The Remnant Threat Of The Globalist Elite

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Before the primaries had even begun for the 2016 presidential election, an ultra-secret organization met in Telfs-Buchen, Austria.

There, amongst other pressing matters of business, they decided who should be the next American president. Looking at it in hindsight, it’s clear that their vote was for Hillary Clinton.

The fails of the group may not be over, but these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. We’re on the edge of the financial crisis and they will work to perpetuate it. Because when everyone else suffers, they become richer.

This group, which is known as the Bilderberg Group, is the leading force behind the movement for a one-world government. Founded in 1954, the group consists of a small core, with a larger number of people, liberals all, who are invitees to their annual conferences.

The Bilderberg Group is made up of some of the world’s biggest movers and shakers. While the core group apparently isn’t made of politicians, they have many of the world’s top political figures at their beck and call.

These people prefer to be the kingmakers, allowing them to concentrate on making money and consolidating their power, while using those politicians to that end. To be favored by this secret society seems to be a ticket into high government office, as they are able to provide the one thing that politicians need above all, campaign funds; lots of campaign funds.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any association with Bilderberg, or with the Trilateral Commission, although it is reported that several of his cabinet members have some connection. In fact, for the 2017 convention, the top item on their agenda is a “progress report” on the Trump Administration, which explains why these cabinet officials have been summoned.

But this doesn’t mean that Trump is reporting to them, or even that his cabinet officials are. Nor does it mean that the secretive group has any real pull on the president.

The key fact we must keep in mind here is that Donald Trump has been strongly pro-America since he started running for office, which goes directly against the Bilderberg’s stated purpose of globalization.

In other words, this “progress report” could just as likely be planned as a time to discuss and analyze how much damage President Trump has done to their agenda and what should be done about it.

The Bilderbergs took a public stand against him in the 2016 elections and there is no reason why they would have changed their opinion. He is clearly against their agenda of a one-world government and they know it. Not only that, but he has stirred a popular wave of nationalism not only here in the United States, but in parts of Europe as well.

If anything, the Bilderberg Group has more to fear from Donald Trump, than he has from them.

The Bilderbergs have taken a major blow in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, rather than their candidate, Hillary. At the same time, both Hillary and her husband have lost a lot of currency with the group, even though both of them are members.

They took another major blow when the British people voted for Brexit, a move that is still ongoing and will be for some years. But the blows to the group may not be over with that. It appears that a combination of Trumpism and Brexit are motivating some other European countries to vote for a referendum on their membership in the globalists’ pet project, the European Union. Should that happen and the EU fall apart, it will set their plans back for years.

The EU was the globalist model for the next stage of world takeover. Pulling the European nations together under one central government gave them the chance of developing the system for implementing it elsewhere.

Their next target was the North American continent, where they expected to create another union. Trump has not only ended that dream, but appears to be on the verge of pushing them back a step in demanding a renegotiation of NAFTA.

Some have tried to say that the Bilderberg Group could fire Trump, if he doesn’t receive a high enough “grade” in their review. But they have no power to do that. They didn’t vote him into office and they can’t remove him.

But these are people with money and the influence that money can buy. So they will probably throw their considerable resources behind doing anything they can to unseat Trump in the 2020 elections. In the meantime, they will use their influence to work against his agenda, especially where it crosses swords with theirs.

Amongst the group’s strategic goals, we find a number of things that are truly troublesome, in addition to creating a one-world government. I will only mention two of those here:

  • Manufactured crises and perpetual wars
  • A one-world central bank, with one global currency

The United States of American stands in their way of accomplishing both of these goals. Our military and political influence has operated as the world’s police since the end of World War II.

About the same time, the American Dollar became the world’s reserve currency. So as a nation, we alone block two of their goals. That means they need to defeat us in these two areas, in order to accomplish what they wish.

A military conquest of the United States is impossible, unless it were to happen from the inside.

Had Barack Obama been able to fill the office of the presidency longer, that might have happened. His unilateral destruction of much of the military’s highest level of leadership and use of the armed forces as a social experiment has done much to destroy our military’s efficiency. But even in their reduced state, our military is more than a match for the next two or three armed forces in the world.

So that leaves destroying us economically; something that the Bilderberg group and other similar globalist organizations are well situated to do.

With our high national debt, which nearly doubled under Obama’s presidency, we are teetering on the edge of the financial abyss. All it would take is the wrong sort of shove to push us over the edge and trigger the disaster.

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Back to the Roots of Globalization

The Economist, a magazine controlled by the Rothschild family, published an article 20 years ago, which could give us some insight into what these globalists are planning.

(As the power behind most of the world’s central banks, the Rothschilds are, of course, a part of the Bilderberg Group. In fact, they are the ones who fund the group and its meetings. So you could say that they are the power behind those who are the power behind the world’s thrones.)

In volume 306 of the Economist; published on January 9, 1988, the Rothschilds set forth their plan for a one-world currency, which at that time was called the “Phoenix.”

Details are given about how this comes about, but the key is through a worldwide financial crisis. As the people cry out for some relief and financial stability, the world elite offer a solution… a single world currency and a single world economy.

When is this supposed to happen? Next year, 2018.

So what does all this mean for us?

It means that the globalists are still on the march. Like we see from progressive liberals everywhere, when they can’t get what they want legally, they look for a back door.

Here in the US, that’s often been the courts. But there are many ways of manipulating things to get what one wants; especially if they aren’t concerned about breaking laws or leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

It has been said that these powerful people have caused countries to have financial collapses in the past. It has even been said that the same families were responsible for causing the two world wars. While that might be a bit of a stretch, they did profit off of them, so it is possible.

Before you think that this isn’t possible, because they would have to hurt themselves financially, go back and read that last paragraph again.

While everyone else suffered from World War I and World War II, these people merely became richer. They consolidated more wealth and more power in their own hands. You can be sure that if we were to face another worldwide crisis, such as a financial collapse, they would not be hurt by it, you and I would.

Guarding a House of Cards

I have been hearing about a pending financial collapse for years.

While the reasons and the actual trigger for the collapse have changed, depending on who was doing the analysis, one key fact remained the same… the mounting national debt. Washington has built a house of cards, which is just waiting for someone to come along and remove a single card from the bottom. Then it all comes crashing down.

While this is not the only risk we face, it is one that we can’t ignore. When this collapse comes, and I believe it must, it will be devastating. It will larger than even the Great Depression. It has to be, so that it can have the worldwide impact that the globalists want it to have. They will invest whatever they have to, in order to make that happen.

Countless lives will be destroyed by this collapse, both here and abroad. Some of the hardest hit will be those in third-world countries. With the industrialized world in the midst of their own financial woes, help that would normally be sent to those countries will not be forthcoming. They will have to suffer through on their own.

Here at home, we can expect unemployment to top out over 30%, along with runaway inflation. While those who lose their jobs will be hit hard, the employed won’t have it much better.

In countless cases, people in the middle class will suddenly find themselves poor, even though they are doing the same jobs that have sustained them for years.

Salaries never keep up in times of financial collapse. Inflation outstrips even the best of raises, eating them up and making them disappear in the depths of despair.

Yes, those who are still working will have it better; but only in the sense that those who are the working poor have it better than those who are on the streets. They will lose much of what they have today.

How can we prepare for such a thing?

Can we actually be ready to not only survive, but even thrive through a major financial collapse? Yes we can. While we will all suffer, there are things we can do, which will help us to suffer less:

  • Get out of debt. Many who lose their homes will do so because they can’t make the payments
  • Stockpile supplies, especially food. Food shortages will become common
  • Develop a sideline business, so that you are not totally dependent on your job. If possible, make it some sort of repair business, as those fare well in financially hard times. If not, focus on something essential for life
  • Fortify your home to protect your family from attack. Learn how to defend your family
  • Put whatever savings you have, including your retirement fund, into gold and silver
  • Become as independent as possible, raising your own food and having your own source of water

While these actions will not prevent you from suffering, they will reduce the suffering that you go through. Everyone but those at the top will suffer. But you don’t have to accept that you will be one who suffers a lot. With proper planning and preparation, you can make it through a financial crisis with minimal loss, even gaining from the misfortune of others.

That always happens. Everything that is lost by one, is gained by someone else.

If you are in a financially sound position going into the crisis, you might be able to pick up property or other valuables during the crisis, coming out the other side in much better shape. Be prepared!

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


North Korea’s Nuclear War Machine Ramping Up

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North Korea’s antics and activities have filled the news for months now, having accelerated since Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

While their pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile technology is nothing new, the hermit kingdom of Kin Jong-un seems to be making strides in that direction.

Their latest missile test is a prime example of this. Scheduled on our Independence Day, this missile was a “present” to the United States, according to North Korea’s dictator.

This missile, the Hwasong-14, was the first truly intercontinental missile that the North Korean’s have developed, and its maiden flight went off flawlessly. After the failures of their most recent missile tests, the success of this new model has suddenly made the threat from North Korea much more real.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Hwasong-14 missile flew over 900 miles, all of it under power. It splashed into the ocean within Japan’s exclusive economic zone, making it a real threat to the Japanese as well, another country that the North Korean government hates almost as much as it hates the United States.

But Japan is a long way from the United States, isn’t it? Yes it is, but the missile didn’t fly its full designed range, probably so that North Korea’s engineers could watch the descent and splashdown as well.

According to experts, the 37 minute flight time of the missile would have given it the ability to reach a maximum altitude of 2,800 km. That would give it a total range of 8,000 km or more, exactly what the government in Pyongyang has stated it would do.

What this means is that the North Koreans finally have a missile that has the potential of reaching the United States. Alaska, Seattle, Washington and Hawaii are all within its range, making Kim Jong-un’s oft-repeated threat of unleashing nuclear hell on the United States a real possibility for the first time.

The fact that this missile, the first of its type, performed so well on its maiden voyage is especially troubling, as it shows how much North Korea’s engineers have been learning from the failures of their recent launches. While those were not of the Hwasong-14, the lessons learned from those less-capable missile launches were obviously applied to the design and manufacture of this new one.

Essentially, this missile is an improvement on the Hwasong-12, with a second stage added. While the first three launches of the Hwasong-12 were failures, the fourth attempt, in May of this year, was a success, with the missile’s apogee 2,111.5 km above the ground and landing 787 km away in the Sea of Japan.

This leads me to think that the Hwasong-14 may actually be able to surpass the 2,800 hm altitude necessary to reach the West Coast of the United States.

What’s Next on the Battlefield?

Does this mean that thermonuclear war is going to come in the next few weeks? Probably not. But it does clearly show us that we are one step closer.

How many of these new missiles they have in production right now is a big question that remains unanswered, as well as whether their nuclear program has reached the point where their bombs are small enough to be installed on top of one of these missiles.

But it is clear that at the rate in which North Korea is improving their missile technology that it won’t be long before they are a true threat to the mainland United States. This new missile, if launched close enough to the United States, could easily carry a nuclear bomb high enough to generate an EMP that would blanket all 48 contiguous states.

Since the missile launches off a mobile launcher, rather than from a silo, this is a very real possibility. It is too large to fit into North Korea’s ballistic missile subs, but it is not too large to be ship-launched.

While too long to fit into a standard shipping container, a special container could be manufactured for it, with the launcher built in. Shipped on a North Korean freighter, this would not be noticeable by the international community.

Such a ship, armed with the Hwasong-14 and a team of technicians, could launch from the middle of the ocean, conducting an effective EMP strike. Being in the middle of the ocean would make detection and interdiction of the responsible ship difficult, but not impossible.

Even so, I am sure that Kim Jong-un would be happy to trade the lives of that crew for the destruction of the United States’ electrical grid.

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In addition, North Korea has as many as six ballistic missile submarines. While they are actually obsolete technology, their existence can’t be ignored. Each of those subs can carry up to two Pukkuksong-1 nuclear missiles.

While the range of that missile is limited to 500 km, the submarine could sneak in close to the shore, launching their missiles to take the heart out of any city within about 300 miles of the coast. Used in conjunction with the Hwasong-14, in a coordinated attack, these could add a considerable amount of punch to the attack.

Recently, I was discussing this with a friend in the military, who dismissed the North Korean’s submarine fleet as obsolete. While I have to agree with him to some extent, there is one glaring statistic which is of supreme importance in any discussion of North Korea’s submarine capabilities. That is, they have a lot of them.

Current estimates put their submarine fleet near 70, which means it would take every submarine the United States Navy owns, including our ballistic submarines to shadow them all.

What this means is that the North Koreans could swarm their submarines to sea and we would not be able to follow them all. Properly executed, there is a chance that their ballistic submarines would escape detection and therefore would not be shadowed. Should that happen, they would have a potent weapon pointed at our country.

Of course, a lot depends on what sort of attack the North Korean military would choose to hurl at the United States. While Kim Jong-un has made it clear that his intent is to attack us with nuclear arms, there are many forms that attack could take. Most specifically, it could be an EMP or a more conventional nuclear attack.

Video first seen on PBS NewsHour .

Our best chances would be if he launched a conventional nuclear attack against us. While that would probably mean the destruction of a number of our most important cities, as a nation we would survive.

But an EMP attack would take out our electrical grid, our communications and just about everything else in the country. Chances are, 90 percent of our population would die.

Currently, we have three aircraft carriers and their battle groups steaming off the Korean Peninsula, ready for anything that North Korea might do. While this constitutes a major naval force, projecting more power than any other nation’s military can project.

But it is of little use against a nuclear threat, except in the case of a disarming first strike. Should the president decide that such a strike was necessary, the combined air power of the three aircraft carriers doesn’t come close to the number of fighters available to North Korea.

Of course, our Navy’s F-16s are more advanced than the North Korean’s fighter jets, even their F-21s, of which they have about 200. Nevertheless, sheer numbers are on the side of the North Koreans, if it is decided that it is necessary to do a preemptive strike against them. Between 458 fighter aircraft and 572 attack aircraft, our 180 Navy aircraft will have a busy time of it.

Then there’s the risk of North Korea attacking our aircraft carriers with their submarine fleet, if we launch a preemptive strike. While our naval fleets always work with submarines in attendance and our nuclear-powered fast-attack boats are technologically far superior to their diesel-electric ones, the sheer numbers of submarines that the North Korean’s have available to them would make things interesting for the submarines working to defend our carrier fleets.

But the real trump card that the North Koreans hold, is the fact that their missiles are mobile. Unlike fixed locations, the missile carriers themselves would have to be located, before any attack could be made. While I’m sure that the NRO is hard at work at this task, hunting for something as small as a missile launcher, in the vastness of any country, even one as small as North Korea, is not easy.

Looking at all this together, it is clear that the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea is a real threat. It is clear that we would win any exchange with the North Koreans. If they chose to use a nuclear-tipped missile against us, our long-standing policy would be to retaliate in kind.

While I would hate to have the responsibility to give that order, someone in the Pentagon has to be thinking about it.

Who’s Paying the Price?

Turning North Korea into a parking lot, in retaliation for destroying our country or even one of our major cities, is not an equitable bargain. We might win the war, but it would be at a terrible price in both military and civilian lives. That’s a price that we as a nation, can’t afford to pay.

So, while chances of a non-military solution are looking thinner and thinner by the day, we need to be praying and hoping for just that. The last Korean war cost approximately 1.9 million total casualties, this next one could cost many times more.

You and I need to be prepared for such an eventuality, regardless of whether it means a conventional nuclear exchange or suffering an EMP attack.

If you live in or near a major city, especially on the West Coast, I would recommend that it’s time to move. Find yourself some greener pastures elsewhere, where you would not be living in the midst of a target. If you can make that move be to a small town, where you wouldn’t have to content with the massive number of people trying to survive after an EMP, so much the better.

Either way, we have apparently just entered another Cold War, and this one seems like we are facing off against an enemy who is much less stable than the old Soviet Union was.

Chances of an actual nuclear attack are clearly much greater than they have ever been. Take the right steps to survival and prepare to face the blackout with your own energy bank! Click the banner for more!

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


Warning: Healthcare is the new call to arms for domestic terrorists

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As the farce of Russian meddling in the United States’ election has turned to focus on the very real collusion amongst senior Democrats, the story is quickly being killed by

Remembering Our Independence

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Two-hundred forty-one years ago, a group of 56 men gathered together in Philadelphia to declare themselves and their countrymen free from the tyranny of the British Empire.

These men, elected representatives from the 13 colonies, made a decision that changed the history of the world and created the first nation founded as a Christian nation.

The Declaration of Independence was a dangerous document, slapping King George in the face. Placing their names on it was signing their own death warrant. Yet those men did so willingly, pledging their lives, their liberty and their sacred honor to the cause.

This wasn’t a light pledge either. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were, by and large, well off. While most weren’t what we’d call part of the one-percent today, they were business owners and men of means, important men in their communities. They had much to lose, if their bid for freedom failed.

The American Revolution

The American revolution isn’t unique in world history. Many other countries have been birthed out of similar rebellions, especially in Latin America.

But it is unique in that it was our rebellion and that it gave birth to the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. The United States of America, once nothing more than a smattering of colonies owned by European countries, has become the beacon of freedom for the whole world.

As a country, America has been unique. We are a country of immigrants, more than any other country in the world. We have declared it from the rooftops and we have accepted the refuse of other countries for over two centuries. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty says:

Throughout our history, we have taken the worlds castaways, and we still do so today. While debate rages about illegal immigration and Syrian refugees, the US takes in a million immigrants per year, each and every year. We take those with a dream in their eye and give them something they were missing where they came from opportunity.

For it is this, the chance of opportunity, which has brought immigrants to our shores ever since the first settlers came from Europe. Whether it is the opportunity of religious freedom, the opportunity for financial gain or simply the opportunity for a fresh start and adventure, America has always offered opportunity to those who came.

This has drawn a certain type of person to our country. Whether they came here from European aristocracy, an African village or to leave the crowding of the Far East, the people who have migrated to the United States, whether legally or illegally, all have the same characteristic. They are people who are willing to take a chance, break out of the norm, think outside the box, defy the societies that they left and look for something better. They all placed their lives on the table, saying “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Perhaps they didn’t realize that their very lives were the chip they were placing on the gambling table, yet they were. Some, like the Cuban refugees who have crossed the waters on small, leaky, overcrowded boats have been more aware of their potential to lose their lives, yet they have willingly taken the risk, with the dream of freedom and a better life to lead them on. Others didn’t know the risks, yet the same dream led them too, even leading some to their deaths.

But these people, all of them, were fighters. Not in the sense of brawling, but fighting for survival. They will do whatever they have to, in order to make their way in the world.

Unlike the snowflakes with their entitlement mentality, they will take whatever work they can, working as many hours as they have to, without spending their day on their cell phones, as they need to, in order to make it. Many will even become business owners, making the sacrifice and taking the risk necessary to start their own business.

The types of people who migrate to the United States are thinkers, even if they aren’t educated. They look for solutions, finding a way, and making things work. As such, they are inventors, creating something out of what seems like almost nothing and turning that something into a success.

It is this work ethic and inventiveness that has built this country into the world’s financial powerhouse. Others complain about American riches, but they haven’t made the sacrifices and put in the effort to accomplish what we have. In some cases, their countries are filled with the richness of natural resources, yet they haven’t taken advantage of them.

Ask yourself this; why is it that Europe, Australia, the United States and Japan are the richest countries in the world? Is it because we have more natural resources? No. Is it because of some racial superiority? Again, no.

The only thing that has made these parts of the world as rich as they are, is the hard work of their citizens. The only exception to this is the Middle East, where riches have grown out of their natural resources (petroleum). But they are the exception, not the rule.

America was built by the sweat of our ancestors’ brows. Many of them, coming here as immigrants, worked the most menial, back-breaking jobs, in order to survive. But their children had it better than they did, and their grandchildren even better.

By that third generation they were no longer immigrants, but fully assimilated into American culture and society. They were Americans.

This is Who We Are

A nation of hard-working innovators, who have built the world’s greatest economy and are protected by the world’s greatest military. We have reason for pride in our country, as we are the model the rest of the world looks to. The experiment in democracy started by the Founding Fathers in 1776 has been a success, at least to this point.

Yet there are those who would destroy the success, loathing the very fact of who we are. They have turned their back on America and are trying to build a new America, one that is not founded upon the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but upon their own whims, their own desires, and a desire to take from the rich (everyone else) in order to give to the poor (themselves).

These people deem themselves better than anyone else. Not, I must add, because of anything that they’ve accomplished, but simply because of who they are. They have decided that they are better than anyone else, the elite; simply because their ideas are better… they know that, because they constantly remind each other of it.

We have just seen eight years of what the “elite” can do to our country, as Barack Obama tried to recreate the USA into his own image. Through it, he has degraded our country’s credit rating, destroyed businesses with overregulation, weakened our military and made the United States to seem weak before the world’s eyes.

His policies have undermined marriage, our national work ethic and our economy. Had he been able to continue on the road he laid out, he would have destroyed this country.

The Return to Our Greatness

It is time to return to the greatness that our ancestors envisioned for our country. We need to return to our constitutional roots. That means more than just draining the swamp, it means getting rid of much of it. The Founding Fathers clearly intended a limited federal government, as described in the Constitution.

Yet the federal government we have today has become a behemoth of red tape, regulations and overreaching bureaucrats, trying to control people’s lives. Yes, there is a need for some regulation. Yes, people and companies will do bad things if they are not watched. But there comes a time where the watchers in government do more harm than good, and we’ve clearly passed that point.

Last November’s elections were a crossroads. Would we, as a nation, continue down the road to destruction that Obama paved or would we return to our roots and become a great nation again. It seems that the people have spoken, and they have spoken for greatness, not destruction.

Even so, there are countless millions of the elite and their low-information voters who follow them like lemmings. They stand against our country’s greatness; seeking to go the path of socialism and destroying what previous generations have built. They have not slithered away into the shadows, but continue to riot and complain, in a prolonged scream against losing the election.

We, the people of the United States of America, must stand strong if our country is to survive.

There are many powers in the world, some in darkness and others in the light, who are clamoring for our destruction. They want to undo what the Founding Fathers did over two centuries ago. They have their own vision, and it’s not of a strong America. Rather, it’s of America gone and replaced by a one–world socialist government, with them at the helm.

This fight will not end soon. Donald Trump will not be able to eliminate it on his own. For the powers arrayed against our freedom are vast. They can be patient when they need to and they can move when the time is right for their purposes. They will strike, when they feel they can win.

For this reason, the “silent majority” can afford to be silent no longer. We can’t go back into our homes and live a quiet life. We must be ready to defend the republic and defend freedom. History requires it. The Founding Fathers require it. But most importantly, our children and grandchildren require it.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

The gender pay gap – as measured by 1000ths of an inch

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Here’s a quick word association test – how big is the gender pay gap? How
much less are women paid for doing the same work? You might automatically
say 30% less. Or 25% less. Or even 21% less. These are all common figures,
all used by various experts, celebrities and even heads of state. Yet they
are all totally and tragically wrong.

There is no gender pay gap. It is a complete myth.

1/1000th of an inch is the width of a human hair. That’s about the real
size of the gender pay gap – and it is probably in favor of women.

How could that be? The gender pay gap is common knowledge. As carved in
stone as 365 1/4 days in a year or 5280 feet in a mile. You don’t even have
to think about things like this.

That, of course, is the problem. You don’t think about it. You got your
information about the gender pay gap from a reliable source at some point
in the past and have had no reason to think about it since.

If you did think about it, however, it would be quite obvious that there
were serious problems with it. The fact is – and you know this already – if
a man and a woman worked in adjacent cubicles doing exactly the same work,
then they would get exactly the same pay. Their cubicles would be exactly
the same size. And there would probably be exactly the same number of steps
to the washroom and to their parking spaces. Because if that were not the
case, it would be against the law in any western country. The company would
be charged with discrimination and forced to pay a huge fine. Furthermore,
the woman would sue the company – and win – and get a huge settlement. In
addition the resultant bad publicity could actually force the company out
of business. So no company would pay men and women differently for the same
job. They simply would not dare to take that much risk for such a small

Another, humorous side of this argument is made by Christina Hoff Somers –
who calls herself The Factual Feminist. She says that if women really could
be paid a lot less for the same work, then every company would immediately
fire all of its men and hire all those low paid women to do the same work. (

But, of course, they don’t.

So it’s pretty clear when you do think about it – a gender pay gap for the
same work simply does not and could not exist in today’s workplace.

Why then do feminists continue to claim such a pay gap exists? Again,
Christina Hoff Somers suggests that it is agenda driven. Modern day
feminists need women to be victims, oppressed by the evil patriarchy in
order to have something to fight against. So they keep using the gender pay
gap as a trigger to get people riled up.

In fact, if there was an evil patriarchy oppressing women, why would it let
more women into universities than men, allow more women than men to graduate
universities, give women advantages in private sector job hunting, as well
in criminal and in family courts. Pretty inefficient patriarchy.

If they are so patently wrong, then where did these pay gap figures of 30%
less, 25% less and 21% less come from? Benjamin Disraeli once said there
are three kinds of lies. Lies. Damned lies. And statistics. And that’s
exactly where the discrepancy figures come from. Milo Yiannopoulos, the
Conservative speaker, who recently billed himself as The Dangerous Faggot
on his tour of American Universities, says the figure comes from bad math
and bad economics.  If you take the earnings of all women who work and
compare it to the wages earned by all men who work, there will be a gap.
But it’s certainly not a gap in pay for doing the same work. It’s a
statistic and one that lies, because it doesn’t take into account the life
choices women make – to have a more balanced life, rather than to spend
every waking moment at work. (

Dr Jordan Peterson, a Psychology Professor from the University of Toronto
expands upon this idea, saying that competitive places, like top law firms
simply cannot keep their female lawyers after age 35, because there are
innate differences between men and women, and at that age women generally
decide that they simply do not want to spend 8 hour weeks working and every
waking moment in the office. They’d rather have a more balanced life.


The point is, with a little research and a bit of thinking, it’s obvious
that there is no gender pay gap for the same work. It’s a myth. Even
measured in 1/1000ths of an inch, there is no difference. The question, of
course is, why don’t more people question it? Why didn’t you?

The truth is, like most of us, you probably don’t have lot of spare time.
What little you do have you don’t want to waste on things like calculating
how many feet in a mile. Or how many days in a year. You simply take the
figures for granted.

This exercise illustrates not so much about the agenda of modern feminists
or about the mythical gender pay gap, but rather a phenomenon that Tom
Peters in the Search for Excellence books defined as a “blinding flash of
the obvious”. Maybe you need to reorganize your life so you do have more
time. More time to think. More time to spend with your friends and family.
More time to relax and enjoy life.

The path to this state of being is probably to become your own boss – which
the internet let’s you do now with little to no investment and a lot
greater job satisfaction and a lot more fun. For example, you could set up
your own website quite affordably and write out a blog every week or every
day. It could become very popular very quickly and begin attracting
advertisers and paying you, in some cases, even more than you earn now. If
you have a lot of opinions you’d like to share, this is something you can
do easily, from anywhere in the world. Here’s an idea how to get started. (

Another exciting possibility is making a regular podcast. You can do this
in audio alone or audio and video. All you really need to do this is a
smart phone with a camera. Once you’re done you upload your podcasts, which
can contain your opinions on big issues, your take on breaking news and
even your conversations with your friends. It could be serious. It could be
comedy. It could be dramatic. But it’s said to be the most fun you can have
with your clothes on. You upload your finished productions to YouTube and
when your unique brand of entertainment catches on, you can make millions
from advertisers or from viewer contributions. Thousands of people are
doing just that right now, and more are coming on-line every hour. Here’s
an idea of how to do a podcast: (

If you don’t have strong opinions or you don’t want to put yourself up
front as a target, however, there’s an even more comfortable way to be your
own boss on the intenet and make the money you need to take care of things.
Selling. This is far beyond selling a few things out of the garage on
eBay. This is serious business. Internet millionaires can teach you how to
join their exclusive club and show you how to sell pretty well anything to
anybody and make a big profit on the transaction. One way to learn this
skill is here: (

All of these exciting internet possibilities can be tried out without
giving up your day job. See what works for you before you make huge
changes in your life. But start working towards a future that gives you
more control, more spare time and quite possibly even more money.

The Gender pay gap is a myth. And so is the idea that you have to work long
hours for someone else. You are the author of your own novel. Make it into
an exciting story, starting today. Write on.

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Leftwing Terrorism has started the Second American Revolution

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Yesterday, the escalating communist revolution in the United States, graduated to full scale political assassination.  This was left-wing terrorism.  For Americans, this was a watershed moment and a wake-up call. 

“I Will Break The Pride Of Your Power”

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     This is the warning that God gave the ancient nation of Israel should they be rebellious and reject His statutes and commandments, and break His covenant.  This would be the penalty if they turned away from Him to follow after leaders who led them to worship pagan idols; and leaders who abandoned God to increase their own wealth and power; or leaders who neglected God’s moral laws to serve their own lusts and flesh.
     You know, I’ve had good reason to take my eyes off the world stage for the last year or so.  And it was never made clearer than what I’ve witnessed happening in our own nation in the past couple of months.  The leaders of our country seem to have lost all sense of decorum and legitimacy.  There is no respect for the duly elected President of the United States — and whether you like him or not, the idea that it is entertainment to promote his beheading or assassination should be repugnant to every law-abiding citizen and person of faith.  The fact that this repulsive image is welcomed by both media and politicians should tell you the rate of the decline of our republic.
     History is said to be a great predictor of the future.  And as a Christian, I am appalled at the state of my nation.  But I also see a clear parallel in the history of ancient Israel and Judah.  The success and well-being of a nation and its citizens is greatly impacted by what kind of men are in leadership roles.  Today, our leaders are more focused on secularism, consumerism, and moral relativism than Jesus’s teachings and living by the principles established by God.

     What I am seeing in my country today is no different than what the prophet Isaiah saw during Israel’s prosperous reign.  He could just as easily have been speaking to us when he warned, “O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray and confuse the direction of your paths” (Isaiah 3:12). And isn’t his admonishment of  “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20) just as appropriate for today?
     Leaders make a difference in the continued survival of their nations, and the Bible records that even the nations favored by God lived or died by the influence and actions of their leaders.  Both Israel and Judah had every advantage from being in close relationship with YHWH, yet their leaders ultimately led them to adopt pagan ways, to worship false gods, and to reject God’s commandments.  When looking at a rating chart of the Kings of Israel, it is astonishing to see that from Jeroboam to Hoshea, a matter of 207 years, they were all rated as some degree of Bad.
     The Kings of Judah didn’t fare much better.  Although Judah existed for 344 years, the reigns of its kings, from Rehoboam to Zedekiah were rated Bad, Devilish, Worst and Wicked; although six kings attempted to reform the nation and return it to God’s ways, receiving a rating of Good.  But, ultimately, the nations of Israel and Judah were both taken into captivity — with the ten tribes of Israel vanishing into history.  The nation of Judah was resurrected by King Cyrus and it is generally accepted that the descendants of that ancient nation are among the inhabitants of the modern nation of Israel.
     As I look upon the utter chaos that seems to be at the heart of governing leaders today, I want to thunder like Jeremiah, and shout at our misguided and hateful Congress. These are the leaders “who try to make My people forget My name… and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness”.  Yes, I know that this nation is a melting pot and we are to respect and help all people try to achieve the “American Dream”.  But what I’m seeing now is more like a nightmare! And the fact that everything Christian is excoriated, and the ways of God are ridiculed, warns my spirit that this nation will also pay a penalty for its disobedience to the God who so richly blessed it at its founding.
     I confess that I am embarrassed and ashamed of how the leaders of my country are acting.  It’s as if all common sense and decency have left our shores.  The Bible makes it very clear that the nations who obey God will be blessed.  I’m afraid that our leaders have been deceived into thinking it is by their own power and abilities that we have become a prosperous nation. I’m afraid they have forgotten the statutes and commandments of our God who judges between the nations, and either raises them up or destroys them.
     I would advise our leaders to read Leviticus, Chapter 26 and hearken to what God says He will do to a nation that walks contrary to Him.  If He was willing to execute His wrath on His beloved nations of Israel and Judah, what makes our leaders think this nation will be immune?  And, yes, Leviticus is an ancient book of the Old Covenant, but for those of us who know the God of Leviticus to be the same God as today, we regard Him with Awe, Reverence, and an expectation of His Righteous Judgment.  There is a definite spirit of Unrighteous Pride in our nation’s capitol and I pray that corrupted minds and hearts will be renewed, so that men’s pride in their own power will be broken by contrite and repentant hearts, and this land can once again walk erect with our God.  I know the following Scripture is in vogue these days, but it has never been more true. Please seek His face!

2 Chronicles 7:14    “If My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”.   

Bye-bye Climate Change

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Amongst the many fallacies that the former president foisted upon the American people was 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

While technically and legally a treaty, Obama signed it without it ever being ratified by the Senate, making our participation in it totally illegal according to the Constitution.

President Trump just solved that problem by declaring that the USA was withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

Trump is fulfilling yet another campaign promise and saving the country billions of dollars at the same time. Yet while conservatives everywhere applaud his actions, the liberal left is talking about how Trump’s actions will mean the end of the world.

The Ice Age that Never Came

In my opinion, global warming, or climate change as it is now called, is nothing but false science. The entire climate debate is driven by computer models, and anyone who knows anything about computer modeling can tell you that you can make models give you whatever results you want them too. It’s all in how you write the model and what data you give it.

Not all that long ago, the climate debate was about global cooling, rather than global warming. According to the environmentalists of the 1970s, we were entering into a new ice age, which would destroy all live. Their solution was to take billions of dollars away from rich countries and give that money to poor countries.

Then, there was a change in the wind and global cooling was replaced by global warming. Once again the environmentalists had a solution; take billions of dollars away from rich countries and give it to poor countries. Now that global warming has been proven to be fake, they changed its name to climate change and came up with a solution… you guessed it.

Clearly, the issue isn’t whether the world is warming or cooling. It’s about getting money into the hands of politicians, so that they can further their globalist goals and redistribute the wealth. Climate change, by any name, isn’t a science, it’s a religion, one which the left is trying to force upon us through political correctness, calling people “climate change deniers” and taking out tax dollars.

The reality of climate change is nothing like what the climate change movement claims. Yes, the climate changes; it has all through history and it probably will continue to change as long as the world exists. The world has known alternating warm and cool spells, long before man started burning fossil fuels.

Yet according to the left, man and man alone is responsible for the warming trend that their computer models show, once they massage the data. They have even gone so far as to name carbon dioxide a “greenhouse gas” and the biggest danger to the climate there is.

Obviously, these so-called scientists have forgotten their basic biology, or they would remember that animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

In fact, how would plant life would be served if we had a carbon dioxide level that was four to five times higher than what we have today? It happened before, during the Jurassic Period.

If were it to suddenly rise that high again, would we see an explosive growth of plant life around the globe? Would it be any reason to be concerned about the rain forests, as they would grow faster than the tribal farmers could cut clearings to farm? Under the circumstances, farmers would see incredible yields from their crops, going a long way towards solving global hunger, wouldn’t they?

But mankind is no more able to boost the carbon dioxide level to that point, than we are to prevent it from rising. That’s because the biggest producer of carbon dioxide in the world is the world’s oceans. After that, it’s the decomposition of biomass around the globe.

Compared to these two sources of carbon dioxide, what our atmosphere receives from the burning of fossil fuels is a miniscule amount.

Who’s Making the Difference?

Even so, the Paris agreement was supposed to be a turning point in mankind’s history, with mankind finally taking responsibility for our destruction of the climate and taking drastic action to put an end to that destruction. The goal of the summit and ensuing agreement was to reduce the average temperature of the Earth by two-tenths of a degree Celsius, by the turn of the next century.

Yet the agreement itself could only accomplish a few percentage points of even that miniscule goal, if every signatory nation fulfilled their commitment to the agreement. America’s commitment, which would have cost us billions of dollars, would account for only 0.023 degrees of change, by the end of the century.

One of the biggest problems with the agreement is that each nation is given permission to establish their own goals. Hence, China and India, the first and third largest consumers of coal, respectably, aren’t committing to reducing their coal consumption at all before 2030, the end date of the agreement.

In fact, China, which uses 41% of the coal burned in the world (more than the next 11 consumers combined), is planning on increasing their consumption of coal over the next decade and won’t even consider any reductions until after 2030.

So, what Obama and Kerry had negotiated was a treaty which hurt the United States, while allowing other countries to continue polluting. Even if we take the whole global warming hoax out of the equation and look at the agreement just from the viewpoint of polluting the world we all share, this was a horrible agreement. No wonder President Trump wants to get out of it.

By the way, the United States has drastically reduced our dependence on coal anyway, before the Paris agreement and before Obama’s war on coal. With the energy industry moving away from coal and towards natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel there is, we are making great strides in reducing the pollution we create.

Of course, that creates another problem for the environmentalist; that of fracking. In order to harvest the nearly unlimited supply of natural gas trapped beneath the surface of the Earth, gas companies are using hydraulic fracking to push the gas out of the sedimentary layers in the ground and towards wells where it can be harvested.

Where is This All Going?

Getting out of the Paris agreement will be good for the country. The price tag on reducing global temperatures by 0.2°C by the turn of the century is $100 trillion (that’s not a typo).

