Fortitude Ranch: A Survival Community For The Rest Of Us

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Do you have a place to go in case of an apocalyptic disaster? Most of us don’t. Now what if I told you that for a $1,000 a year, you could have a bug out location that is built to withstand doomsday, loaded with plenty of supplies, and populated by dozens of survival experts? It […]

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10 Inexpensive SHTF Barter Items To Get Right Now

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Many preppers like to hoard cash and precious metals in case of an economic collapse. The cash is in case of a deflationary collapse where banks run out of money and cash is hard to find. And precious metals are in case of a hyperinflationary collapse where banks print too much money and cash becomes […]

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The Government Will Help These Cities First After The SHTF

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Whether you clicked this article out of curiosity or are looking to find out whether you have hit the lottery on location, there are some things to consider. 2017 taught us a lot about the resilience of communities and the response of the government to disasters. In fact, regarding disaster response, it was probably the […]

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50 Places to Search for Supplies After SHTF

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A while back, I wrote about places to scavenge for supplies in a post-apocalyptic scenario. I thought I came up with quite a few ideas, but Reality Survival & Prepping made a list that’s over twice as long. When thinking about scavenging, everyone’s first instinct is to head for grocery stores and restaurants. But if […]

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Rationing Food After SHTF: Who Eats Last?

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Here’s an interesting question that I don’t hear very often: If you start running low on food, how do you ration what’s left? Hopefully, you won’t ever run low on food, but there are plenty of scenarios where it could happen. So in the interest of preparedness, I think it’s important to think about this […]

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Free PDF: US Enfield 1917 30 Caliber Firearm Manual

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This US Enfield 1917 30 Caliber Firearm Manual is the ideal workshop guide for stripping & assembly with exploded parts drawings, specifications, accessories and historical information. Ideal for shooter and collector alike. This Free pdf gives you the information you need to work with your enfield. I personally have never owned one of these fine pieces of American history, but I have always wanted to. The M1917 Enfield, formally named “United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917” was an American modification and production of the .303-inch (7.7 mm) Pattern 1914 Enfield (P14) rifle (listed in British Service as Rifle No. 3) developed and

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Enjoy Your Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

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Hello MSB, Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas. We certainly are having a white Christmas this year as we’re buried under piles of the white stuff in northern NH. Fitting. Some of you have traveled to visit others. Others of you have visitors who have traveled to you. Still others are simply home with theirs or themselves. No matter. This time of year is a religious celebration for many. A holiday period. A reflective time for others. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this time. I’m taking today and tomorrow off 😉 Behave. I’ll be checking. Merry Christmas -Ken J.

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Should a Link open in the Same or New Tab?

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You know when you click on a link… sometimes it will open up the web page in a new browser tab and other times it will open up the page in the same that you were already on.   Link Opens In the Same Tab This has been the original expected behavior when you click, although nowadays you don’t know what to expect. If you click on a link that opens in the same tab (overwriting the existing page), you do have a choice to “Go back” to the original page if you want to. Link Opens A New Tab

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MSB Will Be Under Renovation – Be Patient…

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Hello MSB readers and regulars, For the next several days you will notice changes on our website as we transition to a new code base and theme. The existing code has become old and outdated, and is now affecting us in underlying ways that we need to fix in order to stay competitive and up to date. Especially at first, you will see some visual disruptions and major changes that will not necessarily reflect the final product – however as we work our way through the backend settings it will begin to take shape into its new form. So please

What Are Your Hobbies?

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A bit off subject for prepping and preparedness, but it might be fun… Many of us have a hobby (or more than one) that we enjoy as a personal interest, for enjoyment, maybe to get our mind off the crazy world that we live in. Sometimes we need our “down time” to step outside the […]

Olight H05S Active Led Headlamp

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We have talked about the need for a headlamp, a quality headlamp in previous articles. The need is still there, and now the quality problem has been solved as well. Olight’s H05S Active solves the quality issue, at a very good price by the way.

One of the outstanding features that I am sure you will come to appreciate is the wave function, (hands-free motion sensor). Imagine you have heavy gloves on or your hands are dirty from cleaning a fish, skinning a rabbit or from working under the hood of your car and daylight is fading quickly. Well, with the wave function, you do not need to worry about getting your headlamp dirty or worry about fumbling for the switch. No, you just have to wave your hand in front of the built-in sensor to active the light and then another wave of the hand to shut the light off.

This function has numerous possibilities, and you won’t know the full extent of them until, well, until you need to use the motion sensor for on/off.

The light has three light settings, starting at 10 lumens, to 30 to 200 lumens. The 10 level on some lights is called “moonlight mode”, which is ideal if you do not want to broadcast your location. Use this setting for signaling to personnel close by if you are moving as a team or for discreet map reading and so on. At 200 lumens, you have plenty of light for any task at hand in virtually any situation. There are also 2 red light modes steady on or blinking which can be used as emergency indicators.

Olight H05S High Mode

One downfall, if you can even call it that is the 2 AAA batteries, which are included, but are not rechargeable. Batteries, of course, do discharge, and how fast depends on the setting and time activated, so it is important that you always carry fresh batteries with you. Triple A’s are easily carried and a pack of six, for example, would not take up any space to speak of in your pockets, pack, or glove box.

Hands-free, of course, means you can use the light for night skiing, bicycling, and hiking at night, and so on while both hands are free. The headlamp has four adjustable angles at 10, 25, 35, and 50 degrees, so even for those awkward positions, you may find yourself in and need a light then the various angles will allow you to shed light on any task.

The light also lets you know when the batteries are low. A red indicator glows intermittently right at your nose so you can’t miss it letting you know it’s time for fresh batteries. Additionally, there is also battery polarity indicators. While removing the cover of the battery compartment, the + sign glows red so you’ll know which way the batteries go in even in complete darkness.

Olight H05S Battery Polarity Indicators

Now For Some Tech Specs on the H05S Active

  • Maximum Run Time is 24 hours On The Low Setting With Fresh Batteries
    • High: 200 Lumens / High Mode Drops Down To 120 Lumens After 10 Minutes
    • Medium: 30 Lumens / 8.5 Hours
    • Low: 10 Lumens / 24 Hours
    • Red light: 100mcd / 40 Hours
  • Beam Distance is 60 Meters or Roughly 196 Feet
  • Water Resistant Rating Is IPX4, Which Means The Light Can Withstand Splashing From Any Angle Up To 5 Minutes
  • Impact Resistant From 1 Meter (39 Inches) Drop Height
  • Weight is 1.6600 Ounces Without The Batteries
  •  Uses Cree XM-L2
  • TIR Lens of High Light Transmission Rate to Deliver a Balanced Beam for Close-Range Illumination
  • Powered by 2 AAA Batteries With an Output Up to 200 Lumens, With Adjustable Brightness Levels at: 200 Lumens, 30 Lumens and 10 Lumens
  • Red LED Lights Served as Indicators for the User’s Location. Steady On or Blinking Modes Available
  • 4 Adjustable Light Angles Available: 10, 25, 35, and 50 Degrees Below the Horizontal
  • Eco-Friendly Fabric Headband with Width of 25mm
  • Built-In Infrared Light Transmitter and Receiver to Allow Motion Sensor Switches to Control the On/Off of the Headlamp
  • When the Battery Voltage is Below 1.8V, The Red Indicator Will be Turned On and Shinning Intermittently On The User’s Nose.
  • Battery Polarity Indicator: While Removing The Cover of the Battery Compartment, The “+” Sign Glows In Red Indicating The Direction of the Polarity of the Batteries.

