How to build a practical, affordable prepper library

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When I first began learning about survival topics like food storage and bug out bags, I knew I needed to begin building a library of actual books that could guide me through survival scenarios of all kinds. I began collecting books about gardening, household repair, first aid, military manuals, you name it. When possible, I […]

What’s in your SHTF library?

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What’s in your SHTF library? Forrest Garvin “The Prepping Academy” Audio player below! On this episode of the “The Prepping Academy Join Forrest and Tenderfoot will hit the bookshelves and pick their favorite prepping and survival books. Listen to this broadcast or download “What’s in your SHTF library?” in this player! In any crisis situation, … Continue reading What’s in your SHTF library?

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Let’s Go To The Fair! The Mother Earth News Fair

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Let’s go to the fair!

Remember the excitement of going to the State Fair? This is no different! At the Mother Earth News Fair, you’ll find amazing workshops and lectures to help you on your path to independence and self-reliance.  

So many things to do and see

Whether you want to learn how to grow and raise your own food, build a root cellar, create a green dream homestead, or see what new products are on the market, this is the fair for you. 

There is a whole selection of vendors and a bunch of hands-on workshops. There were too many great booths and exhibitions to list. The place was buzzing with alternative energy vehicles, traditional folk arts and crafts, heritage and landrace livestock, homestead-scale saw mills, and so much more.

Would you like to test drive a tractor? I think I could do some damage with the front-end loader.

Sawmill? If you want to fell trees from you land, the sawmill area is the place for you!

Livestock area

In the livestock area, you’ll find heritage breeds, like Rosie and her calf. They are Dexter cows, which are miniature cattle. I love this breed!

Inside there were hundreds of vendors with all kinds of things to see and do. It’s a great place to do a lot of shopping!

Expert Speakers

The speaker lineup is awesome, and I’m sure everyone who attended will agree that there wasn’t enough time to take in all of the information that was flying around. There were great talks on sustainability, herbal medicine, vegetable gardening, raising and processing livestock, alternative energy… you name it.

Joel Salatin was there talking about chickens, pigs, and cattle and how to create the deepest and best soil by choreographing the movement of ancient herds.

You even get to talk with these experts!

There is so much going on at these amazing events. I really encourage you to visit one.

These fairs are all over the U.S., so there should be one near you. If not, it is well worth the drive.

See you at a Mother Earth News Fair.

Did you see this Homesteading Basics? Keep your special plants close!

Have you been to a Mother Earth News Fair? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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Every Prepper Needs a Good Reference Library

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libraryIt seems like at least once or twice a day I am on the internet looking something up.  It is a great reference source.  We have a huge amount of information at our fingertips.  Now I remember the time before the internet, you had to have books at home or go to the library.  Information was harder to get.

You used to see books in people’s homes and they read them.  Today many people no longer own more than a few books.  Why bother when all the information you could ever want is readily available on the internet.  In many areas, even the library services are being reduced.

If you are a prepper, you need to have some access to books for when the internet fails.  Other that possessing books and stored information you will have to depend on what you know.  Libraries can be at your bug out location or in your home if you are planning to bug in.  Now I like to think that I have a reasonably wide base of knowledge, but the truth is I have to look up things every day.

Now when I am talking about a library I am not referring to the typical list of survival, medical and firearms books that many of us own.  We will need books that will help us rebuild society.

This means a library of books covering the following areas

  • Homeschool Books – including math, reading, chemistry and history. Get older history books that predate political correctness.
  • A good set of encyclopedias, before the internet this was our go to resource.
  • Medical books – from first aid to advanced, be sure to include a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) of both natural and manmade medicines.
  • Gardening books – make sure they cover insects and plant diseases.
  • Old homesteading manuals – Many of these from the late 1800 to early 1900’s can be downloaded and printed from the internet.
  • Engineering and technology books – get anything that you think will be useful
  • Survival and woodcraft books – These you probably already have.
  • Books on different trades including carpentry, plumbing and electricity.
  • Automotive repair manuals.
  • Books on forging and blacksmithing.
  • Books that teach good values, for me that is my religious books including the bible. For you it may be different.  But the idea is to teach morality to our children or grandchildren.
  • Some good fiction to help expand the mind.
  • Depending on the trade you currently pursue you want to have the books so you will be able to teach it to others.

