Rich begins his story, about his recent travels around America…and why.

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…Finally Back Home… It’s been exactly a year since I began the job that took me across America, into the backest back roads, up mountains, down valleys, and across rivers, up the west coast from Mexico to Canada, down across the entire western tier of states, all around the parts of Texas I grew up […]

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Mental Health When the Med’s Run Out

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Mental Health When the Med’s Run Out!
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper REWIND” Audio player below!

Could you manage depression, anxiety, ADHD, or bi-polar disorder after a disaster?

You probably know someone close to you with one of the conditions listed above, because a significant percentage of Americans are on anti-psychotic prescriptions. These drugs are linked to dangerous side effects, like thoughts of suicide, hallucinations, and violent behavior.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Mental Health When the Med’s Run Out” in player below!

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Aussie gun store owner says we’re getting it wrong

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19th century under lever shotgun.

21st century Adler under lever shotgun.

Changes are a Coming?

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Changes are a Coming… to be or not to be?
Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

New Year’s Day has come and gone already….. as the New Year arrives and begins there are always thoughts of change, perhaps renewal and growth. Winter in the northern hemisphere at least has always been a time of respite, rest, rejuvenation from the passing year. Our ancestors new this to be the time before great change and so it is that we still connect the New Year with that of changes, celebrated with claims or resolutions.

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Joy in Preparedness!

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Joy in Preparedness!
Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

The Season of Joy is fast approaching with Thanksgiving Dinner 2017 but a memory and the vestiges of the Christmas Season appearing everywhere. This time of the year is commonly known as the Season of Joy. That being said and considering the time of the year I asked myself what is it and what is its importance to us, collectively and individually?

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The Dying: Knowing when to let go!

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The Dying: Knowing when to let go!

The Dying: Knowing when to let go!
Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below

In this show we will be continuing the theme from last week. EK is back and will be discussing when to let a person die. One of the hardest and most loving things you can do is let a person go. I do not mean from a relationship when you find one does not love the other.

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5 Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

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5 Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

5 Tips to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

 Six to eight hours of sleep every day is the amount of rest we need to keep our brain and body healthy and prepared for any challenge. When we’re young, we could manage with less sleep. But as we age, our ability to tolerate the sleep deprivation effects diminishes drastically. And when we find ourselves in a survival situation, the lack of proper sleep will influence us even more than in our usual daily life.

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Play and Prepping Healthy Fun!

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Play and Prepping Healthy Fun! Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided! How about it will you come out and play with me? What? No is that what I heard, Why? What what was that, you say your and adult and adults don’t play! Pish Posh if you aren’t playing your playing with fire, … Continue reading Play and Prepping Healthy Fun!

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When Darkness Comes! with A Preppers Path on PNB

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When Darkness Comes Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided! Winter is just around the corner and with it comes a plethora of changes for everyone. Change is oft-times difficult and for the most part unwanted by many. Then again Change can be a breath of fresh air and most welcomed. The thing about … Continue reading When Darkness Comes! with A Preppers Path on PNB

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Dark Humor and Coping Mechanisms!

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Dark Humor and Coping Mechanisms Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below So most of you out there love a good laugh. It makes us feel good. We can forget our troubles for the moment. Have you ever wondered if humor can go too far? What happens when humor crosses over into a darker area? … Continue reading Dark Humor and Coping Mechanisms!

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8 Reasons Why People Refuse to Prep

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I’m always fascinated to hear the many reasons why people don’t prep. In our neighborhood, my wife learned from a friend that a mutual acquaintance was planning on coming over to our house in the case of a dire emergency. My wife has met this woman exactly once. So why doesn’t she prep herself? Apparently, she’s just too busy.

Too busy to look out for her own family but not too busy to make the calculated decision that she, her strong, young husband, and their 3 kids will drive a few blocks to our house and, basically, steal from us.

So what other reasons do people have for not prepping? Well, in no particular order, here’s what I came up with:

Sheer stupidity

Yep. In a world filled with vapid video games, celebrity worship, and a shallow understanding of how anything works, anything at all, there are people who have simply never considered doing something today to prepare for tomorrow. They’re the same ones who couldn’t handle a $500 emergency and have to run to the store hours before a hurricane hits to buy milk, bread, and eggs. We know them as “French toast people.”

Their IQs are probably adequate for getting through the mild ups and downs at life, but when thrown a curve ball of any magnitude, their choice is to sit back and wait to be taken care of.


“It can’t happen to me.” “It’s never happened here.” We’ve all heard these sad refrains and can only pity the people who believe them. If all emergencies came with a 1-month warning, they wouldn’t be emergencies, would they? No matter your income, education, status, or title, sooner or later bad things will happen to you, but, for now, it’s easier to remain in denail than actually think about those scary scenarios and prepare for them.


We know from basic human psychology that when the human brain is confronted with something terrifying, it sends 1 of 3 signals to the body: freeze, flee, or fight. For Americans who have never had to deal with much out of the ordinary, thinking about a nuclear war, an economic collapse, or a geography-changing earthquake causes them to often freeze. Acknowledging potential and possible scenarios like these is too difficult and they remain frozen in their inaction.

People in this category would do well to read Gavin De Becker’s best-seller, The Gift of Fear, and understand that very often, fear makes us do some pretty smart things, and that includes prepping.

Peer pressure

Now here’s a weird one but I’ve seen it in my wife’s family. Back in the days of Doomsday Preppers, I heard some of them make fun of the preppers depicted in the show and then laugh at a couple of relatives who had thought of prepping themselves. Those folks backed down, as in, “Well, I guess it is kind of silly, huh?” when facing ridicule. Hard to imagine that mature adults, with kids, mortgages, jobs, and other responsibilities would back down, but they did.


I’ve heard it said that TEOTWAWKI has a date. You just don’t know what it is, yet. That dire medical diagnosis, news of a loved ones death, the loss of a job, a Category 5 hurricane, “the storm of the century”, they will all happen at some point. We just don’t have the ability to peer into the future to know exactly what will happen and when. So, most people procrastinate. They’re busy, money is short, the spouse isn’t on board, or maybe they just aren’t all that worried, but for whatever reason, they don’t prep because they’re rather put it off for another month, anothery year.

Normalcy bias

Normalcy bias differs a bit from denial because denial is a conscious choice. Normalcy bias is a little trick our brains play on us. It’s a survival mechanism that causes us to believe that everything will be okay. The Survival Mom writes about witnessing a tragic traffic accident and, to her eyes, seeing a scarecrow fly through the air. In fact, that scarecrow was a human being who had been jettisoned from the car’s window, but her brain insisted, “It’s a scarecrow. Humans don’t fly, silly!”

Our brains for survival and normalcy bias is one way it prepares us for the most traumatic life events. So, for those who insist that really, really bad things will never happen may just be suffering from normalcy bias.

Sense of superiority

If your above average intelligence, wealth, and overall superiority naturally places you in a lofty position, high above the riff-raff, then you probably also scoff at the idea of stocking up on cans of beans. After all, you know best and those dummkopfs on Doomsday Preppers are just a bunch of redneck hillbillies. What could they possibly know that you don’t? Right?