Anyone can use this light, and if you camp or hike with children make sure they have their own H05S in the event they find themselves out after dark. Make sure everyone in your group has one, and knows how to use the light and to immediately activate it if lost at night. I also found an excellent hard shell case that lets you store the Olight on your belt or in your pack so the light can’t accidentally get turned on by something in your pack bumping the power button.

The uses for a headlamp are endless and who hasn’t found the need for one even during daylight hours. You may need to poke around in the trunk of your car, a closet, or if in the wilds, you may need to explore/search caves and crevices. The H05S Active is ideal for your EDC, so never leave home without it. You can purchase the Olight H05S for around $25 dollars on Amazon

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ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Air Pad Review

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ALPS Mountaineering Comfort air pad – review

The review of the ALPS Comfort self-inflating pad is a result of working with 3bed.scom, a website with a scientific approach to testing and rating best air mattresses and pads out there.

Bits of ALPS trivia

After running Kelty, a backpack company, Dennis Brune started ALPS in the early 1990s with a simple but ambitious mission statement – to make quality gear at lower prices.

It’s a claim we’ll put to test as we look into this sleeping pad.

The company makes a range of hiking and camping gear, from chair and tables to tents and air mattresses.

About the pad

The Comfort air pad is one of the three pad series that ALPS Mountaineering is best known for, the other two being the Lightweight and the Featherlite series.

Features and specs:

Pad type: self-inflating (open-cell foam technology)

Color available: Moss

Dimensions: Available in size from Regular (20 x 72 1.5 inches) to XXL (30 x 77 x 4 inches)

Weight: size regular is listed at 3.25 pounds

Deflation valves: brass

ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Air Pad

My first impressions

Sleeping on the ground isn’t the most inviting proposition.  You don’t always have access to an ideal perfectly flat campsite and the errant tree root is always looking to poke you right in the back at 3am.  Also, waking up at 3am is usually accompanied by shivering and a full bladder, and then the mind games begin as you weigh your options on whether or not to get up.  This can leave you with burning eyes, exhaustion, and a bad mood as the sun begins to rise.

These age old camping problems have begun to receive higher tech solutions, the Alps Mountaineering Comfort series air pad being one crack at helping you sleep straight on through to morning.  The concept is simple, place your body on a cushion of air, separating you from the tree root. 

That cushion of air also provides a pretty good layer of insulation, keeping the ground from soaking the heat out of your body.  These tips of “self inflating” camping mattresses generally utilize foam that can be compressed (like when you roll up the mattress) yet expands when you unroll it, allowing air to fill the spaces that open up.

While simple in theory, the execution is what counts with these air mattresses.  How well do they hold up?  Do they puncture easily?  Alps is a value brand that makes some pretty decent tents, but being a value brand, does it stack up to the big boys?  Stick around, as we will be putting this air pad to the test and see if saving a couple of bucks is worth it.

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Ready Made Resources Walk-In Store: Tennessee

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(Ready Made Resources, walk-in store) I just wanted to point out that (Robert Griswold) has a walk-in store on their homestead over in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. He welcomes you to come on over and see their homestead working as well as shop… Here’s a bit more information:   ‘Ready Made Resources’ has been in […]

Peppermint Forty2 Pro+ 1000 Solar Generator

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During a SHTF scenario, you will run out of gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas supplies will be disrupted, but sunshine, well the sun is not going away anytime soon. Some might say a volcano or comet strike can create so much ash and dust that the sun will be blocked, so what good is a solar generator then. Well if you are convinced either of the two will happen soon, then so be it, but for everyone else, you can still rely on sunshine while every other energy source is long been depleted.

I was never sold on solar generators, because I had it in my head that they were cumbersome, not powerful, and you needed solar panels that had to be placed just right, and if you had to move the generator, well what a hassle that would be. Well, I thought all this until I tried The Forty2Pro+ that is.

Solar panels on your roof or on poles scattered about your property is a welcoming sign to those not prepared for a crisis. Not to mention, what if you have to leave, or evacuate for an extended or even for a short period.

I wanted a power unit that did not require that I mount solar panels on the roof or on poles, and one I can take with me at the same time. You can’t in most cases, carry your standard solar generator with you everywhere you go.

With this power unit, you get portability, and absolutely no noise unlike fossil fuel powered ones, and you have enough power to get the job done. Carry it to where you need it, open it up, plug in your devices and the lights literally go on.

No need to carry multiple cases and then have to make several trips. To carry the all-in-one unit you can use either the built-in handle or the shoulder carry strap, which is sold separately. The unit can be carried by one person, and no set up is required. When done, simply close the case, and move on. It is designed for off-grid use, so it can stand up to the rigors of camp life, emergencies at home or along the trail. Toss it in your vehicle and don’t worry about it getting wet, it will be ready to use when needed.

I do need to mention the weight and the fact there are three different sized units. You choose which one serves your needs the best. The weight of the smaller unit is 57 pounds, the next sized unit weighs, 63 pounds and the largest unit weighs 75 pounds. The size is based on the batteries, the bigger the battery the heavier the unit, but you get more power as you increase the size of the batteries.

It is portable, but I don’t want to leave you with the impression you can carry it around like a briefcase. It is heavy, but doable, and it packs a lot of power.

One unit will not run your entire house, but not many portable generators will. The Forty2Pro will run the essentials, however, and did I mention portable. Imagine you need to pump water out of a lake, water needed for drinking, cooking, and bathing, or to irrigate your garden or to water your livestock. Instead of trying to figure out how to get the pumps’ electrical cord to a power source, you can carry this unit right to the source, plug in your pump, and get to work. You can do this and much more with the Forty2Pro.

Use it anywhere in the world to charge devices, power up refrigerators, small heaters, make coffee, provide lighting, run fans, power tools, read books stored on electronic devices, and the lists go on. You know what you do and do not need in a crisis as far as appliances and tools go, so set your priorities, and carry power with you no matter where you end up.