By exiting the agreement, Trump is refusing to pay that blackmail and the high cost to our country. That will ultimately help taxpayers and businesses across the country. Oh and, all that money would have bought us essentially… nothing.

But what if it is real? What if global warming or global cooling were something that we should be concerned with? Would the methods that are being proposed by its proponents effective?

No. All that the politicians and environmentalists have done is to create a huge, expensive industry, which lines their pockets, without offering any real solutions. Spending $100 trillion without coming up with a solution isn’t effective use of money, no matter who you are.

Actually, the real cause of global climate fluctuations has been discovered. It’s caused by the main source of heat for the surface of the Earth… the Sun. Variations in the Earth’s orbit around the sun cause the warm and cool spells that have existed throughout the Earth’s history.

Nothing man has done or can do will affect that at all. The Earth will continue to go through alternating warm and cool spells, for as long as the Sun will shine and the Earth will continue its orbit around the Sun.

But let’s think about this for a moment. First of all, it appears that the orbital variations the Earth has been experiencing are evening out. As far as I know, no scientist has declared that, I’m just basing it on the fact that the “little ice age” of the 17th to 18th centuries was not as cold as previous ice ages. While there was an increase in polar ice, it didn’t come as far towards the equator as had previously happened.

Okay, so it looks like we’re safe; but what if we’re not? What if my conclusion is totally wrong? What if a huge asteroid hits the Earth with enough mass and energy to put more instability into the Earth’s orbit? Would we see an increase in the global warming and cooling periods?

Yes, most assuredly that would be the result.

In that case, with life on this Earth being such a delicate thing, how could mankind survive? What could we do to make it through another ice age or a period of global warming that brought surface temperatures up another 50 degrees? Is there an answer to that?

Actually, the answer to this question has been known for decades. While such a massive shift in the Earth’s temperature would cause massive amounts of plant and animal life to die, mankind could survive, taking at least some of nature along with us. The secret would be to go underground.

An underground bunker or even an underground city could be designed to maintain a reasonable temperature year round, even while the temperature on the surface was considerably hotter or colder than it is today. This solution was proposed as early as the 1970s, back when the argument was whether global warming or global cooling would kill us first.

Or there are other options that humankind could appeal to?

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!

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Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more! Ray Becker “Renaissance Man” Audio in player below! On this, my first show with Prepper Broadcasting Network, I will start off with a brief introduction about me and some of the information that I will be covering. We will then look over some economic indexes and any key … Continue reading Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!

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Trump Declares Holy War during Speech in Saudi Arabia

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I must admit, Trump’s trip to the Middle East and his planned speech were not on my list of highly recommended things for Trump to undertake.  The trip was high

The US in Syria: Boots on the Ground or Get the Heck Out?

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Remember the high hopes for the “Arab Spring” in 2011? It’s almost forgotten now, apart from one grim legacy – the Syrian Civil War. This has now been raging for

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US Moves Closer to Full Scale War in Syria with Russia and Iran

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To say there have been a few distractions in the news cycle lately is an understatement.  The establishment (aka: Deep State) will continue to create scandals to mire the Trump

How Would A World War Look Today?

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Will another world war happen anytime soon?

Tensions between the great powers of the world are increasing.  And if they are going to burst, how would a world war would look today?

World War II was a world-changing event. While not all the countries of the world were involved in the war, it affected most of them to some extent.

More than anything, it affected the industrialized nations of the world, what are known as the “first world countries,” a term that you don’t hear all the time.

It is this wide-reaching impact that made what was thought of by some to be a European war, into a world war.

There have only been two world wars in the world’s history and both of them were fought largely in Europe.

Considering that the European countries, especially the British Empire, controlled 30% of the world’s landmass until World War II, it’s really not surprising that those wars became world wars.

But things have changed. One of the major, but little talked about results of World War II was that the British lost their empire. This caused the British Empire to drop from being the world’s greatest superpower to being just one more European country, amongst many. The United States of America took its place as the world’s premiere superpower.

This leads me to think that any future world war would have to center around the United States. That’s not pride and patriotism talking, but merely an analysis of the facts.

No major war (defined as involving more than two countries) happens today, without the USA being involved in some way.

Of course, being the strongest and richest country in the world has its price. Part of that price is that we accumulate enemies much faster than other countries, with many countries claiming that the US government tries to dictate to the rest of the world. Of course, the countries who complain about that either want to invade others or want the USA out of the way for other nefarious purposes.

So, like the Japanese in World War II, these countries turn against the United States. The Japanese never intended to invade the USA during World War II, they just attacked Pearl Harbor to keep the United States from interfering with their plans of conquering the Far East and creating an empire.

What is the Threat?

Predicting the next war is an inexact science that baffles even the best informed. Throughout my years in the military, I heard talk about how the Soviet Union was going to come barreling through the Fulda Gap, launching World War III. That was the war we prepared for, and the war that never happened. The Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union collapsed and the world went in a different direction.

That next war turned out to be in the Middle East. I suppose I could say “I told you so” to all my old military buddies, but I’ve lost contact with them in the ensuing years. Even if I could tell them that, the satisfaction would be tempered by the fact that I successfully predicted a war, not something more profitable or enjoyable.

Some of today’s threats are akin to that of the Soviet Union, but others are smaller, even if they are more dangerous. What makes them more dangerous is their unpredictability. Those smaller threats don’t follow the rules the rest of the world does; in fact, it’s hard to say if they follow any rules at all.

Our Current “Threat Board”

Russia – the world’s second largest power and one with imperial ambitions

China – the largest country in the world and one that historically has no love for the United States

Iran – a sworn enemy who has previously declared war on the USA

North Korea – headed by a despotic dynasty, North Korea has also declared war against us

ISIS – while not really accepted as a nation, the Islamic State calls themselves one. They are also the most dangerous nation on the face of the Earth, murdering thousands of people in their “holy war”

There are other countries that we could add to this list, but these would have to be the major players. Our other enemies are either too small, too weak, or smart enough to not make too much noise about attacking America.

Of that list, we can identify four different types of threats that we face:

Conventional war, with Russia or China trying to invade the United States. Not a very likely scenario.

Cyberwarfare, again with Russia or China being the attackers, trying to take down the US government, military, power grid or financial network. Any of those would cause us serious harm and none are adequately protected.

Nuclear War; while Russia and China actually have the ability to attack the USA with nuclear weapons, it is doubtful that either of them will do so. On the other hand, both Iran and North Korea are actively working on the development of nuclear weapons and the intercontinental missiles to deliver them. However, they would be better served by an EMP attack, which would have much wider impact on the United States.

Terrorism, propagated by ISIS or by another terrorist organization, funded and supported by Iran. This is already happening in many parts of the world. Extending it more aggressively into the United States would be child’s play, especially with our porous southern border.

The greatest threats come from the most unstable countries. So, while a war with Russia or China might be more devastating, the reality is that we are at more of a risk of attack from Iran, North Korea or ISIS. Each has declared against us and would love to take us out of their way.

Aren’t We Already in the Midst of World War III?

Some have said that we are already in the midst of World War III; specifically referring to the jihad being waged by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations. In one sense, they are absolutely right; radical Islam has declared a war of conquest against the rest of the world, and it appears that they have no intention of stopping until they have succeeded.

With 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today, a fair percentage of which support the idea of jihad to conquer the world and convert every living soul to Islam, it doesn’t look like this war is going to stop anytime soon.

But the Islamic jihad has a number of problems as a war of conquest. First and foremost, Islam itself is divided. More than anything, Muslims are killing other Muslims over doctrinal differences. As long as that continues, it is doubtful that they will succeed in conquering the world.

But that doesn’t mean that they won’t continue trying. Between jihadic terrorism and what I like to call “social jihad” Muslims are making inroads in many countries, especially in Europe, using the Syrian refugee crisis to infiltrate the European countries. Even social jihad has its violent element, as we’ve seen in Europe: supposed Syrian refugees have attacked citizens in Sweden, Germany, France and England.

This makes the central focus of this world war Europe at the moment, just like it was for the last two world wars. Not only is Europe involved in it, but a number of other countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Kenya and Tanzania, to name a few. Islam is even making inroads into China, Serbia, Albania and Serbia. Unless something is done about it, the expansion of Islam will continue to take over more and more of the world.

We have felt little of this war here in the United States. But that is about to change. As Europe closes the doors to Syrian refugees, more and more are entering Mexico, first to start the Islamification of that country and then to move into the United States.

Border Patrol is seeing more and more Middle Eastern men crossing the border with Mexican names. They are taking on Mexican identities and even marrying into Mexican families, so that they can come to the United States as Mexicans, rather than Syrians.

In this, they are once again using our own laws against us. While the problem of illegal aliens coming into the United States from Mexico is one that concerns Americans, it is nothing compared to the problem of unveted Muslims. The invasion is on and it is only time until they start to do the same sort of violent acts here in the USA, that they are doing in Europe.

Escalation of the Islamic Threat

While there is a very real war being waged by radicalized Islam today, it is a slow war; one that is intended to last for years. These invaders are patient in their conquest and have centuries of experience in taking over countries through a combination of social jihad and violence.

The tricky thing about this third jihad is identifying when it moves from being a nuisance to being an actual war. It is clear that the jihadists themselves have declared war on us. But many of the methods they use are known to us, defining whether they are acts of war or simple criminal actions is difficult.

Part of the methodology of social jihad is making the areas that Muslims occupy ungovernable, so that the legally constituted government abandons the area, turning it into a “no-go zone” and allowing the Muslims to “self govern;” or institute Sharia Law.

But while the low level warfare of jihad is a clear and present danger to the United States of America, it is nothing compared to what is going on in the Middle East. There, ISIS and other terror groups are killing people by the thousands, some through warfare, but even more through gristly executions. We’ve all seen the videos of ISIS executioners beheading people, setting them on fire and even drowning them because they would not convert to their version of Sunni Islam.

While we have seen the violence of terrorism at work here in the United States, it is hard to quantify it. The previous administration refused to acknowledge that many of the deaths caused by Muslims were acts of terrorism, even while the killers declared their loyalty to ISIS or Mohammad. Instead, they were labeled “workplace violence” denying us accurate data on how bad the situation is.

Hopefully this will change. Unlike the former president, Trump has no ties to Islam, nor reason to give them preferential treatment. Therefore, it is highly likely we will see an upswing in reported Muslim terrorist attacks. Not because there are more, but because they will be reported honestly as what they are.

But I think we can probably expect to see an upswing in actual attacks as well. ISIS is learning from their mistakes and is constantly looking for new means of infiltrating soldiers into our midst. Not only that, but their online recruitment is continuing, seeking marginalized youth that they can convert to their work.

These young terrorists get all the technical and emotional support they need from their Muslim handlers, who encourage them to engage in acts of violence, including taking their own lives as holy warriors.

When we see these attacks, either from misguided youth or infiltrated soldiers on the upswing, we will know that the war has truly reached our shores. But that war is not our biggest danger.

Video first seen on Fox News.

Nuclear War on the Horizon

While the threat of Islamic terrorism isn’t something we can ignore, it is not the biggest threat on the horizon. While they are horrible in and of themselves, terrorist acts hurt few people compared to what nuclear war can kill.

Even the most effective terrorist attack in the history of the United State, the destruction of the twin towers in New York, only killed 2,996 people. An atomic bomb, exploding over Los Angeles, could kill millions.

Chances of an enemy invading the United States are minimal. As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is reputed to have said during World War II, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” While obviously an exaggeration, this statement is based upon a very real truth. That is, the American people, especially conservatives, own a lot of guns.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Any invading force would not only have the problem of defeating the United States military, which is the most powerful military on Earth, they’d have to deal with all the armed Americans out there, many of whom are hunters.

The only two countries in the world who have the military might to even attempt it would be Russia and China, and neither of them can muster enough troop transports to make the assault and support it logistically. On top of that, our countries 10 aircraft carriers are more than all the aircraft carriers of all the other countries of the world combined.

But that’s not to say that enemies couldn’t attack the United States and do so effectively. One such attack would be a cyberattack, taking out our communications and the electrical grid. The defenses of our electrical grid are probed regularly, as if potential enemies are seeking weaknesses to exploit.

Both China and Russia are far ahead of the United States in developing cyberwarfare. We ignored this new battle front, at a time when China was creating their fist cyberwarfare division. Their capability today is largely unknown, but it is clear that they have the capability of taking down much that we depend on, without firing a shot.

Should China ever choose to initiate cyberwarfare against the United States, we would probably lose. But then, so would they.

China holds over a trillion dollars of the US federal debt, something that they wouldn’t want to lose. Besides, they wouldn’t want to lose the 347 billion dollars in trade deficit, money that their economy needs to receive, or their country plummets into worse poverty than they’ve ever known.

So, while the risks of invasion or cyberwarfare are real, they are not the biggest risk that we face. Rather, the risk of nuclear war is.

For over 40 years, the United States and the now defunct Soviet Union stared at each other across the world’s oceans, with both sides wondering if that day would be the last. At its height, the two countries held a total of over 70,000 nuclear warheads between them; many more than the approximately 15,000 that exist today. We could have destroyed the world in less than an hour.

Fortunately, we never reached that point. The closest we came was the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. The only reason why John F. Kennedy was able to stare down the Kremlin and put that crisis to bed was that we had intelligence which confirmed that the missiles were not ready for use. This caused the Kremlin to back down and defused the situation.

While we never shot a nuclear tipped missile at Russia and they never shot one at us, the threat of nuclear war has never really left. Our mutual nuclear arms stockpiles make it unlikely that we ever will.

However, there are two countries who are actively seeking to build nuclear arms and the missiles to turn them into weapons of mass destruction, North Korea and Iran; two countries that have declared themselves to be against the United States.

It actually goes deeper than that. Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, has threatened the United States of America with nuclear holocaust over and over again. While his military has had trouble with their missiles, they are continuing testing, seeking to build a missile that can be used against us.

Video first seen on Fox News.

Likewise, Obama’s deal with Iran literally gave them permission to go ahead with their nuclear program, working towards developing their own capability to build nuclear bombs.

Both of these countries are dangerous, due to their unstable leadership and their hatred of the United States. Either could attack with little to no notice, as the preparations for a nuclear strike aren’t something that can be seen by satellite, as the buildup of troops for a conventional invasion is.

What looks like another simple missile test could easily turn out to be the launch of nuclear war, and we wouldn’t know it until the missile was on the way.

It is almost a certainty that both North Korea and Iran will become nuclear powers with ICBMs in the next five years. The question is, what are these countries going to do with that nuclear power? Will they be content with saber rattling or will they feel a need to use it and attack?

There is no real way to predict the answer to that question, but I would not put my faith in either country or their leadership. Their hatred for us might easily overcome their common sense, causing them to attack. Such an attack would of course require retaliation, a retaliation which would make their countries the ultimate losers in that war.

Neither country is likely to have the nuclear might to fight a full-fledged nuclear war, but they could do us considerable damage. Even the destruction of one city, such as Los Angeles (the most likely target for North Korea), would have a huge impact on the American people and on American politics. Regardless of how we responded to that attack, it would scar the country deeply.

But attacking one, two or even 20 cities in the United States would not destroy our country. While it would be a major blow, the United States is too big a country to be destroyed like that. Yes, millions would die and billions in capital would be lost, but the country would survive.

On the other hand, an EMP attack would be much more effective. It quite possibly could spell the destruction of our country, if properly planned and executed. It does not take thermonuclear weapons, ICBMs or miniaturization to create a Nuclear High-Altitude EMP (HEMP). Actually any country that has nuclear weapons and can orbit satellites has the technology and ability to carry out an EMP attack on the USA.

The very nature of this sort of attack would give the attackers the element of surprise, and foreknowledge wouldn’t do us much good anyway.

Regardless of how much notice we had, there is little that any of us could do, or even that our government could do, to prevent the destruction of an EMP. Our power grid would be down, much of our electronics destroyed, and the United States set back by about 150 years.

This is the most likely and the most dangerous scenario for an attack by another country.

Will it happen? Nobody knows. But to ignore the possibility and pretend that everything is okay would be foolish. Learning the error of that mistake would be too expensive to contemplate. Till then, keep preparing!

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

Another Obamacare Repeal

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Obamacare has been a thorn in Republicans’ sides ever since the then-Democrat controlled Congress passed the law in 2010.

There have been several reasons why Obamacare hasn’t been popular with the Republican Party and their voter base. Its great unpopularity is based upon it being seen as just one more tax on the middle class, so that the Democrats can give freebies to the lower class.

Originally passed as a purely partisan bill by the Democrats, the originally titled “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) was more about giving freebies to Democrat constituents, than anything else. But then, that’s what a lot of the bills out of the Democrat Party are.

While nobody is against lending a helping hand to those in need, there are a lot of times where the poor are receiving things paid for by tax dollars, which the middle class can’t afford for themselves.

The left loves to crow about how many people are on Obamacare now. But as per usual, they really aren’t telling us the truth.

The claim is that 20 million people have received insurance, who didn’t have health insurance before. But that information is based upon six years of surveys, not upon people who actually signed up. If we look at that, we find that there are about 14 million, a difference of 30%.

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The Medicaid Expansion

Of the 14 million people who signed up for health insurance through Obamacare, 84% of them are on Medicaid. That’s right, another 11.8 million people are receiving “free” health insurance, courtesy of the Democrat Party and paid for by the middle class.

Then there are all the people who lost their insurance due to Obamacare. While many of them have bought insurance on the marketplace, there are still some who don’t have insurance. These people make too much to get on Medicaid, but are not making enough to afford the higher cost of health insurance that Obamacare has caused.

Probably the worst hit of those people are the 15 million self-employed people in our country and their employees. To put that in perspective, three in ten workers, fall into this category.

They make too much money to receive Medicaid, don’t have an employer to pay for their health insurance and so must pay for it themselves. With the prices on the marketplace, few can afford health insurance.

Those who are self-employed and have employees working for them are even worse off, as well as their employees. The ACA doesn’t make any provision for these people, who work in businesses that have less than 50 full-time employees. The employers usually can’t afford their own health insurance, let alone buying it for their employees.

Suffice it to say that Obamacare has had winners and it has had losers. The winners are the 11.8 million people who are now receiving Medicaid. About half of those people qualified for Medicaid before Obamacare was signed into law, so counting them as Obamacare winners really isn’t fair.

But even so, fewer and fewer physicians are accepting Medicaid, so even the win that the winners got is somewhat shaky. What good is insurance that nobody will accept?

Politics Has its Costs Too

Yet Obamacare is the law of the land and getting rid of it is going to have a cost. Most specifically, it’s going to have a cost for some of the people who have health insurance now, but will lose it when Obamacare is finally repealed.


Not repealing Obamacare has a huge cost in the Republicans own constituency. For the last three election cycles, we’ve heard promises of repealing Obamacare; first to win the House, then to win the Senate and now to win the Presidency.

So if they don’t repeal Obamacare, the Republicans are going to break faith with their own people, resulting in a reduction of Republican voters in the next election.

What this means is that the mocking that the Democrats are giving to the Republicans is the opposite of the truth. They’re trying to say that repealing Obamacare will destroy the Republicans’ chances in the 2018 elections, when the truth is that not repealing it will destroy their chances.

It’s not like Republican lawmakers have lacked in practice in drafting a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare either. Through the last six years of Obama’s presidency, they’ve drafted over 50 bills to do just that. But unsurprisingly, none of those bills passed into law.

At first, the Republicans didn’t have enough votes in the Senate. Then once they won that, they still had the hurdle of Obama killing the bill with a presidential veto.

In a way, we can say that those repeal attempts were “safe” in that there was no chance of any of them passing. The Republicans who drafted and voted for those bills weren’t ever going to pay the price of having to face an angry public, whipped up to fury by the mainstream media, for passing a bill that takes health insurance coverage from some little old grandma.

But things are no longer safe in that manner. Whatever repeal and replace law the Republicans now come up with, they’ll have to live with. Democrat lawmakers and media pundits alike will be looking for every little error they can find, for the sole purpose of telling the nation how bad a job Republicans did in repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The Republicans’ first attempt was a bill designed to please the moderates, essentially creating an Obamacare II, the same thing with a different name. But conservative Republicans wouldn’t back it, making that attempt fail.

Now they’re working to pass a second version. This time, one that conservative lawmakers can truly get behind. That has managed to get the bill through the House of Representatives, although by a much narrower margin than they would have liked.

Now the question is whether or not this bill will make it through the Senate, where it needs 60 votes to pass. That means that they’re going to have to get some Democrats to break ranks and vote in favor of the bill.

That’s going to be quite a challenge, as the Democrats have been walking in lockstep for quite some time now. But some of the smarter Democrats are finally starting to realize that Obamacare is imploding.

Without Obama in the White House to keep writing executive orders to keep it alive, as well as channel money to Obamacare that is intended for other things, the law doesn’t stand a chance of surviving. It is better for them to see it replaced, before that can happen.

Some have said all along that Obamacare was never intended to succeed, but to prepare the way for a change over to a single-payer healthcare plan; something along the lines of the entire nation being on Medicaid. But that plan, if it even existed, required the Democrats maintaining control of both houses of Congress, as well as the presidency. There is no way that Republicans would vote in favor of such a thing. It smacks too much of socialism.

Video first seen on Fox News.

The American Health Care Act – What Does This Mean?

Now we’ve got the American Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare Repeal and Replace II, going through congress. What does this bill mean for you and me?

First of all, I’ve got to say that it’s doubtful that it will pass. But assuming it does, the first thing it means is lower taxes.

The new bill eliminates both the individual mandate and the employer mandate, two of the most objectionable parts of Obamacare. It also removes a number of other taxes associated with the original Obamacare bill.

The thing it doesn’t do, or at least it doesn’t from what I’ve seen, is that it doesn’t mention any way for the government to pay for all the extra people on Medicaid. Part of that will be taken care of by reducing the number of people eligible for Medicaid, something that is supposed to happen in 2020.

This is a common tactic, used by both parties in Congress. They create a bill which they know will have negative consequences, but put an implementation date that’s a couple of years down the road. That way, most people won’t fret about the implementation, because it’s not now.

That mechanism was used quite successfully in creating Obamacare and it seems to be being used in getting rid of it too.

One of the things that Obamacare was touted for was helping people who have preexisting conditions. Many of these people were considered “uninsurable” by the insurance companies, because the cost of taking care of them was so high.

Putting them in a common pool with everyone else was supposed to reduce the cost of healthcare for them, by spreading the cost around to everyone else.

As nice as that may be for the people so afflicted, it’s part of what made Obamacare so expensive. The new bill puts these people in a separate insurance category, so that they can still get insurance, but it won’t affect everyone else as much.

Likewise, the same is being done with the elderly, who typically have much higher medical costs than those who are younger. The new law would allow their premiums to be higher, rather than making young people, just out of college, pay for their medical costs.

Another key element of the bill is allowing the states to opt out of providing some of what are considered the ACA’s essential health benefits. This means that each state can decide for itself whether it is paying for free birth control, health screenings and a number of other things that were mandated in the original Obamacare plan, whether the individual needed them or not. After all, men really don’t need free pregnancy screening.

Between these two measures, and others, Republican lawmakers are hoping that the American Health Care Act will counter the effects of Obamacare and bring insurance prices back down to a more affordable level. While we won’t really know if they succeed until the law is passed, it is looking promising. We’ll just have to see.

At the same time, the new bill doesn’t significantly change any of the core provisions of Obamacare. Dependents will still be able to stay on their parents’ plans until 26 years of age. Subsidies for insurance premiums wouldn’t go away.

Nor would the requirement that insurance companies cover people with preexisting conditions be removed.

So a lot of what made Obamacare look good is still going to be there, while getting rid of some of the things that made it bad.

Keep one thing in mind – knowledge is the only doctor that can save you when there is no medical help around.

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

Can North Korea Really Attack The United States?

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The rhetoric coming out of North Korea has been belligerent for some time now. Every time we hear anything about Kim John-un, it seems that he’s talking about how tough he is and how he’s going to make the United States pay for our actions. If that’s all for domestic consumption, that’s fine; but he doesn’t seem to limit it to his national news services. Rather, he’s spouting off those threats for the whole world to hear.

Just this year, Kim claimed that America’s annual military exercises with South Korea were a provocation, threatening the United States with retaliation if anything went wrong. On its face, it looks like he’s looking for any excuse to attack the USA, regardless of the outcome.

The very idea of a tiny nation like North Korea even threatening to attack the United States is ridiculous. North Korea has the 25th largest military in the world, compared to the United States, which tops the list as number one. Our standing military is twice their size, and in critical categories such as tanks and attack helicopters, we outnumber them by as much as 48 to 1, even though they have more artillery strength than we do.

Even South Korea has a considerably stronger military than the North does, although the North has more men in uniform. But wars are not ultimately won by bodies in uniforms, but on a country’s logistical strength. While the soldier in the field is the one who must fight for his country, his ability to do so will depend on the logistical support he receives.

It’s clear that Kim John-un isn’t going to invade the American landmass. He doesn’t have the navy to support such an attack. Of the 309 in his navy, 211 are small patrol craft. The only sizeable surface ships he has are his 3 frigates. More than anything, North Korea depends on their fleet of 70 submarines to project strength.

But submarines are a very poor platform for projecting power, as their whole idea is to remain unseen by the enemy. The only way that they can project power is either by making themselves visible and therefore vulnerable or by attacking. Of course, any attack by a submarine would be considered an act of war.

While all of North Korea’s submarines are diesel-electric powered, making them much easier to detect than nuclear powered submarines, some of them are reported to have the capability of carrying one or two missiles in vertical launch tubes.

Coupled with their missile program and their nuclear program, the missile capability of roughly 40 of North Korea’s navy gives them a potentially frightening capability, that of launching a nuclear strike on the United States mainland.

Video first seen on Fox News.

Of course, we don’t know if the missiles that North Korea are developing are compatible with their submarines, as they have yet to launch one from a sub. So this might not be much of a threat after all. But that’s not to say that there is no way whatsoever that North Korea could attack the United States of America with nuclear missiles. They’ve stated that as their purpose, and we can be sure that they are working to make it a reality.

Most of North Korea’s missiles are mobile, meaning that they are mounted on large, military-grade vehicles. This gives them the strategic advantage of being easy to hide, especially in North Korea’s mountainous terrain. But it has another tactical advantage that needs to be considered. Since the launch vehicle is all that’s needed to send these missiles skywards, they can be launched off of any ship, such as a typical container ship used for general cargo.

Both the Rodong-1 and Hwasong-10 missiles are vehicle mounted and thought to have nuclear capability. While the Rodong-1 is a bit long to fit into a standard cargo container, the Hwasong-10 would fit with room left over. Building a special container, which looks like a standard shipping container and contains the necessary launch hardware and electronics would actually be easier than building a launch vehicle.

The Devastating Nuclear Threat

The North Koreans currently have the capability, technologically speaking, of attacking the United States with nuclear weapons. While they don’t publish their current nuclear inventory on the internet, experts put the total at about 20 weapons. That means that North Korea currently has the ability to gut the hearts out 20 major U.S. cities in a surprise attack.

Such an attack would have a major effect on our country, especially as those 20 cities would probably be many of our biggest ones. Any city within about 600 miles of the coast could be a potential target. Other than Washington, DC, they would probably pick targets with the largest population or strategic value.

Of course, such an attack would motivate our government to retaliate in kind. Considering that we have many more nuclear weapons than they do, we could easily level their country. That would make the attack a suicide mission, and it’s anyone’s guess if Kim’s hatred for us is strong enough for him to risk ordering a suicide mission against us.

Of course, the other, more dangerous, possibility is that Kim could order an EMP attack, rather than a conventional nuclear attack. The missiles mentioned above have a terminal altitude in a lofted trajectory of 160 km, or just shy of 100 miles. At that altitude, a nuclear weapon explosion would cause an EMP whose effects would be felt over 2/3 of the continental United States.

Should such attacks be coordinated to happen from both sides of the country at the same time, pretty much the entire continental US could go dark at once. The only states unaffected would be Alaska and Hawaii.

Since the Pacific Fleet is still headquartered at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, we would still retain some retaliatory ability against Pyongyang. But that would be of little comfort to the 320 million people who would suddenly be without electricity and everything that electricity provides for us.

This is the single biggest threat that we, as a country, face today. Iran isn’t as far along in their nuclear problem as North Korea is, nor their missile program. So, while both countries would love to attack the USA, the North Koreans seem to have the advantage in the race to do so.

Not only is an EMP from North Korea the most likely threat we face today, it’s also one of the most devastating possible. By comparison, a conventional nuclear attack would be minor. That conventional nuclear attack would only affect one city, killing a few million people at the most. The EMP attack I outlined above has the potential of killing up to 90% of our population.

That isn’t my figure; it came from the study created by the EMP Commission. Their conclusion was that a High-altitude EMP, exploding over the central United States, would end up killing 60 to 90 percent of our population, mostly through starvation. That’s clearly an unacceptable outcome for us.

Regardless of how likely you or I think such an attack is, the risk is too large to be ignored. The very fact that North Korea, a country whose leader hates us, has that capability, means that it could happen. If it did, it’s unlikely that our military could stop it. At best, they could retaliate, but that won’t help us here at home.

I’ve studied the potential effect of an EMP attack extensively. While there are some things which would survive such an attack, it is clear that the nation’s power grids would be taken down. The key component here is the massive transformers, of which there are thousands. Without those transformers, which are not protected against EMP, the power can’t flow.

Video first seen on Fox News

As a country, we would be in a race against death. There are only seven manufacturers of these transformers, worldwide. Each of them is custom made and the lead time is about a year. With people dying off from starvation, the question is how many transformers could be replaced, before too many of the skilled technicians necessary to install the new ones died.

Looking at that logically, our chances aren’t all that good. There is no reserve supply of transformers available, so we’d have to wait for them to be built. Most likely, the first ones to be built would go to areas that would be considered to be the most crucial to the country; substations serving Washington and a few of our largest cities. If you don’t live near one of them, you can forget about getting any electricity for at least a year, if not several years.

Survival of the fittest will become survival of the most prepared. Without electrical power, our entire infrastructure will come to a grinding halt. Municipal water authorities won’t be able to provide water to our cities. Trucks wouldn’t be able to move merchandise. Since pretty much everything we depend on comes from somewhere else, society would be at a standstill.

Those who survive will either do so because they have a large enough stockpile to survive, they are able to produce their own food and other necessities, or they are strong enough and mean enough to take what they need from others.

Pretty much everyone else will die off. Oh, there will be a few who learn to survive, planting gardens and hunting for meat. But those will be people who live in rural areas, close to forests where game can be found. The hardest hit will be those in the cities, who not only don’t have the space necessary to grow their own food, but don’t have the skills needed either.

Many will move, seeking a better chance of survival. But more will die while moving, than those that find a place to start over. The mass migration from big cities to rural areas will be met with resistance, as the rural towns won’t be able to feed the huge numbers of city dwellers, few of whom will bring useful skills to go with their hungry bellies.

There will be pitched battles, as those rural communities try to defend themselves from what will seem like a zombie invasion.

I’m sure that the rural communities will win the most of those battles, as they will be better armed than the invaders from the city. But their win won’t be without cost, especially the cost to their souls.

Killing your fellow man for a crime no greater than to be hungry, is not something to make one feel good about themselves. But other than criminal gangs who will try to attack those rural communities, that’s the biggest crime that many of those invaders will commit.

The population will probably stabilize after that first year, as those who remain are the ones who are able to feed themselves without depending on the system to bring them food. I think we can expect the majority of those people to be in rural communities, although there will be some suburbanites who survive as well. Those still alive will then begin the arduous task of rebuilding society.

The question that faces you and I is whether or not we’ll be counted amongst those who survive. More than anything, that will depend on our level of preparedness. But there’s another important factor that we must take into consideration. That of being able to protect ourselves from others.

The ability to protect ourselves will be a complicated one. Those “others” will consist of anything from beggars who show up at our door, to heavily armed gangs who are willing to kill us in order to get what we have. Solo survival or attempting to survive as a family won’t be enough to fend off those attacks. We’ll need to be part of a larger survival community, which is prepared and organized to repel those who want what we have.

With this being the potential cost, could it be that a preemptive attack against North Korea’s nuclear weapons be better?

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


The Syrian Civil War and the Downfall of the Trump Administration

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Here is a free piece of political advice.  When your enemies begin condoning your actions, you should be very worried.  President Trump has for the first time enjoyed what he

Article – Getting ready: Pentagon to protect electric grid from massive attack

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Amid warnings that North Korea and Iran have plans to take out parts of the U.S. electric grid through a cyber attack or atmospheric nuclear blast, the Pentagon is taking steps to both protect the nation’s communications and power lifeline.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has charged BAE Systems to map a system that can detect a cyber attack and gin up an alternative communications network for military and civilian use if the grid is fried, according to Defense Systems, the online newsletter.

Interesting article. A lot of people forget that the internet was originally envisioned for exactly this sort of scenario – a resilient communications system that could operate even with chunks of it destroyed. It’s decentralized nature increased survivability and resiliency.

I find it interesting that the focus is on the East Coast which has gotta be a lot tougher for the NorKs than getting a warhead to the West Coast. But, here in Montana we’d be relatively insulated from either coast getting whomped on.

War on the horizon? Nope. I’m putting it right up there with the return of Xenu or Planet X. But, remember, there doesn’t have to be a war to screw up your plans…all that has to happen is for enough people to believe that there’s one on the way and it becomes virtually self-fulfilling. Don’t be surprised if gas prices go up and the metals market does some weird shimmying.

I liked the emphasis on EMP in the article. It’s something that has still never really been done, as far as I know, on any researchable large scale….kinda hard to set off a high altitude nuke these days without someone getting their panties in a twist. I think EMP is a tad overrated in terms of potential damage. Fiction would have us believe that planes will fall from the sky and even your Casio G-Shock will stop working. I suspect that smaller, simpler, electrical systems will probably work just fine. The planes? Mmmmm…(waggles hand).

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but I think this is such a non-event that I’m not really doing anything special…but then again, life is always a “DOUBLE TAKE” around here anyway.

How Many Wars Are We Fighting Right Now?

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In August of 2012, former President Obama warned the Syrian president not to cross the “red line” of using chemical weapons on the citizens of his country. As there are numerous treaties and international agreements limiting the manufacture and use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), this was an appropriate stance for Obama, as the president of the United States to take.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about it, the United States of America is the world’s police and has fulfilled that role since the end of World War II.

When corrupt governments or dictators break international law, it falls to us to punish them.

Oh, we could wait for the United Nations to do something, but that would take months and merely result in a paper that condemns “in the strongest language” the actions which broke international law and convention.

Bad actors, whether on the world stage or in the ghetto need to receive heavier consequences than a verbal warning. Criminals who receive a warning walk out of court with a smile on their face. The same happens with these international criminals, when all they receive is a verbal hand slap from the UN.

So President Assad should have expected the United States to do something more substantive than a verbal warning when he used chemical weapons on his own population, breaking international law. Trump’s red line speech has now been supported by military action, showing Assad and the world that there are lines that should not be crossed.

To anyone who understands international discourse and the use of limited military force as part of that, President Trump’s response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons on the 4th of April was appropriate. A measured military attack, taken out on a military target, sends the exact type of message that needs to be sent, without having to put boots on the ground or start a war.

The world’s reaction to Trump’s response was largely positive, with one UN Ambassador actually telling Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, that they were glad to see America leading once again. But not everyone was overjoyed. Both Russia and Iran, allies of Assad and Syria, have made threatening noises at the United States in response.

On one hand, that’s not at all surprising. Allies back up the action of each other. It was necessary for those countries to back up Assad’s actions, or risk being seen as untrustworthy on the world stage. But is there really a chance of war breaking out over the illegal actions of a despot ruler?

Video first seen on  Fox News.

War with Iran

The idea of war with Iran isn’t anything new. They declared war on us, for the first time, in 1979. Since then, there have been other threats and declarations, making it clear that Iran doesn’t like us and would love to kick the United States into next week. There’s only one thing… they’re not big enough to do it.

With a population a fourth the size of the United States and a GDP per capita that’s less than a tenth of ours, Iran is not prepared in any way to fight a war with the USA. However, that’s not to say they will never be.

Thanks to Obama, Iran’s nuclear and missile programs are proceeding full steam ahead and will eventually result in the ability to launch nuclear tipped ICBMs. The only question is, where will they target them from?

The only real choices for Iran are the USA and Israel, as their decision would be made by their theocratic government. Iran were the ones to originally declare the US as the “Great Satan” giving Israel the title of being the “Lesser Satan.” In their world view, there is nothing more important than destroying both of these enemies.

Once Iran reaches the point of nuclear missiles, they could make a targeted nuclear attack against tiny Israel, causing extensive damage and possibly crippling the country. Depending on their targeting, they could either decapitate the government or severely damage their military. With enough missiles, they could totally destroy Israel as a political entity.

But an attack against the United States would be much harder to accomplish, both due to distance and our larger size. It would take hundreds of nuclear warheads to severely cripple the USA. Even trying to decapitate our government would be difficult, as NORAD could provide sufficient warning to get the key players out of Washington and into safe places.

War with Russia

While war with Russia is more likely from the viewpoint of comparable military strength, it is also more unlikely for the same reason.

Russia has the second most powerful military in the world, even stronger than ours in a few key areas (like tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery). They also have a huge merchant marine, which could be pressed into service to transport their military.