I know people with this attitude, and maybe you do, too. It seems to be a combination of arrogance and denial, a dangerous blending of 2 potentially lethal beliefs. You quickly learn to not even try to reason with these people. After all, if you had their bank balance and degree from a fancy university, you, too, would realize your own invincibility. You poor sap.

Life’s overwhelming burdens

I don’t have much patience with people in the previous categories, but this one, well, I’ve been there — burdened down with a stressful job, behind in paying taxes, rowdy and loud kids, a wife always behind in household chores while trying to keep a smile on her face.

Sometimes life just seems to keep you under its heavy boot and the last thing you need to hear is, “Hey, you’d better start prepping for the end of the world, man.”

Where will the money come from? Where will I get the time when I’m already working 50 hours a week, plus some weekends? On top of everything else, the last thing I need is to start worrying about an economic collapse, a civil war, nuclear bombs going off — I just want to take a nap and maybe escape for a while in front of the TV.I understand and sympathize. I really do.

In the past 9 years, my wife and I have gone through some of these mindsets, or excuses, depending on your point of view. A lot of preppers do but since we understand the need to be ready for when the S really does hit the fan, we eventually get back on our prepper feet and keep going, a little at a time.

With others, though, I don’t nag or even talk anymore about prepping. I don’t want my friends to start avoiding me and in the case of co-workers and family members, I need to maintain a positive relationship with them. They know where to find me if/when they change their mindset about being prepared.

Have I covered all the reasons people avoid prepping or have I missed one?

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Aggressive Tolerance!

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Aggressive Tolerance Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio in player below! For sake of anything else, I’ve coined a new term describing the situation I’ve been dealing with concerning my hurricane damaged house these last six months. I bet you forgot this show’s inaugural broadcast was immediately after Hurricane Matthew took a bite out of … Continue reading Aggressive Tolerance!

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Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?

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Does Prepping Make us Paranoid? Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps“ Audio in player below! Earlier shows I’ve talked about how paranoia can be a part of prepping and is it good or not? Well this show is about “Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?” This is a simple question, with a harder answer. Since the term … Continue reading Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?

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Attitude in Prepping!

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Attitude in Prepping! Bob Hawkins “The APN Report” Listen in player below! Whats the most important item in your preps? That question has been asked over & over, & answers run the gamut. Water, Food, Shelter, Defense, Mobility, you name it, the list can be endless. However, those in the business of teaching others the … Continue reading Attitude in Prepping!

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Opinion: Taking sides…

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From Elie Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech in 1986: And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the […]

14 Tips For Staying Calm During A Disaster

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14 Tips For Staying Calm During A Disaster One aspect of survival that people often overlook is mental survival. Just think about how stressed out you were last time you had a really bad day. Now imagine that times ten. If you get too stressed, you’re liable to unravel which can lead to poor decision-making. …

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Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping!

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Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping! Highlander “Survival and Tech Preps” I bet most of you have never even heard these terms before right? Well basically an extrovert is a very outgoing, and friendly type of person whereas an introvert is not. Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on … Continue reading Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping!

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Don’t Lose the Mental Game!

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Don’t Lose the Mental Game Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Preppers and survivalists, I have a vital message that a lot of you won’t want to hear: It is imperative that you keep your head in the game and keep calm. I know, with all the signs of increased terror activity, the shenanigans of the political … Continue reading Don’t Lose the Mental Game!

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Are you mentally prepared?

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Are you mentally prepared? Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” In this episode I will discuss the mentally prepared aspect of prepping, most of us do not put much thought into this if any at all. Most of us think that having food, water, weapons are all we need, but mental health in time of crisis … Continue reading Are you mentally prepared?

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Paranoia in prepping good or bad?

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Paranoia in prepping  good or bad? Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” We often get called paranoid and crazy. We also get told that nothing will ever happen, we will be fine, and we do not have to worry about anything. I am sure the people who suffered Katrina, or Fukushima thought the same thing till disaster hit … Continue reading Paranoia in prepping good or bad?

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Navigating Grief!

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Navigating Grief D J Cooper “Surviving Dystopia” This week has been a real struggle for me to even write this.  My family recently suffered a tragedy that had me literally unable to accomplish things I needed to do.  My perspective changed as to what was a priority.  School work did not get done, this write … Continue reading Navigating Grief!

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Special Needs Prepping!

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Special Needs Prepping
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Special Needs Prepping childrenWhat do I mean by special needs? I mean anything that can be a need for a member of your family or group that may not be considered under the “normal” needs we prepare for. This past weekend when I kept trying to write this show information I had someone with her own special needs that needed attention which makes me think. What I mean by a special need could be any number of things.

Special Needs Prepping elderlySome of the special things we need to consider beyond those that might be what we would immediately think of like Diabetes, and other illness. Many of which I do wish to talk on because there are important factors to consider, but also consider some of these things.

Children… They have needs that are not always the same as an adult. Keeping them busy or even quiet can be a challenge sometimes.

Elderly… Many overlook the incredible value of these people and fail to prepare for their care and needs. The knowledge locked away inside our older friends and family is priceless and their wisdom and information could be priceless.

Conditions like pregnancy… While temporary, it comes with a whole plethora of possible needs and complications. Do you know how to deliver a baby? What the mother or child might need?

Many will remember to prepare for their pets but overlook some of the most basic of these special circumstances. Let’s chat this week about some of these, I encourage everyone to join me in chat and help remind myself and others of some of these needs so we can share your thoughts and ideas as well. If you would like to chat live on air about it I would love for you to call in.
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Lots More Reasons Why You and I Are Still Not Crazy For Preparing!

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Lots More Reasons Why You and I Are Still Not Crazy For Preparing

Just a few more reasons that you, me, and every other prepper is not crazy for preparing…

The lack of our governments to handle the affairs of defense, safety, response, and notification is at  such a high level of incompetence that we have no choice through rational deduction, to prepare our own path of success in life and in survival.

The present Untied States presidential election that is nothing less than horrifying and embarrassing. There’s even a socialist running in a country based on opportunity, freedom, and a culture of consumption.

The weakness of the world economy and increasing population that may lead to another recession. Job growth is mostly part-time, the housing market is there but weak, and many numbers that show stability have been shored up through subsidizing weak areas.

The ever increasing dependence on vulnerable technology. Without media, fear would be extreme. Without the dependent debit system, violence would erupt everywhere.

The continuing movement of all the tectonic plates. Earthquakes happen everywhere. No one is safe anywhere from their destructive forces.

The serious weather extremes of rain, snow, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons, heat, and cold.

The drought in the western states is not over yet, because weather patterns are not a predictable factor of life. Water is precious and necessary for life. The more the population grows, the more severe every drought is, and the longer the recovery time.

The volcanoes of the earth are extremely active lately, which can change the climate of the entire world, moving the arctic line southward and the antarctic line northward. This would condense populations and create serious unrest.

War seems likely with many countries fighting for resources, foolish pride, and due to psychotic behavior based in mental, religious, and political dysfunction. Fear is causing every problem due to a lack of common purpose and principles.