The bottom line is that you are trying to build a library that won’t only help you to survive, but will help you to rebuild.


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Books, get your ultimate resource!

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Books, always the ultimate resource!

books 650x488When or if the poo starts flying, preppers will soon come to realize that their prepper/survival library may well be the most valuable resource he or she owns. Could it be more valuable than water, food, or shelter? For the majority it could be and I’ll explain why in the list below. I’ll also tell you how you can get a complete prepper/survival related library FREE. First I will dispel the only legitimate argument, other than being blind that a prepper or survivalist may have; books are too heavy to bug out with or too heavy in my every day carry bag. I will give you that but unless you plan on living out of that bag you will be making your way back home or to your bug out location where your library will be.

3-3-16 lib2What could make a library more valuable than water, food or shelter? There are a few good reasons but I will explain the two I find most valuable. Let’s assume for a moment there has been a catastrophe and you find yourself with limited supplies or even none at all. How will you survive? Besides relying on someone else it would be up to you to procure the items you need for the family and yourself. Unless you already have the skills to find or purify water, gather food, or build a shelter you need the resource to show you how and you’ll find it in well thought out library.

It go’s way beyond water, food, and shelter. There are hundreds of other skills and scenarios that you should be equipped and ready for such as medical, self-defense, surviving bad weather or gardening. The list can be long but the information needed can be held in your library if you have one.

How often have you asked someone, “Did you watch that movie”? The reply, “The book was better”.  This is usually the case with an author who knows how to write.  Details have no limits and allow the mind to input the pictures the author suggests if there not already there. Below is a list of books and their authors that I have found to be some of the best and there is an opportunity to get these books that are listed free.  Some of these books are fiction but besides entertainment (which may be the only entertainment you have in a disaster scenario), still provide ideas on how to cope with emergency situations.

The Survival Medicine Handbook:  When Help is Not on the Way
Author: Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P.

Prepper’s Natural Medicine: When There is No Doctor
Author: Cat Ellis

Cyber Warfare: Prepping for Tomorrow Series
Author: Bobby Akart

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Clueless To Totally Prepared
Author: Survivor Jane

299 Days: The Preparation
Author: Glen Tate

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse: Prepping for Tomorrow Series
Author: Bobby Akart

Dystopia: The Beginning of the End
Author: DJ Cooper

The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Disaster Guide
Author: Tess Pennington

Emergency Evacuations: (Survival Mom’s No Worries Guide)! 
Author: Lisa Bedford

Tom Locke: Surviving America
Author: James Walton

The Penny-Pinching Prepper: Save More, Spend Less!
Author: Bernie Carr

Prepping for a Pandemic: Life-Saving Supplies, Skills and Plans!
Author: Cat Ellis

Preppers Road March (Prepper Trilogy. Book 1)
Author: Ron Foster

Emergency/Survival Hygiene:  Making Survival Hygiene Products
Author: Survivor Jane

Survival Guns: A Beginner’s Guide
Author: Steve Markwith

Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense
Author: Joe Nobody

Author: Troy Grice

Preppers: History and the Cultural Phenomenon
Author: Lynda King

You could get this entire selection for free. There are a lot more great books out there this is just a list I agree with as being some of the best and you could get them all for free by going to the contest Prepper Broadcasting has just started and entering to win. They are giving away 3 sets of all the books listed above and adding more. To enter this contest GO HERE!

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Back to Basics Living Bundle: Over 60 ebooks, online courses, planners and more!

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600x400Bundle-DealSkills and knowledge trump gear and miscellaneous stuff when it comes to survival, and this brand new Back to Basics Living Bundle will provide you and your family with hours and hours of great information related to many different areas of being prepared.

WHAT IS A BUNDLE? With the popularity of ebooks and online courses, “bundles” have become a hot trend. A bundle is simply a collection of related ebooks, online magazines, e-courses (online classes) and, occasionally, collections of podcasts. You pay a single fee for access to the entire lot and then can download it to as many computers and other electronic devices as you wish.