But Russia doesn’t want war with the United States any more than the USA wants war with Russia.

What both countries want is to influence the rest of the world. That puts us at opposite sides many times. Russia still has imperial ambitions, something that has been made clear by some of Vladimir Putin’s actions towards Russia’s neighbors. But regardless of how good a story it makes, invading the American landmass is something that the Russians don’t want to do.

Any conflict that Russia has with the United States would be carried out by surrogates. They might support an ally, like Syria, even to the point of providing military hardware, training and even troops to help the fight, but they don’t want to go head-to-head with the US, any more than we want to with them.

Can We be Attacked?

None of this says that the United States of America can’t be attacked.

But one of the reasons that terrorism exists is that it provides smaller countries with a means of waging war against larger ones “on the cheap.” Terrorism doesn’t require huge amounts of manpower, a massive infrastructure and a huge financial investment.

Likewise, special operations can be taken out against specific targets in the United States, causing the country harm and even disrupting our government. But even as with terrorism, chances are that our government would figure out where the attack came from and retaliate against the country who sent those forces against us.

For over a century, the United States has operated under the principle that it is easier to fight wars overseas, then it is to fight them here at home. During World War II, we fought in Europe and the Pacific, preventing our enemies from getting close to our shores. This protected our population, our infrastructure and our manufacturing capability, allowing us to fight more effectively.

Our military commanders have not forgotten this lesson. One of the reasons we opposed the Soviet Union for so long, was to keep them from taking over the world and then coming after us.

Likewise, Bush’s “War on Terror” was about taking the fight to the terrorists, in their home countries, so as to minimize their ability to attack us here. In both cases, while it seemed like we were fighting someone else’s war, we were protecting vital American interests, as well as protecting our own country from attack.

The likelihood of anyone invading the USA is extremely slim. Both of our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, are allies, even though our relations with Mexico are a bit strained at times. Neither has the military power to attack the USA and neither has any reason to do so. Even with disagreement over illegal immigration, Mexico would lose too much if they were to attack the USA.

Yet there are two major military risks that the United States faces; those of Islamic terrorism and a high-altitude EMP. Either can cause huge amounts of harm to the United States, perhaps even ending our ability to be a major player on the world stage.

This weapon that can instantly end modern life in America by knocking out our power grid!

Preparing for War

Warfare of any sort is devastating. Much of Europe was decimated in World War II, with whole towns turned to rubble. The cost of rebuilding Europe after that war was measured in the billions, with the Marshall Plan alone counting for $40 billion.

Likewise, both terrorism and an EMP could have massive effects on our society, requiring several years and much money to recover.

If terrorism and an EMP are the two types of attacks that the United States has a potential to receive, then it only makes sense for us, as preppers, to be prepared for them.

While terrorism especially offers a wide range of possibilities, making it more or less impossible for us to accurately estimate its effects, there are some common things that we can think of, regardless of the type or scope of terrorist attack.

To start with, the answer to any terrorist attack is to thwart the attack before it can be realized.

When two Muslim terrorists tried to repeat the success of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Garland, Texas, their efforts bore little fruit. Armed Americans took out the terrorists before they could do more than wound one security guard. Had the people of France been armed, like those Texans were, chances are that the Charlie Hebdo attack would have ended much different.

Texas is the number two state in the nation for concealed carry licenses, with one out of every 37 citizens carrying legally. County Sheriff’s departments along the Texas/Mexican border see this as a major deterrent to terrorism, saying that no officer would have to draw his weapon, as the armed citizens would most likely end the attack before the police could arrive.

If you are a prepper and you don’t have a license to carry, then you are missing part of your preps. Granted, that’s not possible in all states, I understand that. But if you can legally get a license and carry, I have to ask, why aren’t you? Just do yourself and your neighbors a favor and make sure you practice enough to be competent.

While an EMP may not be as big a risk as terrorism, it would have a much greater impact. Of all the disasters that could befall us today, this is the most grave. According to the report of the EMP Commission, as much as 90% of the population could die within the first year after an EMP.

With that many people dying off, it’s quite possible that the country could never fully recover from an EMP. There wouldn’t be enough trained manpower to rebuild the electrical grid, let alone having the materials necessary to do so. An EMP would put the country back by more than 100 years.

Actually, it would be worse than that, as our modern society has lost many of the skills necessary to live without electricity and a massive infrastructure to support us. Few people are truly self-sufficient and surviving a world after an EMP would require the ability to do literally everything for yourself.

From growing your own food to fixing your own shoes, you would have to be able to do it all.

This is the greatest threat of our time, as well as the hardest to prepare for. Not only do we need to become self-sufficient, in order to survive such a scenario, but we also need to have the ability to defend ourselves from hungry gangs, willing to risk their lives for the chance to kill us to get our food.

In order to protect ourselves, we’re going to have to belong to a survival community. One family alone can’t survive attack after attack against their home, no matter how good they shoot, how much ammo they have and how well they are trained. Eventually, one family member will be shot, and then the defensive plan will begin to fall apart.

A survival community would stand a much better chance against such attacks. With a larger number of people in the community, it would be easier to develop an effective defensive plan. Not only that, but if something happened to one member of the team, it would be easier to make up for the loss.

Plans to adjust the defensive lines could be drawn up, so that in such a case, everyone would know what to do, so that your team could continue fighting.

Please note that I’m not advocating any sort of offensive action here, just defensive action.

While the best defense is a good offense, we must remain above board, so that no legal repercussions can come against us. Eventually law and order would be reestablished. We want to be on the right side, when that time comes.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

Watergate… Obama Style

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In 1972 Watergate, one of the biggest scandals in American political history hit Washington.

President Nixon had ordered wiretapping of his political opponents, for what turned out to be purely political reasons. His operatives, who weren’t government employees were caught, and accused the president as part of a plea bargain.

The result of this boondoggle was Richard Nixon resigning from the presidency, in order to avoid being the second president to be impeached.

Of course, the media had a real hay day with Nixon’s scandal, giving birth to what then became known as “investigative journalism.”

Every reporter who graduated from college wanted to be the next one to break the story on a major scandal. For a few decades our politicians had to walk a narrow line, keeping any unsavory activities from coming to the attention of the media.

But the times, as they say, have changed. Today’s media is mostly part of the progressive-liberal movement, pushing our nation’s politics more and more into socialism and a one-world government.

As such, they’ve become the de facto propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, even if they aren’t listed as the propaganda arm de jure.

Mainstream Media and the Progressives 

The mainstream media sees it as their job to help progressives accomplish their agenda. As such, they are probably the group most responsible for dividing the nation. Rather than being the conveyors of truth and information that they used to be, they have redefined “truth” to mean the liberal agenda and anything that doesn’t agree with it as being “fake news.”

They’ve done this on climate change, they did it during Obama’s presidency, they did it during the 2016 elections and now they’re working overtime to do it in Trump’s presidency.

There are two ways in which the mainstream media lies to us. The first is by telling us an untruth; something they have made up or which they are party to someone else making up. Such has been the case of their reporting of mass shootings. Every time there is a mass shooting, they immediately begin the narrative of how some nut-job conservative went nuts again. Yet once the facts come out, it is found that it was a liberal who pulled the trigger.

Of course, this goes far beyond gun control, hitting every area that affects our nation. One of their favorite weapons is the classic liberal weapon of name calling.

Throughout the presidential campaign, they characterized Donald Trump as a racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe who was going to take the rights away from women, minorities and the LGBT community.

The other way they lie to us is by concealing the truth. They focus huge amounts of airtime on outrageous stories that really don’t matter, in order to hide what’s really going on. During Obama’s tenure, this would most likely be hiding something bad that Obama was doing, in which case they were protecting Obama.

Now that Trump is in office, they are making sure not to report anything good that is happening, so that they can avoid having anything to do with making Trump look good.

So now we have the latest chapter in the story of media misreporting. On one side, they’ve been hammering the fake news story of Trump’s supposed ties to Russia, while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s very clear ties to them.

The Russian Story

The whole Russian story started out of two things. Trump made a joking comment in one of his campaign speeches, asking the Russians to release Hillary’s 30,000 missing e-mails, if they had them. Shortly thereafter, Wikileaks started posting Hillary’s e-mails, as well as those of her campaign manager and top Democrat Party officials.

Those e-mails gave us a true and accurate picture of the inner workings of the Democrat Party, showing the corruption that is a daily part of Democrat political life. Yet somehow, that story never really broke. The e-mails are still sitting there, but nobody is really talking about them. In this case, nobody includes the main conservative news sites too.

The second root goes back to the Cold War. For decades, starting just after the end of World War II, the Russians were the bogeymen of the world. Countless books and movies portrayed them as the bad guys.

While that image has faded some, Vladimir Putin’s charming way of threatening his neighbors, such as attacking Ukraine and taking back the Crimea, has brought the bogeyman image back out of the closet. Coupled with Trump’s statement about the Russians, the media had their story and they ran with it.

For almost a year now, we’ve been being told by the mainstream media that Trump was in collusion with the Russian bogeyman. That escalated with the various Wikileaks dumps, increased as the campaign drew near and went right over the top with Trump’s win.

Since the election, the progressive-liberal left, along with their media lapdogs, have been pushing the narrative that the Russians hacked the election, all to spoil Hillary’s campaign and allow their best friend, Donald Trump, to win the election.

Let’s get a couple of things straight here.

First of all, Trump isn’t best buddies with Putin. About the closest thing he’s said that even sounds anything like that was that he wanted to work together with Russia for world peace. That’s something he should have said. Two of the world’s most powerful countries should work together for peace, as well as for defeating terrorism. As president, if he refused to speak with them, he would be remiss in his duties.

Secondly, Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, has come out clearly stating that the e-mails that were posted on his organization’s website didn’t come from the Russians, but rather from leaks in the Clinton campaign office and the offices of the Democrat Party.

So, it’s clear that what the Democrats are claiming didn’t happen. Even so, Democrats are sticking to their story, refusing to accept that Trump won the election honestly.

But the narrative that Democrats are pushing is much more sinister than the reality would be, even if the reality they claim were true. By saying that the Russian’s “hacked the election,” they’re clearly implying that the Russians somehow changed the outcome of the elections by getting into the election computers. In other words, the implication they are pushing is that the Russians committed voter fraud, even though they didn’t.

This is a tricky bit of misinformation that the Democrats and their medial allies are pushing. Their only factual point of reference is the e-mails that were given to Wikileaks. So the claim is that Russia hacked into the necessary computers to gain access to those e-mails and then turned them over to Wikileaks.

The way they are stating the story makes it out to be a much bigger and more nefarious Russian involvement than that.

Even if the Russians did what the Democrats claim they did, all they would be doing is exposing the Democrat’s own words. Why should they be bothered by that? They love to jump on Republican words and twist them out of recognition in an effort to make the speaker out to be bad.

But nobody has changed one word of their own e-mails, just laid them out for all to see.

Everything Changed on March 4th

On March 4th Trump tweeted that Obama had wiretapped his phone lines. No longer could the media run around slandering Donald Trump, they had to circle their wagons and protect Obama. Their fair-haired boy was in trouble and so they rushed to his defense.

Video first seen on New York Daily News.  

I’ll have to say, this was a masterful tweet by Trump. In one short message, he changed the entire narrative, putting his enemies on the defense. If one was writing a book on warfare, this could serve as a prime example of taking the initiative away from the enemy.

Obama’s spokesperson quickly came out with a response, saying that Obama didn’t wiretap Trump’s phone lines, nor did anyone else in the White House. It was the standard denial one would expect, but masterfully written nonetheless. Without denying that the event had happened, he declared before America and the world, that Trump was lying. It was the classic effective lie, one with just enough truth in it, so as to seem truthful.

But while Obama and the White House didn’t actually attach wires to Trump’s phone lines, it’s clear that someone had been listening in on Trump’s team, specifically listening in on conversations between Trump team members and people who were in the employ of the Russians.

Herein is something else I need to clarify. The term “wiretapping” has changed through the years. Originally, it referred to physical wires, attached to physical phone lines, allowing others to listen in on what were supposed to be private conversations.

But things have changed. Our technology has increased by several orders of magnitude since that time. So today, wiretapping doesn’t mean the same thing that it did back then. Today, if the FBI or some other law-enforcement agency wants to listen in on those conversations, and can get a warrant allowing them to do so, it’s all handled at the phone company.

Of course, they could just go to the NSA, who records every bit of electronic communications in the world. But for some reason, the FBI doesn’t do that. Instead, they go to the FISA court for a warrant and then do the wiretap themselves, probably with the aid of the local phone company.

That’s what happened in Trump Tower. The FBI first went to the FISA Court for a warrant, naming four members of Trump’s team. That warrant was rightly denied. So they went back with a fresh request, leaving the names of Trump’s team members off the request. That time the court granted them the warrant, as there was no reason not to do so.

So, the electronic surveillance in Trump towers was at least marginally legal. The pretext involved a Russian bank, which had offices in the tower. Whether or not their lines were actually wiretapped is irrelevant, it seems that they weren’t the real target anyway. The target was team Trump.

Up to this point, everything the FBI did was legal. They were following orders given to them by superior authority. They got the warrant they needed, to make their actions legal. It’s what happened after that which became illegal.

Video first seen on ANN Portal

On January 12th, Obama issued Executive Order 12333, which amongst other things, changed the dissemination of intelligence information containing the names of American citizens. Before that, the names of Americans had to be eliminated in intelligence information, before it was disseminated.

The new E.O. which came out the month before Obama’s term ended, allows dissemination of American names picked up in electronic surveillance to be shared with all 16 intelligence agencies.

What that means is that if we assume that the FBI followed the law and only wiretapped the Russian bank that they got the warrant to surveil, picking up the names or the voices of Trump team members was merely incidental. In other words, it wasn’t part of their investigation. Yet that information, which could be highly damaging to the Americans in question, was widely disseminated throughout our nation’s intelligence agencies.

Chances are extremely high that the information made its way into the hands of at least a few Obama supporters; either people who were his political appointees or simply Democrats who voted for him. Either way, it made it into the hands of people who had the ability and the opportunity to use it for political purposes, rather than what it was supposed to be for.

And so, information about conversations between Trump team members and Russians made it into the hands of the Democrat’s lapdogs, the mainstream media. They reported gleefully about Trump’s ties to Russia and more specifically about his National Security Advisor, General Flynn, having lied to Congress about his contacts with Russians. Their source for all these accusations? An anonymous source. Not exactly the most reliable source to use, I’d say.

Of course, the media is now denying that they got any classified information from the intelligence community, even though they themselves reported that they did, just a few months ago. Not only that, but they reported that they knew that Obama’s administration had spied on Trump. They themselves made the case to back up what Trump said in his Twitter post of March 4th.

Here is where we find the true scandal. Whoever gave that information to the media, broke the law. While we can’t at this time say that they did so at the orders of the former president, they certainly did so to please him.

Whether Obama himself knew that it was done or whether he said it should be done is something we will probably never know. But it was clearly done for his benefit, not for Trump’s.

For that matter, it wasn’t done for the benefit of the country. If anything, it was done to harm the country, more than just to harm Trump and his team. At a minimum, that borders on treason, if it can’t be proven to truly be a treasonous act.

If we ever needed proof of the corruption in the Democrat Party and in Obama’s Administration, we now have it. The question is, what is going to be done about it?

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


Where Is The Moral High Ground?

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The liberal left loves to act as if they own the moral high ground. They regularly look down their noses at those of us who call ourselves conservative, even doing the same for those who might be considered moderate.

In the left’s way of looking at things, you’re only a “good person” if you say everything they say you should say, believe everything that they say you should believe and support all the causes they say you should support.

This is somewhat humorous in its way, as it comes from the same group that suggests that there is no God, as the source of morality and moral judgment. In my personal opinion, without God, any god, there is no ultimate arbitrator of what is good and evil; but rather, society decides for itself what is good and what is evil.

This means that morality is fluid and changes with every passing fad. Whatever society decides is moral, is moral, and whatever society decides is immoral, becomes immoral. The danger in that, is that society can change its fickle mind at any time, taking what is good and deciding it is bad, while declaring that the bad has become good.

This happened in Germany, during the last century. Adolph Hitler decided that a number of people were so morally reprehensible, that they should be destroyed. He specifically went after the Jews, but his bloodthirstiness didn’t end there. He also went after blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, the mentally retarded and anyone with any sort of physical defect. Basically, he decided to kill off everyone who didn’t match his image of the perfect Aryan man.

In this, we see a perfect example of what happens when there is no firm basis for morality. While it is supposedly society who decides what is moral in such a case, the reality is that a very small group of “elites” makes that decision, while the rest of society is forced to go along with it.

How do they force people to go along with their definition of morality? Mostly by bullying them in the media. The left has developed the art of name calling to the point where they can get just about anyone to dance to their tune, but it works best with politicians and other high-profile people.

In our society, the elite who are making such decisions are the PC police. This group, which consists of the left-leaning mainstream media, academia, liberal politicians and Hollywood, has taken it upon themselves to be the ultimate arbitrators of what is right and wrong, declaring their decisions with all the authority of Moses, descending the mount with the tablets of stone.

Yet, their pronouncements aren’t carved on stone, nor were they written by the hand of God. Rather, they are blasted forth on television and in the print media. This actually serves their needs considerably better, as stone is just too permanent for their liking. They’d rather have something that they can conveniently forget, when they decide that what they had already said, just isn’t going to work today.

Where Comes the Morality From?

It actually has a number of roots, prime amongst them is a feeling of guilt. The attempt to eliminate the need for forgiveness, by eliminating God, is shown to be a failure by every action that they take.

It is easy for people who feel constant guilt to see a need to expunge themselves of that guilt. Since they refuse to accept their guilt, even while recognizing the feeling of guilt, they have collectively decided that it must be the society that spawned them which is at guilt, hence their hatred for America and all things associated with America’s greatness.

The list of things that the progressive liberal left hates is long. Let it suffice to mention a few key ones:

  • First of all, they hate financial and material prosperity, while wanting it all the time. Yet it is worthy of hate, because there is nothing that defines America as well as our wealth. It is American wealth which is helping to lift other countries out of poverty.
  • Then there is God Himself and those who represent Him. They hate those, because they stand as constant reminders that the liberal elite aren’t the gods they make themselves out to be; nor is their “morality” a true morality.
  • I’d also say that they hate American history, as it is the story of success. When they look at the rest of the world, and see that not everyone has succeeded, they feel a sense of shame; shame brought about by being better off than others.
  • Hating anyone who is white, especially men and even more especially conservatives goes hand in hand with hating American history, for no other reason that it has been the Caucasians in the world, both in Europe and in the West, who have made the most of the progress in the sciences, invention, and free market capitalism.
  • Finally, I’d say that they hate the military, because of a warped idea that our military prevents the rest of the world from being as successful as we are. The left loves to talk about America’s imperial ambitions, even though America is the only country in history, who has given freedom back to people who we have conquered.

When we understand this, it’s easy to see why they have such a strong desire to “make things right” for those who don’t fully share the advantages of being American.

Of course, while the left has decided that they need to help these people in order to expunge their feelings of guilt, they don’t feel so guilty as to be willing to sacrifice themselves. Rather, they seek ways of taking from others, in order to do so. After all, they’re the elite, they shouldn’t have to make that sort of sacrifice themselves.

Hence, the liberal idea that they have a “right” to control politics and the government. It is only through the legality of using the government, that they can steal from the productive in our society, and use that money as an offering to those who have been selected as the objects of their largess.

In turn, this requires keeping the disadvantaged in their place. They can’t allow the disadvantaged to become independent, or they will lose the salve for their bruised and guilty consciences. So they work to maintain racial and class warfare, perpetuating discrimination of all kinds.

As you can see, this is all a fragile house of cards. All it would take is the slightest puff of wind, and it would all come crashing down. Which explains why the left tries so hard to prevent anyone else from having a voice.

If they can chant and yell loud enough to drown out the voices from the right, it makes it easier for their people to maintain the faith. That’s not so much for the leaders, but for the masses that they have following them.

One of the advantages to the left’s system of governing is that they end up with a lot of people beholden to them. Those people become followers, if for no other reason than to keep getting free handouts. It is those people, whose faith the left has to hold onto, simply because they are the ones who vote the left’s candidates into office.

The former president and his party blew it on that one. They were so sure that the people on the left would stay there, following his politics of hate and division, that they didn’t pay attention to what was happening. They forgot that they had to keep paying the piper, for the piper to keep playing.

At the same time, the silent majority rose up, mostly in response to the oppression of the PC police. The end was predictable, although few predicted it. Donald Trump, the long-shot candidate in the outside lane, ran the race and came in first, winning the prize.


So, who owns the moral high ground now? Sadly, the left still thinks they do. They haven’t read the tea leaves and seen that things have changed. They don’t recognize that America has turned the corner and that they have lost both their power and their supposed moral high ground.

They’re living in an echo chamber, telling each other that they won, and they are afraid to look at reality.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

Reply: A few thoughts about today’s Terrorist attack in London

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Hi FerFAL, thanks for the great advice. I am a regular visitor to your site. Regarding point number 6, I don’t think it is fair to say that when terrorist attacks occur there’s always a “religion of peace” representative involved. Just look at the recent terrorist acts carried out by Anders Breivik in Norway or Thomas Mair in the UK. Extremists of all persuasions are a threat to us all and so we always have to be on guard. Also, I am from the UK and I know from experience that the majority of Muslims abhor such acts carried out in the name of their religion and would inform the authorities immediately if they were able to prevent a terrorist act and bring terrorists to justice. We even have a Muslim mayor in London doing so right now. The mainstream media may portray a particular group as our enemy when in actual fact they may be people we should work with for the greater good. Terrorists have no religion or morals as far as I am concerned and represent no one but themselves. I think that as survivalists we should always think outside the box in these matters



Hello Ssmith, thanks for your comment.

You’re right. As survivalists we should look at potential threats objectively even if there are certain red flags to look for. And its true we’ve seen mass shootings or terror attacks by people of all religions and extreme political views.

In the case of Muslims you are right about the great majority of them not being evil, terrorists, etc. They do hold I must say, certain values that are essentially different compared to western ones. I do my best not to judge, especially since as an immigrant myself I’ve been in that place before and do not appreciate it. The differences though, they are real.  I’m not going by what the mainstream media is telling me, I’m saying this based on numerous personal, first hand observations. In general, and even for the young, more open minded Muslims, their treatment of women is just deplorable. Even in the hottest days of summer when walking along the beach women aren’t allowed to uncover their heads, their arms and legs are covered down to their hands and feet, including ankles and wrists. All while their husbands or boyfriends walk right next to them shamelessly staring at topless or bikini wearing women. Even the younger, more westernized Muslims treat women like scum. Their idea of being “romantic” is treating women like animals, controlling them as if they had no rights as a person, telling them how they can or cannot dress and who they can go out with. Even hitting women is pretty much accepted, or at the very least being physical and roughing them up a bit if they don’t do as they are told.  Again, things I’ve seen myself, nothing more, nothing less. This is just the complete opposite from the culture I was brought up in, where treating women like this isn’t just illegal, it’s the kind of thing that probably gets you beaten up pretty bad too.

I’m sure there are people that aren’t like that, and I at least measure people individually, no matter their skin color, religion, even their politics, but those have been my observations so far.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

Venezuela: The Socialist Utopia turned hellhole

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Image result for venezuela disaster

Saw this short 8minute documentary on socialist utopia Venezuela.
Think this is a must see for anyone who thinks socialism is the


Thanks for your email Beth.

Venezuela is a mess. Caracas is the murder capital of the world. That people end up starving to death in a large, oil-rich country packed full of fertile land in a tropical climate speaks volumes of the disaster caused by dictators Chavez and Maduro. With such outstanding natural resources the people of Venezuela shouldn’t be starving, they should be thriving beyond their wildest dreams.

Infowars talks about socialism but that’s not it. (and no, I’m no socialist, I believe in having a small, efficient government, which should mix as little as possible with the private sector)

Cristina Kirchner also managed to finish the job started by her husband in their lefty utopia, bringing a large, low population and resource packed country to its knees. Her motto was “national and popular” and with that BS she bankrupted the country. Even worse than that and not being satisfied with stealing alone, she destroyed our once strong education system, which was admired by our neighbouring countries not that long ago. Without education, a country has no future, and when an entire generation grows up having no pride in their education, no respect for work, then you need to double the effort to fix it, and you will only do that when a new generation grows up with a different set of core values.  This is like someone breaking into your home and not only stealing all your stuff, but burning it down right before leaving with all your belongings. They don’t gain anything from it, they are just evil.

But what Cristina Kirchner, Chavez and Maduro, or even right wing or conservatives like Carlos Menem or Alberto Fujimori all have in common isn’t socialism. It’s corruption. Nordic countries tend to lean heavily towards socialism, and as much as some of us may not appreciate the way in which such politics interfere with freedom and personal liberties I must admit that Venezuela and Norway stand perfectly in opposite ends of the quality of life spectrum. One can argue that Venezuela is more of an authoritarian regime indifferently of any specific political model and that Nordic countries follow a social democratic model that focuses more on having a large safety net and ensuring basic rights, yet allowing capital to develop. Still, analysing different forms of government in different parts of the world and different periods of time what I always go back to as a common denominator for social disaster is the same: It’s corruption. They can claim to be left or right, liberal or conservative, but if they are corrupt they will only bring misery to the people they represent.  Societies should learn to have zero tolerance when it comes to it.

As for survival in a place like Venezuela, it’s in many ways similar to what I’ve written about for years regarding survival in Argentina. Argentina, Venezuela, Ex Soviet Union, all countries that go down and experience a socioeconomic collapse have numerous similarities and most of the tactics and strategies to get by are the same. But when a country falls as bad as Venezuela they reach rock bottom and the only viable strategy is to leave as soon as you can.  it’s like surviving 100 feet under the sea. There’s no life in such a place, you just get the hell out of there as soon as possible.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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Communist Attack on Self Reliance Host: James Walton “Visit I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! Can we get a little historic? Can we look at some of the early communist teachings? Not in the black board and chalk method ‘a la Glen Beck’ but from the prepper stand point. As an American its pretty … Continue reading Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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REPOST: SurvivalRing Guide #1: Five Most Important Skills for New Preppers…Set Your Foundation First (plus bonus Bug-out section)

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“Hello…We’re the Preppers…” The “Prepper” movement has grown exponentially in the last few years, thanks to reality TV shows such as “Doomsday Preppers” (aka DDP), and all the knockoff shows and repeats on many other networks, as well as online TV show services like Hulu and NetFlix. Mainstream print and online media is following in […]

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Swamp Dupes President Trump into Expanding US War into Syria

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Let me get right to the point.  President Trump is a complete moron if he honestly believes his military advisors are setting him up for success.  I want President Trump

Like A Bad Penny

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There was a joke that ran around the internet a couple of times about an old man who went up to the White House after inauguration day and asked the Marine on guard duty to see President Obama.

The Marine answered truthfully that Obama wasn’t in the White House any more and the old man moved on. But he returned the next day and the one after, making the same request and receiving the same reply.

Finally, in exasperation, the Marine asked why the old man kept asking the same question, to which he responded, saying that he enjoyed hearing the answer.

Well, I seriously doubt that happened January 21st, but there are a lot of people who are glad to see that Obama is no longer in the White House. There are also those who are not glad to see Trump in there. Both groups have a right to their opinions, but regardless of what anyone’s opinion is, Trump won the elections and he’s the president.

Sadly, few Democrats are willing to accept this, rather running around saying how Trump isn’t their president. Obviously they failed Civics 101, or they’d know that Trump is, in fact, their president, whether they like it or not.

I’m sure that those same people would rather see Obama still seated in the Oval Office, or if not him, then his surrogate, Hillary Clinton. But Hillary didn’t win, regardless of how many liberal pundits proclaimed her president even before the elections. On January 20th, Obama and his family moved out the White House to make room for the new First Family.

A Busy Retirement

Unlike other former presidents, Obama didn’t move very far away. When President Bush retired from the presidency, he went back to his home in Texas. But Obama moved just two miles down the road, into a mansion he bought during his last year in office.

That was suspicious in and of itself; as if Obama wanted to keep his fingers in politics, using whatever influence he had as a former president to try and preserve and protect his legacy.

Many Democrats still respect the former president and would gladly do whatever he asked of them, especially considering the polarization that currently exists in Congress and the nation.

Obama made it fairly clear, on a number of occasions, that he wasn’t just going to enter into quiet retirement. His first statement on that was to claim that he would be quiet, unless his successor did something that went against “American values.” Of course, just about everything that Obama himself did went against true American values, as he was trying to redefine those values the eight years he was in office.

Then there was all the political litter he scattered around his last days in office, signing executive orders, implanting his own people into the bureaucracy and a host of other activities, which were intended to do nothing more than make the job of governing more difficult for Donald Trump and make him look incompetent to the American people.

Trump is a better manager than that, and while it is costing him time to deal with Obama’s political mess, he is taking it in stride and not allowing it to delay the implementation of his campaign promises.

A few whistleblowers have actually come forth to talk about the political landmines that Obama left behind. One Lieutenant Colonel in particular, who is retired from working in intelligence, said that Obama laid “tripwires” in the intelligence community, political appointees, who were converted to career intelligence officers, and who remain loyal to Obama. These officers are exploding well-planned political bombs to undercut Trump’s presidency.

According to this source, Tony Shaffer, the takedown of Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was one such operation. That was not some random act or failure on the part of Flynn, but rather a planned and coordinated attack, intended to deny Trump of one of his most important advisors.

It’s unknown how many of these undercover agents Obama left behind, but you can be sure there are plenty of them. It usually takes about a year for an incoming president to work his way through all the previous president’s political appointees, replacing them; but this is even worse.

Not only does Trump have to replace Obama’s appointees, but he’s also got to ferret out the ones who have been hidden in the ranks of the civil service. It is clear where their loyalty lies, and that’s with Obama. They are apparently willing to sacrifice their careers and even the country on the altar of politics.

Perhaps Obama has given them some guarantee of employment after losing their cushy government jobs; but for whatever reason, they are not afraid to use their positions to thwart the new President.

Obama is Calling the Shots 

And his minions are answering. They are ignoring their legal responsibility to the new government and the new president, choosing rather to obey Obama over Trump. This puts them in the place of obstructing anything and everything that Trump has promised to do.

It has become clear in the last couple of weeks that Obama is constructing a shadow government, which he runs from his mansion, a mere two miles from the White House. Using those appointees as a base, he’s weaving a nationwide web of activists, under the cover of his non-profit organization – Organizing for Action.

This organization, which was originally created to support Obama’s bid for the White House, represents itself as non-partisan; but it’s agenda and politics are clearly allied with the Democrat Party. Even more importantly, it is allied with Barack Obama himself, giving Obama an army of over 30,000 activists, assigned to over 200 chapters, nationwide.

This is the organization which has been hiring paid activists to participate in the supposedly spontaneous grass-roots demonstrations against Trump. Started during the election and continuing ever since, my personal belief is, these demonstrations are intended to disrupt society and put pressure on Donald Trump to resign the presidency.

Of course, that’s foolish. Trump isn’t the type to buckle under when threatened, he’s the type to shoot back. Considering that he’s carried a concealed weapon for years, I think that shooting back can be taken both literally and figuratively. He hasn’t shot anyone yet, but…

What Trump is doing was made clear by his pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who has already directed the Department of Justice to prosecute rioters, charging them with the vandalism and damage they cause.

That’s a whole lot different than under Obama’s reign, when Black Lives Matter and other groups were not only forgiven for their actions but encouraged by the president himself to continue causing destruction and mayhem wherever they could.

With $40 million in donations sitting in the Organizing for Action war chest and a nationwide network of minions at his beck and call, it is clear that anything Obama said about retiring from politics was just one more lie, from a man who was used to spreading lies like a farmer spreads manure.

Obama may have retired from government service, but he has definitely not retired from politics. Rather, he’s gone back to his old days of being a community organizer. Only now, he’s got a bigger community of rabble-rousers to use.

They’ve even got a training manual, where Obama tells his minions what is expected of them. Leaning heavily on the teachings of Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, Obama created his own version of “Rules for Radicals,” in which he lays out in detail the plans he has to overthrow the government. The manual goes into great detail about how to disrupt Republican politicians and their events; using every opportunity possible to make them look bad in the eyes of the public.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the sort of tactics that the left has been using? Haven’t those tactics cost them over 1,000 legislative seats in the last six years? If so, then why do they want to continue using the same tactics? Are they trying to commit political suicide or are they just not getting the fact that their tactics aren’t working?

It is clear, from what we’re seeing, Obama himself is the center of all Trump’s opposition. While Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream news media both have their part, the conductor of the orchestra is none other than the former occupant of the White House, Obama himself. He has pitted himself against the sitting president and obviously feels that he can cause Trump to topple by e volume of  his noise.

Video first seen on CNN.

So while Trump is calling for unity across the aisle, Obama is still beating the drum of division. Not only that, but he’s enticed a whole bunch of other people to beat the same drum.

As long as that’s going on, we’re not going to see unity, no matter what Trump does. We’re going to see the division that Obama created continue, while Obama is busy blaming everyone else for it. At this point, there is no way of telling exactly what Obama’s end game is; but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a complete overthrow of the current government, with him returning to the White House as a conquering savior.

Of course, the law doesn’t allow for that. If he keeps going the way he is going, there will come a point where he crosses the line and his actions are clearly illegal. At that point, Trump’s administration may be forced to arrest him, and suffer the consequences of such an action.

Arrested, Obama becomes a martyr to his own cause, allowing him to unify even more people against the current administration. That’s not something we want to see.

Someone on the left has to wake up to how destructive their tactics are to their own agenda, and it has to be someone who the rest of the Democrat Party will listen to. Right now, there are no clear leaders and there is no clear message.

All we have is the obstructionist message from Obama, being repeated by many others. If that’s the best they can do, the Democrat party isn’t going to survive.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


The Rise of Central and Eastern Europe

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Last week I posed this this question, “Would Europe be destroyed by the wave of Muslim immigrant?”  No was the answer.  More specifically, Western Europe may indeed commit voluntary national

President Trump’s Misplaced Faith in the Generals

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Approximately, one month ago, President Trump tasked the Pentagon with delivering him a plan to defeat the Islamic State or IS.  What Trump failed to understand was the same people

Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle!

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Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle! Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! There has been so much talk about fake news lately that its been a bit overwhelming. On this show I would really like to explore the idea of fake news. You see fake news in and of itself … Continue reading Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle!

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Federal appeals court says weapons “like M-16 rifles” not protected by Second Amendment

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Image result for wiki ar15

Now this is disturbing news.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit decision upheld Maryland’s ban on assault rifles, which was passed in 2013 in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut. It cited a 2008 Supreme Court case, Heller v. District of Columbia, which said that weapons “most useful in military service” are not covered by the Constitution.

Federal appeals court says assault rifles are ‘weapons of war’ not protected by Second Amendment

This shows a concerning level of ignorance regarding the basic principle of the Second Amendment were clearly the “security of a free State” involves warfare against tyrants or foreign invaders, meaning yes, using precisely weapons of war. If anything it’s sporting firearms that have a limited or nil combat application therefore aren’t strictly “necessary to the security of a free State”.

This serves as a reminder that gun rights should never be taken for granted and that there’s people always operating to take them away from us. The minute you relax, the minute they take a bite. Relax too much and one day you have nothing left.

Take care folks,


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

3 Major Threats Facing the U.S. By the End Of 2017

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There was a time when writing about the threats we face as a nation was little more than conjecture. Many long-winded articles often injected fear into the reader based merely

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Will the Islamic Invasion Destroy Europe?

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Nearly daily there are articles reporting new attacks in Europe perpetrated by immigrants.  These attacks range in severity from petty crime and assaults to mass sexual assaults, riots, and terrorism. 

America Through The Eyes Of Our Founding Fathers

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Almost 250 years ago, a band of brave men and women stood up to a tyrannical government and entered into open rebellion against it.

These rebels were motivated by a desire for liberty, not wanting their lives to be controlled by a distant government which had no idea of who they were or what their lives were like. Their rebellion became a war, which they ultimately won, creating the United States of America.

The battle cry which brought those Founding Fathers to open warfare was “taxation without representation.” They were offended by the need to pay taxes to a distant government which didn’t look after their needs.

But even worse than that, they were taxed without being allowed any representation in the parliament of that country. To them, taxation without representation was tyranny, and they rose up against it.

The opening move in that rebellion was one of controlled violence. A band of rebels, disguised as American Indians, boarded three American owned and built ships tied up to Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. There, they bound the guards, and proceeded to throw the contents of 342 crates of tea, belonging to the British East Indian Company.

Why would they do such a thing? More directly, why would my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Silas Hubble (that’s five “greats”), a law-abiding subject of England, choose to partake in such an event? Because that tea carried a tax stamp. One more tax, levied by the English Crown, on colonists who were not represented in Parliament. That stamp became a symbol of the tyranny of England, calling for its destruction, along with the tea that bore it.

The Boston Tea Party became the spark which unified the colonies and started the war. Americans from all walks of life, gathered together to form an army, an army with one purpose – only that of throwing off the tyrannical rule of Britain.

Interestingly enough, the men who participated in this raid were very concerned about not breaking the law or causing damage to the owners of those ships. They did no violence to the members of the crews guarding those ships, merely binding them. The only damage they inflicted on those ships was a broken padlock, holding shut the hatch to the hold. They had to remove it to gain access to the tea, so they bought another padlock and left it for the captain of that ship.