The physical abilities and knowledge of utilizing the land without technology for survival is not taught anymore, so any loss of technology could lead to world-wide or regional panic, along with major civil unrest.

The human population factor is rarely ever used in the calculations of planning and prediction, so what they say is okay or bad, is actually very seriously worse than they are telling you. Many of the world leaders and scientists may not even consider this factor because of politics and religious beliefs.

When it is time to compete, if world-wide society collapses somehow for natural or unnatural reasons, you will be competing with 7.4 Billion other people. These numbers will decrease rapidly, and disease will also be a factor in your survival as people struggle with the decomposing corpses everywhere. Only the most physically prepared internally and externally will survive that time in history.

The entire world has not seen a catastrophic event of plague, war, climate, or cosmic event in a very, very long time. Therefore, it could be coming. Some things are just too big to fret over, but the more we prepare our bodies, minds, spirits, and skills, the more likely our seed will carry on into history.

North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, ISIS, and our own violent American culture that allows repetitive violent offenders to walk freely.

The many countries and peoples of this world cannot seem to find common principles to live by, together in peace. So with NASA looking for life on other planets, we will eventually find someone and possibly upset them in some way. We may just be attacked from space. Maybe some society on another planet that is looking for new resources and is more powerful than us, will find our planet useful, but us, useless.

Collapse the capital, and American will be torn apart from the inside, out, by those 71,000,000 dependents when there debit cards don’t work and the check won’t cash or even show up in the mail. As incompetent as they are in D.C., I doubt they have a back up plan separate from the regular system of Scooby Snacks.

The sun is our friend and life giver, but a massive solar flare would destroy much of the power grids everywhere in the world. That would put them down for a long time, and possibly indefinitely due to civil unrest making it impossible to safely repair.

Pretty much every culture has a belief of a powerful force returning and giving us all a good spanking, before a new beginning. Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Skills Preparedness is a good book to stick in the back of your pants to absorb the blow.

The main fact is that people that prepare are not crazy, because they do it for rational reason of the desire to survive situations that are real and happen regularly. People of preparedness are the people you don’t see on the news, because they are not the victims.

Ways to Stay Calm in the Aftermath of Disaster

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Many Ways to Stay Calm in the Aftermath of Disaster

There’s going to be enough going on without another person going crazy with fear, anger, screaming, yelling, and more. Let’s look at some ways to stay calm and avoid unnecessary drama….

Stop fearing death…when it comes, it will come. Especially if you believe in any conception of the afterlife.

Stop fearing harm…just try to give more than you get when threatened. We will always fear, but the more you become strong and fight ready, the more confidence will aid in your resolve to exist.

Focus on one task at a time in order to prevent overloading mentally.

Prioritize your needs and goals to be realistic with your daily schedule.

Avoid setting unrealistic expectations with any thing, any place, or anyone.

Practice healthy procrastination. If it isn’t serious and necessary for survival, let it go if you are feeling overloaded.

Accept your reality as where you were meant to be at this moment in life.

Seriously…have an attitude of gratitude for everything you have and receive through your efforts or from others.

Seek to help others from the the perspective of gift giving…give and let go of the gift. This way you avoid resentment.

Anger is danger. Avoid it as much as you can. All anger is a response to fear. void fear, avoid anger. To avoid fear, accept everything and merely take appropriate action. Let it be this disconnected from anything but appropriate action and reaction, without anger.

Love all people in your heart, even if their actions lead to it being necessary to smash them. While it may be necessary to smash others that attempt to cause you or loved ones harm, there’s no reason to make it more than it is in reality. Just an appropriate defensive action.

Make sure you allow yourself enough rest. The strongest and most defensively sound shelter, that is well hidden, can give you the most confidence for a restful sleep. Feeling safe will allow you to rest deeply. Rest is extremely important for survival. High levels of stress cause higher levels of dehydration.

Avoid medicating with drugs or alcohol. This will chemically alter your brain and cause unnecessary hormonal spikes. A sober mind and healthy body is the best tool in readiness. The healthiest people of mind and body can handle stress much better.

Be a competitor against adversity, but also be a good sport. Accept that you will fail in some endeavors. Any successful person can tell you of their many failures along the road to success.

Seek as much comfort as possible, but also accept discomfort as part of survival if you are removed from everyday conveniences.

Avoid the negative, internally and externally. Don’t speak it, engage it, or think it. Stay positive and accepting of whatever the situation, so your mind stays clear and prepared for the solution that may come as you calculate your environment in order to overcome adversity and improve your situation.

Be creative, rather the destructive. Put what you have to good use, and utilize everything you can find. You might find something that can easily be made into something that merely gives you amusement every time you see it in action. This will give your mind distraction from a harsh environment. Always seek happiness, no matter what the situation. The mental state of happiness is always an internal choice, no matter what the external situation.

Your Natural Right To Survive

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Natural Right To Survive

There’s so much confusion in the world today about a person’s individual right to survive. Law makers think they have a right to decide when and where a person can make the decision to choose their life over that of an attacker. There are even people that believe a person should show restraint when threatened or attacked. The insanity of the world is monumental. Communities throughout America are falling to evil everyday, and laws are prohibiting good-people from stopping it.

“All evil needs to succeed is for good-people to do nothing”. Many people have said this, but the declination of good is still gaining ground.

For this reason, we need to be careful not to have our brains infected by such lunacy. If we do, we may hesitate when our life is placed in danger by those wishing to harm us in that moment. That moment of threat is our’s and that of the attacker. No one else has a right to interfere with our decision on choice of necessary force to prevent injury or death. No other person has the right to claim our own destiny.

When attacked, we have the right to be unharmed, even in the slightest amount. Once a person is attacked, the eventual outcome can be death in every instance. There is no sane thought in evaluating the possibilities when attacked. We must assume that we can die. A simple punch to the head could lead to a fall, and subsequent skull crushing impact with a solid object, like the ground. It happens many times per year.

Unless a person instigates conflict, then they are not liable for any harm that comes to the attacker. There can be no assumption that the attacker only wants to cause a minimal of damage. To consider such a thought, is too consider the person attacked to be responsible for absorbing a certain amount of damage as a normal part of life’s interactions with evil people. There are those in the government, passing laws with such perversion of natural law.

Natural Law gives every species the right to defend it’s own life to the point it deems necessary. An unprovoked attack is a possible death match. The winner lives another day. If you do not believe this, then when you are attacked, you will either hesitate or not give enough effort to defend your life. Hence, you will most likely die. You must also be physically able to do battle in the worst case scenario. In some cases, a firearm will not be useful or may be unavailable for any number of reasons.

If we are to ever return to rational thought throughout world society, then the natural laws must be respected again. Accountability for ones actions goes in line with people having the right to stand their ground and fight back against people of evil intention. Such people are ruining almost every community in America, as well as around the world. Quality of life doesn’t just come from money and healthcare, but mostly from peace of mind in knowing that you live in a safe environment that is mostly free of evil people.

