quiet your mind, open the eyes of your heart, meditate in silence and be thankful to GOD for the blessings that you have been given.
  • Be encouraged: to deflect the negativity, fear and hatred that is thrust upon you daily.
  • Be encouraged: to experience aliveness as much as possible.
  • Be encouraged: to discern the beneficial actions you are called upon to pursue during these troubled times.
  • Be encouraged: to be courageous while you walk among the weak and disheartened.
  • Be encouraged: to continually search for and discover meaning in all circumstances.
  • Be encouraged: to embody forgiveness.
  • Be encouraged: to realize and exemplify your GOD given purpose in life.
  • Be encouraged: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – think about (meditate on) these things … Phil 4:8
  • Be encouraged: to pray to GOD with thanksgiving – believe and have faith – let go – follow GOD’s guidance and instruction with patience and perseverance.
  • Be encouraged: to encourage others!


Blessings to those who are encouraged by these words

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The Bundy Ranch: Why it’s the wrong fight

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“I haven’t talked about the bundy ranch issue at all since it started. Here are my thoughts…. 1) Cleven does owe fees for the use of the land. I do not agree with fed control of “public lands” within any state, those lands should be made common use BY each state through the consent of said state citizens, however he does owe the fees, but closer to 300k and not a million.

Cont. I understand why he stopped paying those fees for lands the govt said he could no longer use. 2) Public lands are not public lands, they are in essence federal government lands, due to the fact the government and not the voting citizens make decisions on what can be used on them, etc

Cont. 3) Environmental policy within the govt is dictated to by extremists. There is a concerted effort to push out family ranches who have grazed these lands for generations in favor of “no cattle at all”. The govt cannot just say no cattle so they collude with environmental organizations to bring lawsuits and then settle with with them so that the policy is court ordered and they can hide behind judges.

Cont. Most of those who claim cattle destroy the habitat forget that millions of bison roamed those areas for tens of thousands of years. Hoofed animals devouring everything, trodding every square inch of ground and filling those valleys with manure were and are a natural part of the environment, vital to growth and sustainability

Cont. It is laughable that many of these environ groups are small, comprised of people who are paid 6 figures a year, but claim non profit status because they get donations from portland and seattle, but own massive houses and have the gall to claim they are doing it all for the protection of the earth. They sow fear and say cattle are bringing the apocalypse In conclusion I stand with the bundy’s however those going down there from the militia movement, oathkeepers and individual patriots should be careful. Having weapons is fine but if I was there I would keep my AR unloaded with a barrel block in it. If the govt wanted to fire on me then they would be guilty of murder, and the govt couldn’t claim self defense but would be seen for what they are, thugs”


I want to clarify as I feel that I was not able to properly elaborate on my thoughts within the text limits of facebook…I also know I will be pissing some people off, but out of respect and intellectual honesty read the whole piece.  If you still don’t agree that is fine, you can even argue with me in the comments and I will answer your questions, etc.

Cliven is right and wrong

Mr. Bundy is right in that his family has worked and grazed that land long before the BLM ever existed, he claims that his prior usage rights exempt him from federal law and give him near ownership over those lands because his family grazed them over 100+ years. He Is wrong in these ways…

1) Prior usage rights are not well established and as far as i can tell are more in the realm of patent/trademark law and in some instances Water Rights, however these prior usage water rights issues regard private property and patented water rights claims, not grazing on non private land.

2) The BLM is relatively new, but prior to that the Land was administered by the GENERAL LAND OFFICE, officially established in 1812, and Bundy’s Family has only been there since 1870, which would not predate the GLO which was succeeded by the BLM.  The GLO dealt with the Homestead Act and the Preemption act that dealt specifically among other things the collection of taxes and fees for grazing on public lands, which is the heart of this case.

3) Mr. Bundy says he owes the money to the State of Nevada not the BLM, while I am a believer in States rights and that the states SHOULD take the land back from the Federal Government, and the Feds should have NO jurisdiction over land within a state (i.e. public lands), the issue here in that regard is with the STATE OF NEVADA and not the Federal Government. The State of Nevada did not step in and say we want to administer this land, they are Nevadan lands and Not the Federal Governments business, they have been silent.  The Nevada Constitution specifically states that they “forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.” That means all public lands are within the Federal Jurisdiction.  People should be marching on Carson City to make the State leaders grow a pair and take back the rightful land of the people of Nevada.

4) Mr. Bundy is right and wrong about the overreaction of the BLM, they did make a big show of force, they wanted to send a message, however it was not as if he lost his case on friday and they showed up Saturday morning, this had been going on for 20+ years, sooner or later he had to know they would show up, it just so happened it was this month.


People are showing up in support for one main reason, It is not because this is a clear cut and dry case of a man being bullied by the Feds, that they asked him to not have his cattle on the land last week and he just found out about it and they sent in the goon squads, this has been LONG ongoing and it was not unlikely this day would come, frankly im surprised it took 20 years. People are showing up because frankly the are sick and tired of the BS from the Federal Government. They are sick of being taxed to death, being force to buy things they don’t want, watching their dollar buy less and less every year because the government wants it to, fighting endless wars, being spied on, being treated like criminals and children.

They are just sick and tired.  This resentment has been boiling for decades now and is now coming to a head. They heard partial truths and even if they were aware of the whole story all that mattered was that the same people that have been stealing from them and their children’s future were trying to take this mans cattle; whether he was right or wrong, many just wanted to show up and say (pardon the language) FUCK YOU FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! YOU CAN TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE, BUT TODAY YOU WILL NOT! I cant take credit this insight, I felt that this resentment was a driving factor, but Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast really crystallized it for me in his latest podcast.