This is an interesting contrast to the protests and demonstrations we see today, which are marked not only by their violence, but by their wonton destruction as well. Demonstrators, or more likely the paid agitators in their midst, make a point of breaking windows, overturning police cars and setting buildings on fire. Silas Hubble and his compatriots would be horrified.

Another huge difference between that demonstration and the demonstrations of today was their purpose. The Founding Fathers fought for freedom, which to them, meant freedom from government interference. But today’s protesters and revolutionaries are bound by the common thread of wanting a more oppressive government, one that cares for them from cradle to grave.

These demonstrators commonly call for a socialist form of government, not really understanding what that means. To them, socialism is the government giving them freebies.

But they fail to realize that for the government to do that, they must take that money and the individual freedom of their fellow Americans. Few of them have been on the other side of the fence, watching their paycheck diminish as the government took more and more away in the form of taxes.

Breaking from Tyranny

The American Revolution was against tyranny and those who joined in had a clear understanding of what that tyranny looked like. An overbearing government, far removed from their daily lives, was stealing from them in the form of taxes, while not giving them anything in return. That was tyranny.

So they went to war, an upstart collection of colonies against the mightiest army and navy in the world. That, in and of itself was remarkable. To think that untrained farmers and craftsmen would stand up against the might of the British government was truly amazing.

But to see them win and cast off the yoke of tyranny was even more amazing. They accomplished what nobody else thought was possible and so founded the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

Having just broken the bonds of tyranny, the Continental Congress wanted to protect their fledgling nation from it ever occurring again. Through much hard work and thought, hammering out the details in endless debates, they crafted one of the greatest political documents of history – the United States Constitution.

The purpose of the Constitution was to define and establish the government of this new nation. It was written with certain goals in mind, amongst which was minimal central government, creating a balance of power between the central government and the states, and splitting the government’s power between three separate, but equal branches, so that power could not be consolidated in one branch or in the hands of one individual.

That is not to say that all of the Founding Fathers were comfortable with the restraints that the Constitution placed upon the government. Some wanted a strong central government, with limited state powers. But that group ultimately lost out to those who wanted a small federal government.

Another disagreement led to the writing of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Some felt that the Constitution, as drafted, guaranteed those rights. But others did not feel so, as they were not specifically enumerated.

Ultimately, this latter group won out, and the Bill of Rights was created. Once again, its purpose was to limit government power, not to give the government power.

The Bill Of Rights

Remember that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects peoples’ right to keep and bear arms for purposes that include self-defense. The Second Amendment was written so you can defend yourself!

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Limited Government

Yet when we look at Washington today, we see a massive bureaucracy, which tries to meddle in every area of our lives. The Founding Fathers would be horrified by this, as it is the last thing they ever wanted. If anything, the Constitution and Bill of Rights give more power to the “several states” rather than to the central government. Yet the central government has stolen that power.

There is nothing which demonstrates more clearly than the Civil War how state power has been stolen.

While the main motivating factor in Southern cessation was slavery, the fact that the federal government didn’t allow them to secede, but rather went to war over it, was a massive theft of state powers by the federal government. In it, the several states lost their right to determine whether they would freely associate with the rest of the nation, or not.

Were the Founding Fathers to resurrect today, the first thing they would do is scale the federal government back. The Old Executive Office Building, originally built in 1871, was erected to be the home of the Departments of State, War (Army) and Navy. Yet today, it houses none of these functions, merely acting as an annex to the White House and holding additional staff members to the President.

To those Founding Fathers, several of the departments of the Executive Branch would be baffling, seen as unnecessary or as treasonous to the American people. They had fought for liberty and to find departments of the government which were meddling in the affairs of the citizens would bother them greatly. To them, the federal government we have today, would be even worse than the government they broke away from in the Revolutionary War.

Giving our government the benefit of the doubt (something I’m not normally wont to do), I believe that some of those departments would be accepted and understood by the Founding Fathers, after explanation and reflection. But not many.

Overall, they would see them as unnecessary meddling in the lives and businesses of the American people. In the cases of things that are necessary governmental services, such as education, they would ask why that wasn’t left at the state or even local level, as it was during their time.

But no governmental department would bother them more than the infernal IRS. Considering that they had just fought a war to get out from under the yoke of unreasonable taxation, the very idea that the American people would tolerate the existence of such an organization would be baffling. It would not surprise me if they were to rush it en masse, burning the building to the ground, as soon as they were made aware of its presence.

Citizen Legislators

The original Continental Congress, which published the Declaration of Independence wasn’t made up of professional politicians. Rather, it was made of farmers and businessmen, who left their homes to go to Boston and returned back home after the government’s business was concluded.

Alexander Hamilton, who presided over that Congress, was a ship’s captain, who returned to his ship and set sail, once the Congress was dismissed.

Video first seen on Scott Bacher

In creating the United States of America, the Founding Fathers were breaking away from the aristocratic rule of European countries. There would be no hereditary royalty who ruled the people, but rather representatives who were elected from the communities they represented.

There was to be no permanent political class either. Representatives would be farmers, craftsmen and business owners who had earned the trust of their neighbors. They would serve in government part time, returning to their communities to run their farms and businesses.

Yet today we have a permanent political class, where most of our politicians at the federal level have spent their entire professional lives as politicians. Few of them have any other skills or know any other profession than that of governing, and because of that, they are largely disconnected from the people that they represent.

I can clearly imagine any one of the Founding Fathers facing off against Congress and using Donald Trump’s famous line, “You’re fired!” They would see the permanent political class as nothing more than the permanent ruling class in England, something that they tried to eradicate on these shores.

Balance of Power

As the Founding Fathers looked closer, they would quickly see how the balance of power between the three branches of government has been corrupted. Through the years, both the Executive and Judicial branch have stolen power from the Legislative branch, reducing the influence of Congress, while increasing their own.

The idea of governing by executive fiat was never a part of the original plan, although power for executive orders are written in the Constitution. But that was only intended to give the president power to execute laws that were already in existence; not create his own or eliminate those he didn’t like.

Likewise, the judicial branch was never given power to create their own laws by the decisions handed down from the bench. Their function was limited to determining whether the laws created by Congress had been broken or not.

Decisions such as Roe vs. Wade and the supposed right of homosexuals to marry in same sex marriages would horrify them; not just for the lack of morality behind those decisions, but because the Supreme Court was adding “rights” to the Constitution which didn’t exist.

Morality & Religion

Speaking of morality, we must remember that of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 53 of them were Christians. Twenty-seven of them had attended seminary. This nation was founded as a Christian nation; the only one in the history of the world.

Yet, Barack Obama’s declaration that this is no longer a Christian nation is much closer to the truth than many of us would care to face. Christianity is on the decline, rapidly being replaced by Secular Humanism, Islam, the New Age movement and outright atheism.

Many of the original settlers on these shores came here for religious liberty. At that time, the phrase “religious liberty” referred to the expression of the Christian religion, not Islam, secular humanism or any of the other religions which are seeking to take over society. They were concerned about a government sponsored church forcing everyone to accept the “official” version of Christianity, as the Church of England imposed upon their society. Hence the First Amendment gives us the right to freedom of religion.

Nevertheless, the morals of today, or more correctly the lack of morals in our modern society, would be shocking to the Founding Fathers. They created this country to be a Christian country, expressing Christian values and living in accordance with the commandments of the Bible. What it has become today would be both shocking and repugnant to them.

Helping the Poor

The poor have always existed. The most ancient evidence that exists shows poor people populating the world. In fact, the vast majority of people have been poor, throughout the majority of history. Helping the poor was seen as a work for churches, religious societies and other “do-gooder organizations” (non-profit corporations).

Some of the poor were poor due to circumstances beyond their control. These are often referred to as the “widows and orphans” of history. The Christian Bible even makes reference to them, admonishing Christians to help them out.

But there were others who were poor because of drunkenness, laziness and a lack of a good work ethic. While their numbers were much lower than those of today, they existed.

In the culture of the 1700s and 1800s such people were looked down upon. Their problems were seen as something of their own creation. As such, they earned no pity and were not supported by the community. Any handouts were reserved for those considered to be “legitimately poor,” the aforementioned widows and orphans.

The idea that the government would be in the business of redistributing wealth to help the poor was something totally foreign to them. They would not understand it.

While they were all good men, who probably would have reached out a hand to help a person in need, they would never think that their taxes would be spent in such a way. They especially wouldn’t think that entitlements would become the single largest part of government spending.

Yet that’s what we have today. I can see these men admonishing citizens and especially the church, to take up this burden and remove it from the government. They would probably be some of the first to give, in order to make this possible.


In reality, the America of today is vastly different from the America of our Founding Fathers. We have come so far down the road of change, that it’s doubtful that they would recognize the country as being the one they had founded. While some of that can be written off to changes in society and technology, even without those changes, they would not recognize the country we have become.

More than anything, they would be concerned about the size of our federal government, both in the amount of wealth it takes from our economy and the amount of regulatory burden it puts on people’s lives. While some of that is obviously necessary, they could not accept it as it is.

Were the Founding Fathers alive today, we could expect a second American Revolution, and they’d be the ones to start it.

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Great Again: Taking Action to Deliver on the Hype

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Blagojevich_rahm_emanuelAs Mayor of our nation’s most corrupt city, Rahm Emanuel represents the ultimate politician.  In a city that revels in political scandal, he’s the best of the worst.  A partisan hack who toes the liberal line with the ruthlessness of a pit bull.  His political “coaching tree” is a who’s who of ne’er-do-wells, miscreants and convicts.  He rose to prominence by winning Rod Blagojevich’s House seat, served in the Obama White House, and replaced Richard Daley as Mayor of Chicago.

By Professor Liberty Mize, a contributing author of SHTFBlog

In a telling article in the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel speaks openly about his plan to return the Democrats to power.  He does so by openly addressing the donkey in the room—that his only hope is the failure of Republicans. You get power when you earn it, or your opponents fail.  He cares little about the former and is laser-focused on the latter.

“Wherever there’s a disagreement among Republicans, I’m for one of those disagreements,” he said. “I’m all for it. The president’s with Russia? I’m with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, I’m for NATO! Why? (It’s a) wedge. Wedges have to be schisms, schisms have to be divides.”

His goal isn’t to win, rather to destroy his enemies and collect the spoils.  His tactics are so bad that even the left-loving publication Salon has termed him “a national disgrace”.

Why do we care? Because he’s the only Democrat who is honest about his approach.  If we can learn from the Grand Poobah, we gain insight into the rest who think the same but keep their cards closer to the vest. The so-called “party of no” is back, they’ve just changed jerseys.  Emanuel is the tip of the spear for a new breed of Democrat, one who only sees the outcome of the actions and is unconcerned with what it takes to get there.   

So what can Republicans do to thwart Emanuel and his cronies?

Tip #1- Show Unity in Public & Refuse to Engage

Obama_meeting_with_TrumpSmart Republicans should simply refuse to take the bait.  Stay united in public and fight your battles in private. We have a President who is addicted to knee-jerk reactions and sharing his every opinion via twitter.  That will never change.  But when you add a liberal media specialized in whipping up a frenzy 140 characters at a time, you have a powder keg.  

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What can change is the Republican reaction.  If they simply refuse to engage, they can stay clean.  A full 90% of Trump tweets are simply the president cocking off with little strategy or a formulated plan.  He works things out by engaging, backing away and discussing.   Weighing in on every tweet is a fool’s errand.

Policy debates are for debating policy.  If an executive order or a budget is produced, let’s talk about that.  Tweets are the opposite of serious talkers. They merely work as a stirring of the pot in the public realm. Conservatives can certainly hold Trump accountable, but should resist the urge to grandstand and challenge him when there is no policy proposal on the table.  Not that he’s above reproach, quite the contrary–but style and optics matter.

Tip #2- Prove You Are Better

The election of 2016 proved two things definitively.  First, that people in general prefer Republican ideals.  Second, that people hate politicians and prefer a president with zero public service record to the status quo.  Said another way, people are sick of the BS.

On Obama’s watch we witnessed…

  • A supreme court that re-writes legislation on the fly, inventing new rights rather than simply weighing in on constitutional muster
  • A justice department that uses verbal gymnastics to punish administration enemies in the name of the fabricated social cause du jour
  • A weaponized IRS that targets citizens based on their religious beliefs or political leanings
  • Executive orders that circumvent the legislative process in an attempt to redefine foundational things like citizenship
  • The rise of Federal Judges as penultimate arbiters

Aerial_White_HouseThe challenge for Republicans in two words—be better.  Rather than emulate their enemies by fighting fire with fire, abusing executive orders and politicizing the justice department they should govern how the founder’s envisioned it.  The best revenge is clean living.  That is what people want, not simply the other side using the same tactics to different ends.  If Republicans can do that they’ll brand themselves above the fray and EARN the right to govern.

Tip #3- Accept the Fiscal Mandate

Of the many reasons Trump won the election, perhaps the most universally popular one is an embrace of fiscal conservatism.  By taking serious action on fiscal issues, President Trump can not only easily win reelection, he’ll set our financial table well into the future.

Read Also: Dire Straits

While regulatory reform is a part of this, the nation’s growing debt and astronomical projected entitlement spending must be addressed.  Three things can help with this.

  • An increase to the retirement age and means-tested Social Security
  • A full repeal of Obamacare AS PROMISED to the American people
  • A Scott Walker-style frontal assault on government pensions and the unions

The time to tackle this is early in a first term.  While conservatives may scoff at my “means-tested” language, it is a regrettable but inevitable step on the road to solvency.  The AARP and others will fight any reform, by giving in on means-testing we actually have a chance to make a change.  

financial_responsibility_fiscal_policyAs far as Obamacare, repeal is a political winner of an issue, yet Republicans are already set to ignore it.  This is poor public policy.   No “replace”, no “reimagine”, full repeal and start from scratch. As for Scott Walker, his ability to go full frontal with labor unions in reforming collective bargaining and pensions was nothing short of miraculous.  It also represents a federal roadmap to setting our fiscal house in order.

Great Again?

How can Republicans Make American Great Again?  Not by emulating their enemies, but by proving that they are different, by staying united and shoring up our finances.  Too many politicians campaign simply to win elections. To defeat the Rahm Emanuel’s of the world is not to become them.  Conservatives must resist the urge and instead confront head-on the many challenges of this Constitutional Republic.  


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When The Courts Run Amok

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SVP Trump when courts run amok

President Trump is barely three weeks in office, but he’s already having problems with the government.

That’s not too surprising, when you consider that there are more liberal Democrats working in our country’s government than there are Republicans or conservatives. There’s just something about being able to push others around and tell them what to do, that seems to attract the liberal mindset.

As we all know, the Democrat party has been in meltdown since the elections, including Democrats working in the government. They can’t understand or accept how their candidate lost, so are constantly trying to find ways to “delegitimize” Trump’s victory. When they can’t do that, they’re trying to get in his way. As Elizabeth Warren put it, the Democrat Party has become “the party of opposition.”

This has been extremely clear in the way that Democrats have approached the confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet choices. Since they know they can’t stop any of them from being confirmed by the Republican majority, they have decided to make sure that the process is as slow as possible, wasting as much time as they can in the hearings and in debate on the Senate floor.

The Hissy Fit

Why waste time having a hissy fit, when it won’t do any good? If you’re going to have a temper tantrum, by any description, do it when you have a chance of gaining something; not just a chance of looking juvenile.

But the opposition to Trump’s cabinet picks are nothing compared to the opposition to his supposed “Muslim travel ban.” One of the executive orders that Trump signed, was an order to institute Title 8, USC 1182 in regards to seven Middle-eastern countries.

This law, which has been on the books since 1952, gives sweeping authority to the president to block visas for any group of people whose entry he deems would be “detrimental to the interests of the United States. The same statute places no time limits or other requirements on the president, allowing him full latitude in this regard.

That seems rather simple to me, as a law-abiding citizen. But apparently it’s not so simple to everyone, especially to those on the left. Sadly, some of them sit on our courts and have decided to use the power of their position to thwart Trump’s efforts to protect America and American interests.

Trump and the Supreme Court

The problem is that the courts have been changing over the last 45 years. Ever since Roe vs. Wade, in 1973, we’ve seen more and more legislating being done from the judicial bench. This is in direct contrast to the purpose of the judiciary, as stated in the Constitution. According to the separation of powers established by the Founding Fathers, the judiciary is only to interpret the law, not create the law.

But this inconvenient clause in the Constitution doesn’t fit the left’s agenda. They need some method of forcing their will upon the people, when they can’t get a law passed in Congress. They’ve chosen the courts as a means to do this. Hence, Democrats have developed the idea that the courts are supposed to “correct” mistakes made by the legislative branch. In other words, they are supposed to change the law to match their political ideology, rather than uphold the law as it is written.

This has been an extremely dangerous stance for the judiciary to take, and is the impetus behind the Supreme Court ruling last year that gays and lesbians have a right to marry, even in states which have passed laws disallowing same sex marriages. In that case, the Supreme Court clearly overstepped their bounds.

While it’s a moot point right now, this is one of the major reasons why it was so important that Donald Trump win the election last November. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would have put in a liberal justice to replace Antonin Scalia, tipping the balance in the Supreme Court to being clearly liberal.

With the high possibility of appointing another Supreme Court Justice over the next few years, the composition of the high court would have been strongly liberal for the next couple of decades; perhaps even longer.

The current case is just another instance of the left misusing the courts to get their way. Donald Trump signed a perfectly legal executive order, based upon existing law. He was not the first to use that law, but this is the first time it has been challenged. In fact, all six of his predecessors have used the same law, without challenge. Clearly, there’s something more to this challenge, than a belief that the law itself is unconstitutional.

So the left took him to court, winning a stay in the execution of his order. That was appealed, but the appeal went to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, located in San Francisco. That alone should tell us the kind of justices which populate that court; but in case you’re unsure, 87% of that court’s decisions which go to the Supreme Court are overturned.

Neither the original court order or the opinion written by the circuit court address the law which Trump’s executive order was based upon. Rather, they talk about such things as financial hardship to the people who wouldn’t be able to come to the U.S. and Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Apparently, his saying that he wanted to keep unvetted Muslims out of the country until a better system of vetting could be developed, is enough for the justices on the Ninth Circuit Court to read his mind and decide that his executive order was racist.

That’s about as absurd as you can get. The seven countries that Trump wrote the travel ban for, are seven countries that Obama’s administration had determined were high-risk countries.


Trump was operating on intelligence created by Obama’s administration. The court said that the government didn’t sufficiently prove that there was any risk from those countries, but there have been over 60 immigrants arrested from those countries, who were involved in plotting terrorist activities. How much more proof do they need?

But then, I think this isn’t about upholding the law, it’s about fighting against Donald Trump. Apparently, Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one who thinks she’s above the law; but the law only applies to the little people and to Republicans, not to Dems.

I have to say, this is part of the very action that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to avoid. Their idea of separation of powers was developed with the idea of preventing tyranny in our country. Yet, what we are seeing come out of the courts now, especially in regards to modifying the law, rather than interpreting it, clearly meets the dictionary definition of tyranny: “cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.” While it’s not cruel, it sure is unreasonable and arbitrary.

This is part of what Trump meant, when he started talking about draining the swamp. This type of misuse of power is what mainstream America is tired of. When government workers abuse their power, it is always the people who get hurt; and it really doesn’t matter if those government workers are bureaucrats, politicians, or justices of the law.

There is only one right answer for the Supreme Court to take, if they are going to follow the law. That’s to uphold Trump’s travel ban. If they don’t, they are saying that the Office of the President doesn’t have the power to regulate entry into the United States, even though there are laws on the books that say he does.

But this could go much farther than that. To declare that the president doesn’t have that power, would require that they vote against their earlier rulings during the Obama era. That would have to make every executive order or action that Obama took about immigration illegal. You can’t have it both ways.

Of course, the Democrats would like to have it both ways. In their minds, Obama’s actions were legal and Trumps’ aren’t. But that’s liberal logic; it changes with the winds, to accomplish anything they want. Fortunately, the whole country isn’t run by those liberals.

What’s In It for the American People

The ideal outcome, for the American people, would be for this case to become a catalyst for reigning in the power of the judiciary. But that would require the Supreme Court taking action that would limit their own power, something that they might not be willing to do. Perhaps after another couple of conservative justices are appointed to the high bench that can happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Nevertheless, cleaning up the judiciary, just like cleaning up Congress and the Executive Branch is necessary to clear the swamp.

The Founding Fathers envisioned a government that was truly for the people; not one that is for those who are governing.

It’s going to take a lot of work to get back to that point; and Trump is going to need every bit of support he can get.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Don’t Let Your Expectations Trump Reality

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Well, the United States has inaugurated it’s 45th President and undergone a peaceful transition of power. Just like in past elections, life goes on and people make necessary adjustments to the new reality. What’s important is not to put too much faith in a leader and his ability to “fix” things. After all, some people […]

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Trump’s First Days In Office

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Trump's First Days In Office

When Donald Trump said he was anxious to get to work in his new job, few people took him seriously. Even amongst those who voted for him, there was doubt how quickly he’d actually get to work on the items in his first 100 days agenda.

After all, we’re talking Washington, DC; nothing happens quickly there. The town is filled with a huge spring, called bureaucracy, which reverberates to its own inefficient frequency.

But Washington apparently doesn’t know how to deal with a businessman, only bureaucrats and politicians. So they weren’t ready on the afternoon of January 20th, when Trump returned from the inauguration and hit the ground running.

Before the day was out, he had signed four executive orders, which had been prepared by his transition team.

Things have continued hard and fast since then, with Trump making a start on his “Contract with America.” A few of the more noteworthy moves have been:

  • Pulling the United States out of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). If you remember, that’s the trade deal that Obama’s administration negotiated in secret and expected Congress to vote on, without giving the members copies to read. If they wanted to read it, they had to do so in a secure room and return the copy they were reading when they got done.
  • Putting a stop to U.S. taxpayer funding of foreign abortions. This one has gone back and forth every time there’s a change of president. Democrats order funding of those abortions, and Republicans stop it every time they are in office. Well, Trump signed that one in quickly.
  • Signing an executive order on Obamacare. While President Trump didn’t repeal Obamacare, he did sign an executive order, directing the various departments of the executive branch to use as lenient an interpretation of the law as possible, when dealing with the American public. Specifically, this deals with the financial burden of Obamacare, or the individual mandate. Quite literally, it tells bureaucrats to decide in favor of the citizens, rather than in favor of the government.
  • Called for a renegotiation of North-american Free Trade Agrement (NAFTA). Like the TPP, NAFTA has cost American jobs. Since jobs are a major issue for the American people, Trump is responding. Unfortunately, for Mexico, that left their president looking bad and caused a dip in the value of the already struggling peso.
  • Ordered the building of the wall. This was a big campaign promise of Trump’s, and he’s lost no time in ordering it started. Relying on a law passed by Democrats in 2006, Trump has ordered that the wall be started post-haste. He’s also ordered the hiring of 5,000 more Border Patrol Agents.
  • Established a freeze on federal workforce hiring. This is part of Trump’s plan to reduce the federal workforce by 20% and discretionary spending by 10%.
  • Authorized the building of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota pipeline. Obama wavered on these all through his presidency, ultimately succumbing to the pressure of environmentalists. Trump, ever the businessman, authorized the continuation of these projects.
  • Rescinded Obama’s “catch and release” instructions to the Border Patrol, where illegal aliens, even illegal alien criminals, were released into society, with nothing more than a court date (that most didn’t bother to attend) and a work permit.
  • He’s also given the EPA a gag order, stopping posting of information and issuance of new regulations, until they can be reviewed. During Obama’s presidency, the EPA was used as a bludgeon against business, reaching the point where regulatory compliance with the EPA’s mandates, equals half of all regulatory compliance costs that businesses must bear.
  • Signing an executive order temporarily suspending all travel from seven Muslim controlled countries, which are the most known for supporting and exporting terrorists.

Video first seen on: Fox News.

As anyone can see, looking at this list, Trump is holding to a hard conservative line in his early actions. He’s actually doing what he said he’d do.

According to information from the transition team, there are about 200 executive orders and actions ready for Trump to sign. While we don’t know how quickly those will be rolled out, it’s clear that the transition team put an effort in getting things ready for the new president.

Liberals have already been screaming about Trump’s actions, as they don’t follow the liberal ideology. But they’re also screaming for another reason; trying to throw the high number of executive orders in Republican’s faces, citing how those of us on the right complained about Obama’s executive orders.

A Difference We Should Be Aware Of

But most of these actions don’t really qualify as executive orders. In the first week, only four of them did. The rest are what are known as “Executive Memorandum.” The difference between those and executive orders may seem small, but it is significant. Calling them executive orders is misleading, even though Trump himself is making that mistake.

An executive order does something new, carrying with it the weight of law. As such, they are numbered and entered into the federal registry, just like any other law. But executive memorandum aren’t treated in the same way. While they may ultimately carry as much weight as a law does, they aren’t a law.

What they are is guidance to the various departments of the federal government, directing them in how to apply specific laws that are on the books.

In fact, President Obama actually issued fewer executive orders than many of his predecessors, preferring to use executive memorandum instead. But in his case, it was so that Congress would have a hard time finding his orders.

Since executive memorandum aren’t numbered, they are easily “lost” in the halls of power, so that when members of Congress ask for a copy, it’s hard to provide it to them.

While just about everything that Trump is doing has the liberals up in arms, the supposed “Muslim Ban” seems to top the list. According to the liberal narrative, Trump is discriminating against Muslims based upon their religion. But to take that stand, they have to purposely misunderstand the order that Trump signed.

Trump’s order isn’t based on the individual’s religion, but in fact bans travel to the United States by all people who are citizens of those seven countries. While the countries in question are Muslim controlled, with a majority Muslim population, they are not the only such countries around.

There are many other countries that he did not ban travel from, which are also Muslim controlled, with a majority Muslim population. But those countries are not known for exporting terrorism. The seven countries on the list were actually picked by Obama’s Administration, as they were the ones who created the list of the seven countries which exported the most terrorism. So, in a sense, all Trump was doing was something that Obama wouldn’t.

Nor is this the first time that such a ban has been put in place. Obama himself did a six month ban on travel from Syria during his first term in office. However, nobody was demonstrating against it or even talking about it, because Obama was the liberal media’s poster boy. They wouldn’t dream of saying anything so negative about him.


Changes in the White House

Trump hasn’t just been changing things in the law, through executive orders and executive memorandum, he’s also made some serious changes in the organization and operation of the White House.

Even before taking the oath of office, he changed the name of the Office of the First Lady to the “Office of the First Family,” demonstrating that his family, especially his daughter Ivanka, will have a part to play in his administration.

That’s not too surprising, considering that they have all worked as his executives in Trump Tower. But it’s disconcerting to those on the left nevertheless. They’re responding strongly to that, citing laws about nepotism and conflict of interest. But those laws don’t actually apply, as none of his family members are filling cabinet posts.

Then there’s the décor of the White House. Yes, Trump has had something to say about that as well, telling the staff to remove all Muslim signs and symbols, even from the chapel. This country was founded as a Christian country.

But the biggest change in the White House has been in the Press Briefing Room. We’ve all watched Trump’s ongoing war with the press with some humor. The mainstream media acted as shills for Hillary Clinton during the campaign, and Trump’s not likely to forget.

Worse than that, the mainstream media is still acting as Clinton’s shills, even though it’s clear that she lost and Trump is now the president. Like the rest of the liberals in the country, they can’t seem to accept the idea that their candidate could possibly have lost. So they’re doing everything in their power to make Trump look bad.

That’s not all that surprising, as the liberal press does that with every Republican president, while working to hide the mistakes of the Democrats. Nowhere was this clearer than during Obama’s presidency and Hillary’s candidacy. In both cases, they held back information that the American people had every right to know.

The war between Trump and the media is far from over. The day after the inauguration, he was taking shots at them for their misrepresentation of the crowd at his inauguration ceremony. While that might seem petty, it demonstrates how low the liberal press is willing to go. Trump won’t put up with it.

So, Trump’s staff started out with the idea of moving the press to the Old Executive Office Building, so that they could give them a bigger room. But that idea didn’t go over too well with the press. They saw it as Trump pushing them away, something that would be understandable, if not necessarily wise.

So the press are in the same little briefing room they’ve been in for years. The difference is, there’s a whole lot more of them who are receiving credentials from the White House. Now it isn’t just the mainstream media, but many conservative news sites who are receiving their credentials.

That’s making that little briefing room seem tiny; and it’s going to get worse. It’s also giving Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, a chance to rub the mainstream media’s nose in the dirt. Rather than following longstanding tradition and allowing the AP wire service and the major networks to ask the questions, Spicer is calling on conservative news outlets.

The leftist media has managed to control the narrative in Washington, simply by the questions that they ask. Even if the briefing was about one subject, they’d turn the question period to what they wanted. But now, the people who are asking the questions aren’t asking what the liberals want to know, but what conservatives care about. That means that the narrative is being controlled by conservatives, rather than liberals.

Where Will Trump Go From Here?

There’s really no way of knowing for sure exactly what Donald Trump is going to do as president; but I think we can draw a few early conclusions. First of all, we have to take into account the fact that he put forth the most conservative platform that the Republican Party has floated in 20 years.

That’s a bit surprising, coming from a man who was a Democrat most of his adult life. But it’s not, if you consider how he ran his campaign. He wasn’t following any real political ideology, right or left, per se; but rather, asking what the American people, all those millions of people in flyover country, cared about. Those are the issues that he campaigned on and those are the issues that he has covered in his Contract with America.

It looks like Trump wants to be the president for the working man and woman. Those are the people who voted him into office, and those are the people he’s committed to serve. He’s willing to be the president for all Americans, but those who voted for him come first.

Some of those who voted for him are a bit surprising. Trump is the first Republican President in I don’t know how long who earned the support of labor unions. That’s a biggie, because the labor unions have traditionally backed and funded Democrats.

But when it all comes down to it, Trump is trying to create jobs, while the Democrats are trying to create a socialist utopia. For the unions, jobs are more important.

While it’s too soon to tell for sure, based on some of the things he’s said in the last week, it appears that Trump understands where the limits of his authority are and wants to work together with Congress on the rest.

That will be a nice change. Obama’s idea of working with Congress was to give them orders and expect them to carry them out. There were countless times when he said that Congress wasn’t doing their job, adding that if they didn’t, he would do it by executive order. But in each of those cases, it was clear that he thought that Congress doing anything but his will, wasn’t doing their jobs.

And Finally, the Democrats

The Democrat Party now finds itself with the shoe on the other foot. Their populist president has finished out his term, trying to rule by the force of his own personality and will, lying to the American people constantly and using a bludgeon on the collective heads of Congress.

Obama started out with control of both Houses of Congress and now Trump has that. But in the eight years of Obama’s presidency, the Democrats lost more and more power, until they lost control of both houses. They still acted like they had control, but they didn’t have the numbers. They had to rely on the president’s pen to thwart the Republicans’ will.

The question to be seen is how they Trump uses that same advantage and whether he’ll be able to keep it. A lot is hanging in the balance.

Sixty-eight Congressmen and Congresswomen boycotted Trump’s inauguration, with many stating that they didn’t consider his presidency legitimate. Of course, they wouldn’t think any Republican presidency legitimate, but in the process, they’ve shown their true colors, picking partisanship over patriotism.

That “boycott” sent a loud and clear message to Trump, the Republicans in Congress and the American people. It went something like this: “If we can’t have our way, then we’ll take out bat and ball and go home.” Sigh; it’s sad to see supposed adults acting so childish.

But this is the stance that the Democrats have decided to take for the next four to eight years. If they can’t have their way, they’ll just have a collective temper-tantrum. We can expect more of the same, expressed in a myriad of ways, as liberals and other Democrats continue to “demonstrate” against the duly elected president.

Apparently, those on the left feel that Trump is a threat to their freedom. Yet he hasn’t said one single word about taking away women’s rights, taking away LGBT rights or any of their other hot buttons.

The closest you can say that he came to that, was to say he was going to keep potential terrorists and criminals out of the country. I guess they think that’s stealing their rights.

Actually, the reason for the collective outrage of the left is quite simple; they’re listening to the lies of the mainstream media. The “fake news” machine is out in force, and it’s aimed its cannon on a target called Trump. They’re going to blast him with every malicious epitaph they can, and their blind sheeple and going to believe it.

We can expect more of the same, eight more years of the same. So stock up on pampers and pacifiers, we’ve got a lot of crybabies to take care of.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Liberals Prep for Trump Presidency – even have own Gun Club

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Prepping, Survival, Trump, Prepared, Off-grid, Self-sustaining

Could a “Trumpocalypse” on the horizon? Preppers are taking no chances!

Time was, Preppers tended to be right-wingers concerned about the coming social collapse, but since President Trump was elected, it’s left wing liberals who have begun hoarding food and seeking out futureproof shelters.

Prepping or survivalism already has tens of thousands of individual followers or groups actively preparing for emergencies. This movement even warranted a reality series titled “Doomsday Preppers” which aired on National Geographic Channel in 2012.

With a Trump administration now on the horizon, previous non-preppers have begun looking at their earthquake and backpacking gear in a new way – the beginnings of a survival kit. This was the case for San Francisco based Liberal Jim Ray. He told Buzzfeed, “The world in general feels more tumultuous than it did, in a lot of ways. For liberally minded people, the election made that a reality in a way that it wasn’t before.”

Other Liberals are moving beyond simply stocking up their backpacking kit, adding foreign visas and unregistered vehicles to their prepping checklist, according to the Buzzfeed article.

Although left wingers are generally against stocking up on ammunition and guns, The Liberal Gun Club has seen an increase in paying members over the past few months. This group provides a voice for gun-owning liberals, breaking the stereotype of only right wing enthusiasts owning guns and ammunition. Not only this, but gun transactions reached a record high on November 25th shortly after the election result, according to The Trace. Although this could be due to stockists lowering prices to increase their sales.

Liberal Prepper Facebook groups have also begun growing in popularity and number. One group has nearly 1,000 members on the social media site.

On the other hand, some Conservative preppers have relaxed their prepping since the election. But other right wingers are cautioning against this, regardless of political opinion or viewpoint, a new president isn’t going to prevent a natural disaster or grid power outage. Therefore, prepping is still an important and vital part of many peoples’ lives. Only now, preppers can no longer be described as predominantly right wing, President Trump has seen to that.

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White House Releases Summary of Trump’s First Week of Action

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I have to say, from a business perspective, we are getting a lot for our money.  Trump, to date, has proved to be the hardest working president in a generation…like

Uber Joins Forces with NYC to Track You

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I hope it isn’t coming as a surprise that Uber is collecting data on your travel habits.  However, as I previously warned (See: Uber has ceased to be the

Radical Leftists Stock Up on Guns Preparing for Violent Resistance to Trump

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Oh how quickly the roles have changed.  Just a year ago, only crazy “deplorables” were clinging to their bibles and guns.  Now it looks as though the Leftists are suddenly

After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

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After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! On this special edition of the I AM Liberty Show we are going to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. In straight forward terms we are celebrating the end of the Obama age. Let’s be … Continue reading After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

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Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel!

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Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel ! Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below! On this week’s show in player below we will be changing up gears. Obviously January 20th is a much anticipated day. President Elect Trump will be sworn in and we will be saying farewell to President Obama. … Continue reading Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel!

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President Trump’s First Major International Test could lead to Nuclear War with North Korea

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Much has been made of President Trump’s proposed domestic policies as he was sworn in today as the 45th President of the United States.  However, as all eyes are focused

Conflicts of Interest. Is This Real?

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Conflicts Of Interest

Unsurprisingly, the left’s attacks on President-elect Trump haven’t stopped or even slowed down. In their never-ending search for justice, they have taken upon themselves the burden of finding fault with everything he does and even things he doesn’t do. In that regard, they are glad to assume the worst of our incoming president and accuse him of things, before he has a chance of doing them.

While most of those attacks mean nothing, there is one attack that is of interest and perhaps even concern. That is, the potential of there being a conflict of interest between Trump’s presidency and his many business holdings.

If nothing else, that’s keeping liberals busy, especially liberals in the media. They’re spending so much time slamming Trump for made-up news, that they aren’t able to do anything effective against him.

Perhaps if they keep that up throughout his presidency, the Republican Party can actually get something done. That would be a real change for Washington.

Trump the Businessman vs. Trump the President

Trump’s presidency is unique in this, in that he’s spent his life as a businessman, rather than spending it living a life of high-class welfare, otherwise known as politics.

It seems to be fairly common knowledge that politicians pass out political favors to their donors, most of whom are businessmen of one sort or another. Yet, while that is disgusting to the average American, it’s not considered a conflict of interest.

Apparently it’s not even considered that when it is taken to the extreme that Bill and Hillary Clinton have, using their own non-profit corporation and its overseas subsidiaries as a means of funneling money into their pockets in exchange for political favors. Even so, the same people who willingly turn a blind eye to the immoral activities of the Clintons, are hot on the trail of anything they can find, which they can use to claim a conflict of interest in Trump’s case.

I’ve got to say, with a worldwide corporation, his connections to foreign governments, as well as his connections to various banks, it would seem that there is ample opportunity for there to be such a conflict. Most disturbingly, there could be a conflict of interest between Trump’s relationship with a foreign government and his responsibilities as President of the United States.