In the land of opportunity, many opportunities are being stifled by weak-minded people of low esteem and character that pass laws inhibiting our natural right of self-determination. We must rise up and take this country back from people of evil-intention. They do not have a right to exist in the land of the free and the home of the brave. If we are not free to rid this country of them and brave enough to do so, then we good people will surely continue to hide and die everyday at the hands of evil people.

Faith: The Absence of Fear

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Faith is the absence of fear

Many people claim to have great faith. Based on what, who, where, and how?

Many people talk about having great faith. Based on what, who, where, and how?

Many people do not even understand faith, because all they do is TALK about it. They merely repeat what someone else has told them about faith that is based on nothingness. They do not apply themselves to have faith, which is actually that absence of fear in all it’s realistic essence. In reality, you must take actions to strengthen yourself enough to reduce your experiencing of fear, hence having more faith in many ways.

Proof of this is that people of wisdom have long told people experiencing fear to have faith. The dysfunctional part of telling people that, is in how the mind perceives it. If the reason for the experience of fear is not removed, or the person cannot see a way to overcome the cause of the fear, they will not experience any relief. Hence the nothingness of such empty teachings, lacking in self-actions in the physical world of reality, that have been passed down through many generations. This is also a main factor in why the world of humans has not changed much in thousands of years at the spiritual level, and why religions still war against each other.

I have seen people of so-called faith that was based in religion and the belief in heaven, to be extremely fearful of death. Why? If heaven is wonderful and they get to see their savior face to face, then why fear? They should rejoice and celebrate death as one of the greatest pathways to see their god in person. Perhaps reality does exist in even the most delusional of people’s minds because of natural animal instincts. Every animal can smell crap from a great distance. Fantasy does nothing to alleviate reality. Reality will always be there waiting at the door when you leave the house of fantasy.

True faith comes from embracing the greatest of fears, and accepting death as a part of life itself. People of great faith do not fear death. People of great faith live constantly in solutions, rather than dwelling on the problems of life. Hence moving through life with great faith. We recognize the obstacles in our way and realistically plan actions around or through them with loving aggression. That would be love for ourselves and our own well being, along with aggressive actions to gain what we need to survive this existence prior to death.

People of great faith, believe in themselves to utilize whatever skills and abilities they were given at birth, their potential to take actions to attain goals for their betterment and that of their loved ones, and a realistic approach to self-improvement for assisting them in moving forward through life. People of faith do not sit sedentary and ask anything or anyone to work life for them.

Faith is the absence of fear through taking action to move forward through whatever adversity we experience, whether that is lose due to the death of loved ones, or obstacles in the way of our progress through life. We of faith continue to focus on solutions, rather than sit on the lazy seat or pity pot of life and it’s hardships. We are the winners because we strive to be better. We do not claim to be perfect in this presence of faith, because we are not infallible. We are just like every other human, except that we do not focus on the problems. We focus on and take action in, THE SOLUTION.

If there is destruction coming, we prepare our minds, bodies, and spirits for such chaos and harshness.

If we need more money, we take on more work that results in monetary rewards.

If we are lost on our quest, we seek out mentors in the areas where we lack experience, or search data bases for info to learn from.

If we lack abilities, we learn how to better ourselves and take actions in the physical world.

If people try to drag us down into controversy, fantasy, and drama, we avoid them like any other plague. They are a spiritual plague.

Those of faith are people that take actions in the physical world. Faith has nothing to do with the prayers of any religion, and everything to do with actions taken when questions are answered. Prayers are only meant to ask for direction, and must be followed by actions in the physical world of reality. To ask in prayer for something to happen in your favor or that of a loved one, is to tell your god that you know better, which is against every known religion’s laws and policy. We are to only ask for guidance, and nothing more. The rest is up to a fate that rests in the actions of all people as they intersect through life.

We all have choices to make in our daily lives. If we have faith in our principles, then we follow them diligently. If we have faith in our spouse, we honor them. If we have faith in our preparedness, it is because we took serious actions to strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits to handle and serve us in the worst possible environment of survival.

“Faith without works is dead” James 2:14-26

“Faith without actions is dead, because you’ll be dead if you do not seriously prepare”. Dave

Moving to the country will happen, how quickly is up for debate

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First things first, Casa de Chaos will need a new roof and some minor electrical and plumbing work. If I sell the house or Mom and I need to stay here longer we will need a good solid roof over our heads.  Luckily Nampa City has a 0-3% loan/grant program for those type of repairs and the loan might be deferred until the home is sold. I talked to the city today and it looks good for me as a candidate for a loan. I seem a bit unusual in that I have a good credit rating even though I don’t have a lot of income. Thank goodness I did not over mortgage myself when I bought this house and when I refi-ed the house I just wanted a lower payment and interest rate.  If I get approved for the loan the little house should be in great shape to live in or sell in the next year or two.

I will buy a rigid panel, 6×8 greenhouse at Harbor Freight. The greenhouse can be moved to the new place but it will useful here at Casa de Chaos extending the growing season. The last couple of years I have been a bit late on getting the garden plants started so I end up playing catch up and then getting overwhelmed at harvest time.  For a house in the city, this place does have a good set up of fruit and nut trees, grape vines and several different micro-climate garden beds that do a good job supplementing the food budget/pantry.

I have seen a few Owyhee county small acreages in the $70,000-$100,000 range that might work out for mom and I. Both of us need a place around $80,000 so we can put a 20% down payment to avoid paying mortgage insurance. We also will need to have some cash on hand to buy a couple of used ATVs and pickup trucks for work/farm vehicles.  I have a good set of tools for working the soil here in town but I remember digging post holes for a small horse corral via a post hole digger because the hardpan broke most augers.  I was a lot younger and physically healthy at the time. I sure can’t do that sort of physical work now!   I have aged a bit and I like to think I have learned to work smarter rather than harder, plus I cheat a lot to save my physical energy.

So far what I have come up with as a plan of attack is:

  1. Get a low interest loan or grant via the city of Nampa and fix up my house for the future and or selling it for enough money to pay off the mortgage and have money for a 20% down payment plus a buffer of few grand for any emergencies that will arise.
  2. Buy a used ATV and small pickup for working any future farmland/homestead.
  3. Start checking out properties in Owyhee County and touch base with some of the people we know that remember Mom and are willing to give us a head’s up on any good deals.
  4. Buy a Cistern we can use at my place or move to the new homestead that will hold rain water as a backup to the city water system or well.
  5. If possible start inviting like-minded preppers/starting homesteaders along with working with the local FFA and 4-H groups or trading/renting a bit of land for the physical work we can’t do daily.  It can be terrifying to strike out and become a homesteader and it is not the thing for everyone. Perhaps renting a bit of land with someone you trust might be a good way to get your feet wet on homesteading. Without completely pulling up stakes and moving before you are ready to make that sort of commitment.

The plans are still very preliminary but when I set a goal I tend to make it happen eventually. I only dread draining my water barrels if I have move.

I feel like I am getting caught up on stuff for2015!