This is not a cut and dry situation, and in many ways Mr. Bundy is as much to blame as the Feds for this escalation.  Personally as wrong as Mr. Bundy might be, I dont think the Feds have the right to administer land within a state, and that if the Desert Tortoise is so important than why are companies that Senators sons represent somehow ‘finding’ that the habitat of that tortoise no longer extends into their areas planned for development, even though prior to that they had? Does it just take a few million dollars and good connections that a rancher doesn’t have to ‘find’ that the tortoise doesn’t live there anymore?

With that being said, yes there is corruption within the political system, but if the disparate patriot movement wants to plant its flag for a cause, we need to do it smart, we need to think politically, not everything WE think that is the next Lexington and Concorde, will or would be seen by the public as such.  Most people are turned off by politics or pissed off that i would mention we shouldn’t help Mr. Bundy purely because its not a PR win, well folks you may not like politics, but that is what wins wars and more importantly hearts and minds of our fellow citizens… IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT WE THINK, IT MATTERS WHAT THE PUBLIC VIEWS IT AS.

Personally I would wait  for a better opportunity, the equivalent of stealing candy from a sick baby.  A better cause would be to stop a drug raid on someone growing pot for their terminally ill kid, something that would make people say “I always thought those militia guys were wackos, but shit, this kid cant survive without this and they are defending him against a government that wants him to spend the little time he has left in pain and agony.”


chamber blcok

A second course of action would be, and one that i talked about in the facebook post.  You see that little yellow thing above? That could be THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON ANYONE COULD HAVE AT THE BUNDY RANCH




WHY? If everyone there had one in their weapon, it would be visible to all, and render the weapon completely unfireable as long as it was inserted, this prevents a round from being chambered and is used at ranges and in the military to publicly show your weapon is unloaded. If the feds come back and everyone is standing there with their weapons, a symbolic act of defiance, and the Feds shot, well that would be splattered all over the news that the feds killed people who had weapons that could not be fired. Sure there would be many in the Mainstream media that would say “well they still had weapons that could have fired, and they were menacing militia guys”…Sure that will happen.


However here are the three scenarios that will play out if the Feds show back up…


1) The militia and supporters back off and say they don’t want to fight.  I doubt that, all it will take is one guy to raise his weapon, the feds shoot him and everyone else starts shooting in defense.  A bloodbath.

2) The feds show up and there is a battle.  The Main Stream Media and the Obama/Bloomberg Machine will use it as a reason NO civilian should have an assault weapon and get EVERYONE who supported the Bundy Ranch, said they are a “Patriot”, on watch lists.  Every facebook post where you said “I’m a Patriot” would be looked at and you would end up on a terrorist watch list.  This is the real danger of this, and don’t think the Feds WOULDN’T push a confrontation knowing this would make the outcome of an outright ban a near cinch.  The Patriot, small government movement would be cast back 20 years into the realm of Montana Freemen and pipe bomb whacko’s Folks we do not have 20 years to make up any lost ground, this is why i don’t think the Bundy ranch is a good first “line in the sand” for us, its not cut and dry and for the little bit of satisfaction we got from seeing the BLM drive off, we could lose much much more.

3) Everyone does what i mentioned above, they have their rifles, they look “scary” and the media uses the “militia” moniker to scare all those good people in Portland.  However if they fire and kill and injure 10-20 people all of whom were captured on camera with chamber blocks in their rifles, it would be a win.  Those dead would not have gone out in the glory that novels speak of, firing the first shots heard round the world, etc.  But they would do more for the cause than anything. They would show the country that the Feds are what we know they are, bullies, thugs, no better than mafia family enforcers.  They would be shown as murderers, they would show the country that those “Militia” gun nuts that they were so scared of, took the high road, they had no way to defend themselves, they took the path of peaceful resistance, and were shot by our own government.


I want to also say I am not denigrating the honor of those men and women who showed up, I am an Oathkeeper myself, and i consider all of them their my political brothers and sisters, i have a high degree of respect for them to drop everything and show up to fight for what they think is right, and they are not wrong to thing the Feds are wrong. I believe we have long crossed any line in the sand that the government should have ever been able to step over, so i understand the need and want to draw a new one right here right now and say “You have been stepping over every constitutional line for decades since this countries inception, it stops now!”


But damn’t why draw that line at the wrong time and lose, when we can make the right decision at the right time in the right place and do it right?     Those are just my two cents.  let me know what you think.


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Why I no longer Say the pledge of Allegiance

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Before you accuse me of being unpatriotic let me tell you a few things about myself, I have served in the United States Marine Corps with multiple combat deployments and have spend a shade under a decade training for and deploying overseas in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.  I proudly fly the Flag of the United States of America at my home, because I believe in what it stood for, but not how it acts currently or even in modern history.  I am a patriot through and through and believe the United States was once the beacon of Liberty in the world, and that liberty still beats in the hearts of many which gives me hope for our future.

Please read the entire article before you past judgement, I don’t believe everyone will agree with me even after reading it, however I don’t think that you will come away without having moments of pause as well.


History behind the Pledge

In 1892 the pledge of allegiance was born, Daniel Sharp Ford was the owner of a magazine called “Youth’s Companion” and he felt that barely 3 decades after the war between the states that the United States was still in need of some sort of patriotic boost.  Part of the campaign he launched involved one of his staff, Francis J. Bellamy to compose a pledge of allegiance to the flag; Bellamy was an author and minister as well as staunch advocate of Christian Socialism.  The pledge was written and published and soon became very popular across the country at schools, campground and other public meetings as well as Congress itself.