Below is a very handy device for checking how many watts an appliance or tool uses, so there is never any question as to whether you can power it up.

The P3 P4400 Kill a Watt Electricity Usage Monitor will connect to household appliances & assess their efficiency. It will also calculate electrical expenses by the day, week, month, or year and will check the quality of power by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor.

Kill A Watt Usage Monitor

This and other devices like it would be an essential piece of equipment when using a portable power source of any sort.

Here is the Manufactures ‘ Description of the Forty2 Pro + 1000 Solar Generator

The Forty2 combines all the elements of an electrical grid into a small mobile unit. The Forty2Pro is a portable solar power generator that stores and efficiently monitors the energy at your home, or anywhere you happen to be, and it’s not just a fancy battery unit, it is a power generating station. The Forty2 is a true solar power supply that works even when the sun isn’t shining.

  • Solar: 180 watts
  • Solar Type: 18.5% efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaic’s
  • Battery: Lithium Ion technology, 1000 wHr storage
  • Battery Life: 1,000 cycle rated
  • Internal DC Voltage: 24 volts
  • Power Inversion: 900 watts continuous/1800 watt surge
  • AC Outlets: 2
  • AC Voltage: Country-dependent
  • USB Port: 2
  • Battery Indicator Digital Screen Readout
  • Things to Assemble: None, this is an all-in-one unit
  • Length 34.25 inches
  • Width is 30 inches
  • Height is 6 inches

The unit comes with a digital screen readout that shows the battery voltage. A fully charged battery is between 25 and 25.5. A completely dead battery is 18, but the Forty2 will automatically shut down and/or start beeping at you, once it reaches 20 and 22 this is about half charge. 

Peppermint Forty2 Solar Generator Front

You can “hub” several Forty2’s together to power larger items. An example given by the manufacturer about hubs is how they connected a number of units together and used them to power health care clinics and schools in some improvised regions. Each hub can be individually tailored to each project.

As for the batteries, the unit contains 4 250-watt lithium ion batteries that have a life of about 7 years.

As I only have one unit, I cannot verify how well a hub would work. I do know, however, that the units can be connected in a series to essentially power your entire house if you wanted to. The best part of it is when no longer needed, you unhook, and carry to your bug-out-location, use out of the back of your vehicle, out of your tent or anywhere you need an immediate power source.

To use, you simply open the case and expose the panels to the sky and then plug your devices into the built-in electrical outlets and turn it on.

Peppermint Forty2 Charging

Below is a chart to give you some idea of what the Forty2Pro can do.

The Forty2 provides 110VAC, 50Hz that you get at home from 2 outlets located on the front of the unit. Capable of delivering 900 watts of continuous power, or 1,800 watts during a 2-3 second surge, the Forty2 can charge small devices like a laptop many times over or power larger devices like a TV for hours. It also has 2 USB ports for charging your phone or tablet just as fast as they would at home.

When the sun is shining most devices can be powered continually just by using sunlight, and when the sun is limited, or the device exceeds the solar capability the battery kicks in to provide the additional powered needed.

Peppermint Forty2 Runtime Chart

In closing, the Forty2 provides something that traditional generators do not, the ability to be sustainable. It’s also quiet and discreet. Because it is portable, it doesn’t draw attention like permanently installed solar panels, yet packs enough punch to operate emergency devices. It is also an easy solution for those wishing to employ solar power but not wanting to have to piece a system together from parts, it is self contained and easy.

There are a number of generators available from different manufacturers, but the Forty2 is one of the few to allow you to expand the system, so you are not locked into the single unit purchased. All in all, the Forty2 is a well thought out solution to your emergency power needs. You can learn more about the Forty2 at

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Top Prepper Sites

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Todd over at has been a great content aggregator of preparedness related articles from around the web. He has also linked plenty of our articles here on Modern Survival Blog, and as a result he has sent lots of traffic our way… Some time ago he implemented a website which ranks ‘Top Prepper Sites’ […]

CampingSurvival Store Now Open in Sanford, NC

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I just wanted to share this news from Tom over at They are opening their first retail brick-and-mortar store! Their Grand Opening will be April 1st at 9:00 AM where they will be doing a ribbon cutting and much more… If any of you live in the region, you might want to pay them […]

Damaging Winds, Downpours to Target Chicago, Indianapolis Tuesday

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Survival World News

By Jordan Root – AccuWeather

Severe thunderstorms will erupt across the Midwestern U.S. on Tuesday and may threaten outdoor activities into late this week.

The ingredients are coming together for a round of potent storms on Tuesday across parts of the region, including in Chicago and Indianapolis.

A storm system tracking across the Plains will trigger the severe storms, AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliot said.

Continue reading at AccuWeather: Damaging Winds, Downpours to Target Chicago, Indianapolis Tuesday

AccuWeather severe weather warning center
Up to 2 feet of rain to cause record-challenging river crests in Texas, Louisiana
Looming summer drought may limit corn production in central US

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Todays Latest Earthquakes Worldwide Friday, 11 March 2016

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Source: Volcano Discovery

Earthquake list: past 24 hours (only M>=2.6) (115 quakes)

Updated: Fri, 11 Mar 14:54 UTC (GMT)

Time Mag. / Depth Nearest volcano (distance) Location Map Source
Fri, 11 Mar (63 earthquakes)
Fri, 11 Mar 14:44 UTC M 4.6 / 10 km – [info] (0 km) Southern Xinjiang, China


Fri, 11 Mar 14:19 UTC M 3.2 / 29.1 km – [info] (420 km) 59 km al O de Tongoy


GUG (U. Chile)
Fri, 11 Mar 13:48 UTC M 3.5 / 10 km – [info] (1037 km) NW TEGGOUR.MAC


Fri, 11 Mar 13:13 UTC M 4.6 / 10 km – [info] (130 km) Seram, Indonesia


Fri, 11 Mar 13:03 UTC M 2.7 / 3 km – [info] (661 km) OKLAHOMA


Fri, 11 Mar 12:45 UTC M 2.7 / 110 km – [info] (33 km) SICILY, ITALY


Fri, 11 Mar 12:09 UTC M 3.6 / 33 km – [info] (246 km) 12 km al NORESTE de SAN MARCOS, GRO


Fri, 11 Mar 12:07 UTC M 3.8 / 15 km – [info] (337 km) 29 km al OESTE de RIO GRANDE, OAX


Fri, 11 Mar 11:28 UTC M 3.3 / 16 km – [info] (209 km) VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION


Fri, 11 Mar 11:26 UTC M 2.7 / 114 km – [info] (228 km) VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION