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Don’t get me wrong a prepper’s work is never done, at least for me I see preparing as a way of life. For all of 2015 I felt I was about 2-4 weeks behind schedule all year and most of the year seemed to be an exercise in “Crisis Management”.  I did not anticipate Mom’s divorce or her spending a year living with me. Plus I did not set good goals for 2015. For me having realistic goals set for the year is critical to my mental outlook as well as giving me a feeling of accomplishment. Having Mom around has been great, but I have to say that I did not have a firm grasp on my goals for 2015 so with Mom’s help I did manage to get some other things accomplished.  For other people it might be an adult child moving back home or taking on a grandchild, niece or nephew from parents that need to make sure the child is cared for while they get work/relocate.  I suspect I am not alone getting blind-sided by taking in a relative in today’s economy.

While “Crisis Management” is one thing that is very stressful. Learning to be flexible enough to adapt and go with the flow is a prepping and survival skill you need and practice. I can’t speak for others but I have had a lot of practice on adapting to new situations in 2015.  I don’t mind adjusting my goals when new stuff happens, but I really despise the idea of crisis management.  One of the reasons I think I felt I was always behind in 2015 is that I did not write down goals and check them off when achieved or simply crossed goals when I saw no way to make them happen.  For me, scratching a goal off the list is better than trying to play catch up. Since I did not have a list of goals for 2015 there was nothing to scratch off the “todo” list

I am blessed that Mom and I work and live together very well. I do most of the cooking and Mom does the dishes. I like doing outside work and Mom likes cleaning the house.  There is some overlap on jobs but overall we work well together.  Mom wants to get a place out in the country in Owyhee County. I would like a place out in the country like that,  but have been afraid to try and sell my house and worse actually move all my stuff.  I would not be moving to some third world nation and I generally only shop at the local “mega-marts” twice a month so gas prices should not be a huge problem.  Here in the city I can not get close to any sort of self-sufficiency as I do not have a enough land for critters and large garden.  I’m not sure if I’m physically capable of growing most of my own food in the country, but I know I will never grow enough food on my city lot with all of the zoning restriction.

Nampa Idaho is not a big city, but the whole “Treasure Valley” Corridor from Mountain Home (AFB) to Ontario Oregon is becoming an “Urban Megaplex” along I-84.  Boise Idaho according to the last census has a larger population than Salt Lake City Utah.  While I like the area, I don’t like some of the “big city politics” I am starting to see out of Boise.  Just this fall we had Boise city government bragging about buying (via a bond levy) open spaces and then shut down a local “tent city” because there was not enough money to “police the tent city or provide sanitation”.  I love “greenbelts, parks and bike paths” as well as the next person but if a city is buying up land with taxpayer’s dollars, all they end up doing is drive up housing costs and create more income inequality. The PTBs actually make the urban housing problem worse via zoning regulations and declaring green zones, no development zones. I suppose this works out great for people that have already got their homes, but it really sucks for young people/ families and those folks that live on the fringe.


Successful Fitness in 2016!

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Successful Fitness in 2016!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Successful Fitness in 2016If you don’t think this is a relevant topic for my show or for this network than I think we need to talk one on one. Fitness is not about abs and pecs. Fitness is not about playing sports and fake tans. Fitness is about quality of life and longevity. You have to be prepared physically before you can do anything else, in my opinion. You don’t have to look like Adonis but you better make sure your body and mind are working properly. Otherwise why are you so hell bent on surviving anyway?

Fitness IMG_20150309_182039Now that that’s out of the way we can talk about 2016. Every year tons of people make resolutions to get fit in the new year. Its very admirable but unfortunately many fall out of the race early on. Its not uncommon. In fact its more common for New Years resolutions to fail. When we talk about fitness there is some serious infrastructure that you can put in place to assure a higher success rate. That will be the bulk of what we talk about tonight.

There are four crucial practices that I would recommend integrating into your fitness plans. These four will give you options on days when things don’t fall into place. It is very important to have several options and several motivations in this thing. Remember that fitness, health and diet are not short term goals they are total life changes. It doesn’t come easy but if you make it part of your life and build around it you will be a beast for the rest of your life. Trust me.
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I added an air purifier to Mom’s room today for air improvement.

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Still early days for the “cleaning the air” test but the air seem to be to be improving for the dogs and us humans in the house. Some of the improvements I have noticed so far…

  • Mom does not seem to be snoring as much late at night and her sense of smell seems to be coming back. Mom has not had a good sniffer for years so she does not blame my smoking.  She was quite surprised that she started smelling the chlorine that is used to treat Nampa city water.  Mom stated today’s nap was the best nap she’s had in several weeks after adding the purifier to her room.
  • My sinuses seem to be draining.  While my nose is a leaky at times I find my sniffer is getting better especially about the smells of ashtrays and eliminating that odor.
  • The pekes seem to be breathing easier. Brodie the peke would do a sort of cough/hacking sort of like a cat with a hair ball.  A couple of the pekes would have something like an asthma attack though that is not a good description of the heavy snorting/breathing the pekes went through trying to catch a breath.  It was almost like a cross of irritation and over- excitement. Great news, we have not seen any sort of breathing problems or attacks since we have added the air purifiers.

Good news, Sadie the miniature schnauzer is doing much better about going potty outside though she’s still working on using the doggie door.  Sadie adores my Mom and sleeps in her room or on the couch in front of the fireplace. I think Sadie has been very good for Mom as Tucker and Brodie tend to hang out with me and Diana the peke. Sadie is becoming Mom’s most devoted companion.  I have never been married though I was in a long-term relationship and I know I was very hurt when things did not work out.  I can imagine a person could feel unloved or even unlovable. Most pets will love unconditionally and that can be a great ego boost as well as a reason that a person goes on making a life.  Having an animal that adores you and or depends on you can make a big difference in your mental attitude. I think with Mom’s divorce thing going over a year that having a devoted lil dog will will be very good for Mom and Sadie will do well with Mom taking care of her.

I got the front porch filled with wood. The wood rick is topped off and I filled 3 of the 18 gallon bucket with mill-ends. I hope Monday I can run the mower over the front yard and pick up/mulch the leaves that are dropping since it turned cold. I’ll need to move Smokey the cat out of the basement and do a little patrol while the weather is good. The weather man says don’t worry about the high clouds and the storm will hit the day before Thanksgiving.  Well, I worry as the weatherman’s timing has been a bit off this year.

So far adding the air purifiers has made life a lot better.  While we (preppers/survivalist) types tend to  plan for the worst case scenario. I see no reason why should not make our day to day living the best it can be at all times including today, or in a disaster.

It’s Not Your’s If You Can’t Keep It!

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It's Not Your's If You Can't Keep It

It’s not your’s if you cannot defend it, too, because that’s what you are going to have to do, in order to keep whatever you have. You have to have the physical ability to do so, along with the necessary skills of combat in even hand to hand conflict. Life without conveniences is mega strenuous and not even close to what you feel when watching a TV show about it. You would be the star of your own show, or cancelled after just one episode. That’s how fast it would happen in a world without conveniences.