Bellamy Salute

Now Mr. Bellamy felt that it was strange to just stand there limply and recite the pledge of allegiance so he devised a “salute” to accompany the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, that involved extending your right arm, angling it slightly upwards with fingers pointing towards the flag. This salute was not controversial until WWII, as you can imagine from the picture below…it very much resembled the Nazi/Fascist salute and thus became to be discomforting for Americans to be doing the near same thing as our enemies were in Europe.

bellamy salute

In 1942 weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor Congress amended the Flag Code and stated that the pledge should be said while “standing with the right hand over the heart”.  This has become the familiar pledge stance, however one cannot forget the eerie photos above, and just because we are saluting ‘our’ flag does not mean that the sentiment of blind obedience is not present as well.


What does the pledge say and why do I no longer say it?


The current pledge reads as follows (with the section “under God” being added in 1954)

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


I have a few nitpicky issues such as pledging allegiance to a government that does not care about the rights of it citizens, or referring to ourselves as a Republic when we are no longer a Republican Federalist system (not since Lincoln).


However my main issue is with the phrase “One Nation…., indivisible”


This harkens back to a early time in our history, I don’t want to write 15 pages for this post so if you want to do more digging you can, however from the very onset of our nation there were two groups of ideological thinking; The Jeffersonians, who believed that a large centralized Government was harmful to liberty and that states as sovereigns where the best chance at protecting that liberty from a large centralized state and the Hamiltonians who believed that a large federal government, a central bank, imperial ambitions overseas and domestically was necessary to a “strong” government, basically that a strong large government was more important that individual liberties (you can see I am not a Hamiltonian).

For 70+ years the Hamiltonian thinkers were kept at bay mostly by Southern interest who did not believe in central banks, paper currency, heavy tarriffs to protect industrial interests, etc.

Central Banks and Paper Currency and their problems should be quite obvious by now, if they are not, then I don’t know what else will convince you short of a total economic collapse and even then im sure you can reason your way around it!

Southern Politicians were most against Tariffs because they hurt the south more, the South produced about 3/4 of the output of America at the time, while the North was becoming more industrialized, large business interests and corporations in the North had long wanted and had been somewhat successful at times in introducing heavy tariffs for imported goods.  This hurt the South the most because of the fact the South imported much of their products and with a tariff they were forced to pay higher prices to Northern Businesses, a kickback from increased Tariff revenue was also with handing out subsidized loans and payments to Northern Business like railroads and steel for projects that wer never completed and rife with corruption a “twofer” for northern corporations and a early taste of the corporate welfare we still have today.

Lincoln was a hardcore believer in the ideals of the Whig party which held as planks of their ideals, heavy tariffs, centralized government and subsidized (and corruption rife) domestic ‘internal improvements’ (i.e. paying railroads to build railroads).  This was Lincolns agenda all along and one doesn’t have to dig too far to realize he didn’t give two craps about slavery his main goal was to institute these programs but could not with Southern opposition.  A digress back to slavery, the main reasoning behind the fight to stop slavery from expanding to the territories, for Lincoln, not speaking about the moral issue, was to kill votes for democrats (southerners) from expanding, pure and simple.  It is also interesting to note that the Emancipation proclamation was only  set to ‘free slaves’ in the areas of the south where the federal troops had no jurisdiction.  In pro union slave areas no slaves were set free after the emancipation proclamation, this proclamation was aimed at trying to start a slave rebellion while most southern men were gone at war, this was not a moral decision, but a military one.  Lincoln also had rejected the idea of compensated emancipation, a way that all other slave holding countries had solved the problem, by paying those who had slaves a set rate and requiring their freedom upon payment, this was a much less costly way of ending the slave debate, however Lincoln rejected this and had long believed that all slaves should be sent to Africa or central America upon emancipation as they were not equals to whites.

Anyways I know this may seem inconsequential to the pledge, however it all starts with the War Between the States

*Another side not, a Civil war is one where a group wants to overthrow the current government of a country and rule it themselves, the south had no wish to rule the whole of the United States, only for each of the states of the Confederacy to just leave, thus it was a war between states and not a civil war*

Basically there are two schools of thought, that the States created the Government or that the government created the states.  Those who say that secession is treasonous or that there IS no right for a state to secede is saying that somehow the Government of the United States predated the states themselves and the colonies that predated them.  This is on its face and in fact absurd.  There is no way that a Federal Government existed before the states since the STATES HAD TO RATIFY THE CONSTITUTION TO CREATE IT! In fact numerous states reserved the right IN THE VERY RATIFICATION of the Constitution that they could secede if the federal government became tyrannical or if it was just no longer in that States interest to be part of the ‘Union’.

The Constitution was a contract with the people, but the people of each state, the states as they ratified it were voluntarily giving some of their sovereignty to the Federal Government, but were not abdicating it completely.  As with any contract if one party felt that the compact was no longer valid or had been violated they would be free from this obligation.  Also since there is not statement of “perpetual union” there was no requirement that upon ratification that they were obligated to stay as part of this compact forever, there is not time agreement at all thus this contract is only valid as long as both parties agree to it.


What Lincoln did before the war started and during it (and his groupies continued to peddle this lie afterward) was to make people believe that secession was treason, that it was illegal and there was no basis or right to do so.  As I hope you can see this is not true, secession is a weapon of last resort for a sovereign people to regain the rights they feel have been violated, it is not a simple and easy thing to come to, but it is still a right.

So finally back to the Pledge, with the words “indivisible” the pledge is perpetuating this lie that there is not right to leave the compact, that is something that i cannot agree to.  Each state has the right to leave whenever they feel they have no other recourse to regain their liberties.  Much like a Home owners association when you join it you are giving up some of your rights (god help you if you do move into one!), such as what you can paint your house, decorations, etc.  When you enter into this agreement you are saying yes to this, however if later this HOA decides that you can no longer own a certain type of vehicle or that you are not allowed to bring friends over that are of a certain color or religion you may rightfully say that this is not the agreement you had.  But the difference is you can leave at any time, if Lincoln was the HOA president then he would send security guards to beat you and burn your house down to make sure that you continue to part of this ‘voluntary’ union.


