Aussie gun store owner says we’re getting it wrong

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19th century under lever shotgun.

21st century Adler under lever shotgun.

Why must gun owners be punished for the actions of crooks?

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But yet again, no mention of why flintlock muzzle-loading pistols are on a restrictive H class licence?!!! Crooks don’t use these at all!!!
Firearms associations have failed Australian gun owners! We don’t ask much, we just want a fair go & sensible gun laws that DO NOT punish/penalise law abiding gun owners.

The Prepper Rant!

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The Prepper Rant Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps“ Audio player provided! I may be on my Soap Box a bit but a lot of “myths” or plain false-hoods have been told about prepping, from both sides, preppers and non-preppers. There is so much misinformation out there it is unbelievable, akin to a room for experts … Continue reading The Prepper Rant!

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7 News Brisbane spreading misinformation, fear mongering. Is 7 News Brisbane anti-gun?

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7 News Brisbane spreading misinformation regarding the so called Ghost Gun. 7 News Brisbane report that these guns are being 3D printed in America & sold in Australia! Total Bullshit! The process they refer to is called “milling”, & these milling machines are well known in engineering workshops worldwide & nothing new. Further more these guns are illegal in Australia & will not be allowed through customs unless smuggled in.
This is 7 News Brisbane fear mongering to try & up their ratings, I also see it as backing the Liberals Terror Campaign. DO NOT pay any attention in future to news reports from 7 News Brisbane. They can’t be trusted.

Jackie Trad MP Lying To The public to score points & make a name for herself.

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The Shooters Union has accused deputy Premier Jackie Trad of using the tragedy of the Lindt Café siege to score political points against the LNP and to target law-abiding firearm owners.

Don’t Get Distracted From The Real Problems By BULLSHIT !!!

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Posted by Yacub Majeed on Thursday, 14 August 2014

More Police Corruption.

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Unions and bikies – explosive evidence at Royal Commission

BUSTED: the truth about unions and bikies revealed at the Royal Commission. You won’t believe this performance from Assistant Commissioner of the Victorian Police, Stephen Fontana, until you see and hear it for yourself.

Posted by CFMEU Vic-Tas on Friday, 8 January 2016

PETITION. Stop the hate towards a minority group.

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