You have to have the mental capacity and neutral mental foundation of principles to do so, and handle the horrors involved in doing so, because it may not be as easy as shooting someone from a distance. You might be covered in blood after defending yourself, your loved ones, and/or your rightful property. I’ve seen fist fights that lasted over one-half hour, with one guy having part of his ear bit off and swallowed. Real life is brutal. This life of Rule of Law and regulations galore is just an illusion of stability that can collapse in an instant.

You have to be spiritually stable(not religious)enough to handle everyday horrors of people killing, raping, beating, destroying, and even cannibalism. One person or even a group of people, will not be able to handle every situation in highly populated areas and protect all people in their communities. You have to be spiritually stable enough to throw body after body onto funeral fires without much ceremony, in order to avoid the spread of disease to the air, ground, and water. You have to accept that once someone dies, the body is just a shell to recycle into the system of nature, and that the spirit or energy of that person moves on. Say goodbye and move on with survival, not numb, but neutral in the solution and reality of life.

You have to have skills to take and receive from the land. You have to learn from the other species that have never had conveniences, and work in concert with them, taking only what you need. Those other species with teach you, feed you, and work as a teammate in the natural cycle of life without conveniences. You will need neutral people skills in order to accept the differences inside and outside of others, or you will be constantly at war with other clans that form as people separate in new or old belief systems. You will have to know how to trap food, hunt food, forage food, build shelters, purify water, store food without refrigeration and salt, make clothing, and so much more. If you hold on to too many of the convenient ways, even will everyday homesteading, and make them your preparedness, then you will eventually fail at some level. You must learn to be part of the cycle of life and not fight against it or attempt to dominate it.

Let go of this era that is close to ending, and accept the natural world internally, so the reality of cycle of life without conveniences. is a part of you and your beliefs and principles. Do this prior to the end, so it acclimates to you and you to it. Reality is not always and easy thing to accept and live in. Strengthen your body and improve your health and immune system by living organically. Let go of all the ritualistic and political bullshit that creates conflict internally and externally, but stay aware of what they are doing in trying to gain control of all people, for they are the tyrants throughout history. Near the end as we are now, they will try even harder to gain control of those that they suck off of like the parasites they are in reality, masking themselves as helpers and saviors. Let go of this technology of distraction and fattening laziness. Stop playing games and start becoming a serious BAMF they can actually handle SHTF/TEOTWAWKI.

Do these things and become a prepared member of the human species of animal. The majority of the human species are like sheep and cattle that graze in the fields of society, never noticing the wolf of dependence that stocks them along the path of destiny. Dependence is vulnerability and death in survival. Neutrality and principles based in the constant solution, without bias, while utilizing good health and strength that is aligned with great depth of skills, is the key to surviving in any culture and any environment, peacefully and in natural reality.

Human Domestication Syndrome Also Affects Preppers

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Human Domestication Syndrome


“There’s no harm in hoping for the best, as long as you’re preparing for the worst” Stephen King, Different Seasons

Most people go through life from cradle to grave, simply doing what they are told is right and going through the motions, thinking that they are controlling their own destiny. They are actually just filling the position of the latest version of the Domesticated Human that is placed in one of many roles. Most peoples are used as tools for some irrational larger purpose of the consumption machine that human society has become in an attempt to comfort and calm the growing despair that is sweeping the planet’s surface. All people in all areas of the world are on edge. The herd is getting anxious.

The proof is in the visual, audible, and hard sources that can be accessed by simply stepping off the conveyor belt and looking at the larger picture of the cattle farm that is human civilization. What is it’s purpose? What is it’s goal? Who is actually running it if the majority of humans are not spiritually conscious? When I stepped off the conveyor and saw what was going on, it took every bit of my spiritual strength to stay in this physical world. The truth is of great horror, and I will leave my findings to myself. You must do the same for yourself to see the truth, but I will tell you that I tried to share the truth with others, and 99.9% found the truth to horrifying to believe.

Look here at some observations….

Disasters happen, disasters are coming, winter is coming, looming debt due to 70+% of taxes go to entitlements and then burrowing for the real purpose of taxes, violent crime and perversion everywhere, a wide open border that isn’t respected even by elected officials that are sworn to protect, drought issues, population growing, grid concerns with solar flaring, terrorism, attacks of the 2nd Amendment, and so many more real issues, but….

The news is about private issues, celebrity issues, issues of nonsense that make them of forefront importance, sexual preferences, and so much more BS subjects, without guiding people to prepare, get involved, and have life principles. The message in America is have fun, control, and be dysfunctional so you fit in and not make trouble.

When you see irrationality in the media sources everywhere, along with in the leadership everywhere, lack of teaching life-principles in schools, and then the ridicule and lack of support for serious people like me that are either running for leadership roles or just trying to get the message of rational thought and actions out there, then the end is already upon us.

Focus is key, as is an open mind guided by the internal spirit…

I am not a negative person, either. I am a solution person. I am a goal-orientated person. I am a supportive and motivational person. I am also a person of rational thought and actions. Therefore, I simply see what is coming and already developing, based on the goals of society and government, the lack of rational though and actions by society and government, the lack of physical and mental and spiritual health in society, long without the lack of principles in society and the government.

I do not based anything I state in unfounded hopes, a desire for the end, or some sick doomsayer philosophies. I base my belief that the world is going to explode into chaos and anarchy. I believe the truth about lacking resources will come out. I believe some disaster is coming that will directly affect the movement of resources and power conveniences. I believe that major conflict will arise in America from the citizens in 2016, no matter who is elected.

I do not make statements like this to invoke fear. Fear is associated with reality if that reality is something that can cause harm. It’s not reality that is the real issue, because we shouldn’t focus on the problem. We should focus on the solution, which is personal actions to prepare mentally, physically, spiritually, and in the skills of the land and self-defense with firearms and hand to hand combat skills.

I have experienced that even preppers are not willing to make healthier choices with respect to food sources, and/or physically train. I call this Human Domesticated Syndrome.

Most preppers are weak in the mind, but strong in the mouth.

Most preppers are big on firearms and lots of ammunition, but weak in hand to hand combat skills, tactical skills, and are hardly mobile enough for combat and survival.

Most preppers are physically frail, overweight, internally unhealthy with weak immune systems, and again, are hardly mobile without some kind of powered convenience.

Most preppers are internet survivalists that could not handle to physical and mental demands of survival, because they lack actual hand’s-on skills and spiritual strength due to laziness and pagan beliefs.

My findings are that…

You don’t have to label yourself anything to be a rationally prepared, mature species of any life-form. All your have to do is stick to rational solutions of action to face and adapt to any adversity in life. You don’t have to merely label yourself and prepper and store food, water, gear, and supplies to be a prepper. All you have to do is actually be prepared as a life-form, rather than be just some thing that is storing stuff for a stronger life-form(s) to take from you.

I offer solutions…

If you have trouble facing any type of horrifying reality, first connect with your internal spirit through meditation, and strengthen your bond with it. You will see every mistake you have made on this journey, so be prepared to forgive yourself and make amends to those you have harmed, whether directly if safe, or indirectly. This will clear your trash bin and path through life, making it mentally easier to face reality and take appropriate actions in any situation with great confidence based in goodness and service to yourself and others, rather than based in ego and control.