The simple solution, of course, is for Trump to either divest himself of his business interests or to keep his hands off of them, perhaps by putting them in some sort of blind trust. He’s working on that, even as we speak; or rather, his lawyers are; but with so much money at stake, that’s not something that can be done overnight.

His family is even taking that a step further, with his daughter and son-in-law quitting the Trump corporation, so that they can work with him in the White House. His son-in-law is going to be working as some sort of an unspecified senior advisor, and his daughter will be working in the office of the First Family, which is the newly renamed Office of the First Lady.

It has to be costing Trump and his family to be making the moves they are. Trump has already stated that he isn’t going to accept his salary as president. But now it’s costing him more than that, just to try and eliminate any potential conflict between his presidency and his business. Yet, he is paying that price as well, in addition to the millions of dollars of his own money which he spent during the campaign.

The Sticky Ball of Wax

In a way, it’s surprising that this is even an issue. The Founding Fathers never intended for the United States to have a permanent ruling class, as we have today. Their vision, which has been passed on to us rather clearly, was for citizen legislators, who would leave their farms and businesses for the business of government, and return to them when their work in Washington was over.

I have to wonder what George Washington or John Adams would think of the stink being made of Trump’s business holdings. I think that rather than being concerned about Trump taking advantage of his position to enrich himself, they’d be glad that a citizen of such outstanding stature would be willing to leave his business interests, in order to serve the country, just as they had done.

None of the founding fathers gave up their plantations or businesses in order to serve in Washington. Perhaps that wasn’t as much of an issue back then, when the federal government was small and didn’t have its tentacles in every pie that it could find. There was no conflict, because the government didn’t meddle with farming or with business. Instead, when they served in office, they limited themselves to the powers that the Constitution gave them.

Yet, even with all that Trump and his family is doing to ensure that they keep everything above board, Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to hit him with a conflict of interest charge. Specifically, they’re planning on saying that he has enriched himself off of foreign governments.

In a strict legal sense, that’s true. Let’s say, if one foreign government employee dines or stays in a Trump owned hotel, he’s technically been enriched by a foreign government. For that matter, a case could be made that he has been enriched by a foreign government if a trail can be shown where an employee of a foreign government did business with a business that rents space from Trump’s corporation. After all, that business would be paying him rent with the money they received from that foreign government.

This merely shows what a sticky ball of wax Trump has fallen into. Current laws weren’t written with the idea of citizen legislators, simply because the country has moved from that into a permanent political class. While that isn’t in line with the intent of the Founding Fathers, it is the situation that we, and most especially Donald Trump, find ourselves in.


But then, we can say “so what” to those accusations. If Trump makes a profit, it will be because the things he is doing are good for the country as a whole, not just for himself. I’m sure that if he tries to use his office to further his business dealings, the Democrats won’t have to impeach him… the Republicans will do it  for them. So, there will be plenty of eyes on Trump, to make sure that he stays above board.

Besides, how do the Democrats think they’re going to succeed in impeaching Donald Trump? There have been cries of “impeachment” for Obama for the last six years. Yet he made it to the end of his second term, without being impeached. Why? Because the Republicans never held enough seats in the Senate to ensure success. They would have had to have the assistance of about a dozen Democrats, and the Democrats are too good at marching in lockstep to allow the impeachment of “their” president.

Likewise, the Democrats would have to have the help of a similar number of Republicans. I seriously doubt that’s going to happen, even though Trump has plenty of enemies in Congress. Allowing an impeachment of Trump to go forward would be akin to conceding the election to Hillary, even after she lost.

Cooperating with the Democrats on this would be to say that they were right all along. It would also be an admission that their party is out of control and needs to be reigned in, reigned in by the Democrats.

While there are plenty of RINOs in Congress, I think that this is a line that even they won’t cross. Doing so in the current political climate would be political suicide. They could start looking for a house somewhere outside of Washington, because the voters would remove them as quick as they could.

Ultimately, it’s the voters, We the People, who hold power in this country. We proved that in November, voting in a man to be president, who the entire Washington establishment, including the media, opposed. For the first time in living memory, we rose up and took our place as the true owners of this country. As such, we sent a clear message to Washington, that we are fed up with their shenanigans.

Granted, they haven’t all gotten that message yet, but it was sent. The more astute of them have gotten the message, loud and clear. As for the rest, I believe that given enough time, they’ll get it too. If not, we’ll just have to make the message a little more direct and a little more personal.

After all, we’ve learned our lesson too. We know how to send that message.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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State Governments Passing Laws to Abolish Private Property Rights

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The level of encroachment of government into our lives correlates very closely to the amount of freedom a person enjoys.  It should come as no surprise that the more the

A New Era In Foreign Relations

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USA Foreign Relations

The ending of Obama’s presidency and the beginning of Trump’s will be a dividing line for many things in our country and her politics.

For the last eight years, Obama has been pushing the country more and more liberal, more and more socialist, and more and more into supporting minorities and even terrorists. In many ways, he has pushed the country away from its roots.

With Trump at the helm, we can expect to see many changes, some of which will steer our country back towards its foundation as a Constitutional Republic, I hope.

As per usual, the Democrats have been attacking that, based upon their belief that the Constitution is a living document that should be rewritten to satisfy the whims of every generation, more specifically, the whims of whichever special interest groups the liberals are supporting in that generation.

Another area where we can expect to see massive changes is in foreign relations. Everyone knows that Obama’s foreign policy was disastrous, causing the rise of ISIS as well as Russia’s current preeminence on the world stage.

The World Needs a Strong America

The world needs a strong America as the guardian of freedom and self-determination, and we haven’t had that for the last eight years.

Not only has Obama’s administration failed to provide strong leadership on the world’s stage, they have weakened our military, as most Democrat administrations do. Without the deterrent of American military power, we end up with adventurers who want to reshape the world to their own likeness.

Obama’s parting shot at Israel is perhaps the most telling of all. Ever since the recreation of the nation of Israel, in 1948, the United States of America has supported and defended the small nation. While we have not actually done so militarily, we have defended them in the United Nations, where they have come under constant attack.

Yet now, rather than block a UN Security Council Resolution against Israel, as we’ve done many times in the past, the United States abstained, allowing the resolution to go through. Not only did we abstain, but there are reports that the Obama administration actually helped create the resolution in the first place.

In other words, as a nation we have turned out back on Israel, a long-time ally, as well as the only democracy and the only non-Muslim country in the Middle East.

It’s necessary to note here that this was a unilateral move by Obama’s administration, without the backing of Congress. In fact, Congress has already drafted a bill to condemn the resolution and to cut funding from the United Nations if it is not withdrawn, an action which I’d say is long overdue.

Trump is already showing something that the world expects to see from an American president. He is making no bones about who the big kid on the block is and flexing some diplomatic muscle in reminding the world of that. Don’t misunderstand me here, he’s not war mongering, but making the U.S. position clear, reminding the world that we’re still the big kid on the block.

This goes for both enemies and friends. During the campaign, Trump reminded the European Union of their responsibility in NATO, stating unequivocally that the U.S. government expects them to hold up their part of the bargain. This is probably a first, as Europe has depended heavily on U.S. protection, ever since World War II.

Some world leaders have already reached out to Trump, indicating a willingness to work with him. Most notably, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin have extended the hand of friendship. However, not all of the world’s leaders are happy with his ascension to the office of President, as North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un has made clear.

Democrats have complained extensively about Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience, especially during the campaign, when they were trying to use that as a talking point in favor of Hillary.

But the truth of the matter is that nobody has experience in diplomacy at that level, until they are thrust into it. Barack Obama surely didn’t, nor did his predecessor. Foreign policy at the presidential level is something that has to be learned on the job.

I think Trump has a slight advantage there over most politicians, simply because he has had business dealings all around the world. So, while he may not be used to negotiating a peace treaty with a foreign power or in using the military to support America’s stand on a particular issue, he is used to international business negotiations. That plays in his favor, I’d say.

So Putin has extended a hand of friendship towards America and Trump has responded in kind. That seems to be quite different than Putin’s attitude towards Hillary Clinton, who he said would cause a nuclear war. Better peace than that, I am sure.

Yet for some reason, liberals, who are supposed to be the ones who avoid war and want peace, are upset that Trump is willing to talk to Russia and even work together with them towards solving the world’s problems. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Aren’t we, as the free world’s leaders, supposed to foster relationships with other countries and work together for the betterment of all mankind?

How is it that people who applauded Obama’s initiative to reach out to Cuba are demonizing Trump for his initiative to reach out to Russia? Cuba is still a communist country, while Russia seem to embrace democracy. Doesn’t that alone mean that we should form an alliance with them? No, we don’t have to agree with everything they do; nor do we have to trust them fully; but we should be willing to work with them towards making the world a better place.

Trump has made it clear that he’s willing to do that; and I, for one, applaud him for that.

I firmly believe that, as a country, we should be willing to befriend any other country who is willing to befriend us. But at the same time, I believe that we should keep one hand on our wallet and the other on our holster, because we don’t know the motives of those other countries.

One way that a new relationship with Russia could be proven is in the case of Syria. Russia has backed President Assad, even though there have been reports of them pressuring him to resign and turn the county over to others. But Assad and the U.S. haven’t seen eye to eye. How Russia handles that, especially as part of the larger job of dealing with ISIS, could be a very good indication of how our two countries can work together.

And ISIS is truly the big issue. Just as NAZI Germany was the big threat to the world, almost a century ago, extremist Muslim aggression is today. While ISIS isn’t the only group of Muslim extremists out there, they have grown to be the biggest. As such, they are the number one threat that the United States and Russia need to deal with. How we deal with them is something that has yet to be determined.


While I am not looking forward to the idea of sending Americans to fight another war in the Middle East, I think it might be necessary.

Unless the world is willing to accept the killing of large numbers of Muslim non-combatants as a cost of doing war, someone is going to have to send in troops to defeat ISIS. It can’t be done from the air. While there are various groups in the Middle East who are fighting against them, they aren’t enough. A larger military presence is needed.

The real question is, what part will the U.S. play in that? Will we be forced to put boots on the ground once again, or can we win this war without taking that step? Regardless of what anyone says, wars are not won by navies and air forces, they are won by the infantry. Everyone else just supports the soldier on the ground, with a rifle in his hand.

Trump supports our military, so I hope he’ll be working to strengthen it and quit using it as a sociological experiment. Even so, it will take years to fix the damage that has been done to it. Sending out troops off to war right now, in the condition that they are in, would mean a higher casualty rate than we’ve seen for quite some time.

While I expect that Mr. Trump would send them off if necessary, I also believe that he won’t send them unless he has to. I want to believe that he respects them too much to throw away their lives for nothing.

All in all, I think we can expect America to regain our place in world leadership. I think we can also expect some people to resent that, complain about that, and even fight against it.

But when push comes to shove, the U.S. economy is the strongest in the world and the U.S. military is as well. That’s a pair that’s hard to beat.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Is The Division In Our Society Permanent?

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Division America

We’ve seen many troubling trends over the last eight years, as President Obama has worked to bring about his “fundamental change of America.” Most of those have had to do with remaking our country more liberal and more dependent on the central government, preparing for the eventual transition to complete socialism.

But that’s not the only area where he’s sought to change our country. Perhaps one of the most dangerous and most long-lasting areas of change that he’s fostered has been in creating division between different groups of people.

I hope that many of Obama’s initiatives will gradually disappear over the next year, washed away by Trump reversing Obama’s executive orders or Congress passing laws to undo the changes that Obama’s administration forced upon the American people.

So, sadly for Obama, much of his legacy is going to follow him right out the door.

Some Things Can’t Be Undone

There are things which won’t go away, no matter how much we wish they would. It will take a lot of work on Congress’ part to eliminate all the massive regulations that Obama has promulgated.

While some can just be eliminated by a short bill going through Congress, others will require more detailed work, as parts will need to either be left in place or replaced by something else.

As Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.” I think we can safely add that they can’t be solved with the same level of work either. Nor can they be solved in the same amount of time.

Changes to society, such as the growth of the entitlement mentality aren’t easily changed and when they are, it is through the work of years, not simply by passing a bill or signing an executive order. Granted, the entitlement mentality has been growing over years as well.

I remember running a food bank 30 years ago and seeing the attitudes of some of the people, even back then. But what has changed is the way that the entitlement mentality has permeated society, especially the younger generation. Getting rid of that will be no easy task.

But the biggest part of Obama’s legacy will end up being the division that he’s caused in our society. He has single-handedly erased over 60 years of progress in racial relations, taking us back to the 1950’s. The problem now isn’t so much the stain that he created, but the fact that he’s leaving it behind.

Unity is always much harder to create than divisiveness and we have much more divisiveness now than we need. But rather than talking about bringing unity to the country, Obama is spending his last days helping to form more divisiveness. Nor do his followers want to seek unity.

Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers have already said that there’s no way they’re going to meet with President Elect Trump. They’d rather spend their time looking for new places to protest and new things to destroy.

They’re blaming their refusal on Trump, of course, citing his “racism” without any other reason than the left stream news media calling him that. But then, he’s a conservative white man, so according to the left’s definition, that automatically makes him racist, no matter what he does.

Video first seen on Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN.

But that sort of attitude doesn’t solve anything. If it does anything, it helps ensure that racial division continues and problems aren’t solved.

Contrary to the popular opinion that Trump’s election to the presidency is some sort of a “whitelash,” most conservatives think little about race. They deal with people as individuals, not as members of a specific race. About the only time they even mention race is to describe someone, about like mentioning their hair color.

That’s not to say there is no racism in this country, because there is. There are people on all parts of the political spectrum who still haven’t gotten the word that we’re all part of the Human Race. They hate people with different colored skin, just for their skin color, just like some black people hate white people for theirs.

But, those people are in the minority. While they still exist, there are not enough of them to make a major impact on our society. The media has blow the few that do exist out of proportion, turning them into the “Boogeyman” for colored people and other minorities. They’ve labeled the incoming president with this label too, causing people to turn against him, without even giving him a chance.


So Where Is This Taking Us?

Can we get back to a more unified front or is the United States destined to remain divided? That answer really doesn’t lie with you and I; nor does it even lie with the incoming president.

You see, there are those who want division in our society. It’s really an old military strategy; divide and conquer. They are dividing us so that they can conquer each little portion of American society, one at a time.

That also explains why there is so much emphasis to vilify white conservative males. In doing so, they are attacking what has historically been the strongest part of our society; the one that brings prosperity and change to our culture.

Manhood is under attack from all sides, most especially from Hollywood. It is no longer “chic” to be a man or even be masculine. In fact, men are told by a million subtle messages that they are supposed to be useless wimps. Then, liberals are working overtime to show how those useless wimps are the root of every problem in society.

Make no mistake about it; this is an all-out attack from the left. They want to destroy white men, so that there is nobody left with the strength and authority to protect society. Then they can easily pick off the rest of the groups we have in our mixed society. Ultimately, they can destroy every group, turning them into nothing more than leeches, dependent upon the nanny state and the central government for everything they need.

But it’s all based upon keeping society in division. If they can’t do that, they can’t gain the control they want. It is quite literally the key to their remaking the world into their image. Obama wasn’t causing division just to create division, but rather was doing so as part of a larger plan.

As long as there are people who want to control the world, or change it over to their own image of the world, there will be reason for them to keep us, the people of the United States of America divided.

Not everyone sees this or even wants to see it. Many don’t have a large enough vision to even try to see it. They are wrapped up in their own lives and their own concerns, which is enough for them. But those concerns are often created by others, such as the lamestream media, and can work to help further the division. But it keeps them so occupied that they can’t be part of the solution.

The only way we’re going to take a step back from divisiveness and work our way back to unity is if we, the common people, stop listening to the voices calling for division. But that takes people on both sides of the issue to stop. It takes two sides to make peace, but only one side to make a war.

Donald Trump has said that he wants to be a president for all Americans. I believe him for now. He got to be president without taking money from big donors who would try to get something in return. What he didn’t finance himself in his campaign, came from common people, giving small gifts.

That’s a unique opportunity, as it is probably the only time in our lifetime that we’ll see a president in office, who isn’t beholden to big money. He’s shown that he’s willing to listen to any side of an issue and willing to work together with people who are not of his party. That’s something rare in today’s political climate.

So, as far as he’s concerned, there is hope. Now what we need is enough others to hop on board and come into agreement with working for the good of the country, rather than just the good of their own special interest group.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 

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What to Expect in 2017

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As 2016 draws to a close, it almost feels as if an era is ending.

The long and brutal election campaign that we’ve all survived through is finally over, with Donald Trump beating out Hillary Clinton both on November 8th and in the final vote by the Electoral College on December 20th.

While the Democrats are still having trouble accepting this fact, it signals a real change in the direction of our country.

The election is significant in that it has taken the progressive liberals out of power. For the last eight years President Obama has been running roughshod over conservative values, helped along by a feckless Congress who didn’t want to stand up against him on anything.

It was one thing when the Democrats controlled Congress as well; but when they lost first the House and then the Senate, it didn’t seem to make a lick of difference.

But now we have a new President-elect, who is making noises like a conservative. It should be giving hope to those of us who believe in the U.S. Constitution. Even if Trump only manages to do half of what he’s said he wants to do, it will make a huge difference for our country.

But not everything that happens to our country is under the control of the President, no matter who he is or what political party he belongs to. While the president gets the blame and the credit for everything from the weather to nuclear war, in reality there are other forces in play. As anyone in the military knows, the enemy gets a vote too.

So, what can we expect to see in this new year? In truth, there’s a lot; and not all of it is going to be good. But, like all of life, we’ve got to be ready to take the good with the bad and make the best of it in our own lives.

Liberal Temper Tantrums on the Rise

The Democrats have already proven that they are not about to accept their loss.

Elizabeth Warren has already introduced a bill, making it easier for Congress to impeach the new president, due to his many businesses. Essentially, if his companies make any money which can be traced to foreign governments or foreign political figures, they can impeach him.

In a way, this is somewhat humorous, considering how much money Hillary Clinton made in her “pay to play” scheming as the Secretary of State. Perhaps Warren’s new law should be tested out on her first. But then, there’s little risk of it passing, as both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans.

Compared to other liberal protests to the election, this one is actually mild, and I’m not concerned about it. What does concern me is the more violent protests for which groups like Black Lives Matter have become known. That group, in particular, has already stated that they will not meet with Donald Trump and want nothing to do with him. Instead, they’d rather spend their time and energy in holding more protests and destroying more property.

The Democrats and other liberal groups are going to keep themselves busy obstruction everything that Trump and the Republican Congress tries to do. That’s to be expected.

But the real issue isn’t what will be happening in Washington, but what will be happening in the rest of the country. It is there that the protests and violence might occur.

War Between Trump and the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media blew it on this election; there’s no other way to put it. Not only was all their pontification and their polls wrong, but they bet on the wrong horse to win.

In working so hard to see Hillary Clinton elected as the next president, they’ve shown their true colors, as nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine.

In the process, they made an enemy out of Donald Trump, attacking him while giving Clinton a free ride on everything. From what I saw in the campaign, making an enemy out of Trump is not something to be taken lightly. Yet they still haven’t seen the error of their ways.

The last press conference that Trump held was on July 27th, the third day of the Democrat Convention. Through the three presidential debates and winning the election, he hasn’t taken the time to meet with the press. Rather, he has used social media and the alternative media to talk directly with the American people, totally bypassing the left-leaning propaganda machine called the mainstream media.

While he hasn’t had a press conference with the media, he did make time to hold an off-the-record media summit with a number of media big shots in November. I don’t know what the media representatives were expecting, but the meeting was described as a “firing squad.” I have a feeling that they missed the part where he said his famous, “You’re fired!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued like this. If there’s one thing that Trump is, he’s strong. He’s not going to be the first to cave; and in his eyes, he’s got nothing to lose.

In a way, Trump’s handing of the media has been highly amusing to me. For as long as I can remember, Republicans have feared the media and their attacks. Then here comes Trump, manipulates them to give him free coverage throughout his campaign, and then essentially fires them, bypassing them all together to speak with the American people.

Dismantling of Obamacare

Of the many things which President-elect Trump has promised to do in his first 100 days in office, one that has given the most hope to the American people is the elimination of Obamacare.

Republican lawmakers have been trying to do that since 2011, but with Obama in office, haven’t been able to. Now, with a Republican controlled Congress and Trump in the White House, we can expect to see it fall apart, bit by bit.

I say fall apart because at this point in time, it will be necessary to replace it piecemeal, rather than just nullifying it. There are too many people who would be hurt by a repeal; people who are on Medicaid, people who were uninsurable before Obamacare, and people who have bought insurance under Obamacare who would lose their insurance again, if it was repealed.

It’s going to take some time and a lot of work, but it will be replaced by something that serves the needs of the American people, rather than just serving the needs of bureaucrats in Washington.

Then, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see Trump himself personally attacking the insurance companies about high premiums and deductibles.

Improvement in the Economy and Jobs

More than anything, Trump is a businessman; not only that, he’s a highly successful one. Granted, he started out with a cool million in seed money, but he managed to multiply that at least 3,000 times! More if you believe the larger estimates of his net worth. There are few anywhere who can make such a claim.

We can see already, during the transition process, that he’s bringing that business acumen into his new job as the President of these United States. It is manifest in the selections he’s making for his cabinet, as well as the meetings he’s already had with foreign leaders and others who will be important to his success as a leader.

More than anything, I hope Trump will help the economy to grow. His deal with Carrier air conditioning is just the beginning. I believe that we’ll see a surge of investment by large corporations, opening of new factories, moving some manufacturing home and startups of new businesses.

What has held the economy back for the last eight years is uncertainty. Those feelings of uneasiness started when the housing bubble burst in 2008 -2009.

But then Obama took office and they continued. With his anti-business attitudes, he has created an atmosphere where corporate boards have avoiding investing in their businesses, rather putting the money away in offshore banks, to wait and see what would happen.

Now that Trump has been elected, confidence is growing and those same corporate boards are making plans to invest in their corporations. In addition, Trump has declared war on overregulation, which will make it easier for businesses of all sizes to operate profitably in the United States.

Ultimately, what this really boils down to is an increase in the workforce and jobs for those who want them. If he couples his business initiatives with a crackdown on welfare fraud, we might even see a reversal of the current trend towards living off the government dime, rather than getting a job.

Increases in business will also require an increase in the workforce, giving those people an opportunity to make something of their lives.

A Possible Financial Collapse

While I am sure that Trump’s presidency will be good for the economy, I am also concerned. In electing Donald Trump president, the American people have given the middle finger to the elites of this world, most specifically to the one-worlders. They are concerned and they have the power to push back.

While these people try to remain in the background, with their activities hidden from public view, they do make the occasional press release or even talk to the press. One such statement emerged during the presidential campaign, indicating that the Bilderberg Group was gravely concerned about Donald Trump winning the election and becoming president.

More than anything, the Bilderberg Group is the main motivator behind the one-world movement. An extremely liberal group, it consists of a number of major banking heads, international businessmen, politicians and even members of the press, they meet annually to discuss how to turn the world in the direction they want. That direction is always towards socialism and a one-world governmental system.

These people have enough financial power to control the world’s markets. It is they, not local forces, who create financial crises throughout the world. They do so for the dual purposes of making money off the crisis and molding the world into their image.

While I am not sure how soon they will decide to act, I believe that they are going to take some major action during Trump’s presidency. It may not be in 2017, but I seriously doubt we’ll make it to 2020, without some major upheaval, something along the lines of the Great Depression.

An Increase in Extreme Muslim Terrorism

As we all know, extreme Muslim terrorism is on the rise. Terrorist acts in Europe are increasing in frequency and scope.

But that’s only a smattering of the terrorism that is happening on a worldwide basis. Those Muslim terrorists are actually more active in their own countries, than they are in western lands.

We must understand that terrorism is a form of warfare. Their purpose is to force us to capitulate and allow Muslim control, most especially the implementation of Sharia Law in our countries. In this, they are working to take over the world.


According to the Koran, Muslims are only allowed to migrate to Muslim controlled lands, unless it is for the specific purpose of conquering lands controlled by infidels. Called “hegira” this form of migration has been a major tool for the spread of Islam, every since the beginning.

Their twisting of western laws to get their way and gradually force their adopted country closer and closer to Sharia is no accident. Rather, it is a well thought out strategy, which has been used over and over again.

While Trump’s campaign promises to build the wall, crack down on illegal immigration and temporarily block immigration from Muslim countries will all help to slow the flood of Muslims who are entering our country, they can’t do a thing about those who are already hear. Nor can anything be done to stop the online recruiting of “home-grown terrorists” under Muslim control.

If anything, lessening the number of Muslims who can enter the country will merely motivate those who are already here to become more active. Many who are now sleeper agents will become active, taking a more aggressive role in attacking our country.

Iran and North Korea’s Nuclear Plans Going Forward

Trump has promised to do away with Obama’s disastrous Iran deal; but I fear it might be too late. Obama has already opened the door for Iran to increase the tempo of their nuclear research and their push towards becoming nuclear powers. At this time, it would be nearly impossible to stop them without military intervention.

One thing we could do unilaterally is to reinstate the embargos on Iran, at least as far as U.S. involvement is concerned. Perhaps this would encourage other countries to join in as well, especially European countries, and we could put an embargo in place that bypasses the treaty and bypasses the United Nations.

But it is clear that Iran will continue in their development of nuclear arms and a delivery system for them, just as North Korea is.

These two countries are the most unstable and most dangerous counties in the world today. We can be sure that we are high on the targeting list of both. While Iran might choose to go after Israel first, that’s a toss-up. They may choose to take us out of play before going after Israel. That would be a classic way to attack, something I am sure they are aware of.

If an EMP attack were ever to be committed against the United States, it would be by one of these two countries. From what I understand of North Korea’s nuclear capability, it is quite possible that they are already at the point where they could commit such an attack. Iran is still a few years away, but nowhere near as far away as I’d like.

This would actually be a “winnable” war for them, especially if they had enough nuclear capacity to take out our aircraft carriers, after the EMP attack on the country. That would cause us to lose the capability to retaliate, even if such an order were given.

A Final Word

While the world is still a dangerous place and there are many risks that we still face, I am optimistic about the future. With proper preparation and training, I believe that we can survive through anything.

In the mean time, even with all the risks, I believe we will see some improvements here at home in the next year.

The shift back towards a more conservative society will not happen overnight, nor will it be easy. As I already mentioned, the Democrats, other liberals and the media are all going to continue to be against us.

But for the time being anyway, we have the upper hand. We must be sure to make the most of the reprieve that’s been given to us.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Exposing the Fake News Spin: Fox News misses “small fact” and fails to mention group trying to influence Trump’s Iran policy is a long time radical Islamic-Marxist terrorist organization

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Today, I read a Fox News article entitled, “Iranian dissidents seeking meeting with Trump.”  See: (  According to the article, Iranian dissidents have penned a letter to Trump urging him

Election 2016 and Preparation

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Well, the 2016 clown show Election is over and for some the result was…disappointing. However, the results of this election won’t matter as much as people on both sides thing. For wise preppers, life goes on no matter who lives in the White House. We all live in a fallen world that is populated by […]

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Preparing for Russia and China!

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Preparing for Russia and China James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! So, what is the deal with China/ Russia relations lately. It seems like we are telling multiple stories about these nations. Are we on the doorstep of war with Russia over the hacking and the Syria business or is Putin happy … Continue reading Preparing for Russia and China!

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Finally… The Electoral College Votes

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67143324 - the vote of the electoral college in the united states

For the last 41 days, the nation has collectively held its breath, waiting for the vote of the Electoral College.

During that time, we’ve heard a constant string of excuses from the Democrat left, as to why Donald Trump should be denied the presidency, even though it was clear on November 8th that he had won the election.

Technically, the results of the Electoral College‘s vote won’t be announced until January 6th, when Congress meets in a joint session to count them.

But the results are already in and unofficially we now know that Donald Trump has officially won the election.

This presidential election has been the most controversial election ever, quite possibly in the entire history of the United States. From a field of 19 potential candidates, the Republican constituency picked a total outsider, one who had been a Democrat most of his life.

This outsider not only steamrolled his opponents in the Republican Party, but he did a fair job of steamrolling Hillary Clinton as well. Part of that can be blamed directly on the pundits, who universally held that Clinton was going to win.

In every poll and in every political report, she was far in the lead, guaranteed a chance to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

Yet the mainstream media, like most other Americans, was living and working in an echo chamber. Much of their prognostication was based upon what they were hearing from other liberal reporters, pundits, poll takers and politicians. They were so convinced that they represented the majority opinion in the United States, that they failed to even look at what the people of the United States were saying; most especially, they failed to look at what conservative Americans were saying.

The silent majority has been heard from, and they picked the most unlikely of candidates, a billionaire business mogul from Manhattan.

I was never a Trump fan, but now he is my president. Therefore, I will stand and salute him, supporting him in the execution of his duties. My desire, as that of many other Americans, is that he do what is best for all Americans, unlike the president he is replacing.

If American is going to be great again, it’s time to do away with partisan politics, and go back to trying to find solutions that work for everyone. I believe that’s what Trump is trying to do.

But I can already hear the collective cry of “FOUL!” erupting across the nation. Perhaps it is so clear, simply because we’ve been hearing it for over a month now. Democrats have used every excuse in the book to explain away Trump’s win and seek out a way to overthrow the election.

Amongst the various tricks they’ve tried, has been an ongoing effort to pressure electors to become “faithless” and vote contrary to their state’s election results. While electors in many states can do this, and even have done so in the past, the people that the parties select as their electors are faithful to the party, so this effort was doomed from the beginning.

This campaign has been with constant phone calls, letters and Facebook posts to the electors. They all had the same goal, to keep Trump from getting the 270 votes he needed.

The truly crazy thing about all that effort was that even if they had succeeded in reducing Trump’s electoral vote to below the 270 vote threshold, their candidate still wouldn’t have won.

Apparently they thought that the electors would automatically vote for Clinton, raising her total vote count high enough to win. But these were Republican operatives they were calling; they weren’t likely to vote for a Democrat candidate, no matter who it was.

That’s not to say that there weren’t any faithless electors. There were. Two Republican electors in Texas chose to vote for other candidates. They didn’t vote for Clinton, but they didn’t vote for Trump either. In the end, they were insignificant. Donald Trump needed 270 electoral college votes to secure the presidency and he far outdistanced that with a total of 304 votes.

There were apparently some Democrat electors who were faithless to Hillary Clinton as well, voting for Bernie Sanders instead of her. As with the Republicans who voted against Trump, their vote was more in the nature of a protest than anything else. It didn’t change a thing, except for them personally.

The Electoral College has done what it was intended to do, once again. It has assured that the will of the people in the majority of the states was carried out. It stopped the tyranny of the majority and ensured that the citizens of all 50 states received equal representation in the presidential election.

Please note that this is clearly different than the will of the majority of the people. If all that mattered was the popular vote, then the most populous states in the Union would decide every election. We would have a one-party dictatorship, even if the actual figurehead of that dictatorship had to change every eight years.

As we saw in Hillary’s campaign, if she had won, it would have been a continuation of Obama’s policies, effectively a third term for Obama.

Yet Democrats everywhere have been crying about the popular vote, claiming that it is the only fair method of voting for a president, giving one vote per person. That complaint has been largely fueled by the fiction that Hillary won the popular election. I say it’s a fiction, because there have been three million votes discovered so far, which were cast by illegal aliens.

Of course, to the Democrats, those illegal aliens aren’t illegal and aren’t aliens. They have bought into the one world mentality, wanting to tear down our borders and allow anyone in. Part of that is allowing anyone to vote, since in their minds, there is no such thing as citizenship.

But traditionally citizenship has been defined as the right of voice and the right to vote in democratic countries. If you travel outside the United States, you have no legal standing in front of the government of whatever country you visit. You have no right to vote. You don’t even have the right to salute their flag. You are a visitor, denied the rights of citizens. That’s why citizenship is important.

Yet the Democrats would do away with that; partially to further the one-world government and partially to pad their own constituency. Democrats hope that immigrants of all types will vote Democrat, because it is the Democrat party who promises to give them freebies. It isn’t until those people become self-sufficient and are paying taxes that some of them shift over to the Republican Party.

So, if you take the votes by illegal aliens out of the popular vote count, Trump wins the popular election. Then if you take the votes cast by voter fraud out, he wins it by an even bigger margin. But that doesn’t matter. He ran his campaign to win the Electoral Vote and he did. It’s time for the complaining to end.

Sadly, that doesn’t mean that it will, but we can expect the complaints to continue. The media will be after him. Democrat politicians will be after him.

I suppose liberals on the street will be after him as well. We can expect demonstrations, riots and all the other dirty tricks that liberals use to display their displeasure.

In other words, the election of Donald Trump has not made the United States any safer than it was before. Groups like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers have become used to flexing their muscles. They will continue, quite possibly joined by other liberal “organizations” who want to make their displeasure known as well.

It must be hard being part of the pampered elite. Yet those Hollywood actors, sports celebrities and college snowflakes are all going to have to learn something new. They’re going to have to learn that the world really doesn’t care about their precious opinion, once you get out of that liberal echo chamber.

Oh, they won’t quit. You can be sure of that. We will hear their complaints as we watch them work against the best interests of the country. They will continue to try to impose their will upon us. But at least for the moment, they’ve lost the clout to make that will stick.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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The Price You Will Pay for Trump Dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal

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The current “deal” with Iran over its nuclear program is better defined as policy capitulation.  To be viable, the deal must have teeth and achieve the endstate desired by the

The Ways that ISIS is Winning the War on Social Media

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by Timothy

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of ISIS. Most of us have seen their atrocities on the internet or on the news, no matter how much we try not to. Who are these people that we were so blissfully ignorant of only a few years ago, how did their name become so prominent in our vocabulary and how are they able to reach so many people around the world?

By now you’ve probably heard both titles for what is undoubtedly the most notorious terrorist group in recent history but you  may not know why there are two names for them or why they are different. The primary difference, believe it or not, is the geographical reach implied. “ISIS” stands for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria while “ISIL” stands for The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant refers to the area from Southern Turkey through Syria to Egypt and includes Israel. As you can see, “ISIL” is much more ambitious and gives them far more prestige than they deserve.

ISIS began as a small insurgent group in Iraq around 2006 but finding it difficult to gain any progress as their own entity, they moved into Syria when the Syrian Civil War broke out. Their hope was to make gains there that they could not make in Iraq but Syria proved to be difficult as well. Their problem was funding and arming their efforts which the United States would resolve for them in a few years.

It wasn’t until 2014 that they were able to obtain many of the weapons that the Obama Administration had sent to the Free Syrian Army and they were able to take their newly fitted army back into Iraq to resume their claim for fame. Though unacknowledged by most of our government, many of the so-called Free Syrian Army members were actually ISIS members. It is believed by some that the administration was aware of this and continued to arm them anyway.

ISIS first became known for their grainy, poorly produced execution videos that began showing up on the internet. Primarily showing beheadings, their cell phone videos took the news cycles by storm and they immediately saw the value of social media in trying to boost their prominence. It didn’t hurt that they were simultaneously making military gains in Iraq at the same time, with their US supplied weapons.

Faster than cities in Iraq could fall to their fighters, social media became a victim as well. Using Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Silent Circle, What’s App and messaging apps like Telegram and Surespot, ISIS was suddenly able to spread its messages of propaganda all over the world and reach millions directly. They could encourage disenfranchised westerners to either travel to Syria and join their army or stay at home and attack whatever was around them. It was cheap, easy and largely untraceable.

Many of the videos and much of the propaganda that was released online were not beheading videos rather public works projects, economic development tasks and other rebuilding efforts that were supposed to show ISIS’ commitment to the towns and villages that they were invading. They were, according to their countless documentaries and posts, the “Good Guys”.

ISIS also began releasing a magazine to the west that was thoughtfully translated into English. The name of it is Dabiq and it can be found all over the internet. Not only the most current issue but also as many back issues as you would like to read. This magazine is high gloss, well developed and carefully edited. If you could forget what you were reading for a moment, you might think you picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens. Of course, when you get to the bomb-making instructions you will likely be jolted back to your senses.

These magazines, and others like it, are available on multiple websites who claim to be performing a service to the world by documenting them and keeping them forever. I suppose they do not feel responsible for the actions of whoever downloads them.

It has been reported that ISIS has, in some cases, even highjacked hashtags of unrelated subjects in order to direct unwary surfers to vivid and bloody photos as they did in 2014 when they commandeered “#worldcup” (which displayed a severed head).

ISIS videos became more sophisticated and they began filming with HD cameras, blue-screens, and even began producing little graphical introductions with each film. This same time last year, it was estimated that through social media, ISIS was releasing an average of 38 new items per day.

These efforts began paying off in dividends and according to CNN, as of this past spring, 3,400 westerners have traveled to join ISIS, with as many as 250 being from the United States. As stated, those that do not travel, or cannot, are encouraged in social media to attack whatever they can at home. This, too, proved successful.