In no way do I believe that Slavery was “ok”, I think it is an abomination to any people or country.  I however can’t throw out the baby with the bath water, the North did not invade the South to stop slavery and the South did not fight to keep slavery, the issue was states rights with slavery used as a backdrop by revisionist historians who don’t want people to know the full truth.  That it was corporate welfare, cronyism and bloated government that was the cause and the underlying reason.

If you still feel that I am not patriotic and Hate America because I wont recite a pledge written by a socialist that denies the very rights that this nation was founded on, Well…I don’t know what else to say.


If you want more information on what i explained briefly in here please comment below and I can point you in the right direction.





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Presenting the Third Part of  Five Part Series on Litecoin/CryptoCoin Mining, Today we will cover Software Installation for Windows Based Mining Rigs.

If you Havent Read the First Two post, start here




WINDOWS INSTALLATION After you have finished your BIOS settings, put the Windows installation Disk into your DVD player. It should boot up and show this screen


Screenshot 7

Then It will ask you to setup the language, time/currency format, keyboard/input method (most people just leave as US).  Select your settings and click continue.

IT will then show a button “INSTALL NOW”, Click on that.




Screenshot 2

You will now come to the Product Key page, and ask you to input your product key

Screenshot 3



This will be found on the slip that the CD came in and should be 25 letters/numbers long, then click “NEXT”

Now it will ask you to accept the License Terms, do so.



You will now see this screen

Screenshot 4

If you are using a brand new Motherboard and building this rig from the ground up you will need to click “CUSTOM” on the bottom.  If you are using an old motherboard that had Windows 7 on it with the Hard Drive that it had before (i.e. you are using parts from an old computer you had) then click “UPDGRADE” More than likely all of you reading this would be using “CUSTOM




Now You will be asked to select where you would like to Install Windows 8.

Screenshot 5

If you only have One Hard Drive then you will see what is shown above, and only one will show up, click next to continue.  If you have More than 1 hard Drive (if you are building a Liteocin Rig, you wouldn’t, because that would be a waste of power and money??) then select which one you want to install it on. You can partition your drives, however this is a tutorial on setting up a mining rig NOT building a new Home Computer.  So just click next.


Windows is now coping files to you drive to install itself.  This can take a few, so if you need to fill up your coffee cup or take a bathroom break, you will be fine!

Screenshot 6



After this is done, Windows will restart itself, no need from any input from you.  You will see this screen as it restarts as well as updates on what it is doing (i.e. getting devices read 15%…..).

Screenshot 1

Windows may restart a second time before it is ready to go to the next step.


You will now see this screen

Screenshot 8

Now Click on Personalize, name  your computer, you can pick the color, etc. You can click through these options and set them up individually.



Screenshot 9


The “SIGN IN” section is where you can set up your PC using a Microsoft Email account (HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK)

If you do not have one, you can create one, if you don’t have one and don’t want one Click “SIGN IN WITHOUT A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT” and click next


ON THE NEXT SCREEN CLICK “LOCAL ACCOUNT” and here is where you will pick the username and password to login to your computer (Later on we will disable this so it logs in automatically, this is so if there is a restart on your system/power outage it will restart your mining rig, log in and start mining again, without you there).


Windows will now finalize your settings. And start to show you some functions that are new to Windows 8, just sit there and love it….. After the Demo is over it will continue to get the PC read, and install the apps.   You will then see a unfamiliar screen of colored boxes…this is the new Windows Start menu.  In the lower left hand corner look for “DESKTOP”, click that and you will now be on the Desktop of your Rig!

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I Would create a folder on your Desktop for all the software downloads, etc.  I named mine “Mining” and then separated them into Different categories, this way it was easier than going through the “downloads” portion to find the right one.

All the software below you will install EXCEPT CGMINER and CATALYST DRIVER.  Download ONLY, DO NOT INSTALL  YET!


If you are using a USB WIFI connection to connect to the internet, have the installation cd that came with the WIFI and install that.  If you don’t google it on your other computer and download it to a Thumbdrive, plug it in your rigs USB slot and drag and drop it into your software folder.  Install it so you can get internet access.



Just google MSI AFTERBURNER or go to this link (MSI AFTERBURNER) and download the Latest Version of it.  Nothing really to do other than open it up once its downloads and then click settings on the bottom, and under the general tab (should be the main menu that pops up) Click every box (X) and click save.  This synch’s all the cards that are alike (i.e. 7950’s or 7970’s) with the same settings as well as unlock the voltage so you can “undervolt” your cards, which lowers temps and more power efficient. I have not personally used TRIXX, however I have heard no bad things about it, so you can look into that as well.


TEAM VIEWER (For help form forums) This is a free download for personal use, you can download here (Team Viewer), however this will install google chrome toolbar, etc onto your Internet explorer, which you don’t need.  This is used if you are having issues on your setup and a forum member offers to go in and check your settings and see what you are doing wrong.  Yes this allows someone onto your computer, but it has helped me multiple times when I was stumped.  Just be smart.


CATALYST 13.12 DRIVER This is the driver for your GPU (if you are using a AMD based, specifically the Sapphire 7950), which connects it to the computer and installs all the ‘parts’ needed to function, think of your computer as a house, your gpu as curtains, the driver is like the curtain rods and mounting hardware, without it its just a curtain on the floor, this puts everything where it needs to go to work as you need it.   You can download the Latest Version Here (AMD DRIVERS) DO NOT INSTALL IT. 