Once you have a good relationship with your internal spirit and listening to it’s advice of principles, while taking the rational actions suggested by it, you will have developed an intellect that you can grow and strengthen, thus preparing mentally.

If you listen closely to your intellect, it will tell you to eat healthier and physically train, thus you will steadily become more mobile, with a better ability to handle strenuous tasks and defend yourself more readily. We all have limitations, but they should not be set by our minds.

If you listen to your intellect that is based in the connection you are keeping with your internal spirit, then you will be taking the actions to work on your skills of the land and learn hand to hand combat skills.

The relationship with your internal spirit is where you will find true freedom, no matter what country or society you live in, or if you are far into the wilds and alone. You are your internal spirit, and the domestication process of humans from cradle to grave is what separates you from yourself and creates as chasm of doubt and irrational thought processes that keep humans in the loop of irrational thought and actions. I call it Human Domestication Syndrome.

Pause and Hesitation: Simple Principles For Survival

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Principles For Survival

Your principles are your principles, and mine are mine. We are defined by them or in our lack of them. Some are based in fantasy and some are based in fact. Someday they may meet in a battle for survival and then we will see who’s principles are fact or fantasy, because only facts(factors) will shelter you, feed you, and quench your thirst. For now, they will continue to be argued over and warred over around the world, as conveniences still exist. Until the the time of real testing, let us consider why they are so important to have and live by daily….

In any survival situation or just in matters of decision making in everyday life, there needs to be pause in order to prevent leading with one’s chin. Make the wrong move or choice, and you can get knocked out physically, mentally, spiritually, and/or financially. This goes for financial matters, purchasing matters for best value, and many other decisions that have great consequences on our future. In a survival situation, be that survival against nature or other humans, there must be a set of principles that define our decision process. This should be the only hesitation factor.

These principles also define how we compete in everyday life, versus how we compete in a survival situation where rule of law is what you make it. Without law enforcement to come to your aid, you are going to have to be your own security, your own decisive judge of what is appropriate for your own survival, and make the decision that best benefits your continuance of life. You will have to make quick decision for your safety and that of your loved ones. Maybe even for a large group. There should be group principles to avoid conflict in the decision, with everyone backing each other in the consequences for the group benefit and strength. These principles are your basic laws.

Keep them basic to avoid them being perverted, as our present Constitution has been and used against us, inhibiting our own freedoms of defense, principles, and rights with our own property. 

If we wait until we face any given situation, be that one of survival or everyday consequence, then we add to the total elapsed time of the decision process. We will not only have the time of figuring out the perimeters of the pros and cons which is the basis for creating principles, but also the deliberation time factor. We must have a set of principles that we live by that define the outline for any of our decisions. We must develop standards of our lifestyle that are simple, for a simple life of simple needs. This not only reduces the time to make decisions, but also readies us for simpler times without rule of law and convenience.

Having pause is necessary to facing any situation, because we never have all the facts, and must consider all factors prior to commitment to a course of action. We cannot know or see everything in the terrain in front of us, be that humans or nature. Keeping our needs and lifestyles simple, enables us to make quick and simple decisions based on choice derived in the principles we live by. It is as easy as choosing to start with the left foot, right foot, left hand, or right hand in climbing.

When we encounter people in everyday life that we do not know, and we live a principled lifestyle(no matter what you choose those principles to be), we cannot easily be led astray by them, be taken advantage of by them, or harmed by them, because our principles are a shield and a deflecting tool of sorts. This is amplified when we are in a survival situation, in that our principles define that we have the right to live and to not allow other people to harm us without a fight and live as we wish, free from tyranny of any type. With regards to nature, we must have simple principles and a simple lifestyle that requires less to satisfy us physically, spiritually, and mentally.

When we live this way, adversities are more easily faced, because we come to factual and rational solutions, while accepting less with regards to expectations. Unrealistic expectations of people, places, and things, are killers of the spirit, and thus the mind, which then resonates to the physical body. In the wilderness, with regards to a survival situation, we show gratitude for shelter, food, and water of any amount, thus we have more spiritual, mental, and physical energy to use in improving our situation.

When we live this way, we can more easily assess people to prevent them from deceiving us, harming us, or infiltrating and destroying the principles of our group that are the mortar for the bricks of our foundation of survival together. This is why our principles must be simple and rational in fact, not fantasy. Fantasies can be altered by subversion, whether they are long held beliefs that were perverted long ago, or to be perverted in the future if principles are not simple and based in fact.

With solid and simple principles, based in facts that can be used for analyzing, we pause to consider using these principles, and a solution can be solidified in a matter of seconds or just a few minutes. Principles that are founded in fantasy, lead people to sit sedentary, waiting for some unseen force to give them a solution. That is called hesitation, and hesitation kills many people in life-threatening situations, where the principled people take quick action to survive. Please note that quick action not derived from principles, can also lead a person straight into danger and death. This is why we must run mental scenarios to remove as much chance of mental error as possible to reduce the negative consequences.

Survival and everyday life is a fluid situation. We are mentally drowned when we are sedentary, hence the feeling of being suffocated that people experience when not daily challenged. In a survival situation, we must be constantly in the solution. Therefore, the principles we live by give us an advantage to come to more beneficial simple solutions consistently and successfully in a more fluidic motion.

Practice and training: Write down at least a rough draft of your principles, based in fact and the realities of life, nature, and the human factor. Then create scenarios you might face and decide on your course of action. Then let your mind(the most powerful computer in the world) take you through it. You will find that your principles may need to be adjusted for a more consistent beneficial outcome. Please remember to keep your principles simple and live by them everyday.

The one thing society is lacking in, that shows in the state of the world and it’s leadership, is simple and solid principles that all people live by, regardless of country, color, sex, or belief system. Common principles are the mortar of a peaceful and successful society, no matter where a person lives and regardless of the language they speak. Solid principles are what make an individual a personal success, regardless of financial wealth or title. Your principles define the integrity of your spirit and possibly, your future survival if the world is thrown into chaos from the lack of the conveniences that feed and restrain the unprincipled.

That Preparedness Place Inside Every Person’s Head

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The Place in the Mind

There is a place inside every person’s head that is without conflict, without doubt, and 100% in the solution. I believe that is the awakening occurring in the world today. People of rational thought are realizing that there is no way to reason with irrational people of ignorance or fanatical beliefs. People are being attracted to this place in their heads by following the scent of the instinct being released as danger is detected. It’s a mental chemical warning from the internal spirit.

There is a place in every person’s head where a decision is made to act without prejudice, without compassion, neutrally, and purely in the solution. It is a place where only true leaders can manage the courage and strength to go. It is a place that cowards cringe away from and then strike outwardly at leaders that are attempting to bring order to disorder, discipline to the undisciplined, and structure where there is none. They are the anarchists, deceivers, and others that feed on chaos.