Fri, 11 Mar 11:21 UTC M 3.1 / 77.7 km – [info] (183 km) New Zealand


Fri, 11 Mar 11:07 UTC M 3.6 / 11 km – [info] (417 km) 四川凉山州木里县


Fri, 11 Mar 11:06 UTC M 2.8 / 7.4 km – [info] (118 km) 4 Km SE from Navpaktos


Fri, 11 Mar 11:04 UTC M 2.7 / 15.3 km – [info] (126 km) New Zealand


Fri, 11 Mar 11:04 UTC M 3.4 / 8.3 km – [info] (62 km) New Zealand


Fri, 11 Mar 11:01 UTC M 3.7 / 196.3 km – [info] (54 km) New Zealand


Fri, 11 Mar 11:01 UTC M 3.1 / 129.7 km – [info] Okataina (Tarawera) (5 km) – New Zealand New Zealand


Fri, 11 Mar 10:58 UTC M 5.0 / 557 km – [info] (364 km) South of Fiji Islands


Fri, 11 Mar 10:58 UTC M 4.5 / 10 km – [info] (165 km) Banda Sea



Continue reading at Volcano Discovery: Todays Latest Earthquakes Worldwide Friday, 11 March 2016

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Win A Free Case Of MREs

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Just letting you know that Tom over at (a long-time sponsor/vendor) is doing a giveaway for a free case of ‘SOPAKO SURE-PAK’ MREs. All you have to do (if you wish) is to simply enter your email address for his mailing list updates (which may prove useful). Tom will randomly pick an email address […]

Satellite Images: Earthrise Reimagined

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Survival World News

 Earthrise Reimagined

download large image (12 MB, JPEG, 8520×12388)

Source: Earth Observatory

On December 24, 1968, during a live Christmas Eve broadcast from orbit around the Moon, Apollo 8 astronauts shared a spectacular image of Earth rising on the lunar horizon. The image, known as Earthrise, offered us one of the first views of our planet as it appears from deep space. The photograph has become one of the most recognizable views of our home and is often credited with inspiring the nascent environmental movement to become a political force.

Forty-seven years later, a spacecraft orbiting the Moon has captured a new view (above) that is reminiscent of the 1968 image. The image is composite made from a series of images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) on October 12, 2015. When it was acquiring the images, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was about 83 miles (134 kilometers) above Compton…

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Solimar Fire Spurs Evacuations In Southern California

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Survival World News

Air crews work to contain the Solimar Fire. (Photo/Ventura County Fire Department Facebook)

By Brian Lada – AccuWeather

Gusty winds have contributed to the rapid spread of a brush fire in southern California, threatening lives and property in Ventura country.

As of Saturday afternoon, the Solimar Fire had burned 1250 acres and was less than 10 percent contained by the Ventura County Fire Department.

The rapid growth of the fire prompted evacuations and the closure of the 101 Freeway in both directions. However, the closures on the 101 Freeway were lifted on Saturday afternoon.

More evacuations may be ordered as the fire continues to spread across the hilly, drought-striken terrain.

Continue reading at AccuWeather: Solimar Fire spurs evacuations in southern California

Detailed Los Angeles forecast
California weather center
10 of the most memorable weather photos of 2015

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LIVE: Blizzard Buries New Mexico, Texas Panhandle; Thunderstorms Strike Central Texas

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Survival World News

By Brett Rathbun – AccuWeather

A powerful storm system over the southern Plains will continue to produce severe thunderstorms, flooding rain and blizzard conditions through Sunday.

The primary threat on Sunday will be flooding rain from eastern Texas to the Missouri Valley, icy conditions from central Oklahoma into southern Kansas and blizzard conditions across New Mexico and western Texas.

“Travel along I-44 from St. Louis to Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma will be extremely hazardous with the threat for flooding due to heavy rain,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

The combination of strong winds and heavy snow have created blizzard conditions from Roswell and Clovis, New Mexico, to Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas.

More continued coverage at AccuWeather: LIVE: Blizzard buries New Mexico, Texas panhandle; thunderstorms strike central Texas

First winter storm of season to spread ice, snow across northeastern US next week
Winter storm to aim at Minneapolis, Chicago…

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Merry Christmas To You All

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It is the sixth Christmas under the Modern Survival Blog umbrella. During these years we have had tens of millions visit this site (which has been very humbling), and I wish each and every one of you here at this time – a very Merry Christmas. Some of you will be with family, others with […]

ViperTek VTS-989 – 53,000,000 Volt Heavy Duty Stun Gun

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ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun

First, the specifications:

  • Powerful Stun Gun, powerful is an understatement, coming in at 53 million volts
  • A Built In Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Excellent Feature)
  • Convenient Size (6.5″ x 2″ x 1″)
  • Snatch Prevention 

Should an assailant try to snatch the device from you, the shock plates on the side of the unit will also deliver a high voltage shock, keep in mind the shock plates can zap you as well, so you do have to pay attention

  • Ultra-Sharp Spike Electrodes helps penetrate through thick clothing
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery, and this means you likely would never have to replace the battery
  • Non-Slip Rubber Coating
  • Lifetime Warranty

Do not, I repeat do not test this on yourself, on your friends, family members or your dog or cat.

Okay I put in the disclaimer, but I am sure some of you will just have to try it out, do so at your own risk however, and remember when someone is stunned by an electrical shock they have no control over their body.

They will drop with no hands out to control the fall, face first or not, they cannot break their fall, so injuries can occur. Obviously you wouldn’t care about this if attacked, but when testing the device, you do have to ensure the test subject has a safe landing. 

A stun gun is considered a non-lethal self defense device, and it works by disrupting the communications between the brain and body muscles. The shock interrupts neurological impulses, which control voluntary muscle movement. It does not cause permanent damage to the body however. One zap and a person will drop like a sack of cement.

As with any device of this nature make sure you keep this stun gun away from children.

The pointed probes can cause small burns on the skin at the contact points, however, the points do allow for penetration through heavy clothing, so this is an excellent feature on this device.

To test, trigger the device, an electrical arc should appear between the two probes. It is working if you see the arc, no need to tap your leg or arm to verify. A one second burst is all that you need to ensure the device is working. Once you have tested it, recharge the device. Recharge at least once a month for about an hour to ensure the device is always fully charged.

The instructions state that firing repeatedly can shorten the stun gun’s life. Test occasionally, but do not activate the device just to hear the crackle of voltage, and by the way, the noise itself is enough of a deterrent for some run off and seek an easier target. Charge it and then carry or store for use. Once the stun gun is fully charged remove from the included charger.

A stun gun is not something you would use every day or ever in some cases, so you can expect this device will be dependable and ready to use for years to come.