This Back to Basics Living Bundle is impressive. When I first took a look at the ebooks and contributing authors, it was a “Wow!” moment. There is so much great information in this bundle and best of all, it’s not just for preppers. There’s something for everyone with more than 60 ebooks, an online magazine included, 2 excellent planners (one for food storage and the other for homeschoolers), and 6 online classes! The price is $29.97, if you want to jump in right now! (Downloads are all available immediately upon payment.)

Interested in learning more about healthy eating?

Ridding family diets of GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, and other unwanted ingredients has led millions of  us to overall better  health. What you’ll find in this bundle are these ebooks:

  • Homestead Cooking With Carol
  • Cooking With the Seasons: Winter Edition from Herbal Academy
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruit and Vegetables
  • Empowered Eating

Switching From Store-Bought to Homemade

This has been a trend I’ve been promoting on the blog for the past year or more. In my home, we’ve switched to homemade condiments, seasoning mixes, salad dressings, personal care products, and even salad dressings! The Back to Basics Living Bundle provides even more suggestions for making this change with these ebook titles:

  • Off the Shelf: Alternatives to the Condiments, Toppings, and Snacks You Love
  • Whole Wheat Bread Making
  • DIY Face Masks and Scrubs
  • The Complete Guide to Natural Cleaning
  • Pickling Primer
  • Homemade Beauty Essentials

On a tight budget?

I don’t exaggerate when I say the bundle has something for just about everyone! Too many of us are having to tighten up the budget more and more each year. In this bundle, there are some excellent resources:

  • From Dirt to Dollars: A Guide to Selling at Farmers’ Markets
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Cooking
  • The Debit Card Envelope Budget
  • Six Dollar Family (From Six Dollars to Six Figures)
  • Handmade Gifts From the Kitchen

Love organization and planners?

I was thrilled to see one of my favorite food storage planners in the bundle — the one from Jodi and Julie of Food Storage Made Easy!  It typically sells for $14 and is much more than just a planner. Jodi and Julie have included plenty of their best tips for getting started with food storage and keeping track of what you have.

60+ ebooks, 6 online courses and more for #homesteading, #prepping, #healthyliving. $29.97 thru 1/24.…
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Homeschoolers will have access to My Color Coded Homeschool Planner from blogger, Jennifer Osuch, and getting organized will be easier with printables and family/household schedules from these ebooks:

  • “Get Your Life Back” Home Organization Bundle
  • Easy Peasy Chores
  • Family Systems: How to Automate Your Housewife Life

Honestly? For $29.97 — take my money already!!

Preppers — You’re included, too!

Reader, Elizabeth, asked me, “I am looking for ebooks that would be useful to have on hand in a post-event, no power situation.  Would you say these would qualify, or are they more for pre-event planning?”

I read through the list of ebooks and online courses and found plenty that will help preppers now and after a worst case scenario. By the way, you’ll have the option to buy a USB flash drive containing all the ebooks and other materials. If you choose to spend the extra few dollars for that, store that flash drive in a Faraday container to protect it from something truly catastrophic, such as an EMP or coronal mass ejection.

For Elizabeth, there are several books ideal for preppers:

  • The Everyday Carry Guide
  • Prepping Crash Course
  • The Complete Book of Preppers Lists
  • Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan — with printables
  • Protein Power — ebooks with tips for raising chickens, rabbit, and fish
  • …and then all the homesteading and gardening ebooks and courses.

There are so many resources that you’ll want and need to pace yourself. I recommend downloading everything to the computer(s) you use the most and then, if your electronic devices are networked, upload one or two ebooks to a tablet, ebook reader (Kindle), or your smartphone. Print out the planners and printables that will be most helpful to you and add them to your files and/or binders. Organization is a major key to being prepared.

Once the bundle is purchased, you own these books and resources.

I do hope you’ll take advantage of this bundle. Knowledge and skills are the one area of preparedness that you’ll never lose and they can never be stolen.

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