Leaders want structure and discipline for reasons of a stable world, and act from the rational solutions offered by the spirit. Tyrants can’t go to the place in the head I mention because they are cowards, and therefore act from a place of irrational fear outside the place of the spirit. These tyrants act based on a delusion of fear, rather than in a solution that may involve an amount of sacrifice by all, discipline by all, and personal actions by all. The tyrant will want to do everything for people, rather than show the actions for others to take that they can find in the spirit’s suggestions.

There is a place inside every person’s head that is disconnected from the heart and exists purely in the spirit, which holds the solution and nothing more. The spirit is in perpetual solution. The solution is the option to make the right choice with the spirit or the wrong choice against the spirit, thus siding with the evil that exists outside the chamber of the spirit. That’s why it takes courage to access the spirit, because we must battle the evil to get to the spirit.

The spirit is what gets people through a survival situation, pushing them onward in the solution towards survival. Many people throughout historical accounts, state that something kept pushing them forward in the solution. Many people have survived because they say that they reached deep inside of themselves and found the strength to keep going forward through severe adversity. Such a practice is taught in training for sports and military.

More people are going to that place in their heads. Some do not have the courage to face the evil to get to the place of the spirit, and thus take action in their personal lives and in the world around them based on feelings and fears. Some take the easy coward’s way out and end their lives, rather than going down fighting for what is right and true in the solution. Some people face the solution and are taking action vocally and in preparedness for what is coming if the majority of people around the world do not face the solution necessary for the benefit of all people. These preparedness people have followed the trail of the instinctive feelings of potential doom to a place where they faced the evil to get to the spirit, felt the solution in a suggestion to prepare, and are ready at some level, depending on their personal commitment to themselves and their loved ones.

Some people are prepping, but are not facing that place in their head that gives them the full truth and reality of the severity of what is coming. Therefore, they are not seriously preparing physically and learning to fight viciously in hand to hand combat. This is a form of proactive delusion of ignorance. Ignoring all pertinent information is a form of ignorance. These preppers are supported by people that comfort them in what I call soft-preparedness or soft-prepping. Only the physically strong have a chance at surviving SHTF. The rest can only hope to last long enough for compassion to make a comeback as some level of convenience and abundance returns.

Many people are concerned about the strife and chaos in America and around the world, but they are not going to that place in their minds that will show them how serious it really is right now, and how close SHTF and a world WROL is to happening. The place in the head I am speaking of is the giver of instinctive feelings that motivate the brain to devise a course of action based in the spiritual suggestions.

There are only a few people that can go to this place in their head prior to serious SHTF, survival situations, where the spirit will naturally come into control of all people from a natural action while attempting to survive. Most of the time, this area of the brain is activated only in a life or death situation, but for some people, they can access it at will. These people are consistently misunderstood as doomsayers, negative people, or just plain crazy-talkers, but this only occurs because of social bigotry and fear-based response mechanisms that are inherent in the majority of people that are weak and have a constant need to be reassured so they feel secure amidst the chaos of the world.

Going to this place in one’s own mind can be accomplished by removing all known beliefs and seek guidance from the internal spirit. Some people call it the intuition. Some people call it the instinct. Some people call it the sixth sense. I call it my internal spirit. Please seek your’s out for the truth in reality, because the outside here in the human world is far too polluted mentally to find the truth in the present or with respect to the future of humankind.

When you find your answer and are given your suggestions, simply take actions to prepare yourself. If something inside of you tells you to harm yourself or others……pause, pray, and say “no” to this force of suggestion. It is known as The Evil. Harm is only used for defensive purposes. Defensive purpose parameters adjust in SHTF to a more proactive range, but not while Rule Of Law is still in place.

Disconnect from this world for a moment and seek out your internal spirit for the truth, but make sure you show courage in the face of the evil that wants you stay stay in the delusion that every will work out without actions being taken to strengthen yourself.

3 Techniques to improve your Mental Toughness

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There’s a reason why special operations forces use grueling, nearly torturous selection courses…they want to weed out the quitters and the weak…those without the mental toughness to keep going, even when they’re completely, totally and utterly exhausted.
If your will is broken, you’re done for.
Mental fortitude is the oft undervalued trait that more often makes the difference between triumph or defeat.

Even in every day life, you need self discipline and willpower to do what you need to and keep making progress towards your goals. 
Most of our caveman brains have a hard wired aversion to things that are difficult, uncomfortable or downright painful…even if they’re things we know and believe we should be doing. Instead, our brains want the easy, quick fix.
Case in point: physical training of any kind. Everyone knows you should exercise–but how many people don’t do it, or struggle to do so consistently.
Our brains are awesome at coming up with reasons for why we shouldn’t do those hard, uncomfortable things:
“I’m too tired.”
“I’m too busy.”
“I deserve a break.”
“This isn’t worth it.”
“I’m not having fun.”
It’s natural. It’s normal. There’s a big part of our brains that wants us to sit around and eat donuts. Eat, drink and be merry.
But, guess what? You can’t let that part of your brain win.
Luckily, there are simple mental techniques that you can use help to overcome your inner weakling. These may seem like minor, but they’re used by some of the toughest, disciplined and successful people in the world.
Here are three of my favorites:
A large number of big, daunting problems can be daunting, discouraging and overwhelming.
Breaking those problems down into smaller, more manageable pieces can make them easier to handle. Focus on the obstacle right in front of you; get over it and move onto the next.
That can mean breaking things down to one day at a time, one minute at a time or one footstep at a time. However small and manageable you need to in order to make progress.
Small goals lead to small victories, and small victories add up fast.
“Just get through the next day and you’re golden.”
“Just make it to the top of that next hill.”
“Just one more step…one step is no big deal.”

I’ve read dozens of accounts of special operation soldiers, survivors and others, and this is one of the most commonly used and powerful coping mechanisms.
Just Get Started
This ties in with compartmentalization. You can’t make progress if you never start, and starting is often the hardest part. Maybe it’s overwhelming, maybe you’re tired–whatever. 
So, tell yourself that you just need to do one, small thing–that’s it–and then you’ll be done.
And then you do that one thing, and hey–not so bad. Why not keep going?
I do this frequently with PT, when I’m tired and don’t feel like diving into an hour long workout session. I’ll tell that inner weakling to just do the one main exercise–squats, deadlift or bench–and then it’s okay to be done. That way I’ll at least get my workout in.
Sure enough, 95% of the time, that turns into the full workout session.
Give it a try.
Remember the Big Goal
“A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.” — Unbroken

Keeping your eye on the prize–your ultimate goal–is a powerful motivator for making progress. Adopt the attitude that you are going to achieve that goal, no matter what–because it’s worth doing whatever it takes.

Great, meaningful victories require work. A lot of work. Years or even lifetimes of work.

That could be success at physical training, winning some competition or making it home to see your family again.

Visual reminders of your goal or motivation can be inspirational here. Arnold or Bruce Lee posters slapped on wall of your home gym. A picture of your family tucked in your wallet. Whatever you need to help keep you focused and working towards your goal.

Have another technique that helps you stick to your plans? Favorite motivational quote, person or book you’d like to share? Let the TEOTWAWKI Tribe know in the comments section.