CGMINER 3.7.2 You can find the index for all versions of CGMINER Here (CGMINER), I would go with 3.7.2, but I know of folks using 3.4 etc.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY VERSION NEWER THAN 3.7.2 (e.g. latest version 3.8.3).  You are mining for Litecoins which uses “scrypt” you don’t need to know what all the details, however later versions DO NOT ALLOW FOR SCRYPT MINING, so it wont work! Download it and put it in the mining software file. DO NOT INSTALL IT.




If you have a gmail address already you can sign in on the main screen that pops up after downloading Chrome.

If you don’t have a GMAIL you can sign up for one. If you don’t want to Sign up for one you can sign up for a Google account using your current email (This may change in the future).

Go to and sign up there for a Google account using your current email. Now sign in on Chrome and google “Chrome Remote Desktop” it will take you to the app page and in the Upper right hand corner click “INSTALL”.

From there you will download the app and move on to the…



You will see a screen asking you what you will use this for.

Screenshot 10



On top is a “REMOTE ASSISTANCE” for IT support, don’t click that.

The Bottom Option, “MY COMPUTERS” is where you want to go, click “GET STARTED”



It will install ask for you to enter a “PIN”, this is the code needed to remotely access your  computer so do not make it “1234” or something stupid, pick a good secure PIN.

You are now set up for Remote access.  This way you can access you computer, control cgminer and MSI AFTERBURNER, etc. from say your inlaws house 1000 miles away!


NOTE- to do this you will need to have Chrome Browser on your laptop or whatever computer you are going to use to access it remotely.  Then you will sign in with your google account, open a new tab and click the APP app Button and click on the Remote Desktop Iconrd.  Your computer name (whatever you named it during WINDOWS SET UP) should show up and then you can click that computer, enter the pin and click connect.


DO NOT TRY THIS NOW.  YOU HAVE TO CONFIGURE CGMINER to allow for this or it will crash!! We will go over this again at the very end (after cgminer is finished and you are successfully mining).   




I have outlined how to do this on a Youtube Video (HOW TO GET A LITECOIN WALLET 101) as well as written a overview Blog post on Litecoin and the different types of wallets and ways to store your coins.  Choose whats best for you as fare as storage, but you will need to have an address to have your mined coins sent to.


Watch the Video or just follow these steps


Go to


Download the appropriate file based on your operating system (Window, Mac, Linux) Allow for a lot of time for the Wallet to get synchronized with the network.


Go into the “RECEIVE” tab and on the right is your “address”


Go up top in the “RECEIVE” Tab and click to “encrypt your address” this is basically asking you to create a password.



I would go to and create a 24 digit random password of upper/lower case letter, numbers and symbols.

Encrypt it and write down and store in a SAFE location your address and your password.


Your address is fine to be public you can write that down on a piece of paper and leave it next to your computer, or email it to yourself, whatever you want to do.

Just keep the password secret.

You now have a Litecoin Wallet.

This is not 100% secure (neither is online banking), so please consult my post on how to store your coins more securely. (LINK TO POST)



There are many pools out there, I personally used COINOTRON (as well as and currently, but you can choose whatever one you want, compare them and make your own decision.

Basically you will sign up on their website

Inside your account info you will need to input your Litecoin address (which you should have after setting up your wallet, but you don’t necessarily need until you are ready for a payout).  Re verify that you address is correct after inputting it, you don’t want to mine for awhile and realize someone else has been getting all the benefits of your hardwork.

Check to see what the fees are in your pool.  Currently (December 2013) the Fees are 0% for payouts above 1.5 Litecoins, so you don’t pay any fees when you “get paid” unless its for less than that.  Make sure you set your “Payout Threshold” at 1.5 or whatever you want it to be, this is the number that triggers a payment. For instance if your Threshold is ‘5” once you mine 5 litecoins it sends those 5 to your address.  If you do not have a Litecoin (or whatever coin you are mining) address yet you will want to set the threshold high so that it doesn’t send your coins to the server owner.  So, set it high and set up the wallet whenever you are ready to be paid.


However there are fees based on whether you are paid by..

You will select one of these when you create your “worker”



PPS is more risky for pool operators for many reasons, I don’t want to get into details about blocks, orphaned blocks, etc.  you can research them through your own pool.

PPS can offer higher payouts but it’s a higher fee on your mined coins while RBPPS has lower fees, I currently use RBPPS, its reliable and easy.

You will then set up your “worker”, most likely you aren’t looking to get real detailed with all of this, no more than is necessary, so for simplicities sake we will just consider one pool, one coin.  I am not looking to write the end all be all of Litecoin mining and ALL its “ins and outs” This is meant for the average person just looking to get in and make it as easy as possible.

So you will set up a worker, you will see where it asks to create the workser username and password.

Your workers username will be your SIGN IN NAME (to sign into coinotron from the main page) + whatever you input. So lets same my Sign in is JSMITH and I set my worker username to “1” my worker username that will be used for mining will be “JSMITH.1”.  Whatever you enter for your password is up to you.  However as you will see in the 4th post setting up cgminer, you will need to know your worker username and password.


Once you have done this you are good, you are now part of a Mining Pool, which although means you make less than if you were solo mining, it is difficult, if not impossible (pretty much impossible for any existing coin) to solo mine anymore.  I am more interested in consistent and constant streams of coins than hoping for my solo mining rig to hopefully find a block and solve it.


Stay Tuned for the next Installment of Part 4 and 5 of my Series on how to set up a Mining Rig!





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Today I present the second part in a 5 part series on how to build and run a Crypto Coin Mining Rig, with this you can mine any SCRYPT based currency such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, RonPaul Coin, etc.

If you haven’t read the First Post in this Series, What to Buy, Start there.