While it is nearly impossible to list every attack that is attributed to ISIS in the West, some of the notable attacks in the US are:

  • April 15, 2013; Two brothers created bombs out of pressure cookers and placed them at the Boston Marathon. 3 dead.
  • October 23, 2014; An attacker armed with a hatchet attacked 4 NYPD Officers in a subway, injuring 2.
  • May 3,2015; Two gunmen attacked the Curtis Colwell Center during a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas. 2 dead.
  • December 2, 2015; A married couple in California shot their coworkers who were throwing them a baby shower. 14 dead.
  • June 12, 2016; A shooter entered a nightclub in Orlando, Florida and kills 49.

There can be little doubt that many of these attacks as well as others across the West would not have occurred had it not been for the shrewd exploitation of social media by ISIS. So the ultimate question is “Are we winning this war or losing it?” I will not pretend to know the answer to this.

If you believe what you see on television, we are winning battles in Iraq and ISIS is losing geographical territory there on a weekly basis. The problem with this is that ISIS is far more entrenched in countries other than Iraq. While their “core” countries (meaning they occupy territory) are Iraq and Syria, they are present in many more countries, making their reach astounding. They are thought to have a significant presence in Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, the Sinai Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Caucasus in southern Russia as well.

This likely means that even after the horrors presently being committed in Iraq and Syria have abated, the attacks and propaganda which rely heavily on social media will continue. As long as it continues to be effective we have to assume that ISIS will continue to see its use as a valuable tool.

So far, the US government’s efforts at counteracting the presence of Radical Islam on the internet have not been very effective. They have attempted to create Twitter accounts, run by the State Department, that encouraged would-be recruits to turn away from radical tweets and propaganda. This often resulted in philosophical arguments between the State Department and pro-Jihadis which turned out to be largely unproductive.

Their more recent efforts, according to the Wall Street Journal, are to get Islamic leaders involved in trying to undermine the draw of ISIS and other groups on young, disenchanted westerners. What makes these countermeasures so difficult is that they should be targeted to a narrow, specific demographic and it is difficult to determine what that is.

Additionally, the government has financed competitions to encourage college students to come up with ideas on how to combat this social onslaught by radical groups. While there are some encouraging signs such as fewer tweets being registered by the Islamic State, this could be because of a move to heavily encrypted messaging and not necessarily a reduction in recruitment.

The reality is that it is difficult to prevent ‘copy-cats’ or anyone else who views an extreme position or action as an answer to their own discontented lives. Some of the attacks committed under the flag of ISIS can be contributed to these type of people as well as the mentally ill. In truth, there may never be a way to counter the attractiveness of such organizations for these people.

CNN interviewed a former terrorist recruiter who told them that one of the problems with the government’s attempts to counter ISIS’ social media blitz is that the government’s videos simply do not appeal to a gaming generation the way radical videos do. Up until this point, the government’s efforts have been mostly seen in the form of something akin to slide shows. His recommendation is that the US use social media, non-stop just as ISIS does.

It seems odd to think that some wanna-be terrorist, who may be undecided about killing the innocent people around him, might be swayed by whichever side has the most ‘game-like’ videos. I would hate to think that this is our new reality but some believe that it is.

One thing is clear. Something must be done. As ISIS continues to slip terrorists into the West under the guise of being ‘refugees’, as they continue to use chemical weapons in Syria and their hateful rhetoric is still taught by many Islamic leaders around the world, it is imperative that we contain the fight to those outside of our own populations.

The Brookings Institute which is a prominent ‘think tank’ on social issues thinks that the answer might be the ability to intervene with a potential recruit before he or she reaches the final stages of radicalization. This would require friends, family, and law enforcement to be able to recognize the signs of indoctrination and does not really address the problem of the initial attraction of social media content. Until this is addressed it is likely that the recruitment will continue.

Some believe that as ISIS loses ground in Iraq and Syria, the allure of recruitment will be reduced as a byproduct of that. After all, they argue, who wants to be associated with a losing team? There may be some truth to this but do we really want to wait to find out?

The Imminent Threat of Societal Distrust!

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The Imminent Threat of Societal Distrust! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! There is no doubt that our society has less trust in the major institutions that we have built our society on. We are moving out of a time where the people have been so inundated with truth and reality. In … Continue reading The Imminent Threat of Societal Distrust!

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Democrats Still In Meltdown

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Democratic party

It’s been over a month since the several states of this Union held their general elections, choosing billionaire businessman Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

His transition team is working hard and he’s ahead of the curve in selecting his cabinet and all the other political appointees who the sitting president gets to select, creating the team he will govern through.

Looking at the people he’s selecting, it’s clear that he’s thinking like a businessman and not like a politician.

Of course, that, along with everything else that Trump does, is angering those on the left. But then, about the only way he wouldn’t be angering them, would be to pick his cabinet from a panel of all Democrat politicians.

Only then could they expect to retain some measure of control in the new administration.

Rather than regroup and try to find a way to make the best of the situation, the Democrat party seems to be in total meltdown. They, along with their followers, refuse to accept their loss and are unable to get a grasp of how to go forward.

On one hand, this shouldn’t be all that surprising. For the last eight years, they’ve been moving towards their liberal utopia. But now they find themselves in the minority, losing the presidency and not regaining control of either house of Congress. To put the icing on that cake, they continue to lose control in state governments as well.

To a truly unbiased political outsider, looking in, it’s clear that the country has rejected the progressive liberal agenda. Perhaps this was in part due to how quickly Obama was shoving it down the nation’s collective throats. The more he has pushed over the last eight years, the more the people have rejected him and his agenda.

We can see this in how the Democrats lost first the House of Representatives, then the Senate and finally the Presidency.

Those on the political left can’t see that. Like a collection of Soviet ideologies of the defunct Soviet Union, gathering to discuss the writings of Marx and Lenin and wanting to prove their own political purity to each other, our modern progressive liberals are convinced of the veracity of their beliefs.

They are unable to see the possibility that others might reject those beliefs in the face of objective reality.


There is a religious overtone to much of the left’s beliefs, which is actually rather funny, when you consider that they reject religion, especially Christianity, at its root. Yet, like followers of some East-Indian guru, they accept the party’s ideology, without question.

Part of that is being convinced of their own superiority. To hear them speak of it, they are better, smarter and better looking than anyone else, giving them the natural right to rule. They also believe that they are in the majority, because their voice is the only one that is heard. But the truth is that they just have big mouths. According to a study by pew research, conservatives outnumber liberals.

The thing is, the left thinks that they are the majority of Americans simply because they are the only ones who are heard. Between being noisier than those on the right and having control of the mainstream media, the left has the ability to make it appear as if they are the only voice out there. But they’re not; the election proved that.

By kicking out the progressive political control of our country, we, the American people, sent a strong message to Washington.

Of course, for that message to do anything, it has to be heard, and that’s where the Democrats are having a problem. They are so convinced of their own right-ness, that they aren’t listening. They are floundering around, a month after the election, still trying to find something to blame their loss on.

That’s why we keep seeing all these crazy stories about Hillary winning the popular election, Jill Stein demanding a recount, Trump being elected as being some sort of “whitelash” against Obama, “fake news” and now, Russia hacking into the election system and stealing the election from Hillary.

Forget about objective fact, they’re grasping at straws. If they can’t be the ones who are wrong, then there must be someone else they can blame their loss on.

Nancy Pelosi herself, said that the Democrat Party didn’t see any need to change. That’s clear, because they just renamed her to another term as the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. Why change what’s working, especially when it’s… uh… not working.

But this cloud of inability to face reality may have a silver lining for those of us who are not part of the liberal camp. If they can’t see their own problems, there’s little chance that they’re going to figure out how to fix them. With that being the case, we don’t have to worry much about a Democrat resurgence anytime soon.

Now, I have to say that the Democrats aren’t the only ones who suffer from this problem; I’ve seen it in the Republican camp as well. For years, Republicans have nominated RINO candidates, with total confidence that their conservative voter base would vote for that candidate, as a vote against the Democrat nominee. But they did that willingly and knowingly, not due to blindly following an ideology that was taking them down a road to destruction.

Are We Seeing the End of the Democrat Party? 

All the things I’ve mentioned before brings us to the question of whether we are seeing the end of the Democrat Party. While there are many who would like the answer to that question to be a resounding “Yes,” I’ll have to disagree.

While the Democrats are in the minority today, they are far from defeated. They can and will come back.

Part of that will be because of the American people and how society has changed over the last few decades. The entitlement mentality of today plays very well into the Democrats hands. With the vast number of people who are sitting on their backsides with their hands out, the Democrats will always have a strong voting bloc who will vote for them, no matter what.

There are too many people who count on government handouts to survive, who will vote Democrats just to get those handouts.

Another part is the short political memory of the American public. Right now, Republicans and even conservatives are crowing because Trump won. But the high emotional energy which carried Trump to victory won’t last. It will dissipate long before the next election, leaving a vacuum that will give the Democrats another opportunity.

That is, it will give the Democrats an opportunity if they can put together a strategy for dealing with Trump as President and both houses of Congress in Republican hands. Right now, they’re too busy looking for safe spaces to do much of anything. But that will probably end, eventually.

In the mean time, they have absolutely no idea of how to deal with their loss. Democrat politicians aren’t walking in lockstep, because nobody is calling the cadence. Individual politicians on talk shows are disagreeing with each other, because there is no common plan coming down from above. Their disorganization offers a great opportunity to the Republican Party, especially in the opening days of Trump’s presidency.

Actually, the longer that Democrats remain disorganized and without a strategy, the better for Trump. Especially for his critical first 100 days in office, that disorganization is an important part of Trump’s potential for success. After that, who knows?

Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats don’t have a strong bench of leaders, sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be called into the game. At the moment, the only potential contenders for the 2020 election that they have are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Neither of them look like very strong candidates to me.

In the meantime, there’s a lot to do. Liberals have done much damage to our country; its’ time to undo as much of that as possible. While that will probably take more than eight years, we’ve got to start. It will be interesting to see how the country changes over the next eight years.

Maybe we’ll even be able to reinstill some conservative values back into society. A good start on that would be for those of us who have been hiding in the woodwork to come out and make our voices heard. Yes, I know that’s against our character, but we just did it with the election. All we have to do is keep doing what we’ve already done.

Yes, the liberals will badmouth us and call us every name in the book. That’s what they do. But you know, those names can only hurt you, if you care what they say. I only care what people who are important to me say about me, so liberals can call me anything they want, and it doesn’t bother me a lick.

So get out your soapbox and tell people what you think.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Gladly Set Apart

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     It has been interesting, from a social perspective, to see how those Americans who backed the losing political candidate for President have responded.  Mind you, this post is not meant to disparage political views or positions. We live in a country where everyone has an equal vote and no matter who you voted for, you have a right to your opinions. And let’s face it, over the last 16 years in our political history, not everyone has been happy.  In fact, after each election, there has been approximately one-half of the country who have not been happy with the results.

     I am writing this post because of what I have observed among friends whom I like and respect; people who are successful in business, and caring and generous people.  But their dissatisfaction with our new President-Elect has turned them into people that I hardly recognize.  They are angry, and seem to be willing to color anyone who doesn’t agree with them with a broad brush of negative attributes.  These are the same people who accepted you and your differences in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect — as long as they perceived their social and political persuasions carried the dominant position.  
     That wouldn’t bother me so much — knowing that political dominance is never permanent, and the pendulum always swings back the other way — except that the hostility and ire has now transitioned into a vocal criticism of my Christian beliefs.
     A recent conversation started off innocently enough… comparing favorite Christmas movies of our youth. (Mine, by the way is It’s A Wonderful Life — you can’t beat it for a good old-fashioned dose of sentimentality and a message of the importance of every man’s life).  The conversation then evolved into the whole phenomenon of “ugly Christmas sweaters”.  And one of our friends commented that one of the tackiest sweaters he had seen was a picture of Jesus, with “Birthday Boy” written underneath.
     I agreed with the tastelessness of such a display and then opened the proverbial can of worms by remarking that our Lord’s birthday is not even on December 25th. You could feel the tension in the room amp up. Thus began a discussion that went something like this…
     “Well, you know that no one knows when he was born, right?”
     I replied, “I agree, there is no exact historical document that states when His birthday is, but when the Bible says at His Birth, “there were shepherds staying out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night”, it can be proven that this would not have happened in late December, because it is winter then, and the fields would be full of snow.  The shepherds would have brought their flocks in from the fields.  It is more likely that Jesus was born in the fall, perhaps September or early October, when the shepherds remained in the fields with the flocks”.
     This seemed to agitate our friends even more.  “You can’t really go by what the Bible says; it is just a book of allegorical stories.  These are the same stories that have been told by other ancient peoples since the beginning of time.  The Bible has no supremacy in these stories”.
     By this time, I can sense that this conversation is growing more heated and I understood one thing clearly.  People who have rejected the truth of Jesus and the Bible will not be convinced by someone like me; someone who they clearly think is delusional and intellectually inferior.  They need concrete academic and scientific proof, and belief based on the absence of data, or without evidence — in other words, FAITH — is something they cannot logically conceive. But I wanted to make my position very clear…. “It comes down to if you believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, or not.  I happen to believe it is.”  And with that, my husband wisely steered the conversation to safer subjects.
     But, as often happens, I think of things I wish I had said long after the encounter.  I should have pointed out that perhaps the reason so many of the ancient texts, such as the Sumerian, Annunaki, and Ugaritic texts, mimic the stories in the Bible, is perhaps because YHWH, the Most High God, tried to  reveal Himself to those peoples, but they rejected Him.  And it wasn’t until Abraham answered His call, that a people were worthy to be set apart as His chosen. A good argument, but I know that those who refuse to hear His voice will not be swayed by any explanation I present.  Only the Holy Spirit can work in their hearts and turn them from their stubborn ways.
     But it saddens me. As I said, I really like these people, and I have known they were unbelievers since our friendship began.  Our expressions of faith were always well-received and never an impediment. But I’m afraid the dynamics have changed with this new political season, and those of us with Faith are now inextricably tied to their dissatisfaction with the political climate. That’s OK.  If it sets me apart from those who put their faith in men and politics, then I’m happy with that designation.  And if it gives me more opportunity to be a vocal defender of my faith, then so be it.  I’m thrilled to talk about my God and His Word!
     In the end, this shouldn’t surprise me — or you, if you are experiencing the same kind of reaction. Our Lord told us we would be hated because of His Name. And, as His followers, we must endure and stand for Him, being promised our reward of salvation for all of eternity.  I can handle being sneered at and despised; I won’t be discouraged nor deviate from my path. I just wish my friends could share my peace and my joy. And I would love for them to come along on this exhilarating journey!

Romans 13:11   “Do this, knowing that this is a critical time. It is already the hour for you to awaken from your sleep [of spiritual complacency]; for our salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed [in Christ]”.

What is the Legacy that Obama Leaves this Country With?

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by Isabella

What is the legacy left behind by Obama and his administration after eight years in office?  Well, that greatly depends on who you ask.

First of all, it shouldn’t be too surprising that someone that voted for, and supported, Obama while he was in office will tend to notice the things he did that they feel are a good thing. By equal measure it should be expected that those that voted against Obama, or abstained from voting and remained critical of him and his administration for the last eight years, would be the ones that take note of the things he and his administration did that they don’t like.  These things are absolutely to be expected.

Something that is less expected that might be able to provide a fair measure of Obama’s legacy is a certain Huffington Post poll taken after his last State of the Union address. Surprisingly, even for a propaganda outlet that has carried water for the democrats like the Huffington Post preforms a poll in which they asked Americans how they felt about issues like the economy, international relations, and “their life” after Obama took office, the results are beyond what would be considered reasonable expectation. They are unbelievable.

After all, while there is no way to quantify whether or not someone should feel that their life has improved since Obama has been in office, can’t we actually measure whether or not the economy has done so?  And if we can, then why don’t people agree?  And why is the single most determining factor for their disagreements not age, race, or economic status, but rather their political affiliation?

The answer to why Democrats feel so differently about Obama’s legacy than Republicans or Independents do might actually be what Obama’s legacy is in the first place.  So, let’s look at some of the questions that HuffPo asked and the answers that they got, as broken down by political affiliation.

All the questions asked were comparative, comparing before and after Obama, with the option of choosing one of three answers, worse, about the same, or better.  When asked how they felt about their own lives now since Obama had been elected 51% of democrats said they felt their life had improved, only 9% of republicans agreed, along with 23% of independents.  Since we can’t measure whether or not these people’s lives, have or haven’t improved under the Obama administration, it’s only worth mentioning for comparison with later answers.

When asked if they felt that since Obama’s election the “economy had improved”, an overwhelming 71% of democrats said yes, they felt the economy had improved.  Republicans and independents were not so optimistic with 15% and 33% respectively.  Now things get a little more interesting since this is an issue that we can examine scientifically, of course people are still free to “feel” that the economy has or has not improved no matter what the data shows, but for some of us reality is still important.  So, when it comes to the economy, what can be used to measure its health?  Several factors, as we will take a look at, but the one that really hits home is the average household income.

Under the Obama administration, the US average household income has decreased when adjusted for inflation.  Meaning that the average American family has less spending power and less resources available to them now than eight years ago.  About $2,000 less annually.  That’s a big hit for families to take, big enough you might think that Democrats would notice it.  But I guess when your voter constituency eats off of food stamps (the amount of Americans on food stamps is up 36% under Obama, that’s 1 out of every 5 Americans) and gets free health care, what’s $2,000 a year?

Obama has been known to state that under his beneficent rule America’s unemployment has been lowered (presumably by his policies) to 4.7 percent, which isn’t a bad number.  But, is that an accurate picture of America’s employment?  Of course not.   The unemployment rate is based on the number of unemployment insurance claims filed, it does not account for those that have been unemployed so long that they can no longer collect, those that chose not to file, the “under employed”, and those that simply aren’t participating in the work force by choice (which is worth looking at since these people would either be living off crime or tax dollars, or both).

A more accurate picture of the American economy would show that since Obama took office the labor participation rate has fallen by over 3%.  3% might seem like a small amount, but take into consideration that only 1% was lost during the official recession.

How about home ownership?  Home ownership is down by over 4% since Obama took office.  That’s the lowest in over half a century.  And this after $275 Billion in housing market bailouts.  Not exactly money well spent.

The cherry on top of Obama’s economic legacy is the $9 Trillion and change that was added to the national debt while he was in office.  Nearly $1 Trillion of which was due to policies he directly pushed.  Those numbers are so large that they are mentally numbing, it’s impossible to fathom what 9 trillion anything would look like.  Just to give an idea, 1 trillion is 1,000 billion, which is 1,000 million, which is 1,000 thousand.  Like I said, it’s mentally numbing.

But what about relations between parties?  How have things changed since Obama’s election in relation to how democrats and republicans see each other and how they relate to each other?  Well, like most issues, the answer will likely depend on the political affiliation of the person being asked.  Democrats were 6 times more likely to feel that relations had improved under Obama.

That being said, over 60% of democrats still noticed that relations between parties had deteriorated.  Of course, that’s all the fault of white racism.  It has nothing to do with the democrats continuing to push ultra-polarizing issues like allowing grown men that think they are women, or claim to think they are women (I’m not sure which is worse) to use the same public restrooms as girls.  And this while they are pushing the narrative of rape culture.

And what is the result of this race-baiting and hate-labeling that leads to greater polarization?  Well, in many cases often ignored or lied about in the mainstream media, the result is violent attacks by the Democrats on Republicans.  Most notably would be the recent attacks on Trump supporters outside of Trump rallies, or even more recently, the riots in response to Trump’s election.  Democrats take about as much notice of the violence their party is responsible for as they do the economic results of their policies.  In fact, they take even less responsibility.

It would be naïve to think that the nation’s economy and partisan relationships are all that Obama has changed before he leaves office.  His legacy also extends to foreign relations and this nation’s global standing.  The Huffington Post didn’t forget about this, when they asked what the result of Obama’s reign had been on this country’s international standing, 45% of Democrats said that they though “American had become stronger internationally” since Obama.  Compare that to 5% of Republicans that felt the same way.  So how could we judge whether or not America is “stronger internationally”?  It’s impossible to know what The Huffington Post meant by internationally strong, but a reasonable person could conclude that national security would be a good measure of international strength.

How secure is America now that Obama has been in office eight years?  Depending on how you categorize them, it is accurate to say that America has suffered an average one Islamic terror attack involving foreigners for each year Obama has been in office.  Now of course, Obama doesn’t consider it an act of terror when a devout Muslim shoots and kills US service men in a recruitment office in Littlerock, AR, or when a Muslim couple shots their co-workers and police in San Bernardino.

Then there’s Benghazi, where an American embassy was attacked, resulting in the death of four Americans, on American soil, after repeated requests for additional security were ignored.  So how safe can his country be from Islamic terrorism when Obama refuses to say the phrase “Islamic terror”, calls the San Bernardino shooting “work place violence”, and denies an American embassy the security they needed when being ambushed by blatantly ideologically-driven Muslim terrorists?

Islamic terrorism isn’t the only threat that should be assessed when considering America’s security, there are after all other countries to consider.  So how has our security fared in relation to other nations since Obama took office?  Well, North Korea managed to get nuclear capabilities under Obama.  Officially reported Chinese military spending has more than doubled since Obama took office, with experts warning that actual spending could be much higher.

Obama illegally gave Iran, a country that sponsors Islamic terror and threatens American allies like Israel, $1.7 billion in cash.  Perhaps most alarming is the proxy war with Russia that Obama has been waging in Syria.  All of this while the US military is hemorrhaging troops and weapons so fast under Obama that according to a 2015 report by the Heritage Foundation, America’s military has become “marginally able”, and is not strong enough to fight a two front war.

So, what legacy is Obama leaving this country after eight years in office?

Aside from a demonstratively weakened economy, diminished fighting capacity while facing growing terror threats and potential world war, he seems to have left us with nearly 1/3 of our population fully convinced otherwise.  Many dug-in Democrats are unshakable in their faith that Obama has turned the economy around, brought our nation together, and strengthened our international standing.

That is quite an accomplishment, and it would be even if things had remained the same, let alone with every measurable aspect of the Huffington Post’s poll being the opposite of what democrats think.  It’s pretty amazing when you stop to think about it, alarming, but amazing.  The usual strategy in politics would be to blame the other party or your predecessor for all the problems you caused while in office, that alone could be a hard sell with the numbers we have from the Obama years.  But instead, he has successfully convinced a large portion of the US population, a population that has more access to information than ever before, that the problems he caused aren’t real, that he fixed them, and that things are good.

Some of these supporters will attack you if you voice a dissenting opinion or offer support for another party.  That’s a whole new trick, and that is Obama’s greatest legacy…a large portion of this country so ill-informed that it borders on delusion, violent when faced with disagreement, self-righteous and fully convinced that the change they hoped for came in the form of eight years under Obama despite all evidence to the contrary.  Not bad if you are looking to start a communist dictatorship.

And perhaps, the results of Obama’s poll are in fact indicative more than anything of the ideology he has passed on. Rather than making a quantifiable positive impression on the economy, policy, or the security of our nation, Obama has made clear the kind of emotional ties that Democrats have to their leaders. Time and time again during this recent election, we were told by pundits that Hillary had a better chance because Democrats always stick behind their candidate. Obama’s very rhetoric on which he ran was that of “hope” and “change”, very simple, positive-sounding concepts that drove one of the most successful presidential campaigns in US history. He was pictured in famous campaign posters looking like a romanticized Marxist revolutionary, and perhaps that is a bit like what he is.

In essence, it is possible that his supporters view his presidency as successful not because of what Obama did, but because of what he stood for. The rhetoric he used about opportunity, equality, and die-hard political correctness is what gives people who feel so strongly about these ideals the impression that he has improved the country. Conservatives feel quite differently, but Obama has, in the minds of his supporters, forged a wide path for everything the left adores: cultural Marxist thought crime standards for free speech and relations between people of different belief systems.

And this will be Obama’s legacy. The ideas he validated in people’s heads, the supposed progress he made by being a symbol rather than an effective leader. He will most likely go down in history this way, regardless of what the data shows us. And there’s not much we can do about that, because that’s how Democrats think. Just as the party that founded the KKK and opposed women’s suffrage is now the party of race equality and feminism, they will never back down from viewing their hero Marxist president as a success.

With that much denial of reality, there is simply not very much we can do about it.

Making The Most Of The Next Four Years

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Making The Most Of The Next Four Years

Obama’s presidency has been one of change. He campaigned on a platform of “hope and change,” promising to “fundamentally change” America.

At this point in time, it looks like he succeeded. America is a much different country than it was eight years ago, having been pushed much farther to the left than ever before.

In looking at that, we have to realize that this is what liberals do. Throughout history, they have constantly pushed for change, moving whatever country farther and farther from their founding roots. So, what they’re doing here is nothing new; it’s merely following their modus operandi.

The problem is that liberalism and conservatism are tied together by a rope that’s about 20 years long. The ideas and positions that were considered to be liberal 20 years ago, are now considered to be conservative. Forget about the conservatism of our grandparents’ time; the best we can usually hope for is something that’s not all out offensive in its liberal zeal.

Rarely do conservatives gain ground, returning things to the ways of the past. That’s not to say that it can’t happen, or that it never happens. But the instances of it happening are far outnumbered by those in which liberal gains are held forevermore.

The last time there were any true conservative gains was during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The Gipper succeeded in showing the country the value of conservative values, and managed to turn the country back that way. We may be at a place in time where that can happen again, but it’s too soon to tell if Donald Trump has the skills and convictions to make that happen.

Video first seen on HyperPixelsMedia.

One’s Gain or Another’s Failure?

While a lot depends on Trump’s leadership skills, that’s not the only factor in making change happen.

A lot of Trump’s success in the election can be directly attributed to Obama’s overreach and extreme liberalism. He pushed too far, too fast, and broke every rule in the book to do so.

Ultimately, that caused the silent majority (which is conservative) to rise up in this election and throw off the burdensome yoke of progressive-liberal oppression.

If there’s any mandate that came out of this presidential election, it’s to undo the damage that Obama has done to our country. The silent majority is looking for a return to our country’s founding principles and they are expecting the President-elect to do something about that.

But that liberal oppression is not over. One of the biggest obstacles that President-elect Trump has in accomplishing any sort of conservative reform is that the mainstream news media is strongly liberal.

They actually came out of the closet with their convictions this election, declaring themselves strongly in Clinton’s camp. In doing this, they totally left journalistic objectivity behind, taking a stand against Trump that isn’t likely to go away.

As liberals, the media is working right out of the liberal playbook, using name calling and false rumors as their tools of mass destruction. We’ve seen them doing it constantly throughout the presidential campaign, and now we’re seeing them use it in a feeble attempt to discredit everyone who Trump is looking at appointing to his administration.

We can expect them to be against Trump and his supporters, no matter what they do. They will continue to use political correctness and name calling to silence anyone who shares a conservative message, expecting the same success in silencing dissident voices that they’ve had before.

That’s all that political correctness is about. The news media decides what’s politically correct and what’s not. This decision is based 100% on what message they need to send and what message they need to squash, in order to further the liberal agenda.

So, in order to stand up against political correctness and return to anything that even resembles conservative values, one has to expect the ridicule, name calling and abuse of the media.

Donald Trump has proven that he can take it; and he’s also proven that he can dish it right back at them. His complaints about being treated unfairly by the media during his campaign weren’t a sign of weakness; they were a sign of his strength.

He wasn’t saying “ouch, you hurt me,” he was showing the nation what the media was doing, in an effort to open people’s eyes to the truth.

Granted, there’s no way that he’s going to open the eyes of hard-core liberals; they’re not going to listen. But he obviously opened enough eyes of moderates to swing the election in his favor. And the real beauty of that, is that he used the very same media outlets that were against him to win.

What About Us?

But do we have the necessary intestinal fortitude to stand up to a liberal onslaught?

President-elect Trump can’t do it all on his own. Many of the changes that have to happen in this country will need to happen on a grass roots level. That’s going to take the efforts of you and I. It can’t be dictated from Washington.

When the left wants to create a “grass roots movement” (intentionally in quotes, because it really isn’t), they get the media to announce it. That way, people on the left know what to do and say. They just follow the liberal talking points and do what their masters tell them to do.

But when the right wants to bring about change, we can’t count on the media’s help. They won’t announce it for us, unless it is in negative terms. We have to be ready for that.

Don’t think that this difference is insurmountable; we just did it. Trump’s election to the presidency was a true grass roots movement.

It wasn’t driven by the media (who tried to drive things the other way); it wasn’t driven by the coffers of the Koch brothers; it was driven by average Americans, who are tired of the politicians, bureaucrats and media trying to tell us who we are, what we are, what we are allowed to do and what we have to do to keep them happy.

All we need to do, is take that resolve outside of the election process and use it on a daily basis. We need to stand up for the things that we believe to be right, and be willing to accept the ridicule of everyone on the left, when it comes.

Let me give you a simple example. One of the many changes that the left has been pushing has been the war against Christmas. They have decided to steal Christmas from the Christians, intentionally ignoring that it started out as a Christian holiday.

So, rather than wishing people a “Merry Christmas” the left is saying that we should go with a more diverse and culturally sensitive “Happy Holidays.” They’ve been pushing that message for a few years now.

Part of the basis for their argument is that there are a number of religions which have holidays around Christmastime, especially Hanukkah and Kwanza. Okay, that’s fine. But while there are those who celebrate those holidays, they have not risen to the stature of being as widely celebrated as the Christmas holiday is.

So, the left’s answer is that they want to steal Christmas from Christians and co-opt it as their own. Since they don’t want to celebrate it as a religious holiday, they are convinced that nobody else should have that right either. Hence, the politically correct dictate of saying “happy holidays.”

How do you deal with that? Do you cave in to the liberal demands, or do you stand your ground?

As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is Christmas, and it will continue to be, even if they make the holiday illegal. I will continue to wish people a Merry Christmas, because that’s part of who I am and what I believe. Anything less would be denying my heritage, my beliefs and even my culture.

Now let’s apply that across the board. There are many other ways that the left is trying to dictate our speech and attitudes, most especially through political correctness. Every time we say something that doesn’t agree with their ideas, they dig out the name calling script and start throwing names our way.

Many conservatives simply shut up and put up. But when we do, we are giving in to them. We are allowing them to control the narrative and their ideas to be spread around society. We must stop that, speak our mind and make our stand clear. Otherwise, we and our beliefs, will continue to be marginalized by the noisier elements of society.

Trump’s election has given us a rare opportunity; the opportunity to turn our country around and at least start the process of returning to the founding principles of our country. But to do so, we’re all going to have to participate in the process.

We can’t sit quietly on the sidelines any longer. We must stand up, speak up and let the nation know that we are here. We must begin to take back some of the ground that has been stolen from us. We can’t afford to go back to being nothing more than the silent majority.

One of the reasons why the liberals have been so successful in changing society is that they are so vocal. Granted, many of the words they use and many of the ideas they express are totally inappropriate. But they speak them nevertheless. In fact, they speak them so well and so often, that they are able to make the claim that they are the majority; for their voice is the only one they hear.

Liberals and conservatives both tend to live in echo chambers, only listening to those who agree with them. We must break that pattern. You and I must make our voice heard, so that no matter how hard they try to stay in their “safe spaces,” they’ll still hear what we are saying.

Don’t worry, I can all but guarantee you that they’ll repeat it, even if it’s only to tell other liberals how horrible we are.

Please don’t take this as a license to stoop as low as the liberals do. We don’t need to engage in name calling to make our point. We don’t need the KKK or other supremacy groups carrying any message for us.

What we need, is for mainstream America to be heard.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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The European Migrant Crisis or a Prequel to Civil War

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by Silence Dogood

If you only listen to Mainstream media, they mostly talk about immigrants as if they are assimilating well. Those good-hearted people are enduring a tough time in their lives with virtues and skills that fit in well with European society. All one big happy family.

However, is this what is really going on in Europe?

There are many people with statistics from police sources, and video as well as online discussions that indicate that this is not the case.

In fact, this may be completely false, for it seems that what is happening is quite the opposite. Whole sections of cities across Europe have fallen under the control of Muslim migrants. There have even been cases of residents being forced by the government to forfeit their property to the housing, or even leave their neighborhoods to make room for these interlopers.

Local police have been asked to play down the criminal activities of these migrants including covering up rapes and assault on the nation’s citizens. The request to play down criminal activity is to prevent an uprising by any, “Right-wing-vigilante” groups they say.

Many YouTube videos have been posted showing entire portions of cities have been cordoned off by the migrants, who have erecting barricades, smashing shop windows, and set fire to parked cars.

However, the government people intend to bring even more migrants into the struggling nations. This seems counter-intuitive to common sense.

Instead, they decided to hide the truth from the people, and continue their planned destruction of Europe.

If our government is so afraid of upsetting the very citizens that they represent by hiding the truth, why allow this massive influx of refugees into their nations in the first place, why not stop and try another tactic.

For instance, why not use a much cheaper way of dealing with this inhumanity of these wars, by sending aid to their countries instead of bringing the people here.

Let’s face it most will never assimilate, no matter how long they stay.

No, matter how many people question the statistics of the violence we find in alternative media, there is one fact that both sides agree is true. Among these migrants is a mass of very desperate people. Mingled with those are people with ill intent for the largely majority Christian nations. They are bent on inflicting their Sharia Law within our democratic societies. It will never work.

Yes, there is a human tragedy on both sides of the debate, however, does our government not have an obligation to protect our citizens first, and foremost? That is what we pay taxes for, right? After all that is the one clear duty of government, is it not?

The rub is that many of our citizens are afraid to voice their opinions in mixed company, for fear of upsetting the far left, who continually shout down from their high horses at the neutral people below them, using words like racist, Nazi, Xenophobe. They are cut off whenever they try to express real concerns.

So, allow me to speak for the moral majority here.

I am not a European. Truthfully, I do not have a vested interest, other than to open up the discussion, for these poor people of Europe.

First, it is true that the rape rates in many nations have skyrocketed since the migrants’ arrival. This fact is no longer a debate I hope. With the introduction of the large groups of Islamic followers that have been allowed in these countries, a staggering number of rapes, in fact, have occurred.

It certainly does not help European tensions when leaders of these radical Islamic groups are seen on YouTube promoting videos that shout rhetoric straight from the Koran. Ideas of breeding out the European races, ending the infidel family lines by using the means of rape and sex enslavement of our women is what they preach. Oh no, these are not my words they are Mohammad’s, straight from the Koran.

(Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right-hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war.”

Mass immigration is happening all over Europe. For the last year and a half, the media seems to barely cover this issue, leaving many unsuspecting European’s at the mercy of these criminals.

Rape rates have gone up by undeniable percentages. It can’t be ignored in the European communities. German authorities claim that more than 2,000 men were involved in a New Year’s Eve gathering that ended in mass sexual assaults and other related crimes inflicted on more than 1,200 women in Cologne and Hamburg.

The numbers do not lie. Some are saying that the vast majority of native white Europeans may soon be turned into a minority. The plan for outbreeding their populous will take only a few years.

No wonder Germans are afraid to mention the obvious. With their track record, it might be construed as racist.

Plenty of evidence is available regarding the intent of the Radical Jihadist regarding Europe, not to mention the United States and our coming invasion.

These prophets, shout of infiltrating of the West and conquering the weak-minded men of North America by raping their women, and out breeding their current nuclear family ideals, of the meager 1.5 child units per household, statistically speaking.

They plan on using polygamy, and taking four or more wives each, and having a dozen children with them.

Given a sort of absolution by the Mohammad, they claim they are not afraid of our jails or the sin of rape. So far, they have already taken many opportunities to commit these crimes when living in our nations.

Surely not all Muslims are this way you must wonder, and for those that are not like this do not fear. But you must talk to your radical brethren before they drag you down with them.

Take the documented case of Sara Logan’s rape, although this was in Cairo and happened a short time ago, it is so horrific; it bears reminding others of what I speak of.

A well documented, and hard to dismiss intent was involved here. Many say they saw this coming, but few mainstream networks bothered to get the word out to the people.

This is Sara Logan’s, own words’ during a 60 minutes interview:

“Logan: …I feel them tearing at my clothing. I think my shirt, my sweater was torn off completely. My shirt was around my neck. I felt the moment that my bra tore. They tore the metal clips of my bra. They tore those open. And I felt that because the air, I felt the air on my chest, on my skin. And I felt them tear out, they literally just tore my pants to shreds. And then I felt my underwear go. And I remember looking up, when my clothes gave way, I remember looking up and seeing them taking pictures with their cell phones, the flashes of their cell phone cameras.

Pelley: Ray reported that he found himself with the sleeve of your jacket in his hand. It had been completely ripped from the rest of the jacket

Logan: I felt at that moment that Ray was my only hope of survival. You know, he was looking at me and I could see his face and we had a sea of people between us, obviously tearing at both of us, beating us. I didn’t even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things, because I couldn’t even feel that. Because I think of the sexual assault, was all I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again.”

When will this type of assault be a big enough concern to the mainstream media, when will we see this on the evening news, and how about some action from those EU government representatives?

The numbers cannot be suppressed forever; the truth will come out. Simply shouting down our concerns by those leftist crybabies or burying these issues by the right wing Neocons for government favor is fueling the rage of the nation’s people.

It appears that some are now speaking out. They claim the White race has been peaceful for long enough now, but no longer. They say mark their words they will paint their war faces, and the world had better watch out. There will be no more mister, nice guy when that train arrives.

A sleeping dog you had best hope never wakes up Mohammad.