Some people have stated they have used a stun gun to break up a dog fight, or to stop an attack against themselves by a dog or other animals. This is your choice, of course. If you fear for your life, or feel you may be seriously injured I would use whatever means are available to prevent that from happening.

The ViperTek VTS-989 – 53,000,000 Volt Heavy Duty Stun Gun is priced right and it does work, believe me, I know, nothing like the voice of experience.

It is an excellent personal defense tool and at this price you should have one in your purse, pocket, briefcase, glove box, and one at home. Remember it does have a flashlight attached, so use it when walking up to the front door at night, and always have it at the ready when leaving a store at night. If you get in the habit of using it as a flashlight the stun gun will always be ready to use if someone steps out of the shadows. One touch and they go down, giving you time to escape the area.

ViperTek VTS 989 Stun Gun Light

The flashlight is not a spotlight, so do not expect it will light up the parking lot. It is ideal however, for lighting a bit of the path in front of you, good for helping drivers spot you if walking your dog along a roadway, or to help you to find keys and to find the key slots on door locks.

Carry the ViperTek VTS-989 – 53,000,000 Volt Heavy Duty Stun Gun while jogging, walking the dog, grocery shopping or carry it anywhere and have one by the front door to grab if you must answer the door. It comes with an attached wrist band, so it is easy to carry when walking. Again, when walking at night use the stun gun as a flashlight so it is in your hands, and at the ready.

Fifty three million volts will drop anyone, so no matter who comes at you they will go dark for a few minutes giving you time to get away to a safe place to dial 911. Do not stick around to see how they are feeling. Some can recover faster than others after being stunned so don’t dilly dally in the area.

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UST Firestarters Review

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UST  (Ultimate Survival Technologies)  has been around for around 80 years in one form or another.  A lot of their products can be found in large box stores like Wal-Mart and most outdoor sporting goods store, online eBay and Amazon.   I personally have been using some of their fire starting …

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Wojtek – the Bear That Went to War

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“Rick” sent this in and I found it very interesting. Did some research and it turns out it is absolutely true.

I get stuff like this all the time with about half being real. Really cool story. I can’t help but think of the affection the soldiers had for this bear and the bear for them. Some horrible things happened during World War II. This isn’t one of them.




11 Lessons Learned During a Really Bad Camping Trip

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A few summers ago, we went camping, full of expectations of campfire cooking and long wilderness walks. Instead, we learned a lot of preparedness lessons that anyone can use. Pay attention, because some of these could save your life. (And not a single one is “How to start a fire without matches”!)

A bad camping trip taught me 11 important preparedness lessons

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Live Bigger and Love Deeper

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Are you interested in learning to live bigger, love deeper and leave a legacy?

Imagine being on top of the world, an elite athlete with a promising career in professional football ahead of you, and then being seriously injured. Lewis Howes fell from greatness to find himself unemployed, unemployable and sleeping on his sister’s couch.

Learn how to be great with Lewis Howes

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Power Faith by Gary Bertnick

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A supernatural confidence clothes the mind and soul
Eyes scan battlefield Earth
Eyes look upon the Garden of the Lord,
The ultimate victory secure, more  than certain
Faith that overcomes the world
Has overcome the “evil one”
Victory always the fresh aroma of Messiah about us;
The new life we now wear
Robes of a Kingdom priest
Robes of a Heavenly minister
A child of the King forever,
Faith sees the all powerful Sword of the Spirit
Revelation knowledge of the only God
Complete power of the Holy Spirit given
The grace of His work in our lives
Our faith, my faith, the knowledge of divine touch
On me, in me, through me,
And for you the same.
Words given from the One “Word made flesh”
Creator of all,
Even the ability of the mind to imagine seemingly without bounds
Thoughts that can lift throughout the Universe,
Yet, feet remain powerfully rooted
Firmly established on earth
While grounded in Heaven,
Multiple dimensions to transcend
Greatest power to soar with those supernatural wings.
Greater strength to walk even the Earth in love each day
“To love our enemies, do good to those who hate us”,
To care for strangers
Honor the fallen, a memorial in memory
To love the orphans, the lonely and vulnerable widows,
Hands of kindness full of gifts to the poor
A lift of encouragement to meet any need
All in the constant sight of our God
Power and wisdom, authority in abundance
Faith to always take the next step
And then the next, and the next
Whether in darkness or light
Until at last we stand in Heaven
Before our King, before His Throne,
The Throne and the King already seen by faith and more,
Always standing before us.

The Combat Ready 2 Bug Out Bag

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Packed to the brim full of food, first aid, water, shelter, and tons of other gear, the Combat Ready 2 Bug Out Bag is one killer set up for emergency management and on-the-go survival… Zombie apocalypse or otherwise. This full-fledged survival pack has just about everything you need to cover …

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Japanese Govt Urges Citizens to Stockpile One Month Toilet Paper Supply

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A bizarre approach to dispensing toilet paper.

A bizarre approach to dispensing toilet paper – sighted at a rest stop somewhere between SD and MN.

A little known side effect of the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant problems in Japan was a shortage of toilet paper that affected the entire country.

Japan has had toilet paper shortages before, back in the oil crisis of 1973 (you never thought that expensive and scarce oil would create a toilet paper shortage, did you!) and so the nation has become particularly sensitized to the potential of future shortages.  As a result, the Japanese government is now urging the public to stockpile toilet paper, and has even arranged for a special type of toilet paper roll (without the inner cardboard sleeve) that allows more toilet paper to be stored in less space.  You can read more about their public promotional campaign here.

We see two interesting things about this.  The first is the government’s determination that it could take a month for any disruption in supply to be resolved, either due to factories returning to production or by way of importing supplies from other countries, and so they are recommending everyone keeps at least a one month supply in their homes.

Depending on your point of view, a one month supply is either a generous amount or woefully inadequate.  A lot would rest on the type of disruption to local manufacturing, of course, and if it was a broader global disruption (such as another oil shock) then even a one month supply might be exhausted long before new supplies were on hand.  Of course, this is a Level 1 type preparation only, not a Level 2 or 3.

The second interesting thing is the focus on stockpiling a month of toilet paper.  We don’t disagree with this at all, of course, but how about other things, too?  Like, ummm, water and food?  If toilet paper is liable to disruptions in supply, surely food supplies too have to be considered as being at risk of some future disruptions, and if we had to choose between no toilet paper and no food, well, that’s an easy choice, isn’t it!

Don’t get us wrong.  It is great to see a national government advocate a one month stockpile of anything, but we see this as begging the question – why do we need to maintain a one month supply of toilet paper, but not a one month supply of everything else, too?

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eBooks or Dead Trees? Maintaining a Prepper Library

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We love traditional printed books, but storing them all is becoming an ever greater and more costly problem, demanding we switch less essential titles to eBook format.