I used a milk crate for the “case” of the computer *(If you want to see the PVC version I also built It is at the end of the post) , this offers a very cheap option for the case as you can pick them up for around $6 on Amazon or you can just keep your eye out on craigslist or garage sales, I was able to pick up a few for free from a neighbor.  The milk crate also offers a very open area for cooling as you will need this since the GPU’s (Graphic Processing Units) will get VERY HOT and need a lot of cooling.   You will not want to use a classic closed case like most computers have, since they will overheat and shut down (or if you are not careful burn up).  You can also make your own out of steel/aluminum frame or even wood if you so choose, however a milk crate works great and is cheap.

NOTE: With a standard Milk crate size, 6 GPU (even 5) was sort of pushing it space wise (4 is fine!).  So if you are planning on building a 6 GPU at any point, I would possibly look into getting a 24qt Milk crate, which are more expensive.  You could also just put a metal bracer on the lip as I did  and cut the sides out so you can add one or two more GPU’s.


I ended up cutting sections out of my milk crate to allow easier access to the USB and other plug ins on the Motherboard and Graphics cards as well as allow for better cooling of the GPU’s.


I cut a section out so that the power cords to the Motherboard and CPU were not in the way of the GPU’s and ziptied them to the frame so they would not come loose.


Pull the Motherboard out and set it in the milk crate whichever way it fits best, The layout for my Motherboard is above and you can see where the PCI slot for the GPU’s are, and you can see where the GPU will rest on the crate.


I also noticed that the GPU’s were heavy and pulling the side in so I bought a metal frame used for shelving for $2.44, cut and screwed it into that side and then drilled holes to put the GPUS in.


This is skipping ahead a bit, but put in the PCI riser on the GPU


On the frame of the GPU it should be pretty easy to figure out what is the attachment frame part ( SEE PHOTO ABOVE), L shaped and metal vs….nothing.  Put this on the lip of the Crate.


Holding your GPU with one hand use the other to connect the other end of the Riser (small end) to the Motherboard, the First PCI slot that is closets to the CPU.  As seen in the photo below.


Now move the GPU as far over as you can, you don’t want it tight tight, but so there is the tiniest bit of slack in there, don’t want it to pull out of the Motherboard if its moved at all.

Then mark on the metal where that hole is


I then keep that first GPU where it is and put a second one next to it a few inches away, then remove the first one and mark where the second hole should go, then hold the second one, pull the first GPU you just removed and place it a few inches away where the 3rd will go and continue on until you have marked where all the GPU’s will be.


Now you may have to redo these if you get to the end and notice you have 6 inches of space left over, it’s a bit of trial and error and depends on if you are running, 3,4 or 6 GPU’s.  Since I am running 5 currently I only had room for a few inches between them, if you are only going with two or three or even four you will have more space between them, so you can figure that out on you own.

Then pre drill the metal holes with a small drill and then with the large bit (whatever size is needed for the screw).  Some have used nails, I did at first it makes it easier to remove, however screws hold them in better.

This should go without saying, but after you get those holes marked DO NOT HAVE THE MOTHERBOARD IN THE BOTTOM WHEN YOU ARE DRILLING HOLES, CUTTING PLASTIC, ETC.  You don’t want all that debris to fall on the motherboard and possibly stay in there and cause a short, or worse, your drill slips and now you have a nice gouge in the board, more than likely rendering it useless.  After making the marks, pull it out and set it on the Static Bag it came in.




Now the GPU’s even with the screw may sag, so I installed a bracket about ¾ way down the GPU to hold it up, make sure it isn’t interfering with anything and hold one in (if they are all the same) to wee where to screw in your bracket.  Now with a metal lip and screw you shouldn’t really need it, but I like to go overkill and it makes it easier to move them around slightly to make uniform air circulation between cards, I used some old plant pot holders for this



Once I got the right distance I screwed in both of them to get the holds in there, then I removed them since the Motherboard can’t be put in or pulled out with them installed.  Now your GPU’s can rest on this.



I put down paper bowls to stand the Motherboard up on since the PCI Riser Cables would not stretch far enough if the motherboard was sitting on the bottom of the milkcrate.  This also allows for more circulation below the motherboard, however you can buy the 12 inch risers if you so choose to, I have 6 inch, but the 12 inch will allow even more airflow between the motherboard and GPU’s.  This is a better option if you are building a custom case from metal frame, wood, etc. as it will help with cooling.  I may do this in the future but at the moment the Milkcrate works fine.



Grounding and its necessity depends on who you talk to, some say its ABSOLUTELY necessary, some say they have never done it except in special circumstances.  I erred on the side of caution and built my own grounding cord.


I first got an anti-static wristband (you can pick up for around $6) and then I grabbed some spare CATV Cable from the garage.  You can use cord that has copper line in it as long as it is long enough to reach from where you ground it to where you are working (obviously, but check first!).  I then stripped one end about 6 inches to the copper and one end about an inch or two.  BE CAREFUL WHEN STRIPPING THAT YOU DON’T CUT THE COPPER IN HALF!

Grounding with Cold Water Line under Sink

I then wrapped the 6 inch piece of copper around the metal on the cold water pipe under the sink and the other end was clamped with my anti-static wristbands alligator clamp.  Now you can also cut down on static electricity by not wearing socks on carpet; as you know rubbing your socks on carpet will build up a charge, so don’t do it if it’s possible.   The amount of static electricity needed to fry the circuits on a  computer is so small you wont even know you did it.  Chances are you will be fine without this, but why take the chance?





The Motherboard should be sitting on the Static Bag you laid it on after getting the GPU spacing from earlier.

You don’t have to do the hardware installation on the Motherboard in any particular order as it all has to be done before you turn it on.