If radical religious sects are intending to stone these Christians back to some arbitrary Stone Age, they are fools. On the other hand, maybe they believe, they can start some new age Jihad, retribution for the crusades that took place, over seven hundred years ago. Do they really intend to aggravate the west by raping our women, burning our neighborhoods down, and shouting racist slurs, at us, hoping we will back down from these clearly ignorant madmen roaming our streets?

Well, if that is their only plan for their Jihad, it must not have been thought out very well. They may have bit off, way more than they can chew.

I am sure even the aloof French or the austere Germans still labor under the guilt of a past world war fought by their grandfathers. I contest that this can only last so long, and the younger generation of Europeans will, like those fence sitting Jihadists, decide to choose a side and do something about these interlopers.

The perfect storm is brewing, almost as if it was planned this way.

And, of course, it may have been.

It does play well with the elitist globalist ideas that we read about. From those sociopaths who would love nothing more than to have the world turned upside down, in some global nuclear war, especially a religious war, oh what fun.

That kind of war that will rage on for a thousand years and that would fit nicely into their global psycho plan of a one-world government.

If the New World Psychos were not behind this, then why did we not accept Greek refugees when they were in need. They have the same philosophies, religious beliefs, and have already proven to fit into the European ideology. It only seems right we take them in, they are our closer allies too.

No, we ignored them when they were in crisis. Instead, we were encouraged to take in people that had zero chance of assimilation in such large masses. I cannot help but wonder why?

We still must try and think about this crisis critically. Stop the migration immediately, not because they are Muslim, but because they are Jihadist. Then vet those who are here under false pretenses, and rid the country of those undesirable ones.

Sure give them food and water and shove them back out into the sea, if necessary, or if you must, you can prepare for war. For this is the message that the Jihadist are sending you all.

Only you can know whether this is the right option to save your nations.

If people think that after a year and a half of enduring this mess, that the likes of Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France, and Elio Di Rupo of Belgium and others  who are simply oblivious to what is going on in their countries. On the other hand, perhaps they are just stupid, and cannot see the forest for the trees…well think again.

These maniac minions of the UN members may not be willingly… doing the dirty work of the New World Order, but they are certainly doing it on purpose.

You can almost see the past change in these leader’s attitudes when that psychological shift happened, and they sold you out.

Whatever the Elite have on these politicians must be big, to sell out their countries so cheaply.

Even children get what is going on in Europe today, especially when they cannot even walk home after school, without being assaulted by some young Muslim thugs.

Now I know, bullying has been around in our society for a long time, but I think you will agree that these attacks are slightly more brutal, then just kids bullying each other.

The question: Is Europe in danger of civil war? It is burning up the Internet.

I would like to point out that to be a civil war, one would have to be fighting one’s citizens.

I contest that what is more likely going on here is an invasion of another country that is fighting a religious war. Whether or not our nation’s government invited them is irrelevant. They are not citizens of the state, and only citizens can riot.

They are an anomaly, a twenty-first-century phenomenon created by the modern plutocracy of globalism. Whether you like the numbers or not, they are causing the unraveling of Europe. It is highly unlikely that Europe will survive such a large unmeasured influx of people so suddenly thrust upon them. They are clearly different in so many ways; most will find it difficult if not impossible to fit into the European culture, even if they chose too.

What does it take to have an uprising?

It takes only 10% of a population to unite, and push forward an idea such as civil war or all out war.

The facts are that the western policies of the globalist government have created these wars in these people’s home countries. The migrants have fled their homelands to the very countries responsible for invading them. Along with the refugee’s are a huge amount of loyal fighting age men for, “a free ride.” I suspect that possibly they are there to spread their version of Islam’s Sharia law, forced upon the European infidels. Everyone must realize that two entirely different governments cannot exist together.

How will the EU cope with such an influx of illiterate immigrants unwilling to seek higher education? These are not the “huddled masses” that the plaque of the Statue of Liberty described. These are desperate souls coming from a country with a history of oppression, a lawless society, rife with war.

Statistically many have been brought up under an oppressive regime that does not even allow its women to attend school. Many are illiterate.

Admittedly, the disparities in IQ are facts that ring of racism__ except they are true.

I am sure a significant percentage of Muslims from these countries are highly intelligent and possess IQ’s equally as high as their western counterparts. However, I also suspect they are not among these people that recently immigrated. I suspect those with higher IQ’s most likely got out long before this mass exodus started.

The IQ map represents, what many people refuse to discuss openly.

I am confident that some leftist troll is now preparing a rant to leave for me below, about racism, bigotry, and some other name-calling.

I have no doubt that they will never actually express one salient point of why they see this claim of intelligence as being false or misleading. Never the less, I am willing to bear that cross just to get people to acknowledge these issues are real.

All, I am saying is a large en masse integration of a backward and ignorant people, unwilling, and in some cases unable, to assimilate into the European school system and culture is asking for trouble.

I say this because if they are NOT backward and ignorant, some of the intelligent Muslims would stand up to them and put an end to this nonsense. It will not end well if they do not.

Still they do not, and furthermore, any Muslim elder would know, that this free ride would not last much longer, and then what are you going to do? Their burden on the working class people of Europe will be the downfall of all of their countries’ social systems.

Picture this scenario. In step our buddies from the UN, and those banking loan sharking-bastards of the IMF, or world Banks and CFR. They are ready to prop up what they created with their fiat money printing press.

Clang, clang, clang as the tin can is kicked down the road once again.

Also, it is not because many Muslims will not have the drive to improve themselves either. It will be because many will likely fail to assimilate in such a large groups of what is mostly a radically different ideology than the European people.

This sudden mass of opposing societies will be impossible for any nation to absorb all at once.

You see my vision of what is going on here. My eyes are not clouded by Racism or any other ism. I possess what use to be called common sense. A mindfulness of others that most people possessed in the good old days. It is a concept that many in government nowadays seem to have lost.

The solution is not to take refugees into your countries like some group of friendly exchange students, but to help them remain in their countries of origin and to promote peace instead of the globalist agenda of ever-lasting war.

For me, this is not a case of why these issues cannot be resolved. I know why they are not. It is easy to see the corruption behind this worldwide problem. Fix your governments, and you will have fixed these problems too.

Many of these refugees will never even attend European schools, or try to assimilate with the local population. Therefore, the current circumstances are too revealing, there only other option at best, is welfare or a life of crime.

Both of these options will be taking their toll on an already suffering social system of many of these countries.

It will, no doubt take several generations. If these desperate people ever ascend to a better way of life, at least on par with the European communities.

The real question here is, not whether there will be a civil war, but if the current European countries even survive this onslaught of charity cases without succumbing to the same fate, a failed economic system.

Statistically speaking civil war breaks out when only 10% of the sovereign population gets together and initiates an uprising. That is not a large percentage of disappointed people.

What if a non-sovereign invader, grows enough to start a civil war on their own?

Muslim hatred is growing in Europe as tensions escalate due to the strife many are facing in the Eastern Europe Nations.

The main routes for these refugees are indicated below on the map of Europe.

My conclusion: Is there a civil war on the horizon for Europe?


The graphs indicate that it is nearing at that 10% tipping point, yet only time will tell for sure.

Either way, I propose action to be taken, to stop it before it reaches that stage. We all must realize that there is no turning back from a war scenario once it starts.

Citizens must concentrate on fixing your governments, and rid the Banking cartels that usurped them. Confiscate all their proceeds that they purchased with those ill-gotten gains. It is your tax money they stole to grow their wealth. No sane person wants a war.

God Bless you all, your humble servant

Silence Dogood



Below are some more numbers, regarding Muslims in EU countries:

Where are they coming from?

First-time asylum applicants by citizenship, Jan-Mar 2015

Non-EU first-time asylum applicants by citizenship, Q1 2015

Kosovo, 48875

Syria, 29100

Other, 18430

Afghanistan, 12910

Albania, 8140

Iraq, 7295

Serbia, 6335

Pakistan, 5310

Ukraine, 4705

Nigeria, 4220

Somalia, 3415

Russia, 3175

Eritrea, 3155

Gambia, 3085

Bangladesh, 2365

Senegal, 2275

Iran, 2260

Macedonia, 2165

Mali, 1965

Stateless, 1795

Algeria, 1575

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1545

Georgia, 1530

Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1285

China, 1250

Sudan, 1190

Libya, 1145

Turkey, 1105

Guinea, 1105

Morocco, 1065

Ivory Coast, 1060

Where are people applying for asylum?

Number of first-time asylum claims, Jan – Mar 2015

Country, Number of first-time asylum applicants Q1 2015

Germany, 73120

Hungary, 32810

Italy, 15245

France, 14770

Sweden, 11415

Austria, 9705

The United Kingdom, 7335

Belgium, 3440

Bulgaria, 3190

Greece, 2610

Netherlands, 2425

Spain, 2035

Denmark, 1505

Poland, 1440

Finland, 960

Ireland, 625

Cyprus, 430

The Czech Republic, 355

Malta, 345

Romania, 335

Ruling The Tribes of Israel: Democracy or Representative Republic?

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     In this season of political malcontents, we are seeing a deliberate attempt to disqualify our Presidential election results.  We hear complaints that the voice of the multitudes should be the deciding factor, since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  “We are a Democracy, and democratic rules should apply”, they scream. Others are shouting, “No, we are a representative republic!”  Which is it?
     Here’s what everyone needs to understand:  Terminology is very important. A common definition of “republic” is, to quote the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” — we are that. A common definition of “democracy” is, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives” — we are that, too.
     The United States is not a direct democracy, in the sense of a country in which laws (and other government decisions) are made predominantly by majority vote. But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy. But we are also a constitutional democracy, in which courts restrain, in some measure, the democratic will. And the United States is therefore also a constitutional republic. Indeed, the United States might be labeled a constitutional federal representative democracy.
     Our problem in understanding our form of government is inherently a problem in education.  I’m afraid our schools do not teach the truth about the founding of our form of government, and they certainly do not teach the Biblical foundation upon which our government was structured.  That’s right! We can look to the Bible to see how God structured governing rules for the Tribes of Israel. And then we can decide if that was the model our Founding Fathers had in mind.
    The republican form of government, as we know it, is representative (not democratic) so that a selected group of leaders make national decisions. Those leaders may be selected by popular consent, but decisions about specific laws are not voted on by everyone. Thus, in a republic, it is not a single king or ruler who decides policy, nor is it a vote of every man, rather it is the vote of representatives of the people who make decisions for the nation.

     And we can see that model in God’s revealed plan for human government through the Hebrew republic founded under Moses and Joshua in the Old Testament. For instance, when Joshua presided over the division of Israel (described in Joshua 18:4-5), where seven tribes had yet to receive their tribal lands, the people were to select three men from each tribe. But Joshua was to “send them”, words which seem to indicate a consecration, a sending, as the men went forth to represent their respective tribes. The governmental work of dividing up the land was not done by Joshua alone, and it was not done by democratic vote. It was accomplished through representatives under the authority of an executive (Joshua) and the election of the people. This is an example of their republic in action.
      There are many other references to the chiefs of the people, or of the princes, and how they interacted on behalf of the people. All of these were a model for American thought during our founding period, helping to keep us from the despotism of a too strong central authority, or from the mob-rule of a democracy.
     Ancient Israel also provided the original example of ‘We the People’ through their covenantal oaths at the outset of their national experiment. Though they were twelve tribes, God treated them as a single nation traveling together in a single cause in a united land.  We the People, is a term used to describe that uniting of individual free states under a Godly, covenantal structure.
     We the People who established the nation or exercised its highest powers. Those pagan nations were never able to maintain an advantageous combination of representative government with an executive head. The citizens forever found themselves caught between the oppressions of violent, lawless monarchs or the tyranny of anarchy.

     I’m pretty sure that when our Founding Fathers were writing the Constitution, they did not have the Roman or Greek Empires in mind.  In those governments it was not
     No, it was the Hebrew republic that defined and gave an example for a righteous civil government. Just read the opening lines of our Constitution:  We the People, of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Can you see the example that the Hebrew covenant with their God and their fellow tribesmen provided?
     During the founding era of our nation the broadly accepted law commentary was Blackstone’s.  These were Commentaries on the Laws of England, an influential 18th-century treatise on the common law of England by Sir William Blackstone, originally published by the Clarendon Press at Oxford, 1765–1769.  Sir Blackstone assumed everywhere in his commentary that the law of Moses was entirely valid and still the only right basis for any nation. God’s law was assumed as the foundation for common law rulings. It was the law of the people and the law of our land in the early years. As we became more atheistic and godless we traded God’s law, the law of the Hebrew republic, for man-made statute law. Now we are oppressed by an unending myriad of statutes that bind us hand and foot while they wind their way through Washington.
     So, it’s time to stop the rants and tirades, demanding that we need to abide by our “democratic” principles of government.  That is not the basis for our form of government. We must recognize that God’s precepts for government, civil authority, justice, and liberty are the foundation of this nation.  And as I view the ridiculous demands for endless recounts and demolishing the Electoral College, I would remind all that the Hebrew republic was united under a single system of unchanging law. We would do well to look to God’s model for government, trusting it, and remaining in it. Nations come and go, but God’s form of government never changes.  Let us not veer from His path.

Thank you to Don Schanzenbach for his article, “Biblical Plan for Representative Government”.

Deuteronomy 16:18-20  “You shall appoint judges and officers in all your towns that the Lord your God is giving you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with righteous judgment. You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous. Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”

7 Reasons to Keep Prepping Because Donald Trump is President

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prepping-trump-presidentI well remember the election of 2008. It came at the beginning of the crash of the housing bubble, which affected my family business in a big way. With a President Obama on the horizon and the economy going down the tubes, I felt very uncertain about the future. So, my wife and I became preppers, and it was a smart move.

Now I’m hearing of prepper-minded folks who think they can relax their prepping because Donald Trump has been elected President.

Like Obama when he was elected, Trump doesn’t have much of a record when it comes to actual governing but he speaks with confidence about making America great again. I guess that’s enough to convince a lot of people that the “good old days” are here again and they can put away their bug out bags and freeze dried food.

Me? I’m not so sure, and I’ll keep prepping, thank you very much. I’ve given this some thought and here are the reasons my family and I will continue on as preppers.

  1. S finds a way of hitting the fan in our personal lives, no matter who the President is. Whether it’s a job loss, devastating family illness or injury, or a house fire, it pays to plan ahead and prep for those kinds of events. Not ready for these types of events, this is the best overall family prepping book I’ve read.
  2. Natural disasters and extreme weather events will continue to happen. Right now, the story in the news is wildfires, something this blog has covered in dept in articles like this one.
  3. There are world events that no President can prevent. This what concerns me the most. There are too many wild cards out there. Belligerent countries, such as Iran, have become stronger and more confident in their boldness toward the U.S., and I’m not so sure they’ll back down easily just because another man sits in the Oval Office. I can’t remember a time when the Middle East was so unstable. Right now, it’s a powder keg that, I believe, has been lit. It’s a matter of time, maybe just months, before we see the explosion.
  4. A massive financial crisis looms and Trump has inherited it, and there’s no way of knowing how he will manage the coming crash. Mind-boggling debt cannot continue piling up forever. I worry for the future of my kids and the huge tax burden they’ll assume when they become adults. There’s no way to avoid it.
  5. The world balance of power has changed since 2008. China and Russia have been flexing their muscles, looking to expand their influence and borders. China has actually built artificial islands in order to establish military buildings and airstrips. Sounds like they may have long-term, aggressive plans for the region. The balance of power that existed for so many decades has changed and the world stage is very unstable.
  6. America has radically changed since 2008. The country is more divided than I have ever seen in my 4 decades here on earth. Black Lives Matter isn’t going away any time soon but will continue to cherry pick events they can exploit for the purpose of stirring up rage. The country is racially divided, perhaps beyond reconciliation. Hordes of immigrants have overcome our education system and stretched the limits of our country’s social services. Nothing good can come of a nation that is so fractured within.
  7. It seems that Trump’s political foes aren’t going to accept and move on. I fully expected the riots that followed the election and there’s more to come. At some point, growing civil unrest will affect many of us in ways we can’t yet imagine. Also, it seems there is a movement to upend our political process with pressure to remove the electoral college system and change long-standing process and rules. Wherever there is instability, chaos is the result.

I’m very interested to watch the Trump Presidency unfold. In a way, it’s exciting to see someone in office who has never been a politician, a group of people I hold in complete contempt, as they do me, coincidentally.

There you have it. My 7 reasons for prepping in spite of Trump being elected. I’m not going to sit back and assume that with this new President all my worries for the future were for naught. If anything, the future is more precarious and dangerous than ever.

Your thoughts?


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Fake News Is The Only News There Is

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One of the things which was extremely clear in this election cycle, was the mainstream news media’s efforts to anoint and elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States of America.

They did everything within their power to make that happen, including things that would have been considered unethical by the news reporters of a generation ago.

Specifically, the mainstream media worked overtime to portray Hillary in a positive light, mostly by hiding her many scandals from the public eye.

Elections and the Mass Media

The mainstream media did not make any accusations against her, such as saying that she wasn’t being transparent when she didn’t have a press conference for over 250 days, yet made the same accusation of Donald Trump, when he didn’t invite them to go out to eat a family-only dinner with him.

But then, that follows the rest of the way that they’ve treated both candidates. Throughout the campaign, they “worked overtime” to dig up dirt on Trump.

The surprising thing isn’t that they tried, because that’s their job, or even that they didn’t bother to dig up dirt on Hillary, after all, they were sold out to her from the beginning. No, the surprising thing was how little dirt they were able to dig up.

Anyone who is as wealthy and as public figure as Donald Trump has been, should have plenty of dirt to dig up. But they didn’t find much. Oh, there was the locker room tape and the false accusations of sexual harassment, which all went away. But other than that, there wasn’t much.

So being the liberals that they are, the media turned to name calling, as usual, applying labels to Trump. Of course, other liberals picked those names up and repeated them.

Many voted against Trump, just because of that name calling. I personally know people who did just that; not because they’re Democrats, or because they particularly believe in Hillary Clinton, just because they bought into the media’s lies about Donald Trump.

After Elections: Mass media and the Game of “Fake News Sites” List

Now that the election is over, at least some of the mainstream media wants us to think they’re “coming clean.”

They’ve even gone so far as to create a list of “fake news sites” which has been making its way around the internet. Of course, none of them are on it, and from taking a glance at it, I can just about guarantee you that their biggest conservative rivals are.

The thing is that in the liberal lexicon, if you don’t see things their way, you’re lying. It doesn’t matter that their way isn’t true; all that matters is that they agree that it’s right.

Just look at the whole global warming hoax. Anyone who doesn’t agree with it is now a “global warming denier,” to be ridiculed, maligned and even prosecuted for their disagreement.

That’s the way they handle everything. You either toe the line, telling the party’s story, or you’re an outsider to be destroyed by every verbal weapon they can come up with. But that’s it; they wouldn’t think of sullying their lily-white hands by daring to touch a real weapon.

But the fact of the matter is, there is a lot of fake news out there; and the main culprit in making it appear, is the same mainstream media outlets who are bemoaning and decrying its existence.

I say it’s their fault, because the lack of real news coming out of the big three and other ancillary news outlets is what has led to so many alternate news sites popping up all over the internet. Maybe if they had done their jobs right and reported the news, instead of being co-opted as liberal propaganda outlets, there wouldn’t have been such a market for alternate news sights.

There’s s second part of how the mainstream media is at fault in the fake news game, that is that they invented it. They’re the ones who have been pushing fake news at us, all throughout Obama’s presidency.

It is rare that any real news comes out of the big three anymore, as all they’re doing is passing out liberal editorials, disguised as news, hiding real news, especially if it makes Obama or Hillary look bad, and working overtime to distract the public with fluff stories about the Kardashians and other worthless “celebrities.”

This last one has become so common, that those of us who actually think about the news, and don’t just consume the false news that they give us have learned to look for the story they’re hiding under a rock, every time the news media blows up over some insignificant fluff story.

Tell me, can you remember even one news story during Obama’s reign, which was an actual investigative piece against the government? I can’t. That’s a truly amazing record, especially when you compare it to the vast number of such stories that came out during Bush’s presidency.

It has become manifestly clear that the mainstream media has been compromised, and as such, they are no longer fulfilling the job mandated to them by the founding fathers to protect our freedom.

So people like Andrew Breitbart (Breirbart Report), Matt Drudge (Drudge Report), and even Alex Jones (Infowars) decided that they had to do something about it.

While not every alternative news sight has been totally above board, many have. Even then, the needs of the public and of financing their operations may have had some negative effect on their objectivity.

The internet works by advertising; more specifically, by what are known as “click throughs.” This means that the various websites you and I might look to for news, get paid by the advertisers who take space on their pages. But they don’t get paid just for the space, they get paid when people reading those pages click on the advertising, taking them to the websites of the companies who own the advertisements.

Of course, the websites don’t get any money if nobody is on their website. So they took a page from the print media’s playbook and started coming up with headlines that would gather attention.

These headlines, called “click bait” may not tell you anything useful about the content of the article or video on that page; they’re not intended to, they’re intended to arouse your curiosity and get you to click on the link. Nothing more. Of course, the more scandalous sounding the headline, the more clicks on the article. Hence, marketing people work hard to come up with attractive sounding headlines.

Real news isn’t always all that exciting. Sometimes, they feel they have to spice it up a bit. Even to the end, the media was touting Hillary Clinton as the winner, to the point where Newsweek had already printed the covers for the next issue of their magazine, showing her having won the race to the White House.


But the plot thickens even more. An enterprising internet geek in California realized there was money to be made by creating false news and sending it out over the internet.

At the same time, being a liberal, he decided that he could provide a real public service, by discrediting conservative news sites. All he had to do was to create stores that were plausible enough and juicy enough to get conservative news sites to use them, creating links to his stories, which would give him the click-throughs to the advertising.

Needless to say, these juicy stories were passed around the internet. The target news sites didn’t do their due diligence, verifying that the stories were true, before publishing the links.

So, what was created as a phony story got sent out under the names of various conservative news sites, as being real. Then, because they were such juicy stories, they got shared on social media, by individual readers, who also forgot to do their due diligence and check the stories out.

I won’t excuse the people who didn’t check those stories. I always try to check things out, before passing it on. But I will say this, it has become harder and harder to check to see if something is true. The mass repetition of some of these stories gives them the appearance of being true, but that’s not the same.

Even the “fact checkers” have been proven to be false. They have no more authority than anyone else to say something is true; but have built themselves a reputation as such an authority. Perhaps if they had remained non-partisan they could have been. But they sold out to the liberals, siding with them, over telling the truth.

So now that the granddaddy of fake news has made his bundle, he’s begun to reproduce; whether he wanted to or not. There are now others, mostly overseas, who have picked up on how profitable the fake news business is. They, like their example, are busy writing all sorts of juicy sounding stories, with inflammatory headlines to send out over the internet.

If this surprises you, it shouldn’t. Some of these people are making $10,000 per month, just off of advertising, by creating these juicy stories for public consumption.

What does this mean for you and I? Basically, it means that we need to be even more careful about the news we accept and especially that which we pass on, then we ever were before. There are few outlets which we can truly trust, and even those which are still trustworthy may end up picking up one of these stories and passing it on, because it looks so good.

Take everything with a grain of salt… about a ten pound gain. If it’s real, it will have legs and keep going. If it’s not, then it will go away. While that may not give us the instant news through the internet that we’ve become accustomed to, it will at least keep us from being taken in by the lies.

Even more importantly, it will keep us from becoming part of the problem, by passing on the fake news as it is was real.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Are We Seeing The End Of Progressive Liberalism?

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Progressive Liberalism

The 2016 presidential elections were more than an upset; they were a defining moment in American history.

For the first time in living memory, the American people rose up in a united effort to throw off their political “masters” and show the politicians and media who really owns this country… We the People.

There are many reasons why Donald Trump won the presidential election, and you can find articles galore proposing one theory or another. Of course, those articles are coming from people who are on the political right.

For Democrats, the mainstream media and other liberals, the verdict is in; Trump won because of racism and sexism. In their world view, it would be impossible for anyone to beat out their anointed candidate, were it not for those “isms” and any other “ism” they can find.

But the fact of the matter is that the average conservative or moderate rarely thinks about race, unless it is merely as a means of describing one’s appearance.

We might identify someone as “Black” or “Hispanic,” but in our minds, that’s no different than saying that they are “blond” or “brunette.” It’s merely a way of identifying the person, not as part of an ethnic minority or part of a group to hate, but merely as a person who looks a certain way.

Yet to people who are focused on race (the true racists), the color of one’s skin is everything. The ability to lump people in a group, because of their skin color, provides liberals with a way of dividing the country. Thus divided, it is easier for them to influence and control certain parts of it.

The liberal cries of “racism,” “sexism” and “islamophobia” have become so common as to have dropped to the level of becoming a joke. Few, other than those who are already in the progressive liberal camp, even listen when those accusations come out. Rather, they see it as the left’s standard trump card, when they see that they are losing the argument.

Somehow or other, a cry of “racism” beats out any argument in their minds, no matter what the facts or logic say about the issue at hand.

Sadly, there are still way too many people who are willing to take that emotional argument and run with it; accepting that as their opinion on any person or issue, without thinking it through for themselves.

Yet those political masters have just been slapped in the face by a thing called reality. While they regularly call themselves the majority and refer to conservatives as “fringe,” the recent elections prove otherwise.

In fact, according to a poll by Pew Research, there are more conservatives in the country than there are liberals. Perhaps that’s why Trump managed to beat Clinton, even though the media spent 18 months touting her as the next president.

While there are many reasons why Trump beat Clinton, including the way the two candidates ran their campaigns and Hillary’s many scandals, the crux of the matter boils down to mainstream Americans being tired of the last eight years of Obama’s liberal agenda.

Liberals like to claim that they represent the ideals of the majority of American citizens. Between outspoken Democrat politicians, the left-leaning mainstream media and the fact that liberals are much more likely to demonstrate when they don’t like something, their argument is almost convincing.

But this election proved them wrong. Not only did they lose the presidential election, but both houses of Congress are in Republican hands as well.

What did all that? Basically, it boils down to progressive liberals pushing their agenda too hard and too fast. They have literally tried to change the social fabric of American society by force, rather than by more organic means. They overplayed their hand and this forced the silent majority to stand up and say “Enough!” and I’ll have to say, they said it quite well.

The liberals have lost control of two branches of our government, and over the next few years, we’ll see them losing control over the third branch as well.

As Trump has already presented the list of conservative judges he plans on picking from to fill Supreme Court vacancies, we can rest assured that liberals will not gain control of the Supreme Court anytime soon.

This was probably the biggest issue at stake in this election. Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, she would have been able to select the replacement for Justice Scalia, as well as two to four more Supreme Court Justices. That would give firm control of the Supreme Court to the liberals for the next 20 years or more.

Does a Democrat Loss Mean That the Liberals Have Lost Their Steam?

Does it mean the end of progressive liberalism as we know it? Are we finally going to see our country go back in a rational direction, returning to our roots? Sadly, no, in my opinion.

Oh, the liberals have definitely been dealt a serious blow and their agenda has been slowed down.

If Donald Trump is able to come through and fulfill his campaign promises, we might even see some serious reversals of liberal policies in the course of the next few years. But this doesn’t mean an end to liberalism, merely a delay for them.

Liberalism is alive and well, although at the moment they’re confused and crying. They will eventually get over their collective hissy fit and take a good look at the way things stand.

If they can actually look beyond their own preconceived notions and see things as they are, they might even learn a few things about how the world works and come out stronger. They will be back and they will try to make us rue the day we voted Donald Trump into office.

Democrats face two serious problems right now. The first is that they have lost their leadership. Part of the reason why Hillary Clinton became the Democrat Party’s candidate for president, is that they didn’t have anyone else who was a strong enough figure on a national level that they could put forth.

Bernie Sanders was probably defeated more because he was an outsider, than any other reason. The Democrats never trusted him, because he wasn’t one of them. He changed parties shortly before the primaries, just so that he could run as a Democrat, and once he lost the primaries, he left the Democrat Party and went back to being an independent.

The Democrat Party’s cupboard is pretty bare in the leadership department. It’s serious enough that they’re going to have a challenge finding a candidate to float for the next presidential election. As soon as they get over their crying spell, they’re going to have to start working on that.

The second problem that the Democrats have right now is a need to reevaluate their tactics and strategies. Even with pushing illegal immigration, allowing illegal aliens to vote, and massive amounts of voter fraud in at least 16 states, they lost the election.

Worse than that, at least for the Democrats, is that the voter fraud they’ve propagated during this election cycle has been so obvious, that people across the political spectrum are noticing.

A national cry for cleaning up our voting process is rising up. While the means for doing that are still under hot debate, people are crying out for a honest, transparent process. The Democrat Party has already promised to fight President-elect Trump at every turn. They’ve actually threatened him, trying to tell him that he had better toe their line.

That just shows how little they understand the man himself. Those threats, like all the other threats that have been made against him, will merely be exposed to the voting public and then ignored for the hot air that they are.

The only chance that liberals have is to regain control of the White House or Congress. But that’s not going to be easy. The legacy of Obama’s overriding liberal agenda, manifested through his executive orders and massive regulations, is not going to be forgotten quickly.

In fact, I’d have to say that the greatest hope that the Democrat Party has right now, is that Republican lawmakers will invariably disregard the voting public. It might take several years for that to happen; but it will.

Then, when it does, there will be another chance for the Democrats to preach their message of “hope and change,” this time, against an entrenched Republican Party. While that battle will be a hard one to win, I can almost guarantee you that it will be won.

So the key now is for Congress and the President Elect to accomplish as much as they can, as quick as they can, to turn our country back towards its roots. That will probably all be undone eventually, but in the meantime, it will slow down the inevitable crawl to becoming a more and more liberal (read socialist) society.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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THE COURSE OF EMPIRE: Brink of societal collapse?

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THE COURSE OF EMPIRE: Brink of societal collapse? Bobby Akart “Prepping For Tomorrow” Audio in player below! On this  episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, Author Bobby Akart discusses the rise and fall of empires. Including the reality that one day the United States of America may collapse. How could this happen and what … Continue reading THE COURSE OF EMPIRE: Brink of societal collapse?

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Trump Supporter Survival Guide 101

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Image result for trump protest face trump supporter

The election is over but the implications are still very much alive. You just have to watch the news for a few minutes to see protests, violence, people randomly attacked and so on.

Folks, this isnt a political website. As I’ve always said vote anyway you think you should (and that’s exactly what millions did) but if one thing is clear is that the lack of tolerance has reach record levels and on one hand you have people that can’t seem to process that they’ve lost, just like some can’t grasp the concept of finally getting what they wanted and be content with it. This website is about practical, objective advice. If you can’t stop yourself from wearing your Trump or Anti Trump, or Hillary for Prison t-shirt then that’s fine too, but know that from a practical perspective, it’s not exactly advisable at the moment.

Having said all this, here’s my advice.

  • Avoid logos, stickers, etc.

The election is over so there’s not much of a political battle to fight at the moment. These days, you risk getting into trouble for nothing really to be gained.

People have been beaten, insulted or otherwise aggravated because of wearing Trump shirts. I know of people that had their car vandalized, tyres slashed, all four, because of Trump stickers. Recently a car was set on fire over a Trump sticker.

Mustang vandalized, set on fire in Santa Maria

Given that the elections are already over and in the spirit of going as unnoticed as possible, I at least would avoid it. For those of you very political at least hold until next elections.

  • Avoid politics at your workplace.

People have gotten themselves in trouble at work for expressing their political views, even fired. Now, it sucks not to be able to express your views, but then again with freedom comes responsibility and that includes knowing whats in your best interest or not.  If anything, try being as discrete as possible when discussing politics. Even if your boss and immediate colleges mostly think alike, you never know who’s overhearing and who takes note of your views with a negative connotation making life harder at your workplace.

  • Avoid protests and rallies.

At the end of the day, what matter is your vote and that has already been cast. If people want to protest/express their discontent that’s all fine and dandy, until the protest stops begin peaceful that is, which is not ok (but more on that later). Confronting them though makes no sense, does you no good other than scratching some childish itch some people have.

  • Learn how to deal with roadblocks.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest but there’s nothing peaceful about stopping traffic and keeping people hostage in their vehicle. Remember the basics. Avoid protests when possible. Do NOT engage. Do NOT lower your window to talk politics with the violent thug attacking you, keep moving away from the potentially dangerous ambush.

  • Don’t let politics destroy your family.

I’ve addressed this topic before and I’ve seen the same thing happen in my own country. The division, the rift between opposite opinions. The fatal mistake of believing that a political adversary is an enemy. Trump himself has talked about “unity” and “heal the division” in his victory speech. But if there’s one thing both Trump and Hillary hardcore supporters agree on, ironically enough, is that they want none of that. I know for a fact such a thing is a big mistake, especially when politics end up affecting your relationships with family and friends. An extra dose of maturity and empathy can work miracles.

  • Stay informed.

Matt Bracken was interviewed recently. I have a ton of respect for Matt and his opinions. There’s talks about possible false flag ops (entirely possible in the near future) and there’s strong evidence about many protesters being paid to participate, herded into buses like we see so often in South America. I understand how some people may not like Trump and chose to express such opinions. I also understand having thousands of paid violent “protesters” making a mess. This kind of organized resistance to the democratic process is pretty risky and its important to stay informed, fully understanding the interest and political inclinations of each player and media outlet.

  • Keep Preparing.

With a Republican president and majority on both houses gun owners can sure relax. Chances of any kind of gun ban are slim to say the least and fingers crossed, maybe some new opportunities may arise for those living in more restrictive cities and states regarding concealed carry and what kind of firearms can be owned.

Still, firearms ownership is just a small part of the equation. Today more than ever its important to be ready to face challenges. Socially speaking expect protests and random or organized acts of violence and rioting to become more common, not the other way around. The supplies kept in your vehicle are key, especially your first aid kit.  Shameless self-promoting here, if you haven’t done so already do get my book, “The Modern Survival Manual”, and put into practice as much as you can right away. Everything from awareness, grey man philosophy, self-defense and economic preps its all very much relevant and applicable. This website is packed full of information as well, read through the older articles.

With a new president there’s always a “honeymoon” period of about 3-6 months. After that things settle and the political and economic future becomes more clear. Some measures taken by Trump may be less popular than others. Mistakes will be made in the learning process, especially in his first presidency. Economic measures that may have benefits in the long run may be less popular at first, even have the opposite effect, just like positive short term ones may not work that great down the road. And then there’s the fact that almost half the country isn’t happy with the way things went, and will try to sabotage Trump every chance they get.

Good luck people!


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.

What’s With The Electoral College?

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Electoral College

Once again, the Democrats are on one of their favorite hobby horses, that of eliminating the Electoral College. The last time this was an issue was when George W. Bush won the elections in 2000.

In that case, like this one started out to appear, Bush won the electoral vote, without winning the popular vote. But in this case, the early indications have been refuted and Donald Trump won both the popular election and it is presumed that he will win the electoral vote.

Of course, Democrats cry “foul” whenever their candidate doesn’t win the presidency. In their world view, they are the majority and there is no possibility of anyone else winning what they are convinced is their rightful seat in the White House.

This is actually somewhat humorous, when you consider how much voter fraud the Democrats propagate every election. They started early this time, stealing the primaries from Bernie Sanders and then went on to create millions of votes of fraud for the general election.

But even with that, Trump still managed to beat out Hillary in the election.

According to those who want to do away with the Electoral College, the only reason it exists is to disenfranchise voters. But then, they say the same about requiring identification and requiring U.S. citizenship to vote as well. So, that makes it a little hard to buy their story. Even so, the truth is that the Electoral College prevents citizens from being disenfranchised, rather than what they are claiming.

Of course, with most people not understanding this truly ingenious mechanism of American politics, it’s easy to sell the idea of the Electoral College disenfranchising people’s vote, as on the surface, it appears that the only vote which counts, is the 538 votes of the Electors.

In fact, the Electoral College does the opposite. Democracy is mob rule. It’s two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for lunch. It means that the majority decides and shoves their decision down the throat of everyone else. In doing so, it makes it so that the vote of many people doesn’t count, as the votes of people living in high population centers makes the decisions.

Coincidentally, the big cities, where the majority of the population lives, are almost exclusively controlled by Democrats. So, their push for eliminating the Electoral College really isn’t as altruistic as they would want us to believe. In reality, it’s a means for them to gain control and ensure that Democrats win every presidential election.

Of course, that’s what Democrats want, as they do better at appealing to the mob than the Republicans do. They want a system that allows them to gain control and keep it, regardless of what they have to do.

They lie, hire violent protesters, co-opt the media and engage in extensive voter fraud, all in the name of partisan politics. Yet all the while, in their minds, they are justified in those actions.


The Electoral College – How It Works And Myths Debunked 

So, let’s debunk this idea that the Electoral College is hurting the American people and taking away their right to vote. To begin, we need to understand the Electoral College and how it works.

The first myth that needs to be debunked in this process is that we hold a nationwide presidential election every four years. We don’t. What we hold is 51 consecutive but separate presidential elections; one for every state in the Union and one for the District of Columbia.