We love traditional printed books, but storing them all is becoming an ever greater and more costly problem, demanding we switch less essential titles to eBook format.

Are you building up a library of prepper resource materials?  You definitely should be.

If you’re like us, you probably already have somewhere between hundreds of thousands and literally millions of pages of resource material, spanning tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of data on your hard drives.  It is very easy to download and save material from many different sites and sources.

If you’re like us, you’ve maybe also bought some CDs or DVDs filled with prepper type content, adding still further to the vast resource of material you have.

Indeed, our biggest ‘problem’ with our data is not knowing what we have.  We’ve so much of it, indeed we just counted and we have 137,000 prepper files, including some zip files that have in turn hundreds more files within them, and we know we have sometimes downloaded things twice, and if we had to find information on a specific topic, well, that could be a time-consuming problem!

Again, if you’re like us, not much of this is printed out, and most is sitting in abstract electronic form on your hard drive(s).  It is easily to download a five hundred page manual that you might never need – it costs you almost literally nothing to download and save onto a hard drive, for a ‘just in case’ future use – maybe sometime, probably (hopefully!) never.

Now think about the future that you’re saving all this material to help you with.  What happens if we suffer an EMP and most of our electronics are fried?  Or what happens if your hard drive simply dies – how thoroughly backed up is the material you downloaded?  Or, even worse, if your computer fails.  Never mind the data backup – how many spare computers do you have, too!

Did you know that CDs and DVDs have finite lives?  Sooner or later, the data on them will start to corrupt and eventually become unreadable.

And even if the data remains secure and readable, sooner or later, your electronics will die.  Maybe they will die quickly, through an EMP or power surge or something.  Maybe they’ll just slowly fail as the natural lifespans of the electronics passes, or maybe they’ll die quickly of ‘infant mortality’ (electronic devices tend to either die quickly, or else last most/all of their expected lives before failing).  For that matter, did you also know that some electronic components age and expire whether they are being used or not – specifically, electrolytic capacitors, which have about a 20 year life and at some point subsequently, will start to become ‘leaky’ (in an electrical more than physical sense) and fail.

Our point is simple.  A printed out book is a remarkably long-lived device, and while it has some vulnerabilities (eg to water and fire, also to dogs and small children) you’ll usually find books are more reliable and guaranteed to ‘work’ in adverse situations than is the case with modern electronics.

Should you therefore be printing out everything you download and save?

The answer to this question is a modified ‘no, not really’.  We’ll wager that probably 95% of everything you download is stuff you’d never look at, no matter what happens WTSHTF.  But, and here’s the catch – can you be sure which of the many things you’ve downloaded will be in the 95% unnecessary and which will be in the 5% of necessary/essential reference resources?

But what do you print out, and what do you leave in electronic format?  Furthermore, there are more downsides to eBooks than ‘just’ the concern that the electronics will fail.

If you can only read eBooks and other electronic files on your computer, how truly convenient is that?  Your computer – even if a laptop/portable rather than desktop unit – still weighs many pounds, needs power, and is somewhat fragile.  You probably don’t want it sitting out in the field alongside you as you work out how to construct something.  If you drop a book, you pick it up again.  If you drop a computer…..

You can’t have your computer or eBook reader in more than one place at once – you can’t have someone in the kitchen using it for cooking, someone in the workshop using it to repair something, someone in the living room using it to read for relaxation, and so on.  Sure, each physical book can only be in one place too, but you can have each of your many books in a different place.

Call us old-fashioned, but we see a clear role for hard copy printed books in our retreats.

However, let’s also look at some of the upsides of eBooks, as well as their downsides.

We keep coming back to the gigabytes of downloaded ‘just in case’ reference material we have here.  We’ve no idea how many hundreds of thousands of pages of content there are in all of these, but even if we say there is ‘only’ 100,000 pages of key content, how much paper/space/cost would that require to print it all out?

You can partially answer that question with a visit to your local office supply store.  Look at the size of a box of ten reams of paper (10 x 500 sheets = 5,000 sheets).  Now look at the size of a pallet full of those boxes of paper.  That’s quite a lot of space, isn’t it, particularly if neatly laid out on bookshelves rather than stacked on pallets.  100,000 sides, (if you can print double-sided, and if you can’t, you’d probably be well advised to buy a duplex printer prior to this enormous printing project) would require 50,000 sheets, or ten of those boxes, plus extra space for covers and whatever else.

That’s an appreciable amount of space, and we’ve not started to address the question of how you’d bind the printouts together (probably either in ring-binders or, more space efficiently, by simply stapling short works and using re-usable fold-over binding posts for larger works).  Plus there’s the cost – the paper cost is minimal, and less than a couple of cents a sheet, but then add additional for the ink or toner to print onto them (get a low cost per page laser printer rather than a high cost per page inkjet printer), and all up, 100,000 sides/50,000 pages of content probably end up costing you $2,500 or more.

Now you need a way to store and index all this material, too.  So you need some shelving and space to put it, and some sort of indexing system so you can find it in the future.  That’s more time, more money, and more hassle.

If you have a million pages of material (we’re sure we have at least that much, ourselves) your $2,500 project has become a $25,000+ project, and you’ll literally need a library room in your retreat.

So, much as we love traditional physical books, it seems there is clearly a need for balance, with some content in hardcopy form and much more remaining in electronic form.

Our suggestion is to invest in some eBook readers – not just one, but several.

However, don’t necessarily rush out and buy an Amazon Kindle type dedicated eBook reader.  There’s one huge problem with all Kindles (and some smaller problems too).

Kindles have a limited degree of on-device storage, and for more than that, they need to be synched with Amazon’s cloud service.  That works well at present, but in a ‘grid down’ situation, there’ll likely be no internet and so no way to synch your Kindle with Amazon.  This is, obviously, their very big problem.

Their smaller problem is that they’re not as ‘open source’ as a regular Android tablet, and try to lock you into the Amazon ‘eco system’, making it harder for you to view other eBook formats and files.  You don’t have this problem on a generic tablet that would conveniently allow you to view all common eBook formats.

You should get tablets that can accept SD or micro SD cards, as well as being able to be connected to a computer and to be directly synched that way.  Almost unavoidably, these will probably be Android based.

Sure, you’ll be spending money for each tablet purchase to do this, and more to buy up a supply of memory cards, but that is all probably both essential and also much better than spending some thousands of dollars printing out all those slightly weird and very out-of-date manuals and scanned pdf copies of things.

You’d be astonished at how inexpensive tablets can be, these days.  While Apple still charges way over the odds for their iPads, you can now get competing products for astonishingly great values.  Amazon have tablets for sale that cost less than $100 each,.  You don’t need the most modern state of the art super-tablets when all you need them for is reading books.  Just make sure they have a version 4 or greater of Android, and a micro or full size SD card reader on them.  A rare and not really essential bonus would be a replaceable battery.