Consult the manual that came with the Motherboard and/or Internet to see the Layout of the Motherboard and what is labeled what so you are putting your components in the right place





I first installed the CPU (Central Processing Unit), this is the brains of the computer, what INTEL sells, etc.

I used a Intel Celeron 2.6mhz Processor, which is not powerful, but a miner doesn’t need a fast one, as all the work is done in the GPU’s.

Take the Processor out of the package, being careful not to touch the underside of the Processor, which you can see is different from the topside which is smooth.



On my Motherboard there was a latch that you had to pull out and up to open, with a plastic case that was removed BEFORE YOU CLAMPED DOWN THE CPU.


Once that was flipped up I placed the CPU, flat/shiny side up lining up the indents on the CPU with the indents on the Motherboard.



Then I clamped it down, its ok if it seems to need a little force, as long as its right side down and lined up with the indents, this is normal.



Then I installed the CPU Fan, which contains 4 little posts that are pushed down in the corresponding holes around the CPU.


There is a cord that runs around this and goes to the CPU fan plug on the motherboard, make sure that this cord can reach it no problem, and then press down on the posts until you hear a click then turn them in the direction of the arrows that you see on the posts.

You now have installed the CPU




There is only need for one RAM (4gb for Windows ) so all you need to do is find one of the Slots for RAM and press it in until you hear it click.


 WIN FREE LITECOINS with LTC4YOU!  No gimmick, I have played this game every day and they do payout! Disclaimer: I do get points for referrals, hence why I’m Pitching it







It sucks but don’t mess around with damaging/destroying thousands of dollars of equipment to save you 5 minutes.  Be patient.



This is your Power Supply Unit, I used a LEPA 1600w (because I will be creating a 6 GPU system eventually, the models I listed in Chapter 1 for a 4 GPU system will work fine), you will also want to consult the “layout” of what goes where, however It should be labeled.



Leave it unplugged until you are ready to turn it on, you can FRY your system or components by having it on and plugging /unplugging it.



My PSU had these two slots to power the CPU and Motherboard, you will plug those two ends into the cpu and then plug them into the corresponding slots on the Motherboard.


LEPA 1600 Layout

This should be labeled on the Motherboard in Shorthand, but consult the layout as well, but since there are only two slots on the Motherboard (most likely) that can take these two plugs and they are different sizes it should be pretty intuitive and easy to guess what goes where!


These cords may not “click”, but you can tell when they are in, then pull them throw the slot you cut for them and zip tie them in so they are not in the way of the GPU’s (place a couple GPU’s where they would go and make sure that they don’t rest on the power cords, you will want the power cords to have some give in them so they are not being tugged on and pull out of the Motherboard and shut the whole system down, but not looping so high they hit the GPU.  The rubbing of the GPU can end up rubbing through (after along time) into the power cord.  A bad day.

SSD (Single State Drive)


I used a 32 gb SSD (Solid State Drive), this is easy to install.


Pull out the SATA cord and plug it in the SSD, this will be the 90 degree L side (cords may vary)


I just wanted to make sure the Straight plug went into the motherboard for ease of use and space saving.  It doesn’t matter for function which side goes in where.


Then mount the SSD on your case using zip ties or it can lay on the desk, whatever is easiest for you.


Now plug in the SSD to the MOLEX power cord. The side for the drive will be any one of the multiple MOLEX 4 PIN  on the PSU (See layout above).  Then plug it into the PSU





Now you are almost ready to start up.  Do not install the GPU’s yet, just leave them in their boxes, but you can plug in the GPU power cords to the PSU

gpu cord

The power cords will look like this


LEPA 1600 Layout


Plug the 12 pin connector into the PSU in the GPU Slots (Consult Layout and markings on your PSU, above is marked Red/orange).  The orange end (6 pin + 2 pin, for my PSU, yours may vary) will plug into the GPU.

For the next Chapter you will need to have a DVD drive, I picked up a cheap one off Amazon for around $30 that plugs in to the USB, you won’t need it after the installation of windows.  You will also need to have a spare monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Once you get everything done, these DO NOT need to be kept on the system unless you have them extra and just feel like keeping them on there.  You can actually install remote desktop programs so you can control your miner from your laptop wherever you are at the moment.

I had a spare monitor, keyboard and mouse laying around, but you can use the ones from your desktop for this, don’t need to buy them.





Make sure your monitor has a DVI CABLE, the reason being is that your GPU cards have a DVI Female connector.  If your monitor Does NOT and uses a VGA (smaller and blue), you can buy this…


VGA to DVI ADAPTOR, as this will be needed to plug into the motherboard first when installing software and later into the GPU’s.

If you don’t know what connector your monitor uses look at the pictures below







Now Plug in your monitor to the DVI Slot (Shown above, your layout may vary) on the Motherboard, and plug in your Keyboard and MOUSE into the USB Slots on the Motherboard (if you are using a USB Wifi connector plug that in as well, However ETHERNET is better)


If you are using a hardwire Ethernet connection for your internet plug that in as well

Belking 4 port USB hub

You may also find that there are only a couple USB ports on your motherboard but you need more than that to plug everything in.  You can purchase a USB HUB online for under $20 and this gives you multiple USB slots and only takes up one slot on the USB port on the Motherboard.

Stay Tuned and Friday I will Present the 3rd part of this 5 part series, Operating System and Software Installation.


* I Mentioned the PVC Case I built at the beginning of the post here it is*

I wont go into detail how I built it, just give you dimensions

You will need about 2 8′ long sections of 1/2″ PVC Pipe

Cute them into these dimensions

  • 4- 2 foot sections (For Length)*Study Photo
  • 4 6″ sections (For Height)
  • 4- 2″ pieces (length from “T” ‘s a front, first level and back side for height second level)
  • 2- 6 1/2″ pieces (to attach first level front to the back from the “T” ‘s)

You will also need

  • 4 – “T’ joiners
  • 8- 90 degree joiners
  • PVC Glue
  • Cardboard/Wood for bottom panel for Motherboard to Rest on




*Photo and plans courtesy of*








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Episode 25: Glen Tate of 299 Days: The Cabela Prepper

Click here to view the original post.