What that election does is decide the votes of the Electoral College. Each state has as many electoral votes as they have members of Congress. So, higher population states, like California and Texas, have more electoral votes; but there aren’t enough electoral votes there to win the presidency; candidates need to win a majority of the electoral votes, which means that they need to win a sizeable number of the other states as well.

The Electoral Votes go to the candidate that won that state. Basically, the party who won state’s presidential election gets to send their electors to Washington, where they will vote for their party’s candidate.

About the only way that can be corrupted, is for individual electors to be bribed or corrupted and change sides between the time of the several states elections and the vote of the Electoral College. In such a case, they might vote for the opposite party; for which they would be forced to pay a fine.

Interestingly enough, Clinton’s backers and quite possibly her campaign staff, are calling for the Electoral College to do just that. As they have with many other things, they want to break the rules and have Republican electors, who come from states that Donald Trump won, vote for Clinton, and they’re willing to pay those electors to do just that.

Herein we find the true beauty of the Electoral College system. It forces presidential candidates to pay attention to all the states, as they can’t win the election by concentrating on just the major population areas. If we elected presidents based upon the popular vote alone, the Democrats would start out with a huge advantage, in that their voter base is concentrated in the big cities, which also happen to have the majority of the population.

The top ten cities in the country contain just about half the population. If a candidate could win those ten cities in the popular election, the votes of the rest of the nation wouldn’t matter. Quite literally, the rest of the population would become disenfranchised, as the high-population cities dictated our country’s politics to the rest of the country.

What is jokingly referred to as “flyover country” would truly become flyover country then, especially for the Democrats. They wouldn’t have any reason to bother campaigning in those states, because they wouldn’t need to. On the other hand, about the only way that a Republican candidate would have a chance of winning the election would be to win all those states, as well as a large number of votes in the high population states.

But it could become even worse than that. Right now, presidents need to take into consideration the needs of the entire country, so that they can get votes from the entire country. If they only needed to concern themselves with the votes of the highest population centers, they could literally take from the “less important” states, in order to give to those that support them. In this, a popular vote helps promote political corruption, rather than doing away with it.

In fact, the Electoral College system is one of the best protections against voter fraud that we have. With it in place, a political candidate or party must rig the vote in a number of states, in order to win each of those elections.

On the other hand, with a popular vote, they could concentrate all their efforts in one place, essentially forcing the voter fraud in that one place to dictate the outcome for the nation.

Yet, even with the safeguards it offers, many people feel that the Electoral College is a rigged system. As part of that, they believe that the swing states (sometimes referred to as battleground states) decide the election for the rest of us. But, once again, that’s because they don’t understand the system.

Swing states are such, not because they are any more important than any other state, but rather because they might swing either way in the election. They aren’t states that either political party can count on for their vote. As such, those states receive a lot of attention by the candidates and a lot of attention in the media, but their vote is no more important than any other state.

New Hampshire is considered a swing state, and as such, it receives a lot of attention. But New Hampshire only has three electoral votes. That makes it one of the least important states in the nation, as far as elections are concerned. It’s on par with Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota; but none of those states receive much attention, as they are strongly Republican states. So the outcome of the vote is all but guaranteed before campaigning even starts.

So, states are only swing states because the population of those states is fairly evenly divided between the two primary political parties. This means that the swing states can change over time, which in fact they do. In fact, California was once a Republican State and Texas was once a Democrat one.

While we’re debunking here, let me hit on a couple of other arguments that are used against the Electoral College.

We’ve already looked at the false narrative that the swing states have control. One of the biggest of these is that the Electoral College is supposedly obsolete. According to this argument, the Electoral College was created because of the difficulty in getting the vote count to Washington in a timely manner, back in the 1700s.

If that’s the case, then I have to ask how it was easier to get the electors to Washington, than it was to get the news of the vote count to Washington. Obviously, it’s not. It takes the same amount of travel time for several electors carrying their state’s votes to Washington, DC as it takes for an individual or small party to carry that news.

Once again, this is an argument which is counting on people’s ignorance. The implication is made that the electors are a group of people in Washington, rather than traveling to Washington after the state elections. Such a group would disenfranchise voters, exercising complete control over the election.

Finally, the idea of one person, one vote, which is the motto of the anti-Electoral College crowd, doesn’t mean one vote per citizen, it means one vote per person. In other words, all 20 million illegal aliens who are currently in the country should be allowed a vote, according to them.

Of course, they want that because it gives the Democrats an advantage, just like voter fraud does – the advantage of 20 million more votes, from people who have no right to vote in our elections.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Who’s Responsible for ISIS?

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by Aaron Bailey

Christmas day bombings targeting Christian groups in Baghdad. Car bombings in Iraq, Libya, and other nations. Suicide bombings at mosques and churches in various countries. Bombings, mass shootings, and hostages taken in various events in France. And many, many more incidents all over Europe and the Middle East primarily, with death tolls altogether in the thousands, with even more injured. Madness like this is why we have survival blogs.

Nevertheless, Obama said in a conference in Argentina earlier this year that “They’re not an existential threat to us.” Well if beheading folk and bombing crowded theaters doesn’t pose an existential threat, then I don’t know what does. This probably explains why we pulled out of Iraq so early. Why keep troops in a region where there’s no threat, right? Except that underestimating extremist groups by pulling out early is exactly what allowed ISIS to fully emerge after 2011.

Not too long after Obama’s speech, US Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James stated in an interview with Fox that “I think our number one threat is Russia.” Really? Russia is a bigger threat than terrorists?

Could our demeanor toward Russia possibly have anything to do with Vladimir Putin’s speech in a 2015 Summit, where he revealed that ISIS funding “comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them”?

Russia has been fighting ISIS and doing what they can to curb the Islamic State’s illegal oil trade. Meanwhile, we’ve been leaving ISIS wide open, allowing them to rally troops and financial support. Not to mention we backed Al Qaeda, who would eventually evolve into ISIS, when they were attacking Syrian president Bashir al-Assad.

Isn’t it funny how the liberal media has been attacking president Putin for outright attacking Syria, when all the while the liberals in the White House have been supporting terrorists who have been attacking Syria? Make up your minds!

All these roundabout ways we have been sponsoring terrorism only to outright lie about it, and our government and media wonder why we don’t trust either of them. Y’all can’t complain about heavily armed and funded terrorists after obviously arming and funding them!

So who is responsible for all this ISIS business anyway?

Many republicans have blamed Obama for his full withdrawal of troops in Iraq in 2011, leaving a void for ISIS to form out of a disbanded Al Qaeda. Let’s rewind the tape back more though.

ISIS started loosely forming around 2003, following our initial presence in Iraq. Once all these Sunnis in Iraq were left unemployed after Iraq’s military and civil services were disbanded by American and ally forces, Al Qaeda was then able to launch a pretty successful They took our jobs! campaign to get the disbanded Sunnis to join their cause. This ended up becoming the beginnings of the Islamic State.

So do we blame Bush? He did, after all, sign the 2008 Status of Forces agreement that promised to withdraw troops in Iraq by 2011. So Obama technically was just fulfilling what his predecessor had already signed into law. Right? Well, let’s dig deeper.

Thing is, our withdrawal from Iraq wasn’t handled all that well, on both the American and Iraqi government fronts. American Generals who were heavily involved in Iraq during the 2010 partial withdrawal noted that the Iraq military forces were becoming complacent.

As Major-General Paul E. Funk II pointed out after coming back from a training exercise in Iraq, “They really did become relatively complacent, and then flat out just didn’t train.” Iraq supplies were also being stolen and even soldiers who never showed up for duty were still being paid. Needless to say, this was very much a country to be easily reckoned with after we left.

It’s pretty clear that the Obama Administration didn’t really think the withdrawal out well enough. If you do all the work for someone, they’ll never learn to fend for themselves. This is why welfare doesn’t work as a long term solution to poverty.

If we do everything for others, they’ll become complacent, so that when we leave it up to them finally, they don’t know what to do! And this is more or less what happened when we were “training” (more like doing the job for) the Iraqi military and government.

Once we left the region to its own devices, ISIS was able to make a real statement. Well, really a lot of statements. A lot of bloody, devastating statements all over the Middle East and Europe. What were they so upset about though anyway?

Let’s keep in mind that the Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East have been mighty hostile towards each other since damn near forever. Why we ever thought we could tame the extremists of these groups with diplomacy is beyond me.

But why have these guys been so upset anyway? Oh boy, where do I start?

We all have known that the Western world, including America, has been involved in the Middle East for as long as they’ve had resources that were useful to us. This shouldn’t be news to anyone. Especially when it comes to oil.

Whenever conflicts and civil wars have happened in the Middle East, we like to arm and provide training to the rebels – or to the governments, whichever is more convenient at the time to better safeguard our interests.

The Bush family has been doing business in the Middle East since the early 1900’s. Hell, Salem bin Laden, Osama’s older brother, was a key investor for George W. Bush’s Texas based Arbusto Energy oil company. James Bath, who was a financial backer for Arbusto Energy and a business representative for Salem’s Houston, Texas affairs, ended up being found in a 1992 legal battle with his former real estate partner, Bill White, to be managing millions of dollars for a Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz, a Saudi banker and stockholder for the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which was found to have been laundering money to dictators, drug cartels, and Saddam Hussein, to name a few.

Don’t think the democrats are off the hook. Just prior to the rise of ISIS and our full withdrawal from Iraq, the Obama administration was funding the rebels in Syria (all while denying giving any assistance for the longest time). Many of these rebels were former Al Qaeda members who ended up becoming ISIS. Then Obama pulled all our troops out, leaving a defense vacuum and a bunch of armed rebels.

Of course we can always go deeper. We could go deeper for days on this! We also funded Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war from 1980-1988. We funded Afghanistan starting in 1979 to keep the Soviets out.

Point is – if there is a point to this – it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone when intervening in others’ affairs pisses one group or the other off.

We also shouldn’t be surprised when the weapons we give to one group ends up being stolen by the other – or when the group we just armed and trained end up turning their sights toward us.

We didn’t just leave any ordinary void when we withdrew our troops. We left a void filled with really pissed off people. And we left them with the greatest victim card ever to pull to financial backers like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and many, many others.

We pissed already angry folks off and led other countries and donors to take sympathy on them.

Guess what? – None of this would ever have happened if we would mind our own business.

We could have just drilled for oil on our own shores, but the democrats would prefer to drill in other people’s countries where we’re forced into shady deals and getting ourselves into trouble rather than drilling on our own land. And of course we can’t have alternative energy like nuclear power either, because the power companies keep lobbying congress to keep any competition – I mean, alternative energy sources – out.

So who’s responsible for ISIS? Pretty much everyone. The Obama Administration for pulling out too early without giving any real guidance, the Bush Administration for engaging in shady deals, liberals in general for protesting oil drilling legislation that would let us drill on our own land and shores where no government level money laundering and aiding rebels is necessary, the oil companies for lobbying congress against potential alternative energy sources (like nuclear power) that would allow us to power our grid more independently, the different Middle Eastern and northern European donors for keeping ISIS funded, and the list could easily go on and on.

But primarily, I would say it’s on our crony government for backdoor sponsoring of terrorism, only to outright lie about it and blame everyone else for funding and arming them except for ourselves.

Let me ask: what would our founding fathers say if they could witness what we’ve done to our country? Our officials, old and new, have successfully corrupted our country in ways I’m not sure we can ever come back from. Arming other countries’ rebels!? Backdoor funding extremist groups with tax dollars!? Basically creating terrorism, one might say.

Quite frankly, our founding fathers waged war with Britain over much less. At what point do we decide to take a page from their book? Do you suppose we could get funding too?




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Is a Violent Anti-Trump Revolution Possible in the US?

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Most of you have read a lot of articles and reports lately concerning escalating protests and violence across the country.  Many of you are rightfully asking how far this will

We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

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We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

In Plain English

Written By Silence Dogood

Mr. President Elect… this is a note for you, and there had better NOT be, any waffling on your part now Sir, because “We the People,” definitely want it all back this time.

This is our time to take back this nation, a nation that was promised us by the forefathers.

We want our government back, our liberties, our inalienable rights, our freedoms… we want our constitution back, we want our Bill of Rights, we even want our holidays back, and you__ Mr. President… must hear our collective voices now, more than ever.

Realize this, if you fail us, it will mean the last glimmer of anything good and true in this country, for Liberty will die a quiet and trembling death heard round the world.

The rumblings you now hear is the determined fervor of a land ready to push back against the elitist infection that has infested our government, and our lives.

You, Mr. President are being watched by pensive souls that have taken a many abuses for you and we have allowed you to stand where you are now, as our leader.

We have done our part… now its time for you to do yours.

Realize this one thing… any compromise by you Mr. President, regarding our liberty and our justice for all… will prove the point to many, that the unfortunate ones were right to believe that there is no fair law left in this country.

And, that a separate set of rules, apply to the haves, and the laws of the never going to have anything ever again… is all that is given to the rest of us to live by.

We are not the affable sheep that the Elite believe we are, Mr. President. Their time on this earth has come nigh, and you are the chain to pull this train wreck back onto those twisted tracks of commerce.

We know it is not going to be easy for you. We know that it will take a lot out of you personally. The stress may even end you Mr. President, because all those Presidents before you merely drifted with the flow, you are headed up stream, and we commend you for your sacrifice, but you must persevere, and united us for the sake of the nation.

That, is the job you promised the people, and NO, you may not back down now.

If you do this one, final act for your country, this one last charge up the hill for Liberty, shouting out freedom to this dying land. You WILL BECOME the greatest President in the history of America.

Turn Coats are all around you Mr. President

Mr. President, whenever you wonder what to do over the next four years whenever you find yourself in times of trouble, and doubt and feel you can’t go on. Ask yourself these three questions.

Ask yourself, is what my administration is doing, Constitutional, are we infringing on my fellow man’s right to freedom, am I creating victims here, for just another plutocracy under a entitled special rule of law__ to take advantage after my term has ended?

Let these questions be your guide sir, let the Constitution be that weighty tome you study before sleep at night.

We did not elect you Mr. President because we just wanted change, like the last President promised us, or the compromise in freedoms like Hillary suggested we take instead.

We meant what we said Mr. President… when we called you to “DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

Many people will be whispering bad advice in your ear over the next few years especially now during your first term, and much like Character from Tolkien’s Trilogy, that greasy being “Grima Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings.” Others like him will try and poison you against the citizens.

Grima’s constant counsel to King Théoden of Rohan destroyed him body and soul, until the Wizard did expose the fiend as the agent and spy of the evil ones, and was exiled forevermore.

You will also have this task of exiling those like Grima from our counsel. Accept you must know there are multitudes of these greasy reprobates in our midst.

How you must despair Mr. President, but fear not for we have plenty of room in our prison systems for these criminals so do your damnedest to rid them all Sir.

True you will have much ill counsel, and no doubt spilling poison in your administration’s ear, and at every chance they get, but stay vigilant for liberty’s sake…

As any great leader, you must trust no one, until all have proven their alliance to the people of this country.

Look to the People for your Guidance

WE THE PEOPLE will help you with the task of freeing this nation again… we will point out the infiltrators for you, so please look to us, the citizens of this nation for your help, especially in your decision-making. Our majority will be your greatest advisers you could ever want…

Think of American’s as the best stockholders you could ever want in the most resource rich country on earth.

Do not trust anyone from the old regime; you are in charge of removing them for us. Rid our government of their scourge, and that includes any past Presidential criminals or their administrations that held a strangle hold on our justice system as well as the congress, and senate of both parties.

We understand for now that it may be prudent to lull this junkyard dog with some kind words and treats now before walking by them, just don’t get close to any of them they still bite.

I speak for many of us so-called deplorables when I give this advice Mr. president, we understand that you obviously know that there never was a true bipartisan system before you took office… we certainly do. It was merely a single coin toss handed to us every four years; deciding our fate with a flip of, “Heads they win tails we lose.”

Every American that voted for you and helped you get to where you are right now Sir, we that brought all of us to this moment in history, believe in your words you spoke over the campaign, and we felt you may be our last hope.

It was those words we heard, which you need to back up with action now. Your one urgent task is to restore liberty, and justice… for all in this nation.

What the People Expect of Our New President Elect

  • GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and create an interest free sovereign money system for our grandchildren’s sake.
  • Prosecute the guilty, the politicians, the authorities, the bankers, and the people that abused their power.
  • Reduce the size of this bloated Government, and its gross over-reach into our lives.
  • Uphold the, “Original Constitution,” rescind all unconstitutional Acts, Bills, Laws, or legal theft of our rights and freedoms imposed by those that had the power before you took office, and make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to ever usurp it again.
  • Drive out the scourge of minion cretins that have infected our government…
  • Rid us from all laws regarding victimless crime, designed purely as a tax on this nation for profit, filling the coffers of a corrupt Justice system.
  • Protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That means not looking for trouble in other nations where there was none to be had.
  • Remember this, our Untied States is, “A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY,” understand this one salient fact and the Union will stand behind you when you need us most.
  • Give us back these things Mr. President, and allow us our freedoms, and we will do the rest for you, WE will “Make America Great Again.”

As I said before, “We want it All Back.”

We aren’t expecting sunshine and lollipops either… oh no, but what we are asking for is to be left alone by our government, to just make our own way in this life, and as long as we are not hurting others, we expect not to be interfered with our pursuits of this happiness either.

This United States was once considered to be, the greatest social experiment of freedom ever undertaken in the history of mankind. We are now teetering on an abyss.

You Mr. President have within your grasp the ability to snatch this back from that awful fate.

Do the right thing; keep your word to the people.

Listen to us, we do not need more war, we do not want to police the world, we do not need a one-world government to lead us, by ruthless dictation and their sanitized version of slavery.

What we need now Mr. President, is for the US of A to pave the way for the future of other countries showing them peace and prosperity with fair government, NOT lead by force, but by example.

All the other nations will join us in our quest for a better world, they will see us doing well, and follow our lead.

Rid the corporate world of regulation, but also get rid of the legal Corporate entity that has morphed into a lumbering beast, it is an abomination that is destroying humanity.

The world is tired of the Corporate Elite, and we are tired of seeing their distain for us. In fact, we do not wish to hear from them ever again… point us to a better way of living Mr. President, and we will follow.

This brings me to another point. You were once among this old world regime, and elbow-to-elbow with the Elite I speak of…

This is simple observation, Sir.

The question on everyone’s mind is this. Who are your loyalties with, the people and our government?

A government designed with the betterment of people in mind, or are you still aligned with this shadow government that has created this imbalance of power in our world, that made you a billionaire before you took on this seemingly in surmountable, and heroic task?

Show the people you are for them, and not the Elite.

The one government, serves the many, and will set you free Mr. President, while the other, only serve the few, and will condemn you in the eyes of the World.

A Foul Wind Blows across Washington

Some of your tasks you must accomplish in short order, and they will make you a target for the elite. Corrupt agents have killed for far less in our past, and for far less then what you need to do for us now.

You are in grave danger Mr. President, but it is your duty to the citizens of this great nation, to remain vigilant and never fall victim to their treachery before you finishing the job at hand.

So many other good men, in our nation’s history have suffered some horrible fate. They could not finish the job entrusted to them by the people, you must succeed were they did not.

YOU MUST… for the sake of the people, be ever mindful in your endeavors… especially in saving this nation. History has taught us that those willing to kill, to maintain their grip on the throat of the nation, and will always be waiting in the shadows, ALWAYS… be ever wary Mr. president, until your calling is finished.

This is what, “We the People,” need to do to help our President Elect Succeed

We must use critical thinking, and not react hastily to propaganda, or the subversive ways of the Elite. Ignore the shills who are bent on chaos in this world, they create havoc, and upheaval, designed to distract us from the task of saving our nation from becoming another new world victim in their scheme of world governance.

The Elite still have long tentacles and are capable of far-reaching destruction, yet they use subtle manipulation of the world around us. They wield various media sources (MSM), and use clever tricks to fool the people still sleeping. They use our own social media against us too, distracting us from reality.

We have caught the infiltrator the Wormtongue’s of this world, and they no longer are allowed to poison our youth or us anymore. We must exile these agents of misery from the world forever.

For every truth that is revealed by us, the elitist will spread two lies, we know this now.

They even walk among us, pretending to be one of us.

They are just another snake in the grass acting as if helping people, while fooling us into believing their deceit that they have created around us.

We must question everything we see from now on, what we read, what we hear what we feel before making judgment. We shall never fear them as long as we have knowledge. We must weigh all the information against the scales of proven reality, consistent, and reasonable pure observation of the world. Their power over government is waning; we Mr. President can end this with your help.

The Steady Drone of Mediocrity

Many negative factors on this planet are by design, and use repetition to mold our minds, lull us into complacency. Remember that just because someone tells us a lie over and over, does not make it a truth…

It is going to be hard on most of us to accept this new way of thinking. We are just like King Théoden, who for so long have had poison lies dripped into our ears, until he have like him withered and died inside. Our senses will need to recover first, before our healing begins, however we must get to our feet once again.

These revelations will be hard for many of us. The people will find it impossible to believe that they were fooled for so long, or at all.

In some cases, our entire lives have been lived in lies. This is going to be a big shock for many of us.

I beg all of us to help our neighbors… using compassion and understand for what is happening, to help our nations veterans realize this too, they have fought for what we all believed in, and those that stained their warrior souls are to blame for any hardship they face in life now.

Take heart all our fighting men and women we will help you too. This country still needs you, do not consider ending your lives anymore, and help us fight this common enemy together. Fight with your hearts, and minds now, to preserve what you know are the true and good things in life.

We must recognize the signs of disconnect that is all around us, for this change to take place.

They have forced their media and military double speak on us for years now,  they have alter the meaning of what was once simple language, terms such as the Alternative Media, Conspiracy Theory, Social Justice, Radical Islam, Terrorism, Collateral Damage, Soft Targets, Surgical Strike… non-combatants. Not to mention, the grotesque use of the everyday acronyms in use today, to soften or hide the true meaning of their lies, using ISIS, PTSD, GMO’s and more… to white wash the staunch language of social change and war.

All these are a cleverly designed ruse to help veil the truth, and discourage our open discussion amongst ourselves regarding these topics. We are now afraid to be labeled by these language police, and to speak of such things related to conspiracy because of this propaganda. Their new word meanings are used as a slight of hand trick to misdirect the conversation, before we notice the intent behind their voices. The deceit of the ignorant trolls that follow these liars.

Mainstream Media is Dead

The Main Stream Media is dead.

We will no longer accept these verbal gestures of a dying media, because now we understand the coded message hidden in their shorthand, and we simply must move beyond them…

We must become immune to their digital lies, because we have heard them all before.

Recognize these lies when you hear them, and like our President, we must trust no one until they have proven themselves to us.

Realize now that what we thought was our concrete reasoning by our minds, yet may have not always been true, because now using careful reflection on our part we can ultimately reveal that negative outside influence, repetition and this was the media’s goal all along.

We also need to stop relying on thirty-second sound bites from these media poltergeist, throwing our world at us in carefully managed chunks. The world is much more complicated then what any of the six corporately owned Networks have told us in the past. These manufactured problems were blasted as some MTV flashing video stream, and shouted out by the Hollywood handsome reporters and their immaculate anchor ladies sitting behind glass desks.

These are all just distractions from the true news. They owned us… but no more.

They are dead now… and they shall remain dead with any luck.

What all of us can do to help is NOT to forget our differences as humans, but celebrate our races, culture, our heritage, bring these all together and using our commonalities… against these elite we can stand as one nation against this tyranny. Use these socially binding issues to help the president snatch back this country before it tumbles into that coming abyss.

So Mr. President Elect, I hope you are listening to us now, because we are ready for real change. We know the Elite have not conceded their power over us yet, and they will not give up so easily, they will even try to, “up the anti,” for this fight for liberty. We will do our part… if you promise to do yours.

Your humble servant

Silence Dogood

What Now? How Do We Move Forward?

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     It has been nearly a week since our national election and there seems to be a concerted effort to continuously promote division amongst our populace.  It’s as if a powerful “force” is determined to create rivalry, bitterness, and hostility between us.  We can point to outside agitators, but we know who that “force” really is, don’t we?  And I believe that the animosity we are seeing here in our nation, on earth, is mirroring the hostilities that are occurring in heaven between God and His host, and Satan and his followers.
     So, how are we to react, and what are our responsibilities?  I think I can sum it up by sharing an interesting experience I enjoyed this past weekend.  I have told you that my husband is an artist and part of our business is to exhibit his art at various shows and events.  He is primarily a Western artist, but every once in awhile, he is inspired to paint a different subject matter.
      As to be expected, there is always a cross-section of people who enjoy the arts.  They are not classified by political ideology, race or ethnicity, or whether they share religious beliefs or not.  In fact, we try to receive all people on an identical footing, with the idea that we are disciples of Christ, wherever we find ourselves.

“Yeshua” – My husband’s comment on the painting:
“The emotion and impact of the Crucifixion is
stunning and heart-rending. The cut limestone
background and weathered Mexican wood
of the sideboard it rests upon only accentuate
the emotion of this piece.  Dramatic lighting
and the carved stone of the figure of Messiah
are poignant and touch my spirit”. 

     That being said, it has been suggested to us, by one of the venues in which we exhibit, that presenting faith-based paintings is probably not a good idea because the public isn’t interested in seeing them.  Of course, that doesn’t deter my husband, who will not deny the glorification of our Lord because someone doesn’t accept Him, or it makes them uncomfortable.  And, often, they are the first paintings to sell, because they strike an emotional chord in someone who loves Him as much as we do.
     Another artist who attended our opening was a photographer who had the same experience.  Likewise, she was advised not to enter a moving photograph in a contest because it featured an image of an open Bible through the window of an old church, with the panes casting a shadow of the cross across the wooden floor.  That photograph was very emotional and she received several orders for it.
     I relate all this to illustrate how easily the Enemy tries to convince us that our message of Christ is unwanted, unwelcome, and uninspiring.  And I believe that is the message that is being encouraged in the wake of this contentious election.  But, I believe just the opposite is true!  Right now, our nation needs the hope that Jesus inspires in those of us who are His disciples.  And it’s taken me a bit to get to my point, but here it is …. Now is the time for us to live out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  And exactly what does that mean and how do we do it?
     First of all, a careful study in Strong’s Concordance tells me that to be a disciple of Jesus is to follow His teachings.  That means more than to be His student or pupil, but to be an upholder, a defender, and a true believer in Jesus.  In other words, it is our faith accompanied by action; to be an imitator of Christ within our spheres of influence.
      Very simply put, we need to show our nation — and the world — that we have faith in Jesus’s message; that we live and love according to His holy principles; and above all, to show them what a life abiding in Christ looks like.  We are not nasty, racist, homophobic, misogynist, sexist haters.  In fact, we are honorable and moral people who will accept you even if you don’t accept us.  We won’t hate you for your sins, because we know what it is to be a sinner.  By exhibiting what it’s like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, we hope to show you Someone greater to believe in than yourself or the shiny temptations of the world.
     Don’t get me wrong, we would love nothing more than to create a curiosity in others about the peace we find in the midst of all this discord and disharmony.  We want to share our testimony and tell you how we’ve been able to endure the difficulties and struggles in our lives; how and why we don’t covet money, or prestige, or possessions.  We want to share the Source of why we are moved to paint, or photograph, or write about the One who defines our life.  Yes, I will admit that I want to teach you about Him, so that you might love Him as much as I do.  But I want to do that by showing you what it’s like to serve others, to put others first, and to seek  Him above all things worldly.
     Those are attitudes that have been missing in our national discourse, and no elected official is going to be able to legislate Discipleship.  True discipleship comes from being a committed follower of Jesus, imitating Him in how we treat others, and adhering to His commandment to be the Light of the world.  There will be those who will respond to us, and those who will reject us.  We mustn’t concern ourselves with the job of convincing people to accept us.  We must live our lives as examples of Christ, and let the Holy Spirit convict those He will.  So, in the intense and impassioned days ahead, do not lose your focus, nor turn aside from your responsibility as a Disciple of Christ.  Let not the world discourage you nor dissuade you from your purpose… because they will certainly try.  Just remember that we are equipped to carry on as His witnesses … and our nation needs our example.

John 15:8    “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be My disciples.”

Election Fraud Alert: Democrats’ Plan to Steal Election Using Electoral College Gaining Support

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UPDATE: How the Election is being Legally Rigged

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Before the first votes were cast, I penned a unique piece on how the election could be “legally rigged” by manipulating the votes of state electors.  LMS was the only

Here, On The Other Side

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Donald Trump

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve just stepped out of H. G. Wells’ famous time machine and I’m standing on the other side of a great gulf in time.

After over a year of grueling, divisive political campaigning, Donald Trump has finally won the election to become the 45th president of these United States.

If anything, this election has divided this country even more than the last eight years of Obama’s presidency.

Democrats and Republicans have always been opposites, but since the makeup of these two parties has split along liberal/conservative lines, their opposition to one another has become even more obvious. No longer is it just that they support opposite sides of the same issue, now they don’t even see it as the same issue.

What I mean by this is well illustrated by the recent controversy over transgender bathroom rights.

To liberals, the issue is fair treatment for what is clearly a minority group. They apparently can’t even see that giving that fair treatment puts women and girls at risk. But to the conservatives, the issue is all about protecting those girls and women. If the transgenders feel slighted by that, sorry, but safety has to come before their feelings.

So now we have a new president elect, who somehow has to unite this divided nation and govern for all. That will be a monumental task, even without Obama having spent the last eight years trying to create division along whatever lines he could.

The question is, is Trump up to the challenge? For that matter, is anyone capable of uniting us once again?

The White House?

Of course, I have to say that winning the election doesn’t guarantee much of anything, right now. While Trump is the president elect, Obama is still in office. With all the election fraud that’s been going on this election, I have to wonder if the Democrats have some plan to keep him out of office, even if they have to break the law to do so.

George Soros, the Democrat sugar daddy and puppet master all but said that they do. In a televised interview, he said that Trump would win the popular election, but that Hillary would ultimately occupy the White House. How can that be? What did he mean by that remark?

Until inauguration day in January, things are still at risk. The Democrats could try to raise legal issues, saying that the count was inaccurate, as they did in the 2000 presidential elections. This seems to have become standard policy for the Dems, who seem to think that there’s no way that they could lose an election. After all, they’re the “elect.”

There’s also the possibility of something happening with the Electoral College vote on December 19th, or for that matter, when they deliver their votes to the Senate President, Joe Biden on December 28th.

There could even be problems when Congress meets to do their official count of the votes on January 6th. With all the election fraud that’s come to light in the primaries and general election, the possibility of fraud in the Electoral College can’t be ignored.

Then there’s Obama himself. Someone wrote an article about how Obama will stay in office, “impeaching” the citizens of the United States for not voting in Hillary Clinton. While I’m fairly sure that the article in question was a gag piece, it has made its way around social media a couple of times.

But there is something that Obama could do, and I’ve written about it before. That is, he could declare martial law, suspending the Constitution. All he would need is a good enough excuse to pass scrutiny.

That excuse could come from widespread violence or social unrest; and he’s got the means to make that happen. The police in Los Angeles and other major cities are preparing for mass riots (which liberals call “demonstrations”) in the wake of the election.

ISIS has also called for violence, specifically on election day. While I haven’t heard any reports of terrorist incidents happening, that’s not to say that they still can’t. They have already shown their ability to infiltrate the United States and their capability to operate here. The big question is how many people there are here who claim an affiliation with ISIS and how well they can organize themselves to sweep the country with violence.

Should either of these groups rise up and fulfill their promises, we could see a bloodbath in the streets. That would be all the excuse that Obama would need, in order to declare martial law and keep Trump out of office.

Whether he could get away with that, or whether he would be forcibly removed from the White House in such an event is yet to be seen. At that point, it would be up to the military and the Secret Service to remember their vows and decide to take action.

The President Elect

But let’s assume for a moment that none of this happens and the transition of governmental power goes through smoothly, as it has so many times before. What then can we expect?

The first big question that’s in everyone’s mind is whether Trump will live up to his campaign promises or not. The mainstream media has been calling him a liar for months now, even if that required them lying to do so. They’ve painted him with the same brush used on any politician, that of bending the truth to meet their needs and telling the people what they want to hear, just so that they can garner votes.

The real question is whether Trump is just another politician or if he’s who he claims to be; and the kicker is that nobody truly knows. Since the mainstream media has done everything they can to paint him in a negative light, the picture of Trump that we’ve seen is a clouded one, at best.

But Trump has been a public figure for more than just his campaign. For years, he’s been one of America’s most-recognized citizens. While that has not always been good, it has given us some insight into who the man is, what he believes and how he operates.

Throughout the campaign, there have been people coming forth who have known Trump through the years. Some were employees who praised him as a boss. Others were ordinary citizens who talked about kind deeds that he did for them. But other than the attempts to paint him as a sexual abuser right before the elections, few have come forth to say anything negative about their dealings with the Trump.

Considering how much of a public figure he has been, I would think that if he was anything like what the mainstream media has tried to paint him to be, we would have all seen it by now.

The one truly worrying thing about Trump is that for most of his life he’s been a Democrat. He’s supported the Democrat Party and Democrat candidates; he’s even reportedly friends with the Clintons. So it’s a bit hard to accept that he is now a staunch conservative, committed to conservative ideals.

Yet, he’s making all the right noises and all the right moves to show himself as a conservative. The list of Supreme Court Justice candidates that he’s put together is impressively conservative. He also came forth with the most conservative platform that the Republican Party has seen in 20 years.

Then there’s his “contract” with the American People. The actions he’s promised to undertake in his first 100 days in office are clearly conservative, hitting on all the high points of his campaign and many of the silent majority’s biggest concerns.

The Transition

Over the next several weeks, we will be able to see Trump in action as a leader. His first big job is to select his cabinet, something that is traditionally announced by Thanksgiving. This should be interesting. One of the ways that Trump has been successful in business is in his selection of managers. He has always sought out the most qualified and competent, giving them the authority and responsibility to do whatever was necessary.

This even came through in his hit television show, “The Apprentice.” At its core, that show was about picking the best possible person to run a business. The various tests and challenges the candidates faced were all about testing their ability to effectively run a business. Who cares about theory; Trump wanted people who could think outside the box and get things done.

So we can expect the same out of his cabinet selections. No, I’m not saying that he’s going to run it like a game show. What I’m saying is that he’s going to look for competence. For people who can think outside the box, and for people who can get things done.

The country is in need of such people. We are a country in crisis, and it’s going to take some new ideas and some out of box thinking to straighten it out. We can’t expect Trump to do it all himself, he’s going to have to select the right people and let them do their jobs. So the people he selects in the next few weeks are critical to the effectiveness of his presidency.

From the few positions that have been announced so far, it looks like Trump is going to be putting together a dream team. Trey Goudy has been mentioned for Attorney General, Ben Carson as the Surgeon General and Newt Gingrich as a possibility for the Secretary of State.

While none of these is definite yet, they show the caliber of people who Trump is looking at. He wants the best, not just some political figure who’s looking to get their ticket punched.

While I’m sure that some top spots will go to political figures, especially those who have hopped aboard Trump’s bandwagon, he’s looking more to the business sector, than he is to the normal pool of politicians only. This fits with the whole tone of his campaign, which has been about the American people taking our government back from the political class.

The Election

If anything, this election has shown how sick and tired the average American is with what has become the political ruling class. The Founding Fathers never envisioned such a group for our country and did everything in their power to prevent it. Yet, even with the constraints of the Constitution to guide us, we have drifted that way more and more for over a century.

The American people are a fiercely independent people, and this election has shown that we haven’t lost that independence. This isn’t a partisan move, but one that has been clearly shown in both major political parties.

Millions of Democrats abandoned the party’s chosen candidate and followed Bernie Sanders, who came close to winning, even with all the voter fraud that was used to defeat him. On the Republican side, the electorate has abandoned a wide-ranging field of establishment candidates, in favor of Trump, a political outsider.

But the truly amazing thing was that both Democrats and Republicans voted for Trump, many abandoning their lifelong party affiliation to do so.

This is a clear mandate to Washington that We the People are tired of business as normal. We are tired of a political ruling class. We are tired of our elected leaders treating us like nothing more than peasants. We are tired of being lied to, and we are tired of being mistreated by those who are supposed to serve us.

This election has been a breakwater; leaving behind the old system and its corruption, in favor of a new order.

One that returns back to the values this country was founded upon and back to running the country according to the Constitution. Not an adulterated version of the Constitution; not a modified version; not even a version that’s been twisted and tortured by the various laws passed through the years; but the Constitution itself.

It’s up to Trump to ensure that he follows through on his promises and doesn’t let things go back to the old way. But it’s up to you and I as well. We have our part in this presidency; that of keeping an eye on our President Elect and making sure that he does what he said he’d do. If not, we need to get rid of him.

Hopefully, Washington will get the message, and the political class will stop acting like our masters and start acting like public servants once again. If that doesn’t happen, then the breakwater has been nothing more than a symbol; and a worthless symbol at that.

If change is going to happen in Washington, it can’t just happen in the White House, it has to happen in both houses of Congress as well. But it needs to go farther than that; it needs to permeate every department of the federal government as well.

We the People have spoken. We’ve used our voice in the voting booth, selecting an outsider to take control of our government and give it back to the people. But we can’t stop now.

That message needs to keep going forth, to make sure that the politicians and bureaucrats hear it, and that they fear us and the power we wield over them. Until they do, it is we who fear them.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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