When you have your tablets, you need to load a PDF reading program onto them, and also probably Amazon’s Kindle eBook reading software.  That way you have the best of both worlds – you can directly read your own PDFs, and can also download – and store – any Kindle books you buy through Amazon as well.

We suggest you keep your electronic library resources – the tablets that are designated as primary readers, and the removable media (micro or regular SD cards with the files on them) in a Faraday cage type storage unit.  This doesn’t need to be anything fancier than a lined metal container (lined with foam or something, keeping everything inside the container away from the metal sides) with a securely fitting metal lid and a good electrical seal between the container and its lid.  That makes everything reasonably secure against both EMP type attacks and other external environmental threats (extreme weather, rain, and animals/insects) too.

You’d want to take the units out and discharge/recharge their batteries once every quarter or so, and of course from time to time you’ll update your inventory of data files on your memory cards.

If you do this, then whenever you need to be able to access your electronic library, and in a grid down situation with your normal electronics no longer available to you, it becomes an easy thing to open up your cookie tin/Faraday cage and start using your eBook readers.

We’d be sure to have two copies of everything on memory cards, and at least one hard drive full of the files too, giving you plenty of backup and options for accessing your files in the future.

Currently (ie Aug 2014) the ‘sweet spot’ for micro SD cards is to get cards holding 64 GB per card.  You probably only need a few of these.  If you were buying 128 GB cards, your cost per GB of storage goes up.  If you buy 32 GB or lower capacity cards, you’re still paying the same cost per GB, and end up with more of the cards to keep track of and not lose.


If you don’t already have a huge collection of prepper files and texts, you should work on growing it as best time allows.

While some clearly essential titles should be purchased in print form, or printed out if purchased electronically, we encourage you to get as much material in electronic form, and to keep this on micro SD cards and view the files on inexpensive (ie less than $100 each) tablets.

Oh yes.  Do we also need to say – be sure to keep backup copies of all your files!

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More and Updated Lessons from the St Louis Rioting

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These young gentlemen probably missed the Sunday School lesson about two wrongs not making a right.

These young gentlemen probably missed the Sunday School lesson about two wrongs not making a right.

We wrote an article, ‘Five Prepper Lessons from the St Louis Rioting and Looting‘ on Tuesday of this week, after the first two nights of unrest following the police killing of a youth in Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis.

The first night of looting was relatively uncontained, while the second night saw a massive police presence that largely kept order throughout the area.

We thought/hoped that would be the end of the uncontrolled senseless violence part of the response and reaction to the police shooting.

Based on that first night of rioting and looting, we formulated five (or perhaps six) lessons.  They are :

1.  Don’t judge and anticipate other people’s actions based on your own views and values.  Other people will act unexpectedly and irrationally, in ways that can potentially be enormously harmful to yourself, your family, and your possessions.

2.  In an adverse scenario with normal social order disrupted, other people will feel justified in taking everything from you, including definitely your dignity and quite possibly your life, even though there is no possible logic to this.  Do not expect a breakdown in society to bring out the best in everyone.  It will bring out the worst in sufficient numbers of people as to pose major problems.

3.  If you actively protect your property and yourselves, you’re likely to deter all but the most determined or desperate of looters during the early stages of any civil breakdown.  Later on, when looters are no longer motivated only by greed, but instead by fear and the need for survival, the situation will become more extreme.

4.  We never know when rioting might suddenly break out.  The trigger events and the degree of response can be unexpected and disproportionate.  But don’t underestimate the rioters.  They include organized gangs of roving opportunists who are coordinating and communicating among themselves to plan their actions.

5.  Rioting can spread through a region, and reach into unrelated communities, because the rioters aren’t only on foot.  They have cars, too.  When a metro area becomes infected by rioting somewhere, the entire metro area becomes at risk.

And, lastly, at the risk of stating the obvious, a bonus sixth point.  When things go seriously wrong, you can not count on the police being there to protect you or your belongings.  It truly will be every man for himself, and every small neighborhood watch group or strip mall business owners association for themselves.

Now that we have had four more nights of experiences, do these lessons need to be revised?

For sure, since that time, the rhetoric has escalated several notches, and what appears on the face of it to have been a totally justified police shooting is being painted as anything but.  Let’s first look at what is currently known about the initial encounter.

Tragic Accident?  Justified Shooting?  ‘Suicide by Cop’?  Or a ‘Racist Execution’?

As best we understand the circumstances, a single police officer stopped two youths who were walking down the middle of the highway and interfering with traffic.

The youths matched the description of two people who had just robbed a nearby convenience store, and one of the two youths may have had a box of (stolen) cigars in his hand.  The officer decided to arrest them and take them back to the station.  At least one of them resisted arrest, a struggle ensued with the youth trying to take the officer’s gun from him.  Fearing quite appropriately for his life, the officer shot the youth.

Much has been made of the fact that the youth was shot apparently six times.  But if you know anything about self-defense, you know that when you are struggling for the control of your weapon, when you’re outnumbered, and when the other person is coming on to you, you don’t just fire once, then stop and see what happens before carefully considering a second shot.  You also know that pistol bullets are woefully inadequate and some people have continued in a fight after being hit a dozen times.

So, you fire as quickly as you can until ‘the threat has ceased’.  Those six rounds were probably fired in little more than a second.  This wasn’t a cold-blooded execution, it was a panicked act of self-defense against a gratuitous attack, by an officer who credibly was in fear of his life.

It is important to also appreciate that the assailant was 6’4″ and 300 lbs.  Based on published photos, the officer appears to have been of average height and something under 200 lbs.  It seems he had already suffered appreciable injuries from his struggle with Brown.  He had no choice but to resort to his firearm in this scenario – but these facts are not interfering with the public outcry blaming the police officer.

Furthermore, the autopsy shows that four of the rounds hit the assailant in the arm.  They would not have stopped him.  The officer needed to continue firing.

None of this needed to happen, if the youth had simply cooperated with the police officer.  The event was as much ‘suicide by cop’ as anything else.  The youth brought the consequences completely on himself.  Even the stupidest of gangbangers knows that if you resist arrest and attack an outnumbered police officer, and particularly if you try to take his gun from him, then you’re almost guaranteeing a lethal response on the part of the police officer.  End of story.

However, our point is not about what to do when you are stopped and subsequently arrested by the police, because there’s no need to write that story.  It is dead simple – you cooperate.  By all means stand up for your rights, but don’t inflame a situation that is always tense for every police officer.