299 Days Book Series Book 7 CHange of Seasons

Today we once again talk to Glen Tate, author of the 299 Day Book series.

Today we Talk about

  • Updates on his latest addition to the Series (Book 7, 299 Days: Change of Seasons).
  • “Cabelas Preppers” and the danger of buying the gear but not having the training or mindset needed to survive.
  • Why it is more important to Prep than to not just to make your spouse/significant other happy.
  • The Lack of mental resiliency in our children and how that will play out in the coming troubles
  • Planning for people to come to you in hard times
  • And much more!

The 299 Day Book Series is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, and you can pick them for any platform from hardcopy to Kindle /Nook and Ipad.





The 299 Days Website :

The Article Glen wrote we spoke about in the interview:





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Minicast Episode 20: Why Debt wont Dissapear in a Collapse

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This Minicast is in response to some things i have heard around the Prepper community, on forums as well as in emails to me.

Most of them involved the sentiment of…”Well I think the collapse is happening in the next 6 months (or a future date), so I am going to load up my Credit Cards with storable food and other stuff, because when the collapse happens their wont be anyone to collect the debt anyways!”

This is problematic in many different ways, most notably, no one knows when the financial collapse will finally happen, so if you load up your credit cards with all this debt, what happens when the collapse doesn’t happen for another 2 years? you will end up being in a  worse place than you started.

I elaborate further on different scenarios and more reasons why this is a bad idea.  Bottom Line, dont do this, its stupid.





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Political Change: A Forgone Conclusion

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I write this to try to convince some of you who still believe “If we just get _________ into the ________ we will get things back on track!” that you are wrong.

If you look back over the last 50 years we have had a mix of Democrats and Republicans in the White House and in control of the Congress, however has the government in that time ever..EVER gotten smaller? Scaled back the encroaching Police State? Not Inflated the Currency more than their predecessors?

Our problems in this country, what will bring us down is economic, not China or Abdul in a Cave, but pure economics. We spend too much, we can’t pay it back and we have inflated our currency to a point where there is no turning back. The only question now is WHEN not IF the U.S. Economy will Crash and the Dollar will have to be replaced or re-valuated (i.e.$1 now equals .10 or .01).

These problems have been exacerbated by every President to hold the office and every Congress who has had a majority and the free rein to pass what it wants (or a bipartisan one).

Most of my readers are conservatives by and large so I will speak to you and the problems being just as much with the Republican Party as it is with the Democrats.

For example…

Much ado and many jokes have been made about “Obamaphones”, most conservatives if asked where this program started would tell you It was Obama and his Democratic Congress who gave away these phones and started it.

If you are specifically talking about cell phones, in a way yes you are right, however the program that has morphed into the “Obamaphone” should be called “Reaganphones” Yes the deity known as Reagan started the program of taxing every single phone so that we could pay for others subsidized phone lines, in his day it was land line (and this was in no part to lobbying by Telcom companies, they paid nothing and got more customers as well as got any work done in rural areas completely paid for and kept any profit made!)

So the next time you hear “Obamaphone” flash a picture of Reagan in your head.

On the topic of Reagan, I liked what he had to say, and if you take the extremely low bar of constitutional and small government loving administrations in recent history, then yes he was a good president, but this a bar so low, one only has to show up to be the best.

Reagan was responsible for some of the largest tax increases and largest budgets in American History, he was not a small government president, he was a politician who possibly actually believed these ideals, but given the circumstances made the politically expedient decisions to keep the government functioning vs doing the right thing in the long run.

Most Conservatives have woken up from the Love of Bush years, however it was the Bush presidency that laid 99% of the groundwork for NDAA, the program many conservatives love to peg onto our current president, however without the Patriot act NDAA would not be possible (and this was also supported with a healthy portion of REPUBLICAN Congressman!)

It was Republicans who expanded medicare, laying more groundwork for Obamacare to be implemented

It was Republicans who started No Child Left Behind who layed the groundwork for Common Core

It was Republicans who expanded HUD and the FHA loan program under the guise of “cuts”

Entitlement Spending actually grew by 8% more with Republican Presidents vs Democratic ones.

sentina giveaway




Friends there was once a political solution to the coming economic problem…disaster on the horizon, there was a time, a time that wasn’t that long ago.  However we are still holding onto the belief that we are still in that window, we are not.  That window is long gone, broken, shattered and burned down.

The political solution to this problem no longer lies in the present, and averting it, but in the future and averting our grandchildren from experiencing what we are about to.


I want to say “I don’t mean to be beating up on you if you are a Republican”, but I can’t I am beating up on you.  But I am coming from a position that sees where you are, I was there years back, I am a recovering Republican myself, because the party I thought Stood for the things I stood for, doesn’t, and hasn’t for a long time.

To be equal in my rant I should lay into progressives, however I highly doubt you still read this blog if you think that more government is the solution.

Democrats often believe the same thing that Republican rank and file do, that the Republican party is actually a party that wants smaller government.  A quick view of history will find that both parties are equal in their building of the state, and their belief in government as a problem solver.

GOVERNMENT is what is bringing these problems to bear, to a head and it will be government that will say they are the solution when it all comes down.

Imagine this country as a person, a person who has lung cancer from smoking statist cigarettes, and is now laid up in the hospital.  Two people enter the room saying they can fix your problems, but both are offering you a pack of cigarettes…One Blue and One Red….




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