Even if the police are in the wrong, you cooperate during the interaction with the patrol officers and then you have a chance subsequently, through the legal system, to right any wrongs that occurred.  If you don’t cooperate, you will definitely have some valid additional charges added to your charge sheet by the police, and your own reciprocal complaints will be tainted by your inappropriate actions, making you a less sympathetic victim.

Oh yes, and if you really misbehave, you have a good chance of being tasered, or possibly even shot.

Back to our five lessons.

We’d like to amplify two of the points we made before.

People Become Venal and Self Serving in a Stressed Situation

Our first lesson was to be aware that people around you may act unexpectedly and irrationally, and not in ways that mirror our own views and values.

When we stated that on Tuesday, our focus was on opportunist mobs who would gratuitously attack and destroy your property.  But there’s another part to that risk which has become increasingly apparent as the week has continued.

Not only have the mobs continued their reprehensible looting, whenever they think it to be safe and they can get away with it, but their actions are being justified by other groups in society, and the initial event that started everything, rather than being a somewhat sad example of a stupid lawbreaking youth suffering the inevitable consequences of his actions in fighting with the police officer, the story is now being painted as a racist cop gratuitously ‘executing’ a harmless young lad.  The local community is up in arms (almost literally) about this, they are defending the undefendable, and they are being encouraged and joined by all the usual professional agitators and disruptors.

What does that mean for us preppers?  We’ve written before about how, in a level two or three situation, we need to fear not only gangs of lawless looters who might attack us and our retreats and try to take everything we have.  We also need to fear the ‘law abiding’ people around us.  They will also gang up, but perhaps not violently, but instead in a civilized way, and rather than attempting to attack us ‘just because’, they will send duly appointed officials to deprive us of everything we have, the same way a gang would, but under the color of law.  Court officers, bailiffs, and any/all police and other law enforcement and emergency agencies may create, validate, and then enforce mandatory sharing of ‘vital resources’.

We write about the very real danger of this in a three-part series – Preppers Beware :  Our Hoarding Can be Deemed Illegal.

Fortunately, it is possible to fight off the occasional ‘one off’ lawless band of looters who attack your retreat.  But we’re not so sure how possible it will be to attack the FEMA/HSD/etc officials who come to effectively do the same thing.

If people can delude themselves into believing that the police officer was in the wrong in this recent event, how hard will it be, when they are starving, to delude themselves that you are in the wrong by seeking to protect yourself and your fellow retreat members, and demand you share your supplies with them.

Preppers often wonder what to expect when TSHTF.  We can never know for certain, but we can look at analogous events and try to see possible parallels.  The St Louis riots, and the way large portions of the population have rationalized things, ignoring the reality and instead bending the facts to fit their self-serving viewpoints (or ignoring the facts entirely) does not encourage us to support the idea of mankind’s inner nobility and higher values asserting themselves in a high stress situation.

In Extreme Situations, the Police Will Not Come to Your Aid

The sixth ‘bonus’ lesson we offered was that you can’t rely on the police (to come to your aid, that is).

Now, possibly, it could be said, in an attempt to excuse the lack of police presence on Sunday – the first night of rioting – that the police were unprepared and didn’t know what to do.

But how about later in the week, such as on Friday?  What excuse applies then when you read about situations such as this, where store owners dialed 911 but couldn’t get any police resource of any sort to come to their aid, and where other store owners saw squad cars driving by looters who were actively in the progress of looting?

The lack of response wasn’t due to the police being overworked and with too many different emergencies all calling on them simultaneously.  It seems the police made a political decision to do nothing and instead let the riot ‘burn out’ on its own, without adding new ‘provocations’ and inciting the rioters still further.

Don’t be surprised by this.  A passive non-response, limited merely to efforts to contain the worst of the lawlessness, seems to be the standard approach adopted by police departments in most parts of the western world when rioting rages around them.  Maybe it is even the right response.

We can simultaneously understand that position, while also being outraged by it.  A passive non-response for all but the most egregious acts of violence may indeed allow for a de-escalation of tensions and a return to ‘normalcy’ (whatever that actually is).

But how do you think the individual store-owners feel about this, finding themselves being sacrificed for the hopefully greater good of the region as a whole?  Did they agree to that?  Are they not entitled to protection and for the impartial enforcement of the laws?  And what message does that send to the rioters and looters?  Doesn’t it affirm the validity of their actions, and encourage more lawlessness in the future?

Is this the new standard of law enforcement :  ‘We’ll enforce the laws, but only as long as doing so doesn’t anger the criminals’?

And what does this mean?  Do we give in to acts of domestic terrorism?  Yes, you’ve not heard the riots described that way, have you, which is in itself a telling omission.  If it were right wingers complaining about blacks, don’t you think they’d have been smeared with every racist epithet known to our left-wing press.  But because it is predominantly blacks rioting against whites, we have to ‘cut them some slack’.

If you or I threw a brick through a shop window, and a policeman saw us, we’d be in the slammer faster than we could spit.  But if 100 or more of these lawless rioters do the same thing, the police hold back.

Now ask yourself what will happen if a more lawless situation engulfs not just a couple of suburbs of St Louis, but instead, an entire county, state or region of the US, and if there is no obvious source of immediate help.  Do you think the police will come to your aid if your home and business are attacked, or will they hold back?  Especially if they know they do not have a nearly inexhaustible supply of reinforcements available at the other end of their radios.

So, we see three clear lessons from the extended St Louis situation.

  • It only takes a small spark to start a large conflagration, to cause lawlessness to break out across the board.
  • People will act in selfish self-serving manners without any rational constraint, and will readily justify to themselves everything they do, no matter how extreme it may be.
  • The police will capitulate.  They may concentrate on writing parking tickets in any remaining safe districts, while entirely abandoning lawless regions and leaving the people in them to save themselves.  Or, if things turn really grave, they may well take off their uniforms and join in the looting.


If you are a prepper, you have decided to plan and prepare for possible adverse future scenarios, in a manner so as to ensure your own continued survival.

We all have different views about what these possible adverse scenarios may be, and how best to plan and prepare for them.  We can’t know for sure how any specific circumstance may unfold.  So the best thing to do is to learn from past events, and the more recent the past event, the more valuable.

We’ve set out the lessons we’ve drawn from the St Louis situation, here and in our earlier article.  You might agree with us, or maybe not.  But don’t ignore this entirely.  Carefully consider what has happened, and what it means for possible future scenarios, then make sure that you modify your own preparations accordingly.

As for us, we’re going to double down on getting to know our neighbors, and very gently encouraging them to a point where if things become dire around us, they are more likely to stand beside us to enhance our shared best interests and mutual survival.  On the other hand, the tree-hugging aging hippies on one side?  Well, that’s a story for another day…..

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